WMG / Eli Stone

Eli is the original Oren Goodchild
Eli and Nathan Stone have a half-brother named Trevor Goodchild. When Trevor and Nathan cure the City-sickness which resulted in humans being sterile, establishing the Goodchild Empire, Eli changed his name to Oren Goodchild, as a mark of solidarity. The three of them clone themselves and teach their clones everything they need to know so that they can find a cure for the sterility, until Nathan's clone went crazy with power was killed, and his DNA was no longer recycled. Eventually, Oren's clone tried to kill his brother with the Monican's best agent Aeon Flux, leading to the plot of the movie of the same name.

Billy from Ally McBeal was a prototype of Eli Stone.
Unfortunately his Brain Tumour didn't work out so good as Eli's but hey, that's why he's the prototype...