[[WMG: The Ghostwriter hangs out on this very site.]]
* Where else would he be?

[[WMG: Ghostwriter was Jamal's ancestor who was a slave.]]
* The has been said a lot and it may actually be WordOfGod but I'm putting it here anyway. Ghostwriter was first in Jamal's basement. His first words were "Help help. Where are the children are they alright?" He doesn't know what things like cornflakes, Music/ElvisPresley and Mickey Mouse are, suggesting that he died before the twentieth century. He remembers being chased by barking dogs before he died. It sounds like he was a slave who was trying to escape with some kids, was chased by slavecatchers and was finally caught and killed.
** According to WordOfGod in in a 2010 interview, The Ghost Writer was a runaway slave who taught other runaway slaves how to read before being killed. Whether he was Jamal's ancestor is up for debate.
[[WMG: Spencer would have helped with the case in "What's Up With Alex" if the team hadn't been so pushy.]]
The team suspects that Alex's basketball teammate Spencer is stealing other student's belongings from lockers and selling them to a fence. They try to question him by following him around with a notebook, yelling at him in the hallway, getting into his face and directly accusing him, and even ordering Chinese food from the place he works as a delivery boy for the sole purpose of harassing him further. None of this works and just makes him mad. The real culprit turns out to be their other teammate Kevin who is stealing things to pay for his drug habit while Spencer only knew about it.

One of the reasons the team suspects Spencer is because they find out that one of the theft victims was able to get her tape player back by telling the fence that Spencer sent her. This suggests that he felt bad about what Kevin was doing and wanted to help. He also backs up Alex when he confronts Kevin about his drug problem suggesting that he was worried about Kevin too. Spencer does seem to want to do something about Kevin but is afraid to, especially because he's been friends with Kevin for a lot longer than Alex has. With some gentle nudging, the team could have gotten him to admit everything and the case would have been solved a lot sooner. This shows that even the Ghostwriter team can screw up.