[[AC:A Nintendo Universe Theory with 45 Franchises and No Loose Ends


Here's the problem with all the crossover theories out there: they try to mash everyone up at one point in time, which doesn't work. Think about it: why doesn't Mario just catch a few Pikachus and take down Bowser the easy way, or just hire Samus to do it? Other times it's totally random with no structure, just based off of hidden easter eggs. I just never really liked the Nintendo galaxy theories. I mean, wouldn't Hyrule and Ylisse have gone through an industrial revolution or something? Not to mention, oh, I don't know, the several thousand year timelines of Zelda and Fire Emblem.

I have found, edited, added, and compiled a very large theory which ties everything up with practically no loose ends. I think. I wrote this over a period of six months whenever I was bored so I don't want to hear someone griping that I have to much time on my hands and that I should do something more productive with my time. And yes, I managed to tie it into our world, not some made-up video game universe. Unless you count Fire Emblem, cuz then the dark ages would be less medieval and more fantasy so yeah, this is basically the real world except that Fire Emblem is an alternate version of the dark ages. This is the final edition. At least, until Nintendo makes another game. If there is a hole, tell me. There's not much supporting the theory, but there's nothing saying it couldn't happen. It doesn't need evidence, it just works.

Kirby is not present here simply because "Kirby" is obviously an alien world.

The person who originally came up with this on screwattack.com is known as "the goddamn batman". I have no idea who he really is, but I thank him for creating it. This entire theory is based on your perception of it. If anything, I hope you find this an interesting read. And, yes, I've seen Crossover's video about a Nintendo universe and I watch Game Theory. and obviously, spoilers.

And if you can, do me a favor please send this to Game Theory via link, e-mail, comment, whatever. I tried emailing it 13 times and didn't get anywhere. It may sound like I'm shamelessly asking for circulation, but trust me, once you read this, you'll see why he should do a video on this.


* Part 1: The creation of the universe

In the beginning, the world was a maelstrom of chaos. No life of any kind could grow or live there. Basically, it is Detroit, 2014. Stupid self-serving puns aside, there was basically nothing until the Gods Farore, Din, and Naryu created the land, water, and creatures that would inhabit the world that now was. (There was also Palutena, the light goddess fom Kid Icarus, and her angels, among other heavenly beings. I'll explain later. Remember that.)

Oh, and Hylia was a creating God too as ret-conned by "Skyward Sword", so that's a thing.

In honor of the new world and I suppose themselves, the three (four?) deities left behind the triforce. A symbol of the Gods will and power, the triforce would thereafter lie in the Sacred Realm. This is clearly the only possible "first" event in the Nintendo Timeline, but while this is a back story set up in the "Legend of Zelda" games, it is never explicitly said that the Zelda timeline directly follows this event. That somewhat shaky justification leads into what I believe may be the next step in the chronology...

* Part 2: Kalos Pokemon War, and Devil World

An unlikely subject to talk about, I know. But this is a very important step in the timeline. Up to the year 1000 B.C., Pokemon were widespread, until the ancient war described in Pokemon X/Y wiped them out to such an extent that they wouldn’t each large numbers until the 1990’s (parts 5 and 6), and in the next 3000 years, they were so scared of humanity that they kept their existence a secret. Pokemon became myths. You wanna know why humanity started discovering new Pokemon in the 2000’s even though they should’ve been around for thousands of years? This is why. Devil World is another plane of existence, or in the early chaotic days of the universe between this chapter and the last, before humans really established a foothold on the planet.

* Part 3: Fire Emblem, Fantasy Life, and the Mysterious Murasame Castle

When I prefixed this by saying that this theory was rough, unfinished, and in deep desire of external editing, this (and two other franchises) was the specific section that I was referring to; I know hardly anything and became aware of the series through "Super Smash Brothers Brawl". So keep that in mind, dedicated series fans, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but there wasn't anything that I found to be contradictory to placing "Fire Emblem" games in the middle/dark ages of the Nintendo world. The new Fire Emblem Fates and The Mysterious Murasame Castle are in feudal Japan.

Likewise, it may also be in a "Lost Golden Age" over 8,000 years ago, similar to Atlantis, the Conan series, and the Lord of the Rings (yes, Middle-Earth is actually our planet in the distant past, and it says so on the wiki and in the books.) due to the fact that it appears more somewhat more advanced than the dark ages and continents have different names. OR just an alternate Dark Ages. The actual Dark ages, alternate form of the Dark Ages, or lost era, whichever you prefer. A friend of mine DID play Fire Emblem and said it was more than likely in the Dark ages. Fantasy Life, Warrior's Way, and Find Mii (the latter two are 3ds Streetpass games) are also around this point in the timeline.

* Part 4: Earthbound

We move on to one of Nintendo’s series: Earthbound. Set in the Nintendo world version of the 1990's, "Earthbound" features numerous elements that will become integral parts of this shared universe, including magic and sentient animals. The magic in the game is referred to as "Psi", and is used by a select few people and, more importantly, the animal-like creatures.

Many of the enemies in "Earthbound", be they bosses or grunts, are able to use abilities like psi fire, freeze, and other elemental attacks, though it seems the mass public remain unaware of these creatures in the game. Remember that detail. Time travel is another thing established in "Earthbound", as it is how Ness and the others get to the game final level The Cave of The Past. Finally, the games horrific main villain Giygas firmly cements the existence of demonic entities and Eldridge Abominations in the Nintendo world.

As you may have guessed, remember both of those points.

A friend asked me how magic could simply appear and then disappear. I don't know where to write it in, so this is the answer. As for magic, it's always existed, as seen in Fire Emblem, Earthbound, Fantasy Life, Kid Icarus (the people are cheering because the goddess Palutena hasn't abandoned them) and Pokemon. They either acknowledged it's existence, never discovered/harnessed it, or thought it was something else entirely i.e. Pokemon abilities and Ness' PSI abilities (showing that humans are still able to harness magic).

The existence of the magic animals in this world would eventually lead to the world uncovering them. How would they react? Well, that leads into the next step of the Nintendo timeline...

* Part 5: Pokemon

Let's assume that after "Earthbound" the societies of the Nintendo world rediscovered these semi sentient, abnormal-looking, magic "psi" using animals lived side by side with them, and rather than shun them, the people marvel at their existence, domesticate some, and just in general treat them like any other animal. The Pokemon start to come out of the woodwork. After all, the Pokemon games do establish that rapid periods of change do occur in this universe, through the Pokemon's "Evolution". Now, a lot of the animals from earthbound actually don't look like pokemon, they just look like normal animals, just with a minor change or two. Yet they are still semi-sentient and have some elemental attacks. Why is this? I'll explain once we get to the next chapter.

