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The New Wingman is Superman
  • For all the reasons listed here and because Superman was also "Nightwing" in the Pre-Crisis continuity so it makes for another level of Discontinuity Nod.
    • Jossed. It's Jason Todd
The Lady Gaga
expy Was not an expy, but the real deal
  • And now, you'll never sleep again...
    • She's also the Mad Hatter's girlfriend.

Honor Jackson is a physical avatar for Gotham City
  • Due to his death before the scene where we meet him and the fact that he lies about where they're headed, it seems difficult to believe that Honor Jackson, the man who gave Bruce a reason to get up and keep walking after the attack by the Black Glove and Jezebel's betrayal was really who he claimed to be. He immediately recognizes Bruce as Batman, and Bruce protects him from harm when they're threatened. He also shows Batman Gotham from all angles, finishing by giving him the means to defeat the Black Glove. The city that 'promises the gutter and delivers the world, or vice versa' sees its only hope defeated, and while it can't directly reach from the streets to help him, it tests him and offers aid where appropriate. Gotham is deceitful, and so is Honor. Gotham could be seen as doomed, like Honor, but Batman fights for both without expecting a reward. Gotham has always been the silent contributor to Batman's legacy, but it's hard to imagine the Dark Knight without his city. Gotham though, may not be able to imagine itself without the Dark Knight, either, and in this interpretation, the comic shows how Gotham responds to the ultimate attack on itself and its protectors, using Honor Jackson as an avatar to get Batman on his feet long enough to save the city one more time.