[[WMG:''Futurama'' is some kind of ailment.]]
[[IncrediblyLamePun Future-trauma]] sounds ''more'' like it.

Or Fry is in a new (comatose) traumatic self-induced state now known as ''Futurama'' to Earth doctors..

[[WMG:The writers must have been watching ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica''.]]
[[spoiler:The finale almost confirms it.]]
* [[spoiler:''How'' does the finale confirm it?]]

[[WMG: The writers have watched Hentai.]]
Explains "The Beast with a Billion Backs."
* To be fair, you don't have to have watched hentai in order to be aware of the existence of tentacle porn.

[[WMG: "Simpsorama" was an episode in the Futurama universe.]]
As great as it was to see the two crossover, it doesn't really work: The Simpsons has been established as fictional multiple times in Futurama, and its ComicBookTime doesn't gel with the real time of Futurama. That being said, it's a show in-universe that's [[LongRunner apparently still running]] [[UpToEleven even in the 31st century]](Bender is still waiting for another Simpsons movie). At one point, Planet Express managed to make a deal with the heads of the staff; they get to be in an episode if Planet Express sells a bunch of Simpsons merchandise. Being a fan of 21st century TV, the Omicronians demanded it was set a 1000 years ago or they'd try to destroy the Earth for like the 900th time. Well, that, or in one of Bender's time travel shenanigans he threatened them in 2014 to make his friends part of the series.

[[WMG: The series will be brought back on Netflix.]]
And it will be given a test run with 13 episodes like the Full House spin-off, "Fuller House", is getting.
* Alternatively, Creator/SyFy will revive it, depending on the ratings that the reruns get


[[WMG:Fry's seven leaf clover isn't what it seems]]
Four leaf clovers are rare, five leaf clovers are extremely rare but do happen, a seven leaf clover is absurdly impossible. One of the few plants that does have seven leaves, marijuana. Presumably this was a baby plant. The whole episode takes a very different tone when you realize marijuana was the reason for Fry's success.

[[WMG:Futurama after the first few minutes was Fry's DyingDream]]
Cryogenic freezing [[FridgeHorror didn't exist]] even back in 1999, therefore [[OurHeroIsDead Fry actually freezes himself to death]]- and ''everything'' from then onwards was Fry's DyingDream as he falls unconscious.
* Unlikely. The series often refers to events that happened after the year 2000.
** Which could just be stuff his subconscious spits up. This explains the constant scientific errors and SchizoTech without invoking RuleOfFunny - it's all just what he imagines the future will be like.
*** How did he feel pain? And so deeply 'create' these personalities and scenarios? Not to mention the show is fictional.

[[WMG:Lars-Fry was never the Fry we knew and love.]]
Rather, he's actually Fry from ''another'' universe.

When Fry-A (our universe's Fry) goes back in time so the pizza he wants ''will'' be warmer, he encounters Lars, who criticizes his choice to go back in time for pizza. Lars always seemed more clever than Fry-A even before Fry matured into Lars. He's Fry, all right; but his intellect and reasoning seem ''slightly'' more refined than they should have been...

The time code, regardless of what the characters tell you, is horribly flawed. Somewhere in that mess, something we didn't know about could have been going on. Maybe the time code somehow got Lars-Fry mixed up in a different universe - our universe called A. If the differences between the universes are that subtle (just like slightly different [=IQs=] for everyone), then Lars-Fry would notice but wouldn't necessarily realize that he's from a different universe. Besides, Lars, as a supposed 'duplicate' had cheated death for a long time.

[[WMG:Lars-Fry is the Grandson of Fry-A]]
After sleeping with his grandmother, Lars Fry was the resulting Grandson. Perhaps, ironically, inbreeding is the cause for his intelligence.
* Additionally, Fry has created an infinite loop of AlternateUniverse branching from that event as a result. Each alternate Fry, no doubt, also slept with their grandmothers to create ''another'' universe (such as the universe of Lars-Fry and the Box universe Fry etc.) Each counterpart of Fry would develop slightly differently from the original in either IQ or hair color etc.
** For even more [[MindScrew "fun"]] let us consider the possibility that Enos Fry (the Grandfather of Fry-A) was yet ANOTHER Parallel Fry from the ongoing time-loop!
* Considering that Fry was already his own grandfather, this was long since confirmed.

[[WMG:God ''was'' Fry.]]
The time-travel related weirdness concerning Fry's family tree- and Lars is ''just the beginning''... Fry is destined to, via TimeTravel and other strangeness, become creator of [[TimeAbyss every single particle, thing, and person in the universe]].

In "Godfellas," it is implied that God is the sentient mind of the universe. Perhaps there is only one sentient mind in the universe, weaved and weaving through all of time and space. Fry is the first segment of the thread, and his family tree oddness is the knot keeping his end in place. God is the sentient mind of the universe as a whole at any given point in time.

Communicating with the universe as a whole may only be possible through the One True Language (see below).
* This would explain why the God-Probe and Fry have the ''same'' voice (well, that and the fact that Billy West did about a third of the voices for the whole show...)
** Further enhancing this theory, Fry was also present at the time of the second Big Bang (that we know of) in the episode [[spoiler: The Late Phillip J Fry]] via time-machine...

[[WMG:Fry is also his maternal grandfather?!]]
Fry has his mother's hair color and style. His father looks ''more'' like Mildred than either Enos Fry- or Fry himself.

This sort of thing can skip a generation, but we never see his maternal grandparents. His mother's maiden name is AllThereInTheManual.
* Does that mean Fry's parents [[BrotherSisterIncest are siblings]]? I guess genetic concerns aren't really an issue if your father is also your son. Fry's mom must have gotten [[TheDitz his brains]] (she's somewhat childish considering her obsession with sports) and Fry's dad got [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass his skills]] (it takes some level of skill to be a soldier in Vietnam, and he did make plans for possible nuclear/Y2K war).

[[WMG:Fry (or a clone of him) was his own mother]]
* That's either ''too'' convoluted or ''not'' convoluted enough.

[[WMG:Part of (or all) the series has been a DyingDream of Fry...]]
There are at least two notable instances where this ''could'' in fact be actually true:
* As seen in ''Anthology of Interest I'', Fry may have smashed his head ''against'' the cryogenic pod- (instead of falling in) but also fatally hitting his head in the process.
* At the end of ''The Cryonic Woman'', The Professor ejected Fry from the Planet Express ship (!) through his trap-door, likely ''hundreds of feet'' above the ground. Of course, [[ResetButton no mention of this accident]] was ever made in future episodes- and Fry had survived without incident... But what if he in fact ''hadn't''?

In either case, everything past that point (the entire series, or just Volume Three and up) is not real and is just a twisted result of Fry's poor mind ''gradually'' shutting down from injury.

[[WMG:Everything past ''The Late Philip J. Fry'' was Fry, Farnsworth and Bender's DyingDream.]]
Time isn't cyclical; the new universe could have only been brought about by a Big Crunch. The Forward-Time Machine was slowly losing power- with no more stars, the temperature is stealthily decreasing.
* Fry and the Professor are both in a coma due to the cold and will soon freeze...
** Even Bender the robot will freeze because there is no source of heat or light left in the cosmos...
*** Jossed by real-world physics. Quantum foam will eventually cause a new Big Bang something like 10^142 years after the universe succumbs to proton decay, although it almost certainly won't be identical to the previous one in real life. TheMoreYouKnow.
*** Double Jossed by real world physics. The laws of thermodynamics say heat flows from high heat to low heat. However, there is almost no matter in space so the temperature will not decrease.

[[WMG:Fry didn't mutate because he's ''already'' technically a mutant.]]
His "past-nastification" led to his lack of the Delta Brainwave. Who said all mutations have to be external?
* That and his genome is already locked in due to ''infinite'' inbreeding of his family. Granted, that particular fact is tied into his Delta Brainwave lack, but even if it wasn't, there isn't all that much that the mutagen water can work with after a family lineage infinitely strong AND his genome holding several {{Stable Time Loop}}s in place by this point.

[[WMG:Fry is related to Conan O'Brien.]]
Come on, just ''look'' at his pointy hair!

[[WMG:Fry's middle name is Jancy.]]
Pronounced like the J in "Hallelujah". [[CreatorThumbprint The J. middle name]] is a tradition from his mother's side of the family.

[[WMG:Philip Fry II was living the life his Uncle Fry ''would'' have lived- if he wasn't frozen.]]
Uncle Fry's life started going downhill when he hid his 7-leaf clover. If he hadn't been frozen, he would have found his clover. Everything that actually happened to Fry's nephew [[WhatCouldHaveBeen would have happened]] to Fry himself. The Nibblonian Nibbler ''knew'' of this outcome and and gave him Leela instead- as a gift for such a sacrifice.

[[WMG:Everything we know is a [[BlatantLies lie]]]]
Fry is actually a genius, but he was transported to a universe where ''no-one'' understands his genius because, the knowledge they have is completely different than the knowledge he had in the future universe.
1. The sky is blue because of refraction.
* In Fry's universe the sky is blue because of reflection.
2. You can't put metal in the microwave because the microwaves will bounce off the metal and back into the processor.
* In Fry's universe the reason is because metals give off a dusty alloy that gets into the machine and when it mixes with Microwave Fluid it is transformed into a solution more volatile than Napalm.

[[WMG:Philip J. Fry is still a police officer]]
He was simply assigned to keep an eye on Bender, a known criminal mastermind (and possible super-villain/God/etc.) with a pretty lengthy rap sheet.

[[WMG:Fry is allowed to watch the UsefulNotes/{{DVD}}s of shows that came out in early 21st century at a rate no faster than he would have been able had he stayed in the 21st century, and looks stuff up on [[Wiki/{{Wikipedia}} Wikipedia 3000]].]]
For example, he could have started watching the ''Series/{{Lost}}'' DVD set in 3003, but the Professor and Leela wouldn't let him finish watching it until 3009. If he was allowed to catch up on television at whatever rate he wished, he would spend all of his time watching 21st century television (when he's rich, he spends all of his time watching the incredibly rare tapes of 20th-century shows in order to recreate his old life), ''Everybody Loves Hypnotoad'', and ''All My Circuits'' (he watches contemporary shows with the rest of the gang anyway). Fry watches a lot of DVD sets of media news/pop culture shows so he can keep up with the topical references other shows make; a lot of post-[MillenniumBug [=Y2K=]]] ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' episodes (to use an example of something that started in the 20th century, which he might have enjoyed watching) would have made absolutely no sense if Fry hadn't looked up most of his references online, and news/comedy/clip/pop culture shows like ''Series/{{Tosh0}}'' not only wouldn't make sense if he didn't know most of the references, but also ''gives'' him information on 21st-century pop culture [[DiscoDan that he then parrots back into the world]]. There is the irony in this situation that Fry probably knows more about the 21st century now than he would have if he'd stayed in our present.
* Maybe he gets it from Omicron Persei 8? They get our shows 1000 years from the release date-the Omicronians could export recorded copies of their shows across the universe. They don't have to worry about competition since the actual videos must've deteriorated centuries ago, and I doubt the heads of their writers could sue them(their shows would've entered public domain long ago, and the Omicronians could easily bomb/eat them).

[[WMG:Fry isn't as stupid as we think.]]
Fry is actually of average intelligence. However, being a FishOutOfTemporalWater means that English has changed so much in the intervening years that he often has problems understanding what is said to him. The other characters are not speaking modern English, but rather an Anglic descendant language that is mostly (but not totally) mutually intelligible with modern English. It's close enough that Fry decides not to try and learn the language, confident that he can get whatever he's trying to say across. And whenever we see him acting stupid, it's actually him misunderstanding the Anglic descendant language.
* Probably jossed in "The Late Philip J Fry"-Farnsworth and Bender go with Fry far further into the future than Fry's hometime is to New New York, and [[MadScientist Farnsworth can talk to the natives just fine.]] Though Fry could be smarter than he seems, but seems a lackwit because compared to 31st century in a similar manner to how we see people in the 11th century living in the DungAges.
** Perhaps by then they've invented universal translators.

[[WMG:Enos really is related to Fry.]]
Specifically, Enos is Fry's maternal great-uncle. He looks too much like Fry to not be related, and Fry already has a source of orange hair with his mom. While I first thought he may be Fry's maternal grandfather, that would result in Yancy Sr being fine with marrying his [[BrotherSisterIncest sibling.]] [[KissingCousins Cousin marriage]] is allowed in New Mexico and New York, so it could happen.

[[WMG:The Delta Wave is a result of the DNA in charge of reproduction/the X or Y chromosome.]]
Think about it-the Delta Wave is mentioned by being generated by animals, robots, and some trees, but not Fry. Since Fry is his own paternal grandfather, his sex-determining Y chromosome has no other source, and thus would be wholly unique and unrelated to any other. This may go to explain how he lacks the Delta Wave-if all sex-determining chromosomes have a genome that generates the Delta Wave in the Futurama universe, Fry having a completely unique and infinitely looped one means he doesn't produce the Delta Wave. While not all animals have a sex-determining gene, any animal smart enough to be affected by the Brain Spawn does. Robots are shown to have gender differences in their programming, which would equate to said chromosome and provide an analogue for the Brain Spawn to stupify. As for "some trees", there are some plants that reproduce sexually. The only species that naturally lack a sexually chromosome are those that either don't reproduce(the Brain Spawn themselves being an example) or asexually reproducing species. The former has the obvious problem of never being able to replenish their kind, and the latter are significantly more susceptible [[CloneDegredation to disease and genetic defects]], which would prevent them lasting long enough to be a threat to the Brainspawn. One such example were the Dark Ones: they were predated by Brainspawn, and so evolved the power to reproduce asexually. This led to all their enemies exploiting a now vulnerable genetic code, which is why only one Dark Spawn was left in "The Wild Green Wonder."

[[WMG:Fry's [[{{UnusualEuphemism}} "lower horn"]] isn't really that small.]]
At least, not by 20th or 21st Century standards. It's just that in the future, genetic engineering has increased the average length of the human penis by several inches, making Fry's look small compared to what Amy and Leela are used to, while it'd be considered averaged-sized at worst if he hadn't been frozen.
* He's Fry. He's "the" loser. Everything in him is small (pun intended). Why don't you ask Michelle? Or, excluding savages who had never met a man before, any of the girls that had snu-snu with him?
* With the obvious exceptions of Mildred and Michelle, all of the non-Amazonian women Fry had snu-snu with during the course of the show's run were from either 31st-century Earth or one of its off-world colonies. And in ''Bender's Big Score'', Bender only said that Constantine had a better ass than Fry, he never commented on his "lower horn", so it may be comparable in size to Fry's.

[[WMG: Fry uses the youthenizing clinic.]]
It explains why he hasn't shown visible signs of aging, despite not having the extended lifespan of 29th+ century people. And, for that matter, explaining why Lars aged realistically when he returned to the 21st century

[[WMG: Fry actually has countless of distant nephews alive.]]
His brother Yancy lived a thousand years ago, so he should have thousands, maybe even millions of descendants now. Why is Professor Farnsworth the only mentioned example? Because the machine used by Leela uses genealogy records and paperwork, not genetics. Fry's direct nephew lived so long ago, and prior to [[AfterTheEnd two civilization collapses]] that finding a completely authentic genealogy record is near-impossible. Professor Farnsworth was the only example they could find. For fun, everyone voiced by Billy West who's not from Fry's era or an alien/robot is his unknowing distant nephew [[spoiler:[[MyOwnGrandpa and direct descendant.]] ]]

[[WMG: Yancy Sr was named after his ''maternal'' grandfather.]]
Even assuming Enos was his father, he was only engaged and Yancy would've been born out of wedlock. Meaning the Fry surname came from Mildred, and her father would've been called Yancy Fry. This also means that he and his descendants are still related to the line of Yancys stretching back to the Revolutionary War. Though him having the same name as his grandfather applies [[MyOwnGrampa to his paternal side as well]].

[[WMG: Fry's house lasted so long because of his father.]]
Fry's dad is paranoid about the idea of an apocalyptic combat, being the Cold War turning hot or Y2K. Somewhat justifiably, considering his assumed father died in a nuclear blast. He made sure to doomsday prep the Hell out their house, which was so successful it remained untouched after a thousand years and ''two'' alien invasions. [[spoiler:Well, one, since Bender knew the house needed to survive long enough for history to be consistent/it's his best friend's house]].

[[WMG: Fry has Autism.]]
This [[https://www.reddit.com/r/FanTheories/comments/5knbpi/futurama_fry_is_really_just_autistic/ Reddit post]] laid out a pretty good theory on Fry being Autistic.


