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[[folder:Elliot Dunkel]]
[[WMG:Mouseygirl!Elliot's attraction to Justin will bleed through to regular!Elliot]]
{{OTP}}, y'all!
* Jossed it was regular Elliots attraction amplified.

[[WMG:Elliot is actually transgender, but hasn't realized it.]]
It's why he keeps getting spells that turn him into a girl - the magic is trying to tell him something.
* Susan does ask an interesting question [[ here]].
** However, it could just be her way of verifying that the awakening was imperfect, and emphasizing the importance of texting Ellen.
* Also significant is the fact that Ellen had no problems accepting being female, has no hints at all of gender dysphoria, and overall seems happier and better adjusted than Elliot.
* The [[ latest comic]] seems to suggest that Elliot is genderfluid.

[[WMG: Elliot's parents work at the same place as Mr. Verres. Alternatively, they're in alliance with Lord Tedd. Even more alternatively, one of them is an Immortal]]
They dismiss magic like it's no big deal. Kinda weird even for Moperville.
* If one of Elliot's parents was secretly an Immortal that would make Elliot (and by extension possibly Ellen) an elf and that would mean Elliot should have been punished for using magic so publicly since elves are forbidden to do so. The lack of punishment by itself josses that part of the theory.
* Also Elliot's parents are used to weird things going on because Elliot spends a lot of time with Tedd.

[[WMG: Elliot's PowerIncontinence is an omen of bad things to come]]
Look at the first time he woke up as something he didn't expect to wake up. That day alone an evil monkey attacked the school, and he and Ellen realized they were awakened. Mere days later, Abraham attacked the school.

Now, maybe Dan just hasn't shown us other instances of it, but the dialogue on [[ this page]] suggests that Elliot waking up with the wrong form hasn't happened outside of this and the previously mentioned incident. What have we discovered thus far in this arc? 1. Some fiery dude is attacking innocent nerds. 2. Elliot can fly.

Obviously Dan's got some other big to-do that's about to go down. I'd be watching out for any other times that Elliot's magic doesn't quite work the way he wants it to.

[[WMG: Elliot and Tedd are soulmates.]]
In a non-romantic sense in our current universe, at least. There must be a reason why they keep showing up so closely linked in some way in all the universes we've seen except for Lord Tedd's. They might not be romantically or sexually compatible, but they are meant to be best friends forever. As a corollary, this is why Ellen is confused about Tedd. Her mind keeps telling her that Tedd is the one for her, but her soul is no longer the same as Elliot's and thus is not quite as compatible with him as Elliot would be.

[[WMG: Elliots first non-transgender spell will be Trek related but combat useless]]
* Summoning Earl Grey Tea
* Shape shifting into Trek characters of either gender
* Universal Translation
* Transporting

[[WMG: Elliot will get into the other Trek Shows]]

[[WMG: Elliot will end up dating Susan and Diane simultaneously.]]

I admit, this one is pure CrackShip material, but [[ Susan's reaction to Catalina kissing Elliot]] raised the possibility in my mind ... and the sheer ''hilarity'' of it made me want to post it.

[[WMG: Elliot will gain spells involving telepathy after he gets over his girl-formations.]]

Elliott has [[ been]] [[ shown]] lucid dreaming on a number of occasions. This could be an indicator that, once he gains spells normally, he will gain spells for things like defence against hypnosis and other forms of telepathy. This could also tie in with his desire to be a heroic figure, being able to withstand mind control.

[[WMG: Elliot is going to get together with Ashley instead of Susan or Diane.]]

[[ Today's comic]] shows that Elliot's not really comfortable going out with Susan, and we know that his girly transformations were [[ a problem for Sarah]] when they were dating. Ashley is clearly [[ interested in Elliot]], which is cemented now that she [[ knows he can change gender]].
* Given that Elliot has asked Ashley out, this is becoming more likely. It's too soon to tell if it's confirmed, though.

[[WMG: Susan & Elliot will start a complicated dance of "Maybe, Maybe not"]]
this will be mainly due to them not wanting to hurt Sarah. Add the time to find the response to the question "Is he/she interested?" and it will greatly frustrate their friends over time. Finally this will be Sarah who will unlock the situation.

[[folder:Tedd Verres]]
[[WMG: Tedd and/or Nanase are part Fae (or part Chimera) from some distant ancestor(s), hence their hair color and other peculiarities.]] Nanase's family name, Kitsune, seems to indicate some connection with fox spirits specifically. The fact that Tedd ''glows'' visibly to others when he's thinking romantically about Grace has also been suggested as evidence that he isn't an ordinary human being.
* And why is Nanase's last name Kitsune when it's her mother who is so obviously Japanese?
** In several countries, Japan included, the husband can marry into the wife's family, taking the surname. Nanase and Tedd's family seems to be important enough for that to be plausible.
* And what is Tedd's favored transformation? Exactly.
** It doesn't seem relevant. Tedd's favored transformation is women. Of course, there are some cat morphs as well, but foxes are Canidae (the biological family of dogs), not Felidae (the biological family of cats).
* Kitsune are often portrayed as tricksters, which would give an explanation as to why Nanase's magic is heavily stealth-oriented.
* Well, odd hair colors have been established as being normal in the EGS-verse, but the other reasoning still applies.
** Unless odd hair colors are normal because some degree of Immortal ancestry is more common in this universe than we've been led to believe.
*** Immortal ancestry is not possible; [[ the offspring of an immortal and mortal cannot have children]].
*** That's [[ a lie immortal allow to pesist due to irresponsible parenting]]; all humans with magic affinities, wizards, seers and, most likely, magical dinasties have Immortals somewhere in their family trees. Given that both Tedd and likely-his-little-brother Van are seers, as well as the amount of power Nanase has despite her lack of proper training (just Anime Martial Arts + self-taught), there's at least one Immortal, more likely several, in the Kitsune's family tree.
* One of Tedd's defining characteristics is his androgyny. Youthful!Raven is also incredibly androgynous.

[[WMG: Mr. Verres is Tedd's Mother]]
Note that Jerry hesitates when referring to Tedd's father as a well-known entity in the supernatural community. Note that Mrs. Kitsune says "I have no sister." And then there's Mr. Verres' glasses. They could just be there to make him look businesslike or intimidating. Maybe like his son, he has extremely striking eyes. Maybe they have an Asian cast to them that would look verrry suspicious, given that Tedd's surname is the not-particularly Japanese "Verres." This might have happened long ago, so long that Tedd doesn't remember it consciously, but might explain a lot.
* Except that Mr. Verres refers to Mrs. Kitsune as his sister-in-law.
* It's more likely Jerry caught himself before mentioning Tedd's mother; she seems to be a major secret.
* Jerry could have been reffering to [[ his godfather]]

[[WMG:Tedd is a Human/Human Lesser Chimera]]
One of his parents were infertile, so they used a Uryuom egg to mix their DNA. His androgyny is caused by him being in his intermediate hybrid form (like Grace and Vlad were when they were born). It could also be part of why he has a furry fetish (he likes the concept of a hybrid person). Possible consequences would be the ability to shapeshift into a 17-year-old clone of either parent. There are two minor problems with this theory:
* The Uryuoms could sense that Grace was shapeshifted, but didn't say anything about Tedd also being shapeshifted.
** But they KNOW Tedd. So they wouldn't see any need to comment about the fact that he's a chimera, because he always has been. (Also, they probably wouldn't ever bother mentioning it to him.)
* Transformations applied to Grace using the TF gun don't "time out", and the "normal" setting on the gun doesn't do anything to her.
There are two things that could deal with either problem:
* He's a ''Lesser'' Chimera--
** The Uryuoms sensed Grace because she is a ''Greater'' Chimera, and hence more powerful/easier to detect. Also notable is that Grace was disguised as Claire, which is not her normal human form.
** We've never seen the TF gun used on a known Lesser Chimera (such as Guineas or Hedge). The "normal" setting may not do anything to them, or it may return them to their hybrid form (which is "normal" for Tedd) As for letting the time run out on a transformation, we don't actually know that Tedd has ever stayed transformed long enough to run out the clock.
* He has never shapeshifted himself naturally--
** The Uryuoms sensed Grace because she had changed into Claire just before the Uryuoms met her. They might not have been able to notice in a few hours/days/etc. Except when using the TF gun, Tedd has been in his default form for his entire life.
** As for the gun, Tedd has been in his hybrid form long enough for a minor ShapeshifterModeLock to set in, as far as the gun's "normal" setting is concerned. And again, we don't know if he would change back on his own if he has ever tried letting the time run out on a transformation.
** Take a look at [[ this...]]

If it's a case of never having shapeshifted on his own, it is possible that Tedd may actually be a Greater Chimera, and can shapeshift into anything he's turned himself into using the TF gun (but without Grace's Lespuko heritage that allows her to combine forms).

[[WMG: Tedd is the founder of [[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Celestial Being]]]]
Bear with me here, as this is more or less written up for total lulz. And perhaps to troll Gundam fans with.

There is/was a rampant fan-theory in Gundam fandom that Tiera Erde is a nanomachine-enhanced cyborg clone of Aeolia Schenberg. Tiera is an androgynous purple-haired, glasses-wearing guy who does look like Tedd in some strange way. Aeolia is just Tedd under a pseudonym to disguise the fact that he's been alive since the 1980's(?) (and hey, if you've got the haxmagic to turn yourself into a busty girl, catgirl, etc. etc.... what's keeping you from periodically 'resetting' your age?). Additionally, Aeolia's technological theories were far beyond his time, perfectly in line with the idea that he could've had alien knowledge, but not the means to mass-implement it.

