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Speculation about future additions to the game
I am almost certain that there will be additional races and classes in the future, because that's what pretty much everyone expects from an MMO. Also, it's one of the easiest ways to keep players interested, because it means that they have to create a new character and play for a while to explore the new content, and not just use existing characters. And if the addition comes without free character slots, it will also generate a lot of revenue that way.

  • New races:
The Tengu are the most obvious contenders. We know, first of all, that they had been planned to be one of the playable races during the early phases of game design, but were put aside later on, so there's an existing base of work to build on. They already have a large closed off area that would just need to be filled with a city and a low-level map. They are humanoid, so existing animations and meshes can be used with only a little tweaking. They fit in lore-wise, and even though there are very few Tengus appearing in the game so far, they could either easily add more, or leave it as it is, and make a player character Tengu either a sort of envoy or an outcast for fighting with the pact. Also, Tengu are not in conflict with any of the other playable races, and never appear as enemies, making them prime canditates for flawless integration. The only change lore-wise would have to be that the Tengu give up their isolationism at least a bit, so that other races can travel in their territory. (Even this isn't necessarily a barrier, as Arena Net could very easily make the ending of the Tengus' isolation - possibly in connection with a series of events that convinces them, with the help of the player character, to join the Pact - a major one-time in-game event to introduce the new race, home city and explorable areas.)

The Kodan share many of the aspects listed for the Tengu. Their problem might be that a city is hard to add lore-wise, as the whole point of Kodans in Tyria is that they fled south and are scattered on their small sanctuaries along the shore. However, the "city" could just be an additional, maybe a bit larger sanctuary added further north in the Far Shiverpeaks. The low-level zone could be connected to Snowden Drifts.

The Largos are also humanoid and non-hostile, but since they prefer to stay completely hidden and only reveal themselves to certain pact members when they have to, it would be hard to justify having them openly running around other territories, and even harder justifying other races visiting theirs. But they would open the possibility of a major underwater city.

The Dredge are a far-off choice and a nightmare to integrate into the story. Almost all encountered Dredgre are hostile, and they contribute absolutely nothing to the Pact. However, they would be a truly unique race. One way the introduction of the Dredge as a player race could be handled might be to stage a revolution which overthrows the communist regime (players who have been through Frostgorge Sound know that there is an ongoing rebellion against the regime, and even help said rebellion in a couple of renown hearts and a number of dynamic events.) The Dredge home city and level 1-15 area could be set up in one of the currently unused areas of the Shiverpeaks, possibly in a northern zone connected to Snowden Drifts or Diessa Plateau, and the enemy faction (which every player race has) could be remnants of the old regime seeking to regain power. Or, alternately - in order not to make things too confusing for players - the playable Dredge could be the anti-communist rebels, which would make the existing NPC Dredge the necessary enemy faction.

The quaggan are another possibility. They're very popular among the GW 2 player community, are widely spread across Tyria (just about anywhere there is a large, open body of water connected to the sea is likely to have a quaggan community), they're definitely on the side of good, and like the existing races, can be modeled on the basic humanoid form without excessive tweaking. The big problem, of course, is that they're amphibians so that their home city and low-level area would have to be in a coastal or sea zone, and they currently have no home city, having been driven from their old homes by Jormag (in the north) and the krait (in the south); however, as suggested with the Tengu above, the foundation of a new quaggan home city could be made a major one-time in-game event.

Also, conveniently, there are five races (skritt, hylek, ogres, Grawl, Jotun) that have been introduced recently...and become good... The skritt are the most popular of these races (in fact, there have already been several fan-made mockups of what a skritt character creation screen sequence might look like). Their city and level 1-15 zone, like the Dredge's, could be located in any currently unused mountain area linked to a level 15-25 zone.

  • New classes:
These would actually be harder to implement than races, as they also require more tactical tunings and fresh concepts to integrate them into the game. I am not that big on strategy, so I can't really judge what roles those classes could fit in combat.

Another class using heavy armor seems intuitive, as there are only two at the moment. Maybe a kind of battle mage? (The upcoming Heart of Thorns expansion set will have a new heavy-armor class, the Revenant, which will indeed function as a sort of battle mage with some similarities to the GW 1 Ritualist class.)

