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[[WMG: Shireen's sacrifice was a Batman Gambit by Melisandre.]]
* It may or may not have been necessary in her view for Stannis's victory. What it does, though, is serve to push Selyse over the DespairEventHorizon, which for an already unstable woman would lead to Selyse either offing herself directly or [[SuicideByCop forcing Stannis to execute her by attempting to kill him.]] Then, with Selyse and the Boltons gone, Stannis is free to redouble his grip on the North by marrying Sansa Stark, who could (presumably) bear him a healthy son and heir in the future.
* Jossed. [[spoiler:Melisandre definitely did believe that the sacrifice is necessary]].

[[WMG: Princess Shireen survives]]
She will emerge from the flame unscathed. She is Azor Ahai, the prince that was promised. Just... Let me have this for now.
** Or the Lord of Light will resurrect her as this series counterpart of Lady Stoneheart.
* Bulloney! Shireen will survive because she is a dragon, and dragons are not enflammable. Shireen is twice the dragon Danaryous is, just look at Shireen's greyscale!.
* Jossed. Sadly enough.

[[WMG: Melisandre had a role in the fire]]
Melisandre has wanted to burn Shireen for her kingsblood for a while now, the only issue was that Stannis refused to harm his daughter. Ramsay has never been shown to be a great tactician, just skilled at single combat and psychological manipulation. It doesn't seem likely that Ramsay would take 20 men into the camp, stay there for a long time, targeting only horses and food supplies, and leave without trying to fight or kill anyone, it just doesn't suit his character. When Mel came out and saw some of the initial flames, she may have used her powers to help spread them, and push Stannis over the brink, warming him up to the idea of burning Shireen in order to survive.
* Jossed. [[spoiler:Melisandre was wrong after all, and she failed big time but she really did believe her visions would help Stannis]].

[[WMG: Davos will kill Stannis]]
* "The Dance of the Dragons" compares the claimants in the eponymous war, Aegon II and Rhaenyra to Stannis. The Dance's victor, Aegon II, was murdered by his supporters because he had become a tyrant who couldn't keep the realm together. When Davos learns that [[spoiler:Stannis killed Shireen]], he will realize that his beloved king has become a fanatic who would burn the entire realm if it meant that he could rule it and will resolve to kill Stannis.
** It would also fit with the parallels between the sacrifice of Shireen and the sacrifice of Iphigenia. Selyse might take the role of Clytemnestra and murder Stannis in retribution, but it would honestly suit Davos better considering how close he was to Shireen.
** Jossed. [[spoiler:Brienne killed Stannis]].

[[WMG: Sansa will also take the role of Alys Karstark]]
* She will escape Winterfell and escape to the Wall where she will meet Jon Snow who will make the same arrangement to have her marry Tormund and unite the wildlings and the people of Westeros.
** I wouldn't mind it except how will Sansa reach the Wall from Winterfell through thick presses of snow, and besides if she does reach the wall, wouldn't it negate a certain expected climax at the end of Season 5 (foreshadowed with the subtletly of a freight train on roller-skates at that).
** Sansa is unlikely to agree to another arranged marriage after what happened with Ramsey, and Jon is unlikely to force her into one. Plus, she is already married.
* Jossed. [[spoiler:Sansa-Jeyne and Theon jump off Walls of Winterfell and Jon has been For-The-Watch'd]].

[[WMG: Ramsay will take Sansa on a "hunt" for Myranda.]]
Sansa (possibly teaming up with Myranda) will take the opportunity to kill or maim him.
* Jossed, on both counts. [[spoiler:Theon whacks Myranda and Sansa and Theon escape Winterfell]].

[[WMG: Brienne and Pod...]]
...will take the role of Mance Rayder and his wives. They will break in and use Theon to rescue Sansa. Then Brienne and Podrick will be captured by the Boltons. Roose or Ramsay threatens to hang Podrick is Brienne doesn't go and kill Stannis and return Sansa to him.
** Will Pod be the whore?
* Jossed, though Pod would have made a fine whore.

[[WMG: Sansa at end of Season, Worst Scenario]]
Sansa doesn't escape but Reek!Theon does. She is trapped in Winterfell and locked alone in a cell and then a Maester comes and checks her and tells her she is pregnant. End of Season.
** Alternatively Sansa dies as well, as Melisandre needs a second human sacrifice and the daughter of the Kings of Winter also has King's Blood.
*** Jossed, for the most part. [[spoiler:Myranda implies that Sansa will be kept captive until Ramsay impregnates her, which implies that Sansa is not pregnant yet by Ramsay. Either way, she and Theon escape Winterfell finally]]

[[WMG: Bronn will join with the Martells,]]
* Going off of the books where the Martells planning on allying with Dany, and Tyrion having officially joined with Dany in the show, Bronn siding with the Martells - who are currently in a better position to pay him off than Jaime is - would allow the series' best Buddy Team to reunite.
** Jossed. [[spoiler:Ol' Bronn is on the boat with Jaime when Myrcella dies]].

[[WMG: Cersei will attempt to have Mace Tyrell assassinated]]
Why else would she send Meryn Trant, one of her most loyal Kingsguard, to escort Mace? It's already been established that she's willing to use the Kingsguard as her personal thugs and assassins, and it would further her feud with the Tyrells.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: Sansa will make a third option]]
She is informed by Baelish that Stannis is intending to take Winterfell, and if he succeeds, Stannis will make her Warden of the North. When Sansa wonders what will happen if the Boltons defeat him, Petyr tells her to make Ramsay hers and manipulate her way to power if that happens. Instead, she will take a third option. She will take the role of Wyman Manderely ! She will manipulate the Boltons from the inside, and tear them apart, and weakening enough to for Stannis to take Winterfell. And possibly make some "meat pies" whilst she's at it. Afterall, Baelish implored her to avenge her family, and Stannis is her best chance in taking some amount of revenge.
* Jossed, sadly. Would have been way more awesome than what we got.

[[WMG: Loras will have a trial by combat]]
He seems to be taking some of Margaery's plot from the books, so a trial is very likely to happen. As a good fighter, Loras is likely to choose a trial by combat. His opponent will most likely be Lancel, but it could also be [[spoiler:the resurrected Gregor Clegane]].

[[WMG: Season 5 cliffhangers (feel free to add your own)]]
* Jon Snow[[spoiler:'s assasination]]
** Confirmed.
* Arya[[spoiler: wakes up blind]]
** Confirmed.
* Brienne[[spoiler: hanged by Stannis?]]
** Jossed. [[spoiler:Stannis executed by Brienne]].
* Davos[[spoiler: sent to find Rickon]]
** Jossed. [[spoiler:Davos is at Castle Black]].
* Qyburn being a follower of the Great Other and his Frankenstein-esque experiments being revealed as a service for the White Walkers. As such [[spoiler: he is TheMole for the Night's King]]. Bonus points if this is revealed to the Faith Militant, but they are disarmed before they can do anything about it.
** Jossed.
* Bran witnessing the events of the season through his warging abilities. With the White Walkers spying on him and the others.
** Jossed.
* Doran reveals his plan for [[spoiler:Targaryen restoration]], possibly featuring [[spoiler:Young Griff]]
** Jossed.
* [[spoiler:Ser Robert Strong]] joins the Kingsguard.
** Confirmed.
* Daenerys flies away from Meereen and reaches the Dothraki Sea, cause why mess a cliffhanger from the books?
** Confirmed.
* Or at the end of Season 5, [[spoiler:after Cersei's WalkOfShame, Kevan Lannister and Pycelle get assassinated by Varys as he gives ExpoSpeak. Winter has finally come. Varys has only been there for two episodes so far and there can't be much reason to bring Kevan back so prominently and not give him his big scene]].
** Jossed. [[spoiler:Varys is at Meereen, Kevan and Pycelle are at King's Landing]].

[[WMG: We will see Highgarden in season 5]]
Olenna has returned to Highgarden, but Diana Rigg will apparently be added to the main cast this season, so this seems likely. Loras will probably be sent there while he waits for his trial.
** Alternatively, they might bring back the Ironborn in Season 6 and have Yara/Balon/Whoever? invade the Reach. Imagine Olenna and Yara having a face-off?
* More likely Olenna will be returning to King's Landing, since Margaery went to ask for her aid in freeing Loras.
** Jossed. No Highgarden in Season 5.

[[WMG: Season Five Plot Twists]]
* [[spoiler:Bronn will betray Jaime]]. In the books, Cersei sent Balon Swann to kill Trystane Martell, a plot which the Martells unearthed in the fifth book. Bronn and Jaime are a stew of CompositeCharacter with bits of Arys Oakheart, Darkstar and Ser Balon Swann. The twist is foreshadowed since Bronn has been screwed over by Cersei out of Castle Stokeworth, is made Jaime's bitch for a dangerous mission he does not want to do. He tells Jaime that he wants to retire with a mansion and keep. Likewise Jaime tells him that he bribed the captain but Bronn points out that other people can buy and threaten him better. In other words, Bronn is looking for number one. In the show, [[spoiler:he will be seduced by one of the Sand Snakes (Arys Oakheart) into killing Myrcella]] or on the other hand, Bronn will finally pull a WhamLine on Jaime by telling him [[spoiler:Cersei paid him to kill Trystane and Jaime will be forced to make a SadisticChoice to kill his boon companion to stop a war and in the process Myrcella gets injured anyway]].
** Jossed.
* Doran Martell's big surprise at the end of the season, [[spoiler:Trystane Martell is Aegon VI Targaryen. Think about it, Tony Sebastian is distinctly not an actor that fits among the multi-ethnic Dornish cast that we see, its a neat way to thread the twist into the show without explaining Jon Connington and others, it works totally within the limited budget and cast and it combines aspects of Quentyn, Trystane and Young Griff/Faegon]]. Doran will reveal this twist by telling them that he had planned a long subtle game, that he had secretly been bankrolling Bronn, Varys and/or Littlefinger and that he had waited for a while to make his move because he wanted to know what Dany was upto but he recieves word from Varys that she's still trapped in Meereen and so decides to jump the gun. [[spoiler:Trystane removes his black hair dye showing he's Rhaegar and Elia's son]] Doran has hired the Golden Company and/or formed an alliance with Yara Greyjoy (by having her father killed) and now they are going to attack Dragonstone, Storm's End and march to King's landing and attain their heart's desire: "Vengeance, Justice, Fire and Blood." Season 6, the Second Dance of the Dragons is on.
** Jossed.
* Jorah Mormont [[spoiler:will get Grayscale, in the next three episodes.]] The Stone Men have been heavily name-dropped and Jorah will take over the other part of Jon Connington's story. He will also get increasingly desperate knowing that his time is short. So in the end, [[spoiler:when Daenerys flies away, he thinking he has nothing to lose will go to the Dragonpit, become Quentyn Martell and release the dragons and get burnt in the process. He will also bring the disease to Meereen and cause an epidemic]].
** [[spoiler: Confirmed so far. Jorah contracts Grayscale in "Kill the Boy".]]
* Littlefinger will [[spoiler:take part of Wyman Manderly's story, return in time for Ramsay and Sansa's wedding and bring with him many "Frey pies". On his way into the party, he runs into Stannis and tells them Rickon and Osha are alive. Then he arrives at Winterfell and mouths off either the Freys or Ramsay and gets his throat cut giving Sansa and Theon the chance to make their daring escape.]]
** Jossed, though the last part happens.
* Brienne of Tarth will run into Stannis and Melisandre on their march to Winterfell. She is forced to choose between saving Sansa and honoring her vows or taking revenge for Renly.
** Confirmed. [[spoiler:Brienne ditches her vigil to Sansa and goes and gives Stannis some vengeance but which kind of is like a MercyKill]].
* Jon Snow will send Sam and Gilly away after [[spoiler:Maester Aemon dies in Season 5 of old-age]]. Either he gets PutOnABus and sails via Eastwatch and goes to Oldtown, or he gets caught up in the shenanigans at Winterfell and he and Gilly take on the Mance Rayder and his Wives part in freeing Sansa.
** Confirmed. [[spoiler:In the finale, Jon Snow sends Sam, Gilly and Baby to Oldtown]].
* Arya Stark [[spoiler:at the end of the Season is sent by Jaqen to do a very special mission. Either, to go to Oldtown and study as a Novice and get some top secrets, assassinate Balon Greyjoy or assassinate Melisandre]].
** Jossed. [[spoiler:Arya is doing time for her disobedience]].

[[WMG: Stannis' Choice]]
After being presented with a choice of certain victory by Melisandre because of the importance of King's blood, Stannis will TakeAThirdOption...[[spoiler:he will sacrifice himself. He will tell Davos to Crown Shireen as Queen and ensure that his claim is vindicated and then burn himself, the Baratheon soldiers take over Winterfell and Melisandre sees the Bolton Standards lowered and herself walking on the ramparts and she realizes that her visions were both right and wrong, just like Book!Mel, and Shireen will become one of the possible "Young and beautiful queens" who will threaten Cersei (since a prophecy could refer to beauty of character and Shireen will be the youngest of queens). It will be an awesome BookEnds to Mance burning himself at the start of the season as well and give Stannis the DyingMomentOfAwesome he deserves]].
* Jossed, [[spoiler:sadly enough]].

[[WMG: Ramsay will capture Melisandre]]
* As per the previews, Stannis' camp is attacked and there is a shot of Melisandre in danger. Ramsay will capture her and take her to Winterfell and Stannis feeling deprived of his magic sponsor [[spoiler:will consider and/or go-ahead with sacrificing Shireen]]. Melisandre likewise will reach Winterfell and see her vision ("I walked the walls of Winterfell I saw the Bolton Banners fall down") be a marvellous misinterpretation and this will wreck her confidence.
** Jossed. Ramsay is [[VillainSue Stealth Ninja Supervillain]].

[[WMG: Combining Cities in Season Five]]
With the budget limitations and the like, it's unlikely that the show-runners will give full justice to all the different cities and converging plotlines in Book 4 and 5 - White Harbor, Oldtown, Braavos, Pentos, Volantis, so they will converge plotlines of different characters in one city.
* Sam and Maester Aemon will not go to Braavos. Rather they will travel with Davos Seaworth to White Harbor and accompany Salladhor Saan. Compressing characters and plotlines. At White Harbor, they meet Lord Manderly and the Freys and hijinks ensue. Aemon learns that Daenerys is alive and is Queen at Essos and then talks to Sam about the Prophecy and Rhaegar and dies, but he tells Sam that he must go to the Citadel at Oldtown. Lord Manderly then comes as a Deus Ex Machina and has Sam help Davos and Gilly and her Baby escape. He tells Davos Rickon, Osha and Wolf is at Skagos. So Davos goes to Skagos while Samwell Tarly and Salladhor Saan go to Oldtown with Gilly and Baby at the end of Season Five(meaning we see Oldtown in Season Six).
* Instead of going to Pentos and Volantis, Tyrion and Varys will arrive in Braavos. While there, Tyrion's path will cross with Arya in one of her faceless men disguise. He will also meet Penny and Jorah there, and if included the likes of Quentyn Martell, JonCon and the Golden Company. The Rh'llor worshippers and Benerro will take place there. Braavos will be every Free City we see.
** {{Jossed}}. Tyrion and Varys indeed arrive to Pentos and they do travel to Volantis but only to the Long Bridge (a gorgeous set) and then Tyrion gets kidnapped and goes sailing again. White Harbor is AdaptedOut so Braavos is the only Free City we see.

[[WMG: The episode containing Tommen and Margaery's wedding will be titled "The Rose and the Lion"...]]
...and the wedding will actually be shown, with [[spoiler:the fake-out drama played up for all it's worth. When Tommen starts coughing, there will be a dramatic camera zoom and tense music, complete with the entire cast freaking out.]]
* Jossed.

[[WMG: What we will see in the first two or three episodes of Season 5]]
* The "birth" of Robert Strong
** Jossed
* The return of the Brotherhood and the first hints of it's new leader, possibly by way of dead Freys
** Jossed
* A scene in Dorne to introduce the Martells proper and to reintroduce Myrcella.
** Confirmed
* A return to the Iron Islands
** Jossed
* Sam and Aemon departing for Oldtown via Braavos
** Jossed
* Stannis offering to legitimize Jon
** Confirmed
* Jon becomes the new Lord Commander
** Confirmed
* Balon's death, Euron's arrival or the Kingsmoot
** Jossed
* Someone giving Cersei Tyrion's dead body which turns out to be a body of another dwarf
** Confirmed
* Ellaria leaving King's Landing with Oberyn's remains
** Not really Jossed/not really confirmed, but implied
* Arya reaches Braavos
** Confirmed
* Tywin's funeral
** Confirmed
* Jaime talks to members of the Kingsguard, checking their honor and their skills
** Jossed
Feel free to add any other events you think will likely be shown this episode

[[WMG: In season 5, Bran will have visions of important things from the past.]]
So far, the series has avoided flashbacks, but apparently that is about to change, considering the reports about Young Cersei being cast (probably for the scene with Magy). This opens the door for other possible flashbacks ("Promise me, Ned", hopefully). Turning those scenes into Bran's visions might make them seem less out of place, and it would give Bran something to do, since he has mostly finished his plotline from the fifth book.
** As far as Season 5 goes, this is jossed, as the showrunners have said Bran will not appear in Season 5.

[[WMG: Balon Swann will travel to Dorne with Ellaria]]
In the books, Ellaria leaves first, and Swann leaves some time later. Since the series will have to cover two books in season 5, they will probably have them travel together to simplify it. Thus, [[spoiler:Arys Oakheart's death (which will also open a spot for Loras in the Kingsguard)]] will either happen in episode 1, before Ellaria leaves King's Landing, or will already have happened offscreen.
** Jossed, likely. Jaime is the Kingsguard who travels to Dorne in season 5 judging by production stills and interviews.

[[WMG: Tyrion's [[spoiler:killing of Tywin will be more brutal]]]]
If the show will follow closely to [[spoiler:Tywin's death, then after shooting Tywin in the bowels with a crossbow bolt, he will then use the knife he got from Tywin's room and stab his father repeatedly]] (venting all his anger at the abuse Tywin had brought upon him for years).
** Jossed, though he does use two crossbow bolts instead of only one.

[[WMG: Sandor's [[spoiler: supposedly fatal]] neck wound and the Eyrie.]]
In the books, [[spoiler: Sandor is abandoned by Arya much earlier and never even comes close to the Eyrie.]] Here, Sandor and Arya are right outside the stronghold currently holding the descending Sansa and Littlefinger. We know that [[spoiler: Arya has to leave Sandor for Braavos, and that Sandor is left in an AmbiguousSituation where he should die, but later chapters imply he survived.]] Thus, show!Sandor will be left behind by Arya, and sometime soon he'll find himself part of Sansa's group, giving her one more tool to use against Littlefinger should she need it.
** Jossed, like in the books he is [[spoiler:left for dead.]]

[[WMG: Shae in season 4...]]
Will [[spoiler:be hanged by Tywin after a failed attempt to free Tyrion after he's accused of murdering Joffrey]]. Look, it's basically impossible to believe that Shae will turn on Tyrion now. The one plausible thing that might have caused that was jealousy over his marriage to Sansa, but Shae even made it clear that she fiercely loves Sansa as well as Tyrion. On the other hand, the show makers are still not likely [[spoiler:to spare her]] so what better way for her [[spoiler:die]] than as a result of [[spoiler:selflessly risking her life to try and save Tyrion]]? Besides, Tywin already said that he'd hang the next whore he found in Tyrion's bed, so I can imagine [[spoiler:Shae being asked why she tried to save Tyrion, only to defiantly answer that it's because she's his lover]]. That would CERTAINLY give Tyrion the extra impetus to [[spoiler:kill Tywin in the season finale]].

[[WMG: The scene of Tywin's horse taking a dump in 'Valar Morghulis']]
...was the setup for a BrickJoke to be finished in Season 4. Book readers know the scene.

[[WMG: Tywin will [[spoiler:kill Shae]]]]
Tyrion's [[spoiler:first marriage]] from the books has never been mentioned, and it would be a massive clunk to suddenly bring it in: "Oh by the way, I have this huge foundation of my character's motivations that's never come up before..." So, in order for Tyrion to [[spoiler:get murderously angry with Tywin]], we need a massive betrayal of Tyrion by Tywin. Meanwhile, Shae is being portrayed more sympathetically in the series, and [[spoiler:Tyrion killing her]] might not work so well. [[spoiler:Tywin will find Shae in Tyrion's bed and carry out his threat.]]
** [[spoiler: Tyrion already spoke about his first marriage in season one. And when Tywin forces him to marry Sansa and tells him that it's high time he got married, Tyrion snarls back "I ''was'' wed. Or have you forgotten?"]]
*** Huh. I either completely missed it or completely forgot. It still seems to have been made a much smaller deal of than it is in the books, but they could work it up over this season, I suppose.

[[WMG: Shae [[spoiler: will get a more sympathetic/tragic death]].]]
[[spoiler: Shae's character has already undergone some changes, and, considering how HBO has altered other scenes to change the emotional impact, it's possible. In deference to the third post before this one, while the heartwarming moments are certainly there to raise the impact of the future tragedy, said tragedy's shape itself could deviate. There are many ways to kill Shae at this point besides making her a traitor. Besides, would ''[[AdaptationalBadass this Shae]]'' really go down as easily?]]
** [[spoiler: I wonder if the opposite might be true -- if she'll more clearly be revealed to have been working for Tywin the whole time.]]
** Actually I suspect [[spoiler:Tywin will find out about her and hang her as he threatened to do in the books when he arranged Tyrion's marriage to Sansa, one more thing for Tyrion to hate him for. Ros (who has slept with Tyrion before and would have reason to be resentful of him for getting her caught up in his feud with Cersei) will take her place in shaming him at his trial and being killed by him when he finds her in Tywin's bed.]]
** [[spoiler: if they want her to have a more tragic death, they could use the Shae has been secretly poisoning Tywin all along theory.]]
** Jossed. It's mostly the same as in the books, with an added struggle.
[[WMG:Talisa isn't replacing Jeyne Westerling - she ''is'' Jeyne Westerling]]
In "A Man Without Honor", she is hesitant to accompany Robb to the Crag, seat of House Westerling. She has had some tension with her family, hence why she's out playing nurse. She adopted the Volantine persona to avoid suspicion - the Westerlings are Lannister bannermen, and Robb would never permit her to wander freely about his camp if he knew who she was.
* Also, Talisa was not only acting as a battlefield nurse, but also as a spy for the Lannisters. Telling Robb that she was reporting his army's movements to Tywin Lannister was a SarcasticConfession.
* Furthermore, her claim to be from Volantis may not be entirely false, even if this theory is true. Her mother's house, the Spicers, are mentioned in the book as being spice merchants from the east. Perhaps she identifies with the (possibly) Volantine side of her family.
* Jossed-- Well, maybe not "jossed" so much as "rendered moot" by the events of 3x09.

[[WMG: The dragon Rhaegal is female.]]
That's the reason why (s)he is not named Rhaeg''on'' in accordance with Drog''on'' and Visery''on''.
** This would solve the problem of reproduction further down the line.
*** And [[FridgeBrilliance explain why the Targaryens are so okay with brother-sister incest.]] Maybe Aegon and his sisters' three dragons did the same thing!
** I think they are capable of changing sex for reproduction.
** Jossed. From the books, Dragons are neither male nor female, and can change sex whenever they want.

[[WMG: Tyrion and Arya will either meet or nearly meet in s04e10.]]
* Both Tyrion and Arya will probably [[spoiler:board ships in the episode]], and might do it in the same [[spoiler:port]], or maybe even end up on the same [[spoiler:ship]], though the last idea is very unlikely.

[[WMG: Season 4 will feature more floppy wiener than ever before.]]
A lot of fans are starting to get peeved by the overabundance of female nudity and the complete lack of all things dangly. So far, all we've gotten Theon frontal (oh... fridge brilliance/horror,) Hodor, and maybe a bit part or two. This season will see the introduction of a new bi guy and more Loras than ever before. I think D&D will have to oblige either way.
* Sadly, Finn Jones has stated in [[http://www.accesshollywood.com/hbo-golden-globes-2014-party-finn-jones-talks-game-of-thrones-season-4_video_1972837 this interview]] that Loras will not get any action in Season 4, just a slight flirtation.

[[WMG: In the final episode of season 4 Euron Greyjoy will appear as the new king in the Iron Islands.... [[spoiler: and will be revealed to be none other than Daario.]]]]

This is part of an already existing theory from the books which posits that Euron is in fact [[spoiler: Daario]] based on their chronological appearences at certain places coinciding quite well with each other, their similar physical appearences, and also facts like Euron arrives at the iron islands with a big stash of loot [[spoiler: which Daario coincidentally leaves Meereen with shortly beforehand]]. However, this season has already incorporated elements from "Winds of Winter" (i.e. Arya avenging Lommy and tricking his killer to repeat Lommy's plea for mercy) and the [[spoiler: recasting of Daario makes him look a little more realistic for an Iron Islander]] which makes one wonder what "other" possible book spoilers we may see.

Another reason for this might be that since in the first three seasons it has become cliche for people who read the books to be ready and prepared for everything that happens, so this revelation would catch both them and non-readers completely off guard.

[[WMG: At the end of this season Varys will send [[spoiler:Tyrion on a mission to help Dany in Meereen.]]]]

This will take place after the [[spoiler: privy incident when Tyrion is spirited out of the city by Varys]]. However, instead of just being sent to Illyrio to learn about [[spoiler: Dany]] from him, Varys directly tells him that he needs to find and offer his services to [[spoiler: Dany]], either to keep playing the game or to get the revenge he deserves. This will tie together [[spoiler:all their scenes since Season 2 where Varys's esteem for Tyrion and his abilities are much more pronounced than in the books, especially it is clear Varys has (or had) serious plans for him given his attempt to get Shae out of his life at the end of Season 3 so that Tyrion could continue to serve the realm without a dangerous weakness for people to exploit.]] This will also serve as an ideal cliffhanger for his character arc.
* Don't exactly know when this was written, but slightly jossed--[[spoiler: Varys doesn't proposition Tyrion until the season five premiere.]]

[[WMG: Gendry will appear once in season 4.]]
Solely to lead the viewer to [[spoiler:Lady Stoneheart and the uh "improved" Brotherhood.]] Considering the show's tendency to consolidate characters, it's unlikely they'd use a completely unknown-to-the-viewer character to set it up like the books do with the epilogues and prologues, and it would be a good way to establish that he, much like Hot Pie, is still around.

[[WMG:[[spoiler:Ygritte]] will survive.]]
[[spoiler:Her words to him, that she knows he's still loyal to the Night's Watch, hint at her being willing to stay by him no matter what. And of all the deaths in the books, Ygritte would be one of the ones the book readers would be most willing to undo. It would also make Stannis' offer even more tempting, as Jon could then marry Ygritte and make her Lady of Winterfell.]]
** [[spoiler: Jossed in 4.09]]

[[WMG: Shae's fate]]
[[spoiler: So far in season four, Shae is beginning to lose patience with Tyrion, but she's still devoted to Sansa. In the chaos of the Purple Wedding, when Sansa starts to make her escape, she will try to bring Shae along with her. Shae will get left behind, either by accident or because Littlefinger doesn't want the extra baggage, and once it dawns on her that Tyrion can no longer protect her, her practical nature will override her feelings for him and she'll testify against him. Either that or she'll be tortured into making a false confession. Either way, Shae will look far more sympathetic than her book counterpart (who seemed less emotionally attached to Tyrion than he was to her and definitely did not like Sansa at all), making her death at Tyrion's hands tragic for both of them.]]
** Jossed mostly: Tyrion attempts to send Shae away but the Lannisters get a hold of her and force her to confess (according to interviews with the actress)

[[WMG: The letter Tywin wrote to deal with Dany (feel free to add your own)]]
* Option 1: It will be adressed to Jorah, thanking him for spying on Dany, and will "accidentally" end up in Dany's hands, giving her the excuse to [[spoiler:exile Jorah]].
** [[spoiler: Tywin could be an even more ManipulativeBastard and write the letter as if they were instructions to Jorah, but address it to ''Selmy'', ensuring infighting in Dany's camp when he receives it.]]
* Option 2: It will encourge rebellions against Dany's rule, thus keeping her busy and therefore away from Westeros.
** Jossed: it's simply a copy of Robert's original letter to Jorah pardoning him 2 years earlier.

[[WMG: Pyp will replace Bowen Marsh]]
While Brian Fortune sort of played the part of Bowen Marsh in the first season, his character was never identified by name at the time. Fortune was brought back for Season 4, but the writers went out of their way this time to identify him as Othell Yarwick, a different Nightswatchman that (unlike Marsh) remains in the background and doesn't rise to prominence in the fifth book. It is possible that the showrunners are just deciding to keep Marsh out until he becomes decisive to the plot and cast an A-list actor to play him, or they might have decided to give his part to another, already established character. This character could be Pyp, who has been a friend of Jon since the first season [[spoiler: but doesn't have as close a relationship with him as Sam, Grenn and Edd. Pyp is thus the most likely of Jon's friends to betray him.]]
* Jossed, Pyp [[spoiler: is killed at the Battle of the Wall.]]

[[WMG: On the TV series, Olyvar will replace Satin.]]
It would save the showrunners the trouble of having to introduce a new character and hiring another actor. Olyvar has short, blond hair instead of Satin's distinctive raven curls, but he's a PrettyBoy and a prostitute, which are more important traits of the book character. Olyvar could be [[spoiler:sent to the Wall as punishment for spying on the Tyrells.]]
** Maybe the two are one and the same?
** This seems likely jossed since it's fairly late for any Satin replacement to have not gotten to the wall yet (with the Mole's Town attack happening in 4.08). The young orphan boy is likely replacing Satin.
** Completely jossed, Pyp, Sam & Olly the Orphan Boy kind of all take on Satin's role.

[[WMG: The Hound's [[spoiler: supposedly fatal fight will be with the Brotherhood.]]]]
In the books, The Hound and Arya fight with Polliver, The Tickler and his men at the end of Storm of Swords resulting in [[spoiler:the Hound taking a severe injury.]] Since they moved that to the beginning of the season, it's likely their final altercation that leads to Arya [[spoiler:leaving]] will be with someone else the audience would recognize. And who is out looking for Arya right now? (And about to get some new, rather brutal members) ''The Brotherhood Without Banners''.
* Really great idea. It would pave the way to [[spoiler:Lady Stoneheart's revelation]] and fit in the [[spoiler:Starks near missing each other all the time]] at once.
* Hmm...could still happen but the hound has already got the festering wound which will [[spoiler: supposedly kill him]] courtesy of Biter.
** Officially jossed, The Hound's wound was from Biter and his final fight is with Brienne of Tarth.

[[WMG: Tywin will attempt to allow Tyrion to win]]
Once he realises that Oberyn is Tyrions champion, he will try to make the Trial by Combat be in favor of Tyrion. Now Tywin wants Dorne to be part of his alliance, and he can't do that with the risk of Oberyn dying at the hand of Gregor Clegane. As much as he hates Tyrion and will gladly use Gregor to kill off any of his chosen champions, the victory will not be worth it if it will only add to the list of problems he already has. IE the possibility of Dorne allying with enemies of the crown in retaliation for Oberyn's death. So he will attempt to change Cersei's champion into a more ineffective one to allow Oberyn to win [[spoiler:only for his plan to fail possibly through Cersei's work.]]

[[WMG: Marillion will keep his role from the later books.]]
* It's easier to [[spoiler: frame someone for murder if he doesn't have a tongue to deny it.]]
** No Book 3 Marillion here.

