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Zephiel married Guinevere.
After Desmond announced that Guinevere's husband would become the next king of Bern, there was quite a bit of outrage from those who were loyal to Zephiel, and who had expected Zephiel to become the next king. To placate the people of Bern while still holding true to the letter of Desmond's proclamation, Zephiel and Guinevere got married. This was the last straw for Desmond, who then made his last attempt on Zephiel's life...

The reason Bramimond resurrected Ninian to help deal with the three dragons is because ice is super effective against dragon.

Roy was named after Roland.
Or possibly, "Roy" is a nickname and "Roland" is his full name, kind of like "Lyn" was a nickname for "Lyndis."

Karel killed Geitz and Vaida.
If you go through Dart and Karel's supports, you will find that Dart tells Karel of a female Wyvern general who is the strongest of the four Bern generals. Vaida was supposedly expected to be killed on her return to Bern because of her betrayal (Heath may have been killed too, as he is able to join her). However, Karel says he will "keep her in mind" and is known to hunt out strong people with reputation (which is why he talks to Dart, who knows the rumors). Vaida and Heath survive the journey and maybe talk to the prince, but Karel was right behind them and killed Vaida. Heath dies trying to protect her. That would explain why they don't appear in 6. Geitz, on the other hand, has a brother named Geese who appears in 6, but Geitz himself is absent. Geitz feared Karel and that fear was what give him the ability to sense when Karel was near. Karel even compliments Geitz's skill, but denies trying to launch a sneak attack on him. Geitz's natural fighter's instinct and his ability to sense Karel's presence finally won Karel's respect and, with that, Geitz was destined to be challenged by Karel. Since Karel appears in 6 and Geitz doesn't, it is possible Geitz was killed in their fight.
  • On the other hand, we know Geitz isn't exactly fond of his family, so that could easily explain why he doesn't appear and why Geese doesn't mention him (ages aren't clear, but judging from their appearances and the time skip, Geese was probably fairly young when Geitz left, and they probably don't have much interaction anyway). The part about Vaida makes a ton of sense, though, especially considering how her solo ending doesn't really make it clear what happened to her...

The dead friend Renault wanted to bring back is Kishuna.
Renault's battle conversation with Nergal in Hector's story suggests that Nergal was still experimenting with morphs when Renault came to him, and Kishuna was Nergal's first morph. Renault also refers to what Nergal gave him as "soulless" and "an empty vessel". Unlike most of Nergal's morphs, Kishuna isn't even capable of speech, which could lend to him giving off this impression. It would be interesting to see if anything unusual would happen if Renault were to be hacked to be able to attack Kishuna in Chapter 32x...
  • That actually seems to be shot down in the game; Kishuna is specifically referred to as the "only morph he made with emotions", implying that Kishuna is not his first morph. Also, while Renault's friend is likely the first morph, part of the reason Renault was turned away from it was because it was an emotionless shell of his old friend.
    • What if Kishuna was a Super Prototype, and all the morphs made after were emotionless?
    • Besides, although we see that Kishuna has emotions, he never, ever speaks. Him not speaking was why Nergal cast him aside, believing him to be a failed test. That not speaking would have Renault think that Kishuna was emotionless as well, also rejecting him. So for me at least this feels like Kishuna had emotions, but could not express them for some reason.
  • I did it via a purge tome and a bunch of energy rings (for range). He didn't say anything. Though it could just be the devs not thinking of this possibility. Given that this is FE, I'd still say Kishuna is the friend Renault tried to revive.