[[WMG:Leela has an important destiny.]]
The only evidence is Nibbler's cryptic comment "Ah, she must be the other..." (as in savior?), and Leela's dad replying, "Well, actually..." when Leela asked her parents if she was their mutant messiah.
* Perhaps the episode "The Mutants are Revolting" will involve these pieces of evidence. [[LawOfOneHundred It's also Futurama's hundredth episode!]]

[[WMG:Leela's purpose for being the Other is...]]
To herald a new generation to protect the universe when Fry is dead. When Universe Gamma v1 Leela thought Fry was dead,she got some of Fry's sperm from a sperm bank and had a kid, but decided to give it up for adoption. That, or Fry knocked her up not long before "The Late Philip J Fry"
* Unless her purpose is to keep him the Chosen One. He got rid of the worms because he wanted Leela to love him for himself, and if they'd managed to set him up with a Delta brain wave after all their repairs that would've made Fry useless against the Brain Spawn.

[[WMG:That thing Leela wears on her wrist is what the iPhone will evolve into.]]
It gets calls, does just about everything, and gets Tetris.
* Jossed...the future of the iPhone will be that it's implanted directly into your eye.
** Okay, how did [[IKnewIt you know]]?
* [[http://www.macrumors.com/roundup/iwatch UnJossed]], maybe. Perhaps the eyePhone is a separate development.

[[WMG:In The Sting, Leela never did wake up at the end of the episode.]]
The part where Leela woke up in the hospital was part of another one of the crazy dreams she had been having. Either she did eat a third spoonful of jelly and will never wake up, or she will one day hear Fry tell her that she has to wake up again.

[[WMG:Leela's an emotional masochist.]]
Whenever she feels she's done something wrong ("Yo Leela Leela" for example) she begs people to get angry and punish her. At first, it seems to be out of guilt, but then she keeps asking and asking and asking for people to punish her and make her feel bad. Hmmm...

[[folder:Fry and Leela]]
[[WMG:Fry and Leela's children will be superbeings.]]
He's his own grandfather. She's the least mutated sewer mutant ever. If their unique genetics combine, then it may result in the most powerful beings ever. Also fits in with the above WMG.
* And their children will have one eye with two pupils. It's a sight gag too good to pass up.

[[WMG:Fry and Leela will not be together at the beginning of season six.]]
Come on, does anyone ''really'' expect anything else to happen outside of wishful thinking? The writers reset it in ''Bender's Big Score'' so what's to say that they won't do it again? It'll probably be done in ''Rebirth'' by having Leela either not remember or otherwise change her mind, but Fry will settle at the end of the episode for the fact that she's alive. Cue Fry's 'Quest To Get Leela To Love Me' all over again.
* Seems to be confirmed by WordOfGod saying that it'll be "on and off". In other words, a definite return to the Status Quo. Prepare for plenty of FanWank.
* Well so far it seems to vary depending on the episode. Their relationship only seems to exist when the plot is centered on Fry and Leela. If it's anyone else's turn in the spotlight the Fry+ Leela relationship doesn't seem to exist.
* It's not ''quite'' the old Status Quo, though. Even when the episode isn't centered on Fry and Leela, she's still more receptive to Fry than she had been previously. See the episode where they're looking for Da Vinci's secrets, where Leela says yes to becoming a member of the "mile deep club" without the slightest hesitation. So the change in their relationship is still there, but it's subtle unless it's focused on.
* I think it's more that they have had the RelationshipUpgrade, but beyond the removal of the Fry-gets rejected-continuously-by-Leela dynamic, not much changes because they were already so close. For example, in "The Late Philip J. Fry," for her birthday he's supposed to take her out for a romantic dinner just the two of them.

[[WMG:Despite his romantic feelings, Fry is sexually averse to Leela.]]
In other words: Fry loves Leela, but does not want to have sex with her. Because although he is fond of her personality—as well as being [[ButterFace attracted to her from the waist down]]—the thought of copulating with a {{cyclops}} horrifies him. This could be due to, despite being used to her face on a casual level, he still cannot fathom it in a sexual context. More likely, he is afraid of producing similarly "disfigured" offspring, especially considering him being [[spoiler:a product of incest himself]] and thus not wanting to suffer anyone a fate of this sort. Given that he comes from an era where safe sex and birth control aren't quite as watertight as the time period he currently resides in, it makes some sense.\\
Think about it. The only times the two have been seen to have had intercourse were in ''Anthology of Interest'' and ''The Prisoner of Benda''. The former was a [[AllJustADream "What If"]] scenario spawned from Leela's mind, a situation she aggressively initiates, thus suggesting in this context that it's actually ''Leela'' who wants to make love to ''Fry'', rather than the other way around. The latter occurred while the two [[spoiler:were in different bodies, where Fry had just finished having sex with the decrepit, yet fully human, Farnsworth in Zoidberg's body.]] As for his attempt to sleep with Leela in "Parasites Lost", this is easily explained by the parasites' modification of his brain. When he returns after removing the parasites, his brain's gradual return to its formal, "unenlightened" self results in him becoming increasingly confused (and socially inept, as per usual). The followup holophone image he creates represents the horror his unconscious mind feels in regards to the situation he is finding himself in: getting ready to make love to a monster that he somehow feels deep affection for.
* This was jossed in the episode ''Free Will Hunting.'' Fry laments that he feels alone, the camera pans to post-coital Leela saying "what about me?"
** Further jossed in "Fun On A Bun". [[SomethingElseAlsoRises Just check the radar page.]]
*** Jossed again in "Fry and Leela's Big Fling".
** Years of being with Leela made him used to the whole UncannyValley cyclops thing
* Did you just imply that Fry is more comfortable with the idea of having sex with his 160-year-old nephew than with a well-built woman just because she has one eye?


[[WMG:Bender's current personality was a result of the electrical shock he received in ''Space Pilot 3000'']]
Think of it- when we first meet Bender in ''Space Pilot 3000''- he was just a suicidally depressed, alcoholic robot (which makes just as much sense as everything else in the series), who only had a few "up yours" moments. After Bender walked into the electrical lamp in the Hall Of Criminals at the Head Museum, he suddenly obtains a lust for bending that was probably greater than we first met him, his "up yours" attitude is worsened, complete with a horrible understanding of the word "stealth". And by the end of the episode, he's become an attention whore, a kleptomaniac, and his drinking problem's intensified. We know that electricity does bizarre things to a robot in the ''Futurama'' 'verse, so why wouldn't it make sense that too much electricity can override one's personality?
* Partly Jossed in [[Recap/FuturamaS2E14MothersDay Mother's Day]], where we can "see through the eyes of a bending unit", which shows most humans as theft targets.
** It's possible that Bender's personality was ''exaggerated'' by the electrical shock. Flexo, another bending unit, doesn't seem to be as criminally-inclined as Bender is, but it might just be that he's more subtle or sticks to petty theft. (Alternatively, [[MST3KMantra the latter is a one-off joke and it's okay to just ignore it.]])

[[WMG:Bender is Jesus]]
When Bender went back in time to steal the cross, he went back a bit too early and suffered damage. Maybe his real target was the Ark of the Covenant, and while it didn't kill him due to being a robot it knocked him out for centuries. He then rebooted himself into thinking he was Jesus because people thought he was divine in nature because he appeared to appear out of nowhere.

Once Bender was crucified, he realised that he was a robot and reverted to his normal personality. Myths about Jesus being a human with divine attributes were due to no-one knowing what a robot was at the time.

* You know, I had a hilarious image in my head of the Robot Devil dragging a kicking and screaming Bender up Mt. Carmel when I read this.
* The Second Coming of Jesus may have been Bender appearing and using [[Film/OceansEleven an enormous electromagnetic pulse generator]] to pull of a heist during the "past" events of ''Bender's Big Score''.
** [[FridgeBrilliance So that's why videotapes were destroyed in the Second Coming of Jesus-the EMP wrecked them!]]

[[WMG:Bender is God/The Galactic Entity/whatever Yivo wasn't.]]
The Galactic Entity isn't a space probe that collided with God, but God. But it started out as something that "collided" with God. A certain Bending robot, perhaps?

He did become a god to the Shrimpkins, which fulfilled the ClapYourHandsIfYouBelieve requirement of GodsNeedPrayerBadly.

The Time Code was in a tattoo of Bender because he's vain and would think it great fun to make the universe's inhabitants contact a picture of him.

Bender may eventually be [[Franchise/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy several times older than the universe itself]], depending on how many times he traveled, both in ''Bender's Big Score'' and afterward.
* As of ''The Late Phillip J. Fry'', Bender ''has'' been present at both the birth and collapse of the universe at least twice. I'm not really sure how age is tallied in his particular case, but its reasonable to say that at this point, he's at least twice the age of the universe and some change.

The Time Code was in the binary language that robots use, not because it is based on the same 21st-century language that the robot language evolved from, but because it's literally Bender's code format.

* not to mention now in Overclockwise, [[spoiler: Bender overclocks himself inside out turning the entire universe into his processor core]]
** Perhaps [[spoiler:before getting downgraded, the overclocked Bender found a way to spare his omniscience(being, well, ''[[CaptainObvious omniscient]]'', it would be easy.) The result was Overclocked!Bender [[AscendedToAHigherPlaneOfExistence ascending to a higher plane of existence]] and [[AGodAmI becoming God Himself.]] ]]

* Nice theory, but keep in mind that as a result of "The Late Philip J Fry", Bender is no longer in his original universe, but a copy. This means one of two things: this theory is Jossed, or the "copy" is the original universe, and time as far as Futurama is considered turned out to be cyclical.

[[WMG:Bender's nightmare about the 2 has to do with the Church of Robotology prayer.]]
Everything goes fine in the dream, all zeroes and ones, until he sees the two. In the prayer, the two seems to indicate a higher power, and it may be this that he's afraid of in the dream, instead of the non-binary number.

[[WMG:Bender isn't a sociopath, just mentally very young.]]
Bender is only four years old in terms of age, and in psychology it has been found that very young children are essentially very selfish beings. (which makes evolutionary sense as human children are essentially helpless and need to demand that level of attention to survive.) If robots are designed to develop mentally in the same way humans do, it could be that Bender simply hasn't grown up enough to develop the ability to empathise with others especially since he shows the occasional signs of empathy and even feels quite lonely when apart from his friends, particularly Fry... or he could just be a sociopathic kleptomaniac with a soft spot for his friends. Who knows? For this WMG to work would mean that Bender would still have to have been given the intellectual concepts like language and the like in his initial programming.
* Just realised this is effectively {{Jossed}} due to the time-travel incident leaving him in the sand for a thousand years. Any maturation programming would've kicked in by then.
** It's quite possible that he was powered down for that time, we've seen what happens when he goes without alcohol for long periods of time, but he seemed perfectly sober drunk? Whatever.
*** Plus Bender was [[AndIMustScream completely isolated for said years.]] Even if robots are incapable of claustrophobia, without any outside influences he'd be emotionally stunted and incapable of changing (unless he went insane from the experience, which robots are ''really good'' at avoiding) until Planet Express finds him. Same goes for Bender's Big Score-the near-entirety of the experience was with future/past selves just like him, and the twelve years searching for Fry were done under brainwashing. If anything, the experience would've made him ''more'' egotistical and socially dysfunctional. This goes to explain why he TookALevelInJerkass in the Uncancelled episodes: millennia of stewing in his own ego caused him to regress in development.

[[WMG:Bender's family.]]
Multiple [=WMGs=] crammed into one;
* Bender's father was a conveyor belt. Since Bender's mother is a robotic arm (Xmas Story), then one of the few things that could be his father is the conveyor belt that Bender was assembled upon.
** Alternatively, Bender's father is a computer. "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles" showed the embryonic form of Bender being a CD, so Bender's father may be the computer that created the CD programming.
* The can opener that killed Bender's father was faulty. Bender's father was already established to have been killed by a giant can opener (I Second That Emotion). It's possible that the can opener was improperly assembled in the same factory that Bender was assembled. It exploded, destroying the conveyor belt that was Bender's father. The conveyor belt seen behind Bender's mother in Xmas Story is her second husband.
* Uncle Vladimir was assembled in the same factory as Bender's mother and/or father. Self-explanatory.
* Bender himself is part cement mixer and kiln, hence his BowelBreakingBricks.
* Bender has an ex-wife or ex-girlfriend who won custody of their son. Possibly she divorced/left him after his first conviction.
* Bender's bulldozer grandmother is on his father's side, clearing the way for the conveyor belt/computer factory that is Bender's father. His parental grandfather is the smelting factory used to find the material for his father.
* Mom is regarded as a godmother by Bender and the other robots

[[WMG:Bender became evil the day he met Fry]]
He was reluctant to bend anything that wasn't girders when they were trapped in the hall of criminals (in the first episode),but then his head antennae ran into the light and got shocked. Now remember this in the Hall of
criminal Heads, so when he wakes up he is much more spunky and has a more "in your face personality". Perhaps the heads had a effect on him to make him more evil. He also might have had some memory loss when this happened explaining:"People lived before they met me?"
* That. Is. Truly FridgeBrilliance, I never thought of it that way
* In Bender's first appearance, the guilt of learning that he was building components of suicide booths had...uh...[[DrivenToSuicide driven him to suicide]]. By the end of the first season his stated goal was to KillAllHumans. By season 3, he had attempted to sell orphans as food (and apparently misrepresenting their weight). Today, every time a human's death is even alluded to, he chuckles. Wow, this is a great theory.
* Note that, for Futurama robots, electricity is the equivalent of a drug. Given how direct it was, this likely contributed to Bender's hedonism.

[[WMG:Bender is actually a SuperPrototype.]]
Bender is constantly bending things that a normal Bending Unit is not supposed to be able to bend. He's even violated the laws of physics multiple times. This would explain why he was built without a backup unit: he was never intended for regular Bending duty or for mass production. He was never even intended to be let out of the factory; Hermes wasn't supposed to approve him. This also explains his child-like mood swings and his self-destructive tendencies: he can sense something's not right with him and his situtation, so he's lashing out at the universe and himself.

[[WMG:Bender's hindquarters (probably including the rest of him) were plated or painted with a metallic yellow substance for a while before Fry met him.]]
Hence why his second favorite word (in "War is The H-Word") is "daffodil", while "bite", "my", and "shiny" are his fifth through third favorite words but [[RuleOfFunny "metal" doesn't even make the list]]. This may have changed at the time of the coin flip for his metallic coating referenced in "The Farnsworth Parabox"; They discontinued (or changed) the coating, and he flipped a coin between using a new but slightly different golden coating or go back to his original silvery coating style.

[[WMG:Bender was high in the first episode.]]
Many people interpret Bender getting shocked to mean that he was deprogrammed that day. However, remember what we learn much later, that unusually high amounts of electricity gets robots high. Also, Bender doesn't show any tendency to bend for destructive purposes after the pilot. Bender does many evil things, [[EvenEvilHasStandards but bending destructively isn't one of them]]. So, Bender was simply high after running into the exposed socket, which hampered his way of thinking, which explains why he was suddenly so enthusiastic about bending.

[[WMG:Bender embodies all the seven deadly sins at once.]]
Let's see: he's self-centered, arrogant and cocky (Pride), he will do anything underhanded for material/financial gain (Greed), he's very sleazy and won't do anything important with his life (Sloth), he has a short fuse and is quick to react to his short temper (Wrath), he uses alchohol as a fuel source therefore he needs it so we can't say lust but he takes way more alchohol than he needs to the point of waste (Gluttony), he likes sluts and whores (Lust), and he covets/hates others' fortunes (Envy).

[[WMG:Bender is far stronger than he thinks he is]]
During "Bender's Big Score", when under the Scammers' control, he was able to block Leela's kick just by standing there, when usually she can easily hurt him. In "The Beast With A Billion Backs", while he was smoking during deathball, a giant ball hit him and he barely noticed. Then in "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back", when his mind was wiped, he walked right through a metal door like it wasn't even there.

[[WMG: Part of Bender's job is being Farnsworth's sandbox.]]
Hence why he [[NewPowersAsThePlotDemands gets new powers right out of his shiny metal ass]]: Professor Farnsworth regularly unleashed his MadScientist tendency by upgrading Bender. It's the main reason why [[LazyBum Bender]] hasn't been fired-the Professor is playing MadDoctor ForScience on him. Being upgraded over and over goes to explain his inconsistent composition-by the time the series was perma-cancelled, all that's left of Bender's original is his head and spine ''at best''. Many of Bender's abilities are Farnsworth testing his inventions on him/reverse engineering Bender:
* Bender is BiggerOnTheInside because Farnsworth replaced his chest interior with a Parabox. Nibbler later ate a Parabox, which we used to escape the universe
* Bender had a microwave/refrigerator stuck in him so that he'd be able to function as Express chef
* The life support system Bender has was put there since Leela began to complain about how he kept forgetting to send space suits when they went to planets of very little oxygen
* Bender's neural network helped develop the Cool-o-meter, which goes to explain why it saw stealing as cool([[ComedicSociopathy because it is]])
* His super-bending skills come from Farnsworth getting back/impressing Mom by making an awesome bending unit out of a defective model
* [[{{Squick}} The less known about why Bender can be flushed, the better.]]