Celestial Being's main purpose, as suggested by Regene and Veda-Tiera is to unite the world under a common banner, but not for warm and fuzzy reasons--but rather to better prepare humanity for the first contact with alien life. Tedd knows alien life exists and has interacted with it personally, and received technology/magic from them. Obviously the masquerade will fail sooner or later, and it'd sure be nice if humanity wasn't overrun or sent into total panic.

Also: Aliens do exist in Gundam 00. And they shapeshift.

Since being based off of the crazy shit we see in EGS, the GN Drives ''literally are magical'', and GN Particles are literal ''pixie dust'', hence they can evolve (transform) beings into higher/different states, facilitate psychic communication, teleportation, seem to favor androgynous prettyboys (Tedd is vain, after all), magically heal people (according to the sidestory manga), and turn child soldiers into badasses.

But why use giant robots? Simple, Tedd's a gigantic nerd.

tl;dr - Tiera looks like Tedd, amirite?

[[WMG: Tedd inherited his glow from his father.]]
Look closely at the last panel of [[ this]] comic.

[[WMG: Webcomic/MSFHigh's Rainer Latham is actually an Alternate Reality version of Tedd]]
Think about it. They both have purple hair, wear glasses, are {{Chivalrous Pervert}}s, have an interest in turning [[{{Genderbender}} Guys into Girls]], they're both occasionally MrExposition, etcetera, etcetera.

[[WMG: Raven caused Tedd's magical impairment]]

[[WMG: Tedd doesn't lack magical abilities, he just has magic canceling powers.]]
Tedd glows in [[ this comic]], and in [[ this one]] Grace morphs back.
* Several other things point to this theory: Tedd was diagnosed as having ''no'' magic, yet he was able to use the watches that are powered by their users' energy (something he shrugs off but doesn't really explain). Tedd is able to resist spells and can [[ dispel enchantments]] on himself. All this would be explained if he doesn't actually have any less magical talent than an ordinary person, but does have some sort of power that either dispels or masks magic. (This would be a whole different WMG, but what class of beings do we know [[ whose magic power cannot be sensed]]?)
** Fun fact: someone with aura-reading abilities tried to read George's while Tedd was standing next to him. The result was an aura strong enough to make the aura-reader react like someone had just shown a bright light into his face (we had seen him look at other auras before. They looked pretty soft, and he still seemed to think they indicated a fair bit of power)... and the way the images are laid out makes it look like Tedd is the centre of the aura, not George.

[[WMG: Tedd's "rarity" is, plain and simple, AntiMagic.]]
Not much else to say about this one, save that it's willful (consciously or subconsciously).

[[WMG: Tedd is an Immortal in his first life.]]
My main thoughts on this are that A) Tedd's magic is undetectable, the only other beings we know of with undetectable magic are Immortals, Uryuoms, Lespuko, and Seyunolu, and we are very sure that Tedd is not any of the last three. On this same note, we know that wizards' magic is detectable as Raven detected Abraham's magic, yet he can't detect his own mother's. (B) Humans and Immortals seem to have similar magic, if extremely differing in power, so it is not unfeasible that immortals can come from humans, though they must be extraordinarily powerful. And (C) the magic eating space whales, which have gone undiscovered by anyone known save Tedd, consider Tedd dangerous, and the most dangerous beings we know of are Immortals.

[[WMG:Ashley is Tedd's half-sister.]]
As we know, Noriko has other children besides Tedd. Ashley is half-Asian, apparently turned on by the concept of GenderBender, and has [[spoiler:gained a shapeshifting boyfriend]]. In other words, she's basically Tedd's DistaffCounterpart.
* Jossed. Tedd's asian heritage is strongly suggested to be Japanese via Mrs. Kitsune, and in [[ this strip]] it's mentioned that of all the many places in Asia Ashley has ancestry in, Japan is not one of them.
** Semi-Jossed. "Well, the one place in Asia I'm sure I don't have ancestry is Japan... I wanted to know if we had an excuse to visit." All that says is she was TOLD she's not from Japan, and the commentary doesn't confirm or deny anything.

[[WMG:Contrary to Tedd's worries, Mr. Verres is actually totally fine with Tedd's genderfluidity. He's just concerned about the effects of gender magic.]]
Because Tedd really deserves a break.
* Alternatively, he hasn't connected the dots and realized that Tedd is gender fluid yet. Maybe he's not educated about the topic either, maybe he just [[ADateWithRosiePalms has the wrong assumptions]].


[[folder:Sarah Brown]]
[[WMG:Sarah will learn to summon creatures]]
That could be perfect for her.

[[WMG: Sarah will become a Wizard]]
There are several reasons to suspect this:
* Wizards are different from normal spellcasters, as they [[ can learn other peoples' spells]].
* Sarah has [[ no affinity for anything specific]]. This could mean that she could become equally-strong in all areas of magic.
* Sarah's [[ dreams]] show her in the (presumably blue) hat and robe of a wizard.
* Sarah has [[ explicitly mentioned]] that she wants to be a wizard.
If I had to guess, I'd say that Sarah will one day look at one of the other characters' spellbooks, figure out a spell, and try it herself. HilarityEnsues. If the "Hair" storyline is any indication, [[ Nanase's hairstyle spell]] may just be "it."


[[folder:Justin Tolkiberry]]
[[WMG: Justin is currently dreaming, and will only fully awaken when he forgives Melissa]]
* If we look at Susan, it's made clear that an awakening can be induced by angst, so why not have an awakening induced by catharsis. We've seen since the beginning that Justin has had access to magic from his training with Anime Martial Arts. However it's only recently that it's starting to really show itself due to the stress, also recently the issue of Melissa has been brought to light more readily. It is probably that the reason Justin hasn't awakened fully is because his magic is being blocked by his hatred towards Melissa. In fact, all the anime martial artists would of probably gotten a proper awakening the moment they got over the personal problems that were holding them back; the only reason it didn't happen that way for Nanase and Elliot is because outside sources intervened before either of them resolved those problems on their own.
* It seems that Justin [[spoiler:may be awakened through outside intervention himself,]] specifically courtesy of [[spoiler:Pandora.]] Still not enough information to tell if this is {{Jossed}} yet.
** Unlikely that he's awakened. The mark is an indication that he's Dreaming. Susan had a mark since her trip to France, but only just Awakened in "Hammerchlorians."
** Officially {{Jossed}} as [[ Pandora has now said outright that she has Awakened Justin]], and his Mark has now disappeared, confirming it.

[[WMG: George has a crush on Justin.]]
* Point 1: [[ George takes an instant dislike to Elliot upon first meeting him.]] [[ This is out of character for George.]] In fact, note his exact wording:
-->'''Justin''': What the hell, George? You're not like this with my other friends.\\
'''George''': The girls are different.\\
'''Justin''': Oh, so my friends you want to ''sleep with''. ''They're'' okay.\\
'''George''': That is ''so'' not the problem.
* Point 2: [[ When George discovers Elliot is not actually Justin's boyfriend]] (as he had assumed), he is distracted to the point that he stops badgering Justin for information which [[ he had specifically said he would not stop badgering Justin for.]] He also ends the conversation abruptly and in a rather desperate fashion.
* Point 3: [[ When Justin brings up the subject of George's behaviour in their last talk]], he gets noticeably nervous and [[SureLetsGoWithThat quickly adopts Justin's suggestion of a possible explanation]].
** I'm glad I'm not the only one who's picked up on this. What amazes me is that ''Justin'' apparently ''hasn't''.
*** George isn't really Justin's type. He probably hasn't noticed it because he isn't looking for it (assuming that it's there to begin with).
** Dan actually went out and said that if you believed George's excuse then he had a bridge you might be interested in. It's not quite a confirmation of the "crush" theory, but there aren't many options for what George might be hiding.
* Point 4: [[ When George sees Justin and Luke get along well]] (in a manner that made Grace's relationship senses jiggle), he acts towards Luke much like he did towards Elliot before.
* Point 5: [[ Sarah]] certainly thinks so.

[[WMG: Followup: Grace will play Cupid with George and Justin.]]
We already know from Relations, Pt. 1 and Grace's Birthday Party that Grace is fast to pick up on attractedness -- and that she is naturally inclined towards playing Cupid. The result is obvious. And likely hilarious.

* Unlikely. Grace was more interested in hooking Justin up with Luke.

[[WMG: Melissa got a more masculine haircut and style of dress in order to appeal to Justin.]]
Notice that in the [[ the flashback from "New and Old Flames - 5"]], she has long hair and girly clothes, but in her first appearance, she has short hair and is wearing a suit.
* If that's the case, she's not doing this all the time. She's wearing a skirt and heels when she meets Cheerleadra.

[[WMG: Justin will go on a date with Elliot.]]
At some point, he'll use the TF Gun to turn into a copy of Sarah. The date will go well and Justin-as-Sarah will even kiss Elliot. He'll be content with knowing that he managed to go out with Elliot but will always be tempted to repeat it.
* Doubtful. Justin actually contemplated something similar to this during the year-long TG party, but came to the conclusion that the female self wouldn't be him.
* Justin also doesn't seem like someone who would do something so underhanded and treacherous.
** And now a Sarah disguise is entirely unfeasible.

