[[WMG:''ComicBook/FinalCrisis'' is the prequel to ''[[ComicBook/{{Legion Of Super-Heroes}} The Great Darkness Saga]]''.]]
This is the crushing defeat that ended with Darkseid's death, leading to his eventual resurrection in the distant future.
Confirmed! Edit: Or maybe not. Flashpoint screwed with alot of the internal continuity of DC and Darkseid either has come back or his history with DC earth was re-worked. Time will tell.

[[WMG:''ComicBook/FinalCrisis'' Never Happened.]]
The idea of the event exists, but the story itself went into the Limbo that itself told about in Superman: Beyond. The actual events never happened in universe. The Kicker, the effects made by the event, IE, Batman "Dying," The Flash returning, and the other characters who have been changed in someway, still carry on. [[ComicBook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths Like a certain other event.....]]
* That might explain how easy the cleanup apparently was.
* Confirmed by JLA's Rock of Ages arc from ten years earlier. It's stated that every time Darkseid attempts something big with the universe it causes a reboot where nothing really happened. Superman's use of the Miracle Machine and the Rock of Ages from Metron's chair at the end of FC circumvents Darkseid's resurrection. Edit: The "Rock of ages" aka the Worlogog, was not the material in Metron's chair. It was X element which is the primary component in boom tubes and used for other new god technology. Also, due to Flashpoint, it appears Darkseid has come back once again. Or his history has changed. It's too hard to tell at the moment. As for Batman? That one can't be credited to the Miracle Machine, given that Batman turned out to be Darkseid's backup plan, and this plan was confirmed to be in the works prior to the Miracle Machine being used. Darkseid told Mokkari (the apokoliptian scientist, not the Marvel guy) to save one brain dead clone of Batman from the failed cloning experiments. He said he could use it and that it would come in handy.

[[WMG: Not only is Mandrakk the original Monitor from the first ComicBook/CrisisOnInfiniteEarths, he's violently insane due to the creation of the other Monitors]]
Its heavily implied and oft-theorized that Mandrakk was the original Monitor. What changed for him that could have driven him so mad and violent? Mr. Mind's Munchies. When the 52 new universes were created, 52 new monitors were also created- but from where? ''From Mandrakk''. 52 pieces of his essence/mind/soul were torn out and expanded into separate corporeal beings, each with their own retroactive history like the world they represent. Mandrakk was driven mad by the loss of so many pieces, due either to essence loss leaving not enough mind to be sane, unimaginable pain, incredible weakness of being stretched thin leading to maddening hunger, or the multiverse's worst ever recorded case of postpartum depression.
* [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds This makes a hell of a lot of sense. Poor guy.]]

[[WMG: Darkseid lost because he found an incorrect Anti-Life Equation]]
The correct one, of course, involves ComicBook/SquirrelGirl, also known as The Anti-Life.
* Given that it is cancelled by use of Wonder Woman's Lasso of truth, that seems actually quite likely, though it, like everything else, is incredibly rushed and not explained.
** In his defence, Darkseid was dying at the time. The Anti-Life Equation was probably weakening with its user.