  • New places
About half of the current map is not accessible, so I assume that the parts that are already "named" (like the Ring of Fire and the Deldrimor Front) will be opened bit by bit, like it happened with the Lost Shores update (even though Southsun Cove is still not really "integrated" into the game world). However, I also think that at least parts of it were just left blank to leave the oppurtunity open to add something in there at some point, but they might never actually do it. Also, it could partly be a marketing ploy, because it gives the impression that the world has much potential for expansion.

The current Flame and Frost series of updates will end with the defeat of Jormag, to finally give players the feeling that there is something moving with the Elder Dragon situation. To get there it will also open the Far Shiverpeaks region. Rule of Three says that it will probably have three stages, spanning January through March (possible April if there is another event in between). (Jossed; as the Flame and Frost story has developed, the enemy turns out to be an alliance between the Dredge and the Flame Legion.)

At some point a similar chain of events will start with Kralkatorrik, at the same time the first paid addon for GW 2 will be released, which will add Elona. Since that dragon is said to block the way across the Crystal Desert, his defeat will be the perfect kick-off for the Elonian campaign. The Elder Dragons will stay a Tyrian problem, though, in Elona you will fight against other foes (probably including, but not limited to, Palawa Joko).

The same will happen for Cantha and the Sea Dragon.

Primordrus and Mordremoth will also be defeated at the end of a series of updates, Primordus will be somewhere in the depths of Tyria.

After all six dragons are down it will be revealed that a seventh exists, because six is just no proper number for mythical beings (only five or seven will do). This will also be the last major story update for Tyria, from then on the focus will only be on further addons, or, if it takes some years for this to happen, even already on GW 3.
  • It is highly likely that Flame and Frost will bring us to a Jormag storyline, but your Rule of Three argument is invalid as it has been announced there would be four releases.
    • I kinda lost faith in that happening. The first two installments of the Flame and Frost story were just Flame Legion and Dredge enemies (both without any connection to Jormag, or another dragon for that matter) randomly popping up. And the preview of the third story makes no mention of anything connected to the Sons of Svanir, Icebrood, Jormag, or the Far Shiverpeaks either. So Flame and Frost will probably just end with killing whoever leads the Molten Alliance, and otherwise just be an Excuse Plot to introduce new mechanics and updates.

The player character will be the Sixth Ranger of Destiny's Edge.

Not only does part of the storyline involve your character teaming up with former members of the group and befriending them, but it's strongly hinted that the player will be tasked with Putting the Band Back Together. It's entirely possible that the player will ultimately join the group not only as the Sixth Ranger, but also as The Heart of the ensemble.
  • Confirmed as of the City of Arah dungeon (except that all five players of the party fill the spot, but from a storytelling perspective, they act as one).

The sylvari's Pale Tree is a centaur Ancestor Tree

The Ancestor Trees (a minor lore detail from Nightfall) were considered sacred to Elonian centaurs; their fruit was believed to be divine and a way of passing down spiritual wisdom from one generation to another. The Pale Tree is a sacred, magical tree planted by a wise centaur whose fruit (the sylvari) are born gifted with knowledge from previous generations and Ventari's teachings.
  • Jossed. The Pale Tree, and by extension the Sylvari, is a creation of Mordremoth

The Herald that occasionally sends you mails is a Tengu

The Charr believe, incorrectly, that the older human Gods are or were minions of the Elder Dragons.
Rytlock has no reason to hide the truth of Glint from the Charr, especially since it feeds into Charr beliefs about greater beings being dangerous and deceptive, and matches with Charr concerns about human alliances with greater beings. They also probably have heard of human heroes fighting the Facets of the Human Gods — Asura might keep knowledge secret, but they're not known for hesitating to brag. Combined with other legends, as the Pact gets closer to Orr and start understanding things like humans seldom seeing the faces of their gods and going mad when they do, or of dragon minions proudly proclaiming the gods to have been consumed by dragons, and there's a lot of good reasons to think this.

