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The trees were affected by the the Color Out of Space
The Epileptic Trees entry is an Epileptic Tree.

The Trees dont have epilepsy. They have cancer.

The original epileptic trees really were epileptic trees that just happened to be caught on film.
The producers of Lost didn't realize until thy aired it.

All trees are epileptic.
The wind is caused by the trees shaking, not the other way around.
  • Or the wind scares the trees, causing them to go into siezures.
  • The wind is caused by trees sneezing.

There is no epileptic trees entry.
It's all a mass hallucination that occurs during the redirect from Epileptic Trees to Wild Mass Guessing.
  • No, it's caused by Instrumentality.
    • You're both wrong. It's the Illuminati.

The epileptic trees entry is All Just a Dream.
Wakey wakey!

Trees only develop epilepsy when a Time Lord is involved.
Come on, could you have resisted it?

Epileptic Trees (and indeed, most of the rest of TV Tropes) is a plot by Dr. Doofenshmirtz to distract us.
  • So that he can take over the ENTIRE TRI-STATE AREA!!!
    • So he wants to be Emperor of Connecticut?
      • Emperor Norton is going to be so upset.
      • He calls it THE DISTRACTINATOR!!!
    • Wouldn't they be called Epileptic-Tree-O-Nator and TV-Tropes-o-nator respectively?
      • Nah, not enough Exactly What It Says On The Tin.
      • But then again...
      • Isn't this fun?
      • I want to know something.

Alternately, the Sudowodo are also epileptic.
  • The sudowoodo is rabid. It shakes when you pour the watering can on it because of "the hydrophobia", and it can't die because it is Rock type instead of an animal.

The Epileptic Trees will cause Instrumentality, so Joshua Kiryuu won't erase Shibuya.
Because it makes about as much sense as everything else here. XP

There are precisely 127 Epileptic Trees.
  • Also, dreams are real, and reality is just one big dream.
    • Which is fine, seeing as everyone died a long time ago.

Epiliptic Trees run on Spiral Power

Epileptic Trees are a glitch in The Matrix

Epileptic Trees are attention seeking and only move when someone looks.

Epilectic Trees are love.
Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me. No more.

We are the Epilectic Trees.
It only makes sense. How could we know so much about them if we weren't actually them without knowing it? Epilectic Trees aren't out to take over the world... They already did.
When a tree has an Epileptic fit, they are budding giant cherries.
And they feed on pixelated blood. If you see a tree shake, jump for your life and start looking for save points.
The trees aren't epileptic, they're just cold.