Important note: Wii fit, Duck Hunt, 1080', Excite-Bike, Style Savvy, Wii Party, Wii Play, Punch-out!!, Harvest Moon, Wrecking Crew, Pilot Wings, Nintendogs, Wii Sports Resort, the very goofy Tomodachi Life, the Monster Manor and Flower Town Streetpass games, Steel Diver, Art Academy, Professor Layton, Wave Rider, and pretty much any sports game are all present day or take place during the last two centuries, with Punch-out!! in the 1980's, Harvest Moon in the 1900's and everything else generally being 2000-2030. They are here mostly because of their prescence in Smash Bros.

Another element that links this games to "Earthbound" is the Pokemon Centers, which seem to heal the pocket monsters through sleep, or from some sort of advanced resting tech. This seems very similar to how the beds in "Earthbound" worked, which would mend injuries of Ness and his friends while they slept. Could these healing methods be one in the same? For the sake of the chronology, I think so. We see Pokemon throughout the games create personal relationships with their trainers, or commit purely malevolent acts, such as how Drifloon kidnaps children, for example. Meowth could talk, for pete's sake! Many other Pokemon also did. Here is a list ----> http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Talking_Pokémon

Another thing is that in the games, we frequently see fosslized Pokemon being brought back to life, just like Jurassic Park. So what's keeping them from practicing this on dinosaurs? Nothing! This leads to Fossil Fighters, which, as far as I can tell, is kind of like Pokemon, but with dinosaurs.

These cognitive thoughts that are exhibited through the Pokemon's actions seems like clear proof that they possess some intelligence. So, what if that intelligence expanded into a full understanding of spoken language, the ability to speak it, and eventually lead to some of the Pokemon adapting into more human forms? Well, this advancement would lay the groundwork for...

* Part 7: Animal Crossing

Years on from the events of the "Pokemon" games, the more primitive types would keep to themselves out in the wilderness and the more out there, ridiculous designs of Pokemon would die out due to over-catching, poaching (Team Rocket and such), that one crazy guy in every crowd who thinks Pokemon are bad, and the fact that the only Pokemon Protection Administration is a dozen teenagers scattered across the word.

Additionaly, they also would have interbred with normal animals and have passed on their sentient traits, thinning out their elemental abilities, color schemes, and freaky designs. This is what I meant when I mentioned how the Earthbound animals don't look quite like Pokemon but that they are still connected. Going on with my theory, some of the more plausible, toned down Pokemon would not have their genes thinned out as much and with some sense of self and enhanced intelligence would they become humanoid over time, and eventually act and think as our equals. Pokemon are already smart, smart enough that they can learn to speak our langauge. This is where "Animal Crossing" comes in, foreseeing a future where humans and animals live together in harmony as one society. A few (emphasis on few) Pokemon genes aside from the intelligence survived through some species. This explains the Animal Crossing inhabitants not-so-normal color schemes. Because we all know how common a blue sheep is.

Games at this point in the timeline include Rusty's Real Deal Baseball.

Seeing as the animals in "Animal Crossing" seem to run everything in the Nintendo world when the games take place, or are placed in a largely segregated community, which hints at a little bit of a cultural divide does seem to be hinted at between the two groups. Keep in mind that pokemon like Yveltal and Xerneas were experimented on and others, like Mewtwo, were results of genetic manipulation, creating a general mistrust towards humans. Some Pokemon were abandoned by their owners, and others have also been mistreated in other fashions. How would that divide continue into the distant future? As far as I can tell, two underutilized Nintendo franchises share the next step in the timeline, those being...

* Part 8: Star Fox and F-Zero

So many, many decades after the era that the "Animal Crossing" games took place in, the divide between humans and animals theoretically grew so large that the latter of the two factions, using the advancements in technology that developed over the years, flew off of the Nintendo world and into the cosmos, (possibly after a war erupted.) Using their newly cemented independence, the animals created their own fragmented society in space complete with its own military, resulting in a status quo that we see in the "Star Fox" series of games.

And then there's the game Dillon's Rolling Western. A colony world perhaps? Because the Grocks are clearly not of this Earth. And...because it has talking animals? Yeah, it's not happening.

Of course, as racing sports advance with new technology, so do combat sports. Enter Custom Robo.

An F-zero racer also made an appearance as a Star Fox boss, showing that the same alien species exist in both franchises.

At the end of one of the “Star Fox” games, Fox feels usurped by Star Wolf, who stole the Star Fox name as galactic saviours and Krystal has now abandoned them. Fox fled to Papetoon with Falco to drown out his grief, where it started to consume him, barely eating or sleeping. To cheer up his friend, Falco eventually comes up with a brain storm to leave the business of mercenaries for hire behind and become racers. They modified their Arwings into racing machines for the occasion and they were successful in that business. As they made victory after victory, Fox and Falco gradually forgot about their lives as members of Star Fox. These racing machines were known as G-zero racers, and word of these probably reached earth leading to F-zero, or vice-versa. Besides, the humans could use all of the present tech to advance sporting events, creating a plausible situation for the "F-Zero" franchise. People of this world might not be content with living in a terrestrial-exclusive society, but before they take that final step and head out into the cosmos, we need to make a little room for...

* Part 9: Sin and Punishment

Oh man, how did I end up doing this one? Well, here goes. Now, the game is stated to be in 2007, but, for the sake of continuity, can you please, please, please just pretend that that was never stated in the game? You can? Good. And hey, maybe it has something to do with the Cosmic Calender dating system that we'll see in Metroid and XenoBlade Chronicles X after this.

RIght around the F-zero days, SIn and Punishment is set in world where, according to Wikipedia (the world's most reliable source of info), "mankind's prosperity has led to a vast population increase and serious food shortages. In an attempt to solve the food shortage problem, scientists create a new species to use for food, and place the herd in northern Japan. In time, the creatures mutate and attack the people of Japan. An international peacekeeping organization called the Armed Volunteers tries to stop the creatures, now referred to as "Ruffians", but they also oppress the Japanese. Another group, referring to itself as the Savior Group and led by a mysterious woman named Achi, rises up to defend Japan against the Ruffians and Armed Volunteers."

I'll spare you most of the details but in the end, our protagonists, Airan Jo and Saki Amamiya come out on top. Thing is, the mysterious woman, Achi, ended up drifting out into space. Achi contemplates the events that transpired during the game. She believes Saki has grown into a mighty warrior even if it was not the way she intended things to happen. She also sets her sights on Isa, the one who will be Saki and Airan's son. At last, she mentions how the true enemy is God.

