[[WMG:Heroes are repurposed civilians]]
* Heroes aren't built completely from scratch. Most villains canonically started out as something different, so it's possibly that Heroes are civilian workers that, either voluntarily or otherwise, have been reworked into a body more suitable for crimefighting and world-saving and whatnot. Sure, there are mentions of Heroes being built "from scratch", but it's implied that the Assembly Tower is how Mak Megahertz "recovered" from being de-atomized.

[[WMG: Rocka is really a female pretending to be a guy]]
There were no females in the 3.0 wave. Maybe she wants to avoid attention from Furno.
* Or the glass ceiling.
* This is now [[{{Tropers/MorttheGhost}} my]] new headcanon.

[[WMG: My predictions for 5.0]]
* Von Nebula will be back, and with a new set.
* The heroes will have a different build entirely from the 2.0-4.0 ones, and bring back gear functions.
* William Furno will be rebuilt into a draconic form, and Rocka into a literal lion.
* There will be a new female.
* More vehicles.
** Assuming you're talking about the Brain Attack series, most of these things are jossed. Exceptions include part of your second point and your fifth point, because gear functions are present in the Jet Rocka set, which can also be considered a vehicle. Action features are also present in several of the other sets this wave, though none of the sets but Jet Rocka use gears for this purpose, and all of the sets with action features are still largely based on the traditional 2.0 build.

[[WMG: There will be an official cross-over with Bionicle in the near-future]]
* The reason all these "Bring Bionicle Back" campains and petitions are failing is actually because Lego is secretly planning to actually re-release Bionicle-themed sets as part of a secret cross-over with Hero Factory. Lego is fully aware of the large fandom of Bionicle; and the reason they "discontinued" Bionicle was to move the sights over to a terraformed astroid not far from Spherus Magna so they can "expand" the story. This is especially notable in the 4.0 series, where we are introduced to Black Phantom. The reason we don't get a backstory is because it's shocking: [[spoiler:Black Phantom is actually Makuta Teridax, who somehow survived the destruction of the Great Spirit Robot and was captured by Hero Factory.]] He even gets into the depths of the factory at the end of the 4.0 arc, and following that, [[spoiler:the Toa team up with the Heroes to defeat Teridax once more.]] The reason Lego did not tell anyone is simple. It's a suprise.
** {{Jossed}}. Greg Farshtey, writer of the BIONICLE and Hero Factory books and comics, stated [[http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:C-DIX-bua0oJ:www.bzpower.com/forum/index.php%3Fshowtopic%3D319983+&cd=5&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us here]] that there will never be a BIONICLE and Hero Factory crossover because they do not exist in the same time continuum, just as the real world and the BIONICLE universe would never interact in canon story media.