[[WMG: A number of the Dornish characters will be consolidated into Ellaria Sand]]
The show will want to avoid creating an entirely new (and never especially popular) theatre of action, so we will not see much of Dorne directly. After Oberyn's death, Ellaria Sand will become our preeminent Dornish character. At very least, a few of the female characters will be written out and their plot functions given to Ellaria (who has negligible narrative importance after the end of the third book): I am predicting that she will take over for elements of Arianne Martell and Obara Sand's plotlines, at least (possibly Sarella too?), and that neither Doran nor Quentyn Martell will ever be included on the show.
* Jossed, Doran Martell is 100% being cast for season 5 and is being called a "major player", as well as 3 of the 8 Sand Snakes and Prince Trystane (meaning Myrcella will probably also appear) being included on the casting call -- no word on Arianne or Quentyn, but there has been a big focus on Dorne in the casting rumors and location scouting, which makes it seem like the whole storyline will be kept in tact.

[[WMG: Iron Islands chapters from the fourth book will happen in season 4]]
Season 4 is supposed to be composed of the things from book 3 that didn't fit into season 3. However, if we look at the storylines from season 3, we will see that:
* [[spoiler: Catelyn]]'s story is done, leaving no material for season 4.
* Jaime's, Davos' and Dany's storylines are 2/3 done (based on his chapters from book 3), leaving less material for season 4.
* Arya's and Bran's storylines are almost done, leaving very little material for season 4.
* Sam's, Jon's and Sansa's storylines are around their midpoint.
* The only storyline that hasn't developed much this season is Tyrion's (probably to delay the introduction of Oberyn Martell).
* This means a lot would have to be added from later books. However, season has to end with a natural breaking point, and just adding a lot of things from later books would be a weird way to end a season. So, the smarter thing to do would be to move a complete storyline from book 4 into season 4, and the Iron Islands storyline is the easiest to move. First episode of season 4 will probably show [[spoiler:Balon's death.]]
* The teaser for the season 3 finale seems to show that Yara Greyjoy will return, suggesting that [[spoiler:Balon will die or already be dead in that episode]].
** Looks like I was wrong about Balon. However, this makes the rest of the WMG more likely. Currently trying to guess whether we will see Yara getting the news, or comming to the kingsmoot. I think it's the second one, her clothes in the trailer look formal.
** Unexpectedly, "Mhysa" hints at the insertion of a different Iroborn plot thread with [[spoiler:Yara disobeying her father's orders and sailing to rescue Theon from the Boltons. Balon is also still alive as of the end of the season]]. There is no announced casting for Book 4 Ironborn characters either.
** Jossed. Season 4 is most of the way over and it seems like the Ironborn storyline will end much like it did in book 3, with Balon [[spoiler:dead and a succession crisis impending, but even that could be saved for season 5.]]

[[WMG: Hot Pie will kill Biter]]
In the books, Brienne visits the Inn at the Crossroads and randomnly bumps into Gendry, who is working there as a smith, Rorge and Biter. [[spoiler:Rorge and Biter attack Brienne and Gendry saves her by killing Biter while she kills Rorge.]] While Gendry could still find his way there, or even join Brienne's quest in some capacity (such as replacing the Hyle Hunt character), the show has already left Hot Pie working there as a baker at the beginning of the third season, whereas in the book he remained in a different inn. This allows the show to not just bring Hot Pie back from the bus, but also to turn the [[MemeticBadass 'Hot Pie is Westeros' greatest badass' meme]] in an AscendedMeme.
* Jossed - Biter is killed by [[spoiler:the Hound]]. Though Hot Pie does appear in the same episode and meets Brienne and Pod at the inn he is working at, and tells them that Arya is alive, and that the last time he saw her, she was with the Brotherhood without Banners.

[[WMG: The reason the books Hound/Arya and Jaime/Brienne plotlines have been altered and brought forward is the same]]
What's that inkeeper's only hope of not being accused of, or of complicity in the murders of Polliver and his men? To run to the nearest Lannister post and describe in detail what happened. News of the incident will reach the capital and Tywin will put two and two together and conclude that the Hound is travelling with Arya. He'll mobilize a large host to hunt the now "Wanted Dead or Alive" Hound and bring Arya to KL, and Jaime will go behind Tywin's back and send Brienne to find Arya first to ensure that she isn't captured. [[spoiler:However, she'll fail to find them, and the battle that leaves the Hound near death will be against Lannister/King's Landing men looking for him, near the end of the season.]]
* As of "Oathkeeper", Brienne has departed to look for Sansa, but might still go for Arya if she hears about her on the way.
** Jossed more or less. News of the battle at the inn reach the capital and Tywin puts a bounty on The Hound, ''but'' it is still unknown that Arya is with him. Jaime sends Brienne after Sansa, and Tywin raises no army to go after The Hound directly.

[[WMG: Shae's ultimate fate...]]
[[spoiler: ... will be to be killed by Littlefinger]]. In other words, she will take on the parts of the role of Dontos that Littlefinger isn't already taking. Either Tyrion will arrange for her to flee the castle with Sansa (for her own safety and to protect Sansa) after things go south at the Purple Wedding or they'll just run into one another on the way out and decide to stick together. Either way, [[spoiler:once Littlefinger catches up to them, he'll dispose of Shae the same way that he disposed of Dontos in the books]].
* I had this exact thought while watching 3.1. Shae seems to be being manoeuvred firmly into that position, and [[spoiler:Ros's warning seems to be intended to push her more firmly onto that path.]]
* On the other hand, the latest episode "The Bear and the Maiden Fair", has Tyrion offering to give her [[spoiler: a golden chain.]] Subtle foreshadowing that her eventual fate will still be the same as in the books perhaps.
** Maybe they'll do something inbetween. Shae ''does'' love Tyrion but maybe [[spoiler: after some Lannister-sponsored hardcore torture she will betray him]] This will be doubly tragic and if Tyrion reacts in the same way as in the book, even more so. And god knows this show loves itself some tragedy.
* Jossed. [[DemotedToExtra Dontos]] plays [[PragmaticAdaptation the part]] of [[{{filler}} Dontos]], not Shae.

[[WMG: Locke's fate will involve being fed to a bear.]]
Locke is an equivalent of book character Vargo Hoat, who was a mercenary who sort of switched back and forth between Roose Bolton and Tywin Lannister, and died [[spoiler:at Gregor's hands (and Tywin's orders)]]. Since Locke is a Bolton bannerman, it is possible that Roose would [[spoiler:dispose of him as a show of good faith to Tywin]]. Also, in the books (unlike in the show where Jaqen killed him), Amory Lorch was eaten by a bear (to Roose's amusement), and this is a fate that is still unused. It would be very fitting for Locke, since his group sings "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" and will presumably be the one responsible for Brienne and Jaime's face-off scene with a bear that is seen in the season 3 trailers.
* This could be the reason why the bear was SparedByTheAdaptation.
* Maybe, but definitely not the same bear. If it's true, the bear that eats Locke will be a polar one, since the guy relocated to the Wall and beyond.
* As of "First of His Name", he's probably too burnt to make a good meal.

[[WMG: Jon and Bran will meet at Craster's]]

Bran will convince Jon that his fate is Beyond the Wall and that he is ready to die there if he must. He'll tell Jon that he made his choice like he did when he joined the Night's Watch and that crippled he's as unfit as Lord of Winterfell as Jon is by being bastard born, and he will agree when Bran tells him that he is abdicating all claims in Rickon, and revealing that he is with the Umbers at Last Hearth. Locke will pick up on this and let Bran go because he is no longer a threat to Bolton: The threat is Rickon. Since he's gaining Jon's favor under his new identity, he'll offer to go to Last Hearth in his place and fetch Rickon... for someone.
* Nooope. The Starks narrowly miss each other once again.

[[WMG: Locke will be killed by Tormund's wildlings.]]
He's being sent north to hunt down Bran and Rickon, and was told that the most likely place they would be heading for is Castle Black. Who else is on the way to castle black and will gladly kill (and in the case of the Thenns eat) any northmen they find?
* [[spoiler: Jossed. See below]]

[[WMG: Locke will make a HeelFaceTurn after encountering the White Walkers.]]
Basically he will continue being TheMole as Jon Snow and his squad head to kill the mutineers, but either there or on the way back they will get into a fight with wights and/or the white walkers. For Locke, who has been completely out of the loop regarding this apocalyptic threat along with the rest of the seven kingdoms might just get a little perspective on just how royally fucked Westeros is and how suicidal it would be in the long run to weaken the Nights Watch by killing Snow, so instead he comes clean to Snow about the Boltons wanting him and his brothers dead, thus setting up his later conflict with them. Plus it would explain why he seems to be present in trailer footage for the Battle for the Wall.
* [[spoiler:Jossed. Bran kills Locke through warging into Hodor and snapping his neck when he tried to take him away.]]

[[WMG: Episode 9 will show [[spoiler: Tyrion killing Shae and Tywin.]]]]
And Episode 10 will show [[spoiler: Littlefinger killing Lysa and Catelyn's return from the grave]]. Episode 9 is always the WhamEpisode and Episode 10 always contains a second massive Wham with it.
* The (at this writing) most recent trailer shows Shae lying in a bed looking surprised, so we may have glimpsed that scene already.
* Jossed, episode 9 ''The Watchers on the Wall'' takes place 100% at Castle Black, it's implied that [[spoiler: Tywin, Shae and Lysa will ''all'' die in episode 10]].
** [[spoiler: Doubly jossed with Lysa. Judging from the promo of "Mockingbird", it would appear that Lysa will die by the seventh episode.]]

[[WMG: Prince Oberyn will have a scene with Sansa.]]
In the books there is pretty much zero contact and interaction between the Starks/North and the Martells/Dorne, and zero interaction between these two characters. Given the similar plight of the two (both members of Great Houses and both lost family because of the Lannisters in two different wars) it would be rather humanising for him to express some solidarity with her plight (and possibly try to turn her against Tyrion just as another "fuck you" to the Lannisters) and would not negatively impact the plot at all. However if it will happen it [[spoiler: is gonna have to happen next episode since thats when the Purple Wedding happens, unless they change Sansa's flight from the capital to a later stage.]]
Jossed as of 4x03

[[WMG: There'll be a scene of Joffrey abusing Tommen early in Season 4.]]
We'll see the abuse that's hinted at in A Feast For Crows when Tommen tells Jamie he would "go away inside when Joffrey would" and then gets interrupted. This will happen an episode or two before [[spoiler: Joffrey's death.]] The scene will serve the dual purpose of highlighting Tommen before he becomes a more prominent character as [[spoiler: New King of Westeros]] and giving us a final reminder of how evil Joffrey is so we have no qualms about [[spoiler: his horrible death.]] Even morally grey at best characters like Oberyn Martell and Yara Greyjoy show love where their siblings are concerned, but not Joffrey.
* The HBO writers may even be hinting at sexual abuse. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5cZPNqBhYI This animated history of The Red Keep]] was narrated by Joffrey, and one line in particular becomes disturbing when you consider its context: "The simpering Baelor the Blessed created the Maidenvault to imprison his own sisters and save himself from carnal thoughts. Disgusting, though I admit a 'Princevault' could be amusing, when Tommen bores me."

[[WMG: In the show's version of Joffrey's wedding, [[spoiler: Margaery and Olenna will try to poison Cersei, but instead, Joffrey will drink from the cup by accident.]]]]
In the book, [[spoiler: Margaery and Olenna poison Joffrey at the wedding.]] In the show, Margaery has more influence on Joffrey, but Cersei is even more aggressive toward her than she is in the books. Also, Margaery probably isn't too happy about Cersei's threats. [[spoiler: So it would be logical for her to try to get Cersei out of the way first, and see if she can control Joffrey. But of course, as we know, this won't end as planned.]]
* I just wanted to say that I think this is a ''brilliant'' theory, and I hope it happens on the show. In the novels, the main reason why the Tyrells want [[spoiler:Joffrey dead is because they fear he will hurt Margaery, and Loras--who is a member of the Kingsguard--would kill the boy-king in retaliation, becoming the new Kingslayer]]. Although TV!Loras does hate Joffrey (as shown by his "monster" remark in Season 1 and his SuppressedRage in "Valar Morghulis"), he is depicted as being less hot-headed than his book counterpart, plus he doesn't wear [[spoiler:a white cloak, at least not yet]]. (Finn Jones is dressed in flowery Tyrell clothing in the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5iS3tULXMQ "A Foreshadowing" preview]].) Loras knows from "Valar Dohaeris" that Margaery can handle Joffrey's psychopathy, and [[spoiler:getting rid of Cersei would also help him avoid an unwanted ArrangedMarriage]]. Seriously, this is perfect!
** And jossed. [[spoiler: The two likely sources of the poison were the pigeon pie, which would be eaten first by the king, or the king's own gobblet, from where no one else would drink. In other words, Joffrey was always the first and only target.]]

[[WMG: In season 4, Tyrion will explain to either Bronn or Shae about just ''why'' Oberyn Martell hates the Lannisters so much.]]
* It's already been mentioned that Rhaegar Targaryen's children were butchered, so we can probably assume that Elia Martell's death is tv canon as well. Instead of an AsYouKnow dump, Tyrion can go into the full details with Bronn or Shae, who probably ''don't'' know the full story, and we'd get their reactions and increased horror, hopefully. It'd be a good contrast if Bronn, who was fairly nonchalant about killing a baby in season 2, is shown to be disgusted by the whole affair, and would generally emphasis the OhCrap / ThisIsGonnaSuck air of Oberyn's visit.
** Jossed: Oberyn explains it to Tyrion.

[[WMG: Season 3, episode 10 possible cliffhangers]]
* Jon gets arrested by Slynt
* Thoros and Berric find [[spoiler: and ressurect]] Catelyn
* Tywin shows Tyrion two Valyrian steel swords and tells him that the Dornishmen will come to King's Landing soon
* Littlefinger gives Sansa a hair-net
* Sandor decides to take Arya to Lysa Arryn, Arya has a wolf dream in which Nymeria tears a Frey's arm off
* Dany finds out the truth about Jorah
* Kingsmoot starts in the Iron Islands

[[WMG: Shae is Varys' spy]]
The scene between Shae and Tyrion in the finale of season two (which doesn't occur in the book) seems to have been engineered by Varys. Varys brings in Shae at just the right time to comfort Tyrion after he's just been informed of how royally he's been screwed over, thus cuing an Emotional Scene between Shae and Tyrion, cementing Tyrion's feelings for Shae and putting her in his trust so she can act as Varys' informer.
* Varys' later failed attempt to bribe Shae into leaving Tyrion disproves this.

[[WMG: Dontos's role in the books will be filled by...]]
* ...Shae. She probably won't be working working for Littlefinger, but she might still try to help Sansa escape, then get [[spoiler: get killed by Littlefinger for getting in the way.]] This has been mentioned above, and it makes some sense. She doesn't seem to be shaping up for a [[spoiler: cheap betrayal of Tyrion]]. My only hesitation is that [[spoiler: her death]] is a big turning point for Tyrion, and he doesn't seem like he'd be involved enough with this plotline for it to be the one that [[spoiler: kills his girlfriend off]].
* ...Dontos himself. His brief appearance in season two is as a ChekhovsGunman, and he will be brought back for seasons three and four, condensing it from the way it was in the books. I could really go either way on this one; it seems manageable, but since we already know that Littlefinger's behind it, the plotline won't have the suspense it did in the book, so they'll need to make him an interesting character in his own right.
* ...No one. Littlefinger seems perfectly comfortable approaching Sansa in public in the season two finale, so he might just set up an innocuous excuse for meeting with her, or come up with a secret place they can meet to discuss escape plans, without the involvement of an intermediary.
* ...Ros. My money's on this one. I don't know why, but it just makes sense to me. She could be disguised as a lady-in-waiting or some such, like Shae was, which would give her an easy excuse to meet with Sansa. She's an established character (unlike Dontos) with a connection to Littlefinger (unlike Shae) whom no one is very likely to suspect of political machinations (unlike Littlefinger himself). Then, at the end, [[spoiler: she dies, completing her BreakTheCutie process. Maybe Littlefinger even found out about her partnership with Varys and intentionally gives her an assignment he knows he'll kill her for as punishment]].
** My money's on Ros being Shae and Shae being Dontos. [[spoiler: I don't think Tyrion's going to get out of this without strangling *somebody*...]]
*** Should we expect a '[[spoiler:Death by Lannister medallion]]' in this case?
*** As of "The Climb", [[spoiler:the Ros option is definitely jossed.]]
* As it turns out, Dontos is Dontos, just without the filler (which means he doesn't appear at all in season 3, but is back in season 4).

[[WMG: Locke will fill the role of Polliver and The Tickler from the book.]]
The Tickler has already been killed off in the series and Polliver's appearance was brief and kind of unmemorable. Locke has already filled the role of Vargo Hoat, and as far as we know is also wandering in the Riverlands. [[spoiler: Hoat was killed or at any rate about to be killed "offscreen" in the book by Gregor]], and it is unlikely that that will even come up in the series, half because many people won't remember who Locke is. Thus, it makes sense that they would have Locke [[spoiler: fight Arya and the Hound in the inn.]]
* Jossed. Polliver came BackForTheDead.
** Although the scene in the book where [[spoiler: Arya leaves the Hound by the river]] may still occur after a battle with Locke.

[[WMG:TV version of Alliser Thorne is dead]]
In the first season, Lord Commander Mormont sends Thorne to King's Landing to warn them about the White Walkers. In season 2, a raven delivers the message to King's Landing. My explanation for this is that Thorne was killed on the road, Mormont found out, so he sent a raven instead.
* As of June 24, 2013 Alliser Thorne has been confirmed to re-appear in the 4th season.

[[WMG:Talisa is a Lannister spy.]]
As explained in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jsTVnZm9hFg this video]], Talisa is extremely likely to be actually a Lannister daughter (of series-only character Gerald Lannister) hired (and possibly aided by magic) to woo Robb Stark and make him break his vows, like was implied with the Westerling family (save Jeyne) in the books.
* This is supported by her surname: Talisa ''Maegir''. Now, remember what Mirri Maz Duur was called? A ''maegi'', meaning witch. Sure, Maegir is an actual surname from Volantis.. but we can't even know Talisa ''is'' from Volantis.
* Also, pay attention to her sigil in the credits. The fact she is in the main credits now shows already that she's going to have a bigger part this year than last year, rather than slipping into the background and disappearing like the bookreaders expected. The sigil is [[spoiler:two big cats (tigers? ''lionesses??''), one from the front the other from the back. Two = duplicious nature; one from the front, the other from the back = a public identity vs a secret one; big cats = like a lion (Lannister) but not quite (cadet Lannister from Lannisport?). Now I hope I don't look like a lunatic that reads too much into things by this season's end.]]
** As the video already explained, [[spoiler:Malaquo Maegyr is a Triarch considered to be part of the "tiger"-fraction in Volantene politics (in the books, the "tigers" are militant and the "elephants" are merchants). So it could just be the show using the cats as a sigil for the Maegyr family. (Still makes you wonder why they didn't use the direwolf, as Robb and Talisa are now married and she is officially a Stark.)]]
*** But if it's just a reference to the book Maegyrs, why go the extra lenght to make it two animals in an unusual position, rather tan just an average, rampant one like in every other animal sigil?
*** because Talisa is from a different culture (Volantis).
** It would not be surprising if it is revealed that Talisa actually ''is'' Jeyne Westerling. As the Westerlings are a Westerlands house, she would be the daughter of a Lannister bannerman sent into Robb's camp as a secret agent. In ''The Bear and the Maiden Fair'', she is writing a letter to her mother, whom she claims is in Volantis. In the books, Jeyne Westerling's mother Sybell Spicer is secretly cooperating with the Lannisters, so Talisa[=/=]Jeyne may be keeping her mother (who is actually a lot closer to home) informed on Robb's movements. Talisa claiming to be from Volantis would not be that far from the truth, as in the books, Jeyne Westerling's great grandmother was a ''maegi'' (sorceress) from Essos.

** As of "The Bear and the Maiden Fair", consider this troper to be a convert to this theory. She was writing a letter..Tywin Lannister has been reading and answering letters all season long. She was writing the letter in Valyrian as well; while we don't have ''confirmation'' that any of the "lions" can read, write or speak Valyrian..Tywin Lannister was Hand of the King[[spoiler: and childhood best friend]] of Aerys Targaryen II, a.k.a. the Mad King..and the father of the young woman who quite fluently displayed her skill in Valyrian in Astapor. Furthermore, Xaro Xhoan Daxos stated in Season 2 that the merchants of Qarth are deep into business relations with House Lannister..it stands to reason that the Valyrian-speaking merchants of other parts of Essos are as well. So honestly? It would actually be less plausible if Tywin ''didn't'' speak some High Valyrian. Talisa also claimed to have "a prince..or a princess..perhaps both" in her womb..you know, [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything like Joanna Lannister once did]].
*** There's also some speculation over the contents of the letter - after HBO posted a picture of the prop, the language geeks at [[http://www.dothraki.com/2013/05/gryves-se-rina-litse/#comments Dothraki.com]] started trying to decipher it.

[[spoiler: But all of that said? It may be worse than mere espionage or setting Robb up. During the filming of Season 3, Oona Chaplin tweeted that she had been learning how to fire a bow. A lot of fans quite reasonably assumed that this meant that Talisa would be taking the cliche "Badass Warrior Woman" route in Season 3..but as of this writing, the show is heading into the airing of Episode 8--one episode away from the RW--and we haven't seen even the slightest hint of this from Talisa. And what are two of the main blows that kill Robb in the RW? Two arrows/crossbow bolts to the chest.]]
* ....Damn. If this is true then I think the writers would have achieved the impossible in making [[spoiler: The Red Wedding]] far, far nastier and more horrific.

And for future seasons, Talisa's background and physical appearance make her perfect to [[spoiler: replace Taena of Myr on the show.]]

Outright {{Jossed}} by "The Rains of Castamere". A Frey soldier shows up behind her and stabs her in her pregnant stomach.
* IMO, it's to early to tell if this has been outright Jossed. Just because one of Frey's sons killed her doesn't mean that she wasn't a spy. She could've been a spy and killing her was just a way to tie up loose ends.
** Hell, she could have been a spy, and Lord Tywin just didn't bother to tell the Freys so. After all, why would he?
* Killing her could also have been an act of defiance by Lord Frey.
* She could have been a Lannister spy, and she could have been killed on orders by either Tywin Lannister OR Walder Frey ''for getting pregnant'' - the cost of losing a good spy (even one with [[spoiler:firm tits, something that Walder certainly appreciated]]) is pretty small compared to the risk of letting a proper heir to the Stark family be born and be a headache in a couple decades. It's a fair bet that Walder noticed her pregnant belly and chose to have her killed (something that Tywin wouldn't have objected at, given the circumstances). However, now that Talisa is dead and there's no one left to speak for her, we will probably '''never''' know. "Was Talisa a Lannister spy?" will probably be one of the greatest mysteries of the entire TV show.
** Nope. Recently, HBO released the letters Talisa had been writing to her mother. Translated. It turns out she is exactly who she claims she is. Hell, she's even the same naive romantic Robb is.
*** That's what a Lannister-controlled HBO wants us to believe...

[[WMG: Talisa will escape the [[spoiler:Red Wedding]]]]
* With the help of the Blackfish. She'll be pregnant, and once the war is over, will become [[spoiler:Queen Regent of the North]].
* Jossed. [[spoiler:Contracted a fatal case of sword-in-belly, she did.]]

[[WMG: Bronn will replace Oberyn Martell in the TV show. His encounter with The Hound in "Blackwater" is {{foreshadowing}} for future events.]]
Oberyn is conspicuously absent from the new characters cast for the third season. While he might still be introduced in Season 4... the writers actually don't have to. [[EnsembleDarkhorse His absurdly high popularity among the fans of the book]] doesn't obscure the fact that he is actually a very minor character whose only impact on the plot is dropping some backstory that can be stated otherwise and fighting a duel with [[spoiler: Ser Gregor.]] A duel that book!Bronn declines to accept. TV!Bronn's personality is slightly different to the book version, however; he is also an established character and much more popular than his book counterpart, and even more {{Badass}} to some degree. Besides, in the later books [[spoiler: Bronn just fades into the background and does very little. If he follows on the steps of Oberyn, even more ManlyTears will be shed.]]
* Problem with that theory is that it basically cuts Dorne out of the story altogether. The first time Dorne had a role in the series at all was when their delegation came to King's Landing at Tyrion's invitation and that was basically ALL Oberyn. Cutting out that entire encounter would basically mean they're also going to cut out Ariane's entire plot and Quentyn would be left high and dry as well. Maybe some people wouldn't really have any problem with that (some people find both stories to be a bit [[ShaggyDogStory Shaggydog]]) but the producers would be running a VERY high risk of shooting themselves in the foot when later books come out.
** I know I'm stretching things for the sake of it, but imagine that it is Ariane herself who leads the Dornish party to Joffrey's wedding, thus introducing her character earlier and moving the Dorne plot faster. She is the one to drop the backstory, have frictions with the Tyrells and take a liking of Tyrion. She might even be the one to convince Bronn to fight the duel, telling him of her family's grudge and [[spoiler: offering to poison his weapons]] to give him an edge, a Dornish speciality that a CombatPragmatist like Bronn would readily accept.
* As of May 29, 2013 Martin has confirmed that the Red Viper of Dorne is being cast to appear in the fourth season.

[[WMG: Joffrey will be a sympathetic character by season 4.]]
* Margaery is training him to be more likable, but there's been an effort since day one to round out the villains a little more. Cersei is less of the conniving Cruella DeVille type like she was in the books and more of a worried parent. Even Roose Bolton is likable now that hiss weird vampire shtick has been written out completely. Joffrey in the book never really got to do anything but throw tantrums and yell at people, but the TV series explores the fact that he's just a kid and may have just been misguided by his position in society. There's hope for him yet.
** Ah, what a tragic affair his [[spoiler:death]] would be if this were true. Easily up there with the likes of [[Series/{{Vikings}} Erik and Leif]].
** As of "The Climb," this has been resoundingly jossed.
*** It can even be argued that it was Margaery who pushed him even more in this direction, with all the talk of how beautiful it will be to push the trigger and watch "something" die. While she probably doesn't really feel that way, TV!Margaery is more of a sociopath than Book!Margaery, playing any role that will strengthen her position, without any care for consequences.

[[WMG: Ros will be the stand in instead of Jeyne Pool]]
Jeyne hasn't been seen since the first episode so she'd come completely out of nowhere when it's time for her to [[spoiler: Book spoilers removed]]. On the other hand, you have Ros, who is an established character, who Theon had a close relationship with when she was in the brothel near Winterfell and anything can be done with her since she's from outside the canon story. Plus, we've seen Baelish need to find some use for her after she saw the baby die, why not sell her to the Lannisters?
* There is a slight problem with this theory, Arya/ Jeyne is supposed to be 12 or so by the 4th book, Ros appears to be something like in her early 30s. There is no way you could pass on something as big as that age difference. - Exterminatus

[[WMG: Ros is going to be the ultimate winner of the game of thrones.]]
Eventually, she'll realize her preternatural talent for getting people to exposit while she's in the nude, exploit this power by illicitly acquiring the most well-guarded secrets of every principal character she can get into bed, and use a system of blackmail and deceit to rise to the Iron Throne as Ros Hypnotits, First Of Her Name.
* Wouldn't surprise me if the show does present her as rising in status, but it will probably come crashing down. Speaking as a tv watcher who reads book spoilers, I wonder if she'll have the fate of book!Marillon, which would make sense, given her connection to Littlefinger.
** . . . that fate includes trying to rape [[spoiler: Sansa]].
** Well, it is Ros. Come to think of it though, it's probably more likely that Ros will play out the role of Alayaya or else, Ros will become more like novel!Shae and tv!Shae will take on Alayaya's role.
** But Tyrion loves tv!Shae, it's unlikely that Cersei would do what she did to Alayaya in the novels, since it's Shae who she's looking for.
** I think Ros will end up being [[spoiler:Fake!Arya replacing Jeyne Poole.]]
** Welp. Maybe not.

[[WMG: After the Red Wedding, Ros will be made to pose as Sansa [[spoiler: and will be forced to marry Ramsay Bolton]] ]]
As Jeyne Poole has been pretty much written out at this point, her suddenly appearing mid season 4 (or 5) to be [[spoiler: Ramsay's unwilling wife posing as Arya]] seems fairly unlikely. However, if after the "two big weddings" in the books when [[spoiler: Sansa flees to the Eyrie with Littlefinger]], Littlefinger is still called upon to [[spoiler: provide the Boltons with an heir to the North]], who better than Ros to take Sansa's place?
Unlike Jeyne she is a well known supporting character and Canon foreigner whose role in Kings landing will have little reason to continue after [[spoiler: Varys, Littlefinger, and Tyrion disappear]], she has already given Littlefinger a reason to hate her by being Varys' spy, she has some physical similarities with Sansa, and she also is very intimate and friendly with Theon which will make [[spoiler: her and "Reek's" interactions have more pathos.]]

[[WMG:Ned is going to wind up allying with Drogo.]]
* Drogo's just about the only other honorable person with power in the show, and Daenarys is a far more decent person than her brother.
** Pity that Drogo seems to be even more pigheaded than Ned. Good luck convincing him that the poisoning attempt wasn't the united will of the people of Westeros.
** Drogo may be rash, but he's not stupid. Even with his army, Drogo wouldn't be able to take Westeros on his own. He'll need allies and not just the malcontents who were against Baratheon rule to begin with. Ned and the Starks are now at war with the Throne as it is.
** That would first require Ned surviving, which looks unlikely at the moment.
** It would also require Drogo surviving, which is only slightly more likely.
** What? Did Ned and Drogo die in the book?
*** [[ASongOfIceAndFire See]]? Yeah. This is not the only problem with the original theory, however, considering that "honor" means something completely different to Ned and Drogo. To Drogo, it means killing men in a fair battle - and sacking their city, raping the women and enslaving the children.
*** This troper hasn't read A Song of Ice and Fire...though his parents do have the first book...
** Well, so much for that...lets just hope Joffrey winds up on the "anyone can die" list with Needle being impaled in his heart...
*** (Book spoilers removed)
*** I'm curious; why are we putting book spoilers in the TV show WMG? Shouldn't we just be using this as a place to theorize the show, and not spoil the book series for those who haven't read it?
*** Spoilers be gone.
** Still, it ''would'' make a fascinating ForWantOfANail fanfic....
** There is another slight wrinkle in this plan; everything Drogo knows about Westros, he gets from either Dany or Jorah. Both Dany and Jorah ''hate'' Ned. Remember that from our perspective, Ned was TheLancer to Robert's [[TheHero hero.]] From Dany's perspective, Ned is TheDragon to Robert's BigBad. Jorah knows it's not quite as simple as that, but at the same time, Ned Stark is the guy responsible for Jorah losing everything he ever cared about(again, from Jorah's perspective, the guy does not like accepting responsibility for his mistakes). Neither of these two would suggest allying with the Starks to be an option, so Drogo probably wouldn't even consider it. Drogo's a very intelligent man, but he's completely ignorant of the workings of Westrosi nobility and politics.

