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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Fundies Say the Darndest Things
Ron4jesus and rose4christ are the same person.
Let's see... aside from the fact that both of them are denizens of Rapture Ready...
  • Each one's name sounds like a slightly altered version of the other's.
  • They use the same tone in their posts, and tend to talk about the same topics.
  • They both live in Chicago.
  • They both make medium-length-paragraph-long posts in which random sets of about 3 or 4 words are in all-caps.
  • They both like to talk about how unwilling they are to "deny MY LORD AND SAVIOR".
  • In the same posts linked to above, rose4christ continually refers to Obama as "Obamy", and ron4jesus says "come and get me BAMY BAMY BAMY", presumably in reference to Obama.
    • This might be Jossed, as their other posts imply that they are husband and wife.
      • And who says it's not one person pretending to be husband and wife?
Headache the Commentator.
He is a self-loathing American.
Cassiterides is Supersport's kid.
How else could two such idiotic people exist at the same time without warping reality?
  • Maybe Supersport is Cassiterides' kid?
    • Impossible. Cassiterides was twenty when he made his debut, years after Supersport.
  • Maybe they're a split personality?
  • So how does Self-Mutation factor into this?
  • Cassiterides is Carico AND supersport's kid.
CSTDT is a CIA/NSA/Illuminati/NWO/Zionist/Monsanto/Reptilian/ Rothschild/Freemason/Pharma/Obama conspiracy to discredit conspiracies.
  • CSTDT commenters are really government-paid disinformation agents trying to keep the sheeple from learning THE TRUTH: that all the conspiracies are true. Simultaneously. Yes, even contradictory ones.
Lord Kalki is Eric Cartman
  • He blames everything bad on the Jews. 'Nuff said.
coconut is actually insane
  • He only thinks he's done all the things he's said he has; in actuality, he's stuck in a mental hospital and has snuck a cell phone in.

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