[[WMG: Literature/{{Ragtime}} is the sequel to Theatre/FiddlerOnTheRoof.]]
Fiddler takes place during 1905 and ends with Tevye and his family leaving for New York. Ragtime's prologue opens in 1902, but Tateh doesn't arrive until 1906. Anatevka is described as a Russian shtetl but Tateh is a Latvian immigrant... except that Latvia was part of Russia in 1905! Sometime between leaving Anatevka and arriving in New York, Golde and Shprintze die during the arduous journey, leaving just Tevye's youngest daughter Bielke. In the narration of Ragtime, non-historical characters do not get proper names, so he is simply referred to as Tateh ("Father") and Bielke is merely Little Girl. The clincher is a line in the second act, said by Baron Ashkenazi ([[spoiler:who is Tateh]]) about a potential movie script: "So, the young woman, forced into a marriage she does not want, decides to elope with the butcher she loves. Nonsense! People don't spend good money to see young women elope with butchers." This is exactly the kind of thing Tevye would say after his experience with Tzeitel and Lazar Wolf!
[[WMG: God purposely gave Tevye's horse a broken leg.]]
So Tevye would have to drag the cart everyday until he built up the strength to pull it until they got to America.
* InMysteriousWays indeed.

[[WMG:The title character is [[Creator/HPLovecraft Erich Zahn]].]]

[[WMG:The Fiddler is a JustForFun/TimeLord.]]
Because this has to be on every WMG page.

(As it happens, the actor who played the Fiddler, Tutte Lemkow, appeared in three ''Doctor Who'' stories, and was choreographer for another.)
[[WMG: [[Series/StarskyAndHutch David Starsky]] is the IdenticalGrandson of Perchik and Hodel.]]
At some point, the couple (or one of their children) managed to leave Siberia and join Hodel's family in New York, and by the 1970s, their grandchildren and great-grandchildren are fully Americanized. Young Dave joins the police force in Bay City, and the rest is television history.

[[WMG: The remaining two daughters will go [[UpToEleven even further away from tradition.]]]]
Let's see, the first goes against an arranged marriage, the second marries a dissident and the third marries a non Jew. By this pattern, the 4th and 5th daughters will be making their papa rather [[SarcasmMode giddy]] with who they pick. The 4th may marry not just marry out of her own faith, but probably her own race too, perhaps a black Muslim (it could happen if she ended up in USA)and the 5th will probably be a Lesbian, who would have trouble finding respect from even the most progressive people at the time.