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Planet Remina is also a Lotus-Eater Machine
  • We saw a person becoming part of the planet after being exposed to its atmosphere. We also know that this was not just a case of the unfortunate astronaut just being melted by the atmosphere and fertilizing the living matter already present on the planet, because his eyes and tongue did not melt: instead, they were changed in shape and size to the same monstrous proportions of the tongues and eyes that were already present on the surface.
    • The ending wants us to believe that when planet Remina ate the Earth, the Earth was not consumed like all the other planets; instead, it exploded, but somehow the nuclear shelter and its occupants survived unharmed, while planet Remina moved away from it and left the solar system. One of the occupants was also convinced that they would experience a miracle within a year, since their survival was already a miracle. How convenient.
    • What if, instead, planet Remina does not consume sapient creatures, but turns them into parts of itself, feeding their brains with false perceptions? This would explain the transmission of Kaneishi from the planet (his words weren't just misinterpreted: he was actually perceiving Remina as a paradise), while the ending would not depend from a Deus ex Machina: the people who think of themselves as survivors are actually on Remina and suffered the same fate as that astronaut: their tissues became parts of the planet, while their brains are merely perceiving that they escaped.
      • Alternatively, what if Remina wasn't trying to deceive anyone with Kaneishi's report? If the planet keeps its "prey" alive and conscious, providing for their every biological need, they may indeed see it as a paradise once they've had a chance to adjust. Imagine the towering black tendrils as palm trees, and Kaneishi's video feed could almost be a commercial for a tropical vacation spot.
    • Remina's normal "food supply" might consist of lighter elements, perhaps to produce energy via nuclear fusion. That would explain why entire star systems disappear in its wake, and why it went straight for the gas giants when it reached Sol. The occasional rocky planet is probably good for growth, but not particularly tasty; Remina gulps down Mars and the Moon like vitamin pills. A world with life, on the other hand, would be an exceptionally rare treat.

Planet Remina is Human Remina after Time Traveling
  • Eventually, i.e. after one year, Remina and the rest of the survivors would die off, but Remina would first be driven insane by the ordeal (especially once supplies got scarce and she was tortured through starvation and etc., might even resort to cannibalism just to survive a little longer); the safe room would crash into asteroids and other space debris, creating a core for a planetoid. Remina's insane mind would remain, however, and combined with extraterrestrial life eventually formed the basis that would one day become the planet Remina. Because of the starvation she suffered through, as well as her desire to return to normal/life, Planet!Remina went about devouring worlds, gaining mass in the process. Then the wandering planet traveled through a wormhole and after finding its way (say, telepathic connection with her past human self), Planet!Remina returned to Earth and started the whole thing again.
    • If that's true, then the cultists were right in trying to kill Remina. Kehehe
    • That doesn't explain why one of the Cultists has a similar tongue.

The Cultists Are Manifestations of Remina On the Earth
  • We know Remina can have its "tongues" take on humanoid shape to trick and attract prey. The cultists are its way of screwing with the earthlings, as well as trying to kill off the only people it knows might survive.

Planet Remina can Manipulate Its Own Gravitational Field
  • It can accelerate close to the speed of light (and possibly exceed it) without damaging itself, changing shape, or ejecting any of its mass into space. It's made of living tissue and has an atmosphere thin enough for humans to move around, yet it can force itself inside a gas giant without being crushed, and it never seems to change size despite consuming several large planets. It comes very, very close to Earth without disrupting its orbit, at least until it decides to swallow the planet. Its "tongue" manages to deflect a salvo of ICBMs without setting them off... or perhaps Remina had its gravity "ignore" them, and they simply fell back to Earth.

The manga takes place in 2012.

Planet Remina is a servitor of Azathoth.

The survivors found themselves on Magrathea.

Planet Remina is a magical girl turned witch.
  • Planet Remina is the witch form of a magical girl (could be Madoka's?) and after Madoka's universe changing wish, this whole event never happened.

Remina can mildly mutate people at a distance
  • So direct contact with Remina's hostile atmosphere causes instant disintegration and mutation into a fleshy horror. Maybe if Remina is close enough to another planet with life, some isolated particles of Remina's atmosphere can occasionally reach and infect the atmosphere of the other planet, causing mild mutations. Like head cultist Goda's tongue.

Remina is not merely from Hell. Remina is Hell.
  • Inspired by an idea on the YMMV page. The events of the manga are literally the biblical Apocalypse, and Planet Remina is Hell itself rising up to consume the sinners. In the end, Remina herself, the Hobo and their group of survivors have been deemed worthy to ascend into Heaven.
    • Incidentally, the song Planet Hell is pretty fitting for the events of the story...