[[WMG:The Red Wedding will take place in the seventh episode of Season 3 and [[spoiler: Joffrey's]] death will be the season finale.]]
* Episode seven is often the hub of major plot twists in TV series, and the Red Wedding happens about halfway into A Storm of Swords. As for the latter, well, the viewers have demanded it since episode one. It's perfect payoff, followed by a series of cliffhangers to keep you waiting for Season 4.
** They could call Season 3 "Three Weddings and a Lot of Funerals."
** [[spoiler:Richard Madden, who plays Robb]], has signed in for all ten episodes of Season 3 though, so it's likely the Red Wedding will be the season finale. They did divide Storm of Swords in two seasons, and it's been said than [[spoiler: Sansa leaving King's Landing with Littlefinger]] will happen in the fourth season, so it's likely that [[spoiler: Joffrey's]] death will be on the fourth season.
** Jossed: The Red Wedding will happen in episode nine. Working Title? [[spoiler: Ours Is The Fury]]
*** Boy, I hope they change that working title.
*** Seriously? Why? The [[spoiler: Baratheons]] literally have nothing to do with the RW.
*** Especially considering all of the other Houses involved in that scene. How about "Hear Me Roar?" "Winter is Coming" would fit perfectly if they hadn't already used it. "Family, Duty, Honor" is my preferred headcanon title for Baelor, but it would fit here quite well, too. And then there's the Bolton motto... really, just about ANY House words would be a better choice than those.
*** The Seven answered your prayers: See the "Confirmed" section.

[[WMG: Hodor is actually the smartest character.]]
He [[MediumAwareness realized he was in an HBO series]] and thus thought it was appropriate to provide some random nudity.
* Technically, {{Jossed}}, as the scene was written that way before an HBO series was a glint in Martin's eye.

[[WMG: The monster that Jon Snow saw take Crastor's child sacrifice wasn't a White Walker: it was a White Walker ''Giant''.]]
Remember when Maester Luwin stated "The dragons are gone, the giants are dead, and the Children of the Forest have been forgotten"? The dragons are already back, so it'd stand to reason the giants would find some way to come back. Plus, that creature seemed much larger than the average man.
** White Walkers are a specific creature. Wights are dead things animated by White Walkers, they are seperate. There can't be a "White Walker giant". There might be an undead giant, if giants do exist, but only two White Walkers have been seen in the series, one in the pilot, and one that Jon saw in the forest.
** Also, the one Jon saw in the forest was no bigger than the one in the Pilot - and he was even played by the same actor, Ian Whyte.
* The giants aren't dead. We even see one in season three.
* Well, it turns out there ''can be'' a White Walker giant, since S4E4 showed that they reproduce by converting stolen babies. If they get their hands on a giant baby, you'll get a giant White Walker.

[[WMG: Xaro's vault leads to a tunnel connecting it with the House of the Undying]]
Pyat Pree used it to enter and exit Xaro's house.
* Why? Xaro let him take the dragons, so he could have walked in through the main gate. Not to mention that we see the dragons transported outdoors
** When Xaro returned the gate was closed and Xaro's guards slaughtered. PP obviously didn't enter through the main door.
*** People have to die for the ruse to work. Although I'm fairly certain that many of those guards were Dothraki. And you can close a gate behind you just as easily as you can open it. There just doesn't seem to be any reason for this hypothetical tunnel to exist.

[[WMG: George R.R. Martin will write the bloodiest episodes of each season.]]
This WMG contains major spoilers for the books
* The bloodiest episode of Season One was arguably "The Pointy End", what with the massacre of the Stark household in King's Landing and the Dothraki pillaging of the Lazhareen. In Season Two, he'll be writing "Blackwater" which of course is about the Battle of the Blackwater. Speculating, his Season Three and Four episodes will revolve around the Red Wedding and the capture of Meereen, respectively. "Written by George R.R. Martin" will be code for "SO MUCH BLOOD".
* We now know he'll be writing episode 7 of season 3, with the working title of "Autumn Storm". Doesn't sound like [[spoiler:the Red Wedding. I expect the episode depicting it to be called "Rains of Castamere", or something to that effect.]]
* Jossed, GRRM has been quoted as saying that he hated writing that scene so much that he refused to write the episode that includes it. This season he writes 3x07, while that other event takes place in 3x09, as per the custom of having the ninth being the most shocking episode of the season.

[[WMG:In "Dark Wings, Dark Words" Catelyn and Robb will learn of the "death" of Bran and Rickon]]
That's what the episode's title is derived from. As irritated as many were that this reveal was left out of season 2 (as it was the cataclyst for Robb falling into Jeyne Westerling's arms, per SexForSolace) it might actually bring Catelyn and Robb together in grief, finally resulting in a scene where Robb tells Catelyn he's sorry for her treatment and understands her actions (like in the books) instead of continuously shunning her.
* Surprisingly jossed. [[spoiler:They learn about the fall of Winterfell but they are yet to learn of Bran and Rickon.]] The long-awaited reveal is beginning to turn into ArcFatigue.

[[WMG: The scene at the Harrenhal baths where Jaime tells Brienne about how and why he killed Aerys will be upgraded to a full-blown flashback to Robert's Rebellion that takes up most of the episode.]]

How cool would that be? A chance to bring back Sean Bean and Mark Addy to play younger Ned and Robert, a chance to actually see the Mad King, possibly even Rhaegar- and frankly, it'd just make a lot better TV than 2 people sitting in a bath while one narrates a story to the other. Even if Nikolaj Coster-Waldau naked makes for some good female-oriented fanservice and Brienne benefitted from an AdaptationalAttractiveness upgrade with her being played by Gwendoline Christie, it would still just be too good to pass up.

Of course, not the ENTIRE rebellion, that'd be redundant and probably cost the entire season's budget, but just a few scene of Jaime watching Aery's atrocities, the scene where he listens to Aery's plans to [[spoiler:destroy King's Landing with Wildfire]] and where he kills Aerys, ending with Ned Stark finding him sitting on the Iron Throne.
* Well, they have purposely kept the season 1 deleted scene showing Aerys and Brandon Stark from appearing in the DVD because they don't renounce to use it later, and they did cast [[http://winteriscoming.net/2013/02/dean-charles-chapman-joins-the-cast/ a 15-year old blonde kid]] for one episode this year too...
* D&D are not fans of flashbacks, apparently.

[[WMG:Melisandre is way more powerful than everyone knows.]]
In season 3 she goes looking for more "royal blood" and **finds Gendry** (who is Robert Baratheon's bastard son). Now, Gendry doesn't know that, no one in the Brotherhood knows that, and everyone in King's Landing who knows about him think he's dead (after Arya purposefully misidentified a freshly killed boy as him). Melisandre couldn't have known about him even with an ubiquitous spying and intelligence network working for her. How did she actually find Gentry is actually less of a mystery as HOW did she know he was the one to look for.

For that matter, who says every bastard son of Robert Baratheon is dead? It's safe to assume all the kids in King's Landing are dead, but there still might be some others in nearby villages. That Melisandre went north, closer to Riverrun than King's Landing strengthens the idea that she knew she was looking for him specifically. Why? HOW?
* She looked into the flames, seeking for royal blood, and found Gendry. She's demonstrated the power to see afar and into the future, before.
** Also, Stannis knows that at least since the second season. So that part sort of counts as Jossed.

[[WMG: Nothing bad will come of Edmure's wedding.]]
* Nah, nothing at all. That would be silly.
** Pfft. Like anything [[spoiler: obscenely violent]] ever happens in Game of Thrones.
*** Yeah, right.
** Well.... twas a nice thought while it lasted

[[WMG: Talisa will be the replacement for[[spoiler: Fake!Arya]]]]
Instead of getting [[spoiler: Jeyne Poole to pretend to be Arya Stark, Ramsay will marry Talisa and use her status as Robb Stark's widow to claim Winterfell and the North as all Ned Stark's children are missing, dead, or barred from inheriting.]]
* The problem with this idea is that Talisa [[spoiler:has no claim whatsoever to Winterfell, even as Robb's widow... unless she was pregnant or gave birth to his son before he died. Then Ramsay could act as a tutor, and after a while dispose of both the kid and his mother altogether if he wants to.]]
** That didn't stop [[spoiler: Ramsay]] from [[spoiler: forcibly marrying Lady Hornwood (who was originally a Manderly) and inheriting her husband's lands and keep.]] There might be some exception for the Great Houses, but [[spoiler: there could just as easily be an explanation for a potential marriage. Perhaps somehow, if Robb and Cat get the notion that they should take Talisa with them to the Twins, Roose Bolton will take her as a captive and claim that he..."saved" her from certain death at the Red Wedding, and arrange a marriage between her and his now-legitimized bastard son, as Jeyne Poole seems to be written out completely in the TV series. If she does turn out to be pregnant, then... Well, that would be something to look at when the next two books come out.]]
*** [[spoiler:And done! As of season 3 episode 7, Talisa is (allegedly) pregnant.]]
*** Nope. Not going to replace anyone.

[[WMG: The [[spoiler: Red Wedding]] will be moved from the books to Casterly Rock.]]
Since Robb's big plan is now to take over Casterly Rock with the help of the freys, what better way of cementing control of the rock than with a wedding the Freys might suggest.
* It's hard to imagine that [[spoiler:Tywin Lannister, who is pulling Walder Frey's strings, would allow a conquering army anywhere near the Rock, even if half of it is secretly on his side, or that Robb would feel remotely secure enough there without utterly eliminating the Lannister garrison, first.]] As great as it would be to finally see the fabled location on screen, it's rather unlikely that either party would agree with the arragement.
* Unlikely theory. Robb needs the Freys to take Casterly Rock, and he can't get them without a wedding.
** Took place at The Twins.

[[WMG:Orell either has a glass eye or will lose an eye at some point]]
He is played by [[PiratesOfTheCaribbean Ragetti]]. They ''have to'' make a ShoutOut to the saga, somehow.
** His eyes remained intact. The rest of him ...not so much.

[[WMG: Robb and Cat will learn of Bran and Rickon's "deaths" and Theon's captivity in the same scene]]

[[spoiler: At the Twins or just outside, from Roose Bolton. He'll show the finger skin (finally establishing Theon's torturer's identitity on screen) and tell them that his bastard captured Theon in a battle and he said that he killed Bran and Rickon only after being properly grilled (posible throwback here to Bolton's introduction and his "a flayed man has no secrets" here). The TV viewers will be presented with the enigma of if Bolton's bastard is lying to his father and acting on his own all along or if Roose is actually on it.]]
** Turns out they never find out.

[[WMG: Gendry will be taken to the wall along with Stannis and eventually befriends Jon and become embroiled in the Nights Watch storyline. ]]
* [[spoiler: Instead of being PutOnABus by Davos for his own safety like Edric, or remain in the Riverlands doing pretty much nothing aside from an admittedly awesome cameo in Brienne's storyline (which is pretty much entirely impossible now) he will be taken to the Wall with Stannis who forbids his sacrifice due to Davos' influence unless as an absolute last resort. Here he becomes part of the joined Stannis/Jon Snow storyline, and upon realizing Jon is Arya's brother he informs him of her survival (and likely is informed in turn of the Red Wedding and thus her almost certain death) and becomes a significant supporting character to him. This will also add some significant pathos when [[ColdBloodedTorture Ramsay Snow]] marries "Arya", which will make him '''extremely''' enthusiastic about Jon's plan to take down the bastard and rescue "Arya". It also haas the irony of Gendry being the sole Yoren recruit actually making it to the wall.]]
** [[spoiler: One problem with this is that Gendry knows that Arya escaped King's Landing and therefore the girl the Lannisters give to the Bolton's is a fake.]]
** Not a fan of this idea, but if it happens I do hope that [[spoiler:Gendry is one of the new knights made by Stannis to recover his depleted forces.]]
*** Jossed in "Mhysa".

[[WMG: Season 3 will end with Cat [[spoiler:becoming Lady Stoneheart]]]]
Due to the fact that book 3 is being split in two seasons, the showrunners will need to come up with good cliffhangers for the end of season 3. The [[spoiler: Red Wedding]] will take place in episode 9, meaning that something with [[spoiler: Lady Stoneheart]] can be put in episode 10. However, it is still too early to adapt the epilogue of book 3, and [[spoiler: Cat's resurrection]] is too awesome to be left off-screen. Also, both seasons 1 and 2 ended with something supernatural, so why not season 3 as well?
** The title of episode 10 actually seems to support that, in a strange sort of way. ''Mhysa'' means [[spoiler: ''"Mother"'', after all. First and foremost, it's a reference to the slaves Daenerys frees, who start to call their liberator "mother". However, why wouldn't this be a title with ''two references?'' (Think "A Golden Crown", which refers both to Viserys' gruesome end and to Joffrey's extremely significant golden hair.) In this case, the other reference would be towards another mother, one gone horribly bad...]]
* Nope.

[[WMG: Episode 9 of Season 4 will be called "Wherever Whores go".]]
Seriously, what else could it be called?
* Jossed, episode 9 is the battle on the Wall with no scenes in King's Landing, titled "Watchers on the Wall"

[[WMG: Cersei and Tyrion will fully repair their relationship... [[spoiler: just in time for Joffrey's death and Tyrion's supposed involvement to drive Cersei to be the insane monster she is depicted as in A Feast for Crows.]]]]
In the show Cersei's character has diverged quite significantly from her book self, with many of her monstrous acts either removed or transferred to Joffrey, her delusions over Joffrey being a "perfect king" utterly averted, and most notably the fact she and Tyrion have been increasingly confiding with each other over their father's plans in Season 3. Maybe this mutual respect will grow even stronger in early S4, possibly boosted by Jaime's early (compared to the books) return and by the time of the "Purple Wedding" their relationship will mirror that of less insanely screwed up families...[[spoiler: only for Tyrion's supposed murder of her son to utterly shatter Cersei's trust in others and her growing humanity, setting her up to be as villainous as her book counterpart by Season 5.]]
** Brief moments of sanity aside, Cersei remains a JerkAss to the key moment and smiles when Joffrey keeps bullying Tyrion during his wedding.

[[WMG: In season 4, Tyrion will slap Joffrey twice.]]
* He has to. He did it once on season 1 and once again on season 2; season 3 is over and it didn't happen. There IS a quota to maintain here, people!
** Then again, it can be said that Tywin did a even more denigrating version, by verbally slapping him and then sending him to his room without supper. But it wasn't Tyrion, so it doesn't really count.

[[WMG: Locke is ''not'' going to The Wall]]
Despite current fan speculation, this won't happen this season. The current "evidence" consists of 1) a supposed background shot of Locke behind Alliser Thorne in the trailer, but it's just a bearded guy with different facial features and even hair color and 2) talk from people spying on the filming of Season 4 saying that they saw Locke with other guys in black, concluding then that they are nightwatchmen and Locke has joined the Night's Watch. ''The exact same thing'' was said before the release of Season 3, when it was not known what character Noah Taylor was playing yet. It was also speculated that he was a member of the Night's Watch because he dressed in black and was surrounded by other guys dressed in black. The thing is, Bolton bannermen ''also dress in black'', and Locke is a Bolton bannerman. It makes no sense to think that he will join the Night's Watch because he is dressed in black, when we have ''never seen him wearing anything but black in the TV show.''
* Semi-confirmed, as he is seen in one of the trailers as having accompanied Roose back to the Dreadfort.
* JOSSED! By episode 4 he is at the wall and has "befriended" Jon Snow with the obvious intent to find Bran and Rickon.
* Jossed. Locke not only impersonates a recruit, but is willing to take the oath in order to infiltrate Jon's party.
* On the other hand, he is definitely ''not'' the recruit behind Alliser Thorne at the time of the battle.

[[WMG: The cliffhangers for season 4:]]
* Jon Snow being [[spoiler:made Lord Commander, with Stannis setting up shop at the wall and sending Davos to treat with the Northern Lords.]]
** Jossed for the most part.
* [[spoiler: The revelation of the resurrected Catelyn.]]
** Jossed.

[[WMG: Varys is not in exile]]
Before he left with Tyrion, he made some plans to have an excuse to leave the capital whilst also making a brilliant alibi to why he so conveniently left during the night Tyrion [[spoiler:killed his father]].
* Jossed. In Season 5 Cersei already suspects Varys was involved in Tyrion's escape.

[[WMG: Janos Slynt will be behind [[spoiler:Jon being assassinated]] ]]
In the books, Slynt [[spoiler:refuses to obey Lord Commander Jon Snow, and is executed for that]]. Later, Jon is [[spoiler:stabbed possibly to death by men led by Bowen Marsh]]. Since Marsh doesn't seem to exist on the show, and Jon will [[spoiler:likely survive the stabbing]], the show might change the sequence of events and have Jon [[spoiler:kill Slynt for his role in the stabbing]].
* Jossed. Slynt finds himself beheaded in "High Sparrow" for the same reason he did in the books.

[[WMG: Ian [=McShane=] will be playing Euron Greyjoy]]
Wouldn't be his first time playing a pirate, and the Greyjoy storyline has been badly neglected up to this point, so it seems like the obvious choice.
* Jossed. Danish actor Pilou Asbæk is playing Euron.

[[WMG: Melisandre will sacrifice herself to bring back Jon]]
Unless she kills Davos or one of the Watchmen loyal to Jon (not likely), Melisandre will have to use her own life to fuel the ritual, fulfilling the prophecy of Azor Ahai sacrificing his own wife to finish completing Lightbringer. To make it even more literal, Davos will use Longclaw to sacrifice her.
** Jossed. All she does is clean Jon's stab wounds and burn some of his hair.



[[WMG: Varys will take Jon Connington plot from the fifth book.]]
The makers of the show will probably want to keep him onscreen, and he has boarded the same ship Tyrion is on.
** Partially confirmed. Varys does sail with him to Volantis, introduced him to his Targaryen Restoration conspiracy and loses him in a brothel much like Jon Connington and his merry men.

[[WMG: Varys will replace Magister Illyrio's part in ADWD in season 5]]
* Rather than bring back a one-shot character like Illyrio, Varys will come along to Pentos to see Tyrion off to his storyline, dumping exposition the way Illyrio did for him. It wouldn't make sense for Varys to replace a warrior like Griff, but he could easily fill Illyrio's shoes.
** Confirmed.

[[WMG: The characters that will be AdaptedOut in season 5...]]
* Because every single one-scene named character can't make an appearance in the show, obviously the bevy of new characters that crop up in A Feast For Crows/A Dance With Dragons will have to be condensed. Here are some choices.
** Hyle Hunt. He could easily be replaced with an existing character like Gendry or Hot Pie, or even the adult-aged Podrick could take up the bulk of his actions in Feast.
** At least one of the Greyjoy Uncles. While it's unlikely they'll cut the entire Queensmoot plot, they might trim it down to just Victarion and Euron, and give Aeron's role to Yara or another Iron Islander.
*** Maybe Balon will [[spoiler:stay alive and]] fill in for one of his brothers. He and Yara parted on bad terms, which might be the cause of some antagonism in the future, thus giving him Euron's role. They might even give him the part of Euron's backstory with Victarion's wife, which could explain Victarion's absence from previous seasons. On the other hand, they might take a different route and have Balon take Victarion's role, with Euron stealing his throne. The third and least likely possibility, Balon might start to feel guilty for his treatment of Theon, and might abdicate and support Victarion's claim, thus taking Aeron's role.
** Quentyn Martell. Casting sheets have reported that Trystane is being aged up slightly per show conventions, and he could be given Quentyn's role -- the leaked audition of him attempting to seduce Myrcella could be early in the season, with his father [[spoiler: rejecting the marriage proposal and sending him to Meereen to marry Daenerys instead.]]
*** Alternatively, Arianne Martell will be adapted out and Trystane will take her plotline. After all, who benefits the most from [[spoiler:putting Mycella on the throne]] if not [[spoiler:her future husband]]. His seduction of Mycella might replace [[spoiler:Arianne's seduction of Arys Oakheart.]]
** Penny. She wasn't at the wedding, after all (though one of the performers could have easily been her brother)
** Jeyne Poole & Alys Karstark [[spoiler: (any "fake Aryas", basically). The Jeyne storyline is very sexual for a 14 year old character, they could easily just not want to go there. As for the Alys plot, with the Magnar of Thenn likely not having an marriageable sons (being cannibals and all) that plot could also be trimmed back. Or at the very least, the "fake Arya" aspect of it will be removed and Alys will marry a different wildling, like Tormund or the rumored-to-be-cast Varamyr Sixskins.]]
** The Merryweathers, Margaery's maids and the Kettleblacks. Bronn and Meryn Trant could replace the Kettleblacks, at least.
** Gemma Lannister. (Though numerous references have been made to Willem Frey's wedding, which could lead to Willem being part of the siege of Riverrun.)
** Arys Oakheart. [[spoiler: Dorne is going to be a heavy focus for season 5 but they never explicitly mentioned a Kingsguard going to Dorne with Myrcella. Instead of him, in the wake of Oberyn's death Cersei could have a Kingsguard sent to Dorne just in case the Dornish want revenge for their Prince, which would get a familiar face in Dorne and tie into the mysterious opponent Obara Sand supposedly fights.]]
*** Confirmed, all of them have been AdaptedOut

[[WMG: The first episode of Season 5]]
Will finish the plotline of A Storm of Swords and the rest will follow A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons (which, reminders, events are happening simultaneously).
* This really isn't a WMG as much as common sense. ASOS is done except for Jon's arc and the epilogue. AFFC and ADWD weren't even written as separate books, they only became that because of an unfortunate decision by Martin's publisher, and Martin's own writer's block.
** Confirmed

[[WMG: Shae's [[spoiler: betrayal of Tyrion]] will be deliberately kept ambiguous.]]
Since Shae's character has diverged a lot from her book counterpart, it's hard to imagine that she'll callously [[spoiler: betray Tyrion and climb in Tywin's bed]]. So all we'll see is [[spoiler: her testimony and later Tyrion's confrontation with her in Tywin's chambers]]. [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation How much she was coerced and how much she did and said willingly will not be explained]] and be left up to the audience to decide.
** Confirmed.

[[WMG: The cliffhangers for season 4:]]
* Sansa at the Vale after [[spoiler: Lysa's death, at Littlefinger's mercy.]]
** [[spoiler: Already confirmed in Episode 8, though the "mercy" part is YMMV]]
* Arya [[spoiler: on the ship to Braavos, leaving the Hound "dying" in the Riverlands.]]
** Technically she and the Hound are now in the Eyrie, but.
* Bran, Jojen, Meera & Hodor [[spoiler: encountering Bloodraven and the Children of the Forest.]]
** Confirmed.
* Tyrion [[spoiler: on a boat to parts unknown after severing ties with Jaime and killing Shae and Tywin.]]
** Confirmed.
* Reek and Ramsay [[spoiler: at Moat Cailin, or turning to head back north from Moat Cailin.]]
** [[spoiler: Already happened in Episode 8.]]
* Yara [[spoiler: discovering that Balon is dead and returning home.]]
** Jossed.
* Jorah [[spoiler: exiled and sent off to parts unknown, with Daenerys holding fast in Meereen.]]
** [[spoiler: Jorah already gets exiled in Episode 8]]
* Dany [[spoiler: has to face the bones of children that her dragons fried and fed on. Concidering that the title for the finale is "Children", this scene is probably presented even if it's not a cliffhanger.]]
** Confirmed.

[[WMG:The Lady Stoneheart Reveal from Book 3 Will be Saved for a Later Season]]
* In the books, she appears once, then we don't see her again until the very end of book 4. It would make more sense to hint at her throughout seasons 4 and 5, and then go for a shocker when [[spoiler:Brienne runs into her.]] That way, viewers won't be left thinking, "Well, where did she go?" for an entire season.
** For starters she has not appeared in the Season 3 finale, like many assumed.
*** That's kind of meaningless, since in the books she didn't appear until the end of ''A Storm of Sword'' which is the equivalent of the end of season ''4'', not 3.

[[WMG: Sandor will lose his fight with [[spoiler: Brienne]].]]
Eagle eyed viewers of the teaser for the final episode of this season may have noticed Sandor standing face to face with [[spoiler: Brienne]] which marks a huge departure from the books, and will almost certainly result in a full on swordfight between these last two remaining ultimate badasses in Westeros. Due to his infection however [[spoiler: Brienne will wipe the floor with him]] much the same as [[spoiler: she did with Jaime after he was starved, manacled, and exercised for a year]]. How this ties into his ultimate fate in the books, or indeed the appearance of [[spoiler: Lady Stoneheart]] is anyone's guess however...
* On second viewing of said teaser, there's a brief snippet of [[spoiler: Sandor being flung down a hill by something]] as well as [[spoiler: Oathkeeper being drawn]]. Yeah his ass is grass. Also I'm predicting Arya gets in a fight with poor unfortunate [[spoiler: Podrick due to his relation to Illyn Payne]] which he barely survives. Odds are this latter part allows Arya and Sandor to escape while [[spoiler: Brienne saves Pod]]

[[WMG: Joffrey's New Crossbow will be used by Tyrion in... '''that''' particular scene]]
It seems almost a textbook example of a ChekhovsGun. It is shown prominently, openly discussed, and it is even shown how it works. Why else do that if not to introduce [[spoiler: the weapon Tyrion uses to kill Tywin]]
** Confirmed.

[[WMG: Styr, Magnar of Thenn, will be killed in a fight with either Jon or [[spoiler:Stannis]].]]
In the books, [[spoiler:Styr simply dies during the battle while climbing the Wall. Since in the show he's already south of the Wall, there's no reason for him to be climbing it.]] If the show decides to take the dramatic route, then Styr will probably come into contact with a major character during the fight. Jon would be a likely candidate, but since in the books [[spoiler:Stannis shows up towards the end of the battle, it would make for a BigDamnHeroes moment]].
* Confirmed for Jon!

[[WMG: Olly, the young recruit, [[spoiler: will kill Ygritte]]]]
[[spoiler: Since Ygritte in the books dies after being shot by an arrow, and Olly says he was the best archer in his village (which also serves as foreshadowing). Plus, it be somewhat poetic justice that the woman who killed his father dies the same way.]]
** Nailed it.

[[WMG: The animosity between the Tyrells and Oberyn Martell will be toned down in Season 4.]]
Since Willas has been AdaptedOut, Oberyn could never have [[spoiler:accidentally crippled him at a tourney]], so the current generation of Tyrells would have no reason to hate the Red Viper personally. Finn Jones has stated in [[http://www.accesshollywood.com/hbo-golden-globes-2014-party-finn-jones-talks-game-of-thrones-season-4_video_1972837 this interview]] that Loras will have [[spoiler:"a slight flirtation with one of the new characters"; his object of affection is almost certainly Oberyn.]] Moreover, the first production still of the Dornish prince shows him wearing a necklace featuring a [[http://scontent-b-lga.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc1/t1/1779792_475626825875707_360090309_n.jpg pendant with flowers,]] a symbol most commonly associated with the Tyrells; the design is even reminiscent of the enameled flowers on Loras' armour. Perhaps I'm reading too much into things, and maybe this is just a slip-up by the costume department, but Oberyn in the novels would NEVER be caught dead with anything ''remotely'' related to the traditional enemies of his House. When Pedro Pascal was cast, the press release included this description of his character: "The Red Viper is sexy and charming, yet believably dangerous; intensely likable, yet driven by hate. The boys love him, the girls love him, and he loves them all back. Unless your last name is Lannister." Notice how the Tyrells aren't mentioned as his foes. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5iS3tULXMQ This Season 4 preview]] and [[http://winteriscoming.net/2014/03/april-episodes-press-release/ the official synopsis]] also focus on Oberyn's hatred of the Lannisters, and again the Tyrells are omitted from his wrath.
* This is probably very likely, not only because of Willas's absence, but because any backstory of animosity will eat up time and not end up mattering that much.
** It's not that much to omit anyway as even in the books the hatred was strictly one-directional and Oberyn had nothing really against the Tyrells--in fact, he and Willas were pen pals, despite Oberyn accidentally crippling him.
* Mostly confirmed; as of episode six there has been a whole of one antagonistic line from Mace towards Oberyn, and the latter seemed more amused by it than anything. Oberyn and Loras seem to be getting along splendidly, if you know what I mean. While not explicitly shown, it's suggested that they're having a casual, sexual relationship.

[[WMG: Karl, Rast and the traitors will be [[spoiler:killed much earlier in the series]]]]
[[spoiler:They will be killed either by Mance Rayder by first being brutally interrogated and giving out information about the wall (Which Jon feared), or shall be killed by the White Walkers and Wights, or by Coldhands.]]
* [[spoiler: Semi-confirmed. They do indeed die earlier, but through the hands of Jon, the Nights Watch volunteers and a bit of help from Ghost.]]

[[WMG: [[spoiler:It has [[ForegoneConclusion already established by the books]] that Joffrey dies at his own wedding from poisoning.]] ]]
When that finally happens, it won't simply being fall down dead, oh no it shall not. There'll be blood... lots and lots of blood. Blood from the mouth, blood from the nose, blood from the tear ducts. Projectile vomited blood. More blood than can conceivably fill someone's body. And red eyes, like from the scene in Series/Firefly where the Hands of Blue use that [[BrownNote sonic death rod thing]]. It'll be the goriest [[spoiler:poisoning]] ever. And it will be [[{{gorn}} awesome]].
** Jossed. [[spoiler: Joffrey has blood from the mouth, but a fairly modest amount of it, not even closely Hands of Blue rivers of blood.]]
*** How much "jossed" is up to debate. He actually does ''not'' bleed from the mouth, he vomits and salivates profusely. He does bleed from the nose, the eyes, the skin pores and we can almost guess from every other orifice in his body. Compared to the poisoning of Maester Cressen in Season 2, this is definitely an order of magniture higher.

[[WMG: In season 4, Cersei will become dangerously jealous of, of all people, ''Brienne.'']]
The most significant change in the adaptation of season 3 ''wasn't'' [[spoiler:Talisa dying at the Red Wedding where Jeyne Westerling didn't]] or the removal of Vargo Hoat and the Brave Companions or Loras being made a CompositeCharacter of his brothers Willas and Garlan; no, it was Jaime and Brienne arriving back at King's Landing in the last episode, ''before'' [[spoiler:Joffrey's fatal wedding, Tyrion's arrest and Sansa's flight with Littlefinger]]. This means season 4 is going to see a whole bunch of interactions between characters that never got the chance in the books- Jaime and Tyrion, Brienne and Sansa, but the most interesting is likely to be Brienne and Cersei.

Think about it. Brienne is everything Cersei wished she could be- big, strong, capable of fighting for herself, a match for even Jaime, a lady knight who does not live at the whims of men in authority, apart from those she swears her sword to by her own choice. Thanks to AdaptationalAttractiveness there isn't even the factor of "well she's as ugly as a dunny wall" to temper Cersei's jealousy. And Cersei will ''certainly'' notice something in the relationship between Brienne and Jaime that she won't like- the fact that Jaime respects her on the same level that he respects other fighting men, but also a possible trace of attraction between them. Cersei may even try to take some kind of action against Brienne if her jealousy becomes too much to bear, which could add a nice splash of extra conflict to season 4.
* Indeed, in "The Lion and the Rose" Cersei "accuses" Brienne of loving Jaime. She declines to respond, pretty much confirming it.

[[WMG: Joffrey [[spoiler:has, maximum, five episodes left]]]]
It's not really a spoiler for book readers, but take a look at the episode titles. "Two Swords" calls back to a scene in the books where Tywin shows Tyrion a pair of swords he has fashioned from Valyrian steel, one of which is intended as a wedding gift for Joffrey, and "The Lion and the Rose" seems like an obvious sign pointing towards the Lannister/Tyrell union. [[spoiler:And then you get to episode #5, "First of His Name". Joffrey IS the first of his name...but so too is Tommen. Jack Gleeson fans, best cherish these remaining episodes.]]
* Hmmm, I wouldnt even [[spoiler: give him that long given the promo for the next episode shows not only the actual wedding but also the feast in which Joffrey cuts the giant pie (as well as hurling abuse at Tyrion). Im guessing he dies at the very end of the next episode.]]
* [[spoiler: Not just confirmed but overkilled. The Purple Wedding happened in Episode 2 of Season 4. "The first of his name" is Tommen, who else?]]