The world behind the Dragon's Gate in FE7 is in fact Archaneia, the continent of FE1/3/11.
The Dragon's Gate is on the same spot as the Ice Dragon Temple in FE3. Nils and Ninian also mention how men and dragons live there together, which applies to Archaneia as well.
  • Nils and Ninian refer to a Dragon Shrine, not explicitly the Ice Dragon Temple. However, the Ruins of Time area in Awakening is certainly draconic in nature, due to the presence of Naga's Tears, and presumably there is some unexplored suspicious property about it due to the appearance of the time-lost and partially amnesiac Morgan. It seems more likely that the other side of the Dragon's Gate is what eventually becomes known as the Ruins of Time instead of the Ice Dragon Temple, which when explored in FE3 shows no indication that it was ever the other end of a dimensional portal.
  • Seems to be Jossed by Fire Emblem: Awakening. Nah seems to be the only known Half-blooded Manakete (aside from a ♀ Morgan, provided she's either Nah's sister, or Tiki's or Nah's daughter) in the land of Archanea/Ylisse. Tiki's comments explicitly suggest that there has never been a half-blooded Manakete in Archanean history prior to Awakening.
    • How does Archanea not having any half-dragons before Nah lead to Archanea not being at least one of the places the dragons went to after the Scouring? Tiki never mentions Elibe, and what she said only rules out half-dragons in Archanea.
      • One would think anyone on Archanea would have at least heard of Ninian or Nils prior to Awakening if the world behind the Dragon Gate in Blazing Sword was indeed the world was the one where Archanea, Valentia, and Jugdral are all located. There's a possibility that she could be wrong about the part of being no half-dragon on Archanea before Nah, but considering the circumstances...
      • As shown here, Tiki is speaking using her own knowledge. She spent a large portion of her life being asleep, it's not guaranteed she would have been informed of any mixed manaketes or read about them in any available sources, assuming in the case of Ninian and Nils that any dragons Tiki was in contact with knew about their parentage. None of the characters of confirmed mixed human and dragon heritage in the Elibe games were said to have been born in the land the dragons went to after the Scouring, and only Nils always goes to the land beyond the gate in Blazing Sword's ending. Going with the Scouring occuring before the Judgral and Archanea games, Tiki could have never found out about the half-dragons up until she had her talk with Nah.

Wendy's parents are Oswin and Serra
There are no female A-knights in 7, and they're rare in the setting in general, so if it's in Wendy's blood at all, it must be from her father's side. Wendy has crappy DEF and STR for an A-knight (even taking starting at level 1 into account). Of course, you could argue that's just due to being a girl, but it wouldn't make sense for her mom to be someone like, say, Vaida. It's clear she's uncomfortable with the role and that would make sense if her parents were radically different. Finally, she has pink hair, which is unusual even for Fire Emblem. Now, what canon pairing involves a male A-knight and a non-combat-type female with pink hair? Bingo.

Lowen is the cook/meal delivery man in FE6.
We know Lowen as the eager-to-please Pheraen cavalier in FE7, in which he spent an entire set of supports lecturing Eliwood on the importance of proper nutrition, as well as revealed that he had been cooking for the army surreptitiously. In FE6, Lugh mentions in his supports with Chad and Ray that the man who delivered meals to them in the field has given him extra baked tarts. Klein also mentions, in his A support with Percival, the cook's concern that Percival doesn't like his meals because he eats them without expression. Neither of these men is given a name, but they both seem to share the same concern over making sure everyone in the army gets enough to eat and, what's more, that their food actually meets their preferences and tastes good (which, from what I've gathered, is unheard of in any military). It's likely that at least one of these guys is actually Lowen returning to (half of) his previous role, if the two unnamed caterers aren't, in fact, the same person.

The Juna Fruit isn't actually exclusive to Magvel.
In Sword of Seals, the character Gonzales can be found at level 12 on one route, and level 5 on the other, but his stats are the same regardless. This is consistent with the effects of Juna Fruit. Note that to drop 7 levels, Gonzales would need to have eaten at least two Juna Fruits, as there is a 5-level maximum per fruit. How he managed to get two of what is obviously a very rare delicacy in Elibe is anyone's guess, though the most likely scenario involves the corrupt nobles who push him around, seeing him only as a weapon and therefore thinking only to make him stronger.