[[WMG: Justin is the prophecied Master of Fire instead of Damien]]
In his fight with the fire-monster, it was shown that he's more powerful than he thinks he is, and after New and Old Flames, he has new powers related to fire. "A being of power, and a master of fire?"
* Uhm, no. [[WordOfGod Dan has explicitly stated]] [[ in a Q&A chapter]] that the form of a mark doesn't matter, it's the area of the body it's on that matters. While it is possible that Justin has gained some fire magic due to somebody's meddling, it doesn't mean he actually has, unless he has a natural affinity for fire or a strong desire to set things on fire.

[[WMG:At some point, Justin will end up playing with Noah's hair]]
He won't be able to help himself.
* They'd have to become pretty good friends first, and I don't see that happening.
** Considering that Justin is currently the only main character who knows that [[spoiler:Noah is the Child Left Behind,]] though, it's possible that they could become friends.
** In fact, I'd like to take this WMG a step further and tie it in with some of the theories about Noah actually being a greater chimera: This is how Justin will find out. He'll be playing with Noah's hair and suddenly be feeling two distinctly non-hair-like things in there... Noah's antennae! Not sure what will happen from there, though.
** Given that Noah doesn't seem to have hangups about "conventional" social behavior (like that's ever stopped anyone in EGS) I'd see him as being willing.

[[folder:Nanase Kitsune]]
[[WMG: Nanase's decoy/puppet/Fox spell will be an incredibly important Chekhov's Gun.]]
* Based on when this WMG was posted I'm guessing the OP meant something other than its use in Sister II.

[[WMG: Nanase has become stronger as Grace (or maybe she is stronger now?)]]
* Okay, maybe not ''[[BroughtDownToNormal right now]]'', but her new spell is as powerful as Grace's stronger form. Maybe Nanase is the stronger in the group, because she doesn't has [[UnskilledButStrong Grace's weakness]]. And yes [[spoiler:Justin seems to have convinced her to learn martial arts, but even with Grace's talent to learn fast, I don't think she will be at Elliot or Nanase's level very soon.]]
* There's no way to tell at this point; we've seen absolutely no reference for comparison to determine relative power levels.
** Not-Tengu was [[ more than the two guardian forms could handle]], but we didn't get to see if he could handle Lespuko-powered Grace.
** Remember Mr. Raven's [[ assessment]] of Grace's power. There is enough hyperbole to suggest Grace is pretty high up there.
** Grace seems to also be able to [[ increase her strength at will]]. Odds are good that she could probably bulk up if a contest of strength is called for... and remember, Lespuko claws produce poison that can slow regeneration.

[[WMG: Nanase will make Ellen Pregnant]]
An accident with the gun that makes Nanase a guy for enough time to do it: it's the most probable thing...
* It's explicit that Ellen can undo a M-F transformation (if she's in the mood to do so), it may be possible that she can do a stand-alone F-M transformation. Alternatively, Ellen has that new spell where she can mimic any person/animal that she sees, presumably a male form she could take would be "fully functional". (This admittedly isn't likely, since it would be squicky for BOTH of them)
** As of 2 March 2012, [[ maybe not squicky]] if the actual goal is having children.
*** It would also be possible for them to have children without pregnancy if they went the [[ roaisol]] route. This would most likely require Grace's help, which many may find rather squicky.
* Actually the other option (Ellen getting Nanase pregnant) seems more likely to me. As mentioned in the comic linked above it would be possible to use the TF-gun to turn one of them male and get the other pregnant. Having Ellen as the "father" is useful since it would provide a ready-made explanation for anyone outside the masquerade. Specifically they could claim that Nanase got pregnant with artificial insemination and that Elliot was the sperm donor thereby explaining why the kids have a strong family resemblance to Ellen.

[[WMG:Nanase's magic was stuck on "make hair longer" in the same way Elliot's was stuck on "make Elliot a girl"]]
[[ Nanase's hair was growing because her excess magical energy was focused on growing hair.]] [[ When she used the watch,]] she focused energy on making her hair shorter -- but because her magic was stuck making her hair ''longer'', it kept pouring in more and more energy, like a thermostat hooked up backwards, until Sarah using the shaver made her hair ''actually'' shorter. [[ Whereupon it stopped, its job complete.]]

[[WMG: Nanase and Tedd were secretly switched at birth.]]
Nanase is actually the daughter of Mr & Mrs Verres, and Tedd is the son of Mr and Mrs Kitsune. This explains why Tedd doesn't have any magic powers despite supposedly being the son of a powerful magic user, and why Nanase looks so much like her so-called aunt.
* Partly Jossed, Tedd is a Seer, a very specialized type of wizard with extremly high magic resistance explaining why his parents thought he didn't have magic powers.

[[folder:Grace Sciuridae]]
[[WMG: Grace is the prophesied Master of Fire, not Damien.]]
She is completely immune to fire, and is certainly the sort who could become Messiah.
* No one said she is "completely immune to fire". Her fur is fire retardant, making her less likely to catch on fire, but she can still get burned if exposed to constant flame. The bit about Messiah is more true, though.
* Damien WAS fire, and she mastered ''him''.

[[WMG: Grace, and therefore the TF Gun, will eventually have the forms of every main character/magic user in the series.]]
It will eventually culminate in either a [[Franchise/HarryPotter Potter-esque]] game of keepaway, or a makeout session between seven Tedds of varying gender.
* Wasn't it stated that the gun doesn't confer special powers? ex: someone TG'd into Grace wouldn't have her shapeshifting.
** They can still use the gun to turn everyone ''else'' into Tedd.
*** Most of the way there; the main cast has used Grace and the TF gun to store backup copies of their forms. (And Grace has multiple 'generic' pieces she can put together to form about anyone anyway.)

[[folder:Tiffany Susan Pompoms]]
[[WMG: Susan has a major thing for Justin/ [[CrackPairing They are going to end up with each other]], perhaps opposite genders]]
Tied in with the above, if you look at the tags, you start to notice a trend. Each tag connects the person with the specific tag to the person they love/are paired with. In panel three, you'll notice that Elliot has a 'S' tag (Sarah) while Justin has a 'E' tag (Elliot). If you look closely at Susan's, you'll see that her tag is slightly obscured by her hands, but you can kind of make out what looks to be either a 'T' or a 'J', more likely a 'J', and she's quite obviously looking at Justin's... body.
* If it's a J, it could also mean Jerry, the only other person she's allowed herself to show any kind of affection for. But, more likely, it's a joking reference to Jeremy, given how she's in Jeremy form in [[ that comic]]. FURTHERMORE ! Susan has well-known issues with sexuality in general and men in particular. Dog-Justin's tail is wagging as he looks at Elliot. It may be possible that he's showing excitement in other ways and she's staring at Justin's... "body" with fascinated horror.
* Of course, the letter means she likes ''somebody.'' In the same comic, Hedge and [[AuthorAvatar Dan]] are also wearing collars and tags, but the tags are blank.
* Add to that the events of Grace's birthday party in which M!Susan and F!Justin made out, you could draw a very strong connection between the two, only stopped by Justin's orientation, which could be dealt with if Susan decided to change gender.
* If you think back to Elliot's lucid dream sequence, you'll remember that he start's fixing problems, and mentions finding a man for Justin and a woman for Susan, and mentioning that maybe that problem could sort itself out by switching their genders. Mayhaps that's the plan?
** Susan doesn't want to be a man, and Justin doesn't want to be a woman. The odds are against that plan.

[[WMG:Susan and Raven are related in some other way]]
* Basically anything that skirts the "half-immortals can't have kids" rule, which would not rule out a relation through his mortal father's side.
* Pandora is Susan's father! I mean, come on, it's not like she can't turn into a man--she turned into Agent Wolf once, you know. Susan's--and Diane's--entire lives are part of some elaborate plot. This would make make them both elves, but perhaps they don't get pointed ears until later in life?
** Interesting thing to note - though it's gone through ArtEvolution, Susan was originally drawn with pointier ears than the other characters.
* Raven may very well have said it explicitly. "I want to be able to credibly claim that you're my niece."
* Perhaps half-immortals are like the half-elven in the Lord of the Rings, able to renounce their magical lineage and become human.
* Having an immortal mother, Raven would have a human father. Perhaps his human father had other, fully human kids, which could be one of Susans parents or grandparents (or great grandparents..we don't really know how old Raven is)
* Based on [[ recent]] [[ events]], the idea that Susan (and by extension Diane) are descended from Raven has become a lot more plausible. We know that people with innate magical power are descended from something and given Pandora's comments about accidentally lying to Raven it seems plausible that Half-Immortals are not infertile and that natural magic users are descended from them. In this context Pandora's comment that "of course they were his" would seem to imply that Raven has accidentally fathered multiple children without realizing it. Given [[ this comic]] the idea that those accidental children either were Susan and Diane or were the parent(s) of Susan and Diane seems awfully plausible.

[[WMG: Susan will learn to do the [[Anime/GaoGaiGar GOLDION!]] [[ CRUSHER!]]]]
It's a hammer, isn't it?

[[WMG: The woman Susan's father was having an affair with was ''Tedd's mother.'']]
Because there has been far too little of Susan hitting Tedd with hammers lately.
* Aw man, you beat me to it. Still, what else could turn Mrs. Kitsune against her sister?
** Tedd's mom was a wife who chose her career over the family. Mrs. Kitsune seems to be a hardcore traditionalist, and might have taken the action pretty hard.
* If that's true, the women we saw with Susan's dad would have to be japanese and possibly have purple hair.

[[WMG: Despite the disclaimer, the reveal that Susan's fairy dismissal [[ causes a massive crack of doom sound FX]] is an incredibly important Chekhov's Gun.]]
* like blowing up in a badguy's face as a distraction?