Also, I need to say this right here, right now- Dude, get some better pants and a haircut because you look like a girl.

Then we come to the sequel, Sin and Punishment: Star Succesor. This is where things get... weird. .. Taking place many years after the first game, S&P: Star Successor reveals that there are two dimensions present within the universe: Inner Space and Outer Space. In Inner Space, there are multiple Earths (most likely on slightly overlapping planes of existence). , watched over by beings known as "The Creators" (literally referred to as "God" in the Japanese version, and probably not affiliated with the Zelda gods, Pokemon gods, or Skyworld). The creators have guided mankind to defend these planets and fight, destroying mankind whenever it strays from its destined path by attempting to bring peace (Gee, I wonder if this has anything to do with Part 12's Xenoblade Chronicles.) And then, an alien invasion comes from Outer Space. Thing is, this whole entry is a little more skeptical in it's placement, so I'll have to let Wiki Magic do it's thing. What is Wiki Magic, you ask? -------> http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/WikiMagic

* Part 10: Metroid

After some period of time, nondescript, humanity reaches towards the stars and expands its empire out into it, and eventually some expeditions make contact with alien life forms. Those alien races include the Chozo and space pirates. And also, one of the said expeditions/colonies was wiped out by a higher up member of the space pirates, all except for one female child, who was then raised by the Chozo. Who could that child have been? Why, Samus Aran, the protagonist of Metroid of course! It's really only natural that Metroid, F-zero, and Kirby would exist in the same universe.

Mii Force (a Streetpass game) is somewhere between F-zero and Metroid as humans start exploring the cosmos.

With this expansion towards space, the human race reaches a new era of prosperity. A short lived era, because the next step of this timeline theory is...

* Part 11: Kid Icarus, and the coming of Demise and ensuing apocalypse

Brace yourself, because this is where the chapters start to get long. Along with the creation of the Nintendo world by Farore, Din, and Nayru, (and Hylia.) The Hyrule Historia states that the Demon King Demise waged war on the gods in an attempt to get the triforce. However, the actual time frame of the attack is never specified, so my ideas is that while most of humanity has left for space, those that remained had to live with the assault from Demise. (In the middle of the war a lot of technology is gone, especially with factories and power plants destroyed. The humans then have no choice but to revert back to a state of middle age style living.

Medusa, of “Kid Icarus”, was probably one of Demise’s lieutenants. I’m not really sure where I would put this franchise except for right here what with an underworld army attacking, and that despite ancient cities are common, there is still technology, i.e. floating platforms in chapter 6. Being set in the future would explain references to “strategy guides”, a web site, and other stuff that wouldn’t be invented for thousands of years. Also, giant deserts in several levels, likely being war-ravaged continents. What about the Aurum? In Metroid, several alien species clearly have it out for Earth, and now, suffering heavy losses in a war with no Galactic Federation or Samus Aran to protect them, Earth is vulnerable. So why not invade? As for Hades... well, he looks nothing like Demise, and he certainly doesn't have the same attitude as Demise, so they can't be the same person. Most likely, they were allies at some point in the war.

The first Kid Icarus takes place before/during the war, due to “Uprising” taking place 20 years after the original, or the war lasting 20 years, which it probably would.

Eventually the demon was sealed thanks to the Goddesses (and Pit) but by this point, several decades of war, last-resort nuclear missiles, and strange energies (both demonic and alien, as we’ll see soon) have radically changed the ecosystems and such, resulting in short, temporary planetary freeze, which is why in Kirby 64 we see a frozen earth, called "Shiver Star". We know this is earth because North and South America are clearly shown on the level select. The tropical areas around the equator remained relatively safe from the freeze. Remember that.

"Ice Climbers" could either be during this time period or in the modern day but it doesn't make much of a difference either way.

Towards the end of war, the gods put whatever remaining survivors up into the clouds on elevated bits of land as seen in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and the surface below became an untamed and wild "No Man's Land" ruled by the monstrous followers of Demise.

The Nintendo World was blacklisted by the star bound humans, and those who did survive were forced into a new dark age in the sky. Sounds bleak, but this is not the end of the Nintendo world, as in my analysis the future from here on out is actually very chipper.

* Part 12: Xenoblade Chronicles X

Here’s what I’ve got for Xenoblade Chronicles X so far. In the trailers for X, it's mentioned that earth has been lost, a trailer shows a planet blowing up. The wiki says and I quote:

"Xenoblade Chronicles X begins showing two alien races fighting a massive battle over Earth in July of 2054. The planet is left devastated and humanity seeks out new worlds in massive Ark Ships. Unfortunately, most of these Ark Ships are shot down while trying to escape Earth's gravitational field, and only a few make it out.

After two years journeying through space, the aliens' pursuit forces find the White Whale, the American Ark Ship, and attack it as it approaches a planet called Mira. Thanks to the efforts of the military and one unnamed hero, the attack is repelled; however, the fierce battle causes massive damage to the engine of the White Whale, and the Ark Ship crashes on the planet. Many of the cryogenically frozen humans aboard are ejected in escape pods, which then scatter over a wide area on the planet. Presumably as a safety precaution against an occupant awakening in a hostile environment, the pods keep their occupants in stasis until manually activated from the outside. Gameplay begins after a character named Elma awakens Cross from one of these pods.

The residents of the White Whale establish a settlement they call New Los Angeles, in the Primordial Wilderness. They are shown to prosper after two months on the planet, with cars, streetlights, cell phones, and massive weaponisable mechs known as Dolls. The people of New Los Angeles realize that they will never return to Earth, so they accept Mira as their new home." End quote.

I feel confident that X can be placed during the war with Demise, assuming that a large majority of these people are from earth space stations and other-galaxy military bases from Metroid, and when the mother world of earth was rendered uninhabitable, they had to regroup together and venture off. Yes, the wiki says it is the year 2054, but it doesn't say if it's been 2054 years since the birth of Christ or 2054 years since something else. Metroid also followed a calender called the "Cosmic Calender". More importantly, these 'aliens' could be Demise' soldiers. After all, Skyward Sword doesn't state how advanced his troops were. We could easily have labeled another race of people from another world with advanced tech as 'aliens' instead of demons and the people of Skyloft would have heard the legend and assumed this future tech was magic.....I really can't wait for this one to be released.

