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The player in Forza Motorsport 3 is the Prince of Persia.
Having saved his kingdom, the Prince has decided to try his hand at racing. He wisely brought the Sands of Time with him in his car.
  • That does sound like something a stereotypical wealthy Arab/Persian prince would do.
The Hired Driver is the Stig.
He will never spin out, almost always gets in first place (provided Rossi doesn't block him), and he is not affected by the "Pressure" system like the other AI cars - AI cars riding on his ass will not cause him to become nervous. He also wears a white racing suit, like the Stig.
The player in all Forza games is an Empty Shell.
The driver you play as is an anonymous, soulless character, who's isolated from the rest of the world and is only interested in one thing: driving fast. Potentially fatal crash? Doesn't bother him/her, as long as the car's ready and waiting for the next race. Highly tuned, one-off concept vehicle, but painted bright pink with flower vinyls? Doesn't matter, winning doesn't require style. Front wheel drive Citroen made for good gas mileage? It's got potential. The driver honestly doesn't care what s/he's in, as long as it can win.
"M. Rossi" is a pseudonym.
Rossi is one of the few drivers, if not the only one, the player encounters in Horizon whose full name is not shown—just the initial and surname are shown as in the previous Motorsport games. "Rossi" is approximately the Italian word for red ("rosso") which is the color of most of his cars, and the "M" could be interpreted as a short form of a word like "maestro". I.E., Rossi is the "red master". His name may be Marco Rossi.
The Horizon Protagonist is an escaped Stig
Top Gear has said before that they keep a farm where they raise tame racing drivers, the driver in Horizon is obviously one that got out, and unable to do anything else, started doing the one thing it was bred to do. Racing.
The Horizon Protagonist is an Animal Crossing villager
No one guessed it but he earned so much Bells so he left the Animal Village of furries for a while. Then he go into street racing.

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