Limstella was modeled after Nergal's wife.
Before the chapter in which you fight her, Nergal comments on how Limstella was the most powerful of his morphs. However, Limstella is a very plain woman. Other than the black hair and yellow eyes that all morphs come with, she doesn't exactly stand out. Not exactly imposing enough for someone to choose for their champion. This could be a case of Boring, but Practical, but considering that Nergal lost his sanity to the dark powers trying to bring his wife back from the dead, it wouldn't be a far stretch to believe that when making his most powerful morph, that some lingering presence of her in his mind influenced his design.
  • She would look a lot like Ninian if her hair and eye color were to be changed appropriately.
  • In the infamous Chapter 19xx, the boss talks of how those who dedicate themselves to dark magic often forget why they're doing it. This is totally consistent with the above. Limstella is his subconscious trying to fulfill his original goal.

Harken is the mystery villager
In one village in FE7, a man who doesn't reveal himself claims that he dresses in the garb of the Black Fang, but is an ally and a loyal citizen of Lycia. All these apply to Harken, who suicidally infiltrated the Black Fang to kill as many members as he can as revenge for Elbert.
  • This could be confirmed — it's not shown on screen, but ROM-probing shows that the game does load Harken's portrait data for that sequence in addition to that of whichever unit is visiting the village.

Sword of Seals's Gale is the son of Blazing Sword's Heath
This might seem like a long shot, but hear me out. In Heath's nonpaired ending, he relocates to Ilia and continues fighting as a mercenary. In Sword of Seals, the reason Gale is originally denied the position of Dragon General is because he isn't a native of Bern (despite being one of Bern's "trademark" Wyvern Lords). In other words, my theory is that Gale was born in Ilia as Heath's son, and became a wyvern rider like his father, and eventually traveled to Bern and became a Knight.

The Tactician from FE7 is Harry Paget Flashman.
Think about it: he does very little actual fighting or real work, letting Lyn handle the bandits in Lyn's Tale. Despite that, he manages to come off as quite the hero, and all the records place him as indispensable to Nergal's defeat, and who knows? Maybe he really was, in the typical Flashman way. And if all the tactician-fics are any indication, he does a lot of unwarranted bragging, especially when it comes to nailing the chicks. All we need now is for some clever bastard to blackmail him into joining Eliwood's little warband, and it all fits together.

The Tactician from FE7 is one of the lost Primarchs
He was a ridiculously gifted tactician as shown by how he led a rag-tag army multiple times against superior numbers to victory with zero/minimal loss. The Emperor heard news of an army that continued to break the odds led by a mysterious tactician and he understood that he had found one of the primarchs. After Eliwood's coronation, the Tactician had to immediately leave for a reason that was never specified. The reason was that he was approached by the Emperor shortly after the defeat of Nergal and he agreed to take command of a Space Marine legion. It was mentioned that he disappeared after the events of the game and all attempts to locate him were futile. This is because the Tactician was not in Elibe (or the planet it was on for that matter), he was in another part of the galaxy fighting in the Great Crusade.

Gale from FE6 was supposed to be recruitable
Let's list some facts:
  • He was shown to be at the very least a Noble Demon and he was not a boss, which is usually a hint that said unit is recruitable (Douglas is a notable exception, though he joined the next chapter if he was still alive by the end of the chapter).
  • In the game, we could get prepromote units of almost every class. Dragon Lords are one of the exceptions, the reason is that Gale was supposed to be the Dragon Lord prepromote unit.
  • He and his units don't attack you sometimes. Of course, this could be chalked up to programming mistakes, but it might also be because he was meant to be a recruitable unit.
  • Some recruitable characters appear as an enemy with his/her own unit, and when he/she was recruited, the unit would become green (Percival, Klein, Tate). Gale appeared as a reinforcement with accompanying units, presumably the game designers might have intended Gale to be similar.
From all these factors, we can reasonably assume that the game designers originally intended Gale to be a recruitable unit, but for whatever reason, they decided to make him a mini-boss. If the game was to be remade, he might even be recruitable in the remake.