Things will take a turn for the worse in Guild Wars 3
In Guild Wars 2, the five races call off whatever hostilities they currently have and band together to deal with the threat that the Elder Dragons pose. Once all of the dragons are killed, however, these tensions will inevitably return. Humans amd Charr will start fighting once more, Asura will opt to use their technology to dominate Tyria, and the Sylvari and Pale Tree will have grown more cynical as a result of all the terrible things they will have inevitably witnessed in the war against the dragons.

Your order mentor isn't dead

Sure, the Sovereign Eye of Zhaitan claims he/she is, but that just begs the question of why it didn't just make you fight a Risen version of your order mentor then in an attempt to demoralize you/persuade you to join Zhaitan. The real reason? Simple, the Risen failed to kill him/her. Granted, this just raises a lot of questions (Where did he/she go? Where were he/she while you did everything else in your personal story?) but considering that the Eye tried to persuade you to join Zhaitan, it just felt weird that it didn't try to throw your mentor at you then.
  • The one problem with that is Sieran, the mentor for Priory members, is a Sylvari. As we've seen the Sylvari are immune to, if not all dragons', Zhaitan's corruption. Suicide bombing to avoid leaving a useable corpse seems right up the Vigil's alley... But surviving through apple based shenanigans suits Tybalt to a T.

The Tengu will become a playable race

The place that they've taken as their home is a conspicuously blank area on the map that's just west of Lion's Arch. The content in there should be enough to get characters up to level 15, which should be enough to boost early level characters, and it's right next to the Kessex Hills where they can continue leveling up. They likely won't have a portal to Lion's Arch, but that's okay, since their zone is right next to the city anyway.

If the Tengu don't become playable, then we can at least rest assume that they'll open up the gate and let visitors in where we'll have a whole new place to quest around in.

The Six Gods is somehow part of an Elder Dragon, and humanity is the Elder Dragon's corruption.
Expanding on this: each of the five races are actually related to an Elder dragon of their own. Perhaps the respective dragon either hasn't woken up, is dead, or somewhere else. People already have strong evidence the Sylvari may actually be Elder Dragon minions too.

The Six Gods and the Six Dragons aren't a coincidence
I think both the Six gods and the Six dragons are no coincidence. I think Gods are just extremely powerful mages that managed to absorb Tyria's magical powers. So they and the dragons align on the six axis of magic power. However it might be that due to human Gods succeeding each other the powers were mixed up.

There are six gods, six infinite coils, six facets, six elder dragons. And here is my speculation how they align.

- Black - Death and resurrections - Zhaitan and Grenth

- Blue - Magic and water - The tentacle dragon and Abaddon

- Green - Life and Nature - Mordemoth and Melandru

- Violet - Chaos and chaotic energies - Kralkatorrik and Lyssa

- Red - Aggression and fire - Primordius and Balthazar

- White - Ice and light - Jormag and Dwayna (this is kinda weird, but I kinda think Dwayna was patron of Water elementalists)

  • That simple 1-to-1 list breaks down when you consider that the gods have different two-attribute combos than the dragons do...Grenth is the god of death and ice, for example. It might work out if you arrange the dragons, gods and attributes as a wheel. The attribute of death, for example, would be between the entitites of Grenth and Zhaitan. On the other side of Grenth, there'd be the attribute of ice, shared with the dragon Jormag, who also has a connection to rage (more so than Primordius, really...Jormag's creatures appear to be all rage, all the time, while the Destroyers show no emotion whatsoever), linking him to Balthazar...

Asura were originally a race of space aliens
(Edited myself for greater coherency) Basically the idea goes that several thousand years ago, the asura game to Tyria in a ship and crash landed in an impact so deep, they got buried beneath the earth their ship tunneled out. Given that asura tend to keep very little history beyond who invented what, it's easy to imagine they would quickly forget they were ever NOT part of Tyria's natural inhabitants. Out there, but when you look at their architecture and have a strong air of science fiction to them than magical fantasy, it really does make them seem displaced.

The Elder Dragons were the aspects of their respective flights before, like Deathwing, they were corrupted by the Old Gods.

The Sylvari are connected to an Elder Dragon. But not in the way we think.

We know that for some reason, the Sylvari are apparently immune to Elder Dragon corruption. Some takes this as a sign that the Sylvari are the Elder Dragon's corruption or minions. I have a different theory.

