[[WMG:Doyle and Aimee are [[Film/MenInBlack MiB]] agents in training.]]
Of course, they don't know it yet, but [[Film/MenInBlack MiB]], using criteria beyond the understanding of us common folk, have identified Doyle and Aimee as [[Film/MenInBlack MiB]] agent candidates. They've been sent to attend school amongst a variety of alien species and cultures to give them first-hand knowledge of what they'll be dealing with back on earth, and to determine if, indeed, they ''can'' deal with it. If not, they'll simply be neuralyzed and have an alternate high school career manufactured for them.
* Aimee is a genius, a smart girl back on Earth. Doyle is a WeirdnessMagnet; if he had stayed put, he would've had to go through constant neuralyzing, making him dumber than he naturally was. That is why he was informed that this was his last chance to graduate.

[[WMG: Doyle is related to [[Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries Captain Kirk]] or a different Kirk from another dimension.]]
* Blonde Hair, cocky attitude, and tries to impress aliens girls, Doyle is practically a younger Captain Kirk