[[WMG: Bender's composition doesn't go over 100%.]]
When he uses the percentages, sometimes it's FromACertainPointOfView or just lies/miscounts:
* The only substances we know for sure are part of Bender are dolomite and titanium, since they had a role in the plot. That just leaves the other 20% of his person unclear.
* Empty space doesn't count as part of his mass.
* Wire isn't counted as the main mass of Bender, and could be using any of the other elements
* The scrap metal and horsehoes could've been made out of anything, and only count as building material percentage.
* The Professor's claim of Bender being an iron-osmium aren't to be totally trusted; not just because he's been senile, but that it's been over 70 years since he last worked on Bender-like model. Perhaps he mistook the 2930s Bender-like model's alloy for Bender? Similary, the Antaren may have mistook Bender for being part chromium

So what if some of these claims besides dolomite and titanium are right? That can still make some sort of sense:
* Bender has a nose, but never wears the damn thing. Bender could have a bunch of spare parts, and as such aren't part of his main body. 100% might refer to the main body, and the rest to support parts for the bending unit
* Bender has been through a number of scuffles, and may have had broken body parts replaced. Older percentages may not apply to him
* He could be storing a bunch of stuff in his empty chest, adding to the overall percentage.

[[WMG: Bender's mind was downloaded from a former con-artist.]]
At sometime, there was an experiment performed on criminals to see if the human mind could be replicated inside a robot body. Needless to say, it was a complete success. For what ever reason, the original copies survived and were still in use.(Possibly part of Bender's "defect".) That is why not only are robots like Bender so human like, but posses less desirable human qualities as well.

[[WMG: Bender's design is a StableTimeLoop.]]
Thanks to time travel, there are hundreds of Benders throughout history. Professor Farnsworth wanted a strong and cool model for his sports utility robot, and considered the legend of the thieving robot to be a good template. It looks different from Bender due to not having direct contact, and after sixty years they managed to get it right. [[StableTimeLoop Thus, the Bending Units and Bender were made.]]
** If Bender is responsible for very template modern robots are descended from, that means... he ''is'' as great as he thinks he is. Mind blown.

[[WMG: Bender's defect is a DisabilitySuperpower.]]
It's why he does feats of strength no-one of the same model has. If a bending unit tries to exert too much strength, it will damage the circuits necessary for uploading into another body. A fuse is put in place to make sure that doesn't happen. Since Bender doesn't have an immortality unit, there's no need for a fuse and he can achieve his feats of strength.


[[folder:Other characters]]
[[WMG:Zapp Brannigan is the real reason Nixon won the election]]
Nixon won the election by seemingly getting 100% of the eligible robot vote, highly unlikely even with his shiny new robot body. What could have possibly caused the robots to vote in a block like this? We know that there are at least two people with the ability to strip robots of their free will, Mom and Brannigan. Brannigan was also responsible for the death of the previous president when he handed him over to the Omicronians. Nixon's presidency was in fact a palace coup orchestrated by Brannigan, who only obfuscates stupidity so that no one will suspect that he is the real mastermind.

[[WMG:Robot Devil is an alien robot.]]
And that's because humans hadn't develop the technology to build robots in the 23rd century(and it's implied he's ''that'' old).
* Actually, they probably did: RealLife estimates that by 2050, we'll have made human-like AI so long as some major technology throwback doesn't happen/the energy crisis botches the whole program. The only reason it took so long for sports-utility robots is because civilization was thrown back to the Middle Ages ''twice''. The Robot Devil was made long before this

[[WMG:The 4th dimensional whale evolved on Zoidberg's home planet]]
Every time he sees it, he grows horror hair, yet we never see him grow the hair for anything else, thus we must assume that it is a natural defense mechanism, maybe the shape of the hair scares the whale or something?

[[WMG:I. C. Wiener is an abbreviation of Nibbler's real name.]]
Fry is the only one we see read it. What reason would he have to use a fake one?
* [[MindScrew If that was his real name, who wouldn't use a fake one?]]
** [[RefugeInAudacity Do you honestly expect someone to be named I.C.Wiener?]]
*** Ask the 165+ US residents named Mike Hunt.
** [[WildMassGuessing Actually, it is the real reason Nibbler was so reluctant to say his real name.]]

[[WMG:Zoidberg is Jesus]]
He came back as a space lobster, but was too naive to comprehend how corrupt humanity had become. Instead, he got caught up in the moment and has been coasting along ever since.

In "A Tale of Two Santas," he dressed as Jesus and said himself that he was Jesus. Mayor Poopenmeyer believed him.
* So that's why lobster isn't kosher.

He's also the only being on Earth that Santa deemed "good". Santa judges everyone, even the nicest people (and robots, and mutants, and aliens), as naughty for the smallest actions, and yet he is unable to find fault in Zoidberg? It logically follows that Zoidberg is perfect, and who else was completely sinless? Jesus.

[[WMG:The Professor caused the extinction of all life in "The Late Philip J. Fry".]]
When he was showing off his doomsday devices there was one that "Kills everything everywhere." Somebody must have found and detonated it, it is the only thing I can see as causing the death of all life in the universe when just shortly before that it had been thriving with millions/billions/trillion of species.
* When saying "all life", he could just mean Earth-life or is just exaggerating. How is that scanner meant to detect everything everywhere?

[[WMG:Zapp Brannigan is able to maintain his command because he's blackmailing someone.]]
You know that line "It ''is'' a woman this time?" in his first appearance? Well, that non-woman was in a position of power and gave Zapp his position. He gets to keep it because of the technicalities of year 3000 Earth.

[[WMG:Alternatively, it is all a farce.]]
The Earth government needed something to distract them from their real problems, so they use [[FakeUltimateHero Zapp Brannigan.]] They don't choose a competent general in case he catches on, and make clones of the many soldiers who die in [[PyrrhicVictory Zapp's strategies.]] Kif is there to make sure he doesn't go too overboard, and is forced to stay with him under threat of death. Let's face it, [[CrapsackWorld the Futurama universe would allow that.]]

[[WMG:Igner's middle name is Amos.]]
Too obvious to not be true.

[[WMG:Morbo is Jesus.]]
Here to spread his message: News anchor, plus "I WILL DESTROY YOU!"

Everyone will be taken up into the sky to watch the earth burn: sounds like something the thousands of fleets could do.

And, having been deified (or at least de-incarnated), there's no reason to assume that he would look human when he returned. A SpaceJesus would have to look familiar to as many different species as possible; many species are green, with proportionally larger heads and larger fangs than humans.

[[WMG: Dwight Conrad is not the biological son of Hermes Conrad.]]

Considering LaBarbara's myriad trysts with Barbados Slim, Slim is actually Dwight's biological father.

[[WMG:Kif is Zapp's caretaker.]]
Unfortunately, he's not blunt enough to tell people outright. While he was skirting the issue, Zapp was hired onto [=DOoP=] and promoted to Captain. Then it became truly embarassing because Kif is now responsible for letting an incompetent man send millions of soldiers to their deaths.

This is why Kif doesn't protest much when he gets demoted along with Zapp:
# He believes he's responsible for anything Zapp does, and therefore deserves it
# He wants Zapp out of power anyway
# He has to go along with it or risk losing track of Zapp.
* Official or not, this is ''how things work'' with Kif and Zapp.

[[WMG:The Chanukah Zombie is Zombie Jesus]]
Jesus cannot be so vain to worship himself, so he must be of the Jewish religion. Q.E.D.
* Wait... then that would make Creator/MarkHamill the voice of Jesus! Which would make [[Franchise/StarWars Luke...]] [[MessianicArchetype AHA!]] It all makes sense now! But where does that leave [[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries The Joker?]]
** The Joker is the Antichrist.

[[WMG:Igner is practising ObfuscatingStupidity]]
In Bender's Game, he successfully diverted the attentions of his brothers ''away'' from the location of Fry and company while escaping. He did so with some clever wording, effectively turning attention away from the area. Igner then, following the example of Hubert Farnsworth, swallowed the rare phlebotinum.
* Even as an idiot, he had no reason to do this, and instantly comprehended Farnsworth's plan to destroy it. The question of why he would do this can be figured out fairly easily. He is fairly intelligent, but his upbringing gave him great insight into the business world...
* In the far uture he decides to eventually usurp his mother's business, waiting for (very) old age to begin acting against her by playing TheFool in the intervening time...
* This partly explains Igner's ''final'' actions in ''Bender's Game''- with the gem destroyed, Mom's robotic fuel Empire was in ''shambles''- this could eventually lead to her breakdown- with enough "foul-ups". His two brothers (being entirely loyal to Mom) would still stick by her trying to rebuild... While Igner worked on the sidelines to cement his power.
* After Mom's passing, the three brothers would likely inherit control, with the more intelligent two having the majority vote. Careful manipulation could cause them to foolishly give Igner more control, citing loyalty by stupidity. At this point TheFool could throw off the ruse and do as he pleased.

[[WMG:The Turangas ARE aliens.]]
Or, at least, PART alien. They're brain slug/mutant hybrids. This is why they all have one eye, while other mutants seem to have no similarity within families at all, and that the Turangas' sanity, especially Leela's, is much higher than the other characters in Futurama.
* Turanga is a given name. Leela, like Fry, uses her [[LastNameBasis last name]] instead of her first. This is [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] in the (rather early) episode where Fry learns this about her.
** Turanga is a Family Name First name. Leela is her given name, Turanga is Leela's, Morris's, and[... I can't believe I have to cheat and use [[TheWikiRule The Infosphere]] for this] Munda's family name.

[[WMG:Mom is a descendant of Steve Jobs]]
She's an industrial giant who presents a warm and inviting image that makes people trust her and buy into her empire, but is cutthroat, bitter, and downright evil when she's not in the public view. Then she invented the [[IProduct eyePhone]].
** They show an episode pointing out how she has zero tolerance for a product flaw tarnishing her image after the fallout from the infamous iPhone "Antennagate" saga.

[[WMG:Hermes is responsible for the conflicting versions of Bender's birth.]]
The version with Bender born as a smaller robot is real, and the version with Bender born "fully grown" is a false memory planted in Bender's mind by Hermes. When Bender was hired by Planet Express, Hermes realized Bender would kill him if the missing backup unit was discovered. So Hermes reprogrammed Bender's memory of his birth to remove all images of "inspector 5" so that Bender wouldn't kill Hermes.
* That would explain why during ''Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles'', Bender de-ages like everyone else!

[[WMG:The Galactic Entity is..]]
* God itself: It just isn't sure if its God, and probably thinks having the role of God
* A reboot program by God: This is why time is cyclical-every 10^40 years it uses all its knowledge to ensure the Big Bang gives a similar result
* Built by the Anti-Spirals. You knew this was coming
** Impossible: the galaxy is a spiral, and has "a light touch." [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment The Anti-Spirals are against spirals]], and are strong KnightTemplar.
* The former home galaxy of Eternium. That is how they are 17 years older than the universe
* A probe built by the Nibblonians that collided with God, and since it was in the early days of the universe there was plenty material for a galaxy to form over it
* [[Series/DoctorWho A mutated TARDIS.]]

[[WMG:The Preacher bot is the ''true'' Robot Devil.]]
Could you honestly expect robots (or anyone for that matter) to leave a sinless life? Preacherbot created Robotology for the sole purpose of sending robots to Hell. That is why when you join their religion, you are sent to Robot Hell the moment you sin. The Robot Devil is the AntiChrist, or the AntiAntiChrist as he is unaware of his purpose

[[WMG:Professor Farnsworth is a Zombie.]]
He worships zombie Jesus, wants to eat Hermes's brains and thought about removing his own brain.
* He's also stated that he's only technically alive, cold blooded, and legally both not a mammal and dead.

[[WMG:Professor Farnsworth is a secret Furry.]]
Think about it: are there any '''other''' odd fetishes he hasn't tried? Also, the Planet Express building seems to have a room for every possible purpose; it's only a matter of time before ''this'' one is revealed.

[[WMG:Zoidberg is not actually poor.]]
In his capacity as a Doctor and Medical consultant, he makes a decent minimum wage and manages to support himself; however, he keeps up the pretence of being destitute and starving in order to support the horrible eating disorder that spiraled out of his crippling depression. You notice how fat he looks next to other members of his species?
* He could actually be rich, in order to pay for the medicine needed to survive eating so much trash. As for where he gets the money? Zoidberg sells his art. It was revealed that it's what he majors in...
* Alternatively he's poor, but only because he has terrible sense in money. This is a man who sold off his massive stock for a sandwich, after all.

[[WMG:There is another being Yivo wasn't able to brainwash.]]
Yivo couldn't get Leela because Leela was too clever and was able to avoid the tentacles until she could get the word out. However, there is also no way that Yivo, who possesses a mind strong enough to talk to 20 quadrillion people at once, could have stood a chance against the Hypnotoad.
* Ah, but it seems that you might need to be looking at the eyes of the Hypnotoad to be under his power. so the tentacles, not having eyes would be able to get him without being effected.

[[WMG:Nothing went wrong with Santa's programming or construction.]]
The only problem was that everybody except for Zoidberg actually deserved to die.
* Alternatively Zoidberg's ButtMonkey status gives him PlotArmor. The only way for him to get on his list would be to rape and murder a school bus of stoned out mentally retarded children... [[CrossesTheLineTwice twice]]

[[WMG:Slurms [=MacKenzie=] wasn't killed in the cave collapse]]
He was actually cut up into hundreds of smaller Slurms [=MacKenzies=], which sort of explains his appearance on the V-GINY in "In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela"

[[WMG:Zapp Brannigan has only made it all the way with a few women.]]
Which is why whenever he sees Leela he feels the need to bring it up to keep his false reputation as a "ladies man". He always hits on her because she had sex with him once, and he figures maybe she'll do it again.

So where's the Wild Mass Guess?

[[WMG:Cpt. Land O' Connor is the great-grandfather of Dr. Adlai Atkins.]]
Because the former is "devoid of characteristics", i.e. boring. The generation between the Captain's son and Atkins (Who presumably is either is related through his mother or took a new name due to not knowing his family) died and he was not adopted by his grandfather or great-grandmother.

[[WMG:the brain slug planet isn't that bad]]
you should all go there without hats on and enjoy it

[[WMG:Calculon really did beat Langdon Cobb.]]
Just one problem with that, the idiot killed himself, so Langdon won by default.

[[WMG:Nibbler's cutesy brainless pet persona isn't just an act, it's a separate personality.]]
Nibbler's done some pretty horrible things while keeping up his act (see the Fridge page for a list), but Lord!Nibbler can't be blamed for what Pet!Nibbler does.

[[WMG:Zoidberg is ObfuscatingStupidity for Farnsworth's sake.]]
Think about it for a second: compare his character in Tip of the Zoidberg to his current incarnation. He's still fairly comical, but look at his sudden flashes of lucidity/brilliance, like when he cures Farnsworth's yeti-ism and his ''incredibly deep characterization'' in the casino episode. [[HiddenDepths How do you explain those?]] The answer: [[StupidityIsTheOnlyOption It's a facade to]] [[ThePowerOfFriendship protect Hubert.]] [[CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass Comically.]]

[[WMG:Zoidberg botched the operation in Stench and Stenchibility]]
In Stench and Stenchibility Zoidberg attaches a new nose to his girlfriend so she can smell, the down-side Zoidberg smells awful. However after the nose-job she thinks he smells lovely and flowers smell repulsive, she quits her job as a florist because of this and becomes a garage collector. She puts this down to having never smelt before and therefore having no positive/negative experiences but this doesn't really add up, instead it seems that Zoidberg crossed some wires down the line.

[[WMG:The Hyperchicken Lawyer is actually brilliant at his job.]]
In just about every single case where he appears, he manages to act in his clients' best interests, even if what he does gets him disbarred (calling evidence against his own clients and then ''moving for his own disbarment'' being an example.) That particular piece of insanity would have resulted in an instant mistrial for Bender and Fry, and in any case allowed them to plead insanity. His insanity works out too well for his clients for it to purely be incompetence.

