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It was the events of Eric (and the end of Sourcery) that resulted in Rincewind's Immortality and temperment.
Rincewind was cast into and STUCK in the Dungeon Dimensions and then by freak accident summoned and reversed summoned through a Summoning Ritual that gave him demonic powers. Hence, his extreme Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that he is known for is first seen in this book; and the details of the summoning combined with having been Place Beyond Time when Discworld was created changed his metaphysical state.

Rincewind inherited adventuring (and running away) from his ancestor, Lavaeolus.
  • Just like Conina inherited barbarian hero instincts from her father, Rincewind got some kind of Adventurer's genes from his ancestor, who went on a journey very similar to the Odyssey.
    • All throughout his journey, Lavaeolus is just trying to get home, but he runs into many obstacles along the way. Sound familiar?

Eric returned home at the end.
  • If Rincewind ended up back in Ankh-Morpork, then Eric must have made it out safe too! Whether or not he practices demonology remains a mystery.