[[WMG: Susan will start dating Elliot at some point.]]
[[ These strips]] [[ have to be]] [[ foreshadowing.]] Even if they do not start dating, both Susan and Sarah will likely acknowledge that Susan is attracted to Elliot (Elliot being Elliot, he won't realize it until someone hits him with a clue hammer), and much drama will ensue.
* [[ Support for]] [[ your theory]] [[ continues to accrue]].
* [[ More hints]].
* [[ And it just keeps piling up.]]
* A bit of foreshadowing that precedes these. Elliot ''really'' [[ likes his female goth form.]] Then consider what [[ Susan's nurture psyche looks like.]]
** While the WMG is still possible, and the more detailed description has only been jossed in that both Susan ''and Elliot'' have separately recognized that there's attraction there, as things currently are both Susan and Elliot have also (also separately) given reasons why they don't feel comfortable with dating the other (at least in the current situation, and Elliot's reasons includes ''liking'' the current situation). Elliot has also been given yet another potential love interest. So: still a possible WMG, but it's looking more distant than when those links were made.
[[WMG: Susan's [[ List of Things to Avoid Accidentally Seducing Elliot]] is the result of her subconsciously thinking of ways ''to'' do exactly that.]]
* She's already picked up on Elliot's thing for Counselor Troi. Anyone want to guess what ''else'' is on that list?
* On the bright side if the above WMG comes true she can always cross off the NOT from "The List Of Things NOT To Do Around Elliot" and have what looks like at least a couple of months planned out.

[[WMG: If Susan has a magical burn out her hair will return to blond]]
Magic changed her hair from blond

[[WMG: Susan will confess her love for Elliot via an AccidentalPublicConfession or AnguishedDeclarationOfLove.]]
Susan has an...[[ interesting track record]] when it comes to [[ panicking in]] [[ unusual situations]] and [[ accidentally slipping out information]]. How much [[HilarityEnsues hilarity would have to ensue]] to make her admit her most intimate feelings?

[[WMG: Susan awoke improperly, and the only reason she hasn't built up magic is because of Nase.]]
If Susan were to stop summoning Nase for an extended amount of time, it's possible that she will begin conjuring hammers without intending to. HilarityEnsues.
* Unlikely, Jerry recognised the style as angst-induced. Unusual, but from how he treated things, all that was needed was some tranquility to avoid any undesirable lashing out.

[[WMG: Susan has issues with her height and overall appearance.]]
She wasn't exactly thrilled with her growth spurt. As seen in the Playing With Dolls NP storyline, [[ her favorite alternate form]] [[ is shorter and has more filled-out proportions]]. [[ She even sleeps in that form]], which could have unforeseen events. Also, it could be an unconscious response [[ to a certain someone who is shorter, "hipper", and is also vying for Elliot's affection...]]

[[folder:Ellen Dunkel]]
[[WMG: Ellen [[ invited Susan to come to the movie night]] because of what she read on [[ Mr. Verres's note to Tedd]].]]
Two things:

1. It's the sort of thing Elliot ''wouldn't'' do.
2. Feeling isolated from the people around her was Ellen's big problem, and being more forward about befriending people is a good solution to that.

Naturally, the positive feedback loop of Ellen being outgoing and getting good results from it is a major part in how Ellen has become a different kind of person than Elliot is.

[[WMG: Ellen has Elliot's extroverted side.]]
In early chapters, Elliot was a lot more extroverted as he's now but he started to mellow down since Ellen was born. So my theory is that, aside separating Elliot and Ellen, the diamond also separated Elliot's extroversion and introversion and Ellen got the extrovertion as her default personality.

But as the time passes by, Ellen will mellow down and Elliot will re-learn to be a little more outgoing.

* Keep in mind, however, Ellen has twice as many life experiences as Elliot, due to the magic nose beep; her CharacterDevelopment shifted due to this, making her a different person.
* While Ellen shows no signs of slowing down, Elliot is definitely loosening up; he made friends with Noah one afternoon, and [[spoiler:asked Ashley out shortly after breaking up with Sarah.]]

[[WMG: Ellen will get her own guardian form]]
And it'll either be exactly like Nanase's or change depending on who Ellen is protecting
* She was able to do so, but she did so by using the "copy" beam on Guardian Nanase, making them identical. Whether this can be repeated without another "Copy" spell is yet to be determined.

[[folder:Mr. Edward Verres]]
[[WMG: Mr. Verres has some sort of spell related to making his absurd cover-ups work]]
Such a spell would certainly be in line with his personality, fitting the magic system of the work, and, considering that EGS is not a world of stupidity, MostDefinitelyNotAVillain should not work without additional justification".

[[WMG: Tedd's father will die]]
* I think that [[ Tedd's nightmare]] is about something will happen, next [[ we see some creature talking in Uryuomoco]], i think that the grave it's for his father (who is, also, somekind of mentor to the main characters). He will die, probably in hands of a [[ Lespuko]] and his death will make Tedd surpass the MoralEventHorizon and obsessed with revenge, making him [[EvilCounterpart Lord-Tedd]], but here is the difference. Grace, knowing the pain of losing someone loved, and will [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge stop Tedd from take revenge]] and prevent him to become Lord Tedd. Here, the relation will be taken to the next level.

[[WMG: Mr Verres and The Dunkels all served in the Peace Corps]]
Three Words: [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Epic. Flip. Charts.]] Plus it would be a good start to Mr Verres government career and explain the Dunkel's adaptability: genderbending children are nothing next to bucket baths and lack of newspapers.

[[WMG: The reason Mr. Verres claims it is "disturbing" to see his son in female forms, is because it reminds him too much of his ex.]]
* Just look at Tedd in [[ all these flashbacks]] where Mr. Verres looks unhappy. He's in what you could call his "default" female form. No exaggerated proportions, nothing furry ... just the same young woman every time who simply looks a lot like her mother. And contrary to seeing a girl growing up looking like her mother, Mr. Verres was simply confronted with this from one day to the other... an adolescent girl who looked just like his ex did back in high school.
* It also explains why Ven hides behind Tedd just after he's introduced ... with all this weirdness going on at least one of them looks like his Mum.

[[WMG: The reason Chaos needs Magus]]
We know that magic is a SentientCosmicForce with certain objectives, like drama and limited access. We also know that magic will change the system when those objectives are sufficiently disrupted. If Pandora is attempting to make Raven's restrictions meaningless by making everything involve magic, she is going to have to bypass this somehow. Since different worlds almost certainly have different needs, it wouldn't be surprising if different worlds had different magic systems, and Magus has mentioned being an alchemist, which has never otherwise been mentioned in the standard universe. Perhaps Magus's diamond rebirth will cause some sort of massive inter-dimensional disturbance involving his own world's system interfering with the main world's system, in some way fundamentally altering magic's objectives and how new systems are designed. Presumably, the new system will not be based on PersonalityPowers, which means that Verres's fears of dangerous people getting the most dangerous spells will be mitigated.

[[WMG: Tara the Griffin is an alternate universe version of Terra, Magus's opponent]]
Both magic users, both have the same name. As to how this ties with the idea that Terra is a more recognizable alternate of the main cast, that's more difficult.

[[WMG: Ellen's sudden FaceHeelTurn after her creation into "Elliot's Evil Twin" was the work of Magus.]]
I don't know about anyone else, but for this troper the idea just makes it feel more believable. Originally it bugged me that she was so quick to decide that she couldn't disappear in a month if she was an [[EvilTwin evil]] OppositeSexClone instead of the incarnation of a curse, and therefore choose to be an evil twin. However, Magus was shown to have his hand in the progress of her creation from the very beginning and if she was having even the slightest hint of these feelings, he just ratcheted them up to 11.
* It wasn't that she thought she wouldn't disappear if she became an Evil Twin. She just figured she was dying anyway, so she may as well go out in style. Although Magus having a hand does seem plausible.
* It certainly fits with his ability to manipulate emotions. Maybe he figured a crazy Ellen would be more likely to zap Elliot than a sane Ellen would.

[[WMG: Magus is Nanase (from another universe)]]
Proof? I don't really have a basis for this WMG. It just seems like the kind of thing that Shive would do, given [[ that one strip when he kept complaining to Nanase]] (the irony would be staggering). Plus, there ''is'' some artistic similarity between him and Nanase's male form.
* This troper actually thought that Magus' hair looked similar to Elliots long hair when he was younger.
* Another (very very) roundabout bit of backing: Terra's name is similar to Tara, a gay MagicKnight (who happens to be a griffin). IF said Griffin has a main universe alternate, it's most likely Nanase.
* [[Jossed]]: He has ackowledged being Elliot's alternate,as well as Terra being Tedd's alt. The only remaning question is if she's aware of Lord Tedd/survived his assasination attempts.

[[WMG: Magus is the alternate of Abraham's Master.]]

[[WMG: Magus' return will involve the combination and death/possession of Ellen and Elliot]]
The reason Magus needs Ellen to zap Elliot in order to come back is that they will become completely identical, right? Perhaps doing so will reverse the effects of the Dewitchery Diamond, and Magus will somehow be able to reform the resulting body into his own.
* The only problem with that is that Elliot has transformed into Ellen-form already on at least one occasion. This Troper believes that the key will be the beam ensnaring Magus and pushing him into Elliot's body, requiring the Dewitchery Diamond to seperate them again, conveniently providing Magus with his own body.