Oh, and Xenoblade Chronicles? Alternate reality. Sorry, but this has such an outlandish setting, there really couldn't be any other possibility. For Zanza to destroy Earth and the universe, make a new universe, and for Shulk to kill Zanza, destroy the universe AGAIN, and make a new universe without gods....yeah, it's just not happening. I mean, yes, it fits with what Rosalina said in Super Mario Galaxy; that the universe can and will end, be reborn, live, end, repeat, coming out different each time, but that would mean that in the world Shulk made there would be no Palutena, no Viridi, no Arceas, no Din, Farore, Naryu, etc. I thought maybe the world Shulk made was a world in which there were gods, they just didn't interfere in human affairs, leaving the human's destinies up to themselves, but it just doesn't work. After adding Sin and Punishment, though, I've come to a few conclusions. 1. Between S&P, Xenoblade, and the Demon Wars, humans must really hate deities and 2. this is what I was referring to back at the end of Part 9 what with S&P containing multiple planes of reality and humanity not liking divine overlords.

* Part 13: Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong Country, and Pikmin.

Now Mario is pretty wacky, so this'll take a little more time. Remember how earlier on I theorized that the primitive humanoid animals and humanoid plants that spawned from Pokemon would keep to themselves out in the wild? Well, after the attack and defeat of Demise that resulted in humans abandoning the surface, the less advanced creatures ruled the world. Earth is finally starting to thaw and heal itself, albeit at a slow rate. It won't become fully habitable until Part 14.

On a secluded island near the equator, a clan of apes would fight against a syndicate of crocodile-like reptiles for dominance, and the events of the "Donkey Kong Country" games then took place. Likewise, fungal-like creatures that eventually received human/"Star Fox" animal levels of intelligence formed their own civilized nation that would become the Mushroom Kingdom. Piantas, not to mention the pikmin, bulblords, and other animals found in Pikmin, are all products of large doses of nuclear radiation, strange alien energies, and the planet being diseased, allowing the "Super Mario Brothers" and "Pikmin" games to transpire. The Toads also might be human/fungi hybrids as a result of nuclear radiation, which actually makes a little more sense (think of those mutants from "Planet of the Apes" and the Morlocks from "The Time Machine".) What nuclear radiation you say? Nuclear weaponry would definately be an employed (and uneffective) strategy against demons, scarring the Earth even more so.

First off, I found that Olimar is actually an alien (I never played Pikmin), and that he left his home planet and stumbled across planet PNF-404, a.k.a. earth. This is clearly earth as shown by the modern items laying around from the Duracell battery to the globe of the earth used as a map. I'm not the only one to hold this viewpoint.

Now for Mario. This only works if we assume that the original back story of Mario and Luigi, where they were humans from our world that were transported to the Mushroom Kingdom via warp pipe (which either brought them through time or they were human survivors in a Fallout-style underground bunker, but either way it doesn't make much of a difference), is the canonical one. And another question is the kingdoms ruler, the very human Princess Peach, is on the surface when most fled to the surface. My theory is that Peach was left behind during the war between Demise and the gods, and was found by the toads during the aftermath. Or that she, being royalty, was advised to take took refuge and tried to wait out the war.

Now actually, a Fallout-style bunker kind of makes sense. The warp pipes are all over the place, and when you've been in a bunker for the entirety of a war, you know your way around underground pretty well. Think about it. The Bros. were plumbers. That means sewers, pipes, and more importantly, tunnels (really, sewers, tunnels, bunkers, not that big of a difference). I mean, in the original Super Mario Bros., the underground levels were tiled with bricks, much like a sewer. So are bunkers with cinder block and concrete. I can hear you typing now, "But Tommy, if a war was going on previous to Super Mario Bros, and they were in a bunker for the majority of the time, it's not like they would be making house calls to fix people's toilets or anything, and they wouldn't have been able to practice their profession, right?" Wrong.

If you live in an undergound bunker, water is a necessity, as is a way to filter it and get rid of the used water. Pipes and such are going to break and be destroyed in a bombing. So yeah, being a plumber is a handy skill. Remember the original 2-player arcade Mario Bros. game, in which Mario and Luigi had to get rid of crabs, Koopas (the radiation is taking effect), and other creatures from the sewer-ish area?. Not typically in the job description, unless, yunno, you're defending your base from semi-intelligent, irradiated animals.

The next two paragraph's info is taken from The Thinking Gamer's video "Is the Nintendo Universe Post-Apocalyptic?".

Princess Peach and her father (in SMB. 3) are survivors and are the remaining government force of Russia, as shown by her prevalent lifestyle and insistance on royal title. Look at the similarities between Peach's castle and the russian castles. The style of her dress, the "Mario is a Communist" video by Game Theory and the fact that the real-life version of the Super Mushroom actually exists in Russia helps support this. She clearly is of Russian descent. The castles used by Bowser and the castles at the end of levels also appear to be Russian.

The mk8 antigravity racers are leftover future tech. His video states more on this, including the locations of world 1, world 2, etc. But in order to accept my theory, disregard everything except for the Super Mario and Pikmin sections, as he doesn't talk much on other franchises, and I explained the other franchises already. (No offense to you Mr. Thinking Gamer, it's still a good theory.) I advise you to watch his video. He explains how the worlds are parts of Russia (World 1 is Eastern Europe, World 2 is the heavily bombed Moscow, etc), how the antigravity racers were made for warfare, and a lot of other stuff. Link to video-----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86HHpx4cvog

Yoshi's Wooly World and Kirby's Epic Yarn take place on a parallel earth with Paper Mario on it's own parallel reality.

* Part 14: Splatoon

Oh, geez. I know even less about this than I do S&P or Xenoblade thanks to the uncomplete wiki, and I really don't know if this should be included, (it really shouldn't) but it's really up to the reader, so I thought "Why not? I'll give them the possibility". I figured it's one of four things.

1. The Inklings are genetically altered human/animal hybrids bred for war during the days of F-zero/Metroid (because scientists are evil that way and technology has advanced enough too the point that you make someone part human, part Metroid, and part Chozo... and immune to X parasites), the non-lethal paintball tournaments are practice combat sessions and the single-player campaign is a holographic training exercise in which, very much like Matrix, you think you're living in a post apocalyptic world (the wiki suggests that it's earth in the far future), but you're not. Your reality is actually a carefully planned, carefully orchastrated illusion designed to see how well you peform in different situations, you just don't know it.

2. Bloopers and squids that evolved and mutated at a quicker pace thanks to an irradiated, diseased Earth. They then established the settlement of Inkopolis after the war, sometime a little after the Mario era in a different part of the planet. The game all but confirms that it's a future Earth and that the humans died. This the one most accepted by the fandom.

3. A combination of both 1 and 2 in which Inklings were created as weapons against Demise but Splatoon itself takes place long after these events.

