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Team Rabbits are Half-Wulgars, or at least has Wulgar genes.
Since there's no elaboration on who the Wulgars are yet, there is still room for this interpretation. After all, if the framework of the JURIA System is Wulgar in nature, logically it won't work on humans without some sort of accommodation from the humans' side. Plus, there are currently no information on how compatible Wulgars and Humans from the genetic standpoint.
  • Episode 10 states that Humans and Wulgars descended from the same genetic stock.
    • Confirmed in Episode 20 when it was revealed that Teoria donated her own DNA for the development of Team Rabbits. And then they throw in more. revealing that Izuru and Asagi are essentially half-brothers.
Ange was deliberately raised with no gender identity
While the rest of Team Rabbits seems to have picked up humanising traits after their memory wipe, Ange seems to view him/herself as only a weapon and a weapon doesn't need a gender. Besides it seems like the kind of asshole move that some of the higher-ups in this series would pull if the idea occurred to them.
Ange is a hermaphrodite in the same vein as Izana from Knights of Sidonia
The MJP seem to have mastered genetic engineering after all, so it wouldn't be that far of a stretch to assume that one of their more eccentric geneticist made Ange a hermaphrodite just to prove they could.