Sylvari are immune to Elder Dragon corruption because the sixth Elder Dragon has already corrupted them. It will turn out that the sixth Dragon has lied dormant underneath or nearby the Pale Tree, subtly corrupting the tree and her children. However, the Sylvari are not minions because the sixth Elder Dragon haven't awakened yet, and thus unable to turn them into his minions. So the Sylvari aren't fully corrupted... yet. Would it awaken though, the Sylvari will be warped into the Elder Dragon's minions, now that it would have full control and influence over them. The Nightmare Court is a group of Sylvari who has subsconsciously succumbed to the corruption, kind of becoming the Elder Dragon's minions in the process. The nightmare corrupting the dream? That's the Elder Dragon.

The sixth Elder Dragon (Which I will call Nightmare Dragon from now on) embodies Nightmare Fuel, which will be mirrored in its minions. The minions will all look nightmarish and terrifying, even more so than the Risen!

There may be a multi-part update series like Flame and Frost where not only will the Nightmare Dragon begin to awaken, but it will also become a race against time to find a way to cure or at least neutralize the corruption in Sylvari before it's too late.

After the update, the Nightmare Dragon's corruption in the Sylvari will be heavily weakened, though it won't be completely gone (the corruption can still take over the Sylvari if they're subjected to enough torture and horror). The Nightmare Court, of course, will fully embrace the corruption. Their models will be changed after the update to reflect these changes, and some dialogue will also be changed.
  • The idea that the Sylvari aren't dragon minions because the dragon is dormant is, at the very least, doubtful. Jormag created the Nornbear, and there were Destroyers around, long before Jormag and Primordus awoke. Why would Mordremoth be weaker than these two ?
  • Confirmed. Season 2 pretty much focused on the sylvari and Mordremoth, and the conclusion stated that the race was born because of the dragon. The question, though, is why they weren't out doing dragon things sooner.

A slightly different take on the above speculation

I definitely agree with the reason that the Sylvari are immune to the corruption is due to them being tied to the sixth dragon (aka, Mordremoth, which according to some hints from the Crucible of Eternity explorable paths, is likely earth/nature themed in its powers), but I do have a different interpretation. The Pale Tree is a dragon minion that spawns other dragon minions. The "Where life goes..." Sylvari storyline shows that there are other similar Trees, so the Pale tree is not unique.

As Mordremoth is (possibly) still asleep or in a weakened state it has limited influence over its minions, which were prematurely awakened by Ronan. Ventari's teachings have led the Sylvari to adopt a new philosophy and without direct control from the dragon the other trees, which have just began to flower and spawn, have no explicit direction, meaning their Sylvari are not inborn with malicious intent.

This could all change when Mordremoth awakens. The Pale Tree may be able to resist the Dragon's orders, but would the Nightmare Court, the Soundless and Sylvari from other trees, deep in the Maguuma Jungle and Wastes?

Mordremoth has nothing to do with the Sylvari

They're just a Red Herring placed by Anet to distract us from the truth. Mordremoth isn't even anywhere near the Pale Tree. His true location is right underneath Divinity's Reach. Remember that Great Collapse? Mordremoth caused it while dormant. The Sylvari's immunity against the dragon corruption will be explained, but Mordremoth has nothing to do with it.
  • Jossed: In that the recent events have shown that Mordremoth's resting place was nowhere near Divinity's Reach and had nothing to do with the Great Collapse. But it is still possible that Mordremoth has no connection with the Sylvari at this time.
  • It is implied (and confirmed by Living World Season 2) that Mordemoth (green dragon) is behind the Nightmare that stalks the Pale Tree. Basically he is the cause of Nightmare Court. See Shadow of the Dragon for this clue. He has been shown to be able to influence and corrupt Soundless, which are Sylvari that avoid the calling of the tree. For example Scarlet Briar is one such Soundless (although not explicitly).
  • Jossed: again, this time comprehensively, by the events in the last episode of Living World Season 2 in which we find out from Wynne that the Sylvari were always intended to be Mordremoth's minions, but that the offspring of the Pale Tree (removed from the dragon's malignant influence by Ronan) are free of/resistant to its influence to various degrees. Essentially, the influence of the Pale Tree protects the Sylvari blooming from it, and linked to it by the Dream of Dreams, from Mordremoth's control. However, Sylvari that separate from the Pale Tree, such as the Soundless or the Nightmare Court, are vulnerable, and as of the end of Season 2 of the Living Story, the Avatar of the Pale Tree herself is still recovering from serious injuries inflicted by Mordremoth's champion and thus unable to protect all her children to the extent she usually does. This has baleful results, if the trailer at the end of Episode 8 of LS Season 2 is accurate, for the Pact's assault against the dragon, since apparently many of the Sylvari taking part in the operation fall under Mordremoth's control or are driven insane by his influence, and sabotage the attack resulting in a devastating setback.