Yeah, this really isn't going to work is it? Man, the Pixar theory is more solid than this.

Personally, I like the second theory the best. On the other forums I post this on, a lot of people point out that Splatoon is confirmed to be a post-apocalyptic earth but doesn't really fit in with the timeline. I know this, and it was really more of a random shot in the dark.

Of course, with all of my earlier references to Nayru, Din, Farore, Hylia, The Sacred Realm, the Triforce, and Demise, there is only one franchise that could possibly come next in the Nintendo timeline. So to conclude, the next step is...

* Part 15: The Legend of Zelda (Finally, finally, finally!!!!)

From this point the standard Zelda timeline begins starting from "Zelda: Skyward Sword". Rather than theoretically explain what happens with poor writing, I'll instead provide my motivations for placing "the Legend of Zelda" series at the end of the Nintendo chronology. First of all, I just love the idea of "Zelda" being a post-apocalyptic story: The concept is what sparked this theory in the first place. Secondly, and this is an actual point I promise, the presence of robots in "Skyward Sword" started this theory. In the game, there are at least three robots that make appearances, and all seem to be extremely old by the time Link discovers them. How could they be of a significant age if they are technologically advanced in comparison to "Skyward Sword" present? Unless, of course, it was a relic of a "futuristic", cyberpunk age. Did I mention that Nintendo said the Triforce was originally going to be microchip? True fact.

Now you're probably thinking, "Gee, between Skyloft, the Mushroom kingdom, Splatoon, and Xenoblade X, there seem to be a lot of survivors for a war that supposedly killed billions of people." Well think about it: in the past 400 hundred years of real life, our population has exploded and is rising at a high rate. By the time of Metroid 500-1000 years later, no wonder humanity started colonizing space! They would have no choice due to population growth! Sure, compared to the current population, there are many survivors, but compared to the FUTURE population, survivors are few and deaths are many.

In the Hyrule Historia, the timeline branches into 3 timelines, which can be confusing. Which timeline is the real one? Where does Smash bros. come in? Therefore I believe that after/during Ocarina of Time, Link has, through his time traveling, created so many time paradoxes (Song of Storms paradox and the Goddess sword paradox for example) that he SHATTERED time, combining the past, present, and all possible futures to the point that you can't tell if the you've traveled to the past or the past traveled to you. And because this was "before" the other three possible timelines played out, and it could diverge into any of these 3, it allows not only for the 3 timelines to play out along side each other, but for super smash bros. and every easter egg in every Nintendo franchise! Samus and Link in "Super Mario RPG", Mario portraits in Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the Komaytos in Kid Icarus, Cranky Kong's comment of Link visiting his shop, a Mario mask on the creepy mask salesman's pack, James Mcloud in F-zero, Samus's gunship in DK: Tropical Freeze, Link and Villager racing in Mariokart 8, Samus Aran in Kirby: Super Star, plus the Excite bike and Mute City racetracks, the list goes on and on!

Why is there so much Nintendo stuff in Animal Crossing? Because after the timeline got mixed up, corporations in general (and Wario) saw a money-making opportunity and decided to cash in and start selling merchandise. Historical themed video games and toys are nothing new. This leads to the amusement park known as Nintendo Land and WarioWare.

* Part 16: The Subspace Emissary and after T.L.P.

A lot of people wonder who Master Hand is. I have an answer. He embodies creation so he is, wait for it, GOD and created Palutena, Viridi, the Zelda goddesses, Arceas, and Crazy Hand, his arch-nemesis. I mean, when Tabuu invaded, why not go after the Goddesses or Arceas? Why imprison MH? Palutena is pretty powerful, and clearly right there in the SE, and she's not under attack. And why would Ganondorf, Bowser, and the others obey him unless MH was a ruler of some sorts? Because he's that important. Master Hand was the guy who, in the original N64 Smash Bros, flew around the area telling the characters to fight and making the stages. Of course, when you play Classic Mode, he's just taking it easy on you. And it only makes sense that he's the announcer guy.

SmashWiki says and I quote:

"Despite appearing in all four games of the series, considerable mystery surrounds the character, due to a lack of official explanations. The fact that the intro to Super Smash Bros. has Master Hand appearing to set up a stage and the playable characters has caused some to speculate that the world of Smash and the World of Trophies in the Subspace Emissary are Master Hand's creation, as he is the leader of the latter.[1] Also, his Brawl trophy info (shown below) implies that he is not using his full power against the smashers and is merely toying with them for his own enjoyment. As seen in Super Smash Bros 4, it is possible that his true power is actually Master Core, however, there is little to no information about the relation between the two."

Master Hand is the Nintendo God because. It. Just. Makes. Sense.

So, after the timeline was screwed up (I will refer to this as T.L.P., the TimeLine Paradox), a Subspace army invaded, as seen in the The Subspace Emissary Adventure mode of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

So where did Subspace come from? Well, throughout the games we see references to an opposite, "dark" dimension, and the ability to create/summon beings from this world.

For example: Dark Samus, Dark Pit, Dark Link, Shadow Mario, Cosmic Mario, Shadoo, and the distortion world in Pokemon that Giratina was banished to.

Not to mention pocket dimensions like Termina, the Twilight realm, Flat zone (yes, I actually fit in Game and Watch), and Mario 64 painting dimensions. So this whatever this distortion world is, it's probably Subspace. And maybe this is where all gaming franchises are linked.

Sort of like the Astral plane, it's the area between dimensions. If you've played D&D you know what I'm talking about. If dimensions were islands, the astral plane is the ocean. This explains the presence of Pac-man, Ryu, Sonic, Megaman, Solid Snake, and Banjo-Kazooie (Diddy Kong racing) and the fact that they encounter Sonic in Subspace only supports this.

For example, look at Pit. In TSE, we first see him watching a fighting match between Mario and Kirby. Why is this important? Because he's cheering for his favorite competitor. Just like you do when you watch a football game and you root for your favorite team because you know who's who, where each team is from. You keep track of your group's wins and losses and try to predict who will win. Because you've had time to research this stuff. Pit is not just looking at 2 people who think the other guy's evil. It's a full blown sport competition taking place with Zelda and Peach as celebrity figures crowds of spectators. This isn't a mindless, violent mashup with no meaning or place in any timeline, universe, etc (not counting Subspace Emmisary). Yes, that is the exact same Samus Aran from Metroid Prime that is in Smash Bros, not an alternate universe version. The invitational letter Villager receives in his trailer supports this. Pit KNOWS who Mario is, he KNOWS who Kirby is. It takes place in a man-made arena. (I'm sorry, I just need to make sure you guys get what I'm saying here.)