[[WMG: Zoidberg was neutered at some point.]]
Zoidberg has alluded to having sex, [[DeathBySex despite dying after mating.]] When he came to understand emotions like love and disembowelling, his potential suitors may have wanted to sleep with him([[FanDisservice not sure why]]). So he could fufill a physical aspect of the relationship along with an emotional, Zoidberg had his male jelly-producing testes surgically removed. There's already a precedent for neutered animals who suffer DeathBySex(squids, for example) living longer because they're unable to reproduce.

[[WMG: Zoidberg's DeathBySex only applies to his own species.]]
In addition to events in "Prisoner of Benda," he is mentioned to have made love with his girlfriend in "Stench and Stenchability." Perhaps this is possible because he was mating with humans and not other Decopodians? Maybe some kind of chemical trigger happens when Decopodians fruitfully reproduce causing DeathBySex that doesn't happen when they have sex non-fruitfully with other species.
* Alternatively he can have sex, but he can't do so to reproduce without dying. As for why Decapodians don't do that? Because to them all sex is is a means of continuing their species, sex for pleasure isn't something they know.

[[WMG: Hermes became a drug-user as a result of the 2980 Olympics.]]
Note this line in "The Prisoner of Benda"
->''"No Hermes, I'll ruin your body too!"''\\
--Amy Wong in Leela's body

->''"30 years of the munchies beat you too it."''\\
--Hermes Conrad

The episode's chronology sets during the year 3010-thirty years after the Olympics that Hermes Conrad competed in. And what happened there? A kid died trying to imitate him. [[FridgeHorror Hermes didn't just give up limbo because of this event]]-[[TearJerker he took marijuana to cope with the loss/possible guilt of the event.]] [[CerberusSyndrome Bet you feel bad laughing at the stoner implications now don't you?]]

[[WMG: Igner is no longer alive in Universe 1]]
In ''The Farnsworth Parabox'' the planet express crew visits an alternate universe (called Universe 1) in which coin flips have the opposite outcome compared to the regular universe (called Universe A). And in ''Bender's Game'' Mom states that when Igner was born, she was so disgusted by him she flipped a coin to determine whether she should keep him or the afterbirth. In Universe A the coin flip evidently ended in Igner's favor since he is still with mom, but that automatically means that in Universe 1 the coin flip ended the other way and mom threw Igner away after he was born.
* Alternatively, Mom was making a cruel joke.

[[WMG: The events of "Roswell that Ends Well" decreased Zoidberg's lifespan.]]
"The Tip of the Zoidberg" shows Zoidberg over 80 years ago, [[OlderThanTheyLook and he looks at most 20 years younger than in the present.]] 20 years later in "The Late Philip J Fry", he looks old. This increasing aging could be a consequence of when the Roswell scientists removed one of his hearts. Think of losing one of your lungs or kidneys-you can live without them, but you'll be less healthy
* Alternatively he starts to age fast at that point of his life.

[[WMG: Zapp Brannigan is Fry's distant nephew.]]
There is over nine hundred years between Zapp and Fry's brother, so it's possible.

[[WMG: Leela's parents are related]]
Of the diverse mutant population throughout the sewers, Morris and Munda are the only ones that resemble each other. Incest is probably not much of a taboo in the sewers- they probably figure, "Hey, we're already horribly mutated. What harm could it do?" Yet, by some miracle, they manage to produce the least mutated mutant.

[[WMG: Robot Santa's AxCrazy nature is a sham]]
In all his appearances, he has never actually killed an innocent person on screen. Of course he does injure people, causes a lot property damage, he may kill the occasional AssholeVictim, and generally causes mass terror. But that's usually it, whenever he actually goes after the protagnist, he shoots like graduated bottom of his class at the ImperialStormTrooperMarksmanshipAcademy and is fairly easily avoided.

Why? Because he's actual a WellIntentionedExtremist, trying to bring people together in a holiday many people take for granted. Fry himself admits in his second appearance, that cowering in fear of him in the fortified Planet Express Building, has brought them closer together, like how Christmas used to bring his family together.

[[WMG: There's some weird secret to Amy's relationship with her mother that we'll find out if there's a revival.]]

It's kind of meta, but it was one thing that they're both voiced by [[Creator/LaurenTom the same actor]], but the fact that she's gone on to play someone who [[Series/AndiMack raised her granddaughter as her child]] requires a mention...

[[WMG: Zapp Brannigan isn't stupid. [[TheQuisling He's something far more insidious]]. ]]
As dumb as people can be, he'd have to have enough intelligence to even get into the military [[FakeUltimateHero and seem like the big hero]]. In fact, he's a genuinely brilliant general [[ObfuscatingStupidity who pretends to be incompetent]]. It's just that he's also a secret traitor to humanity. Originally the Earth military was a more effective, and one of the old enemy aliens wanted to get back at them. Since they couldn't win a fair fight, they went to sabotaging the armed forces with incompetent leaders. Zapp's a genius, but failed the psychology test. The aliens [[DealWithTheDevil offered him a deal]]. He would become famous as the champion of humanity, all while making massive tactical blunders [[WeHaveReserves and sacrificing his men by the droves]] so Earth will one day be conquered by the aliens. He'll get to live, and be seen as a hero by the aliens(or at least that's what they told him, [[RewardedAsATraitorDeserves they probably plan to kill him at the end]]). People like Leela have figured out [[JerkWithAHeartOfJerk he's a childish buffoon underneath his bravado]], but what ''nobody'' has figured out is that underneath that is his true personality; [[EvilGenius a brilliant]] [[TheSociopath psychopath]] who not only willfully throws men to their death [[ItsAllAboutMe because it benefits his endgame]], but also [[AxCrazy because he's deranged and likes to see people die]]. It's why he failed the psychology test in the first place, [[MaskOfSanity and suppresses his true personality ever since]].



[[WMG:"Robosexuality" is actually a metaphor for interracial relationships.]]

[[WMG:Scientists didn't increase the speed of light]]
They shrank the universe, this while still ridiculous makes more sense than changing a physical constant especially since they do have shrinking technology it just requires really tiny atoms and those are really expensive, maybe they are expensive because they used most of them to shrink the universe or maybe its just hard to make them smaller than they already are.
* One problem: this would mean that the radio waves would go at the same speed as current light waves. Unless they slowed them down, but there'd be no point to it

[[WMG:The heads in jars are not actual preserved people, but simply clones with TheThemeparkVersion of that person's personality installed artificially.]]
It would certainly explain Nixon's head. He's been dead for years now.

It also explains the changes in personality. Contrary to popular opinion, Nixon was not nearly that depraved during his presidency. He wasn't majorly involved in Watergate until AFTER it started going public. Also, Washington didn't sell his teeth for whiskey, and the replacement teeth certainly weren't wooden, but more likely some sort of ivory or similar. [[AnachronismStew Moreover, he didn't speak in Elizabethan English.]]
* Nixon DID admit to going insane from being kept in a jar for so many years...
* The Head Museum has a room called the Hall of Presidents with the head of every US president from Washington to Clinton. It even had ''two'' Grover Clevelands! If two of the same person isn't confirmation, then what is?
* That makes this almost compulsory. Consider the FridgeLogic of having JFK's head in a jar.
* This troper thinks that two Grover Clevelands is just RuleOfFunny.
* They could have been constructed with something similar to the birthing machine from "Rebirth."
* The reason why all the heads seem to be 21st century or prior is because it's then the technology was invented, and was all the rage so they cloned anyone even remotely famous. That, or there are other head museums for 22nd-30th century famous people. Technology was primitive, which is why they can fix and reattach Hermes' head and body(and how his decapitated head didn't die thirty seconds after being separated), but President Nixon doesn't try to clone the rest of his body back again.

[[WMG:Some of the heads are [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment reanimated from dead remains by necromancy.]]]]
[[http://www.exisle.net/mb/index.php?showtopic=49626#entry1063015 Pulled from the boardosphere]], although the Hall of Screaming Skulls in Bender's Big Score makes it approach obvious. This could overlap with the first theory if there's some kind of personality imprinting going on. Connections to the Chanukah Zombie and the 2443 rise of Zombie Jesus are unclear.
* There's a reason Nixon had [[Main/HurricaneOfPuns voodoo economists]].
* The screaming skulls could be, umm, botched "attempts" at the process which CameBackWrong. NightmareFuel, anyone? [[AndIMustScream They have mouths, but all they can do is scream]].
* Scruffy [[spoiler:is a zombie.]] This in itself gives a lot of credence.

[[WMG:The technology of making new heads in jars got lost in the third millennium]]
They still know how to keep the existing heads alive, but they don't know how to cut off the head without killing the person.
* Jossed by ''Bender's Big Score''. And in addition, they don't just still have the technology to cut off someone's head and keep it alive, whatever does it (Nanomachines?) is apparently pre-installed in everyone. In the film, Hermes' head was chopped off accidentally but until it was properly jarred, remained pretty conscious (if somewhat impatient). Although his dialogue suggests that whatever tech keeps the head alive without a body in emergencies won't last long and the head jar is needed for longer term preservation.

[[WMG:All robots have nanite healing systems.]]
This is why Bender has recovered quickly from damage with no on-screen repairs.
* He has had repairs made to himself in the past, such as when he had that seam under his arm soldered. And we've seen other robots getting junked due to being "broken" even though they were still "alive"; this would mean that they should have repaired themselves.
* Refined guess:
* To be fair, Bender ''is'' made of titanium, which is incredibly tough.

[[WMG:All ''Bending robots'' have nanite healing systems.]]
They have been shown to be a lot tougher than most robots.
* One universe's version of Bender died in "The Late Philip J. Fry." Other than that, StatusQuoIsGod full stop.

[[WMG:Yivo is {{God}}]]
Yivo's body is literally FluffyCloudHeaven. Shkle seems to have a deep love for all sentient lifeforms as well as numerous godlike abilities. Furthermore, Yivo is a possible reading of YHVH, which according to Jewish lore is God's true name.

Bender met God, which suggests one of two things:
# After being hit by a probe, Yivo retreated to another universe, leaving that galaxy thing to oversee Universe Gamma.
# There is one overruling deity per universe. We have God; another, perpendicular universe has Yivo.
* Yivo's main body is incapable of surviving in Universe Gamma for long, and is made of the same kind of matter that everything in his own universe is made from. Unless he somehow adapted to the universe into which he somehow retreated, then he must be native to it.
* It's stated in the movie that Yivo sent visions of shklerself to earth that people believed was god and heaven. Yivo was not god, but people thought Yivo was.

[[WMG:Binary is the One True Language.]]
Binary is the most basic form of proper communication in the Futurama universe.

If God is the universe's sentient mind, then His native language would be the most fundamental. The time-sphere generation code from ''Bender's Big Score'' is, as was strongly implied, a direct request to God in His native language.

[[WMG:The Smelloscope uses spectroscopy]]
Since scientists increased the speed of light to travel intergalactic distances, the smelloscope uses high-speed-light radio spectroscopy and translates the chemicals composing the smell into a synthetic odor on the user's end.

[[WMG:Brain Slugs feed off the Delta Brain Wave and have limited power over it.]]
Brainspawn control people through the Delta Brain Wave. Fry doesn't have a Delta Wave because of his Past-Nastification, so the Brainspawn can't control him. The one time he got a Brain Slug attached, the poor guy starved to death, obviously because Fry's brain didn't have the proper balance of "nutrients". The same thing would happen if a human ate nothing but Twinkies and Funnyuns all day.

Also, it seems that nobody but Fry notices when anybody has a Brain Slug attached, and the little things seem immobile. This is because they transmit a weak telepathic field to anybody within range that compels them to put them on their heads, and keeps others from noticing their existence. Fry is immune because, as before, he lacks the necessary Delta Wave.
* Does this mean that the Brain Slugs are somehow related to the Dark Ones?
** Or the larval forms of the Brain Spawn.
* Actually, it's because everyone else knows to just ignore them and switch to a garlic shampoo.

[[WMG:The new Nixon administration repealed the career assignment law.]]
In the pilot and in the Season 2 finale ("The Cryonic Woman"), the palm-implanted career chip played a significant role in the plot. Otherwise, it does not seem to come up much; in later seasons, characters are seen to be changing jobs relatively freely (ex: Fry becoming a police officer in "Law and Oracle") without implanting/changing chips. It's possible that someone/some group in the Earth government saw the career assignment law as unjustifiably harsh (firing people out of a cannon into the sun), difficult to enforce (think of how much chip implanting goes on without official knowledge--like how Leela, Fry, and Bender take up employment at Planet Express thanks to Farnsworth keeping the career chips of his old crew), ideologically problematic (Earth makes a big enough deal of freedom to have a holiday called Freedom Day), or otherwise untenable, and had it taken off the books. Nixon might well have magnified his role in the repeal of the law to garner public support and gain more consecutive terms as Earth president.

[[WMG:Part of the job of the collars on heads in jars is increased memory capacity and retention.]]
This is how Nixon can recall with perfect clarity the first half century of his life, and why Leonard Nimoy doesn't mention any major accomplishments since the turn of the 21st century. Their lives as of the time they were headjarified are contained in the collars, and only the last couple of decades are contained in their brains, and slowly get replaced with newer, less time-degraded memories. Their personalities stay [[TheThemeParkVersion roughly]] the same over a thousand years or more because they're having a constant case of AmnesiacDissonance.

[[WMG:The "some trees" that possess the delta brain wave...]]
Include the screaming pines from Xmas Story and the Altairean Bouquet Tree from The Cyber House Rules. Yeah, I know, this isn't that much of a WMG. I just wanted to make that connection.
* Having the delta brain wave makes a life form vulnerable to [[EpilepticTrees Epilepsy as well.]]
* I also add the Tree form of the Piggies from ''Literature/SpeakerForTheDead''.
** And, if we're going out of continuity, [[Film/{{Avatar}} Eywa]].
** Those trees from Literature/{{Discworld}} which grew their ages into their sides so people wouldn't cut them down. They got cut down to make house-number plates, but until then they had delta brainwaves too.
*** How could we not get ''[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin sapient]] pearwood'' before the Counting Pines!?
* What about the Peanuts' Kite-Eating Tree?
* I'd like to nominate [[Literature/HarryPotter the Whomping Willow]] and [[Literature/TheLordOfTheRings the Ents]]. Technically, they're magical... but hey, [[ClarkesThirdLaw sufficiently advanced science...]]
* Literature/TheGivingTree and the apple trees from ''Film/TheWizardOfOz''.
* umm hello ...[[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Exeggutor!]]

[[WMG:Why most of the heads are from the late 20th century:]]
They got in on the head-preserving deal when it was just starting up, and nobody realized how incredibly expensive it would be to keep feeding the immortal heads for the rest of eternity, or until the warranty ran out (whichever came first... Teller probably didn't give a verbal objection when Penn got him the shortest warranty possible to save on preservation fees). A few heads are reconstructions of different historical people, the heads of clones with artificial or (somehow) copied memories, like with Seymour ([[GottaCatchEmAll the presidents]] are the prime example of the reconstructions).
* Another idea: they used the same stem cell technology Farnsworth used in "Rebirth." It was ultimately banned in our time, and the technology lost until recently.

[[WMG:Water wasn't instantaneously mutagenic, a flying pig-fish just ate the rat.]]
Or the rat was switched out for a fish by a swimming mutant. There are other pig fish, mutation doesn't work that quickly, and there's no reason that a mutant shouldn't get more mutated by falling in.
* [[strike: Potentially {{Jossed}} by the preview for ''The Mutants Are Revolting'', which shows Fry jumping into that water and mutating.]] Never mind. Fry's "mutation" was really [[spoiler: Mr. Aster, and Fry was lodged in his mouth.]]
* But Mr. Aster had to mutate somewhere, didn't he? QED, the water is a mutagen.
* Perhaps instead of being an immediate mutagen, it's a slow process. Mr Aster spent a century in the sewer, having to live in those conditions caused him to mutate ''horribly'' over time.

[[WMG:Futurama takes place in our future]]
When Lars, about a few days after becoming a time paradox duplicate, starts to really miss home he will go back to 1999 and freeze himself in a tube on a different floor than where he was originally frozen. He ends up a bit early, so decides to take a job at Fox. And thus,he gives us the Futurama show in the first place

[[WMG:Futurama takes place in our past]]
The year 252,525? That was the Middle Ages. The reason why we don't remember having ostriches then was because the castle that used ostriches was run by idiots who thought ostriches would catch on. We know what happens in Futurama because Fox discovered a secret basement of Planet Express, which had a diary of the crew's adventures.