We will start seeing more opposing alliances in the future
They noticed how we accomplished a lot combined. Knowing that it's going the only way to win, our enemies will team up together to fight us. Who knows, maybe we will eventually see Krait equipped with Dredge weaponry...

The Human gods are merely sufficiently advanced aliens
It's said that humans aren't native to Tyria, and were brought from another world by the gods, for what reason, we don't know. This supports the idea that they are possibly just aliens, native to a neighboring world, and migrated for whatever reason, bringing humans, possibly as a slave race or some other purpose, with them. What strikes me as odd is that these gods can be killed, such as the old god of death, Dhuum. It's said they had mated with humans, with Grenth being being a "demigod". The magic that the blood stones bestow upon the races of Tyria could be just a form of technology. This is backed up by the fact that magic existed on Tyria before the god's arrival (Mursaat). What DOESN'T support this idea is that Kormir, once a human, became a god, which most likely wouldn't be possible if they were just a foreign species.
  • Considering that humans weren't originally native to Tyria, this still might have some merit. We know very little about The Six, their origins and present location.

The Nightmare Court are partially corrupted into Risen.
Faolain was at first exposed to The Nightmare at Orr which is Zhaitan's realm. After joining the Nightmare Court she corrupted it and made it to serve her(Cadeyrn resented her take over until Twilight Arbor at which time Faolain had completely corrupted him to her service). Risen corruption can only take Sylvari through the Dream. The Nightmare Court is as corrupted by Zhaitan as the Sons of Svanir are corrupted by Jormag.

Related to the above: Faolain holds Zhaitan's consciousness.
Why else does the Nightmare Court worship Faolain instead of Zhaitan considering they have his corruption affecting them?
  • It's not Zhaitan's corruption but Mordremoth's. As for why Faolain, it's in part because she's one of the Firstborn, and gains some celebrity through that status.

There were more Elder Dragons in the past, but they were killed in previous cycles.
Elder Dragons can be killed, as proven with Zhaitan, and they have no known method of reproduction. It's possible that previous cycles slowly chipped down the ranks of the Elder Dragons until they were down to just the six, and now five, that plague Tyria now.
  • We know that the dragons have woken up in the past, but there's been no indication they've been killed before. Recently, it's been implied that they are a natural part of the cycle, siphoning off magic once it's built up too much. I doubt any one race had been able to defeat the dragons before science advanced enough and they all put aside their differences to do so.

There are Elder Dragons in Cantha and the Master of Peace has enslaved them.
The Master of Peace's actions during the Gates of Maguuma Living Story release imply that he seeks to control Mordremoth just as Mordremoth seeks to devour him and judging from his visit to Cantha before moving towards the Maguuma Jungle he most likely has found Elder Dragons in Cantha and has enslaved them...
  • I'll agree that there are dragons in Cantha (we know there's a dragon in the seas between Tyria and Cantha), but I don't think that's the agenda. If the elder dragons had truly been enslaved, they would've been used for world domination by now. Not even Scarlet, who was obsessed with the dragons, was able to take over a dragon.
  • That obsession with Dragons is because she was corrupted by a Dragon... You can't control a Dragon if you are already under another Elder Dragon's control! The Elder Dragon might take control of another Elder Dragon through Elder Dragon Corruption if he makes the first move and is smarter than the Elder Dragon he's controlling... Mordremoth and Jormag are the only Elder Dragons I know of that are likely intelligent enough to pull it off...
    • Jossed: At least as far as the Master of Peace having enslaved such dragons. Latest content reveals he was actually hiding and protecting the last of Glint's eggs the entire time since her death. What's more, the Master of Peace has now died protecting it from the Mordrem and is nowhere near powerful enough to enslave an Elder Dragon.