[[WMG: Magus will become the [[SixthRanger "Ninth Ranger"]]]]
* He isn't evil, only was Pandora's Puppet. He will help to defeat Pandora, but after that will discover that he can't go back to his dimension. So, he will stay with one of the main characters until they made a way to send him back. Also, he will become Sirleck's new host.
** That would be great. Seriously. I think Magus is a nice guy.
** Too bad the main characters are unaware of his existence. The only way Magus could become even known to the main eight is through someone who can see beings on the spiritual plane maybe one of the Immortals or possibly Noah.

[[WMG: Magus' plan is to use the Dewitchery Diamond after possessing Elliot]]
If the Dewitchery Diamond solves possession the same way it does transformation, via essentially putting the magical affliction in a new body, Magus will be given a body of his own when it 'fixes' the problem. Either that or he'll put Elliot's mind in the new body and take the original, if he doesn't want to be a busty female.

[[WMG:Magus plans to impregnate Elliot and possess his baby]]

[[WMG:Magus' deal with Sirleck]]
* Sirleck [[ pretty obviously intends to pull]] a GrandTheftMe once Magus is brought into their world.


[[WMG: Susan's father was having an affair with Diane's mother...HIS EX-WIFE!]]
Susan's father married, and they have twins. they divorce and the two keep with one of the child's. Susan's father married again when Susan was TOO young remember and was raised believing that her mother was her blood-mother instead of her step-mother. Some years later, with an six years-old daughter, the marriage start to fail and Susan's father started to see his ex-wife again...the divorce comes but the step-mother obtain Susan's custody. Maybe the father is married with his ex-wife. Diane doesn't know the truth, either...or does she but Susan's step-mother reject to let them know?
* Just [[ compare them]]
** Except there is pretty much zero chance a step parent would be given primary custody under U.S. Law, unless there were some very unusual extenuating circumstances.
*** [[ she seems to have a good life]], it could go on her advantage in the judge if the real mother, and the father, doesn't seem to have enough money to maintain both childrens. Susan could testify in her step-mother's advantage to stay with her. That, or it was the blood-parents idea...
*** Susan's reaction to her father cheating could help the step mother gain custady or the parents could have choosen to respect Susans wishes.
** Note the title of that comic: "The other women (typo?) with Susan's face". This is definitely foreshadowing.
* I think the simpler explanation would be that Susan and Diane are half-sisters. Susan is the daughter of her father and the mother we've seen. Diane is the daughter of the same father, and some blonde he was cheating with (not necessarily the same woman we saw. Maybe he's just got a thing for blondes).
** Identical twin half-sisters are impossible since identical twins are produced from the same zygote (fertilized egg) that splits and forms two embryos. Of course, with magic, embryo transplants could be possible, but still, that's a pretty big stretch.

[[WMG: Diane has a BigSisterInstinct]]
Diane protect's Rhoda as she were her little sister because she has a reprimed memory of her with her sister(Susan), so, Rhoda is filling Diane's loneliness for her lost sister.
* Diane was born 10 minutes before midnight, while Susan was born 10 minutes after, making Susan the younger. It's certainly possible.

[[WMG: Susan is Diane's Dewitchery Diamond Duplicate (whoa, [[AddedAlliterativeAppeal alliteration]]). The spell separated? A memory spell.]]
Susan's father had some magical powers. When he told Susan that her mother could not hear of the mistress, he wasn't just telling her; he was casting a memory spell to make her forget. Through some unknown events, Susan touched the DD which produced Diane, upon which Magus or Chaos [[IncrediblyLamePun spirited]] her away to be adopted and raised by another family.
* Unlikely, given Reincarnated Jerry's identification of Diane as Susan's long-lost sister, but then again, Elliot and Ellen are being referred to as brother and sister, so anything is possible.
** It's been revealed that "New Jerry" has no special knowledge and simply made the same logical conclusion everyone else did.

[[WMG: Alternately, Susan is the duplicate, and the memory spell was to make her ''think'' the father was cheating.]]
This would explain why she doesn't remember anything about a diamond. It doesn't explain much else, though.
* This raises the question of why Abraham didn't come for either of them. Abraham's reaction to hearing about Ellen suggests that Ellen is the first human Dewitchery Diamond duplicate.

[[WMG: There is a spell that keeps Susan and Diane's resemblance unnoticed.]]
Similar to Ally from ''Webcomic/TheWotch'', there is a spell on Susan and/or Diane that makes people unable to notice their resemblance unless it's pointed out to them. Ellen and Grace aren't affected by it because they have a high enough [[ magic resistance]]. Hence why Nanase and Justin didn't notice it until Ellen pointed it out.
* It may be a similar one that makes the magic T-shirts worn by Immortals and other characters work.
* Given Diane's very strong insistence that she does not resemble Susan all that much even when it ''is'' pointed out to her, she either is affected by the spell more strongly than others (Susan possibly excepted -- at the point of writing, she hasn't had it pointed out to her), or for some reason or the other prefers to pretend there's no real similarity even when more than one person (at more than one time) points it out.

[[WMG: Diane is Susan from the Alpha Universe.]]
Following the above theory, she has this spell because she's an undercover agent of Lord Tedd, sent to the main universe to spy on people and she can't risk people noticing her resemblance to her dimensional counterpart.

[[WMG: Susan and Diane's mother gave them into adoption]]
* Diane is adopted and has admitted it. Susan, though, seems not.

[[WMG: Diane will genuinely fall for Elliot]]
Imagine the situation that might eventuate if the above comes to pass.
* [[ This]] page really supports the theory.
* [[ This]] page shows Diane declaring how determined she is to make Elliot hers.
* It looks like she's [[ on her way]]. Much to her own shock. Only time will tell if this is a complete confirmation.
--> "Screw the rules. I'm drinking tonight."

[[WMG: Diane will exploit her resemblance to Susan in her attempt to woo Elliot]]
Susan will rise to the challenge and FIGHT FOR HER LOVE!

[[WMG: The punch at the New Year's Eve party in "Family Tree" is spiked with something other than alcohol. Diane and Charlotte will help Nanase and Ellen crack the mystery, leading to Diane joining the crew of meddling teenagers.]]
* Logic is pretty simple on this one: [[ the punch has a weird aftertaste,]] Diane isn't drinking any of it, and [[ Diane has always enjoyed a good bit of deduction.]]
* The graphic for "Meddling Teenagers" has a strong resemblance to the logo for Series/CharliesAngels, which had three women solving mysteries.
** Charlotte's association with the "Meddling Teenagers" adds to the association, as they are now "[[ShoutOut Charlotte's Angels]]."
* The punch is [[ confirmed]], although there was alcohol, too. Not-Tengu enchanted the alcohol to produce the effect.
** Diane has not joined the "Meddling Teenagers," though. At least, not yet.

[[WMG: Susan and Diane's birth mother is the blonde woman that Susan walked in on.]]
Their father, the blonde woman and Mrs. Pompoms were in a love triangle situation where he loved them both. He ended up choosing his future wife, however, after marriage, it turned out that she's infertile. They wanted a child though, so, reluctantly, Mrs. Pompoms agreed to allow the blonde woman to be the surrogate mother.

Turns out that she had twins and was allowed to keep one, Diane. Things went hush hush and back to normal, but Mrs. Pompoms was irritated and grumpy on having to go through her rival to get a child and wasn't up for much of a sex life. So, to help his urges, Mr. Pompoms kept in touch with the blonde woman and had fun.

Unfortunately for the adults, one day Susan walked in on them...

It makes sense for this to be so. Both girls are blonde, Mrs. Pompoms isn't. Not to mention the woman's horror on seeing Susan. While being seen by a child having sex, it seemed much more scared than shocked or embarrassed. Plus, it would cause more angst for Susan which Dan likes doing.

Now Diane did saw "we're adopted." sometimes, when one is adopted and its brought up all the time, saying "we're" to not alienate the adopted one while also just coming off better for relationships. That is one option.

The other is that the blonde woman left, going far away, not wanting to be reminded of the situation. So, the two could have the same adopted MOTHER.

Another, other option is that both of the parents ran off together, leaving Diane behind. Mrs. Pompoms not wanting her.

Either way, it fits to have that woman be their biological mother.

* Keep in mind that blonde is a recessive gene; two brown-haired parents can have blond children.
** [[ Mr Verres has confirmed Susan's birth records.]]

[[WMG: Susan and Diane are Tedd's (maybe half-)sisters]]
Diane was adopted, Susan might have been for all we know, and now Not-Tengu is suggesting that Noriko has more than one child. Susan has already been stated to be the youngest of the main cast, so Tedd being named "first-born" by Not-Tengu is not inconsistent with this (though the fact that they're all in the same grade leans slightly against this.) Of course, there is the fact that both are natural blondes, and Noriko is probably not blonde, but you never know.
* Susan and Diane both have occidental eyes, while Tedd's eyes seem to be more oriental. It's possible, but not entirely likely.
** Original poster of this one, revisiting this one for Diane (I think there's enough evidence at this point to soft-Joss this for Susan). Raven has mentioned that he did something to mess up Tedd's life in the past, and he had a falling out with Edward, and now we learn that Diane is his daughter. It only serves to make Diane's blonde hair even weirder, but I think the evidence is piling up.

[[WMG: Diane will inadvertently blow Elliot's cover by encountering him while he's in his female form.]]
It's been established that [[ Elliot has developed a default female form to burn off magical energy]]. Then compare that form to [[ Ellen's appearance the last time Diane saw her.]] Diane will stumble across Elliot while he's burning magic, mistake him for Ellen, and [[HilarityEnsues hilarity will ensue.]]

[[WMG: Diane and Susan were separated at birth...]]
...but not physically. There was one healthy baby, and two parties wanted it; someone got their hand on some duplicating phlebotinum, thus creating two identical babies.