[[WMG: Joffrey's wedding will be in the second episode of Season 4.]]
GRRM's writing it. What else could they possibly have handed him?

[[WMG: Season 3, episode 10 possible cliffhangers]]
* Jaime and Brienne come to King's Landing
* Jon returns to the Wall
* Bran meets Sam
** Happens, but Sam has another scene after that
* Stannis learns about the Red Wedding
** happens, but not a cliffhanger
* Dany enters Yunkai, frees the slaves
* Identity of the Boy is revealed

[[WMG: Jaime will get prosthetic of some sort.]]
* Having Liam Cunningham (Davos) act with curled fingers is one thing, but to have a character with a whole hand missing for four more seasons is too much for one actor to fake, especially in such a physical and central role. They'll either use a convenient sling or something to keep the stub out of sight or just give him a full-on mechanical hand, a la Götz von Berlichingen. Yes, it's actually happened in history.
** Taking Locke's advice, it will be a golden hand and Jaime will fuck himself with it.
** [[spoiler:According to the books, yes, he does get a replacement. But it's plain gold and not mechanical.]]
** [[spoiler:He actually does get a golden hand in "Two Swords"]].

[[WMG: If the TV series overtakes Martin's books, the showrunners will go ahead without him.]]
* The showrunners know how the rest of the series plays out and keep in close contact with Martin, in case of the author's untimely death or if the TV series were to eclipse the books. With two different parties working on the same story with the same ending, there are bound to be discrepancies on the way, especially if there's no source material to go on. The pace of the TV series isn't in any danger of slowing anyway because several major storylines begin in season 5. [[spoiler: The Greyjoy civil war, The Martell rebellion and the return of Aegon]] all happen at the same time and are sure to eat up a giant chunk of screentime without worrying the pacing at all.
** Not much of a WMG here. This has been stated multiple times by HBO and Martin both.

[[WMG: The TV series will diverge from the book at some point (probably around A Dance With Dragons).]]
Otherwise the producers will have to wait until the final book is published, and who knows when that happens. They have to either diverge at some point, or end up waiting till the next decade to give the series a proper finale.
* Well, it sounds like the third book will be two seasons, and if Dance With Dragons and A Feast for Crows are merged into one story and split into two seasons, plus the upcoming second season, they have at least five years before they have to worry about running out of material. The sixth book may be around by then, or they may end up stretching the fourth and fifth books over more than a season each, since both of them are about a thousand pages each.
** It's probably a good guess to assume that in five years GRRM will have finished the 6th book (that has about 300 pages as of now, I'm writing this in 2012), but most likelly not the last one. By then, I think he could just guide the producers through the rest of the unpublished story.
* As of the 3rd episode of season two, your guess has already delivered. They have made some very important modifications on season two (though most of them were necessary to tell the story without overcomplication/internal monologues). I predict that these changes will deepen as the series goes on to the point were the story will only be the same in very general terms (like the general geopolitcs of Westeros and Essos), the details being all very different.
* They'll have to make some changes to the timeline at least, to account for the obvious age changes that will have to happen with the actors playing the child characters, Arya being the most obvious example.
** A PragmaticAdaptation, actually. Martin made the war flow way faster in the books than Medieval logistics could allow anyway, even moreso when Westeros is [[SciFiWritersHaveNoSenseOfScale canonically the size of South America]].
* IF they run out of material (I believe this will happen 5-6 years from now, when GRRM will likelly have ended the 6th book, but not the 7th) they could just go with prequels. Show Robert's Rebellion, adapt the Dunk and Egg stuff or something.

[[WMG: They will show [[spoiler: Theon's transformation into Reek]] in Season 3 & 4]]
Mostly because they can't have him disappear for two seasons, and Alfie Allen had so far nailed Theon, so it would be a shame for him to vanish. Also, a casting call has gone out for a "20-30 year old, weird and extreme looking" which sounds a lot like Ramsay Snow, and he can only appear in the context of Theon's plot.
* Practically confirmed by people on set and the season 3 trailer.
* Super-confirmed by the appearance of Ramsay Snow early in Season 3.

[[WMG: The final scene of Season 2 will be The White Walker attack on the Fist ]]
Because they need to top the dragon reveal. And the OST has a track called Three blasts, and we know what that means

[[WMG: The title of the RW Episode will be "The Rains of Castamere."]]
This may be a weird thing to speculate about, but I've been trying to figure out how they could give that episode an appropriate and relevant title without telegraphing how horrible the trap that the characters are walking into is going to be, so that it can still take us by surprise. What better than a title that distracts viewers by making us think that it's referring to a completely different character's storyline in that same episode... right up to the point where that song starts playing? It could work the same way that the title "A Golden Crown" seemed to be making a reference to Viserys' whining about a crown, but in retrospect is clearly also about the huge and shocking discovery about Joffrey that Ned made in that episode.
* Annd further up the page I see that someone else has made this guess as well (hidden under a spoiler tag). Seems I'm not the only one!
* Addendum: and after that episode (which I think will be the second to last one of Season 3), Arya will disappear for the whole next episode, leaving us to wonder what happened to her, until the last minute of the season, which will involve [[spoiler: her staggering out of the woods at Saltpans, going up to a ship's captain, showing him her iron coin and saying 'valar morghulis.']]

[[WMG: Ser Barristan will rebel against King Joffrey, probably by supporting Renly or Stannis Baratheon's claim to the throne]]
What better way to shove the fact that you aren't a frail old man up Joffrey and Cersei's ass but bringing them down with [[BadassGrandpa Grandpa badassery]]?
* Close.
* This was a fun one to speculate about in the books, because when Ser Barristan stormed out of the throne room after Cersei fired him, he was clearly heard muttering that he was off to join the RIGHTFUL ruler -- and then disappeared for two books, leaving every character to go crazy wondering which of the five kings he was talking about. [[spoiler: Turns out it wasn't any of them.]]
* Finally done in the Season 3 premiere, with a twist: [[spoiler: Selmy joins Daenerys]]

[[WMG: The reason that the actor playing Ramsay Snow has so far only been credited as "Boy"..."]]
... is because he's going to start off as the stand-in for Kyra in the Dreadfort scenes. After all, Kyra (Theon's erstwhile lady friend) herself isn't really an option -- she's been replaced by Ros, who's miles and miles away in King's Landing. That leaves nobody in the Dreadfort to talk Theon into an escape attempt that [[spoiler: winds up going so horribly wrong that he's too terrified to ever try to escape again]]. Sure, he could just run away on his own, or they could just write that subplot out entirely, but it would be more fun to have Boy hanging around, maybe posing as a fellow prisoner, or maybe just posing as an ordinary neglected, resentful bastard son like Jon Snow, but either way befriending Theon and helping him to arrange an escape attempt. In this version of the story, of course, he'd be [[spoiler:doing it only for the lulz, and for the satisfaction of having something to punish Theon for afterwards.]]
* [[spoiler:And done. He debuts in "Dark Wings, Dark Words" posing as Yara's mole and is seen "freeing" Theon in the promo for (the aptly-named) "Walk of Punishment".]]

[[WMG: Loras Tyrell will be Sansa's betrothed instead of Willas]]
Based on none of the promo shots showing Loras in his Kingsguard armour, and it decreasing the number of characters.
* This actually seems really likely, especially considering that, in a recent interview, the actor said that his character had some plot lines added that weren't in the books, but that "tightened" the plot overall, which would seem to fit for this. Also, he said that he's done a few scenes with Creator/SophieTurner for season three.

[[WMG: Dany is going to double cross the Unsullied slavemasters.]]
Dany makes sure to confirm that once she is in ownership of all the Unsullied, they will be completely loyal to her and won't give a shit about what happens to their former masters. After the trade is completed. Since in real life a new dog has to be broken in and trained before its loyal to you, it's more than likely a pet ''dragon'' wouldn't be 100 percent loyal to you as soon as you buy it. With this in mind the slavemasters would be virtually defenseless, with nothing stopping Dany from siccing her new army on them. Missandei's quite lucky Dany bought her.
* Definitely confirmed.

[[WMG: In the show, Sansa will become less hostile toward Tyrion than she was in the books.]]
Appears to be confirmed. While Book!Sansa refused to bend so that Tyrion can put a cloak over her, TV!Sansa does in fact bend.
* Superconfirmed. She even ''smiles'' when Tyrion takes her to the Sept. In the book she didn't know she was to marry Tyrion until she walked into the place and she cried during the whole ceremony.

[[WMG: Talisa will [[spoiler:be murdered at the Red Wedding]] ]]
Recent trailer shots show she will be present, and it would clear up loose ends quite easily.
* Confirmed in episode 9 of season three.

[[WMG: Jon will [[spoiler:kill Orell south of the Wall]]]]
Several reasons:
* [[spoiler:Orell is a PosthumousCharacter in the third book already and only his warged eagle is present. The eagle hates Jon and attacks him because Jon killed Orell before "defecting".]]
* Styr the Magnar has been AdaptedOut, Tormund is leading the party and Jarl [[spoiler:will probably die during the climb like in the book]]. [[spoiler:Tormund is obviously not going to be killed this season.]] The trailers show Jon, Tormund, Ygritte and Orell together south of the Wall.
* The trailers also show ''something'' falling over Jon Snow while he is wearing the same south-of-the-Wall cammo clothes and Kit Harington had makeup scars in his face during an interview in a 'behind the scenes' special. [[spoiler: This is because Jon will kill Orell when he tries to defect and run back to Castle Black, and Orell's eagle will attack him.]] Thus the show will be combining [[spoiler:Book 2's Orell's death and Book 3's attack on Castle Black.]]
** Happened pretty much exactly like that.

[[WMG: Theon's torturer is Roose Bolton's kid.]]
* The arms of House Bolton is the same type of cross Theon's been strapped to the entire season, and the Rooster sent his bastard to take Theon to Robb back in season two, but the said bastard has mysteriously never shown up, not to mention the torturer appears to be that f***ing hornblower. Hmmmm...
* Confirmed as of the episode "Mhysa". Roose Bolton explained what happened to Winterfell, it cut to Ramsay and Theon, and then later Balon Greyjoy received Theon's "favorite toy."

[[WMG: The hornblower is Ramsay Bolton.]]
Because that guy is a complete troll, and likes to do things himself.
* And he prefers vuvuzelas.
** [[NightmareFuel Vuvuzelas made from human skin]].
* [[spoiler:All but stated outright as of Season 3 Episode 6, "The Climb". He still has to say his name, however.]]
* [[spoiler:Confirmed in the episode "Mhysa"]]

[[WMG: The Boy's true identity will be revealed in the 3rd season finale.]]
In the third season finale, we will see the boy in the middle of another torture session with Theon. A servant will enter to inform him of his father's arrival. The Boy will kill the servant for interrupting him during his 'work', say that it must be Theon's lucky day and go see his father. He will then enter a room, and we will see [[spoiler: Roose Bolton]] there.
* Meh, close enough.

[[WMG: Stannis will make a comeback.]]
* This show is mechanical. If Stannis didn't still have some kind of major function in the plot, the writers would have killed him already. Not to mention he seems to be at least indirectly responsible for the death of [[spoiler: Robb Stark.]]
** As of "Mhysa" [[spoiler: Stannis is planning on sailing to the Wall]].

[[WMG: TV!Stannis cares more about his wife than Book!Stannis does]]
This is a bit of a stretch, and may well be {{Jossed}} next season, but I thought it was interesting Stannis seemed concerned at the memory of his wife being near death due to starvation during the Siege of Storm's End. Hard to imagine Book!Stannis being overly fussed about the possibility of Selyse snuffing it. (Mind you, Book!Selyse has big ears and a moustache, and TV!Selyse is going to be played by the very pretty Tara Fitzgerald.) On the other hand, maybe no-one told Creator/StephenDillane that Stannis is indifferent to Selyse.
* Judging by her appearance in "Kissed by Fire", their marriage is certainly not healthy but Stannis cares enough to confess his infidelity and ask for forgiveness. She is actually happy with it.

[[WMG: At the end of Season 3, Theon's final words will be...]]
''"Reek, Reek, it rhymes with weak."'' After being brutally tortured for so long, his captors (namely [[spoiler:Ramsay]]) will force him to adopt a new identity to humiliate him even further. He then will cling onto some lingering hope that someone will save him, but [[spoiler:when he hears of his father's death, the return of his uncles, Yara having to deal with them, and the Red Wedding]], he will [[DespairEventHorizon lose any remaining hope he had left]] and will sobbingly call himself Reek.
* Not impossible: one of the track names on the season 3 soundtrack is titled "Reek", so they may be bringing out the character metamorposis in one way or another.
* Close enough.

[[WMG: The "servant" who helps Theon escape is actually Ramsay Snow.]]
The whole "rescue" is simply a long, cruel game that he is playing to give Theon false hope and then take it away at the worst possible time.
* All but stated outright as of "The Climb". He still has to say his name, however.
* And Roose says it in "Mhysa".

[[WMG:Gendry's [[spoiler:escape from Dragonstone]]]]
Mirroring the part of Edric Storm in the books, Gendry [[spoiler:will be smuggled out of Dragonstone by Davos, ''but'' he will ask him to return him to the Riverlands. This is not to go back to the Brotherhood, however, but because he realizes that Arya is his "family" and wants to stay by her side, even if only as her servant. He will suffer a major blow when he learns of the Red Wedding and thinks that Arya was in it, and (AFFC spoilers) he will be at his all time low when he runs into Brienne at the inn and saves her from Biter.]]
* Sort of. In "Mhysa" [[spoiler: Davos puts him on a rowboat and tells him to go to KL. If Gendry survives the trip back and does not feel okay in KL going to the Riverlands seems likely (and a lot safer now that the war there is over).]]

[[WMG: Roose Bolton's involment in [[spoiler:the Red Wedding]] will be from different reasons than in the books.]]
So far, TV!Bolton appears to be more likeable than Book!Bolton, and doesn't seem likely to do it [[spoiler:simply because it suits him.]] On the other hand, he appears to be a good friend to [[spoiler:Lord Karstark]] and might want [[spoiler:revenge for his death.]]
* In "Mhysa", Bolton [[spoiler: mentions his disillusionment on Robb's choices as a leader and how he never took his advice as his reason to turn on him.]]

[[WMG:The original Reek is either still alive or won't appear at all.]]
* SPOILERS FOR BOOK 5/SEASON 4: It would be to difficult to explain the Reek situation to viewers as background, but if he were still alive, the writers could skew the writing so that Reek could appear in some fashion, so that Theon could adopt the name at some point. The other easy option would be to either find another way for Theon to pick up the Reek moniker on his own, or to omit it completely since it's such an odd plot point anyway.
** Alternatively, Ramsay will tell Theon the story of a servant named Reek that he had in the past, and he will do it in the usual fashion of the show: while having sex with someone, skinning something, [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs or both.]]
*** Alternatively alternatively, Ramsay will torture Theon until he forgets his real past (yes, that's possible) and then tell him Reek's story as his own.
*** It may be happening a little early than first expected: one of the tracks on the season 3 soundtrack is titled simply "Reek."
*** And done in "Mhysa". Ramsay comes with the Reek moniker on screen, apparently by chance, suggesting that Reek Mark 1 does not exist in show canon.

[[WMG: Olyvar will take over Ros' role in Season 4 as the middle manager of Littlefinger's brothel.]]
It has been confirmed that Will Tudor will reprise his role, and Olyvar might be Lord Baelish's new right-hand man now that Ros is no longer on the show. He could even be the TV series' equivalent of the "blonde whore" that Oberyn and Ellaria want to fool around with in the novels.
* Confirmed as of "Two Swords."

[[WMG: White Walkers reproduce by creating baby wights from human babies.]]
And it takes centuries for a wight to turn into a White Walker. Hence why it took so long for them to come back after getting crushed the last time around.
** Confirmed as of Oathkeeper
*** Well, half-confirmed. We still don't know how long it takes for one to grow up.



[[WMG: In the next thousand years or so, the Dothraki will evolve into the [[Series/DoctorWho Sycorax]].]]
Even their languages sound similar.

[[WMG: Ser Loras is a warlock]]
And the reason he was collecting Renly's body hair was because he needed it as part of a ritual to create Literature/TheLorax - obviously named after him - in order to stop the coming winter because as everybody knows WINTER IS COMING!!1!! and once it sets there will be no more flowers. Ser Loras is the Knight of Flowers so he can't let that happen.
* Not just a warlock -- a warlock in league with the old gods. "I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees..."

[[WMG: Joffrey is not the love child of Jaime and Cersei, but of [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark Cartman and Butters]].]]
He's got the blonde hair, the skinny body and the whining from Butters, and from Cartman everything else.

[[WMG: The Targaryens are [[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim Dragonborn.]]]]
Turns out there's a damn good reason they refer to themselves as 'Dragons' (aside from the explanation already established, that is). Not all Targaryens are strong in the Dragon Blood, however: Viserys isn't ("he was no true Dragon"); Dany, on the other hand, very much ''is''.
* Alternately, Daenerys is a Jill in human form.
** Does that mean Valyria was the Empire of Cyrodil?
*** I found an interesting phrase in the Skyrim book "Holdings of Jarl Gjalund" that could very well support this theory. The first page says "Survey of the Holdings of Jarl Gjalund, As Witnessed by Slafknir the Scribe, so Sworn ''by the Old Gods and the New''." Now where else do we frequently find that phrase? Also, the book is an old text in-game... maybe the Targaryens were the original Dragonborn, and Skyrim is, say, the North years and years after the events in Game of Thrones. Or even north of the Wall, with the Forsworn being wildlings...
*** Oh, for the love of - ''That'' statement refers to the Old Nordic gods (Shor, Alduin, Kyne) and the Nine Divines.

[[WMG: The White Walkers are visiting [[Franchise/{{Predator}} Yautja]] hunters from outer space]]
I just had a very weird dream where this was revealed to me. Behold, because it makes ''a lot of sense'':
* What little of their aspect (tall, agile humanoids that make weird insect-like noises) and behavior (ambushing people and butchering/decapitating them for no apparent reason) fits.
* They disappear for thousands of years. That's just the time they stop visiting.
* They are found north of the wall because that's where the most attractive hunting pieces are found (direwolves, shadowcats, giants, [[spoiler: mammoths]]). They probably were behind the extinction of the dragons in Essos too.
* Their "pale spiders big as dogs" is a slight misremembering of their faces, shown when they are not wearing helmets.
* The Red Comet is a spaceship breaking into the atmosphere.
So far, the only thing that seems out of place is their ability to make zombies - but it could be some other MagicFromTechnology thing.
** There's also the issue that the Franchise/{{Predator}}s are traditionally drawn to hot regions, and don't like cold. That's a pretty big contrast for the Others.
** What about the Aliens vs Predators film? Also, a bit meta but it might be amusing, the actor who portrayed the White Walker in the pilot and who is also now doing Ser Gregor Clegane actually played a Predator in the AVP film.
* Sadly jossed now that we got a clear view of their face, but would it be awesome for a crossover comic.

[[WMG: Pyat Pree is, or is somehow related to, [[Film/LostHighway the Mystery Man]].]]
He has the same ability to appear and disappear, and he even looks somewhat similar.

[[WMG: The white walkers are really [[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim draugr]]]]
The white walkers look just like draugr from the way their skin looks to the blue glowing eyes.
* So Ironborn, Northerners and Wildings are Nords or Nordic descendants? And the Drowned God is Shor?
* Fun fact: The White Walkers are ''extremely'' close to the mythological Draugr, more so in fact than their namesakes in ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim Skyrim]]''. Minus shape-changing powers (we think) and connection to their place of burial, anyway.
** Uhm, no they aren't. They're not dead. And they're not intelligent.
*** We don't know whether the White Walkers themselves are undead or not, but they are most certainly quite intelligent. They make weapons, command armies and follow strategies. If you watch the extras of the second season, you'll learn that the story of the Commander of the Night's Watch who married a female White Walker thousands of years ago and enslaved his men with sorcery is still canon.
*** From the Books: That's just ''one'' of the many different, often self-contradicting tales about that specific part of the ASoIF mythos, and even so, Draugr are not specifically related to ice in any direct way like the Others are. Also, going by the books, all of their magic hinges on ice. Draugr had powers of illusion and curses (A Draugr cursed Grettir with a fear of darkness in the Saga of Grettir the Strong) and, in some myths, size-changing. Hence, the Others/White Walkers are nothing at all like Draugr.
** Oh, one more thing -- WordOfGod confirms them to be flash-frozen Sidhe rip-offs. WordOfGod also confirmed that they were supposed to be beautiful, but here they look Uruk-Hai with white hair.

[[WMG:Jaqen H'gar is a TimeLord]]
* If he was a time lord, he would be doing a lot more running.
* And he is also [[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya Haruhi Suz]]... *gets shot*

[[WMG: Syrio Forel and Jaqen H'ghar are a [[{{Exalted}} Sidereal]].]]
He's training Arya for [[{{Chessmaster}} Sidereal reasons]]. Maybe she has an incoming Exaltation herself.

[[WMG: R'hllor is [[BabylonFive Lorien]].]]
Lorien's ability to bring people back to life for a limited period of time is somewhat similar to that of R'hllor priests. Also, depending on how you pronounce R'hllor, it sounds a little bit similar.

[[WMG: Khal Drogo is actually Ronon Dex hallucinating while "dead" in a ''Series/StargateAtlantis'' episode.]]
In "Enemy at the Gate", Ronan Dex has been drained by a wraith - the series is his hallucination before the wraith brings him back. The witch trying to "kill" him is an in-hallucination extension of the wraith bringing him back. (FYI for Non-Stargate fans - it's the same actor)
* The only problem is that there is more than one season of Game of Thrones. Why would he hallucinate further events if he already died ''inside his own hallucination''? This would only make sense if Drogo was coming back from the dead somehow later in the show (probably at the end)...

[[WMG: Creator/LiamNeeson as Lord Howland Reed]]
Film/LoveActually is the connective tissue here, AKA it's the only other thing I've seen Thomas Brodie-Sangster in.
* [[{{Film/Taken}} Maybe he'll torture Walder Frey to death with electric shocks.]]

[[WMG: [[Literature/HarryPotter Godric Gryffindor]] is a descendant of the Lannisters.]]
Perhaps he married into the family line or something and adopted the sigil and did his best to erase all the horrible misgivings the Lannisters may have caused. Especially easy if you're a wizard. For all we know, Casterly Rock was renamed Godric's Hollow as time wore on and eventually the Lannister name was was merely a footnote in history, if that. [[spoiler: Tywin probably rolled over in his grave.]] Not only are the icons (a Lion) and the colors (Red/Scarlet and Gold) the same, but there are certain traits among both Lannisters and Gryffindors that are both held high. A certain penchant for breaking rules, for being daring and sure of nerve. We're just lucky there wasn't a house in Hogwarts with the symbol of a wolf...
* Or, Gryffindor was one of the few remaining Lannisters and married one of the few remaining Starks. Or was the product of a Lannister-Stark marriage. Gryffindor House also holds high several traits that the Starks hold pretty high too (bravery, chivalry, and honor among them). On the other hand, a different Lannister marriage produced Salazar Slytherin, who wasn't as fussed about his heritage as Gryffindor. The penchant for breaking the rules, ambition, and daring are traits the Lannisters and Gryffindors share with Slytherins.
** Where does that put [[ThoseTwoGuys Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff]]?
*** At one point, The Night's Watch relaxed its rules, allowing women to join. Eventually, they elected Rowena Ravenclaw as the Lady Commander. That explains why the Ravenclaw crest is a crow and not a raven. Hufflepuffs evolved from a cult that worshipped the pig that killed King Robert.

[[WMG: Somewhere in an alternate universe, Joffrey was called into [[Literature/HarryPotter Dolores Umbridge's]] office and brought his tongue-slicer with him.]]
That alternate universe fell to pieces the same day.

[[WMG: Ramsay Snow is The Joker]]
Because, seriously, who else could put a man through torture that brutal and still remain hilarious.

[[WMG: This planet, Avatar the Last Airbender, and Tamriel, all orbit the same sun.]]
The comet that passes in the first two books, is the same one that the people on the Avatar planet call Sozin's Comet. Possibly even on the same pass, a comet that passes the Avatar planet every hundred years, just happened to pass close by GoT's, the plot's matching up.
I just added Tamriel because the starline for that planet was alien too.
** ... You do realize that the moons of Tamriel are the perpetually rotting and regrowing remains of a dead god, right?
*** It'd still be possible for it to be in the same Planetary System, one planet's moons are completely separate from another's.
* On ''yet another'' planet orbiting the same sun, the comet is known as [[IllusionOfGaia the Chaos Comet]].

[[WMG: The other side of whatever planet the continents of Westeroes and Essos are on holds the lands of the {{TabletopGame/Warhammer}} world.]]
And as for the reason why anywhere south of Norsca and the Chaos Wastes don't get the same ridiculous seasonal cycles as Westeroes? Chaos is the only true answer.

[[WMG: Under the Iron Throne there is a portal.]]
The portal leads into our modern universe, and whoever wins the game of thrones with enough power to ensure that they will never be displaced, will discover our world.

[[WMG: One of the Stark kids is the ultimate ancestor of [[Film/IronMan another famous Stark]].]]
* It's definitely Sansa. [[spoiler: At some point she'll have a son with Tyrion, and this son will take on the Stark name (as the kid will be the lord of Winterfell, and Winterfell is traditionally the Stark's), but will have a liking for Lannister's colours.]] Maybe his name will be Anton Stark, or something, and he'll create as much of a reputation as a genius as Bran the Builder.
** Tyrion did design that saddle for Bran, so engineering would certainly run in the family from both sides.
* Alternate Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse nonsense: Spring never comes (hence [[spoiler: the last(?) book's called ''A'' Dream ''of Spring'', no one said Spring will actually come]]), planet plunges into permanent ice age, White Walkers rise to power. Many years pass and the White Walkers are at war with people from another world. [[Film/{{Thor}} The enemy's leader discovers an infant and adopts him]], giving him nigh-immortality. The infant is the reincarnation of [[TricksterGod Petyr]]... and he doesn't have [[MoralityChain a good love interest]] (as far as I know).

[[WMG: The ''Franchise/{{Terminator}}'' series is connected to this universe.]]
* It's not simply pure coincidence that Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) was cast as Sarah Connor in ''Film/TerminatorGenisys'', with Lena Headey (Cersei) being previously cast in the TV series. It will turn out the whole series is set in the far and distant future, where an apocalypse took place after a corporation that joined forces with Skynet called Targaryen Industries combined their use of machines and dragons to start a whole new war, thus dooming civilization. And now, Sarah Connor must go back in time to prevent this catastrophe, and ends up meeting herself in alternate timelines a la ''Film/StarTrek'', meeting her Lena Headey counterpart. It ALSO turns out that Cersei and Dany are secretly related, and Cersei is secretly using her power to wipe out everybody else to give Dany enough time to come home and continue what is actually a sinister plan to regenerate the dragons and machinery army with Dany's Unsullied army as part of some scheme to create an unstoppable army and control the universe. So this is what the Connors are trying to prevent in this new ''Terminator'' timeline and this ''Game of Thrones'' timeline.

[[WMG: Arya is an alternative universe incarnation of [[Film/KillBill O-Ren Oshii]].]]
* She's a girl who is orphaned at a young age after her parents are brutally murdered, and later joins an assassination squad and gets her first kill under their name while posing as a child prostitute (although Meryn wasn't the target of her assigned mission). Arya's court upbringing, noble name, and intelligence could lead to her eventually leaving the Faceless Men and becoming queen of the Braavosi criminal underworld.

[[WMG: Jorah Monmort is a double agent working for Daenerys.]]
* He will return to Westeros, pardon in hand, and send secret communications to Dany. All of his communications will be to Barristan Selmy.

[[WMG: Bran will fly...]]
* [[spoiler: by Warging into one of Daenerys' dragons.]]

[[WMG: Gravity on the world of Westros is much lower than on the earth. This explains why:]]
* Its possible to build stone and ice walls 700 feet tall. Impossible on earth.
* Untrained and poorly equipped people can climb the wall.
* Dragons can fly with small wings.
* Knights fight wearing absurd amounts of armor.

[[WMG: The Theon Greyjoy story line foreshadows Jon Snow's eventual story arc.]]
* Jon Snow will eventually be forced to choose between his adopted family and his blood family ([[spoiler: the Starks and Targaryens respectively.]])
* His abandonment of Ygrette is also foreshadowing. "You can't win..."
* Theon doesn't recognize his sister once and refuses to acknowledge her the second time they meet. This will be replicated with Lyra and Sansa.
* His choice will destroy him, much as it did with Theon.

[[WMG: Smaug is the father of Daenerys' dragons:]]
* Before becoming the last Great dragon, Smaug mated with the last female of his kind, she laid her eggs and many many years later three of them ended with Daenerys.

[[WMG: In the series finale, Khaleesi will marry Jack Sparrow.]]
In the ''Series/ParksAndRecreation'' episode "Leslie and Ron," which takes place 2017, Leslie says that this happens in the series finale.
* If [[PiratesOfTheCaribbean Jack Sparrow]] is her slang for a pirate character, then perhaps she means Euron Greyjoy aka [[spoiler:Daario Naharis]]

[[WMG: The Mountain is a Time Lord.]]
* He has an appropriately-formatted name ("The Doctor," "The Master," "The Mountain"), and in a series where characters die all the time, he remains alive— but is played by a different actor. In Season 5, we will finally see The Mountain regenerate on-screen (much to Qyburn's delight).

[[WMG: Strong Belwas from the books is [[Series/BreakingBad Huell Babineaux]]]]
[[http://imgur.com/a/3fnCC Evidence]].



[[WMG: Drogon didn't burn that child in Season 4, the Sons of the Harpy did.]]
They burnt the child because they knew suspicion would fall on Daenarys' dragons, forcing her to lock them up, thereby driving a wedge between Daenarys and her dragons so that they would be less trusting of her and willing to aid her in battle against the Sons of the Harpy.

[[WMG: The series finale will air in 2017.]]
The series finale is mentioned in the ''Series/ParksAndRecreation'' episode "Leslie and Ron," which takes place 2017.

[[WMG: The Targaryen Olenna had originally been engaged to was Maester Aemon]]
* Considering how striking she must have been when she was young and how Maester Aemon still seems to have feelings for her, it would be a very sad WhatCouldHaveBeen, especially considering that their union might have actually produced a more stable, less CrapsackWorld with a sane king and a competent and intelligent queen.
** Maester Aemon is a hundred years old(in the books and his actor is in his 90s) while Olenna is a good twenty-twenty five years younger. Of course given the age difference its possible. Moreover, Olenna is quite dismissive of that Targaryen Prince and mocking. Given that Aemon's brother Aegon V, "Egg" became the last good Targaryen ruler and in the lore, he married for love but forbade his children from doing so, and the fact that Olenna is a contemporary of Tywin, at least in the show(where he's 67), its likely that Prince was Aerys II, which means that Olenna dodged a real bullet just as she ensured Margaery did with Joffrey.
** It's probably not Aemon. In ''Literature/TheWorldOfIceAndFire'', its revealed that Olenna Redwyne was engaged to Daeron Targaryen, son of Aegon V (a.k.a Egg). That guy backed out of the marriage because he was gay...which makes Margaery a HistoryRepeats.