Wynne's murder is the impetus that drives Caithe and Faolain apart
Wynne is the newly introduced Firstborn Sylvari who is nowhere to be seen in the present timeline and the next episode of the Living Story content will involve Caithe and Faolain tracking her down and murdering her either intentionally or by accident. This will mark the beginning of the end, if not BE the end, of their relationship as Caithe will feel incredible remorse for having killed a fellow Sylvari, while Faolain, shown to already be a massive xenophobic Jerk Ass even BEFORE joining the Nightmare Court, will have relished in the act.
  • Jossed again by Point of No Return. Wynne is killed - at her own plea - by Caithe after revealing the secret that the Sylvari were intended to be minions of Mordremoth, in order that she can't be tortured by Faolain and reveal that secret to the wrong ears. This event doesn't seem to affect the relationship between Caithe and Faolain, since Faolain, while momentarily shocked that Caithe has killed Wynne, is apparently mainly concerned to find out if Wynne revealed anything. Caithe lies to her lover and says that Wynne told her nothing. We still don't know what definitely drove the pair apart, but it may have something to do with their activities in Orr or simply be the cumulative result of Faolain's Jerk Ass, xenophobic tendencies.

Faolain is a champion of Mordremoth
Recent story content that delves into Caithe and Faolain's backstory seems to be going into the direction the two will encounter one of Mordremoth's dormant champions, who will them try to corrupt them. It plays out similar to how Jora and Svanir happen across Jormag's dormant champion Drakkar, who then corrupted Svanir into the Nornbear in Guild Wars 1.
  • Faolain seems more like a high priestess, leading the charge for Mordremoth, rather than a champion. Especially as we had the Shadow of the Dragon as its first champion.
    • BOTH jossed and confirmed by Heart of Thorns. Faolain and the Nightmare Court are not connected with Mordremoth, and in fact hate him because he is capable of controlling them, which is why they split off from the Pale Tre in the first place. However, Mordremoth does not care about that and simply takes Faolain into a prison camp and turns her into a goddamn Vinetooth. Body Horror indeed.

The Dwarves will become a playable race
The Dwarves had turned to stone and gone underground to fight the destroyers, and it's unknown how many, if any, survive besides Ogden Stonehealer. When Primordus becomes the next dragon the story focuses on, Dwarves could return to the surface to continue the fight. Dwarves would make an interesting race, as they could remain stone, but still be customizable, with different types of stone, beards, clothing, etc. The player character's story could involve themselves being an ancient dwarf seeing the surface for the first time in centuries. Currently, the map has a large inaccessible area in the Deldrimor Front, which, having been the historical home of the Dwarves, is a perfect place for a dwarven city and starting region.
  • Also, female Dwarves will have beards, as hinted in GW 1.
  • This doesn't work for so many reasons. Ignoring the male/female issue, we know that the dwarves were all turned to stone through the ritual. Even Ogden, who was one of the heroes in GW 1, underwent the ritual some time after leaving our old character's company. No more are spawning. They'd have to be at least 250 years old at the start. And from the looks of Rhoban, they don't really heal the way the other races do.

(HoT ending spoilers) Laranthir will be the next leader of the Pact
A lot of evidence points to him being the de facto leader of the operations in Maguuma, and it's unlikely the player character will take on the role; Living Story season 2 shows that they're more of a semi-independent agent, often busy with special missions.
  • The bit about the PC not getting the job is confirmed (you get the offer in Living Story Season 3 and turn it down because it'd be a desk job), but it's Almorra Soulkeeper, the leader of the Vigil, who seems to be calling the shots.
  • There's no shortage of Commanders out there, as Camp Resolve demonstrated. I don't know if Laranthir is the next highest ranking officer, but he's definitely a potential candidate. It'd kind of be a shame, though, if the new Pact Marshall were to be another sylvari male.
  • S3 chapter 4 finally gives us the new Marshal of the Pact: It's Logan.