Here's the catch: it was obviously ''Diane'' who was the original, not Susan - Diane was the original baby, and Susan was created twenty minutes after her birth.

Two possible scenarios: One: someone (perhaps one whose newborn died) envied the Pompoms for being rich ''and'' lucky enough to have a healthy baby girl. This someone or someones were able to duplicate the child, but as a bit of envious meanness, took the original baby and left the copy for the Pompoms. This party eventually realized they couldn't explain having a baby appear "from nowhere" and to escape suspicion as a kidnapper, put the baby up for adoption. Two: Mrs. Pompoms was pregnant and lost her baby shortly before term; one of Mr. Pompom's lovers had a child around the same time, but he could not convince her to give it up to him. Solution? He payed for some kind of magical duplication and took the copied child home for his wife, convincing her that it was her stillborn child. Diane's mother eventually gave her up for adoption, feeling too much hostility toward Mr. Pompoms to raise her well.

[[folder:Adrian Raven]]
[[WMG: Raven had some sort of crime fighting dream team with Tedd's dad and Nanase's mom in the past]]
It sort of looked like them in the [[ photo]], Nanase's mom hated her, and he's got an awkward relationship with Tedd's dad. Alternatively, the team included Tedd's mom, who left because of something that happened while working with Raven.
[[WMG: Tedd's Mother cheated on Tedd's Father with Raven]]
It has been implied that all 3 were close, and Raven was seen consoling Tedd's mom instead of Tedd's Father. Adrian seems to have some form of guilt over Tedd's life, and making his mother leave by being the party she cheated on Tedd's Father with would certainly do it. It would also explain why Tedd's Father has such and awkward relationship with Adrian.
[[WMG: Raven is Tedd's actual father]]
Jerry called Edward "Tedd's... Father". That ellipsis shows Jerry may well not think Edward is Tedd's father or know he isn't. Raven clearly really got around, seems to be [[spoiler: Susan's father]] that cheats and so on and has claimed that he most definitely was the reason for Tedd's mother breaking up with Edward.

[[WMG: Archie is a duplicate of Noah.]]
Noah's been appearing in the comic for quite a while now, and Nanase says he's one of Mr. Raven's favorites. Dan's obviously planning something special with him. Could this be it? So far, any recurring character in Second Life has come from elsewhere in the comic, except Archie. Now let's see: Like Noah, he's about the same age as "Ellen" and "Tedd". He's got long blond hair - and those antenna out the back of his head? Hmm, doesn't Noah have a ponytail? Granted, they've got different personalities, but so do Elliot and Ellen. Plausible?
* I thought this was what we were meant to assume. Note that they both have really weird eyes. As well, we know that there's something mystic going on with Noah--based on Raven's favoritism, most likely a form of magic. This was translated as Archie being a chimera. Anyway, the resemblance is strong enough that they likely correspond.
* Dan has hinted Noah's signifigance with a lot of other things too, so Archie would just be another part of that.
* Another point of commonality is that it is strongly implied that they are the only two male non-virgins. Archie explicitly, and Noah [[ strongly suggested]].

[[WMG:Noah is also a greater Chimera. He's just good at hiding it.]]
* This kind of fits with the theory that Noah is this universe's version of Archie.
** He has hair tails [[ that move]]; we might have a confirmed here.
*** The hair moving might just be a sign that he turned his head.
** Raven's reaction to Grace all but directly confirms it.
*** Not necessarily. Remember, she avenged his parents, and the realization of her part in the matter, especially after learning about her normal behavior, could have been something of a shock.

[[WMG: Noah will eventually become part of the "circle."]]
* There's some pretty strong {{Foreshadowing}} when Mr. Verres tells Justin to "Keep the circle at eight." Now it turns out that Noah has magical powers and is being trained under Raven. Noah also knows about ASMA, and about Shade Tail/Grace. Conditions are too strong for it not to happen.
** [[WhatHappenedToTheMouse He and Elliot still haven't gotten their TV stands]]. In the car together on the way to [[BlandNameProduct Swedekea]] is the ideal place for Elliot to let Noah in on things and for Noah to share some of his BackStory.
*** ...[[ they picked up the TV stands before the first basketball game.]]

[[WMG: Noah is the prince-in-exile of some sort of magical kingdom]]
Hence why he would think he has the authority to knight people. The kingdom was destroyed, and he's of the opinion that, if not for the {{Masquerade}}, his parents would have been able to get aid from the regular countries.

[[WMG: Noah is a male-to-female {{Transsexual}}.]]
Noah looks like a girl, dresses like a girl, and if this troper isn't mistaken, seems to act like a girl in general. Maybe Noah was about to come out to Justin before [[ this happened.]]
* Probably not. Moreover Dan's not going to go into someone being seriously Trans beyond the extent that Ellen is, mostly because transformation isn't a huge deal in the comic anymore, and gender is so fluid it pretty much doesn't exist for some characters (most notably Elliot).
* Furthermore, what Noah wanted to ask Justin questions, not tell him something, as we saw during his conversation with Raven. It probably has something to do with magic, considering that Raven is the one who wants Noah to talk to him.

[[WMG: Noah and Magus are the same person]]
Chaos' description of Magus seems to also fit Noah's alter ego, the Child Left Behind. I think it's been mentioned Magus was blonde haired in his physical form, like Noah. And they're not necessarily alternates; they were "split" somehow when whoever they were previously was sent to the Gooniverse(I just made that name up as I don't know the preferred term; correct it at your convenience).

[[WMG: Noah and Grace are siblings.]]
If Noah really is a Greater Chimera and is The Child Left Behind, he is a Greater Chimera that lost his parents to Damien. Damien killed just about everyone in the lab that created Grace and her siblings before stealing them, including the Uryuom parent they all share, but perhaps there was one child left behind?

[[WMG: Noah can jump between dimensions/planes.]]
He already appears to be able to see beings on different planes. His apparent ability to teleport short distances may just be him jumping into a different plane when nobody's looking, and then jumping back in a different spot.
* Additionally, he seems to be quite familiar with one 'Shade Tail' to the point where he automatically referred to her as [[ "Mistress, ma'am"]]. To top it off, he seems to have a memory of a [[ quite different]] version of Grace. This is different from Lord Tedd's 'Shade Tail' who is male. Also, note the bloody sword. I can't imagine the Grace we know using a deadly weapon like that.

[[WMG: Followup: Justin and Noah will and up together.]]
Because every other guy in the series appears to be straight.
* Unlikely; Justin wasn't attracted to Tedd due to his feminine appearance. He's attracted to masculinity.

[[WMG: Noah and Tedd are brothers]]
Considering the fact that Dan has stated that Tedd has a brother. It would make sense for that brother to be Noah. They are both Androgynous and they are the only male characters we know that do not have a mother present. Furthermore they both became fast friends with Elliot, something we are told is quite rare. Maybe the reason for this is because Elliot was reminded of Tedd. Also, Tedd's mother has a known relationship with Mr. Raven, who is Noah's current guardian. Furthermore, it has been hinted that Tedd's Mom is quite shady, so it would make sense for her to be involved with project chimera.
* Possible, but not likely. Tedd's eyes have an oriental look to them, while Noah is all-occidental.


[[folder:Pandora Chaos Raven]]
[[WMG: Chaos is the one that killed the original Grace]]
* She seems to be a real ChessMaster, even with her habit to be a little too [[ChaoticNeutral Chao]][[ChaoticEvil tic]]. She could made the scenario to make Grace's [[TangledFamilyTree "Grandfather"]] to use her death daughter's DNA and ruin the project, making it seem like a "car accident" and it was so well made that even Mr. Verres thought that it was an accident. She also has used Magus power to convince Grace to go to Tedd's house to make both of them fall in love. The reason isn't clear yet, but it could be to make her pregnant and steal the baby to raise him/her as TheAntichrist, or it is relati with Lord Tedd.
** Or just to stop Tedd from becoming powerful enough to interfere with her plans.

[[WMG: Chaos is not going to destroy the world.]]
She's going to threaten it, probably kill a lot of people, but this is just to give her boy the chance to fight and make a difference. He can't get involved unless magic is involved or people's lives are at stake. She's magic and going to put a lot of people at risk. This seems overkill, but she's a powerful [[TheFairFolk Fey]], so it's not like she needs much motivation.
* So far her horrifying actions are limited to [[ giggling in a sinister way and trying to drive a bunch of students and TV crew crazy]].
** Oh, man. She's gonna make us all ''so'' bewildered.
** Um, going YouHaveFailedMe on Magus when he refused to kill Abraham and evidently leaving him stranded somewhere? Offering to "destroy the world and make it anew"? Almost getting a few people killed with her fire-things and dragon? None of those seem exactly horrifying?
** It's possible she is pumping magic into the world through her "empowered" pawns. As the magic level rises, the chances are better that her son will be more free to act in a world gone crazy with magic... and in the meantime, she gets her entertainment.
*** It's exactly what she was doing. Besides, she likes the world to keep existing, it's where some of her favourite toys are. Like Tedd, Grace, and Elliot.

[[WMG: Chaos is working with Arthur]]
Chaos is trying to break the {{Masquerade}} and Arthur announced on national TV that magic is real. Also Arthur mentions that [[ "The occasional casualty will not disrupt our long term objectives"]]
* Whoever made this may be onto something here, I was going through the New and Old Flames arc and [[ found something that implied that Arthur knows about her scheme]]. Go to panel 4 and read what Arthur says carefully and consider what happened to Dex, Justin and Rhoda. You may now say Holy $#!+.
* Arthur is attempting to conceal the availability of magic; he may be [[XanatosSpeedChess sacrificing a pawn]] (the knowledge of Magic's reality) in order to protect the higher-level pieces (keep the buttons for the nukes away from the general population) from Pandora's IndyPloy.