[[WMG:Dead bodies from suicide booths are used to make soy-lent green]]
It would certainly explain why they would empty after a person dies and explain where the soylent green factories get their people from
* You forgot other Soylent Products as well, like Soylent Cola, Soylent Orange and Soylent Coleslaw...
** Hey! Soylent Orange is a high-energy vegetable concentrate, and don't you forget it!
*** Coma patients are vegetables
*** *[[FridgeHorror Mind. Blown.]]*
*** In this particular context, it seems unfortunate the trope name includes the word "fridge" (but hey, at least it doesn't say anything about the "crisper")
* This would explain how suicide booths are profitable despite costing only 25 cents to use.

[[WMG:The Tijuana that Bender and Hermes visit is a themed city]]
In a previous invasion, the Omicronians were expecting every city south of the North American border to be a [[LatinLand clichéd Latin town]] because of the TV signals they kept intercepting, and since it is extremely inadvisable to disagree with the Omicronians, authorities rapidly turned all bordering cities into Latin Land themed cities, or alternatively, city sized theme parks.

[[WMG:The paradox free time code doesn't send you back in time. It sends you forward in time far enough to enter the next incarnation of the universe at the desired point in time.]]
''The Late Phillip J Fry'' proved that time is cyclical, and it featured copies of the time travelers that were immediately doomed once the travelers arrived. This explains why time paradox duplicates (like the scammer duplicate) aren't seen going back in time to create stable time loops. It's a new universe so they don't ''have to'' go back to avoid paradoxes. The doom field that kills duplicates doesn't come from time paradoxes, but from the space probe that collided with God trying to keep everything straight. All those extra Benders started exploding because space probe/God got sick of making logical endings for each one and decided to KillEmAll to make a point about abusing the code.
* [[FridgeHorror Sucks for those universes]]. [[ComedicSociopathy AH-Hahahaha]]... [[TearJerker aw]].
* But then the scammers of the new universe would only have the result of bender's most recent heist.

[[WMG:The Heads are from the present era because of the War of 2012.]]
Conan O'Brien's head said that he lost his freakishly long legs in the War of 2012. It's possible that the war was between the pop-culture icons and... [[NothingIsScarier something]].
* Blame it on [[Music/LadyGaga Gaga]]. (See ''her'' WMG entry, for NightmareFuel...)

[[WMG:The last proton becomes God.]]
Then it caused the next big bang and restarts the universe.

[[WMG:The Near Death Star gives immortality]]
Nobody dies of old age anymore in the future. Once somebody reaches 160, they're taken by the robots and kept on the Near Death Star. This keeps them in a healthy, safe stasis, where they will never die (barring destruction of the Near Death Star). The robots actually mean well.
* [[{{Canon}} Yes?]] V.R. stasis. Looks like Florida. Amazingly boring. Any of that ring a bell?
* I thought of it as they already achieved immortality, and the Near Death Star prevents the planet from being overpopulated.

[[WMG:Robots often use their closet space to keep extra chassis in.]]
Because when your clothing won't fold flat and is about the size of a rotund human, you ''need'' that much closet space.

[[WMG:The Planet Express Ship subjectively exceeds c.]]
I am referring to the future speed of light, of course. Cubert and Farnsworth agree that the ship moves the universe around it. They also have some basic engines on the back. The combination of these two facts is that, if you use the old distance travelled/time lost equation, you get a speed greater than (future) c. The professor, however, prefers going slowly, and Leela knows enough to realize why going faster than you can see obstacles is a bad idea. Incidentally, this justifies any future use of TravellingAtTheSpeedOfPlot if the ship is involved. If it's an emergency, they ''can'' go faster.

[[WMG:The universe Pre ''The Late Philip J Fry'' was the very first one, or the second to first]]
We saw that time is cyclical, in that each universe is basically identical to the previous. Thus each forwards time machine misses one universe, and reaches the next. If there was two universes or more before the one we grew up on, the Forwards Time Machine there would have either crushed the crew we know or arrived nearby, and they would have replaced the Fry,Bender and Farnsworth we know. But this didn't happen much to Leela's dismay. Either the cycle started with the original universe, or with one before that which means this previous reality's crew is in the universe our crew skipped trying to get home.
* The time travellers end up killing their duplicates from two universes down the line, and hence the duplicates don't go on their journey through time. This means that not only would the crew from the first and second universes be safe but also the fifth and sixth, ninth and tenth, and so on (this still works if there is an no "first" universe, the numbering just becomes somewhat arbitrary).

[[WMG:The last proton is..]]
* The remains of the Galactic Entity. It already holds the time-code, and its decay will release it and reboot reality. Since there's nothing left destroying the universe will do no harm
* The Planet Eternium. When the very first universe, the one before the "original", was dying, the very last proton became a superorganism. The Nibblonians weren't always their cute selves, they were energy beings that fit in this little proton. At the Big Bang, the proton quickly combined with other particles. It formed the Planet Eternium, and the Nibblonians' physical form appeared later. They just thought they were always physical beings

[[WMG:Humans in the Futurama universe all have a [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Congenital_insensitivity_to_pain congenital insensitivity to pain]]]]
How often have we see Fry loose a limb or nail his own hand to something without flinching? It isn't just him either - Amy accidentally cut off one of her own fingers without seeming more than mildly annoyed.

[[WMG:Freedom Day is a SecretTestOfCharacter.]]
You can do whatever you want without any consequences, letting you unleash your real self and letting others see you for who you really are. It's WhatYouAreInTheDark, in broad daylight.

[[WMG:The beautiful and intelligent women of the year Fifty Million AD were [[RidiculouslyHumanRobots actually robots.]]]]
Of course, the machines won the war in Ten Million AD and went on to build a paradise in the next forty million years.

[[WMG:The entire series is like "The Sting", only in Fry's mind.]]
What happened in the beginning of the third sketch of "Anthology of Interest 1" is exactly what happened; Fry didn't land in the cryogenic tube, but instead hit his head on it. Hard enough to put him into an irreversible coma. Being the over-imaginative sci-fi nut that he is, Fry's mind is now stuck in the place it always wanted to be: the future. He gets the robot friend he always wanted, gets the career he's always dreamed of (though because his mind only knows of being a delivery boy, that's exactly the circumstance it puts him in), and, for once, his life doesn't suck. It certainly explains most (if not all) of the technological anachronisms that sprout up all over the place (like [=VCRs=] and dial-up internet existing 1000 years in the future); like most people, his mind's expectations of the future only reach the big picture, so the minor details most people wouldn't think about are filled in by what his brain knows. We see family and loved ones nearly breaking through to Fry in episodes like "The Cryonic Woman" and "Jurassic Bark" (likely Michelle visited him during the former, and Fry's parents brought Seymour to see him in the latter); their words (or barks) reach his subconscious and trigger memories that wind up integrating themselves into his elaborate fantasy world. The reason the Brainspawn can't attack him isn't because he lacks the delta brain wave, but because he's the only person in that entire universe that's actually ''real'' (think of it like a virtual reality game; if one of the enemies shoots another character with a ray gun, they're gonna explode, but if they shoot you, you ''certainly'' won't because you're not technically part of the "universe"). If you look at it from that angle, suddenly 95% of the show starts to make sense.

[[WMG:The Sting is canon.]]
Fry really did die, and Leela went mad from grief. Everything afterwards is her mind's desperate attempt to prevent her killing herself from depression, but at the cost of detaching herself from reality. Planet Express probably locked her up after she stole Fry's corpse and [[BrainBleach used him.]]

** How would that explain what happens from other character's POV's? Especially Fry.

[[WMG:The Jakabirds that live with Yivo are really humans from previous versions of Universe Gamma.]]
Yivo did say that shklee was older than Universe Gamma, so shklee must have launched the same tentacle attack on each iteration of the universe many times before. In the end, Yivo would pick one random human to stay with shkler each time. As Yivo's universe does cause immortality, the human's mind would degenerate and they would grow a pair of wings after living with Yivo for eons, creating another trillion years of loneliness for shklim until an Anomoly opens up between a new universe and Yivo's universe, causing these events to [[EternalRecurrence repeat themselves all over again]].

[[WMG:Nibbler (or the Nibblonians in general) own(s) Applied Cryogenics.]]
Given their need for Fry to be sent to the future (and for him to STAY THERE) AND their need to keep his importance secret, they secretly built and own the cryogenics company and basically pay their employees to maintain the stasis pods and their residents and to not worry when they find any sudden new arrivals. The building has also been powered by Nibblonian power generators (that no doubt look like some form of adorable pet/child's toy and therefore attract no suspicion) since 1997 to make sure the power never fails.

ALSO POSSIBLE: They intentionally employ... eccentric individuals who are less likely to question what they are doing, with the one exception being Leela, who they had, through ancient Nibblonian Science (or because Future-Fry mentioned her name when he tried to stop Nibbler on NYE 1999), determined that she would become "The Other" to Fry. Also, the scans performed on new defrostees are sent to The Nibblonians, so they would know when TheChosenOne had arrived, because that's just practical.

So, in short: The Nibblonians are responsible for everything that happens and preventing every undesirable thing that should happen involving the cryogenic chambers.

[[WMG:Zoidberg's race ability to mate is similar to insects]]
They're insects that, after sex, the female kills the male. The females of Zoidberg's race kill their male mate and minutes later she dies.

[[WMG:The whole entire series didn't actually happen.]]
It's all a dream Fry's having while he's being cryogenic- in reality he is still in the Cryogenic Chamber! When the series truly ends, the audience will find out that none of that crazy stuff actually happened, none of those futuristic beings never existed... It was a [[AdventuresInComaLand really long unrealistic dream]] due to Fry being in such a deeply artificial sleep...

When Fry wakes up ''for real'' there's a certain number of possibilities that could happen to him:
* Only a short amount of time went by, because someone luckily let him out of that Cryo-Chamber soon after he got into it; Fry then goes back to his normal life stuck in the year 2000.
** Fry awakens from his cryogenic slumber ''for real'' but realize that it was all a dream- He is then put in the ''exact'' situation he was in his dream (so Fry basically had his own ''prophetic'' insight on everything)- the future will now turn out in his favor- who knows he might get Leela sooner!
** After Fry awakens in the year 3000, only this time life ''won't'' be anything like his dream predicted! Fry must now find a capable way to cope in this new world as he did in his dream:
* Nothing like what Fry had envisioned. There are very few elements that we (the audience) would recognize. It may even be a NothingIsScarier version of the future.
* A very [[CrapsackWorld nightmarish Future]] or a fantastic Utopia- which Fry cannot ever comprehend.
* Exactly the same as the dream, except AliensSpeakingEnglish does not apply to the future.
* Another [[NightmareFuel The End of Evangelion]] situation where aliens had conquered the Earth and humans are gone...

[[WMG:The forwards time machine doesn't send you to an identical universe.]]
Rather, it sends you to the same universe. When the universe ends, time itself goes back to the beginning. This is why they seem perfectly fine with what happened. As for why the universe didn't collapse when they crushed their past selfs? The time machine is designed to avoid paradoxes, so it runs on the time code.
* The forwards time machine is actually a reverse-engineered time code. Farnsworth simply added a lever and inverted the code. Going back to the beginning was probably the code resetting itself.

[[WMG:Radiators give off a type of hypnosis to make people think they're just radiators]]
Fry made out with one and it did show up at his funeral after all.
* Maybe the radiator was a robot?
* Cracky theory: [[TheCloudCuckoolanderWasRight radiators really are aliens from a radiator planet.]] [[AncientAstronauts They became the basis for our radiators]], in an attempt to slowly infiltrate Earth. Why? [[MarsNeedsWomen To mate with us!]] [[EpicFail You can imagine how that went.]] Washing machines, on the other hand, [[ADateWithRosiePalms were much more successful.]]

[[WMG:The culture of the Futurama world is due to an AfterTheEnd apocalyptic event.]]
Specifically, it was one caused by the first set of saucers ([[spoiler:aka Bender]]), during the 24th century. The result was a traumatic global war, bringing the majority of the world into a Middle-Ages stasis. This all changed with the second coming of Jesus. Mankind managed to advance thanks to the lost technology, however, due to the disaster, the world was still culturally in the neo-Middle Ages. This, and SchizoTech, may explain why Futurama became the world that it is.

[[WMG:Origin of robots with unclear reasons to be built.]]
* Hedonism Robot was developed by a very rich [[AnythingThatMoves and very perverted]] member of nobility(or possibly a past king of some past empire), created as a pleasure bot. Of course, it's just as possible that Hedonism Bot is said perverted member of nobility, who's disposed of his organic parts to better pleasure himself(the human part that Hedonism Bot expunged was his now-useless human brain).
* Tinny Tim was, sadly, created to earner pity. Why? Best case scenario, his creator [[WellIntentionedExtremist created Tinny Tim to raise awareness for the poor.]] Worst case scenario, his creator intentionally made Tinny Tim to suffer in order to take the cash he gets.
* Roberto was designed as a model to study criminal psyches, namely the AxeCrazy SerialKiller. Unfortunately [[GoneHorriblyRight Roberto was a complete success.]] His "mother" was his creator, who welded him to the wall to prevent Roberto going on a rampage. Unfortunately, this made his even nuttier.
* The Robot Mafia were replacement goons designed by the New New York mafia, who needed the perfect members for their greatest heist. [[GoneHorriblyRight They sure succeeded.]]
* The Robot Devil and Robot God were made by the Church. Robots pointed out [[FridgeLogic why they should worship God/Jesus/ect if robots have no soul]], so they needed to build their own afterlife for robots.
* Homeless Robots are likely obsolete models, that were laid off from work, after newer robots were developed.

[[WMG:Earth was actually very peaceful until recently.]]
* The Earth military tends to be understaffed and under-prepared, and run by people like Zapp Brannigan. They've only got the one warship ''Nimbus,'' and that belongs to DOOP. When they invaded the Ball Planet, they had to make do with recruits that were only trained last afternoon- and then Zapp dumps them out of the cargo hold. When the Omnicronians invaded the first time, they needed to draft every single spaceship on Earth. Earth's military history consists of being invaded, and Earth is/was also home to DOOP headquarters in New Jersey.

Sure, Futurama runs on RuleOfFunny, but most people tend to be semi-competent, like Leela, or Hermes, or doctors who aren't Zoidberg. But they didn't really need a military, so they let it go.

[[WMG:The Doom Field of time duplicates only activates when they're in they're near their immediate counterpart.]]
Think about it-Nudar's duplicate died right after Nudar returned from time travel, and right next each other. Hermes's duplicate headless body dies with the original's head attached, and Bender's duplicate self-destructs shortly after meeting his "19 seconds from the future" original. The reason why is because there's a significant more paradox when a duplicate and original are close to each other-however they have to be close to the original not just in space, but in time: Lars-Fry lasted because he spent 12 years away from the closest Fry to his timeline, and causality couldn't just [[CryonicsFailure wreck Lars' tube]] because that would also kill Michelle, unnecessarily complicating Fry's history(which is bad) and possibly leading to the facility being shut down for being unsafe([[TemporalParadox which is]] '''[[RealityBreakingParadox VERY]] [[RetGone BAD.]]''') Lars-Fry continued to last because of the StableTimeLoop of his past self knowing about him, and continued to a combination of being a FutureBadass and causality wanting to get back at Nudar for starting this whole thing. When Bender created a massive paradox at the end, time said "screw it" and just blew them all up to say "don't mess with time travel!"

[[WMG:January 1st, 2000 is [[Series/DoctorWho a fixed point in time.]] ]]
Out of necessity, of course. Not only does it involve Fry getting frozen, forming the key to the massive StableTimeLoop that is his existence, but it also has two other versions of Fry in the same area. The reason why 1999!Fry didn't wake up when 3007!Fry tried to take his wallet and fell into the same tube, despite using the paradox-free time travel code, was because as a fixed point history would ensure that nothing could be altered, so the effects of suspended animation would remain. Similarly, no-one noticed the frozen Bender duplicate because of said unalterable fixed point. Logically, the whole of the cryogenic lab would remain a fixed point until December 31, 2999. The Anthology of Interest story didn't just have the universe fall apart because of the expected TemporalParadox, but because as Series/DoctorWho has shown [[TimeCrash denying a fixed point is really bad.]]

[[WMG:Earth is the way it is because of Omicron Persei 8]]
Lrrr loves watching tv from earth, and Omicron Persei 8 is strong military power compared to (puny)earth to the point where it is standard policy for us surrender instantly whenever we are attacked, yet earth still has a (mostly) independent government, How? well Lrrr declares that no one can mess with earths culture (which would stop tv from being made) they can still rule over earth or declare war on it as long as pop culture is unaffected, this explains why everyone acts like invaders taking over and enslaving earth is as normal as doing the laundry, they know that nothing major is going to happen as the omicronian's would step in. it also explains why there are so many pop references and why the future is, more or less the same as today just with shinier gadgets. it has been hinted at in the show that earth's primary export is tv, (well, and mom's robots.)

