[[WMG: Franklin's parents either inherited, or make their living as gardeners.]]

Franklin's world is ''not'' a cashless society, so unless they inherited, they have to be doing ''something'' for work. Yet, no mention of an occupation is ever made and they are actually shown to be at home during the day when Franklin is at school. Since a large amount of that time seems to be spent working in their garden, it makes sense that it is their occupation and those fruits and veggies become food for the stores in Woodland.

In the [=CGI=] ''Franklin and Friends'' series, it is revealed that Mrs. Turtle sometimes takes substitute-teaching work at Franklin's school. That's income, but it could use supplementing.

[[WMG: ''Franklin and Friends'' is, if not a [[ContinuityReBoot Reboot]], then a [[TimeSkip continuation]] of the Original Animation except where noted.]]

WordOfGod has it that Franklin and his friends have [[TimeSkip grown up a bit in the new show]]. That doesn't explain, though, the curious absence of certain characters like Granny, Badger, Raccoon, Aunt Lucy, Sam and Kit. (And if it weren't for a couple token appearances, one might as well include Skunk in that list as well.) Yet, aside from this and other minor issues, there is really so much continuity that it feels like the show is taking place in the same basic continuity. So it seems more fair to say that the show is a continuation of the original except where noted, rather than calling it a flat-out [[ContinuityReBoot Reboot]].

[[WMG: Raccoon is partially home-schooled.]]

How else can he get away with not attending Franklin's class in about half the episodes of the original television series? (He doesn't appear at all in ''Franklin and Friends''.)

[[WMG: By the time of ''Franklin and Friends'', Granny Turtle is already dead.]]

Granny lives in Woodland at a relatively close distance from her son's own home, yet her character never gets a passing mention in the series. DeathByAdaptation is a possible explanation from this, as she suffered a serious illness before her seventieth birthday in ''Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure''.

[[WMG: By the time of ''Franklin and Friends'', Badger is being homeschooled, has moved out of Woodland, or has has passed away as well.]]

Badger was part of Franklin's class in the entirety of the Original Animation, but starting from ''Franklin and Friends'' she is [[ChuckCunninghamSyndrome suspiciously absent]]. Her [[WordOfGod cerebral palsy]] may have had an influence in this as she could simply be homeschooled now like Raccoon, moved out of Woodland in order to cope with her disability, or simply [[DeathByAdaptation perished]] due to the debilitating nature of her condition.

[[WMG: ''Literature/LittleBear'' is the father of Bear.]]

Little Bear and his friends grew up and parted ways in order to settle down and start their new families. Little Bear, now a big bear named Mr. Bear, visited Woodland where he met the bear who would become his wife, Mrs. Bear, and together they have a son that they named "Bear" who becomes Franklin's best friend.
* Two issues with this theory. The first is the FunnyAnimal society differences in the nature of the two show's worlds. Little Bear lives in a forest with a cat, duck, hen and owl, all of which generally look and move like normal animals, even if they don't behave like them. He also knows two humans. On ''Franklin'', there's an owl who's the same size as most of the other anthropomorphic characters and there's never been the slightest indication of humans. The other issue is that Little Bear's society has no electricity or plumbing; i.e. the characters are shown taking a bath in a metal washtub in the living room. Franklin's world, on the other hand, is advanced enough to have personal computers. Okay, so it is within the realm of possibility that Little Bear could just have lived in a backwards society, but still...