WMG / Fundies Say the Darndest Things

Ron4jesus and rose4christ are the same person.
Let's see... aside from the fact that both of them are denizens of Rapture Ready...
  • Each one's name sounds like a slightly altered version of the other's.
  • They use the same tone in their posts, and tend to talk about the same topics.
  • They both live in Chicago.
  • They both make medium-length-paragraph-long posts in which random sets of about 3 or 4 words are in all-caps.
  • They both like to talk about how unwilling they are to "deny MY LORD AND SAVIOR".
  • In the same posts linked to above, rose4christ continually refers to Obama as "Obamy", and ron4jesus says "come and get me BAMY BAMY BAMY", presumably in reference to Obama.
    • This might be Jossed, as their other posts imply that they are husband and wife.
      • And who says it's not one person pretending to be husband and wife?
Headache the Commentator.
He is a self-loathing American.
Cassiterides is Supersport's kid.
How else could two such idiotic people exist at the same time without warping reality?
  • Maybe Supersport is Cassiterides' kid?
    • Impossible. Cassiterides was twenty when he made his debut, years after Supersport.
  • Maybe they're a split personality?
  • So how does Self-Mutation factor into this?
  • Cassiterides is Carico AND supersport's kid.
CSTDT is a CIA/NSA/Illuminati/NWO/Zionist/Monsanto/Reptilian/ Rothschild/Freemason/Pharma/Obama conspiracy to discredit conspiracies.
  • CSTDT commenters are really government-paid disinformation agents trying to keep the sheeple from learning THE TRUTH: that all the conspiracies are true. Simultaneously. Yes, even contradictory ones.
Lord Kalki is Eric Cartman
  • He blames everything bad on the Jews. 'Nuff said.
coconut is actually insane
  • He only thinks he's done all the things he's said he has; in actuality, he's stuck in a mental hospital and has snuck a cell phone in.
  • While obviously, the most likely supernaturals to be quoted are Clockstoppers or Heroes, Scrivener seems to have a fairly extensive (if utterly wrong) "education". My proposal is that he is a Genius focussing on history, most likel. He seems to fit in neatly with the Etherites: a Great Unifying Theory held up obsessively (Britain controls the world), antisemitism, a dislike for Einstein (even going so far as to consider him fictional)... Alternatively, he is an evil scholastic (mad historician) or a Stigmatic, which would explain his reference to "MECHANIC-ANGELS".
  • David Chase Taylor is another Genius. Really, most of his quotes cry out to me screaming "that must be how a Genius percieves the world!"