[[WMG: The Nibblonnians got Ronald Reagen and Nikia Khrushchev into a position of power.]]
Nibbler and friends had learned at some point that Fry lacked the Delta Brainwave, and figured out the Cold War was happenning. In order to prevent it from going nuclear and making their plans for him impossible, they ensured that both politicians would become the leaders of their respective nations in the hope of ending the conflict.

[[WMG: The Time Code's rules applies to objects as well as living things.]]
Bender isn't a living thing, yet his copies were just as affected by the Doom Field. While it's less obvious since it's harder for objects to create paradoxes, the rule still applies: copies are made to keep some sort of consistency, and eventually destroyed. When the Scammers were beating fought against, the area where they kept all the artifacts was burning down-that's just the Doom Field doing its job. Sentient beings have a higher Doom Field, which is why thousands of paradoxical artifacts didn't create a tear in reality but thousands of Benders did
* It could have something to do with WhatMeasureIsANonHuman

[[WMG: Nibblonians [[EldritchAbomination aren't nearly as cute as they seem.]] ]]
They're impossibly ancient, dating back to 17 years before the universe-even taking into account the previous identical universe, no normal creature should exist in this era. They can eat [[BiggerOnTheInside more than their body should allow]], secrete hyper-dense matter and [[AlienGeometries can devour themselves to escape the universe.]] [[AdorableAbomination As cute as they seem, they are not normal.]] Nibblonians are actually some sort of ancient, incredibly powerful eldritch beings of dark matter. What you see is a shell that contains [[TimeAbyss the primal]] [[EldritchAbomination god-monster]] that lies beneath. Mercifully [[DidYouJustHaveTeaWithCthulhu they want to protect the universe]] and take adorable forms to socialize.

[[WMG: There's a race of [[TimeAbyss very long-lived]] aliens who were Mom's early rivals.]]
In Futurama, robots can live [[TimeAbyss an absurd amount of time]], even ordinary robots like Bender and, say, the robots trapped in the Titan mines(it takes them ''300'' years to die). Even though they don't age, common robots generally don't last that long without an upgrade, yet Mom-built robots like Bender do such. Why bother developing robots that can survive so absurdly long, especially since you can just upload them in a new body? After all, we don't expect to make machines that'll out-live us. Well some time in the late 29th to early 30th century, there was a race of incredibly long-lived(as in thousands and thousands of years) who needed their technology to last a really long time because of their huge lifespan. Mom didn't want to be upped in any way, so she decided to beat them at this by making robots who could live millions, maybe even ''billions'' of years without a major upgrade. So what happened to this civilization? Well, they tried to one-up that by utilizing chronitons, and it destroyed their entire civilization.

[[WMG: [[StatusQuoIsGod Status Quo Is literally God]] due to the Nibblonians’ wish for immortality]]
Throughout the series, the Galactic Entity and other powerful beings are only ever shown keeping the universe in check. In the first appearance of the Galactic Entity, he sends Bender back to Earth, maintaining the status quo. In “Bender’s Big Score,” the machine-language time code removes time-travel duplicates, maintaining the status quo. Time is shown to be cyclical in “The Late Philip J. Fry” - So the loop of time itself maintains the status quo (even the Universe being 15 ft. lower than the old one - there can't be two Frys running around). The Encyclopod in “Into The Wild Green Yonder” is in charge of preserving all extinct species to someday be revived, so all life is maintained by the status quo. The universe has a wall around it, as seen in “I Dated A Robot,” meaning even the size of the universe never changes.

“If you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.”

This extends far beyond the usual [[StatusQuoIsGod Status Quo Is God]], but why?

Perhaps the Nibblonians, being [[TimeAbyss 17 days older than the universe]], made things to be this way. Sometime after the universe began, the Nibblonians sent a supercomputer to collide with God and reprogram him to keep things as they are. This supercomputer implemented the Time sphere, a paradox-free time travel device that ran on chronitons - Note that in “Bender’s Big Score,” Nibbler already knew about the time code. The newly reprogrammed God went on to create life, including the entities that would evolve into the Encyclopods (who preserve life) and the Dark Ones (created only to cause evolution and push the Encyclopods toward their final form). And a wall was built around the Universe to prevent it from expanding normally, therefore keeping the Galactic Entity from becoming massive enough that he collapses on himself as would normally happen (or something), thereby keeping him and their supercomputer running. And, of course, the Nibblonians sent Fry through time to prevent the Brain Spawn from destroying the Universe and wrecking their hard work.

All of this will allow the Nibblonians to live forever. When/If the Nibblonians ever die off, the Encyclopods will preserve their DNA. The Time sphere can then send The Encyclopods and the Nibblonian home world ahead in time to the next Universe, wherein God is still the same, and events are fixed - the Encyclopod slowly reintroduces original species (including themselves), Fry can predictably stop the Brain Spawn, and The Nibblonians go back to their homeworld to do it all over again. There’s a reason their planet is called [[MeaningfulName Eternium]].

[[WMG: Neptune and possibly the other gas giants in The Earth's solar system, are actually the theorized rocky core of the planet.]]
Some force either natural or unnatural, has destroyed its atmosphere and Terraformed the left over remains. The "Neptunians" and likely other life forms, are actually a non-native species, that migrated to the planet at some point and adopted it as their new home world.

[[WMG: The Brainspawn are actually [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds half-way sympathetic]]. ]]
Think about it; the thoughts of ''any sentient being'' is agony to them, and they can't turn it off. Just one person thinking strongly was "unbearable", so imagine how miserable they must be with a universe full of thought. While they may have wanted to work with early races like the Nibblonians at first, the fact that every other race psychically pains them led the Brainspawn to be MaddenIntoMisanthropy and hate all life, eventually wanting to destroy the universe just to have peace and quiet along with satiate their lust for knowledge.


[[folder:Plot - open]]
[[WMG:The Encyclopod didn't take Hutch Waterfall's DNA because Humans are endangered.]]
He took it because the Waterfall family is endangered.

[[WMG:The worms from ''Parasites Lost'' were planted by the Nibblonians.]]
Assuming that the Nibblonians knew that the worm's improvements of his brain wouldn't remove his immunity to the Brainspawn, it would be the only logical course of action.

[[WMG:The worms from "Parasites Lost" were planted by the Brainspawn or the Dark One.]]
The parasites were working hard on repairing and perfecting Fry's body. If they have been left there long enough, then they probably would have given him a new Delta Brainwave, rendering him vulnerable.

[[WMG:The Robot Devil cheats at fiddle contests.]]
He and the contestants use the fiddle made of gold, which, as Leela points out and the Robot Devil admits, would sound bad. But the Robot Devil's playing sounds good. He probably has a recording that he plays and a way to dampen the ''actual'' sound of the golden fiddle.
* This makes sense. The Robot Devil was likely created by the Church of Robotology to give church members a reason to not sin. (Robots have no souls. Souls have been proven to exist -- hence the existence of soul detectors.) This was effective: an issue of Futurama Comics shows everyone leaving the church when the Robot Devil is put out of commission. A Robot Devil created by robots would probably be designed to be superior to the existing concept of the devil. As a result, they would have tracked down the devil's flaws and made sure not to repeat them in the Robot Devil. They would have sought info about the devil not just in the Christian Bible, but also in other cultural artifacts, such as the song "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," from which the concept of the infernal fiddle contest originates. In the song, the devil plays honestly and loses. The Church of Robotology probably surmised that a truly effective devil would cheat at such a contest.
* This would also explain how he's able to use two bows at once and somehow have both of them work.
* Or the Robot Devil is ''so damn good'' at the fiddle he can play fantastically even with a bad instrument.

[[WMG:The bird grabbed by Yivo's genticle had an adverse effect.]]
The angels on Yivo were created by trying to reproduce human beings in Yivo's world. Because Yivo caught the bird, they became winged with bird-like intelligence.
* This doesn't fit with the timeline. Many centuries earlier, Yivo psychically inspired humans to come up with the idea of heaven, based upon the surface of his body, angels and all.
* This ''is'' a 'verse with TimeTravel.

[[WMG:In ''Bender's Big Score,'' Bender ''saved'' a bunch of stuff; only the cheap copies were destroyed in the post-[=Y2K=] apocalypses.]]
Self-explanatory. The ones we think are real are fakes, but we have no access to the real real things and so cannot know any better. The real ones skipped over all that stuff, so they weren't destroyed.

Oh, and Da Vinci originally ''did'' [[RealityIsUnrealistic paint the Mona Lisa on canvas]]; the fake "real" one is on wood.

[[WMG:Space Bee honey ''doesn't'' have any soporific or coma-inducing effects.]]
Come on, it was ''[[YouFailBiologyForever Zoidberg]]'' who said it did! (Also, [[spoiler: it was AllJustADream, so Leela could have made it up]].)

[[WMG:''Rebirth'' was [[BroadStrokes a story told by Pazuzu]].]]
It explains the stem cell stuff as well as it explains the Robot-Nucleic Acid.
* Nah, [[MST3KMantra you're probably taking this a bit to seriously.]]

[[WMG:Circusitis is TheVirus but only truly effects children]]
It turns children into clowns. However should an adult, (like Hermes did) contract it just makes them sick for a bit with an easy cure.

[[WMG:At one point during the temporal fast-forward montage, Fry and Farnsworth revisited the buxom scientist time period.]]
Because c'mon. Probably just cut because it ruined the flow of the montage.
* Then why did they not use the backwards-traveling time machine? DistractedbyTheSexy?
** Their backwards time machine only goes back a million years or so. Not far enough.
*** ''What''? When was that said?
* To avoid paradoxes. The knew history said they'd never get back with the message at the Cavern on the Green. Plus Fry decided to grieve that his Leela was dead by banging the buxom scientists. That and they were very hot

[[WMG:Morbo's promises of an alien invasion already came... in the form of the Brainspawn.]]
Morbo was actually a member of the Brainspawn who took an alien form and became a sleeper cell agent for Earth. However, his failure to hide his goals made it so the Brain's power would affect him as well.

[[WMG:Bender's dad's death was the reason the robot factory in Tijuana to be closed down]]
In Lethal Inspection we learn that the robot factory where Bender was made was closed down, and we know from an earlier episode that Bender's dad was killed by a giant magnetic can opener. We also know that Bender's mom is the mechanical arm that assembled him. Well if his mom was the mechanical arm, then most likely his dad may have been the conveyor belt that he was on. Anyway the theory goes like this: the robot factory constructed not just robots but other mechanical objects as well. One day while they were assembling a giant can opener, the can opener went haywire while it was still on the conveyor belt causing it to be destroyed. The accident was so bad that it caused the Tijuana robot factory to be closed down. Bender's mom obviously survived as she still sends a letter to Bender every X-mas.

[[WMG:The Late Phillip J. Fry was AllJustADream.]]
I'm not sure whose dream it was (though Fry would be the best candidate), but there are just too many things that make no sense at all in it. For starters, SciFiWritersHaveNoSenseOfScale, but that's everything with this show. However, it still [[YouFailPhysicsForever fails astrophysics forever]] because even assuming protons do decay, the decay of the last proton is not the end of time. Black holes would continue to exist, slowly evaporating and exploding, and by the time the degenerate era is complete, most of the mass in the universe would be in black holes, not in intersteller gas or even black dwarfs and neutron stars. Next, the InSpiteOfANail bit makes no sense whatsoever, because any slight deviation causes random variables to be different, which causes dramatically different outcomes. We aren't talking about human events here, we're talking about the fundamental parameters of the universe. One could appeal to determinism, but that [[YouFailStatisticsForever violates quantum]] [[YouFailPhysicsForever mechanics.]] No, what makes the most sense is that this was all some crazy dream, or else the output of the [[ContinuityNod What If Machine.]]
* Well they never turned off the time machine after the last proton decayed. I just assumed they kept going forward forever, skipping the less known aspects of the universe ending, and then the new universe started. The InSpiteOfANail part is pure RuleOfFunny mixed with StatusQuoIsGod though.
** This show's never been big on following the rules of physics anyway.
* It ''was'' an output of the What If Machine. That being, ''the writers' imaginations.'' I mean, think about it.

[[WMG:Mildred cashed in on Enos's death.]]
We all know that Fry became his own grandfather when he did the nasty in the past-y. His "grandmother" Mildred was clever enough to know that her doofus boyfriend Enos Fry would get himself killed somehow. She convinces Enos to take out a huge military life insurance policy and name her as the beneficiary. She only pretended to be sad when Enos was blown up by an A-Bomb, and leaped into bed with Fry. Her son Yancey was well taken care of even though Mildred was an unwed mother.

[[WMG:The First Amalgamated Church was created by jesus in his second coming]]
why do you think there is an space ''pope''? of course, jesus is from zoidbergs race and this time his message traveled the entire universe.

[[WMG:Inspired by the events of "Benderama", the makers of Slurm will release their new drink: Slurmahol!]]
An episode may revolve around the bad stuff that happens when you either feed a slurm queen no water and lots of alcohol or (if they use a method similar to the Mini-Bender method) when you mix [[FantasticDrug Slurm]] with alcohol. They'll probably just make it a minor background or recurring gag, or one of their fake commercials.

[[WMG:There is SOME meaning behind Fry missing the button push in "A Big Piece of Garbage"]]
Given Futurama's propensity for using obscure or subtle moments, I can't help but think that the writers have (or even had and then later dropped) something in mind for when Fry went to push the button to launch the ball of garbage and missed on his first attempt. Perhaps by missing at that second, the second ball's trajectory was altered from the original calculation and thus will have some ramification later. In any event, This Troper believes there's some meaning in all this...
* It was to show that Fry wasn't focused at all on the situation at all, once again proving his stupidity and general apathy towards such life threatening situations. Long story short, RuleOfFunny.

[[WMG:Something must have happened to prevent the robot takeover described in ''Decision 3012.'']]
In ''The Late Phillip J. Fry,'' even as time progresses to 3050 and Planet Express expands, there wasn't any Soylent Majority or robot uprisings. When they travel forward in time, there ''is'' an era wherein robots are killing what is left of humanity, but that's millions of years in the future. Something else must have happened to stop the takeover of Earth by robots in what seems to be less than 100 years, since in ''The Late Phillip J. Fry,'' there is no robot takeover until ''many'' years later.

[[WMG:Barbara was planning a ThanatosGambit for Hermes in the non canon third X-Mas special]]
[[TookALevelInJerkAss That's why she invited Barbados Slim for Kwanzaa and bitched at Hermes to get bee wax for the candles.]] [[FridgeHorror She knew that the killer bees were the only ones with the bee's wax and that they would kill him and his friends so she could have him out of the way so she and Barbados could hook up.]]

[[WMG: The Death Clock was foreshadowing the events of "Bender's Big Score."]]
The garbage ball episode had Fry enter his finger in the Death Clock, and it suggested he would die very soon. Cut to 7 years later, where Lars Filmore appears and dies. Up until the events of the movie, Lars and Fry were the exact same individual. Thus the implications of Fry dying very soon were true, FromACertainPointOfView(for those who say "7 years isn't soon", consider how Farnsworth's parents are still alive despite being 190 years old ''at least'' when we see them.