Eliwood's stats are usually bad because he's carrying the Tactician into battle.
He really IS a good warrior, but his stats are lame compared to Hector's because he has a permanent rescue penalty.
  • What would that say for Lyn and Hector's stats, though? They both carry the tactician in their stories, too... Maybe they're even better than they look? Which would mean that Lyn's speed stat is actually quite terrifying...

Erk is Niime's grandson and Hugh's cousin.
That purple hair. He's a little too old to be Canas's kid, but Canas notes having several brothers, at least one of whom was probably older. But all those brothers ended up soulless husks due to Dark/Elder magic, and given Niime's special child raising practices, it's not too strange to imagine she might have shipped him off to study under Pent.
  • For bonus crossover points, Lute from Sacred Stones is actually related to this family too.

Lalum is Oujay's sister.
In his support conversation with Wendy, Oujay mentions that he had a sister but, because of how poor his village was, female children were usually left in far-off lands to be adopted by people who can give them a better life. Lalum is adopted. This is Fire Emblem, where there are no coincidences; any character mentioned offhand will somehow become important to the plot. (Note that every last character mentioned in a support conversation in Blazing Blade that does not appear in that game does appear in Sealed Sword — Geitz's brother, Canas's mother and son, Hawkeye's daughter, etc.) Note, also, that this is a franchise with a history of adding a bunch of unexpected familial relations between its characters (most notable in Radiant Dawn, but also the whole Nino/Canas thing in Blazing Blade). It would be a unique occurrence if something like this was mentioned and it didn't refer to someone else in the game. Also, in the Lalum/Oujay conversation, Oujay seems pretty uncomfortable with Lalum's flirtatious advances and is specifically trying not to stare. There isn't much that can explain why he would be uncomfortable, but it's possible that something in his subconscious is telling him that starting a relationship with this girl would be a bad idea.

  • I propose that Lilina's his sister. I mean, Oujay mentions it with his support with her (too?), and they look alike. On the other hand, Lilina's mother is mysteriously missing. None of Hector's endings even hint at a "canon" one, and if anything, Lyn's his love interest, despite it being a doomed romance. (She wanted to go back to Sacae, Hector had to run Ostia.) Maybe Hector just adopted.
    • Lyn never mentions anything about wanting to go back to Sacae if she's paired up with either Eliwood or Hector. And even disregarding that fact, how does Lyn wanting to go back to Sacae entail to Hector/Lyn being a doomed romance? If anything, her desires to go back to Sacae could be very much like Ninian's desire to travel through the Dragon Gate once more, meaning going back to Sacae might not be as much deeply desired as we think.

A grown-up Nils will appear in future Awakening DLC
The last time we saw him, he was headed through the Dragon's Gate to a world where humans and dragons co-existed, which many have speculated to be Archanea. Having Nils around as a regular character in Awakening (as opposed to an Einherjar) would be a cool way to follow up on that and give us another view of Elibe's backstory the same way Tiki did for Archanea. Also, two words: Ice Manakete.
  • Jossed now that we've gotten Fates, so no more Awakening DLC... Unless we end up getting a direct sequel to Awakening in which he appears?

Nino is descended from Lewyn
Goes off the "Dragon's Gate leads to Archaneia" theory. Sonia says that Nino's family has been hailed as one of the strongest magic families ever. One of Lewyn's descendants stumbled into Elibe and decided to settle down there, thus beginning that same family. It would certainly explain those fantastic growths and green hair.

Jahn was supposed to be a true dragon...
But the writers realized that they hadn't made him powerful enough for it to be believable. The lack of emotion shown by Jahn and the Elder of Arcadia were likewise supposed to be how dragons acted, with Fae and the elder having learned emotion from their time with humans. But then they realized that dragons would have been living with humans before the war, so learning emotions could not have been a new phenomenon. Having realized that it made more sense for Jahn to be a delusional wardragon, they decided to take these implications and expand on them in the prequel, with other true dragons appearing and being a much more legitimate threat.