[[WMG: Pandora is the one that sabotaged Magus]]
* Of all the Magus in existence, only one, and only one appear to have been trapped, and Pandora seems to know a lot about how help him. So, she trapped Magus in immortal's dimension and make him think that was his "friend" who sabotage him.
** This one's extremely likely, given her "an egg fell from his nest" speech a short while later. She probably needed someone like him, so she arranged his teleport accident.

[[WMG: Pandora is going to survive the comic and achieve some kind of happy ending]]
It just won't be the one she expects.
* But...that's the only kind she could have!
* If do not take into account survival of her personality, she may go through rebirth.

[[WMG: Pandora is trying to prepare this universe against Lord Tedd's plans]]
Look this way. If our world is like GTA, the Lord Tedd's universe can be like GTA San Andreas or ''Franchise/DevilMayCry'' or Fable or...whatever. As she had Watching Lord Tedd's universe, she thinks that she ''needs'' to do something... but as she can't act ''directly'', she is training the main characters by the use of a XanatosSpeedChess.
* Or... you know... she's overdue for a death. She's explicitly mentioned being bored and wishing for entertainment.

[[WMG: Pandora stole/bought the last TV stand (during the "Elliot Dunkel and the TOSF mini-arc).]]
It's [[CrazyEnoughToWork crazy enough to be something she might do]], and if either Elliot or Noah had gotten it, they might have just gone their separate ways. As it is, her insidious schemes to, um... make them friends... can advance! (This is not the most serious of {{WMG}}s, to be perfectly honest.)

[[WMG: Pandora is masquerading as students who didn't exist before.]]
To provide possible evidence, I provide [[ this comic,]] which involves a character that has never appeared before as a friend to a person we've barely spent more than a few pages on. And Dan implies both that [[ChekhovsGunman this isn't the last we'll see of her,]] and that [[RealityWarper she willed herself into existence.]] I'm not saying Matt is so awkward a guy he could only be friends with a crazy, snarky Immortal who is capable of assuming any number of forms at will, I'm just saying it's possible. This would also explain why there seems to be a number of background characters (normally students) who randomly appear and vanish; Pandora's been busy.

[[WMG: Pandora is responsible for the creation of Lord Tedd.]]
Sure, it might be reaching, but compare the empowering necklace [[ here]] and to the necklace worn [[ here]] and factor in ArtEvolution. It is also the only time we see him not wearing a cape with overhang that would cover the necklace. Also, it would tie in to what Pandora is currently doing in the main universe; creating a situation where Raven can fight and interact with society without holding back (in this case, as the hero fighting the evil overlord).

[[WMG: Pandora is trying to build a team of Super Heroes]]
Why? It's a really effective way to reveal the existence of magic to the world! Especially considering how flashy super-hero battles seem to be. We also know that she's marked several people to give them magic, and [[ at least some of them have gotten together, and are trying to find more.]] What's more, they think of themselves as having [[ super-powers.]] We've already seen flashy battles, and Elliot has a superhero-themed power. Pandora has little value for the lives of others, never mind property damage. [[ Verres even points out that]] if magic become more common, more people with [[ ill intentions]] who would have been harmless otherwise might use it to become legitimate threats. It's entirely possible that Pandora plans to create a superhero team as a tool to reveal magic to the world.

[[WMG: Pandora is going to do a HeelFaceTurn soon.]]
...assuming she isn't outright GoodAllAlong already. Early parts of Sister III arc reveal some suprising facts about Pandora. Her true motiff turns out to be JUST making magic available for everyone, which would [[ "make the world a better place for her son to live in"]]. Additionally, she is violently protective of her family, and as it turns out, she considers Tedd and Grace members of her family (the former she calls her "grand godson", the latter she described as "practically married" to the former). It also appears that target of her protectivness extends to Tedd's friends. And how - [[ learning of Elliot getting attacked by the griffin knight as a result of machinations of another immortal is enough to trigger her]] BerserkButton. All of these facts scream that she is an ally to the main cast. Of course, she's still very not-so-sane, but her actions are more along the vein of NotEvilJustMisunderstood than straight villainy.


[[folder:Lord Tedd]]
[[WMG: Tedd's dream foreshadows that Tedd's mother sent Lord Tedd over the edge/Tedd will become Lord Tedd]]
Firstly, observe Tedd's dream at the end of Painted Black. In the first comic, Tedd (apparently a child now) sees a grave. Between this and the second comic, Tedd undergoes a swift transformation into a being very similar to Lord Tedd. As for the part about Tedd's mother; it is possible that the grave shown is, in fact, the grave of Lord Tedd's mother - if the second theory is incorrect, this means that while our Tedd handled it pretty well, Lord Tedd lost his marbles when he heard of this, using what seems to be Uryuom technology to strike down... ''something''.
* The alternate version of Not-Tengu, perhaps? Assuming he was still after Noriko in the Alpha Universe.

As for the second part, the ominous words in the strip, when translated, reads; "Death. It Is Time For The End Of Man. This Master of Fire Shall Inherit The Earth. My Very Presence Eatyc Awai(a?) At Your Flesh". Now, "eatyc awaia" aren't words. I have come up with two ideas about what they could mean; awaia is a typo of "awaits"; this doesn't allow "eatyc" to mean anything. If this is true, it becomes "Death. It Is Time For The End Of Man. This Master of Fire Shall Inherit The Earth. My Very Presence Awaits At Your Flesh." If we assume "my very presence" to be Lord Tedd's, the pieces fall into place. The other idea is that "eatyc awaia" means "eats away", which would be guilt... but that's a slightly different theory.
* I always assumed it was "eats away", and since it does say "flesh", that implies literalism more than a spiritual metaphor. (I thought it had something to do with Damien's fire power before realizing it was supposed to be Lord Tedd and not some defeated/otherworldly version of Damien.)
** Eatyc is probably an undocumented cluster rule issue, while awai may be a typo.

[[WMG: Damien had something to do with Lord Tedd]]
Using the above quote from the translated text in Tedd's dream; "Death. It Is Time For The End Of Man. This Master of Fire Shall Inherit The Earth. My Very Presence Eatyc Awai(a?) At Your Flesh". In-comic, it is established that Damien is this "master of fire" or some such; perhaps Damien conquered Lord Tedd's Earth and Lord Tedd is attempting to take it back or some such. The idea of "my very presence" meaning Damien's, means that if "eatyc awaia" means "eats away", Lord Tedd might be some form of Tedd/Damien hybrid or some such.

Alternately, Damien might have killed the male or female doppelganger of Elliot in Lord Tedd's world. Think back to how Tedd reacted [[ here]] and [[ here]] and imagine what Damien's killing of his best friend (or lover) would have done to him, particularly if he blamed his kindness and non-combatant status for that loss.
* Sounds likely. I'd think Damien was already dead, though, considering General Shade Tail is around and apparently kicking ass (especially likely if "Lord Tedd" isn't an empty title).
* Sounds ''very'' likely. Let's assume that Damion pulled the same thing in the Lord Tedd 'verse and wiped out the chimera project when Shadetail was still a small child, then took Shadetail under his wing. Shadetail, in that universe an aggressive young man, is influenced by Damion's AGodAmI attitude, and takes after him, becoming a CardCarryingVillain. Then he takes a KlingonPromotion, and we've got a BigBad much worse than Damien on our hands. That meshes fine with the Lord Tedd theory, assuming that Damion got to Tedd through Tedd's father's work spying on the chimera project, and he breaks Lord Tedd before Shadetail kills Damien and moves into his position. As it's been established that Shadetail may be pulling Lord Tedd's strings.
** Alternately, Shadetail didn't take the KlingonPromotion, and there's another level to the intrigue surrounding Lord Tedd, or the Damien/Tedd hybrid theory is correct.
* Maybe Damien conquered the world and Lord Tedd took it over from him?
** World or not, it seems they are or (more likely) were enemies in something like a chimera civil war -- maybe Lord Tedd ''is'' an EvilOverlord, but when compared with Damien, well... even before [[MoralityPet Nioi's]] influence.
Perhaps it's worth considering that in Tedd's dream in sleepy time, when he has become Lord Tedd and kills what is attacking him, a silhouette strongly resembling General Shade Tail can be seen watching. Perhaps killing Damian, or whatever that thing was, was one of the first steps in Lord Tedd's devolution into evil, or at the very least the start of Shade Tail's control over him.

[[WMG: Lord Tedd is the Damien of his universe.]]
Based on the guess that Tedd is part Uryuom egg (or even without that, if Lord Tedd's parents were simply press-ganged into the project) and he or his shade referring to what is most likely himself as "''this'' Master of Fire". The Damien proj ect simply took place with a different primary genetic source, so the Shade Tail project may have been affected (or undone) by this in any one of many ways. The Elliot of Lord Tedd's universe may have been killed (or at least driven away) by his PowerIncontinence, and Tedd's glowing may be a result of EGS Tedd being part of a similar but separate project, or the walls of the worlds thinning.