[[WMG: The Martells in Season Five]]
* The Martells and the Golden Company subplots from Books 4 and 5 will be streamlined into a single whole. Doran Martell will be introduced as a secret Chessmaster who has been Varys' sponsor and financial backer(he is stated to be very rich) in setting up the Targaryen Restoration. It will be stated that Illyrio Mopatis was one of his agents, that he had planned the Khal Drogo/Dany wedding. It will be a simple and time efficient way to introduce the new character, setting and subplot. Season 4 will open with Tyrion and Varys' ship landing at Sunspear and Tyrion meeting Doran who tells him to take his son Trystane and/or Quentyn with him to Essos to bring back "our heart's desire: Vengeance, Justice, Fire and Blood". It also gives Tyrion a palpable goal, a new dynasty change will give him a pardon for his crimes and Casterly Rock and a fresh start and Doran will tell Tyrion that he owes Oberyn who died for him.
** Oberyn Martell is stated to have spent a lot of time in the East, probably on Doran's orders to establish a support base for the exiled Targaryens. In the books he worked with the Second Sons, here he worked with the Golden Company. Doran probably kept his cards close and presumably did not tell him about Varys being his man on the inside but Varys hints quite slyly to Oberyn about their connection in their conversation in the Iron Throne.
** With Arianne presumably AdaptedOut, it is likely that Myrcella Baratheon will become a kind of quasi-replacement with Doran and the Sand Snakes trying to manipulate her to taking the crown in a PlayingBothSides gambit.

[[WMG: The Golden Company in Season Five]]
* Bittersteel's Boys have been name-dropped twice in Season 4, with Jorah being a former mercenary for them and Davos recommending hiring them to Stannis. Given the whole Fake Aegon and Jon Connington thing, which might be hard to integrate in Game of Thrones, especially since it isn't backstory-crazy, their role and presence will likely be very different to how it is in the books.
** In Scenario One, Fake Aegon and Jon Connington are AdaptedOut and the Golden Company are combined with the Windblown and the Second Sons. The plan is A) Bring Back Daenerys to Westeros and if that doesn't work, B) Convince the Golden Company to take Westeros on behalf of Myrcella Baratheon, put brother against sister. It will simplify and make the whole story still work.
** In Scenario Two, Tyrion and Varys travels with the mercenaries to Braavos(instead of Pentos since it saves time and locations) and meets Aegon VI and Jon Connington in "The House with the Red Door"(a cool MythologyGag for fans) where Tyrion tells Aegon to go to Westeros while he heads to Meereen.
** In Scenario Three, The Golden Company are independent and unaffiliated. They are the personal PMC company on staff to the Iron Bank of Braavos who are built up as the next BiggerBad in Season Four. After Stannis' victory at the Wall and Tywin's death, the Golden Company will be assigned to protect Stannis' territory in Storm's End and the Stormlands mirroring the action in the books. The Martells and Tyrion and Varys will try and sway the Golden Company to their side away from Stannis and the Crown but Jorah who's in Braavos, kidnaps Tyrion putting a SpannerInTheWorks.

[[WMG: Varys will explain Shae's reasons for betraying Tyrion, and will also reveal the truth about Tysha]]
Either to pass the time on the voyage to Essos or simply to assuage Tyrion's curiosity, Varys will eventually explain how much of Shae's betrayal was due to the disastrous attempt at [[ShooTheDog shooing the dog]] and how much of it was due to coercion and/or torture. Also - perhaps in order to manipulate Tyrion to his own ends - he'll also reveal the fact that Tysha wasn't a whore at all, and that Jaime couldn't bring himself to admit this to Tyrion even during their farewell. Cue Tyrion reflecting on what he might have said to Jaime had he actually revealed it, and asking where Tysha went following the rape.
-->'''Varys:''' According to my little birds, Ser Jaime once asked your father that very question. He had only one answer: "wherever whores go."
* Jossed. Goddammit.

[[WMG: Tyrion will end up leading a Dothraki horde [[spoiler: which eventually discovers Dany in the Dothraki sea]]]]
Since the Khalisar of the dothraki army which [[spoiler: finds Dany at the very end of ADWD]] was killed by Drogo in season 1, Tyrion's plotline will be altered to having him win over the support of a large army of Dothraki in much the same manner as he did the Vale clans in season 1 after he [[spoiler: escapes slavery]]. This may replace his interactions with the Second Sons, or said interactions could be delegated to another character.

[[WMG: Rattleshirt will replace Tormund and the Weeper]]
...as [[spoiler: the wildling leading the remaining part of the army that is not captured or surrendering right after Stannis defeats Mance.]] Tormund, on the other hand, will replace Val as the wildling sent to treat with him, accounting for the fact that in show continuity Tormund is south of the Wall rather than north.
** Or this subplot could be trimmed down simply to Tormund being sent north to treat with the army on behalf of the captured Mance.

However, Rattleshirt [[spoiler: will refuse Tormund's terms, and be captured in a second battle later. This will earn him a visit to the pyre, sparing us the ADWD Rattleshirt/Mance glamor switcheroo nonsense.]]
** Casting sheets say that Varamyr Sixskins is being cast for season 5, and he could easily replace the Weeper or Rattleshirt.

[[WMG: Tyrion and/or Arya will eventually meet Daenerys]]
A given since both are main characters headed for Essos, and up until this point Daenerys has been the only main character with a major arc taking place in Essos. Right now the three of them have their own separate story threads, but it wouldn't be surprising if at least one of Tyrion or Arya eventually comes into contact with Daenerys. Seeing as Arya's given up on her family in Westeros and Tyrion's made himself an enemy to the Lannisters, they might even end up helping Daenerys conquer Westeros.

[[WMG: Drogon did not kill that child.]]
That scene where Drogon killed that goat is an obvious RedHerring since we see him in action as "the black shadow" and burning that goat. But even there, Drogon deliberately flies away from that child focusing only on the goat. It's clear there that Daenerys trained him well to leave humans unless she commands it. That burnt skeleton could either be faked or from an already dead child, burnt in the pyre. As to who did that? The suspects are endless: Hizdahr, the Meereenese ruling party or probably Tywin Lannister who sends letters to Meereen, we see him "out" Jorah's former treachery to Dany, he's not beyond killing children, and it is the kind of manipulative trick he'd pull to force Dany to imprison her own dragons.

[[WMG: Tywin and [[spoiler:Shae]]]]
Wasn't something they were doing on a regular basis, but [[HookersAndBlow a one-time thing]]. Tywin was driven to hire her services after that conversation with Cersei made his world come crashing down.

[[WMG: [[spoiler: Lady Stoneheart]] will appear in the first or last scene of Season 5's premiere.]]
Despite a lot of [[Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire book]] fans crying foul about her not appearing in the Season 4 finale, it would be a good way to introduce Season 5's overall atmosphere to show that, yes, things are going to get much, much, '''much''' darker.
** There's also the fact that much of the final part of Book 3 is still not put on screen, the events at the Wall for instance, the Lord Commander's election, Stannis and Jon meeting man to man and offering him Winterfell. It wasn't just Lady Stoneheart that was left out. Those parts are crucial to any future development of Jon Snow's storyline. And Lady Stoneheart is crucial to Brienne and Jaime's storyline. If they were to Adapt her out they would never introduce Beric Dondarrion to begin with or show the Brotherhood. Their storyline becomes more important in ''Literature/AFeastForCrows'' where Jaime visits the post-war Riverlands. There's already plenty of foreshadowing with Brienne getting tired of Podrick's company and complaining about him, the fact that she is already facing consequences for carrying a Lannister sword on travel and is further saddened with a Stark girl telling her she doesn't trust her.
** The real reasons why she was missing was as Alex Graves said, the producers did not feel it right to introduce her in an out-of-context Wham scene in the finale, where she randomly hangs Freys who are otherwise not seen throughout the season. In the books it worked because it took place in one book, but in a single season where a character suddenly shows up like a GiantSpaceFleaOutOfNowhere hanging some non-entity Frey would come off as cheap. That said, if she's not in next season, then they really won't bring her back.

[[WMG: Lady Merryweather won't be AdaptedOut]]
The most important characteristic of Cersei's arc in book 4 is the contrast between how clever she thinks she is (and how smug she is about it) and how the consequences of her schemes turn out. Since we can't access her internal monologues on TV, she needs some (seemingly) sycophantic character to act as her sounding board.
* Plus the show has steadfastly refused to not include as many sex scenes as humanly possible, so there's no way in hell they wont have [[spoiler: Cersei's lesbian sex scene with Lady Merryweather]] adapted in some way. (Though Lena Headey has said explicitly she's saving any nudity for a particular scene from ADWD...

[[WMG: Coldhands will appear in season 5]]
We can still hope can't we?
* Since Bran is mostly done with his plot from book 5, they might add Coldhands now to give him something to do.

[[WMG: Obara Sand will fight....]]
As part of the recent casting sheets publication, it has been revealed that Obara Sand will have a fight scene with a series regular that never meets her in the books. Given there are scenes being shot in Dorne it is almost certainly gonna take place in Dorne itself, and given the need to introduce her as a badass, said character will need to be a capable fighter themselves. Thus let us begin our speculation.
* Bronn: Maybe he and Lolys (who is also scheduled to be cast) run away to Dorne in order to escape a wrathful Cersei and end up embroiled in the politics there.
* Jorah: Now he is banished and wandering the world, maybe he ends up in Dorne for a time before or during [[spoiler: his joining up with Tyrion]].
* Yara: The Ironborn are raiding everywhere they can, and given the alterations made to the Ironborn plotline it isn't unfathomable she might try to raid Dorne.
** I would count Yara out, on the grounds that she's already been thoroughly humiliated once. She's still supposed to be a formidable warrior, but if she's bested by both Ramsay and Obara, it would be hard for anyone, in or out of universe, to take her seriously again.
* Daario: Is also out of Meereen and known for wanting to take a proactive stance with regards to potential enemies of Dany.
* Loras: erm....maybe he gets sent to Dorne by Cersei to make sure Myrcella is protected.
However if the story is modified to have her in Kings Landing (i.e. to bring back her father's body) then that opens up the possibility of...
* Jaime: Given her likely psychotic hatred of the Lannisters, he seems an obvious target and it could be a reversal of his fight scene with Ned in season 1.
* Ser Meryn Trant: Because everyone wants to see this guy get repeatedly stabbed.
** He could easily be sent to Dorne as a guard for Myrcella if the role of Arys Oakheart is cut, too. (Same with Loras should he join the Kingsguard in season 5)
* Gendry: It would give him a chance to make a cameo....okay, I'm reaching with this one.
* Maybe she will take over for Quentyn Martell and marches with Tyrion and Co. to Essos to find the Dragon Queen, along the way she could meet say, Jorah Mormont, Ser Barristan, Daario, Grey Worm and finally decide to [[spoiler:free the dragons and get roasted]].

[[WMG: Either Grey Worm or Missandei is going to die]]
There's been a lot of emphasis on their romance, which is not present in the books. While it's very sweet, the show rarely does sweet just for the sake of it. They're making the characters sympathetic before one of them dies.
* Plus, there are a number of characters who are not present in the show that die in the books. Either Grey Worm or Missanei's death will replace one of theirs.

[[WMG: In the long run, the Starks are actually in a better position than the other houses.]]
Although they're decimated and scattered across the Westeros, its not completely out of the question for them to be able to make a comeback. Compare with the other major houses:
* Lannisters: As of Season 4 they're going broke, Tywin isn't exactly getting any younger, his eldest son can't legally inherit his titles, he refuses to name his only other son as his heir ([[spoiler: and given Tyrion's arrest, its quite unlikely Tywin will ever change his mind]][[spoiler: also Tywin is dead]]), and Cersei isn't exactly the best candidate to bring the house back to its former glory.
* Tyrells: Their only male heir is gay and less likely to father any children, but of course averted if Loras decides to take one for the team.
* Baratheon: Stannis' wife is unable to give him any sons, and his only daughter is an IllGirl.
* Targaryen: Daenerys doesn't currently have any heirs, and in the books its implied that she's infertile.
* Bolton: Although Ramsay was legitimized as the heir to House Bolton, he's much more impulsive than his father and probably wouldn't be much better at ruling than Joffrey was. Also, if the rest of the North finds out that Bran and Rickon are still alive their hold over the North will significantly weaken.
* Frey: They have plenty of heirs, but in Season 4 its made clear that they're terrible at ruling and very unpopular with the smallfolk. Thanks to the Red Wedding, they're most likely the most hated house in Westeros for violating SacredHospitality.

On the other hand, the Starks still have two male heirs in the line of succession, with at least Rickon being capable of fathering another heir later on down the road. Additionally, the Starks were very much well liked by their allies right up until their downfall, all of whom would happily aid any of the surviving Stark children.

[[WMG: Ghost was captured accidentally, and Karl keeps him around to fuck with Rast's head]]
Summer fell in a trap. It only makes sense that Ghost fell in another, or even the same one, in the first place.

Who built that trap? Craster. He lives in the asscrack of the world and needs every pelt and bit of meat he can get his hands on, moreso in winter. It also provides defense against predators (like direwolves) or even other wildlings that might smell his tasty pork getting fried and want to raid his place. He's only one man and his wives don't seem battle trained after all.

Which leads us to the question of why, once Ghost fell on a trap laid by Craster that the mutineers probably didn't even know existed, they decided to *not* kill him and make him a nice cover. It's because Rast hates Ghost, going back to that incident in Season 1, and Karl wants to fuck with Rast because he is a bully. So Karl makes Rast care for Ghost, even if it costs him food, because he finds it amusing.
* It's unlikely this will ever be confirmed due to the whole...dead mutineers thing.

[[WMG: Walda's ultimate fate [[spoiler: will be being turned into the Frey Pies]] ]]
Since the show has cut out pretty much all the Frey characters from the books there are precious few recognizable Freys who could end up [[spoiler: being fed to their own relatives]], and given how dangerous her position already is in the books, she seems the logical candidate.

[[WMG: Grey Worm and Missandei will have a very sweet romance on the side which will end in tragedy]]
They will dance around each other in a WillTheyOrWontThey manner since she's Dany's personal servant and he's a eunuch. [[ShipperOnDeck Dany and a few others will ship them]]. Then they'll spend one night together, just holding each other. And then [[spoiler: Grey Worm will take Stalwart Shield's place as the Unsullied who was murdered by the Sons of the Harpy]] and leave Missandei heartbroken.

[[WMG: Loras and Cersei will be married.]]
[[spoiler:Although this will be a ''huge'' departure from the books,]] the writers may choose to go in this direction if they decide to keep Loras [[spoiler:out of the Kingsguard]] due to him being the sole male heir to Highgarden. After Margaery [[spoiler:marries Tommen]], there is no valid reason for Loras to stay in King's Landing [[spoiler:if he never dons the white cloak]]. Since Mace Tyrell will presumably [[spoiler:serve as Master of Ships on the Small Council]], Loras would be expected to return to Highgarden and rule in his stead. However, if Loras marries Cersei (however unwillingly), he will then become the husband of the Queen Regent and [[spoiler:more importantly, the ''stepfather'' of King Tommen]]. For dramatic purposes, the showrunners may prefer to heighten the Lannister-Tyrell dynamic by giving Loras a more powerful position than he had in the novels (his TV character has already been "promoted" to heir to Highgarden, after all). As [[spoiler:Tommen's stepfather]], Loras would exert greater authority than his book counterpart when [[spoiler:he and Margaery spend time with the young King in an attempt to limit Cersei's toxic influence on Tommen]]. Sure, Cersei is the Queen Regent, and will still retain her role in the political side of things, but in terms of how their marriage is run [[spoiler:and how Tommen is raised]], Loras as her husband would--at least in theory--trump her. (A similar real-life example--with a ruling queen regnant instead of a temporary queen regent--is Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip. She is completely independent when performing her royal duties, but he is the dominant partner in their marriage.)
* There may be a hint in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pM3vZxrFo24 this featurette]], where Roger Ashton-Griffiths says of his character, "I'm interested in the welfare of my children, by which I mean I want them to sit on the Iron Throne." Notice that the actor specifically uses the word "children," so unlike book!Mace, the TV version may want Loras to become part of the royal family in addition to Margaery. In Loras' case, the best Mace can hope for is for his son to be married to the Queen Regent, as Myrcella has already been betrothed to a Martell.
** There is also Jaime's comment in "The Lion and the Rose" where he mentions that both Tywin and Mace are very keen to see Cersei and Loras wed.

[[WMG: Roose will have a few PetTheDog moments with Walda.]]
In the books, the normally cold, clinical Roose Bolton mentions that he's grown oddly fond of his new wife. Given that the Boltons will be getting more screentime in the upcoming seasons, this relationship may be somewhat more developed.

[[WMG: Myranda is going to be tortured/killed by Ramsay next time she appears.]]
In one of the trailers there is a brief clip of her slapping Ramsay while having sex, and in another trailer is Ramsay with his chest covered in bloody scratch marks looking extremely pissed about something. Coupled with his conduct to those whom he tires of...yeah shes deader than Ned at this point.
* Partially Jossed, as the bloody naked Ramsay seems to be in reaction to Asha's storming of the Dreadfort, judging by the preview for 4.06
** He has sex with Myranda when the Ironborn attack, then appears bloodied in the middle of the battle against the Ironborn. Whose's blood, other than not Ramsey's, is undisclosed.

[[WMG: Loras will never join [[spoiler:Joffrey's or Tommen's Kingsguard.]]]]
He is the only son of Mace Tyrell on the show, so it's extremely doubtful that he would purposely endanger the ''survival'' of his House by [[spoiler:donning the white cloak]]. As much as he hates being betrothed to Cersei, it's difficult to imagine the dutiful Knight of Flowers placing his own selfish desire to escape a miserable marriage above his family's long-term future. According to GRRM, [[http://winteriscoming.net/2013/10/grrm-talks-season-4-beyond/ Willas and Garlan Tyrell will have important parts to play in future novels]]. TV!Loras is already a CompositeCharacter of his AdaptedOut brothers, so it's reasonable to assume that he will take over their roles at a later date. From the point of the view of the writers, it's better to keep Loras out of the [[spoiler:order]] so that he is free to leave King's Landing when the story requires him to [[spoiler:(e.g. like defending the Reach from the Ironborn)]].

[[WMG: Dagmer Cleftjaw is still alive.]]
Ramsay claimed that [[spoiler: he flayed all the Ironborn alive]] at Winterfel, but Dagmer might have been too smart for that. Book!Dagmer wouldn't have betrayed the Greyjoys in the first place, so maybe, after [[spoiler: handing Theon over to Ramsay]] in order to save his own ass, he joined Yara and her men in an effort to redeem himself.

[[WMG: Balerion is still alive]]
Unless of course he is reincarnated as Drogon, which is suggested in the books.
* I believe in the books it was strongly suggested that the dragon skull Arya hides in in season 1 while Varys and Ilyrio are plotting belonged to Balerion, but I don't know if it's stated explicitly.

[[WMG: The Lord of Light and The Drowned God both exist.]]
They are both powerful spirits that people have chosen to worship as gods. The Lord of Light dwells in the sky and and the Drowned God in the sea, only the followers of the Lord of Light call the Drowned God the Great Other and the Ironborn call the Lord of Light the Storm God. I know there is no evidence whatsoever to support this, but it has at least been implied that the Lord of Light is real and it would be awesome if these two beings both exist and are at war.

[[WMG: The Great Other will finally make an appearance near the end.]]
And he'll turn out to be [[IncrediblyLamePun a pretty cool guy.]] But in all seriousness he will be surprisingly friendly and non-malicious if disinterested in normal mortal affairs. Mostly he just cares about getting R'hllor to [[IncrediblyLamePun chill out a bit.]] Also his and R'hllor's dialogue is going to be [[HurricaneOfPuns Ice and Fire puns.]] Also FoeYay.

[[WMG: Ramsay Snow is the Author Avatar of George R. R. Martin, not Sam Tarly as is commonly believed]]
Ramsay chains up a character and continually tortures him in creative ways. He even says: "If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention." George R. R. Martin figuratively tortures his characters, in some cases to death, and by extension tortures his readers until they cry 'Stop!' but like Theon, they can't escape the torture.

[[WMG: Danerys Targaryen and Jon Snow will join forces.]]
It would make sense "a song of Fire (Targaryens) and Ice (Starks)." Danerys will have her dragons, and Jon will have an army of wildlings and others. Between the two of them they will take the Iron Throne. They both seem to be the "main" characters. They might rule together or Jon will bow to her and let her be queen. (Starks only bowed to dragons).

[[WMG: [[AxCrazy Ramsay]] is planning to transform "Reek" into [[FreudianExcuse his mother]]]]
Castration is only the beginning. Next will be the [[NightmareFuel Westerosi version]] of a [[MedicalHorror boob job]].
* The scene in the books where Reek is telling [[spoiler:Roose Bolton]] that he has "wounds" under his clothes will certainly have a new [[NightmareFuel horrifying meaning]]. A forced sex change with medieval tools...more BrainBleach, please.
** Biggest [[spoiler: Fake!Arya]] crackpot theory: She will be Trans!Reek. Reek knows Winterfell. Ramsay always wants Reek by his side. Reek's demeanor is so different from Theon that no one will recognize him in female clothing, even less so in Winterfell where everyone who knew him there was killed or taken in chains to the Dreadfort by Ramsay. [[spoiler: Instead of saving Fake!Arya, Reek will save himself when Ramsay wants to get intimate.]] Roose and Walda's children, if they have any, will be passed for Ramsay's.

[[WMG: Stannis will survive the series.]]
He'd seem pretty pointless if after all this trouble he faces his enemies and just dies. However, considering that the Khaleesi has dragons and the Unsullied, it is most likely that he will loose the war and, with Melisandre dead, realize what an arse he's been and walk away old and broken.
** Stannis fights for the Iron Throne because it is his by right, as far as he knows. Dany's claim obviously carries more weight than Stannis's, so it makes sense that Stannis would KnowWhenToFoldEm and bend the knee, possibly returning home to Storm's End.

[[WMG: Roose Bolton will be the final boss.]]
It's most likely that he will outlive all three main Lannister villains, as well as Frey, who also doesn't have the resources. Roose, having seized the North, decides to take the throne from the winner of the war (Dany?) but is defeated by a cunning strategy cooked up by Tyrion\Varys\Dany.

[[WMG: Yara Greyjoy will do to Ramsay what he did to Theon.]]
I have since discovered that her retaliation was not in the books, making this unlikely, but not necessarily impossible.

[[WMG: Jon Snow will play a key role in the Starks winning the war.]]
In the very first episode when the wolf cubs were found, Robb and Bran tried to protect them while Theon seemed willing to kill them. Jon Snow solved the problem. [[spoiler: This could be some major foreshadowing of future events.]]

[[WMG: Tyrion will die in the final episode.]]
After a great victory, a satisfying fate for all the most hated characters, and a Stark ruling the North with justice and honor, as in Season One, there will be a final betrayal (possibly orchestrated by a Bolton) and Tyrion, new Hand to the King\Queen will be killed. The final moment of the series will be Tyrion dying in someone's arms (Sansa?) and saying, "And now his watch is ended." That would of course be the only way to kill him off without everybody boycotting the series, and by ensuring that the ending is not entirely satisfying.

[[WMG: Jorah Mormont will die protecting the Khaleesi.]]
Furthermore, he will die in her arms and it will be a [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming crowning moment of heartwarming]] without there ever having been any romance between them.

[[WMG: At least one of the villains will escape justice.]]
Joffrey, Cersei, Ilim Payne, Tywin, The Mountain, [[spoiler: Roose]] as of the third series, Frey, Ramsay... there are so, so many. Considering how many good characters die, it makes sense that some of these villains will never get the nasty fates they deserve.

[[WMG: Bran Stark will end up on the Iron Throne, with Tyrion as his hand]]
Bran will find magic powers in the north, take several levels in Baddass, learn to walk again, and take the throne. Tyrion may end up eventually undoing Danerys when she succumbs to the Targaryen madness, or simply be around when she is defeated in her invasion of Westeros or her dragons turn on her. Tyrion has shown himself to be a capable Hand and got along well with Bran.)

[[WMG: Jon Snow will fight Daenerys Targaryen for the Iron Throne, win and be known as "King Snow" or the "The Bastard King"]]
Jon Snow will end up with an army of others and wildlings, and Bran's advanced magic abilities. Danerys will invade Westeros. Between the two of them, they will obliterate the Lannisters (except for Tyrion, because he always manages to survive). The two will fight and Jon's side will prevail.

[[WMG: The unused S3 melody "For the Realm"]]
...was originally part of a deleted scene showing the fates of the Northerners bodies after the Red Wedding.

[[WMG: The Tarly that Robert killed was the heir to House Tarly]]
Either Sam's uncle or an older brother. He had been carefully groomed from birth to lead the Tarlys in the future, but Robert put an end to that during the rebellion against Aerys. This set in motion a chain of events that ended with Sam, a kid who wouldn't have hope of inheriting originally and had not been prepared as a result, as heir presumptive.
* Does your chain of events include Sam's father, Lord Randyll? Because whether or not he was meant to inherit, he's done a fairly good job lording the house. ...Well, if by "good" we include "forcing your son to join the Night's Watch ''because'' he would make a poor lord," but let's be honest: he might have been a jackass about it, but he was not wrong.

[[WMG: Gendry will ''become'' Hyle Hunt]]
The Goldcloaks don't know his face but they do know his name. Running around the Crownlands under the name Gendry ''and'' looking like a Baratheon is still a likely death sentence. So, why not change names? "Hyle" could either be a LineOfSightName, or even a DeadPersonImpersonation with so many knights slain in battle during the War of the Five Kings.

[[WMG: Walder Frey [[spoiler:will become a CompositeCharacter of Emmon Frey and Devan Lannister.]]]]
When/If they show the [[spoiler:Siege of Riverrun]] subplot from AFFC, [[spoiler:Walder Frey will make an appearance at the Lannister/Frey camps close to Riverrun, where he has been appointed its newly made lord and arranged to marry a Lannister girl.]] This would solve the issue of introducing characters whose back stories haven't been previously established, particularly [[spoiler:Emmon Frey, whose marriage to Tywin's sister would confuse TV audiences into thinking: [[PlotHole "Wait, if the Lannisters were already married into House Frey, why weren't the Freys on the Lannisters' side in the first place?"]]]]

[[spoiler:Since Joyeuse Frey has been KilledOffForReal in the adaptation, the producers could easily have him reappear and take Devan's place, which would gender-invert the marriage pact that was made in the books. Also, Emmon Frey was an ItsAllAboutMe {{Jerkass}} who loved to boast about being the new Lord of Riverrun, which wouldn't be at all out-of-character for the old weasel. Even better, with the Brotherhood Without Banners at Riverrun "making plans for the wedding", Lord Frey could suffer a DeathByAdaptation at the "Red Wedding 2.0".]]

[[WMG: Jaime will give his position in the Kingsguard to Loras]]
The Kingsguard is made of 7 sworn knights, no more no less. While it is for life, Barristan's forced resignation (ironically to give his commander position to Jaime) sets a precedent for Jaime himself doing it, and the loss of his swordhand is the perfect excuse since he can't protect the King without it anyway. This will be a delight for Tywin, who wants Jaime to inherit Casterly Rock, marry and sire children that will keep it away from Tyrion (the Kingsguard requires celibacy and holding no lands or titles); but Jaime won't do it for him. He will as part of a gamble to save Cersei from a second arranged marriage and keep her to himself. So, in order to cancel the Cersei-Loras match, Jaime will offer Loras the Kingsguard position as his way out of the marriage, and Loras, being gay and Cersei being, well, Cersei, will accept. Joffrey will accept to name Loras behind Tywin's back because [[spoiler:he'll be bitter and want to piss off his grandfather after a discussion between the two]], as hinted by the promo and released synopsis for 3x10, and he's certainly petty and stupid enough to damage Tyrell-Lannister relations by doing this without sparing a second.
* There should be an open spot in the Kingsguard from when the Hound deserted.
** Actually, [[SeriousBusiness fans who have counted]] the Kingsguards in the background in Season 3 have concluded that they are 7 if you count Jaime and the one that went to Dorne with Myrcella, suggesting that the Hound's spot was filled between seasons. (Book spoiler: [[spoiler:His name's Osmund Kettleblack.]])

[[WMG: Tormund is Ygritte's father]]
He is old enough to be her father and promiscuous enough to not be sure about it. The two are also redheads and take an instant liking of Jon Snow despite having little reason to do so.
* I like this theory. I think he knows she is his daughter. In "The Climb", when she is about to fall, he is more worried than he was when all the others fell.

[[WMG: Loras will die.]]
* If you haven't read book 4, turn back now! [[spoiler: In A Feast for Crows, Loras recieves mortal wounds during a raid on Dragonstone, having been put to the obviously suicidal mission by Cersei. By A Dance with Dragons, he has still not recovered. He seems to have done his plot duty by this point and it's not likely we'll ever see him again. As of season three, Loras's role has been upped from the book, and David and Dan seem to be even more bloodthirsty than the original author. Chances are they're going to go right for the throat (or burning oil) and follow up on the show's murderous reputation. It grows ever more likely with every Loras scene, as he's quickly becoming a fan favorite.]]
** In the episode Mhysa, Cersei tells Tyrion in no uncertain terms she won't be marrying Ser Loras. How could she pull this off without angering Tywin? Seems this might be the way to do it...
*** Loras's death will anger Olenna a lot, even more than Joffrey's treatment of Margaery already has. Mace (who will now appear) may try doing something, but god knows he's always ineffective. But Olenna standing there taking the death of her grandson like nothing? Oh-no. [[spoiler: It will lead nicely to her poisoning Joffrey. And the best part? If the above troper is right, it will be Cersei's fault.]] Maybe now that Stannis is already on his way to the wall, Cersei will set the Siege of Dragonstone earlier.
*** ''If'' Loras dies in Season 4, it won't occur before [[spoiler:the PW because Finn Jones has appeared in at least three HBO featurettes dressed in Loras' flowery outfit with the outdoor wedding feast set in the background.]]
** I very much doubt that TV!Loras will be killed off before the events of ''The Winds of Winter'' because according to GRRM, [[http://winteriscoming.net/2013/10/grrm-talks-season-4-beyond/ Willas and Garlan Tyrell will have important parts to play in future novels]]. TV!Loras is already a CompositeCharacter of his AdaptedOut brothers, so he will most likely take over their roles in the later seasons.

[[WMG:Margaery Tyrell does anal, or is bisexual]]
* In season 3, when she's trying to comfort Sansa about the positives of marrying Tyrion, she mentions that he's said to be quite skilled, and that women are very hard to pleased, among other things. Sansa asks her how she knew that, and if her mother had told her. Margaery hesitates, as wondering if she should screw with Sansa's innocence and adoration for her or not, and then she unconvincingly says that yeah, her mother told her. Now, for her to be betrothed to Joffrey, having Loras vouch for her maidenhood wouldn't be enough. Surely there would have been some sort of official "checking", so she must be a maiden still. Now, what would they be looking at to confirm she's a maiden? Exactly. So if she's indeed "versed" in sex, she must have either had [[spoiler: only anal sex with men, or have non-penetrative sex with other women.]] The second option wouldn't be so far fetched, considering what his brother is like, and how nonchalant her grandmother was when confronted by Tywin about the rumors about him.
** While this could be true, we cannot take for granted that she is TechnicalVirgin. Checking the hymen isn't very reliable, since many women lose their hymens while riding, and characters in the books (including Cersei, who would love to find a way to get rid of Margaery) freely admit it.
** Because non-penetrative sex between heterosexual couples doesn't exist, obviously.