Hector's Story is the canon version.
I'm going to start this off with a gameplay story: On one playthrough of Hector's Story, I had Bartre properly trained, but Karla never appeared; conversely, I also once had her appear when I'd accidentally gotten Bartre killed off. I eventually came to the conclusion that her appearance is contingent on saving the village in Chapter 25 in which she appears and gives the party an Elysian Whip. Hence, it can be assumed that if that village isn't saved, she somehow dies in that bandit attack. Since the party never even goes to that area in Eliwood's Story, they're not around to save that village (which explains why Karla never appears in Eliwood's Story), and as such, Karla dies, which causes continuity problems because it means that she and Bartre never hook up and have Fir. Hence, Eliwood's Story cannot be canon.
  • Most people would use chapter 19xx as "proof" over one optional character. That actually changes the story a lot.
    • 19xx doesn't really change the story at all. It gives the characters more insight into the villain's motives, and the player even more insight than that, but as far as changing the story, I wouldn't even put it over 32x. On top of that, it's a hard-to-obtain optional chapter (although most of the optional chapters have fairly strong cases for canonicity); Chapter 25 is a mandatory chapter.

Legault is most likely Bi due him flirting with Heath, Matthew, Isadora, and Lloyd in the final chapter. In Hector Mode Chapter 23, the chapter where you fight Lloyd, he comments how the player has caught him looking stupid, he is most likely staring at Lloyd. He even states that he's "a bit wrapped up in some silly emotions", so he's fully aware that your party is going against the man he loves but refuses to let it out. Although the dialogue is unchanged if you're fighting Linus instead. To prove it even further, His conversation against Linus, in Cog of Destiny, ends with a "I knew this would happen. Nothing's going to change. I knew it, and yet here I am. I couldn't leave well enough alone... I'm a fool.". For Lloyd? "I'll see you again, Lloyd. With Linus...and Uhai... Even if it won't be in this world." His conversation with Lloyd in the final battle has him calling him handsome even as a zombie.

If the world were to be remade,
FE7 (Blazing Sword) will come out first followed by FE6 (Binding Sword). FE6 is then able to download the ending from FE7 and have minor alterations to its storyline accordingly. New chapter may be unlocked, too.

If a game is ever set during the Scouring, the Player Character's avatar will be Bramimond
In this game, Bramimond keeps his/her face covered with a hood, has no specific gender, and is described as a "mirror" that only reflects the personality of the one speaking to it. In other words, s/he doesn't have a defined personality. S/he was also said to be the strategist of the eight heroes. Now, who does that remind you of?
  • Alternately, the writers will tease us with this possibility and then have an unrelated character become Bramimond, while the avatar fades into obscurity (Either due to not having a Legendary Weapon to attach their legend to, or because they left the Legends' forces and faced a different climax.)

Ursula survived the events of 7...
But she ran away and turned herself into an octopus-woman who sells contracts to mermaids. And Jaffar ran away from bounty hunters by going to Agrabah. He asked Ursula to get him a talking parrot while he was at it.

Desmond somehow learned of the events of Sword of Seals.
Why else would he be so ridiculously insistent on having absolutely nothing to do with Zephiel, to the point of killing a fox that Zephiel gave as a gift to Guinevere? He saw that Zephiel would one day become the villain of FE 6, and wants to stop the events of that game before they begin. He's basically the only character ever who realises he's in a prequel, and has the potential to stop the original story from ever happening. Of course, the whole jealousy thing is a bonus, but if he knows the plot, then he knows that Guinevere's basically going to get Bern's throne eventually...
  • Maybe he's just trying to speed things along and get Guinivere on the throne even sooner? Preventing the war of FE6 is just an added bonus on top of that.