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The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway is about the wonders of childbirth.
Example One - All the illusions to "liquid". ("The liquid has congealed, which has seeped out through the crack"; "White liquid turns sour within"; etc.) Squick.

Example Two - Thinly veiled references otherwise pointing towards conception. ("He guesses he must be in some sort of cave... or eggshell waiting to drop from the bone of the womb.")

Example Three - Counting Out Time. Enough Said.

The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man from "Supper's Ready" and the televangelist from "Jesus He Knows Me" are one and the same.
He wanted to trick people into unknowingly supporting decadence, so he disguised himself as a televangelist, managing to get lots of people to fall for his trickery. It's only during the events of "Supper's Ready" that he's found out.