[[WMG:Most of "A Feast for Crows" Will be Omitted Completely.]]
* Until book 4, "A Song of Ice and Fire" is a rollicking thriller, but "Feast" is kind of the oddball of the series, in that not much really happens. The focus is on the fallout of the war, rather than on the twisty conflicts of the rest of the series. The Greyjoy, Martell, Arya, and Sansa chapters are all essential, but a majority of it is Cersei brooding in King's Landing and Brienne riding around for no apparent reason. Chances are 99% of the Brienne material will be cut and Cersei will get even less screen time than in season 3. Luckily, there's more material to combine with "Dance" to make up a solid season 4-5.
** This makes sense, to a point. AFFC and ADWD are meant to be taking place simultaneously. My prediction is that this will be reflected starting season five.
** On that note, most of Dany's Meereen material will be abridged as well. A whole lot of minor characters that play a role in those chapters are either dead or have been omitted by the writers. There's too much relevant stuff going on in Westeros to bother the viewers with having to remember 40 new characters all named Hazoo.

[[WMG:In the series verse Syrio Forel is Jaqen H'ghar.]]
Syrio Forel's discussion on death sounds a heck of a lot like [[spoiler:a faceless man]]. Alternatively he just knows it well being of Braavos.
* The whole speech did seem to imply his familiarity at the very least with the book's Many-Faced God. Might be the creators have a little inside info that they need to hint at a connection to [[spoiler: The Faceless Men]] and Syrio for some reason. However they could just as easily be using a native Braavosi to introduce Arya to the concept of the god of death without it seeming like heavy handed exposition. Just simply planting the seed for the future story lines. I do hope it is the case as it's one of my favourite theories or failing that Syrio returns in some other way.
** Er, what? Isn't "Not today?" the exact ''opposite'' of "valar morghulis"?
** Eh, "All Men Must Die." doesn't mean it has to be today they die. "All Men Must Die but Not Today."?
* The motto is two parts; "All Men Must Die; All Men Must Serve." There's a WMG somewhere that proposes that as Braavos is a former slave city, "serve" is next to synonymous with "live", as in "I can't die today, I'm busy serving".
* Interestingly, one of [[spoiler:Jaqen's]] other identities, The Alchemist, is actually described in the books as looking a fair amount like TV!Syrio- he has thick, black curly hair and a fairly large, hooked nose. This would make it easy for the show to confirm this theory, by having [[spoiler:Jaqen]] be a different actor, and then transform back into (a disguised) Syrio as The Alchemist. Still, as noted below, it's hard to believe that Syrio survived his last appearance- if Trant/Syrio is alive, then Syrio/Trant shouldn't be.
** Actually he could be. If he could somehow escape the room (either by disarming Trant or simply escaping through the window), it's unlikely Trant would tell anyone that he was outmaneuvered by the little girl's dance instructor. Trant could have easily coerced his guards into backing some story of Syrio's demise to save himself the embarassment/punishment.
* Possible evidence in the season 2 finale; When Jaqen says goodbye to Arya, he calls her "Arya Stark", despite Arya never telling him her name.

[[WMG:Syrio Forel did not die in episode 8.]]
You can hear several death screams after Arya ran out of the room. Clearly Syrio picked the sword from one of the downed soldiers and made quick work of all of them. He just didn't want Arya to see the slaughter.
* Why stop there? I'm pretty sure the season finale will end with the Lannister and Stark armies converging on King's Landing, the gates swing open, and all we'll see is Syrio Forel, standing atop a pile of shishkebabbed Lannisters.
* We last saw him face Ser Meryn Trant in a fight to the death. Meryn Trant has survived the encounter as he hits Sansa in the season finale.
* Not to mention, one of the heads on spikes in the same scene may be his. It's difficult to tell, but it may be the one to the left of the Septa's.
* In the books, it's never elaborated on whether he was killed or not, or what happened to him. The only reference to him up through book 5 is a brief reference to him--still referred to as Arya's dancing master--interfering with their attempt to grab Arya resulting in her getting away.
** Additionally, George R. R. Martin has never actually confirmed that Syrio died, only vaguely hinted at it, which is highly unusual since he has confirmed outright every other offscreen death thus far. It's possible he's leaving himself an opening in case readers and viewers want Syrio to make another appearance.

[[WMG: Ros has become a spy for Littlefinger and/or Varys and Pycelle was onto it.]]
We know she works Littlefinger and besides her profession, has a natural talent for being TheWatson/played into the show's love of "sexposition". It seems rather suspicious in "Fire and Blood" that she basically wanted to know Pycelle's feelings about all of the kings that he's served, and he seemed to catch on this, which probably explains why he effusively praises Joffrey (he wouldn't want that psychopath to learn that Pycelle had criticized him) and seems to feign senility to stop Ros' questioning. Note that the very next scene shows Varys and Littlefinger involved in their usual plotting.
* Probably every single one of Littlefinger's whores is a spy for him. And yes, Pycelle is clearly feigning that he is just a senile old guy - after Ros leaves, he stretches, makes a couple of squats, then puts on his robe, his chains ''and his slouch''.
** I wouldn't call this a guess so much as an outright fact. It even seems as though he begins expositing to her without her asking anything, as though he is intentionally taking an opportunity to further portray himself with the mask he has been wearing to this point. Everything he has said and done when other characters are present could be for an (as of yet) undisclosed agenda. The real question is "What is Pycelle's agenda?"
** Jossed as of "The Climb".
*** Not really. Littlefinger could very well have employed Ros as a spy before she defected to Varys. And we still don't know if Pycelle was on it in that scene, and probably we never will.

[[WMG: The Starks and Danaerys will wind up in alliance together]]
* Ned, one of the principle instigators of the Baratheon rebellion, is no longer [[IncrediblyLamePun head]] of the Stark family, Robb and Catelyn want vengeance for Ned's execution, and the man who killed Dany's father in the first place, Jaime Lannister, is in Stark custody. The Starks, furthermore, have no interest in the Iron Throne, instead content to govern themselves and see to the problems in the North. It would be a mutually beneficial partnership: The Starks assist Danaerys, her legitimacy to the throne reinforced by the fact that she's truly of the Dragon's blood(immunity to fire) and one of the symbols of the Targaeryens' Mandate of Heaven(of sorts) was their dragons which Dany's returned to the world. The Starks, meanwhile, want to just be left alone in Winterfell(hell, they might not completely secede from Westeros if Joffrey's beheaded, the Lannisters wiped out, and a new king/queen is on the Throne that they're no longer at hostilities with) and they're only fighting to maintain their (newly found) independence.
** Well, the Greatjon ''did'' say that it was the dragons the Northerners bowed to...

[[WMG: Gendry (Robert's bastard that Ned met) is actually Cersei and Robert's legitimate heir.]]
* Cersei, not wanting a son by Robert on the throne, had him sent away (or he was smuggled away to prevent Cersei from killing him) under the guise that he died as the black-haired baby that Cersei told Catelyn about. After Cersei found out that Ned had been looking into Robert's other children, Gendry's master sent him off to the North to save him from being killed by her. Alternately, Gendry is not Cersei's but Robert and Lyanna's, and Cersei resented him for being the son of a dead woman / thought he would be a threat to any other children she had.
** If Gendry was Cersei's son and she sent him away right after his birth, wouldn't someone have noticed that she was pregnant?
** It's canon in both the books and the show that Cersei had a kid before Joffrey; in the books she aborted the pregnancy with Jaime's help (it was Robert's kid and she only wanted to have Jaime's), and in the show she actually gave birth to a child by Robert, specifically mentioned to be blackhaired, and he died very young, presumably not long after birth. It *is* possible, but highly unlikely.
** There's no reason to believe Cersei was telling the truth about having Robert's child in the show.
*** There totally '''is'''. That scene is important because it showed the audience 1) that Cersei still has some feelings left, and 2) it's the first sign for the audience that something's wrong with Joffrey's... genealogic tree. Had she been lying, the revelation of that (and Ned figuring that out on his own) comes from too much of a left field.
** Gendry states that his mother had yellow hair, adding to the slight possibility that Cersei could be his mother. If she was his mother (at least on the show only), then Cersei was probably content to have a trueborn son until Joffrey was born and she decided a true Lannister was better than a Baratheon on the Iron Throne. She claims the older boy (no more than a toddler) fell ill and died so that Joff becomes heir, yet loves her firstborn enough not to kill him and sends him to some trusted household in King's Landing.

[[WMG: Jon Snow is King Robert's bastard.]]
* Jon has black hair, like all the Baratheon children. Ned and Robert were away at war together when Jon was born. Ned took the child to raise as his own, making up the story about his parentage for the sake of his friend, Robert.
** Doesn't that mean his name should actually be [[Creator/JohnWaters Jon Waters]]?
** No, if this was true he would have to be retconned female. Her name? Joan Rivers.
*** First off, [[ActuallyPrettyFunny tee hee]]. Secondly, not necessarily. Careful research (going by the books here, with liberal exploitation of A Wiki of Ice and Fire) has led this troper to conclude that the bastard names must be more a matter of where the child is raised rather than born/conceived, a matter that usually isn't of note because the two are usually the same place. Take Edric Storm, the bastard son Robert conceived on Stannis's wedding night in his marriage bed (ouch). By all logic, his name should be Edric Waters, as he was born/conceived at Dragonstone in the Crownlands (or Edric Flowers, if we take the long shot that Stannis and Selyse were married in ''her'' family's castle in the Reach), but he's instead given the bastard name of the Stormlands, which could only be because he was fostered by Renly at Storm's End. Then there's the fact that (as is established) Robert and Ned were away at war, so no way was Jon actually ''born'' in the North, even if we ignored that Wylla (the woman Ned presents as Jon's mother when he talks about her at all) was a servant of House Dayne in ''Dorne'' (to put things into perspective for the TV-only fans, when the wildlings were talking about going as south as south can go? They either meant Dorne or getting off Westeros). If Eddard ''was'' raising Robert's bastard son as his own, then he'd only naturally slap on the name of the North in the hopes that people wouldn't ask too many questions.

[[WMG:Or Jon Snow is the Bastard Child of Lyanna Stark...]]
Why not both? They were in love, after all.
* Not necessarily. Robert was in love with Lyanna, yes, but the books imply this was mainly from a distance and don't give any indication they ever actually slept together. Lyanna is even suggested to have been somewhat cynical about the arrangement; a flashback has her telling Ned that she knew Robert would never be satisfied with just one woman, even her. The popular guess, though this hasn't been confirmed in any way shape or form, is that Jon is the bastard of Lyanna and ''Rhaegar'', followed up by him being the bastard of Ned or his brother Brandon and Ashara Dayne.
* More on the Jon is son of Lyanna Stark: In his last conversation with Ned, he tells him (paraphrasing) "You don't have my name, but you have my blood". That fits a bastard son [[JediTruth as much as a nephew by your sister]]. Too bad he didn't live to fullfill what he promised when he said "We'll speak some day about your mother".
** Don't you know? "We'll speak about this some day" is TV talk for "This is the last time you will see me before my untimely demise."
* Another problem with this is that if Jon was Robert's child by Lyanna, there is no way in the seven hells Robert ''wouldn't'' claim the kid as his own. Hell, he'd probably raise him at court. Something not mentioned in the show yet, but will become a plot point in the second season is that Robert does have a bastard he acknowledges back in Storm's End, and he's really more of a father to that kid than he ever was to Joffery. That was specifically because Robert deflowered a daughter of a noble(if somewhat minor) house on his brother's wedding bed, so he couldn't very well deny the kid was his. But he actually loved Lyanna and never cared about humiliating Cersei. He'd hold onto his and Lyanna's son for dear life. Hell, he might even legitimize him(king's can declare bastard children legit) and name him heir, but that might go a little too far towards pissing off Tywin.
** All the more reason to suspect he might be Rhaegar's. Consider, if you will, Jaime's little speech about Jon Snow: "You hated that boy, didn't you? The walking, talking reminder that the honorable Lord Eddard Stark fucked another woman." Now multiply that by Robert's irrationality, hatred of Rhaegar, obsession with Lyanna, fondness for the war hammer, and record for caring about the deaths of inconvenient Targaryen babies (0-2) and you start to see why Ned Stark would want to keep the kid a secret.
*** (guy who posted that bit about why Robert would have kept Jon if he was his bastard here) Personally I subscribe to the (book based speculation) [[spoiler:Ned Stark/Ashara Dayne theory. Which isn't to say the Rheargar/Lyanna theory doesn't hold a lot of water, but one of the reasons I don't buy it is because it's set up so nicely and that's exactly the kind of bait and switch Martin would go for. I'm just pointing out that this Robert+Lyanna= Jon theory just doesn't hold up.]]
*** Except that idea of the bait&switch of Jon's parentage being so obvious it could lead fans to disregard it completely could be the whole point of that. Granted, this troper is very new to the series (haven't read the books yet, only seen the first few eps of season 1, but been reading a lot of rather spoileriffic entries here and numerous clips on YouTube) but don't forget that there's a fine line between being on to the writer's tricks and the writer is deliberately setting you up with something so seemingly obvious that you dismiss the possibility entirely.
*** Robert may have kept Jon if he were his bastard, if he knew about it. He may have never seen Lyanna pregnant, what with the whole kidnapping thing, and she may have wanted to keep Jon out of the royal family. After all, in this theory, she'd just been kidnapped and (presumably) raped by the prince; she's probably not all that enthusiastic about her son becoming a prince. And being as she was dying, Robert would have to marry someone else, and whoever that woman was, she probably wouldn't be happy about Robert's son with another woman hanging around (obviously, Catelyn wasn't happy about that either, but being as the Starks aren't royalty, it matters somewhat less to the realm. Also, Ned kind of got lucky with Cat; yeah, she wasn't happy about Jon, but she never outright mistreated him. Can you imagine, say, Cersei doing the same?)

[[WMG: Jon Snow's parents are Ned and...Cersei??]]
* Its a bit of a stretch but I couldn't shake the feeling that the story Cersei gives about her first-born, black-haired child had some greater significance. The theory is that [[ManipulativeBitch Cersei]] somehow managed to seduce Ned into sleeping with her, prior to or during the early part of her marriage to Robert. Then she became pregnant and gave birth to Jon. They both realised that the child may eventually grow to resemble Ned instead of Robert, which would cause a massive heap of trouble so they faked the baby's death by fever and Ned took him back to Winterfell, both promising to never speak of their affair. Not even to each other.
** First of...Wow, just trying [[CrackPairing to wrap my head around that]]. It makes zero sense and requires Ned and Cersei to be totally different than what we see in the story. The point of that Cersei story about her first child dying (not there in the books) is to foreshadow that Joffrey is a bastard. Its not meant to be anything deeper than that. Second of all, Cersei is a MamaBear, its her one redeeming quality, she would never willingly allow any of the children (that she does not abort and gives birth to at any rate) to be parted from her under any circumstances, leave alone be frozen in North and left to rot in the Night's Watch. Third of all and this is what cinches the deal of a far-fetched theory...if Cersei was worried about Jon resembling Robert, why the hell isn't she worried about ''Joffrey, Tommen and Myrcella'' who look even less like Robert than Jon does (they at least share the hair colour and if Jon Snow grows a beard, Kit Harrington could look like Robert). She is rather brazen about regarding those kids as official progeny when all three of them are golden haired lion cubs with no stag in them. So that's about it.

[[WMG: The Stallion that Mounts the World prophesy was actually about dragons.]]
* This was noted on this Westeros site's forum and I noticed part of it too. There may be a ProphecyTwist in that the death of Dany's son didn't disprove the Stallion prophecy- instead, it started the chain of events that will bring it about. The "Stallion" is actually a dragon that Dany will ride and will use to TakeOverTheWorld. So, if the witch thought she was preventing Dothraki expansionism by killing Dany's son, it's quite likely she [[NiceJobBreakingItHero actually made it possible]]. Incidentally, Dany's stillborn son was described as having scales and a tail- maybe that gave Dany the idea; maybe it would have been a human/dragon hybrid...
** In the series Danys was much younger when she married, so that the child growing within her to be the stallion who mounts the world is actually Danys. It turns out Old Valarian had no gender...
*** Except the Dothraki don't speak Old Valyrian, so this particular ProphecyTwist only applies to prophecies written in Valyrian. That is, only the the Prince Who Was Promised prophecy.

[[WMG: Some musings about Westeros' climate]]
* Putting it here cos this dips far into the theoretical field of things. Not sure how physically possible this is or not, but make up your own mind about it. The seasons on the world where Westeros and the rest are situated are not caused by the planet's tilt or by an elliptical orbit, which causes seasons on most worlds. On the contrary; Westeros-world has a small axial tilt and as near a circular orbit as is physically possible. The seasons are in fact caused by [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Precession the planet's precession]]. On Earth and other worlds, the rate of precession is slow and constant, with Earth's precession rate averaging 26,000 years or so in length, and is a major player in causing Ice Ages and warmer periods. On Westeros-world, the precession rate varies wildly, whether caused by a nearby large gravity well or otherwise, the rate can't stabilise. Mention is made of a prominent moon and that there may have at one time been two (loss of a moon leading to wildly fluctuating precession rate?). The precession rate is also phenomenally fast, taking as little as 15-30 years to complete.
** I'm obsessed with this too. While the moon is "prominent" in their night sky, that ''could'' only indicate its proximity, not its size. It's entirely possible that their moon is smaller than ours and has a weaker gravitational pull. It would be fascinating to see an [[WordOfGod approved]] chart of the planet's solar system, with orbits and satellites, etc, similar to [[http://www.fireflyshipworks.com/map-of-the-verse/map-of-the-verse/ The Map of the 'Verse]] from Firefly.
** WordOfGod says the reason for this is supernatural, not scientific.
** Yep. IMHO, you're looking at a tidal aetheric energy type deal, similar to what you had with The Lord of the Rings, with the elves having to leave there, because they were dual physical/astral beings, who couldn't co-exist physically when the aetheric tide was that low/veil between the two was that thick. Best guess, the Wall between Westeros and the North was built close to the end of the last aetheric high tide, which is also why there was talk of runes being in the Wall's design. Back then, the humans would have had magick users who knew how to do such things. At another guess, that is also why the dragons died off, and why they're coming back now. The aetheric tide is rising, which not only coincides with Winter coming, (and is probably partly tied into it, more than any scientific/physical reason for the change in seasons) but would be a big part of the reason why the Walkers are able to come back. At aetheric low tide, you get no magic, and nothing but mundane types of people and animals, which is also why you get people becoming materialistic and thinking that science is all that exists, because low tide periods can last longer than living memory, so non-magickal stuff is all anyone living can remember.
** If the orbital tilt is zero, precession is by definition zero. If precession makes the orbital tilt non-zero, you will get seasons which won't change the average temperature of the planet, and not a sudden "winter". Since years are used as a measure of time, they must have the same length, so the orbit can't change. This leaves fluctuations of the star's intensity, but that wouldn't explain the "long night" - a period in the lore where the sun didn't shine at all, something which would mean the destruction of any physical star because of the lack of photon pressure. This leaves as only option technology. Either the star is simulated, there's a dyson cloud or dyson sphere which is mostly translucent between the planet and the star, the planet contains machines to alter its rotational characteristics, it's all a computer simulation, or multiple of the above. There is no natural phenomenon to explain this, and no simple technology either.
*** Maybe the title sequence is more realistic than we realize, and Westeros is on the inside of a malfunctioning [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyson_sphere Dyson Sphere]]; the sun in the center has started to wobble, causing the random length of the seasons.

[[WMG: Bronn is a deserter from the Night's Watch]]
* He admits to having been north of the Wall for some unexplained "work". He's not exactly the most honorable guy, and could have been a criminal who was sent to the Wall as punishment, then fled, escaping the law and becoming a sellsword to make his living.
** He mentions the first person he killed was a woman who came at him with an axe. Sounds like a wilding to me.
*** I kind of thought the woman he killed before he was twelve was his mother, who he says was abusive.
** They don't send kids to the wall though - he killed her before he was twelve. Maybe he ''is'' a wildling, or he could be a bastard from one of the brothels in the North.
*** What about Lommy or Hot Pie? They might not *condemn* children to the Wall but they definitely *recruit* them.

[[WMG: Women from the kingdom of Dorne taste like blackberry jam]]
Robert is heard to comment to a prostitute that she tastes like blackberry jam. When asked 'what's the strangest thing you've ever eaten,' Tyrion replies, 'do Dornish girls count?' Maybe the prostitute was from Dorne, where all the girls taste of jam, much to Tyrion's surprise the first time he slept with one.
* One would assume the reason any woman would taste like blackberry jam would be that they're using a type of lotion, perfume, or cream derived from blackberries, specifically for flavor enhancement. Perhaps this is especially common in Dorne.
* Slight correction, but I believe Robert's words were that the girl ''smelled'' of blackberry jam. Though if that was a result of a perfume or skin lotion she may have tasted like jam as well. Seems like something a prostitute would do.
* ''Ha!'' In the book version of his introduction, Mance Rayder is singing a song called "[[http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/The_Dornishman%27s_Wife The Dornishman's Wife]]"...
-->"Brothers, oh brothers, my days here are done,
--->the Dornishman's taken my life,
-->But what does it matter, for all men must die,
--->and I've tasted the Dornishman's wife!"

[[WMG: Jon Snow and Daenerys will team up to form a rock band at some point]]
Their first hit will be called "A Song of Ice (Snow) and Fire (Daenerys)".
* I picture them sounding a lot like the White Stripes.

[[WMG: They'll return [[http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/05/the-simpsons-game-of-thrones_n_1321443.html the favor]] and parody ''TheSimpsons'' opening.]]
An aerial shot of a rebuilt Winterfell as a modern city, complete with Lard Lad Lemoncakes sign and billboard advertising snow tires with the slogan "Winter is Coming", descends into a classroom window. Bran is WritingLines on the blackboard: "I will not warg into the class gerbil"...
** Or maybe "Asshai is not pronounced ass-high".

[[WMG: Bronn is a SelfMadeOrphan]]
The woman that attacked him with an axe when he was 12 and was his first kill was his mother (who he said was physically abusive to him). His father, who was ''also'' abusive, was either already dead by then, or was Bronn's ''second'' kill.

[[WMG: It wasn't a ''cow'' pie.]]
For one, there was not a single cow in that crowd.
* Maybe somebody traveled with it from a field?

[[WMG: Syrio is a Faceless Man, but he isn't Jaqen.]]
Actually, he killed Meryn and has been posing as him ever since.

[[WMG: All characters from the Free Cities will have mainland European accents]]
The show will continue to use accents to distinguish regions. From Syrio, we already know that Braavos is Spanish (or possibly Greek). Shae and Jaqen are Lorathi, with German accents. The others will follow - Lys could be French. The tricky one is Pentos - Magister Illyrio has been shown speaking with an English accent (which on the show maps to Westeros, particularly the South.
** King of zig-zagged, Mero & Tycho Nestoris of Braavos and Thoros of Myr have generally British accents, but in Thoros's case he's been in Westeros for two decades and has likely lost his accent as a result.

[[WMG: Qarth does not exist.]]
The whole city is just an illusion created by Pyat Pree.
* Jorah might agree with the idea, but Dany and the khalassar disagree when looting. Why would there be unlooted treasure in ruins, if there was no living city? Why would there be any loot at all if there are no ruins and no city?
** [[YourMindMakesItReal There is no loot.]]
*** There also weren't any chains in the tower, and we saw what happened to them because they didn't exist. The loot, on the other hand, exists because it didn't turn into dust or ashes.
*** [[XanatosSpeedChess That's what Pyat Pree wanted you to think.]]
** Alternatively, the treasures of these ruins didn't get looted until now [[FridgeBrilliance because Pyat Pree lets every potential looter think that there is a living city]].

[[WMG: The clockwork map shown in the intro will make an appearance on the show.]]
Maybe it'll be a very expensive trinket Dany and co. see in a bazaar, or perhaps one of the kings will possess such a map.

[[WMG: The depiction of Ramsay Bolton will be a Crazy Awesome troll who will rival Tyrion in terms of audience adoration.]]
Building on the above theory of Ramsay Bolton being the Hornblower simply due to sheer trollery, when he is properly introduced to the show he will near instantly garner a memetic reputation for nightmarish yet insanely hilarious dickery, as well as delivering some unspeakably satisfying and cathartic Karma to [[spoiler:a certain Mr Greyjoy]]. His horrifyingly brutality will always be tempered by extremely dark hilarity, and his abuse of "Reek" will start off almost comically petty and humiliating, before steadily becoming darker and more sadistic.

Long story short, Ramsay will be one of the best characters in the show.

* Even if he [[spoiler:forces women to eat their own fingers or run naked through the forests only to be hunted down by his dogs, raped & butchered.]] He'll do so in style!
** Roose: "My son has sent you a wedding gift, your grace. [[spoiler:"A Piece of Prince"."]]
** This troper is shuddering at the thought of the impending Woobification of Ramsay <strike>Snow</strike> Bolton.
*** [[spoiler: Given that "The Boy" is so certain to be Ramsay that fans aren't even pretending that there is any other possibility, I'd say that he is being played completely in synch with his book counterpart. And if that's the case? Then if the general reaction over at [[TelevisionWithoutPity TWoP]] is any indication, then this is Jossed: He's rapidly becoming TheScrappy.]]
*** [[spoiler: Outside of TWOP, opinions seem to vary. Nobody's yet called him one of the best characters on the show, so technically still jossed.]]
*** [[spoiler: Judging from fan reactions in forums, youtube, facebook, tumblr e.t.c. the guy is most certainly considered CreepyAwesome and on his way to become a DracoInLeatherPants.]]
*** [[spoiler: Of course that depends on where you look. Most don't mind him, some think he's awesome and more then a few fans thinks his a {{Scrappy}} and are actively cheering for Yara's to show up and teach him a lesson. Who knew being a skinning, castrating troll who takes pleasure in stoning cripples could come off as repugnant?]]

[[WMG: It's actually VERY easy to open Xaro's vault, both from the outside and the inside]]
Of course, the vault is actually empty, hence why all the people that were offered whatever was inside still went home empty-handed. This means that Xaro will survive his incarceration [[spoiler: as he is still alive in the books canon, though perhaps not Doreah, who was KilledOffForReal.]]
* While 'went home empty-handed' can be interpreted that way, I doubt it. The key to Xaro's power is that no one knows the vault is empty. I don't think he would just let those who know go home, especially considering they must be very angry about the way he tricked them.

[[WMG: Jaqen H'ghar was caged because the man wanted to.]]
(This troper hasn't read the books yet, so he doesn't know if he's talking out of his ass.)

The man is a skilled stealth fighter, yet the first time we see him, he's locked up like a common delinquent, with other two criminals. How WAS he captured? Perhaps he ''let himself be'', in order to closely follow Arya (who the man knows to be a Stark) without raising suspicions.
* This gives more weight to the theory that he's either Syrio OR cooperating with him.

[[WMG: Shae's actions in Season 3/4]]
[[spoiler: ... will be '''exactly''' [[YourCheatingHeart as]] [[EtTuBrute they]] [[MoralEventHorizon were]] [[FalseFriend in]] [[ManipulativeBitch the]] [[KickTheDog book]].]]. Seriously guys, do you ''really'' expect this series to pull any punches? [[spoiler: why else would they be setting up so many heartwarming moments between her and Tyrion if they did not intend to set him, and the audience up for the biggest fall imaginable]].
* It's too late for them to be exactly the same as they were in the book, though. This Shae is a different person. That Shae was obviously shallow, had the self-preservation instincts of a disoriented lemming, and is very blatantly just telling Tyrion whatever the hell he wants to hear. Tyrion only develops feelings for her, because he's, well, Tyrion, and has a habit of developing ill-conceived soft spots for people who don't really deserve them. This Shae, on the other hand, can protect herself physically, never does anything stupider than develop a manageable case of cabin fever, and either deserves the world's biggest Oscar or actually feels something for Tyrion. [[spoiler: I'm not saying that she won't betray him -- just that even if she does, it will *have* to play out very differently than it did in the book, or else it will just look ridiculous]].
* However, ''some'' whore has to be in Tywin's bed, since that really rounded up his [[{{Hypocrite}} characterization]] in the books.
** According to interviews with the actress, Shae was forced to testify under threat of death, which changes the nature of her actions quite a bit.

[[WMG: The world of ''Game of Thrones'' is an [[HollowWorld inverted globe]].]]
This is purely based on the map of the opening, which is indeed a hollow globe with all the continents on the inside, and the sun in the middle. If there's some kind of partially open sphere between the sun and the surface, it could account for day and night, the stars, perhaps even the Long Winters and Summers.

[[WMG: Varys is actually the true and greatest evil.]]
Lord Varys the eunch is really a dark and powerful sorcerer waiting for his best opportunity to strike. He is using the Varys skin and persona as a disguise to hide his true form which is both terrifying and gigantic. On top of that he is already mind controlling many people using his power. Maybe even Joffery.
* Well, the kings who listened to Varys' council had a tendency to either go mad (like Aerys or Joffrey) or become decadent (like Robert). In the books, there are rumors that Varys had something to do with Aerys' mental state. After [[spoiler: Varys' disappearance]] however, the king ([[spoiler: Tommen]]) has shown no sign of madness or decadence.

[[WMG: The pardon delivered to Jorah by one of Varys's little birds in Essos was a last ditch attempt to thwart/botch the assassination on Danaerys.]]
* Jorah seemed to go into sudden suspicious mode after receiving it. He put two and two together: If he was being pardoned, he wasn't needed to spy on Danaerys and was being rewarded for services rendered. And that would only mean that Danaerys would be... handled. It also gives Varys a convenient excuse to not only carry out King Robert's deathbed order of calling off the hit, but also to botch it and set things up later.
** Given how slowly mail travels in this world, this is pretty unlikely. The pardon was sent well before the assassin, Jorah simply knew enough about Robert Baratheon to anticipate an attempt.

[[WMG: White Walkers were an attempt to become immortal.]]
A necromancer wanted to become immortal and [[GoneHorriblyRight succeeded.]] Thus turning himself into the first White Walker.
** What's to say somebody won't use ''them'' to try again?

[[WMG: Gregor Clegane was suffering from, or just suffered, Yellow Fever in the second season]]
Hence the loss in weight/muscle size. He probably contracted it while camping next to a mosquito-infested cesspool somewhere in the Riverlands.

[[WMG: Sam was not put on 'firedung collection' duty at the end of Season 2]]
Instead, he [[TagAlongKid tagged along]] Grenn and Edd because he couldn't shut up about Gilly and they are the only ones that would tolerate his talk without punching him. Hence Mormont's comment that sending the ravens was Sam's "only job".

[[WMG: The reason the showrunners have made Podrick a SexGod is...]]
George R R Martin has revealed his planned ending to Benioff and Weiss. And part of that is that Podrick Payne ends up married to Brienne of Tarth. The showrunners, realising that Brienne's many fans might not be satisfied with this, are laying the groundwork to ensure that the eventual reaction (many years from now) will be less "wait, Brienne has to settle for ''Pod''?" and more "aw yeah, Brienne's wedding night is gonna be ''epic''".

[[WMG: TV!Shae is a faceless woman]]
At one point in season 2, Tyrion is talking about people who might be dangerous and Shae responds with "I will cut off their faces." That's a very specific threat.

