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Henry is secretly cloning an army of Fluffies

In Horrid Henry's Sleepover, two cats that are identical to Peter's cat, Fluffy, randomly turn up outside Nick's house. And in Horrid Henry's Petsitting Service, when Henry dreams of his petsitting service, he imagines himself showered with cash and holding the two Fluffies.

  • It could just be two different cats.

Peter and Henry's behaviour is actually exactly the same.

It's from the point of view of the parents, well.. the mum in particular. They're not ... well, to say the least. Peter is a Golden Child. Henry is the Scapegoat. The episode with the brainbox competition involved roles switching for a day and it never actually happened... it was just a imagine spot. See: http://www.daughtersofnarcissisticmothers.com/golden-child-scapegoat.html