I believe that because Master Hand is god, he would create a competition to unite people from these diffferent eras and prevent total chaos from breaking out. In other words, Master Hand created Super Smash Bros. And by enlisting them in this, he can prevent Ganon and Bowser from trying to take over for the umpteenth time.

But back to Pit. This all shows that mankind has had time to create a civilized community, but not enough for everyone to know everyone. Until Snake comes in. He has absolutely NO idea what's going on, PERIOD, because he's not from this world. This is why non-nintendo fighters are called "Guest fighters". (Yes, I know that Sheik attacked Fox, but only because not everyone is quite up to speed on what exactly has happened. Plus, he was shooting at them because 1. everyone thought that the Halberd was under the control of the bad guys until 2. the good guys get control of it back only to find that someone they don't know (Fox) is shooting at them. I can see why Sheik would try to kill this guy that they thought might be another adversary.)

So everything is going smoothly in the Nintendo Universe with Smash Bros. keeping carnage from raging between these nations, some of which think that a taxi is a monster or that they can subdue the less advanced peoples. Until something out of MH's control invaded from another dimension: Tabuu. Afterwards, Mario and Sonic compete in the Olympics (which serves the same purpose as Smash) and Villager and Link are invited to Mariokart.

* Part 17: Epilogue

So in closing, I'd like to tell you this. You may recall another theory in which Master Hand was really a little boy who played with his toys (the trophies). And as contradicting as this sounds, that is absolutely true. I said at the beginning that this entire theory is based on your perception of it. Super Smash bros. is not just the imagination of the little boy or the way the boy sees his toys, but how everyone views, and more importantly, imagines the games to be. Same thing with Master Hand. He is the embodiement of the gamer. In a timeline sense, yes, he is god. But in relation to the real world, Master Hand is you, me, the video game fanfic writer, the company who makes the game, the hacker who makes and changes a game, the video game theory writer, and the guy who randomly guesses about things in the game that haven't been cleared up yet, like where Zelda Wii U will take place in the Zelda timeline. However you see the game, weather you think that Link is dead in Majora's Mask or that Super Mario Bros. 3 was just a stageplay, or that only half of this timeline is true, that makes you Master Hand of the video game world as you perceive it, with each possibility and point of view it's own universe. Very much like "Lego Movie", sure it looks like it's all in a kid's mind but Emmet was able to move under his own power, and the boy's father reacted to this, showing that the Lego realm is it's own individual world, and it's not just the boy that's god of that world.

See that's the thing I like about the Game Theory videos. When he says it's just a theory, he's saying that there's still a chance it could be wrong. So something really disturbing, like the video on Toad? It's just one person's opinion being shared with the viewer. Sure there's stuff suggesting that it's true, but it's really up to the viewer. That's what the above paragraph is about. As they say on TV Tropes, "Your mileage may vary".

But for all you doubters out there who think this is more fanfiction than timeline, let's try connect this without the timeline OR easter eggs, but with setting only, just to show that it's not that far fetched and it's a little closer to reality than you think. Now it's reasonable to assume that Animal Crossing (along with Donkey Kong) and it's intelligent animals (lab experiements, perhaps?) eventually led to Star Fox, and that Star Fox is in a future shared with Metroid, F-zero, Kirby (it's an alien planet remember?), and eventually Pikmin. Fire Emblem can reasonably be placed in the dark ages or a Lost Era. Earthbound, Ice Climbers, Duck Hunt, Wii Fit, Punch-out, Pilot Wings/Wii sports Resort and so on are all obviously modern day. Zelda, contrary to popular opinion, could not be in the middle ages thanks to so much magic and fantasy elements (Gorons, Zora, WW's huge ocean, the Fairies, Skull Kid) and as such would have to be placed sometime in the aforementioned lost era, but then we run into the problem of those robots again, so it HAS to be in the far future. Pikmin really does take place on Earth, and the war on Demise WAS mentioned in the beginning of Skyward Sword. Ignoring references to modern tech and fourth wall breaks, Kid Icarus can be placed 3,000 years ago, but just as easily could be during the war like I said earlier. Mario is the real problem, but I suppose we could place the brothers during a modern era and then enter a rip in space-time bringing them to the Mushroom Kingdom, if that's what you want to believe. Even if it wasn't an attack by Demise, Xenoblade Chronicles X and it's alien invasion has to be after Metroid. And frankly, Game and Watch simply MUST be another dimension, because really, there's just no other explanation. As for Splatoon and Pokemon....I got nothing.

Now, without further ado, the total number of franchises is: 38! On a single timeline instead of a web and Subspace Emissary/Smash Bros. still works! (Beat that, Crossover.)

In alphabetical order they are:


Animal Crossing

Art Academy

Custom Robo

Devil World

Donkey Kong

Duck Hunt


Fantasy Life

Fire Emblem

Fossil Fighters


Game & Watch

Harvest Moon

Ice Climbers

Kid Icarus


The Legend of Zelda


The Mysterious Murasame Castle


Nintendo Land


Professor Layton



Rusty's Real Deal Baseball

Sin and Punishment

Splatoon (?)

Star Fox

Steel Diver

Streetpass games: Find Mii, Mii Force, Flower Town, Warrior's Way, and Monster Manor

Style Savvy

Super Mario Bros.

Super Smash Bros.

Tomodachi Life

Wave Rider

Wii Fit

Wii Party

Wii Play

Wii Sports

Wii Sports Resort

Wrecking Crew

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles (?)

In a general, more-or-less-ish, chronological order:

Devil World

---------Kalos Wars-------

Fire Emblem

The Mysterious Murasame Castle

Find Mii and Warrior's Way

Fantasy Life

Harvest Moon



Wii Fit, Wii Play, Wii Sports, Wii Party, Flower Town, Wrecking Crew, ExciteBike, Nintendogs, Style Savvy, Tomodachi Life, Ice Climbers, 1080', Wave Rider, Art Academy, Steel Diver, Professor Layton, and Duck Hunt

Wii Sports Resort


Fossil Fighters

Animal Crossing

Rusty's Real Deal Baseball

Star Fox


Custom Robo

SIn and Punishment

Mii Force


-----Demon Wars-------

Kid Icarus


Super Mario Bros., Yoshi, and Donkey Kong


Xenoblade X

Splatoon (?)

The Legend of Zelda

Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo Land and Warioware

Subspace Emissary

Game & Watch and Xenoblade Chronicles are in pocket dimensions/alternate realities.