[[WMG: Stannis is not Shireen's real father]]
[[spoiler:Unlike in the book, where Shireen shared it along with Stannis' square jaw and some other ugly features]] Shireen has not the trademark Baratheon dark hair. Melisandre blatantly says that Selyse gave Stannis "nothing, only stillborns", and Selyse also says "I gave you nothing" when she is first introduced. When Stannis says that Shireen is his daughter and that he wants to see her (keep in mind that he has her alone in a tower and offered to name Renly his heir ahead of her last season, although that could be a bullshit offer given what happened later), Selyse says "You are ''a king''. You don't need my permission." - Not "You are ''her father''".

[[WMG: TV series isn't an adaptation of the books...]]
...it's a sequel. At the end of the last book, a ResetButton will be pressed, restoring everything to the way it was before, but without undoing the passage of time, which explains why many characters received an AgeLift. However, the characters still subconsciously remembered what happened, causing their actions to be slightly different. For example (feel free to add more):
* In the books, Ned didn't want to go to King's Landing and Catelyn talked him into going. In the series, Ned knew he was supposed to discover something and wanted to go, while Catelyn subconciously remembered losing him and tried to stop it.
* In the books, Tywin was betrayed by the Brave Companions, so TV!Tywin never hired them.
* TV!Tyrion knew not to trust Mandon Moore, so he dodged a bit earlier, saving his nose.
* At some point between the ResetButton and the start of the TV series, Willas and Garlan Tyrell died, making Loras the heir to the Highgarden.
* Edric Storm, to avoid almost being sacrificed, found himself a better hiding place.

[[WMG:Hodor became... well, ''Hodor'', when a horse kicked him on the head]]
He has two crossing scars on one side of the head and he used to work as a stable boy.
* Apparently the meta reason for that scar is that the actor has a star tattooed on his head, there.

[[WMG: Euron Greyjoy will be more skilled and powerful in magic in the show then in the books.]]
Similar to Pyat Pree's own AdaptationalBadass state, when Euron comes in, he will similarly so have more powerful and notable magical abilities, being a quasi-Warlock himself like Pree.

[[WMG: Sam will get the dragonglass back from [[spoiler:Coldhands]]]]
This way, he'll firmly establish himself as a well intended character that can be trusted [[spoiler:despite his uninviting aspect and nature. Even if Coldhands saved Gilly and Sam from wights like in the book, they (and the viewers) would still have reasons to wonder if this is just a bigger fish situation.]]
* Unlikely as of "Mhysa" ([[spoiler: Sam is back at Castle Black and Coldhands' part in leading him to the other side of the Wall has been cut]]) though technically still not jossed.

[[WMG: Shae is Lord Tywin's spy.]]
Whether or not she was one from the start, she seems both too improbable and all too beneficial to Tywin's purposes to be a coincidence. A camp follower who turns out to be not just extremely devoted, but outright clingy and jealous for her highborn employer? She keeps Tyrion from frequenting brothels like he used to, just as Tywin would want it, and Tyrion keeps her hidden in turn due to Tywin's threats. Also, the way she keeps begging Tyrion to just abdicate with her to the Free Cities would suit Tywin just fine, since he'd like nothing more than to have an excuse to disown Tyrion and make sure that he no longer embarrases the Lannister house with his existence. Finally, Tywin must know that the way he treats Tyrion isn't going to improve his loyalty to his family, and he must have an informant close to him to ensure that he doesn't start to plot against his house or the King in revenge.

[[WMG: Pyat Pree is still alive.]]
People seem to accept his death a bit to easily. We need to remember 2 things:
* 1) He is still alive in the books.
* 2) He can make copies of himself and the one we see die could be just another copy.
** We don't have confirmation that he's alive in the books; indeed, the implication is that he was killed by Euron and fed to two other warlocks.

[[WMG: In the far future, Tyrion will be worshiped as the god of tits and wine.]]
Because it is too good not to be so.

[[WMG:Series!Joffrey is asexual.]]
Or, rather, he has no interest in sex per se. He gets off solely on violence and torture. He would have raped Sansa, but not because he was attracted to her - he just wanted to see her suffer.
* This really doesn't seem to be the case. Joffrey often appears sexually turned on. Unfortunately the only thing that does turn him on is violence, directly or indirectly. That is not the same thing as asexuality, however.
** Without Joff having any nude scenes to see if he's getting an erection, we can't say that he's getting sexually turned on, just excited by violence.

[[WMG: The Karstarks will become important.]]
Robb's army was destroyed by Frey and Bolton treachery and Tywin has named Roose Bolton Warden of the North. But remember that the Karstarks still have their army, they marched home after Robb killed Lord Karstark. So, the heir of House Karstark might still contest Roose Bolton's claim in one way or another.
** Book spoilers: [[spoiler: The Karstarks actually end up being Bolton supporters in the book, aligning with Stannis and being TheMole for Roose. Given the bitterness the Karstarks apparently felt for their lord being killed by Robb, this will most likely hold true in the show.]]

[[WMG: Volantis will (secretly or openly) send men to Westeros to kill Freys.]]
The Maegyr are an important family in Volantis, and Talisa's parents will probably not take her murder lightly. So they might either hire mercenaries, or use their influence in the city government, or both, in order to get some revenge for their daughter. (Whoever they send might join the Brotherhood in the end, especially since [[spoiler: they'll have more or less the same goal as Stoneheart]].)
** Specifically, her younger brother-the one about whom she told Robb the story about his almost drowning as a child-will show up seeking answers and revenge. This show loves to have parallel storylines which reflect and contrast each other, and we're already going to have Oberyn Martell and Yara Greyjoy seeking revenge/rescue for their lost siblings, as well as Edmure Tully grieving Cat's murder. We'll get an episode focusing on these four characters.
** Since Volantis ultimately plays a minor but important role in the fifth novel (with hints of a slave revolt brewing that may soon shift the balance of power), perhaps the added Volantene connection in the show will factor into this somehow.

[[WMG: Old Nan was right all along. They really do live inside the eye of a blue-eyed giant named [=MacCumber=].]]
This completely explains the wonky seasons in [=ASOIF=] (stick with me on this one). [=MacCumber=] is so huge that the entire world fits inside his eyeball, and WeAreAsMayflies compared to him. When [=MacCumber=] blinks it lasts for hours, and that's what the world knows as "night". When [=MacCumber=] goes to bed it lasts for months or years, and that's what the world knows as "winter". The Southern kingdoms are at the back of [=MacCumber's=] eyeball, and that's why they're so much warmer (they get direct unobstructed sunlight). The North and the Land of Always Winter are on the sides of [=MacCumber's=] eyeball, and the lack of direct sunlight makes them colder.

[[WMG: Rickon will replace [[spoiler:Fake!Arya]] ]]
Rickon is set to appear in season 4. This is how his storyline might go: he will get to the Umbers, where he will be captured by Bolton men. Ramsey will proclaim himself Rickon's protector and take control of Winterfell, claiming he is only doing it until Rickon comes of age. When the Northern Lords decide to save him, Ramsey will, claiming to be hiding him to keep him safe, [[spoiler:have him smuggled to Skagos. Lord Manderly's spies will find out about that, and he will send Davos there to get him.]]
* [[spoiler:As of Season 5, it looks like Sansa will be fulfilling this role instead.]]

[[WMG: Khal Drogo will come back]]
When Dany asked Mirri Maz Duur "When will he (Khal Drogo) be as he was?", MMD replied "When the sun rises in the West and sets in the East. When the seas go dry and the mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When your womb quickens again and you bear a living child. Then he will return and not before." Now that sounds like a poetic way of saying "Never," but there are so many prophecies that contain "impossible" occurrences that end up occurring (eg. "When Burnam Wood shall come to Dunsinane") that I wonder if they might not actually occur. Maybe a volcanic eruption ("The mountain moving" causing the sky to light up "in the West") of some sort - though it needs elaboration.
* BOOK SPOILER! [[spoiler:While you can never tell with prophecy, that may just have happened by the end of the fifth book. The son who rose in the west and set in the east is a Dornish prince who died on Essos. The Dothraki sea is undergoing a drought, and the mountainous pyramids of Meereen, the third slaver city after Astapor and Yunkai, were overset by Daenerys's dragons. And Dany found blood on her thighs for the first time since her son's stillbirth. Book Five has a ''lot'' of particularly cryptic stuff, but once the fandom pieced ''this'' together... And trust me, we feel pretty cheated after his cameo at the Houses of the Undying, which was invented whole-cloth for the show.]]

[[WMG: Westeros has a PortalNetwork]]
It explains how Littlefinger managed to randomly be everywhere in season two. With the birth of the dragons and the return of magic in season one, Littlefinger decided to test it out by activating his own network, which he used to get around. It also explains why this happens less in seasons after this: he knows it works, and so he can rely on mundane means now rather than whatever unreliable BloodMagic (which is basically how magic works in Westeros) the portals use.

[[WMG: The series will jump ahead in time]]
Pure WMG here. Martin initially planned but discarded the idea of doing a time-jump between books III and IV. Since the series appears to be vaulting ahead on some of the slower-moving plot lines (like Brienne's and Bran's) and it seems unlikely that we are going to get some of the plotlines from Book IV (Dorne, the Kingsmoot) at all, it seems possible that the show will do what Martin did not. Between seasons 4 and 5, two years will pass. This will help with the problem that the young actors are visibly aging faster than their characters.
* This would have also have the advantage of cutting down on the drawn-out qualities that both Jon and Dany's plotlines have in Book V.

[[WMG: Bronn will take on Osmund Kettleblack's plotline]]
* Since there's no Lollys Stokeworth for him to marry, and he's a popular character, they will need to find something for him to do. Putting him in bed with Cersei sounds like a fun option.
** The indication seems to be that he's going to have aspects of Ilyn Payne's plotline, training Jaime. Of course, it could be elements of both.
** This is extremely likely. The writers wouldn't get rid of a popular character like Bronn as long as he was still alive. His background and personality is incredibly similar to those of the Kettleblack brothers, and the show tends to cut or combine minor characters. Possibly, instead of being married into House Stokeworth, Cersei will make him one of her personal guard, or even place him into the Kingsguard, on the condition that he abandons Tyrion. This keeps him in the show and eliminates three unnecessary roles.
*** As of 4x07, Bronn has married Lollys offscreen.
*** As of 05x02, Lollys has been taken from him and he's become Jaime's bitch in Dorne.

[[WMG: Guesses about what will happen in each episode]].
Please update as more titles are announced or add your own theories. Also bear in mind that WordOfGod confirms there is more than one WhamEpisode towards the end, instead with many throughout the show.

* "Two Swords". Jaime begins his training.
** Jossed.
* "The Lion and the Rose". Tywin tries pushing forward Cersei and Loras' proposed marriage, with Oberyn Martell's arrival putting a strain on things. Joffrey [[spoiler:is poisoned at his wedding feast.]]
** Jossed the first, confirmed the second.
* "Breaker of Chains". [[spoiler:Tyrion's trial]] gets underway. Sam leaves the Wall under orders [[spoiler:to become a maester]]. [[spoiler:The Siege of Meereen ends with Daenerys' victory.]]
** {{Jossed}}, {{Jossed}} and {{Jossed}}. [[spoiler:Tyrion's trial is yet at the stage of picking the judges, Sam doesn't go further than Mole's Town to protect Gilly and the siege of Meereen is only starting.]]
* "Oathkeeper". Brienne [[spoiler:receives a sword]] as a reward for [[spoiler:returning Jaime Lannister to King's Landing]], from Tywin most likely - or, alternatively, [[spoiler:from Jaime, to help her on her search for Sansa]].
** Confirmed.
* "First of His Name". [[spoiler:Tommen is crowned as king and marries Margaery]].
** Confirmed on the first part, jossed on the latter, although it will happen soon according to Tywin and Cersei.
* "The Laws of Gods and Men". [[spoiler:The initial trial of Tyrion]], and the outcome.
* "Mockingbird" is likely a reference to Littlefinger's storyline and will probably result in Littlefinger arriving in the Eyrie and likely end with the [[spoiler:death of Lysa Arryn]].
** Jossed on the first part at least. Littlefinger's arrived in the Eyrie by "First of His Name". [[spoiler: Ending confirmed.]]
* "The Mountain and the Viper". [[spoiler:Oberyn faces off against the Mountain in a trial by combat on Tyrion's behalf...]]
** Confirmed.
* "The Watchers on the Wall". Mance Rayder and the Night's Watch face off.
** Confirmed.
* "The Children". Is likely a reference to the Children of the Forest. [[spoiler:Tyrion escapes his cell with Varys' help and kills his father.]] Also, possibly, [[spoiler:the last scene will show Lady Stoneheart]].

[[WMG: The Starks are (unbeknownst to themselves) the human incarnations of the 7]]
The seven Starks of Winterfell, Ned, Caitlyn, Robb, Sansa, Bran, Arya and Rickon are the earthly manifestations of the Seven.
* Ned is the Father, as he represents justice and honor, and he serves as Father to the Starks
* Caitlyn, while born a Tully, is still a Stark by marriage, and serves as the Mother
* Robb is the Warrior, as his strength in battle and battlefield command are great enough to decimate the Lannister forces.
* Sansa is the Maiden, as the chaste, innocent and ladylike Stark daughter.
* Arya is likely the Stranger, due to her fascination with the god of death, and her connection to ones such as Jaqen H'ghar
The last two are somewhat tricky, since they are given less import during their screen time due to their age and relative unimportance to the plot, but:
* Bran is named after the Founder of the Stark House, Bran, the Builder, which seems to indicate he is possibly the Smith. In addition, his nature as a "broken thing" possibly indicates, with some irony, that he is intended to be the Smith
* Rickon, lastly, would be the Crone. This is probably the weakest connection, but as the Crone represents wisdom, it is possible that his wisdom has simply not been seen yet, due to his age. Likewise, if there is irony intended with the "broken thing" of Bran to be the Smith, it is possible Rickon exhibits similar irony, in being the youngest Stark, but still the crone.

Under this theory, it is quite possible that all Starks will "die" and either this will mean that the seven will be dead (leading to another faith, such as the red faith taking it's place) or that they will return to their immortal forms by the end of the books.
** The only problem with this theory is that the Starks are more commonly associated with the Old Gods and worship of the weirwood trees. That is very important for Bran in particular but also Jon(who takes his Night's Watch oaths at a godswood along with Sam, who decides to convert then and there). Even Sansa spends a lot of time at the godswood. Arya meanwhile seems to have caught on to the Braavosi God of Death. So, even there the Starks are not associated with one specific religion over the other.

[[WMG: [[spoiler: Balon's Death]]]]
In the show, we often see events that are only referred to in the books. As it is such an important event it will likely be shown on screen. My guess is that we will see Balon walking along a bridge at Pyke when a storm whips up. As he runs for shelter in the nearest tower we hear a snapping sound and the bridge collapses. As it does, Balon's cloak is snagged and torn off. Balon clings to the edge of the bridge but suddenly hears an unearthly sound echoing from the sea. The shock of the noise causes him to loose his grip and he goes tumbling towards the sea. We see balon's cloak with the Greyjoy house symbol on it, a tear through one of the kraken's eyes.
* There is also a popular theory that [[spoiler:Balon was killed by a faceless man hired by Euron]]. Maybe the scene will confirm that theory. We might see Balon on a bridge with two Ironborn soldiers, and one of them [[spoiler:suddenly turns on him, breaks his neck and throws him off the bridge]]. He then runs, pursued by the other soldier. The killer hides in a crowd, and the only thing the other soldier finds is his face on the ground. Of course, the soldier would also need to be killed, since he is a witness.

[[WMG: The White Walkers [[spoiler: just like babies.]]]]

And they're invading Westeros in order to stop [[spoiler: all of the crimes against babies that are going on down there.]]

Their wrath could have first been triggered by the [[spoiler: deaths of the Targaryen children and the no doubt numerous child deaths that occurred during the sack of King's Landing and the rest of Robert's Rebellion.]] Then Craster [[spoiler: starts leaving out his sons who they graciously adopt and make their own.]] They begin to amass in numbers, just in case. And then the War of the Five Kings starts, [[spoiler: Robert's bastards except for Gendry are hunted down and killed]], which only serves to piss off the White Walkers further, along with the death of [[spoiler: Dany's unborn son]].

They aren't mindless evil ice demons, [[spoiler: they're doing it all for teh behbehs.]]

Everyone they've killed? [[spoiler: Guilty of crimes against babies.]] That's why they keep not killing Sam despite having ample opportunity to do so as well as the ability. He's innocent of [[spoiler: baby hurting.]] The White Walker Sam killed looked so pissed that Sam killed him because [[spoiler: he was just trying to help, man! What's the big deal, stabbin' him like that?]]

When the White Walkers descend, they will usher in a new age of [[spoiler: child welfare, and Westeros needs it.]]

[[WMG: [[spoiler: Lady Stoneheart's debut appearance]]]]
* Too much time has passed in-universe for [[spoiler: Lady Stoneheart's resurrection]] to happen onscreen. So what if instead of seeing [[spoiler: her condemn some random Frey mook]], the show waits for [[spoiler: Brienne's meeting with her]] to reveal that [[spoiler: she's alive?]] There can be rumors of [[spoiler: the brotherhood being led by some coldhearted]] person that no one lives to report back on, and then BOOM! [[spoiler: Stoneheart captures Brienne in season 5 or 6 and the audience is as surprised as she is.]]

[[WMG: Robin will fly!]]
It's practically a given that Littlefinger will get rid of Lysa Arryn as soon as possible. Afterwards, he'll use his "stepfather" position to consolidate his power in The Vale, and after he no longer needs Robin, he'll shove the dumb kid down the moon gate.
* He had it coming, mind you. Throwing an expensive crystal bird figure through it, in full view of the one who presented him with the gift? That's not proper protocol.
** In 4x07 Robin says that he will throw off the Moon Door anyone that annoys her, then proceeds to annoy her... he, he.

[[WMG: Gendry will travel to the Eyrie and befriend Sansa.]]
* He will run into a nobleman from the Vale, who will realize that he is one of Robert's bastards. The nobleman will bring Gendry to the Eyrie, where he will befriend Sansa/Alayne, taking some of Mya Stone's role from the books.

[[WMG: Shireen will be Stannis' breaking point from Melisandre.]]
In 4x07, Melisandre states that they will need Shireen at the Wall, while looking at her fires, meaning she could consider burning the little girl as a sacrifice to R'hllor. Selyse might be fine with it, but Stannis is much more protective of his daughter, and could turn against Melisandre and her god in order to save Shireen from an horribly painful death.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: Sansa will do [[SlowlySlippingIntoEvil increasingly vile things]] while playing the game.]]
Her mentor, Littlefinger, is almost the classic underdog, starting at the very bottom of the ladder and gaining massive amounts of power despite his weak position, only unlike the typical underdog, he's not at all meant to be cheered on. With the terrible life Sansa has lead so far, it's safe to say that she, too, is an underdog of sorts, and thus may end up walking the same path her teacher strode...[[DeceptiveDisciple right after trampling him underfoot.]] Plus, many fans are extremely excited that Sansa's now playing the game and possibly preparing to get back at her tormentors, and GRRM's not exactly shy about turning his audience's joy into ash in their mouths.


[[folder:Unconfirmed (II)]]

[[WMG: Tywin intentionally provoked Tyrion into killing him]]
Remember what happened earlier in the episode? Cersei told him about herself and Jaime. Realising that everything he had worked for has failed, Tywin saw no reason to live anymore. So, when Tyrion appeared with a crossbow, Tywin, at least subconsciously, wanted Tyrion to kill him and provoked him by calling Shae a whore.

[[WMG: There are more than three living dragons.]]
It's been a long while since I've read the books and I don't know if this has been expanded upon or pointed out, so bear with me. During Bran's first dream where he encounters the three eyed crow, he is falling endlessly until just before he hits the ground. At that point, he begins flying and sees everything that is going on with the other characters. He sees Robb training with a real sword for the first time. He sees Catelyn in her cabin as she sales across the Bite and Ser Rodrick getting seasick on the deck of the ship. He sees Ned arguing with Robert over the fight between their children, followed by Sansa crying and Arya laying awake in her bed quietly. He sees Jon sleeping at Castle Black, or at least near it.

These are all things that happened or were foreshadowed in the previous chapters, all things that really happened. Before he sees Jon, Bran flies across the narrow sea to Essos, over Vaes Dothrak and ultimately over Asshai.

'''"He lifted his eyes and saw clear across the Narrow Sea, to the Free Cities and the green Dothraki sea and beyond, to Vaes Dothrak under its mountain, to the fabled lands of the Jade Sea, to Asshai by the Shadow, where dragons stirred beneath the sunrise."'''
Everything else Bran sees in his dreams are things that are happening at that very moment. At this point in the story, Danaerys had yet to hatch her dragon eggs, yet Bran sees dragons stirring beneath the sunrise. I don't think that was just thrown in for flavor, I believe that dragons other than Dany's are still living in the mysterious Asshai by the shadow.

[[WMG: We will see Howland Reed in Season Five]]
If there are only seven seasons in the offing, and four are done then the showrunners will have problems introducing characters late in the storyline. With Jojen Reed dead, we will see Howland Reed step up and introduce himself.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: Olyvar will play the role of the Blue Bard]]
Rather than suddenly introducing a new character, Cersei will torture Olyvar instead. He already has a link established with the Tyrells, to an extent.

[[WMG: Westeros is an advance version of the Medieval World briefly glimpse in the movie Westworld. West(world) Eidetic Operating System.]]
* Called Game of Thrones since nerds often played it while sitting on their "thrones."
* One day we will all play it.

[[WMG: Podrick didn't have sex with those prostitutes.]]
Despite being absolutely -ahem- fascinated by these ladies, Podrick actually chose not to go on with the act, maybe because of a moral reason like Jon's or because he's a hopeless romantic or whatever. But he didn't want to tell Tyrion, so the prostitutes came up with this idea just to pull Tyrion's leg (and the whole town's, for that matter). That's why they told Ros the experience was "hard to describe" because there was nothing to describe, and of course because they wanted to keep the mystery. And think about it, if so many prostitutes were dying to sleep with Pod for free, what would keep him from visiting one every once in a while, which we never see him doing? I know the fact that it wasn't shown on screen doesn't have to mean it didn't happen, but then why would he still get so utterly captivated by the elastic lady's body that he gets totally lost looking at her.

[[WMG: [[spoiler: The Nights King will be the one behind Lady Stoneheart]].]]
[[spoiler: A change from the books, but it will be used to show the White Walkers ''aren't'' taking their game and gaining influence in Westeros. This goes with the theory that the Night's King is connected to the Starks, and thus, he'd be using Stoneheart!Lady Stark as his proxy.]]

[[WMG: GRRM created the word "Khaleesi" by warping "Colossus"]]
Listen to the Game Grumps near the end of episode 10 in their Shadow of the Colossus Let's Play.

[[WMG: Shireen's marriage will end up being very important]]
* Jossed.

[[WMG: Braavos will eventually be conquered by some family to cancel their debts and seize the Iron Bank's gold.]]
* The Iron Bank will be revealed to be a massive fraud. They only have gold plated iron bars in their bank.
** Why do you think they are called the Iron Bank rather than the Gold Bank?
** Foreshadowed by the "Richest" man in Qarth story line.
** The Iron Bank isn't rich because they have lots of physical gold in their vaults, but because of all the debts owed to them across the world. That is not fraud, but capitalism. Whether they also have a large reserve of gold or not is irrelevant.
** Invading Bravos will be extremely difficult due to all the natural barriers surrounding the city, and it being the home of the Faceless Men. Not to mention the Iron Bank can easily gain allies by paying them off or cancelling their debts.

[[WMG: Stannis marries Sansa]]
Just a really gut-feeling hunch. After Mrs. Stannis either kicks it or is otherwise disposed of, Stannis marries Sansa to secure the North, which he's discovering is loyal only to the Starks. Sansa, on the other hand, uses this alliance to get power and the satisfying revenge that comes with it. And in my wild imagining, Sansa seems increasingly similar to Elizabeth York, a girl whose marriage was used to secure the rule of a certain conquering king, who needed the support of her bloodline.
* This would be odd, as Selyse Baratheon is alive and well...
* Part of the WMG is that she either dies or is otherwise disposed of.
** Jossed on all counts.

[[WMG: Brienne will become a knight of the North]]
All the pieces are in place for this one - [[spoiler: she's headed for Winterfell, where Sansa is all but in charge, she'll present Oathkeeper to her as a new sword for the Starks (as it's half of Ice, anyways), swearing once again to support and protect her.]]

[[WMG: Melissandre was never a slave]]
The story she tells Gendry is word by word the same told by the red priestess in Volantis to the slave crowd. Evidently, it is a pre-written speech that red priests tell to people to gain their trust, and has nothing to do with reality.
** Slaves are hardly a rare species in Essos, and it makes sense that the Red God would be popular among several freed slaves since the Priesthood is more social mobility then they can get anywhere else. In the books, a POV chapter confirms she was indeed a slave and bought at an auction. The TV show could tell us something different anyway so who knows.

[[WMG: Arya will kill Meryn Trant]]
It seems pretty obvious since she is in Braavos, and Meryn Trant is sent with Mace Tyrell to Braavos as his guard. Plus, her killing Trant will either be a part of her training, or she will go out of her way to kill him without the consent of the Faceless Men.
* Confirmed.

[[WMG:Daario is behind the Sons of the Harpy]]
Daario was instrumental in conquering Yunkai and Meereen for Dany. However, ever since he got in her bed he has done nothing but hurting her position.

'''Daario lived in Meereen before Daenerys came'''. He used to be a slave in the Fighting Pits, the ones Dany closed after taking the city, where he gained skills, fame, money and his freedom. Daario boasts that his Second Sons blend into the Meereenese easily. This is because many of them are likely Meereneese themselves, veterans of the Fighting Pits like him. Then come out of nowhere the Sons of the Harpy, this mysterious group that also blends easily in the Meereneese, wants the city to be like it was before Dany (including reopening the Fighting Pits) and whose members are armed and trained in close combat. Why? Because the Second Sons ''are'' the Sons of the Harpy!

'''The Son of the Harpy arrested was a patsy'''. He was arrested by ''Daario'', when the Unsullied were about to leave the place. Other than hearsay from the Second Sons, the only evidence that he was the Son of the Harpy that had killed White Rat was that he had a bronze mask with him. However, Dany only knew that the Sons of the Harpy had killed White Rat because the guy who did it left a bronze mask over his body. The guy was wearing only one mask, so if he left it on White Rat he shouldn't have one when Daario arrested him. Furthermore, Daario prevents Dany's council from interrogating the prisoner arguing that he has interrogated him himself and has found that he has no useful information. We have no evidence of this but Daario's word.

'''Daario offers the worst advice.''' He wants Dany to reopen the Fighting Pits, a symbol of life in Meereen when it was controlled by the Masters. He wants her to release the dragons after they killed a child, even though she can't control them and one of them is still on the run. He was all for going to war with Yunkai again and killing the masters that did not bow last season, but Jorah talked her out of it. He executed Mossador, and he did it quick without giving her a chance to reconsider even though it was obvious that the crowd was getting pissed. And finally...

'''Daario pressed Barristan to leave the Great Pyramid for no apparent reason.''' By ''sheer coincidence'', the Sons of the Harpy attack just then and leave Grey Worm and Barristan grievously injured.

Why does he do this? Well, if Dany leaves Meereen the Unsullied do as well, if she's killed they are left with no reason to stay either. Who's left to assume control of Meereen? The Second Sons, with Daario at their head.

** I think we can safely call this jossed after episode 9. If Daario ''was'' with the Sons, he passed up multiple golden opportunities to either kill her or let her die, and they were trying just as hard to kill him as anyone else. Sure, you could argue that they got dangerously close to killing her on his watch, but the unsullied failed to spot the Harpies, either, and Daario isn't responsible for them.

** Also, the show doesn't portray ''all'' of Daario's advice as the worst, even if you consider it to be. Tyrion backs up opening the fighting pits as a good concession on her part, for instance. And if she had taken Daario's advice and "cleared" the city of the Sons of the Harpy district by district instead of playing Dragon Roulette with Meereen's nobles, the attack at the arena might not have happened.

[[WMG:Olenna will engineer Cersei's downfall.]]
Since she's far more adept at playing the long game than Cersei, Olenna will undoubtedly manipulate the Sparrows into turning against Cersei.
* Semi-confirmed, Littlefinger, working with her, brought Lancel to the attention of the High Sparrow, who proceeded to arrest Cersei on the charge of incest.

[[WMG:Theon has a bastard son.]]
The son's mother is the daughter of the captain of the ship which took Theon to the Iron Isles. Theon will eventually become King of the Iron Islands and will aid the Starks in the wars. This ironically is the reason he was originally sent there.

[[WMG:Bran has been warging into Drogon]]
Even though Bran was confirmed to not appear in season 5, he was told in the season 4 finale that "he would never walk again, but he would fly". Thus far in season 5, Drogon has been acting uncharacteristically flighty. Season 4 established him as being the most aggressive of the dragons, in addition to being responsible for the carnage that Rhaegal and Viserion were locked up for.

So what caused the change in Drogon's mood? Why appear meek to Daenerys after the riot in Mereen, and then simply take off without causing mass chaos as he'd done before? Why is Drogon just flying around, even going as far south as Valyria? He might be following his instincts, or it might be Bran flying with him.

[[WMG: Season five/season six predictions]]
* Season five will end with one of this biggest spoilers ever: the introduction of Young Griff [[spoiler: aka Prince Aegon Targaryen, the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell and Dany's nephew/cousin, if he's confirmed to be a Blackfyre.]]
* Season six will have [[spoiler: Aegon meet Dany and want to marry her, true to Targaryen tradition.]]
* Season six will also confirm that [[spoiler: Aegon has a half-brother and Dany, another nephew: Jon Snow, the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen and the nephew/cousin of the Stark family he grew up with.]]
** Jossed on all three counts. [[spoiler:Varys is definitely a Dany-supporter, he's in Meereen with Tyrion, the Martells are pretty much what-you-see-what-you-get and the Griffs are gone]].

[[WMG: Bronn has been poisoned.]]
During the battle with the Sand Snakes, the camera explicitly shows Bronn getting cut by one of their daggers. Now, the Dornish already have a reputation for coating their blades with poison...
** Confirmed. Tyene's dagger was indeed coated in poison, but he received the antidote from her after admitting she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

[[WMG: The "boy" Baelish is talking about is Olyvar]]
Since Baelish was his former employer, he knows Olyvar is a former male prostitute and can rat him out to the Faith. So Baelish and Olenna can blackmail him into taking back his accusations and claiming that Cersei coerced him into testifying against Loras and Margaery. All he would have to face for saying he lied is perjury, which probably has a far less severe punishment than buggery and prostitution.
* I though it was Lancel, ratting out his crimes for Cersei?

[[WMG: Tyene and Bronn will be an item]]
She thinks he's handsome, and he will admire her for bring him as close to death as he's ever come. To take it a step further, he will stay in Dorne with her. With Tyrion gone, and Lollys engaged to someone else, he has no reason to return to King's Landing. And it would be funny after all his comments about the Dornish being crazy.
** Alternatively Tyene will take on the role of Arianne and tempt Bronn to kidnap or kill Myrcella. Forcing Bronn to become both Arys Oakheart and Darkstar at the same time and be killed by Jaime.