[[WMG: Analysis on the different futures of "The Late Philip J Fry".]]
* The initial year 10,000 has the wreckage of the Statue of Liberty, along with four other statues. Meaning after 69 centuries, there were five respective cataclysms.
** The first was probably the consequence of "A Big Ball of Garbage." Farnsworth did say that [[BrickJoke the second garbage ball arrive, but that's centuries from now so who cares.]] The ball must've hit at a point where everyone from the Stupid Ages was defrosted, and as such no-one could make a third garbage ball to stop it. Assuming it had the same projectory, this will occur in 3948
** Apes ruling over the world is clearly possible considering that in "Fry in Leela's Big Fling", and with people gone they must've migrated back. May be the ones who wrote "A Brief History of Time Travel" circa 4972. [[TimeCrash May even explain what happened to them.]]
** Given how stupid the universe can be the apes probably made the same mistake as people by uplifting birds, and they took over
** The cows were extinct until the Encyclopod revived them. As a consequence of a completely new species being introduced, nobody could control them and they eventually became rulers of the Earth.
** The slug-things could've been Wormulons. They likely wiped out the cows because they wanted a monopoly on restaurants([[FridgeHorror best not]] to think about [[ToServeMan what that means.]]) The result was an ugly rule that ended in their collapse
* Geology show that if we don't muck up the cycle, the Ice Age will return once more tens of millennia from now. Either that, or by 100,000 years a supervolcano would've gone up and causing a volcanic winter. Given the frozen buildings we saw, society was probably really advanced at this point.
* Thanks to the Ice Age, the advanced technology 100,000+ years from the series fell apart and society collapsed. Humanity basically had to restart from scratch, and so history repeated itself. As such, we got another Middle Age in 252,525
* The year that ends with a twenty is a water world with merfolk and bloodthirsty shrimp. Mermen and merwomen managed to evolve in Atlanta within the 1000 years that Fry was frozen thanks to the Coca-Cola bottling plant. Thanks to the Coca-Cola, they were able to [[HollywoodEvolution "evolve"]] way faster than people and quickly took them over. The bloodthirsty shrimp [[WhosLaughingNow is Zoidberg's people]], who with the merfolk flood the world for their mobile oppression palace.
* The bloodthirsty shrimps eventually consumed all the merfolk, and having lost the intelligence of their Decapodian ancestors went extinct without a food source. Eventually humanity reset itself, only to make the same mistakes over 600,000 years later. As the upcoming crossover with TheSimpsons shows they exist in the same universe, the future seen in "Rosebud" happened simultaneously. The world is divided into two sections: the people enslaved by giraffes, and the Homer clones enslaved by the apes.
* The year 5 million resulted in two paths: the giraffe slaves used their morality and intellect to escape society and build a paradise, while the Homer clones' descendants retained their stupid and vicious behavioural traits and became the Dumblocks.
* Once the Dumblocks took over, it took another five million years for them to retain enough sense of intelligence to restart society. With all knowledge of robot apocalypse fiction wiped out millions of years ago and no existing robots([[TimeAbyss except maybe Bender]]), they were GenreBlind to the idea of the uprising.
* The conflict between robots and people were so devastating humanity adapted a new strategy of survival: a harem. Like lions, there are multiple women to one male. Forty million years after the RobotWar, males had become so pampered they became little more than drones like male bees, and [[{{Gendercide}} were purged for their uselessness.]] Spending so long wearing the [[{{Stripperific}} metaphorical]] pants in the relationship led them to be in charge of the planet, and [[WomenAreWiser highly intelligent.]]
* Science states that by a billion years, the Earth would be a wasteland.

[[WMG:Motherly love is outlawed in the future ([[CrossOver from]] [[TheSimpsons Simpsorama]]) because Mom copyrighted it as a marketing ploy to sell her robots/make the robots feel extra loved by her specially.]]

[[WMG: There used be many of Yivo's species.]]
Schklee has genticles, and the only reason Yivo would have the power to mate is if schklee would need to make more of itself. Octillions of years before the universe, there was a race of [[EldritchAbomination Yivo]] who lived trillions upon trillions of years, who's life [[GeniusLoci was the size of planets]] and had a whole ecosystem. Some sort of horrible cataclysm, however, wiped out all life except for one egg. After a quadrillion or so years, the egg hatched into Yivo, believing itself alone. It's possible that, by mating with the universe, Yivo has become pregnant and once schklee learns the truth of schkler universe schkler mission will be to use our DNA to try and recreate schkler biosphere. Which, countless eons later will result in history repeating itself [[EternalRecurrence and ending with a lone egg hatching into Yivo.]]

[[WMG: How the Brain Spawn planned to destroy the universe.]]
Once the Brain Spawn had scanned the Infosphere, they would know all the information in the universe. Including the Time Code. The objective was to use that code to send them back into the 20th century, and prevent Nibbler from freezing Fry. The code would allow them to perform such a blatant paradox, and protect them from it while the entire universe [[RealityBreakingParadox is turned inside-out.]] The time code only works inside the same universe, so they were pretty much stuffed when they got trapped in that pocket dimension. Trying to get Fry to interfere with his own freezing was a last-ditch attempt to put this plan in motion. The "What if Fry never got frozen" scenario in the What-If Machine is a universe where the Brainspawn managed to stop Nibbler in his tracks. Planet Express appeared in the Fry Hole because that Nibbler somehow warned them, and was desperately trying to fix the timeline.

[[WMG: "Bender's Big Score" is the reason why Universe 1 is so different.]]
"Bender's Big Score" reveals that Old New York was destroyed thanks to Bender. In order for the story to make any sense, multiple [[StableTimeLoop bootstrap paradoxes]] need to exist. One of the main threads? The romance sub-plot involving Lars Fillmore. Lars exists because of Fry's time travel, who did so because [[OtherMeAnnoysMe of his jealously towards Lars]], which was only possible because [[StableTimeLoop of Lars' tattoo.]] Universe 1 is a world where Fry and Leela married, so none of that could happen. Why does this change things? When Bender went back in time, [[BeenThereShapedHistory he caused George Bush to win the election and destroyed Old New York.]] Thus in Universe 1, Al Gore became President in 2001, and Old New York wasn't demolished in 2308. It's this major difference that resulted in Universe 1 being aesthetically different in spite of only coin flips making a change; a sort of phantom causal loop. As for Fry, he'd have to just dye his hair differently.

[[WMG: In "The Farnsworth Parabox", there is no box containing [[RuleSixtyThree a genderbent universe]].]]
There were apparently universes where everyone was eyeless, bobbleheaded and robotic for example. A key element is that Fry is the chosen one of the Futurama universe due to the existence of [[OmnicidalManiac the Brainspawn]] (who's more or less been around since time began) and [[MyOwnGrampa being his own grandfather]]. Robots can apparently reproduce so it would still work in that universe, and the eyeless humans could evolve another sense to be able to pilot a spaceship. The constant is that so long as there is a Fry, said Fry must go back in time to 1947 and conceive their parent. But what about [[RuleSixtyThree the universe where people were born the opposite sex?]] That Fry would have to stay behind nine months to be pregnant and give birth to their own parent, when the rest of the Futurama crew needs to get back to their own time in 24 hours. Rule 63 Fry would be stuck and live for 53 years before she could use Applied Cryogenics again, assuming she'd even want to go back after spending most of her life in the 20th century(as opposed to 2 in the 31st). And the Nibbler of this era would have no way of knowing, [[FridgeHorror so this Fry wouldn't be able to save the universe from the Brainspawn]]. "The Farnsworth Parabox" takes place after "The Why of Fry", so the Brainspawn of that reality would've already destroyed it due to no Fry to stop them. Even if the female Fry froze herself again, she'd be 80 years old and might die from natural causes in the two year interval between the end of "Roswell that Ends Well" and "The Why of Fry".

[[WMG: The Galactic Entity from "Godfellas" is related to the Nibblonians.]]
Assuming it's the result of a probe colliding with God and not the real deal. The Nibblonians existed 17 years before the Big Bang, and would spend those 17 years as the only things that to their knowledge existed. Then whatever counted for {{God}} in the Futurama universe arrived. They sent a probe to investigate this intelligence, which hit Him and created the Galactic Entity. This also CausedTheBigBang, which was God reacting to being hit by the probe. It's why Nibbler already knew of the time code-they're responsible for its existence. The ability to ignore causality is likely a consequence of the Galactic Entity being created at the moment of the universe. It's possible that this is why the Brainspawn came into being such a millisecond-[[NiceJobBreakingItHero they're an unwanted consequence of the probe colliding with God]].


[[folder:Plot - {{Jossed}}]]
[[WMG:The first episode of Season Six will riff on the Film/StarTrek reboot.]]
The characters will come out of the wormhole in an AlternateUniverse where everything is randomly different. In a recent panel, they mentioned warning Creator/MattGroening of a 'literal rebirth' of the show.

They needed to hire new voice actors to portray the alternate versions of the characters, and they covered it up as re-casting. Instead of handing over {{continuity}} to the new versions of themselves, the characters we know and love will run rampant in the new universe.
* Semi-confirmed at the Animation [=SuperCon=] by [[WordOfGod David X Cohen]]:
--> "the first episode [[spoiler: is tentatively titled "Rebirth" and and in a surprisingly literal fashion, as things turn out."]]

This means that, sadly for many people, [[spoiler: the series will feature a "literal" rebirth of the characters]].
* So we watch the characters grow up from birth - [[SpinoffBabies like]] WesternAnimation/MuppetBabies - {{IN SPACE}}!
* As of the end of "The Wild Green Yonder," humanity is likely an endangered species. Only Planet Express and the others present for Leo Wong's detonation of the violet dwarf star remain. The Encyclopod may end up having to replicate the majority of ''Homo sapiens sapiens.'' Considering they will likely be created from the DNA of the Waterfall family, they may not last long. At least the environmentalists won't.
* Most of this WMG may be {{Jossed}} in [[http://theinfosphere.org/Rebirth this article]]

[[WMG:The Nibblonians invented housecats]]
They were created to help contol/keep an eye on humans. This is why Nibbler, who will eat anything, didn't touch the cats in the episode where he was at the animal show. The fact that cats act somewhat like Nibblonians just adds to this.
* Jossed by That Darn Katz

[[WMG:On the new season's first episode in regards to [[spoiler: the "literal rebirth"]]:]]
[[spoiler: The planet-mantis]] depositing its young on various planets, so they won't go extinct. [[spoiler: Or rather, become extinct]].

[[WMG:Everyone but Fry and Professor Farnsworth in ''Rebirth'' will be brought back with no memories.]]

They will be 'reborn' perhaps due to the Stingray Alien from TheMovie, or just made new bodies by the Professor. Sadly, it will turn out that all of their last memory-backups on file at the Central Bureaucracy are from December 30, 2999, meaning a ResetButton on a grand scale for everyone except Fry (The Professor's memory is very inconsistent from one moment to the next, so he doesn't count). This means:

* Fry and Leela are back to a literal square one, given that she wouldn't know who he is. However, this might also give Fry a pseudo-PeggySue opportunity to do things better the second time around.
* Amy and Kif also would not know each other, and might not get together again.
* Zapp and Leela would have never met, meaning that she might end up falling for his charms once again. But only once.

At the end of the season (or possibly series, depending on how well it does) it'll turn out that the Professor made a backup of everyone just before they entered the wormhole, but forgot all about it. One by one everyone will decide if they want the memories back or not, and some may actually refuse because they like things better the way they are.

[[WMG:The Wormhole will transport the cast even ''further'' into the future.]]
Now they all get to feel Fry's pain as a school of FishOutOfTemporalWater.
* What pain? The pain of realising all his dreams in one afternoon? (I dated a robot) The ability of feeling like you belong somewhere that you never felt before? (The cryonic woman) About having the ideal girlfriend? (How Hermes requsitioned his groove back) the only time he felt that pain was when he thought he was in the year 4000.
** [[FridgeBrilliance Exactly.]] And who knows what the future will bring?

[[WMG:Fry and Farnsworth aren't genetically related.]]
In "A Clockwork Origin," Farnsworth uses the phrase "sterile as my milkman-trusting father." That implies a 1 in 2 chance that Farnworth isn't really Fry's nephew. Given that Fry's grandfather turned out not to be his grandfather, there also seems to be a family tradition of this stuff, which makes the odds even greater that someone got cuckolded somewhere along the line. Would make for a fun subplot some time. (Also, Farnsworth has the delta brainwave Fry lacks and is incredulous that he could be related to someone so stupid, but I don't think that really counts as evidence.)
* The first episode says they are genetically related.
* That's ''why'' he goes to see the Professor in the first place: Because the equipment said that they're genetically related. They confirm it again when he gets there. All the "milkman-trusting father" implies is that it was his ''mother'' that was related to Fry, not his father (a reasonable assumption, considering that the professor's last name isn't Fry). That "one in two" chance thing doesn't make any sense at all.

[[WMG:At the end of the video game segment in "Reincarnation"...]]
The Planet Express crew will come across a planet that [[CallBack opens up and reveals a giant ape in suspenders, which proceeds to toss some barrels at the crew and destroy them]].

[[folder:Future plots]]
Because I hate an unfollowed WMG tag, as this one once was, Barbados Slim goes after Hermes (rightfully or not) for breaking Barbados Slim's back with the door.

[[WMG:The cycle will end eventually]]
Every universe in the cycle is identical, right? [[Film/SupermanReturns WRONG!]] Universe A version 3.0 is slightly off directionwise. Not to mention Farnsworth v1.0 killed its Eleanor Roosevelt who knows where and when. While each cycle seems identical, there are subtle changes. And such subtle changes can amount to larger changes over time (in this case, millions upon trillions upon trillions upon trillions of years). Certainly at one point we would get to a universe where the Brainspawn succeed in gaining all information in the universe, and then destroying it. Or maybe where Fry's story of "Anthology of Interest" played out, and a paradox destroyed the universe. The previous cycles were all due to natural reasons of entropy and age. If an artifical factor is put in, the cycle could and should stop eventually, be it Universe v4.0 or Universe vA googolplex and three
* Farnsworth says he ''hit'' Eleanor Roosevelt, not that he killed her. This troper took that to be a joke about Eleanor's... slight unattractiveness.
** But in the timeline before that one (where they missed the year 3010), Farnsworth successfully killed Hitler. So he may have killed Eleanor in that timeline. (Yes, Eleanor Roosevelt is sort of a ButtMonkey for historical fiction writers.)

[[WMG:Professor Farnsworth and Leela's newly discovered grandmother will hook up in the next season.]]
That pairing is '''screaming''' for the [[{{Shipping}} shippers]] to put them together. We are fully aware that the professor is senile and Leela's mother admits that Leela's grandmother is nuts, so they are perfect for each other. The Professor/Mom pairing has been sunk and raised and sunk again too many times to be credible anymore so Leela's grandmother is introduced to give the Professer a new [[{{Squick}} squicky]] love interest.
* Who says the two ships have to be mutually exclusive? Leela's Grandmother/Professor/Mom OT3!
* I think Mom would happily MurderTheHypotenuse ([[BigBad And their species]]) over a slight jealousy.

[[WMG:The final ever episode will be about Fry and Leela's wedding.]]
At some point, Fry will pop the question, and Leela says Yes. In the last episode of the season, one of Farnsworth's inventions malfunctions, stranding Fry on a distant planet and Leela in the year 2000, thus inverting the setup from the first episode where Leela is (apparently) displaced in space and Fry in time.

Most of the rest of the episode will be about various wacky hijinks that ensue at they attempt to reach the venue in the right year, while Hermes and Zoidberg try desperately to stall for time.

Leela's adventures will end up involving Fry's time paradox duplicate (who becomes Lars) who reluctantly helps her get back to the 31st century so she can marry someone "a lot like [him]". Most likely, she'll end up freezing herself, and be thawed out with just a short time to spare. Alternatively, all the tubes will be occupied, and Leela will somehow manage to obtain a forwards time machine, allowing her to bring the Fry family forward in time to see Philips's wedding.

In the end, Leela and Fry will arrive at the church ragged and out of breath at about the same time, followed by a nice marriage and then the two of them flying off into the sunset.
* [[spoiler:Confirmed, sort of. the last episode has fry proposing to Leela, they get married, and have a honeymoon, however at the end it is reset.]]

[[WMG:The universe will end when a brain slug controls the Hypno Toad]]

[[WMG: Had the show not been canceled, a future episode would've been a parody of ''Film/{{Pacific Rim}}''.]]
Obviously Phillip and Yancy Fry would fill in for the Beckett Boys, with Farnsworth and Wernstrom playing the Geizler and Gottlieb roles, and Leela would be Mako. Bender would be the A.I. One thing I can't decide on is if Zapp should be Pentacost or one of the "suits and ties".

[[WMG: If the series is revived, it will deal with unfinished plot-lines, new settings and unresolved fan-queries .]]
* The movies were originally going to deal with Bender's TimeAbyss nature taking its toll, since metal melts after a very very very long time. We could have a scenario where Bender is dying due to how obscenely old he became, and could either be used to kill him off or a new design with a new body.
* A story surrounding Bender's family, where we figure out just who his father was and why he was killed by a can-opener.
* Being MyOwnGrandpa eliminates the Delta brainwave, making them immune to the Brainspawn. Fry's father is technically his own grandfather. We could have an episode where it turns out that the Nibblonians froze him for a backup
* That guy from the future was meant to be [[KidFromTheFuture Leela and Fry's son.]] Let's have that play out, with a good old StableTimeLoop of him ending up having Leela and Fry deciding to concieve
* An episode occuring between Fry getting frozen and the beginning of the series. Possibly a parody of the American Revolutionary War with the formation of the Earthican Empire, circa [[ExtyYearsFromNow 2776]]. There would be expies of the characters in a wartime setting, and because of the movie we could see Bender play a part
* Another parallel universe episode
* A another parody three-parter, this time parodying sci-fi. It'll definitely involve Star Trek, will probably involve Series/DoctorWho and another sci-fi show [[AuthorAppeal the showwrites love.]] Maybe even a SelfParody of Futurama, set in the year 4000.
** Yeah, it'll be great, they'll make a whole spinoff series, and it'll be called Futurell-[[ScrewedByTheNetwork CANCELED.]]
** There have been references to Franchise/SailorMoon, so maybe a Main/MagicalGirl film.
** Another possibility is ''Franchise/MassEffect''. Just imagine the potential...
* If Futurama gets revived by Creator/AdultSwim, it could crossover with WesternAnimation/RickAndMorty.