Thank-you for reading, and congratulations if you made it this far.

Special thanks:

My brother


“The Goddamn Batman” on ScrewAttack.com

“The Thinking Gamer” on Youtube

Jon Negroni, author of the Pixar theory

And the 17 wikis I used for help.

Bonus theory/hidden end credits scene

Found on whatculture.com.

“This one suggests that the Pac-man universe and the world of minimalist classic sport game Pong are linked together by a social dynamic that places them together on a complex class ladder.

The theory says that Pong is the upper class world, where folks play tennis endlessly at their leisure on account of being terribly rich, burning through balls like there’s no financial restriction on how many can be used. Because, frankly there isn’t, and infinite balls are the highest sign of status and wealth.

So where do all the balls go?

Well, Pac-man is the lower rung of the social ladder, where the character is forced to endlessly collect the discarded balls of the Pong social climbers. He sells them on to those who wish to appear more wealthy with their ball stocks, scratching a living, and evading guards hell-bent on stopping any thefts that will destabilize the accepted social order of things.”]]

[[WMG: ''[[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda Zelda]]'' takes place in the same universe as ''[[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Mario]]'', many years later.]]

[[AC:In the same universe]]
* The castle in ''Ocarina of Time'' has pictures of several Mario characters in the windows.
* ''Link's Awakening'' features Goombas, Piranha Plants, Chain Chomps, Wart and a [[VideoGame/SuperMarioRPG Croco]]-lookalike. (The Wind Fish is apparently in charge of Sub-Con)
* Most houses in ''A Link to the Past'' have portraits of Mario on the walls.
* ''Super Mario Galaxy'' has "Electrogoombas", which in actuality are almost indistinguishable from Octoroks. (pink octopuses that spit rocks at you)
* Link was in the bed in Rose Town in ''Super Mario RPG''.

[[AC:Mario comes first]]
* The cross-references in the ''Zelda'' series are much more prevalent and explicit than those in the ''Mario'' series.
* We already know there are multiple Links; therefore the Link in ''SMRPG'' still fits.
* The ''Zelda'' game with the most references to the ''Mario'' series that wasn't part of a dream is ''The Minish Cap'' (Lakitus and Bob-ombs, among other things), which several theorists believe to be the earliest game in the ''Zelda'' timeline.

* ''{{Metroid}}'', ''VideoGame/{{F-Zero}}'', ''VideoGame/StarFox'', and ''{{Pikmin}}'' also take place in the same universe, thanks to references in Super Mario RPG and Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.
** As does ''VideoGame/DonkeyKongCountry'', as seen in ''[=DKC3=]''. If you buy the shell from Bazaar, ask about the castle, and refuse to pay the price, Bazaar says, and I quote, "Are you sure? Some cheeky lad called Link was in last week and he asked about the castle too. He didn't have enough coins, but he seemed such a nice fellow that I agreed to accept 500 rupees instead". And by extension, the newest ''PunchOut'' takes place in this world, as well.
*** Since ''VideoGame/{{F-Zero}}'' and ''VideoGame/StarFox'' seem to take place in the distant future, Hinopio is probably a [[Series/DoctorWho Time Lord]].
* Additional evidence to place ''VideoGame/{{F-Zero}}'' and ''[=StarFox=]'' in the same universe: both the arwings and the F-Zero cars are powered by G-Diffusor Systems, and James [=McCloud=] appears in ''F-Zero'' - one effect of being trapped in the Black Hole was to turn him into a human.
** Either that, or Fox is a half-fox, half-human hybrid. The human half, obviously, is his vocal cords.
*** And his knees.
* Strange inconsistencies between ''{{Pikmin}}'''s Earth and our Earth are there because ''Pikmin'' actually takes place on the Mushroom World. Nintendo products there are not a problem, as they already exist from the ''VideoGame/WarioWare'' games. Real-world brand name products were presumably brought there by the Mario Bros. when they went through the portal.
** Alternately, the ''[=WarioWare=]'' universe is an alternate reality version of this universe, focusing on the exploits of their Wario. Alternately, if ''VideoGame/WarioWare'' is set in the real world, Wario possesses the power to travel between our world and the Mushroom Kingdom, much like Mario and Luigi.
** This also explains why Peach's crown was in ''Pikmin 2''.

You want Grand Unified? Here's Grand Unified:
* ''Kid Icarus'' takes place shortly after the stone age when Medusa used alchemy to turn people into stone. The Angel Pit didn't like it so he killed her.
** A few tribes learned to read Medusa's alchemy books and used them to create their own world so they wouldn't have to share power. This explains why the world of VideoGame/GoldenSun looks like ours but is flat because it was created before anyone knew Earth was really round.
*** Maintaining the world was too hard, however, so everyone built rocket ships and colonized the solar system seen in MagicalVacation.
** In the next ''Kid Icarus'' game, a demon named Orcos tries to unleash four ancient evils on us. He just barely got one through before Pit found and killed him and the other three ancients spend the rest of their lives trying to follow the first. Their story is told in EternalDarkness.
* ''Zelda'' takes place during the middle ages in a kingdom that is eventually lost.
* At that point, the Oocca had left Earth and were evolving into the Chozo. The dragon Argorok's descendants continued to threaten them. Samus's foe Ridley is part of this lineage.
* ''FireEmblem'' takes place around the same time, on a different Continent
** ... and one of the games takes place on Terminia.
* When Mario and Luigi were born, they were brought through Mushroom Kingdom before heading to the 'real world'.
* ''VideoGame/DonkeyKongCountry'' occurs in the jungles of the real world
** This has been disproven, as Bazaar, the shopkeeper in ''[=DKC3=]'', has given Link information about the castle before you met him. See above.
* The original DK headed to Manhattan and was stopped by Mario, who then takes a job as plumber.
* After this, Mario falls back into the Mushroom Kingdom.
* Wario, deciding to capitalize on everything, gets into the Game Industry in the real world (after being continually blocked from riches in the Mushroom Kingdom). He originally starts by selling the Mario story to Nintendo, but eventually forms Wario Ware.
* The DK event resulted in people realizing that sentient animals exist. As a result, these animals started coming out of the woodwork, causing some people to live among them (Animal Crossing)
* Wars break out, resulting in ''Advance Wars''.
* Advance Wars days of Ruin happens, resulting in a near-destruction of everything.
* The animals escape the apocalypse by heading to the stars and forming the Lylat System.
* Events of ''[=StarFox=]'': Somehow James [=McCloud=] is turned human and disappears.
* Further in the future, civilization gets back on track, and the F-Zero circuits are created, and the ''Metroid'' and ''F-Zero'' series occur.
* Pokémon are created in a laboratory, and due to their hyper-abilities knock out most of the native creatures. After spreading to the Midwest of the United States, they impose a quarantine around the zone. Some technology remains (such as Poké Balls, based on reverse-engineering the Morph Ball), but otherwise the people forget about everything beyond the wall.
** A parallel experiment lead to ''VideoGame/{{Geist}}''.
** Why in the American Midwest? There's nothing in the other Nintendo games that would be a FantasyCounterpartCulture of Japan save for [[Videogame/{{Earthbound}} Dalaam]], and that could be just about anywhere in S.E. Asia.
* Note: All games that reasonably could take place in the real world (such as ''Punch-Out!!'' and ''Wii Sports'') do.
* ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros'' is set at the very end; only the main characters of all games remain, kept alive by Contractual Immortality.
* The ''Franchise/{{Kirby}}'' games are also linked; the Boos from the Mario series are the ghosts of the denizens of Kirby's world, mostly the Waddle Dees. King Boo, their self-proclaimed ruler, is the ghost of King Dedede.
** In ''VideoGame/KirbysDreamLand3'', Samus and some Metroids show up.
* Then where does the ''Earthbound'' series fit into all this?
** Main/{{Eagleland}} is from the imaginations of the people of Pop Star, and Gigyas is the result of influences by Nightmare, Dark Matter, Zero, Zero-Two, Marx and Marx Soul.
** [[Tropers/DonaldthePotholer I'd]] rather Eagleland was real all along... set between [[Videogame/PokemonColosseum Orre]] and [[Videogame/PokemonBlackAndWhite Unova]]. It's a pretty large land, after all, though it would put New Pork City as Chicago instead... [[FridgeBrilliance and Chicago was a meat packing town...]]. Still can't mean that Gigyas isn't the residue hatred energies of the above, though...
** After the defeat of Gigyas, things calm down and the first VideoGame/CustomRobo is created.
** Samus' appearance in VideoGame/KirbysDreamland3 would put the Kirby series in the far future, long after the Modern day set VideoGame/{{Earthbound}} and [[VideoGame/{{Mother1}} MOTHER]].