[[WMG: Season 6 will have a Holy War]]
The power brokers of Kings Landing will take note of the religious revival of Rhillorism and the arrival of Dany, as well as the Old Gods and tell the Sparrows to go and fight the new religions. This will get the Sparrows and the Faith Militant off to fight a religious war in winter citing them as a ConflictKiller.

[[WMG: The Night's King will not feature in the Novels.]]
* The Showrunners decided to introduce him as one of their divergences from the books, and he is not something they got from their insider knowledge that Martin's given them. Rather, they lifted the idea from Creator/GreenRonin's invented White Walker/Other big bad, the King of Winter, tweaking the concept a bit to call him the Night's King to make him more recognizable to book readers.
* Partly confirmed. George RR Martin stated that he intended the Night's King to be a made up in-universe story, and intends it to be a legend and not TheLegendOfChekhov.

[[WMG: Tormund just [[spoiler: accidentally killed Mance.]]]]
* [[spoiler: Melissandre actually DID switch Mance and Rattleshirt, and somehow managed to get him to Hardhome. Then [[ShaggyDogStory Tormund killed the person he THOUGHT was Rattleshirt, but actually killed Mance instead.]]]] Because that would be hilarious.

[[WMG: The White Walkers are symbolism for global warming]]
* A major, weather-related threat to the World knocking at its door that its leaders are largely ignoring so they can focus on petty political squabbles instead, some of them even claiming it's only a legend despite all the evidence to the contrary, dismissing the people warning them about it and only acting in a very superficial manner by putting a vestigial group of people in charge of fixing it, without actually giving them the means to do so. Of course, in the case of Game of Thrones, it's more like Global Freezing/Zombification, but you get the idea.
** Confirmed to a point. WordOfGod said that it didn't occur to him at the time but he does accept that it has {{Applicability}} to it now.

[[WMG:Anyone Can Die will play a role in the White Walker storyline]]

* If the White Walkers defeat the Night's Watch and Widlings, they cross the Wall and start reviving the characters who have died since the beginning of the series as wights. Most of the character's deaths have pushed plotlines forward, but it would be interesting if all the dead characters in Westeros come back to fight for the White Walkers. The living characters of each House in Westeros put aside their vendettas, political scrabbles, and greed to team up against the White Walkers. If they do not team up, all of Westeros will be screwed.They are forced to ally with Dany Targaryen since she has dragon's fire breathing powers to take out the White Walkers. It would be great way to end the series since it has been building up all these tangled stroylines to diverge into one epic final battle.

[[WMG: Ramsay Snow is the real hero]]
Since the showrunners have an absolute man crush on Bolton and elevate him into ridiculous levels of VillainSue via AdaptationalBadass, he's going to rape and marry Dany, secretly be Azor Ahai, defeat the Night's King in single combat without a Valyrian steel sword, rise to the Iron Throne and be given a lifelong pardon by the High Sparrow and the Old Gods to rape and hunt women for the rest of his life with all impunity.
* At the end of Season 5, he's well on his way to his destiny, outfitted with PlotArmor.

[[WMG:Hizdahr really was the leader of the Sons of the Harpy.]]
Hizdahr was the original leader of the Sons of the Harpy, and he formed the group as a way to try and force Daenerys to restore Meereen's old traditions. However, it soon became a case of GoneHorriblyRight. After Hizdahr achieved his objectives of restoring the pit fights with becoming Daenerys' husband as a bonus, the rest of the Sons of the Harpy began to see his marriage as a betrayal to them. During the pit fight, when Hizdahr returns from making "preparations", he was really making sure the Sons of the Harpy were ready to attack in case Daenerys reneged on her promise. However, the Sons of the Harpy took the chance to betray and eliminate Hizdahr.

[[WMG: In the Season Five finale, we will see Varys again in King's Landing and he will do ''you-know-what'' to Uncle Kev and Grand Maester Pycelle.]]
The only question? In whose name will he be there for? Probably Dany's but you never know...
* Partly Confirmed but Mostly Jossed. [[spoiler:He's there in the finale but in Meereen, far from King's Landing and he and Tyrion are going to run Meereen until Dany returns]].

[[WMG: Stannis plans to kill Melisandre if Shireen's sacrifice does not ensure the conquest of Winterfell.]]
Stannis really cared for his daughter and burning her was not an easy choice for him to make. Being the PrinciplesZealot he is and his willingness to strangle Melisandre on a past occasion, he is probably going to say this bluntly to the Red Priestess's face before the battle.
* Confirmed by implication, [[spoiler:Melisandre runs for the hills when Stannis campaign goes south, probably fleeing his wrath as much as anything]].

[[WMG:Jon isn't dead]]
Or at least, won't stay so for long. With Melisandre close by, he will be raised, much like Thoros of Myr did with Lord Beric Dondarion. He might gain the sobriquet Lord Stoneheart. As he did die, it might free him of his oath to the Watch.

[[WMG:Related to the above, Jon becomes Coldhands]]
What little we know about Coldhands is that he is an intelligent Wight who was once a member of the Watch, and if I recall correctly, it was heavily implied that his original death was caused by a betrayal. In addition, Coldhands is shown to have a friendship with Sam, and Jon was pretty much Sam's only friend until he met Gilly. Finally, this would make Kit's interview make sense in an ExactWords way: Jon is dead, but Coldhands "lives" on.

[[WMG: Stannis isn't dead]]
Since when does this show pull punches and cut away from the death of a major character so abruptly? Even Ned's execution showed the reactions of the crowd, afterwards. Someone stopped Brienne's blade at the last second and saved Stannis' life. At the very least the creators wanted to leave a loophole in the case Stannis has an important role to play later in the books.
** Perhaps Brienne will decide to keep Stannis alive, for an EnemyMine situation. She could say when Sansa has been rescued she will kill him, Stannis saying something like "Do it."

[[WMG: In the Show, it will be Arya who kills Balon Greyjoy]]
It's long been rumored in the books that it was a faceless man who did it, it's quite possible that the show will give the role to Arya (even though it wouldn't make sense from the standpoint of the faceless men code)

[[WMG: Arya's unnamed roommate is actually the new faceless-Arya]]

In a {{FightClub}} -esque {{MindScrew}},the Arya we've been seeing is just the part of her that is still clinging to her "Arya Stark" identity, and the other girl is her new alter-ego (or, non-ego) -- the part that is succeeding at becoming "nobody".

[[WMG: The Iron Throne is important but not for the reason everybody thinks.]]

One theory about Valyrian steel is that it is iron forged by dragon's breath. All the swords of the iron throne were transmuted into Valyrian steel when they were "forged in the fiery breath of Balerion the Dread." Valyrian steel is one of the few things that can kill a White Walker.

[[WMG: Season 6 will open up with Jaime turning that damn boat around.]]
Anything else will be completely illogical; both parties on the boat want Myrcella alive and the quickest way to get her medical attention is turning the boat around or getting her in a rowboat and heading to shore. Everyone on the boat will be able to figure out who's responsible and know that they can't have that much of a head start on them.
** Depends how quickly the poison works. If it looks like there's any chance of saving her, then turning back for Sunspear is the best chance at getting an antidote to her quickly. If it's instant death, on the other hand, then given Jaime's impulsive nature I'd say it's a coin flip between turning back around and going on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge, or continuing on to King's Landing with Trystane as a valuable hostage for the inevitable war with Dorne.
*** Here's a problem iwth the "Trystane as hostage" theory; the ship, as far as we know, has a Dornish crew. At the very least there's no reason to believe otherwise. A Dornish crew is far more likely to take commands from Trystane than it is to take commands from Jaime, and is incredibly unlikely to help deliver Trystane to King's Landing knowing he'll be used as a hostage once they get there.
*** Jossed. Judging by the Season 6 preview photos, Jaime is back in King's Landing with Myrcella's body, he and Tommen are looking over her corpse and got confronted by Cersei. Now, how does Trystane fit into this? I have no idea but the writers better give an explanation on what they're going to do with him.

[[WMG: Alternative to the above, in Season 6 Cersei will have her maester revive Myrcella like he did with Gregor]]
The boat will arrive to King's Landing, and Jaime or Trystane will sadly carry Myrcella to her childhood home. Cersei will deny the possibility to bury her, and possibly the First Sparrow would refuse Myrcella at the sept anyways. So Qyburn will step in to aid his Queen once again, and revive Myrcella for Cersei. Obviously this will be bad, and it doesn't circumvent the childhood prophecy given to Cersei at the start of season 5. But how bad? No idea, knock yourselves out.
* She'll end up being basically an undead, female Joffrey. Sweet dreams.

[[WMG: In season 6, Daario and Jorah will do some things that got cut out of Tyrion's and Jorah's story in season 5]]
They will join a sellsword company working for Yunkai (possibly the Golden Company), and will try to make them switch sides.

[[WMG: Sam will rediscover the process of smithing Valyrian steel]]
Seems possible.

[[WMG: Jon Snow's suspected parentage, the necessity of royal blood for Melisandre's magic and him getting stabbed to death are going to add up to something]]
Insert obligatory "R+L=J" comment.

[[WMG: The Mad King wasn't really mad]]
* He had good reasons for burning his enemies alive since they were demons who could only be killed by fire.
* Sansa's statement in the last episode of season 5 that "I know WHAT Ramsay is" was significant foreshadowing.
* The "incredible plans" he had for Sansa's lady parts was to transplant them to Theon thereby making Theon literally his bitch.

[[WMG: Season 6 will have Rickon restored to Winterfell, enabling Stannis to take the Iron Throne]]
* There are rumours "The Winds of Winter" will have Stannis take the Iron Throne. Perhaps Season 5 will have him in hiding, and meeting Northern Lords (it is rumoured S5 will have Greatjon Umber and Rickon), who want a Stark in Winterfell. With Rickon as the figurehead, Stannis rallies their armies, crushes the Boltons, and then proceeds to take the Iron Throne.
** However he may be truly killed towards the end, as Daenerys launches her conquest. Thinking he cannot be Azor Ahai, Melissandre resurrects Jon Snow.

[[WMG: If Jaime returns to King's Landing, he will found out about Cersei's fornication and dump her]]
Face it, he'll learn eventually that Cersei slept with Lancel. There's likely no chance that he'll forgive her for cheating on him and will not be her champion once Cersei calls for a trial by combat for her crimes. With that, Ser Robert Strong will take his place as Cersei's champion.

[[WMG: Melisandre does not serve the Red God]]
* She is simply a powerful witch who has deluded herself into thinking that she does. Her blood magic allows her to fake divine miracles and her gift of The Sight allows her to be aware of the Red God's prophecies, but she is not a true acolyte and thus her visions come without wisdom. She manufactured the Azor Ahai as Stannis Barathion out of a need for there to be one and due to her flawed visions when she should have sought-out Beric Dondarrion.

[[WMG: Danny will learn to fight]]
Let's face it, after the shit in Meereen it's pretty clear she needs to learn how to defend herself effectively, especially if she still intends to take Westeros. My best guess here is that she'll either learn a Dothraki fighting style in honor of Khal Drogo or have one of the Unsullied teach her. The reasoning being that the knghts that she will be battling will be unfamiliar with those styles of combat

[[WMG:Doran approves of the death of Myrcella and is using Jamie for the Fire and Blood plot]]
Seen this brought up. Doran approaves of the death of Myrcella as revenge for the murder of Elia by The Mountain, not for the death of Oberyn. The ship Jaime and Bronn are on is a Martell ship and thus both men will be held captive as it travels to Mareen. The plan is for Trystane to offer a marriage alliance with Dany and Jamie is a 'wedding present'
* Jossed. Doran is not book!Doran who is TheChessmaster and doesn't know about the poisoning until he got Jaime's latter. Also Jaime and Bronn went back to King's Landing with Myrcella's body. And it's unlikely that there's going to be an alliance with Dany since Trystane is gone.

[[WMG:House Reyne was founded by a Lannister bastard]]
Their House was founded by a Lannister bastard named Rain. Rain was a bastard's named at the time. For some reason they were able to found a house. They changed their name to Reyne. The Lannisters despised them, for they had similar wealth and even took the lion on their coat of arms. The destruction of the house was mainly out of spite.

[[WMG: Stannis wasn't himself when he sacrificed Shireen.]]
Melisandre used one of her concoctions on him to make him lose his better judgement.

[[WMG: Sansa is already pregnant by Ramsay.]]
Of course she is. Because nothing good can ever happen to her.

[[WMG: Stannis will get a posthumous dying grace]]
Shipments of dragonglass will begin coming into the Night's Watch from Dragonstone, Stannis having sent word for such before he left Castle Black.

[[WMG: Brienne will have a KarmicDeath for murdering Stannis]]
* She might end up being killed by one of his supporters, like Davos.

[[WMG: Danny will find common cause with the Martells]]
* Tellingly, in her conversation with Tyrion leading up to her "Break the wheel" speech, neither Dorne nor the Martells are brought up. Indeed, given how neither were really involved in either Robert's Rebellion or the War of the Five Kings, it'd make sense that she would find no reason to strike at them. But given their mutual distrust with the rest of Westeros, it'd make sense that she might at least find them convenient allies.

[[WMG: Yara Greyjoy will become captain of the Iron Fleet]]
The series has been streamlining the narrative by eliminating and conflating minor characters. One casualty of this is going to be Victarion Greyjoy. Instead, Yara -- who is clearly not going to be captured by Stannis at this point in the narrative -- will take his role leading the Ironborn to Essos.

[[WMG: Stannis is now a RevenantZombie CursedWithAwesome.]]
This theory first came to me when I was wondering how Stannis, and Stannis alone, survived that battle. My answer: he didn't. The Lord of Light intervened after the battle and brought him back, unaided by any priest (magic is getting stronger, remember). However, this isn't because he's Azor Ahai. Accepting that the Lord of Light is a GoodIsNotNice god, burning Shireen could very well have been a SecretTestOfCharacter that Stannis royally screwed the pooch on. Now the Lord of Light has made him unkillable to prolong his suffering. Season 6 will open with Brienne hacking him to pieces again and again, and the pieces reassembling themselves, until she feels better.

[[WMG: Ramsay will kill Roose and the apparently pregnant Walda]]
His voiceover during the teaser video has him declaring that Winterfell is his. While he will be Lord of Winterfell once Roose is dead, Winterfell technically belongs to Roose whilst he still lives. Perhaps Ramsay will finally get tired of being lorded over by his father, and will kill him so that he will rule. He will also kill the apparently pregnant Walda so that the more legitimate son of Roose won't threaten his inheritance.
** Very much confirmed.

[[WMG: The Lightbringer is going to look like [[http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Shishkebab_(Fallout_3)?file=F3Shish01.jpg this]]]]
...well probably not, but that would simply be the most awesome thing ever. Matti23

[[WMG: The Boltons' flaming flayed man is...]]
Stannis. The sight of a flayed stag seen ever-so-briefly in the Telltale game was shrewd foreshadowing of the highest degree. Things seem to be turning in direction of a second attempt at reclaiming Winterfell, by a host that seems likely to include poor Davos. The fire is ironic mockery on par with what was done with Robb's corpse... "Here comes the Son of Fire!" With what we know of the Boltons' "treatment" of prisoners, it seems like Stannis was lucky to go out the way he did...

[[WMG: Blackfish will be a CompositeCharacter to Lady Stoneheart and Wyman Manderly]]
He might be the one who will hang the Freys with a possible alliance with the Brotherhood Without Banners and [[spoiler:make those Frey pies and offer them to Jaime]].

[[WMG: Arya will learn to warg]]
Since she got blinded, Arya would ended up discovering her warg powers when she starts having dreams of her inside her direwolf, Nymeria, who is hunting in the Riverlands. This would become useful in her training as a Faceless Man.

[[WMG: The Umbers will be a composite with the Manderlys]]
They'll be publicly allied with the Boltons, but secretly biding their time to enact their revenge.

[[WMG: The Wildings will take over the dreadfort]]
And they'll settle in Bolton lands, eventually.

[[WMG: The Night's Watch will collapse]]
The Night's Watch will be yet again divided between the mutineers loyal to Ser Alliser and those who ultimately remained loyal to Jon (i.e. Edd). After a struggle that will most likely happen if Jon get's resurrected, Jon & company will be forced to desert/flee Castle Black and take refuge with the Wildlings while the mutineers take over Castle Black. Jon will shift his focus towards taking the North back from the Boltons, while the Night's Watch will end up becoming the first victims of the White Walkers south of the wall.

[[WMG: The Wildlings will rescue Davos and the Loyalist Nights Watchmen]]
From what I have observed from the trailers and teaser clips, Davos and the loyalists have barricaded themselves in a room along with Jon Snows body and Ghost. Thorne along with the Mutineers are trying to break through and Davos and the loyalists are prepared to fight them once they break through the door. However, Wun Wun breaks through the Castle's gate and hundreds of wildlings pour in and kill many of the mutineers (which hopefully will include Thorne and Olly), and those that survive become prisoners. It turns out that one of the loyalists went to the Wildlings asking for aid, likely sent by Davos or suggested by one of the loyalists (likely Eddison).
** So far, confirmed that Edd has ridden to the Wildings to seek their aid.

[[WMG: The entire Dorne arc is executed poorly by design]]
Because what with the death of Shae (who was cast for similar reasons) at the end of season four, they had no big players to distract viewers from Emilia Clarke's poor acting by means of comparison (the fact that her arc progression had slowed down to a crawl around this time didn't help). Enter the Sand Snakes, hapless ''Xena'' rejects whose godlike levels of cringe could make Megan Fox look like Helen Mirren. As a consequence, they'll stick around until someone worse comes along... at which point, the White Walkers might as well come and end it all. It is known...

[[WMG: Olly will wound Tormund]]
If the above WMG will come true (The Wildlings will rescue Davos and the Loyalist Nights Watchmen), Olly will wound Tormund before he hopefully) dies, and Tormund's fighting abilities will be hindered. I believe this hindrance will come into effect during the fight with the Bolton's. I sepculate that Tormund will fight Ramsay in one-on-one combat and ,due to his wound, will lose.

[[WMG: The Harpy will be...]]
...either a choice between Daario/Missandei/Varys. Since the show is going ahead of the books and making drastic changes and the context of Meereen's society is not properly developed. The show will go for the simpler Murder Mystery plot and have things NarrowedItDownToTheGuyIRecognize especially since Hizdahr is dead and presented as a Red Herring. The Harpy is well organized, effective and operates with inside knowledge. The only ones who fit and have the required narrative heft to pull this off is Daario or Varys or Missandei. What are their motives?
# Varys manufactured the Harpy to manipulate Daenerys into the ruler he wants her to be, to play the role he needs her to fulfill. He's manipulated from the background since Season 1 and obviously he has to have some big game and payoff to compensate for TheReveal at the end of Book 5 which has been AdaptedOut. Him being the Harpy will prove how this ApparentlyPowerlessPuppetmaster has been TheOmniscient all along.
# Missandei is a long-shot but needs to be included simply because she's a named Essosi character with an ambiguous future role. She has inside information on Dany, is incredibly smart and sharp. She's also the one who convinces Dany to marry Hizdahr. The reason she manufactured the Harpy is that she doesn't want her to go to Westeros, she's a PossessionSue who wants Mhysa to stay in Slaver's Bay forever.
# Daario has always been a bad boy. In Season 3, he single-handedly hijacked the Second Sons, and helped Dany take over a city. He's also the man in charge of the Meereen City Watch. Pretty well organized and military man who was also in charge of security at the Fighting Pits when all those Harpy Men marched into the crowds. He had means, he had opportunity. As for motivations...he's Daario, who cares.

[[WMG: By the end of Season 6, Ramsay will...]]
...maim or flay or kill the following: Rickon Stark/Osha the Wildling/Fat Walda/Roose/Davos/Melisandre/Tormund maybe Dolorous Edd.

He will also become a host for the Night's King and the White Walkers and become the true BigBad of the entire series plotline.

[[WMG: Brienne will give Oathkeeper to Sansa]]
And she will use it to personally END HOUSE BOLTON.

[[WMG: Melissandre's vision of Jon Snow fighting in Winterfell will come true]]
With Jon's resurrection, her vision will come true. But in a different way than we think. It is made clear that the Starks and Bolton's will battle, but from the looks of things from the trailers, they won't be fighting at Winterfell. I believe that the vision foreshadows a Stark victory (supported by the newly arrived army from the Vale), and the vision of Jon fighting at Winterfell will be him and his army killing Ramsay and the few Bolton troops he has left.

[[WMG: Jon Snow will ''not'' kill Ramsay.]]
Rather, the Bolton Bastard will die by KarmicDeath, betrayed either by a common servant or his own men, tired of living in fear that he might murder them at any time out of sheer boredom. The House Bolton will fall, not with a bang, but a whimper.
** Ghost will do it
** Even better/karmic? His "Bastard's Girls" eat him alive.

[[WMG: Olly will be passed off as Rickon]]
In an adaptation of the excised book plots of Mellisandre passing off Manca Rayder as Rattleshirt, Wyman Manderly passing off an executed prisoner as Davos, and Roose Bolton passing off Jeyne Poole as Arya Stark, Olly will be passed off as Rickon stark. How and why this goes down can come in several possibilites.
* Mellisandre casts a glamour to turn Olly into Rickon, as him being captured by Ramsay would galvanize Jon and much of the North into rescuing him.
* Ramsay captures Olly and passes him off as Rickon, wanting to keep the North in check.
* The Umber hand him to Ramsay claiming he's Rickon, assuming they're a a composite with the Maderlys and are secretly loyal to the Starks.

[[WMG: Ian McShane will play the Mad King in a flashback]]

[[WMG: Resurrected Jon will be a CompositeCharacter with Lady Stoneheart]]
Hence why Lady Stoneheart was cut out; two Starks returned fom the dead and out for revenge would be a bit much. And it seems like the sort of thing the show would do: they'll bring back everyone's fave and one of the few genuinely good people in Westeros... but when he comes back, he's not himself anymore.

[[WMG: Nymeria Sand will die in Season 6 because of her actress’ commitment to ''Series/IronFist2016'']]
Since Jessica Henwick is cast as one of the main leads in the Marvel Netflix show, it’s possible that Nymeria might die at some point in Season 6. Similar to the books, she will be in King’s Landing; however, she might be there to kidnap or kill someone (maybe Tommen, Kevan, Pycelle etc.). Then, she encounters Ser Robert Strong who will kill her in possibly the most brutal way (maybe similar to how her father died or not). Of course, Finn Jones is also cast as Comicbook/IronFist but he didn’t say if Loras will not survive Season 6.

[[WMG: Ellaria does not have full control of Dorne]]
Seriously, why would everyone (and I mean, everyone) in Dorne would follow a bastard woman who is not a Martell or not even married to Martell? There are probably some Dornish houses who are still loyal to Doran (maybe House Yronwood or House Tolland) and they wouldn’t forgive Ellaria for murdering their liege lord and ordered the Sand Snakes to commit kinslaying. It’s possible that there would be a civil war in Dorne and since Ellaria is not as smart as Littlefinger or Tywin, she might get overthrown.

[[WMG: Either Lord Karstark or Smalljon Umber will conspire against Ramsay and arrange Sansa to marry one of them]]
While they seem to ally with Ramsay for now, it might not last due to their own ambitions and Ramsay is a psychotic murderer. And rather than kill Sansa, it might be better to have her widowed and be eligible to marry one of them and then have control of the North legitimately. That is if they find her and convince her to go along with the plan.

[[WMG: Kevan Lannister and Pycelle will be killed on orders from Qyburn in the adaptation.]]
This happens by way of [[spoiler:Varys]] in the books. Since he's elsewhere, he's replaced (by the writers on a meta level and by the Lannisters in-universe) with Qyburn. [[spoiler:Qyburn has already been shown turning Varys's 'little birds' to his side.]] The motives will also be different. [[spoiler:Varys was working in an attempt to destabilize the Lannisters, possibly opening the door for (fake?) Aegon.]] In this case, it will be on Cersei's orders, which will obviously leave an open spot on the Council, where Cersei will advise Tommen to name the most "natural" replacement for the position - Jaime Lannister. This will allow the 'Royal Family' to essentially rule together as King, Queen Mother, and King's Hand. (Of course, Tommen actually being a pretty nice guy and this being Game of Thrones and all, things will quickly find a way to go to hell in a handbasket by the following episode.)

[[WMG: Jon Snow will join the White Walkers.]]
After losing everything he ever believed in, and then being killed by people he thought he could trust, he's finally had enough of everyone and everything. Season 6 will end with him kneeling before the Night's King and offering his sword in service to wiping Westeros clean.

[[WMG: Ramsay will be eaten by the Thenns]]
Jon Snow is after all coming to reclaim Winterfell with his wildling army, and iirc, we have no reason to think the Thenns aren't still part of that army. There have been a couple of instances suggesting cannibalism is the one horrific thing Ramsay hasn't done: his conversation with Osha in 6x04, the sausage that was in fact just a sausage. It would have be deeply ironic for for Ramsay to fall prey to the one kind of savagery he's not guilty of. Jon will probably try and stop it, out of some sort of sense of honour, but Sansa will be eager to watch it happen. It will probably be a PR disaster anyway – the Boltons might be despised in the North, but having led cannibals into Winterfell cannot go down well with the commonfolk, and might sour the return of the Starks.

[[WMG: Rickon will become Ramsay's BastardUnderstudy]]
He's got to have been captured for some reason, narratively speaking, and I feel like its not just to get rescued/killed. Its hard to imagine even HBO showing Ramsay torturing a kid, one who's actor is still a minor, like he did Theon; let alone what he did to Sansa. So what then? It's also not clear how much about the Boltons and the Red Wedding and everything Rickon knows. Ramsay might not be smart/patient enough to pull this off, but he may be able to win Rickon to his side, largely by preying on a hatred of Theon – who, after all, is responsible for most of Rickon's problems so it wouldn't surprise me if Rickon hates him very deeply. Ramsay will probably convince him that Sansa married him willingly, and then Theon kidnapped her. Rickon's already thought of as dangerous and wild, and those are traits Ramsay is likely to find appealing and want to bring out. By the time the good guys find him, Rickon will probably be too dangerous to be trusted. He might well become the next young important heir to something who's also a CompleteMonster, following in the tradition of Joffrey and Ramsay.

[[WMG: The Umbers are secretly plotting against Ramsay]]
A popular fan theory circulating the internet believes that Smalljon Umber is ultimately going to betray Ramsay, and the Umbers will be instrumental in finally defeating the Boltons. There are several points that support this:
* In the books at least, the Umbers have UndyingLoyalty to the Starks.
* It's sort of odd that the Umbers are showing up now that Roose is dead. If it does turn out to be a ploy after all, Roose would most likely see right through it. Ramsay on the other hand isn't known for his political savvy and just one episode prior assumed that the Umbers would be on his side without question.
* Smalljon flat out refuses to bend the knee to Ramsay, he's makes it absolutely clear that this is a case of EnemyMine. He's also openly antagonistic to both Ramsay and Karstark by calling them out on absolutely everything. In the event that he does betray Ramsay he wouldn't technically be breaking any oath. Yet despite all this Ramsay is quick to trust the Smalljon simply because he handed Rickon over.
* The wolf head looks suspiciously small for a direwolf.
* The Umber cart looks large enough to hide a direwolf inside.
* There's the possibility that at Rickon might be in on it. Though visibly quite distressed that's more likely coming from being chained up and face to face with Ramsay (wouldn't you?), he doesn't look too shaken up or surprised at the sight of the "direwolf" head either.
* Similarly, if Umber really hated wildlings that much he wouldn't have kept Osha alive for so long.
* Wyman Manderly has been AdaptedOut according to the cast list and WordOfGod. CompositeCharacter alert?
* Ramsay prefers an open field battle to staying behind a wall (we know from the trailers the battle will take place on an open field). The Bolton men alone already outnumber the Wildlings and with Karstark/Umber forces on his side his army probably increase almost twofold. This would also make Ramsay extremely vulnerable to an unexpected betrayal.

[[WMG: Someone will take over Casterly Rock from the Lannisters and isolate them to the Crownlands.]]
* They've got Tommen "Baratheon" on the throne and all, which is great for them, but who's got control of Casterly Rock right now?
** Tywin's dead.
** Tyrion (the legal heir, no matter how much Tywin hated it) is expatriated to Essos and basically in a steward role for Meereen in Daenerys' absence.
** Jaime's in King's Landing - and as Kingsguard, gave up his claim to Casterly Rock anyway.
** Kevan (Tywin's brother, next in line after Jaime and Tyrion) is serving as Hand of the King, also in KL. [[spoiler: And if the books are anything to go by, probably won't live to see Casterly Rock again.]]
** Lancel - who would be at least interim Lord of Casterly Rock as Kevan's son while Kevan served as hand, is also busy in KL raising seven hells as part of the Faith Militant. (And implicitly gives no fucks about the fact that he could actually have a legal right to rule Casterly Rock right now.)
** Hell, even Alton, Stafford, Martyn and Willem Lannister are all dead.
* Most likely candidates:
** The Iron Islands. Whoever ends up as the King of the Iron Islands could very well elect to make it their first target. In fact, if you pull up a map of Westeros, Casterly Rock is actually one of the closest things ''to'' the Iron Islands. And clearly with some recent developments, it's obvious that their part in the greater story isn't done yet. [[spoiler: Also Euron Greyjoy, if he wins the Kingsmoot or even if he plays second fiddle to someone else, seems just the type to be crazy enough to pull this sort of stunt.]]
** Dorne. Remember, Dorne's never really liked the Tyrells ''or'' the Lannisters [[labelnote:In the books...]]The Martell family had a grudge against the Tyrells because Oberyn Martell crippled Willas Tyrell's leg in a tourney some years back. In the series, it could probably just be explained away as the fact that the Tyrells took up with the Lannisters just to get Margeary on the throne.[[/labelnote]], and could well declare war on the somewhat weakened alliance and make a push for Casterly Rock. There are still obviously things to be done at first.
** The Tyrells could always stab the Lannisters in the back. The Reach geographically sits between the Crownlands and the Westerlands anyway, and they've got the pull to ''really'' put what's left of the Lannisters in a tough spot.

[[WMG: Brynden the Blackfish is ''not'' doing well at Riverrun, contrary to what Littlefinger claims.]]
He's de facto in command of Riverrun, but he is besieged by Frey forces in the situation that resulted in Jaime bitchslapping a Frey in the books. Littlefinger lied to Sansa after she snubbed him in a quick-thinking act of revenge, and then put a cherry on top by planting the seed of doubt about Jon Snow ("...Half brother"). The scenario will be modified to account for Brienne being sent there to call on him to aid his great-niece Sansa, with her turning back empty-handed.

[[WMG: Theon and Yara Greyjoy are going to pop up in Essos at next appearance.]]
* They may end up allying with Daenerys, who conveniently needs a navy (her ships were burned at Meereen) and also has a penchant for taking in people that have been disgraced or exiled from their homelands.
** Going off of that, they'll mention to her that Euron killed Balon as the iron price for the throne. Daenerys will PayEvilUntoEvil and have Euron roasted alive, paying the iron price for Euron's fleet.

[[WMG: We will see Cold Hands or Benjen Stark return in Season Six.]]
After the Raven's cave is overrun by the White Walkers, Bran and Meera are left all alone in the far north, with no shelter and no allies and being pursued by an army of wights. Seems like the perfect opportunity for a certain supernatural being or a certain Stark to step in and give a helping hand.

[[WMG: The Children of the Forest underestimated the White Walkers' powers when they created them.]]
It's possible the Children believed that possessing [[KryptoniteFactor dragonglass weapons]] would be enough to keep the White Walkers on a leash. And maybe it worked for a while. Then the White Walkers figured out how to make wights...