Living Story Season 3 spoilers: That's not Lazarus.
He looks a bit off, although that might just be due to design differences. But the figure stealing the Bloodstone's power in the little flashback during A Shadow's Deeds doesn't really look like a Mursaat, and neither does he use his old signature abilities. Maybe it's one of the three notebook writers masquerading as him?
  • I highly doubt that. While it may not be him, it's a safe bet that he is mursaat. Especially after Episode 2, where we see what the armor looks like on other species.
  • The Head of the Snake reveals that it can't be Lazarus. After his last appearance during GW1, Lazarus went the Voldemort route and hid his soul in a number of inanimate objects. Xera (the raid wing 3 boss who was trying to resurrect Lazarus) had most of them...and a fake, planted on her by Caudecus, who had the real final Soul Jar. So Lazarus is still in pieces, making it anybody's guess who or what this character really is...
  • His true identity was finally revealed in Flashpoint: It's Balthazar. Yes, the actual god himself.

Dhuum will return to hunt down the Player Character.
With the six gods gone from Tyria, there is a high possibility that Dhuum will return now that Grenth won't be around to keep him imprisoned. In addition, Dhuum despises resurrection with a passion, and would certainly go after the Player Character since they came back from the dead.

The Consequences of being Back from the Dead will catch up with us (the Player Character)
It felt Too Good to Be True that we managed to revive ourselves with absolutely no repercussions, other than the fact that it probably fracked with our mental state a little. If you happen to call Taimi during the Enemy of my Enemy (the mission after you died), which is completely optional and not prompted (so you have to go out of your way to find a place to call her), she asks if the player was really alive because ever since their death, their vitals has been quote: 'fluid' (which as an adjective can either mean smooth or unstable). The player dodges the question about how they're feeling, but something is up. In real life, being dead and then coming back alive did not have good effects on the living. Especially since our character had been grilled well-done right before their death.

It's possible maybe the fact that they came back to life will give them a connection to King Joko, who will now be running wild since Balthazar died. And probably wants revenge. Especially after you took advantage of him being absent.

The Commander will 'snap' and have a mental breakdown/freakout
It's becoming very apparent that the Commander is starting to get incredibly stressed out by the burden on their shoulders and the abuse by certain characters (notably Brahm), noted in their slight shift in personality to becoming more easily irritable, uptight, and sarcastic in Path of Fire. It's gotten even more apparent by the start of Living World 4 that the Commander is descending more into this dark emotional pitfall, not to mention that no one seems to even notice their deteriorating emotional wellbeing at all. Sometime in Living World 4 or beyond, the Commander will finally have their inevitable mental breakdown and have a Heroic BSOD moment which will either be one of two things: them giving up and breaking down from all the stress or to blow up and lash out at everyone around them in anger. Maybe the Commander will spend time away from everybody, maybe to clear their head or they just can't stand being around anyone anymore, but either way, this will finally get the other characters to realize how much pain the Commander has gone through and after talking it out, the Commander's personality will improve to a more confident and heroic one than the tired stressful one they have now.
  • It is certainly possible that could come to a head and have the Commander banished too the Mists/forced into some form of imprisonment and the Commander only receiving a Reprieve from a Friend that know's us better then anyone else, Say our Mentor. It could also give the Commander a Chance to actually say goodbye. (Hence my Thoughts that this should take Place somewhere in the Mists, so it can be our Actual Mentor and not someone else)

The 'Crystal Champion' mastery track for Living World Season 4 will ultimately culminate in being able to ride on Aurene.
Hear me out...
  • Path of Fire introduced the mount system. The Raptor, Springer, Skimmer, and Jackal are fairly easy to obtain, but the Griffon takes a whopping 250 gold, a scavenger hunt, and tons of waiting for certain events to roll around. Aurene would be a great alternative to anyone that couldn't invest that sort of time or money into the Griffon hunt, and it would be fitting to expand on the mount system with a Living World that's tied to the Po F expansion.
  • The Griffon shares the same animation skeleton as Adolescent Aurene.
  • While there's only one mastery track at the moment, Aurene is clearly visible in the header art, and said mastery track is described as mastering our connection with her.