[[WMG: Princess Peach of ''SuperMarioBros'' was originally a Toad but was hit with the Midnight Bliss attack of Demitri Maximoff from ''VideoGame/{{Darkstalkers}},'' which was interrupted before she could be drained and reverted, leaving her an attractive human-like girl permanently.]]
* It was put forward in [[http://kdingo.net/champ/pics/main.php?g2_itemId=6219 this comic.]]

[[WMG: Ganondorf is the true mastermind of every evil plot ever.]]
We all know that he loves to hijack plots, so why does it have to be limited to ''Zelda''? He has at least some of the Triforce, so what's stopping him?
* Plus the Sacred Realm appears to be an intangible dimension in itself, so it could either be Purgatory or a dimension that links to every alternate universe.
* By corollary, [[VideoGame/MegaMan Dr. Albert Wily]] is merely Gannondorf in the [=MegaWorld=]. After all, you never saw the two of them together, even in [[WesternAnimation/CaptainNTheGameMaster the court of Mother Brain]].

[[WMG: [[Videogame/GoldenSunDarkDawn Morgal]] is the precurssor Kingdom to [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros The Mushroom Kingdom]].]]

A [[{{Prequel}} tie-in]] theory to the primary theory above. And, no, [[Tropers/DonaldthePotholer I]] didn't see the little line to the side of the ''Videogame/KidIcarus'' sub-theory, and now that I have, it strikes me as Farfetch'd. Anyway, my exhibits:

* Belinsk, capital of Morgal, has a landscape that looks as though it was fashioned by an outside yet sentint force. For Example: something that would normally be that far landlocked should not have a port and canal normally.[[note]]Yes, it was probably needed to build the a certain Tower, but still...[[/note]] The Build-to-Suit nature of the area seems like how the site of the Mushroom Kingdom/Toad Town changes [[Videogame/SuperMarioRPG per]] [[Videogame/PaperMario RPG]] [[Videogame/MarioAndLuigi series]] at a minimum.
* Morgal and the Mushroom Kingdom both are homes to HalfHumanHybrids (I'm assuming the Toads are this for the latter) as well as non-Human [=sentients/sapients=].
* In ''Videogame/SuperPrincessPeach'', the eponymous heroine is able to use magical abilities based on her emotions. Or are they not so much magical as ''Alchemical''? Let us examine each:
** Joyous: She is borne up on [[WindFromBeneathMyWings an updraft]]. Note that she is able to hover in [[Videogame/SuperMarioBros2 her first playable appearance]].
** Angry: She emits heat such that [[IncendiaryExponent she causes flammable items around her to burn]].
** Sad: She turns on the OcularGushers, [=watering/flooding/=]'''Dousing?''' the immediate area.
** Content: She restores her health. Note that Venus Adepts commonly have access to the "Cure" class of Healing Psynergy.\\\
Granted, these all are triggered from the use of the Vibe Wand, but with said wand in Bowser's possession, it can be claimed that these powers are latent. Given that the Bros themselves need totems to access their powers (with some exceptions below), this makes Peach special, even when you account for [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking her]] [[TheHighQueen position]]. Most likely, she has direct bloodlines from skilled adepts in all four elements. Though, given a distnt enough past, the bloodlines could be so spread out that [[ShipToShipCombat it doesn't matter which Jupiter Adept Matthew marries (if either)]], all of the elements will reach royal lines anyway.[[note]]So watch me be wrong and have the Mushroom Kingdom actually be Ayuthay or Tolbi.[[/note]]
* As mentioned above, in the normal games, the Mario Brothers, [[Videogame/NewSuperMarioBrosWii as well as common toads]], can use [=magic/alchemical=] abiltiies when "powered up" with items like the Fire Flower. The ''Golden Sun'' series also has items that can allow the learning of Alchemy outside of an adept's class, like the Frost Gem (which has a Mario equivalent in the Ice Flower).
** The eponymous brothers also seem to have latent powers in the ''Videogame/MarioAndLuigi'' series and in ''Videogame/SuperSmashBros''. Mario is definitely a [[PlayingWithFire Mars]] inate, whereas Luigi is somewhat 50/50 between Mars and [[ShockAndAwe Jupi]][[PsychicPowers ter]]. Again, doesn't mean that they can't use Venus or Mercury totems; in fact, being an inate seems to be a prerequisite in the ''Golden Sun'' series.

In addition, the Koopa Tribe could be the descendants of the Proxians.

Additions? Objections?