[[WMG: There will be an episode where Bender finally crosses the MoralEventHorizon.]]
One day, Bender will finally cross to line one too many times, and all his friends leave him. This will be a huge tear jerkier, especially when it's Fry's turn to tell him. Bender will be completely devistated, only to brush it off and convince himself either that they were the ones in the wrong or they didn't even deserve to be in his prescience. But, Bender will eventually have a HeelRealization, and be left with a choice of rejoining his friends or ditching them once again.


[[folder:Possible crossovers]]
[[WMG:''Futurama'' is a SpiritualSuccessor of ''WesternAnimation/{{Doug}}''.]]

An average, BookDumb boy attempts to acclimate into the new environment he finds himself in the first episode. His best non-human friend is bluish-gray and leads a full life just like a human. He harbors a crush on the first girl he sees. The girl's best friend is the SpoiledSweet daughter of a millionaire. The name "Yancy" is prominent in his family. He had an often contentious but mostly loving relationship with his older sibling. And he's voiced by Creator/BillyWest.

Not necessarily a reincarnation, but definitely some interesting similarities.

[[WMG:Zap Brannigan is also Descended from...]]
Troy Mclure, of course. Somehow, Troy managed to find a woman willing to bear his child, with Brannigan as the eventual result. (I am aware that TheSimpsons is another ShowWithinAShow. It's too good not to be true-ish.)

[[WMG:Futurama is an alternate reality of WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons]]
All Futurama characters are futuristic expys of Simpsons characters.
* Fry is like Homer
* Leela is arguably Marge
* Bender is like Bart, but he also has ''some'' traits of Homer (beer for example)
* The Professor is like Grandpa
* Amy is arguably Lisa
* Nibbler is Maggie
* Hermes and Zoidberg are Carl and Lenny
* Mom and Robot Devil combine to make Mr. Burns
* Mom's 3 sons combine to make Mr. Smithers
* Slurms McKenzie is Duffman
* Mayor Poopenmeyer is Mayor Quimby
* Lrrr and Ndnd are Kang and Kodos
* Check the Simpsorama crossover's plot on the Infosphere: "Bart Simpson does something that affects the future in a really bad way, so Bender travels back in time to kill him." If this comes out, then jossed: TheSimpsons and Futurama are in the same universe. Also considering WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy will have a crossover with WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons, all three would share a universe. Thusly...

[[WMG: WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons, Futurama and WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy are all in the same universe.]]
And this is how they fit into one another:
* All three series mention each other as a fictional universe. The answer to that? Matt Groening and Seth [=McFarlane=] are psychics! In-universe, both of them saw into the near and far future, and based a TV show about them. Also both the Griffins and Simpsons have in-universe been part of their own TV shows based around their life, and as such could've been the inspiration for [[RuleOfThree the in-universe shows.]] With Futurama, that's explainable as [[VeryLooselyBasedOnATrueStory Very]] [[InvertedTrope accurately]] based on a true story.
* WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons and WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy have ComicBookTime. Futurama has had weird time phenomenon occur. It's a stretch, but they could Handwave in Simpsorama that Quahog and Springfield live above a chroniton field.
* The yellow skin of WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons is explained away by Simpsons Jaundice.
* The different versions of God in each series is because, like the Galactic Entity, they're beings who collided with God. That or they simply came into contact with the Galactic Entity, and [[AGodAmI full of it.]]
* Cryonics is seen in The Simpsons "Holidays of Future Passed" and Family Guy's "The Big Bang Theory." Stewie's cryogenic tube was used centuries later to make the ones in Applied Cryonics, who later became the ones in The Simpsons and
* Bender having a cameo in both series before is pretty easy to explain-he had [[TimeAbyss a shiny metal ass-load of it]] in the movie. The last, non-brainwashed Bender could've had time to hang out with them.
* Seymour is somehow related to Brian Griffin.
* Dogs can talk because they were mutated by Mr Burns' nuclear waste [[NoodleIncident somehow.]]
* At the end of "Rosebud", Mr Burns is a head in a jar attached to a robot. Whatever technology used for this led to the invention of head jars.
* Since Bart apppeared in South Park's "Cartoon Wars" and Cartman's head can be seen in "Bender's Big Score", ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' somehow fits in this universe as well-meaning manatees are psychic too.
* Krusty the Clown has Circusitis.

[[WMG:Franchise/JamesBond is a ''Futurama'' robot]]
He only needs alcohol to survive. He can eat and sleep when he chooses to.

[[WMG:Futurama takes place in the same universe as ''WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants'']]
* Did YOU see any anchovies in SB-129?

[[WMG:Fry once was an ultratech PhysicalGod created by an evil MegaCorp to [[WesternAnimation/ProjectGeeKeR conquer the universe]]]]
* ...When he finally got the hang of his powers, he recreated the universe as a place too inherently crazy for any megalomaniac to rule... at least not on any large scale or for an extended length of time. That's why the Nibblonians are obsessed with him - they know that Fry is ''God''.

[[WMG:Futurama takes place in Franchise/TheHitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy universe]]
* Fry slept through the Vogons, protected by an improbability field. Why are Mom robots so offensive and powered by alcohol? Because no one dared make genuinely nice robots after those Sirius Cybernetics Co. bastards went up against the wall when the revolution happened.
** Jossed: the Earth still exists, and in "The Late Philip J Fry" they saw the Earth form without any help of mice.

[[WMG: Film/CloudAtlas occurs in Futurama's universe.]]
It could work - civilization rises and falls several times in Futurama between 2000 and 3000.

[[WMG: Film/TheFifthElement occurs in Futurama's universe.]]
Flying cars, New York being built atop the old, casual interstellar travel...

[[WMG: In a different universe, the War of 2012 [[WesternAnimation/AdventureTime resulted in the World of Ooo.]] ]]
Finn and Jake had a cameo appearance in "Leela and the Genestalk." Parallel(well, perpendicular) universes are both known to exist and it is possible to travel to them through the universe boxes. The Mushroom War occurred 1000 years ago, and when was this episode set in? 3013-almost 1000 years after the War of 2012. While Futurama is a sci-fi show, it's soft sci-fi and has referenced magical things before-Scruffy is a zombie, the final episode had vampires and so on. The War of 2012 that Conan O'Brien lost his legs in? In another universe, that was the Mushroom War. Susan Strong and the fish people are the alternates of the Sewer Mutants. The Applied Cryonics was powered by the Ice Crown of the Futurama universe. Finn and Jake somehow got captured, probably thanks to Mom stealing the technology of the parabox.


[[folder:Impossible crossovers]]
[[WMG:''[[Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000 MST3K]]'', ''WesternAnimation/WallE'', and ''Futurama'' all take place in the same universe.]]
After the events of the [=MST3K=] finale, in which the SOL crashed, Mike and the Bots moved into an apartment for the rest of Mike's life.

After the eventual death of Mike, the first Garbage Crisis happens. This is solved by launching the trash into space.

Several years Later, Buy n Large takes control of the Earth government. Around 2100, a second garbage crisis occurs -- this time all around the world. This time, because of the sheer amount of trash on Earth, [=BnL=] deems it inefficient to launch the garbage into space; instead, it initiates "Operation Cleanup", where humans evacuate the Earth until it is cleaned. Searching for a suitable prototype for their EVE units, they find Tom Servo.

Servo is several hundred years old by now. [=BnL=] improves upon Joel's design and creates a line of vegetation probes, the [=EVE=]s, who will be used in the cleanup operation.

Similarly, Gypsy's design is heavily modified and repackaged as AUTO units. Alas, no one thought to include her personality program.

WALL•Es are manufactured. Most malfunction and fail, leaving only one.

Tom, Crow, and Gypsy themselves are taken aboard a ship.

The events of ''WALL•E'' take place. Fry's cryogenic capsule is removed and placed on the Axiom or a similar cruise ship.

After the return to Earth and its eventual rehabilitation, [=BnL=] declared bankruptcy and was bought out by Mom, who integrated much of the robotics portion of the company into her own fledgling business.

Sometime around the 2800's, aliens such as the Decapodians came into contact with Earth. Earth joined DOOP. Knowledge of the Second Garbage Crisis was covered up to prevent another crisis. Tom and Crow themselves hang out in a New New York movie theater and shush other patrons who talk.

This also happens Pre-[[ComicBook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths Crisis]] ComicBook/{{Legion Of Super-Heroes}}! In "Superman and The Legion of Super-Heroes", when we see Superman rescuing a bunch of aliens who were being sent to a concentration camp, one is a red lobster-man with an anemone for a mouth, big blue eyes, and a white doctor's coat. This cannot be coincidence; this is Zoidberg or one of his relatives.
* Mike might not be dead. His head is probably in a jar at the museum.
* Right next to Joel, Tom and Crow. Riffing on the interactions they see at the museum and with the heads.

[[WMG:Kif is [[WesternAnimation/InvaderZim an Irken]]]]
No real evidence except the green skin and the three-letter-name, and he would have unusual anatomy for the species. [[RuleOfCool But it would be cool.]]
* Maybe he's a feral Irken.
** Unlikely. The insectoid features (antennae, etc.) are missing.

[[WMG:Kif is [[Literature/HarryPotter Lord Voldemort]]]]
As argued by [[http://srhaber.com/blog/2007/04/25/voldemort-and-kif Shaun Haber]]

[[WMG:Futurama is the future of ''WALL•E'']]
Eventually, ''somebody's'' got to think that if they get a monopoly on a particular product/service, they can do a better job of it than [=BnL=] did back in the stupid ages. And so was born, [=MomCorp=].
* Alternatively...

[[WMG:''WALL•E'' is what ''Futurama'' would have been...]]
...Had the garbage ball not been created back in the 21st century.

[[WMG:Fry is LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya, or a reincarnation of her.]]
He wanted desperately to leave his job, and his godlike powers pulled the world around to create the future he wanted, where all the fantastic things he saw in sci-fi were real.

[[WMG:The 'God' Bender meets in ''Godfellas'' is [[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya The Data Integration Thought Entity]]]]
It makes too much sense, and it works with the above theory of Fry being Haruhi.
* The only one who met him was Bender, the robot companion of Fry/Haruhi. this actually makes a lot of sense.

[[WMG:The superpower-granting cream is [[Series/{{Heroes}} The Catalyst]]]]
Okay, from the Series/{{Reaper}} WMG page, we know that the Second Coming of Zombie Jesus that occurs in 2443 was predicted by Regular Satan (as opposed to the robot devil). This puts Futurama and Series/{{Reaper}} in the same {{Verse}} We ''also'' know that Series/{{Reaper}} must be set in the Series/{{Heroes}}{{Verse}}, because Sam's brother is the same person as Claire's brother. From that, it's not to much to assume that the Catalyst was accidentally rediscovered in the 1000-ish years between Series/{{Heroes}} and Futurama while researching miracle creams and their uses in relieving joint pain.

[[WMG:''WesternAnimation/UglyAmericans'' is a parallel-universe version of Futurama]]
Not only do they both take place in New York City and frequently feature monsters, robots and aliens, but many of the characters in Ugly Americans have Futurama counterparts:
* Mark Lilly is Fry. Both are naive UnfazedEveryman in a world full of fantastic creatures, both are generally regarded with little respect by their co-workers, and [[DoggedNiceGuy Dogged Nice Guys]].
* Randall is Bender. Both are non-human jerkasses who happen to be the protagonist's best friend/roommate, and they have both been known to lose parts of their bodies.
* Callie is Leela. They are both the {{Tsundere}} love interests of the protagonists, both are short-tempered and prone to violence, and they each have unusual stories regarding their parents.
* Leonard is Prof. Farnsworth. As well as being hundreds of years old, they both are extremely intelligent, even if their eccentric behavior gets in the way of their common sense on several occasions.
* Although not an exact counterpart, Twayne has some similarities with Hermes. Both are dedicated to their jobs and they don't really care whether their employees live or die. But that's where the similarities end.
* And finally, the Koala Man is Zoidberg, since they are both the [[ButtMonkey Butt Monkeys]] of their repective shows.
* How did Old New York end up underground?
** New New York was built on top of the ruins of Old New York [[spoiler:after Bender destroyed it]].
*** But why didn't [[spoiler:Bender destroy]] the cryogenics building?
*** Probably because this is Bender AFTER he met Fry, and since Fry is the only human he won't destroy when he destroys all humans, he saves the one building. To save his best friend.
** Killing Fry would have caused a paradox and remember it was a paradox-correcting time portal.

[[WMG:Zoidberg and his alien species are the lobsterities from Franchise/TheDarkTower]]
Or some kind of evolved version of them. They maintain some of the same characteristics such as being able to, quite easily, snip off a person's limbs. However, they have been able to evolve into being able to walk up right and have gain the ability to actually talk.

[[WMG:Mom is [[WesternAnimation/{{Rugrats}} Charlotte Pickles]].]]
She got frozen in her elder years, and unfrozen at some point in time to become the cold, bitter woman we know and love today.
* They do have similar hair...

[[WMG:Robot religion was founded by the Robot-Rabbi from Conan]]
Think about it. ''Think about it.''

[[WMG:Futurama and South Park take place in the same universe]]
The reason the fungineers in the future think that there were whalers on the moon is because they found the corpse of Willzyx and assumed the stupidest. Of course, this might just be highly improbable...
** Cartman's head is seen in a jar at the head museum.

[[WMG:''Franchise/CodeGeass'' takes place in [[spoiler:the British alternate universe in ''All the President's Heads'']]. ]]
And [[spoiler:Fry]] helped midwife the Holy Britannian Empire. (The Queen seen is just one of Emperor Charles' wives.)

[[WMG:Professor Farnsworth went back in time and invented the hairdryer.]]
"Eureka! I've invented an automatic hair-drying machine. You use it when you get out of the bathtub. Its only flaw is that if it actually gets into the bathtub, it kills you. Oh yes."

[[WMG:From Godfellas:]]
"When you write the Bible, you might wanna omit that last ... miracle." Maybe that's what happened to the real [[Literature/TheBible Bible]].

[[WMG:The Amazon World is an alternate WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague future.]]
There was an episode of the WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague animated series where an amazon (a woman from an island populated only by immortal women) sought to kill all men from the world beyond her island. Of course, the League stopped her... but, in an alternate reality, they could not. So, after the League defeat, they found some magical or magic/science way to create new babies without men, women filled all areas of human society, and life goes on. After all, men are not intrinsically needed at any place, everything is capable to run smoothly without them: politics, economy, culture, science, infrastructure... even the whole superhuman issue would stay the same, with superheroes as Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl keeping the female supervillians under control. Yes, men are not intrinsically needed for anything... [[AllWomenAreLustful except for one thing]]: Snu snu. So, centuries passed, and this alternate JL earth became the Amazon World where Fry, Bender, Zapp Branigan and Kif (and Leela and Amy) landed.

[[WMG:The Nibblonians are related to [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica the Incubators]], and of course are from the same planet.]]
[[spoiler:Both are ancient alien races dedicated to preserving the universe, albeit through [[WellIntentionedExtremist extremely cold, manipulative, sociopathic means]].]] Reflecting the Incubators' TrueNeutral status, they are usually selected for the post of their planet Eternium's ambassador to the Neutral Planet.
* [[spoiler:Homura of course travels into the future each time she tries to save Madoka. ([[FridgeHorror Too bad for all those other Earths she allows Walpurgisnacht or Kriemhild Gretchen to destroy]].) Of course the other Homura in the next universe is always doomed like all time-clones and dies shortly after her time-jump, which is why she never bumps into her other self. Obviously ''Futurama'' proper takes place after Madoka resets the universe.]]
* [[spoiler:The Professor's timeskip button in the finale had same basic electronic design as Homura's time shield. Kyubey didn't implant the design in his head, however; "great" minds just think alike.]]

[[WMG:Futurama takes place in the same universe as VideoGame/{{Fallout}} series.]]
It's implied that there was some sort of apocalyptic event in the Futurama universe, and Leela did mention nuclear winter once. Plus, both universes have a retro-futuristic style. And the mutagenic goo under New New York could be FEV. So the nuclear war in Fallout happened, a dark ages like period emerged (the time period you play in in the games) and then civilazation rebuilds itself and eventually we get Futurama.