[[WMG: Lord Tedd shares a similar second life like Ellen.]]
Lord Tedd may be having similar second life dreams to live out with someone similar to the friend he lost, because any Elliot/Ellen will do, which may result in some sort of story arc where he kidnaps Ellen/Elliot (Though more likely Ellen, since Elliot's been kidnapped already).
* Alternatively - he shared THE SAME second life - this little Tedd that had a crush on Ellen was him.
** Supported by the fact that Alternate!Tedd shares Lord Tedd's hairstyle.
* Second alternate: Lord Tedd is an aged-up and buff duplicate of the original Alpha Tedd, getting his soul aged by Nioi. Beta Tedd hasn't figured this out yet, and Nioi decided that Ellen would likely react badly if she found out.

[[WMG: Relating to the above, Lord Tedd's FreudianExcuse ties into his connection with Alternate!Ellen, and Ellen's implanted dreams are in fact Nioi's secret insurgent weapon]]
Lord Tedd harbored a deep attraction to Alternate!Ellen from an early age, as, among other things, Ellen assisted him in developing some self-respect. At some point Ellen did something (or something happened to her) that drove him over the edge, seeking out the power necessary to "weed out the weak Tedds" (how that ties into Ellen's whateveritis we'll have to find out later). His quest for Universal dominance/killing "weak" Tedds drives Nioi from his stronghold, seeking a way to destroy him. Having somehow found out about Tedd's feelings of weakness about Ellen (which perhaps ties into the creation of Kaoli), she leaves for the standard EGS-verse to find an appropriate Ellen-host to accumulate the necessary memories to strike down Lord Tedd when he arrives and assist Kaoli's development- two birds with one stone. When it comes time to fight Lord Tedd, he will be defeated by Ellen. With a kickball and hugs.

[[WMG: Again tying into the above, Nioi is lying; Kaoli's creation is intentional]]
Similar to Ellen, Kaoli is her backup weapon, having played an (admittedly lesser) part in Tedds life, and thus knowing his emotional "sweet spots". We never see her depart the alternate universe, which may mean that Nioi left her there so she could see Lord Tedd's development in Alternate!Tedd.

[[WMG: Lord Tedd's Ultimate Goal]]
As stated somewhere above, the Goo creature's statement of "kill weak Tedd" can be interpreted as "Kill Tedds that are too weak", not necessarily "Kill all other Tedds because they are inferior to Lord Tedd". Perhaps in the hopes of "atoning" for his inability to save his own Ellen, he has sought out the other Tedds to test them and strengthen them so that they may defend their respective Elliots/Ellens. Perhaps eventually Lord Tedd performs a HeelFaceTurn and becomes a (admittedly traumatized and morally ambiguous) mentor figure for the cast?
* Alternatively, the "kill weak Tedd" could be due to Lord Tedd wanting to prevent any other Tedds from becoming another Lord Tedd. If he is trying to stop something from happening to Ellen/Elliot, it's possible Lord Tedd directly caused it to happen, and wants to make sure he's not around to cause it in any other universe.

[[WMG: Lord Tedd's Gauntlet is derived from the TF Gun technology]]
They share some design elements when Lord Tedd's in his "creepy" form: the color scheme and "twisty-dial" are awfully similar. Considering it's owner, it probably has [[BodyHorror considerably uglier effects]].

[[WMG: Lord Tedd's origin.]]
Jumping on the "Lord Tedd" ball, specifically the one about Kaoli, Tedd's dream in the above-linked-to panel shows that something put Lord Tedd in a childlike state and drove him over the edge. I have written a purely-WMG explanation below for why it might be Ellen's grave, which may turn out to be several [=WMGs=] in one.

Okay, let's say Damien and the rest of the QuirkyMinibossSquad converged on Moperville, and took it over with Shade Tail's help. Ellen and Tedd realized they had to stop him, so they organized a resistance-which failed horribly, and succeeded only because Shade Tail turned traitor because he wanted the power for himself. Somewhere along the way, Tedd lost an arm and made a replacement out of the TF gun. Ellen and Tedd eventually got close enough to Damien to kill him, but lost Ellen in the process, causing a major stress-induced awakening in Tedd that drove him insane and killed Damien. The now deranged Tedd became Lord Tedd, and gained immense power over his world, to the point that he could refer to Shade Tail, his now-subordinate, as "General." He created Nioi because he was lonely, and Nioi-after seeing, somehow, what Lord Tedd could become if Shade Tail corrupted him further, noticed her clone Kaoli (or she created her intentionally, see WMG on Kaoli's creation above) and used magic to catapult her into the past, at the same time planning to plant memories of Kaoli and Alternate!Ellen and Tedd in Ellen's head as a weapon to use against Lord Tedd if he became ''too'' corrupted and tried to attack the EGS-verse, or any other universes.

As for why he sent the Goo, I think he has a ''Anime/{{Noein}}''-ish motive-he was was convinced by Nioi to eliminate the suffering of the other Tedds by sending monsters to strengthen them or give them allies to fall back on in case something threatened to make them like Lord Tedd. I know it's a lot of [[XanatosSpeedChess Xanatos Hyperspeed Chess]] I'm expecting of Nioi, but what do we really know about her?

As for the thing in Tedd's dream, I have no clue. Maybe it's an ally of Pandora?

On that note, there's a lot of [=WMGs=] about Tedd.

[[WMG: Nioi is from a different point in the timeline as the Lord Tedd we saw]]
Where and when she comes from, Lord Tedd hasn't completed his transformation into the man willing to kill all other Tedds. Something happens after her adventures that makes him go into evil full-time.
* And she gets killed in the course of these adventures, leading to Lord Tedd's breakdown and change of heart.
* Alternately, she's from ''after he pulls a HeelFaceTurn''. She knows he's not that bad because she's ''seen'' the good in him, even after he became Lord Tedd. She contacted the main cast to let them know that he could be redeemed, so when they finally meet him, DefeatMeansFriendship will happen instead of KarmicDeath. StableTimeLoop!
* Since [[ time travel doesn't exist in the EGS multiverse but visiting time displaced dimensions is possible]] there are implications for this WMG. If Nioi is from before Lord Tedd's transformation then she came from an Alpha-like Universe which is "behind" the one whose Lord Tedd sent the Goo. If Lord Tedd pulled a HeelFaceTurn prior to Nioi arrival then either that happened between the second Goo fight and Nioi's arrival (which was about a month) or he did so in a different Alpha-like Universe which is "ahead" of the main universe. The specifics of when or if Lord Tedd's HeelFaceTurn took place determines if it is possible for Nioi to be actually from the same universe as the one whose Lord Tedd sent the Goo.

[[WMG: The grave shown in Tedd's dream is that of the Alpha universe equivalent of Elliot/Ellen.]] This has been suggested to be what drove Lord Tedd over the edge.
* Hmm... Made more likely by the fact that every Tedd we've seen but Lord Tedd has had an Elliot close at hand. Three out of five Tedds have had crushes on their Elliots, and two out of those three have ended up in romantic relationships with their Elliots. Could have been foreshadowed by Beta Tedd bringing up the subject of Elliot's alternate, especially if the thread directly below turns out to be right, and Beta is evil. Elliot does seem to be a strong common Tedd factor that Lord Tedd is missing.
** Dan [[WordOfGod has also said]] that most of the time, Elliot and Tedd end up together in universes where they are compatible.
** Alpha Shadetail may have killed Alpha Elliot/Ellen, as with Damien and (plausibly) Dr Sciuridae, making the only difference "Grace [Sr] didn't die".

[[WMG: The Goo was not really meant to kill 'weak Tedd' but was a test of ability.]] Or alternately, was only one part of some long-term plan of Lord Tedd's. Dan has specifically stated that none of the alternate Goos succeeded in their mission to kill the Tedds. Perhaps they never were meant to kill them at all? This would fit with Nioi's claim that Lord Tedd has been misunderstood by the others.
* In fast, "kill weak Tedd" can easily be translated as "kill Tedd if he's weak", and the fact all Tedds survived just means that none are.
** Of course, it's also possible that beta Tedd is either part of the test or just plain wrong.
*** This tropers theory is that BETA is evil, and LT isn't. All LT info that says he's bad comes from Beta, so how can we trust him?
*** Grace found a still of Beta Tedd unaccountably creepy.
*** Um... no she didn't. She found the still of ''Lord'' Tedd creepy.
** Alternatively, given that we've seen that Ted has begun to construct his own sinister gauntlet, 'Kill weak Tedd' may not mean a test: the dangerous threat the goo poses is meant to [[StartOfDarkness start]] the 'weak' Tedds on the path to becoming 'strong' like Lord Tedd sees himself.
* Or that the secondary form of the goos is meant to control the Tedds. It would explain the "High powered squishable" form. And an army of TheVirus controlled wacky mad scientists is nothing to sneeze at.
* Maybe Lord Tedd just wants to make sure that all his alternate counterparts will be strong enough to stop whatever happened in his universe.
** ...that is, Damien?
* That would also explain the whole "prepared set of curse words" thing. The Goo didn't need to feel anger, but to make it seem like a threat, it would have to appear as pretty obviously dangerous. Since the Goo was semi-sentient (as evidenced by the fact that it could hold a discussion on logic with Ellen), it couldn't just be ''programed'' to swear--it had to be ''taught'' to swear, and ''pretend'' to be dangerous. Yes, I understand that it was comic relief. However, that arc happened in the transition phase where EGS was only half taking itself seriously, and it's not the first time Dan's made a {{Retcon}} to develop a one-off joke and/or complexify a backstory.

[[WMG: Beta Tedd is the one trying to kill all the Tedds, not Lord Tedd]]
Nioi already said that we don't know what we think we know about Lord Tedd, and Beta Tedd so far is the only one who has mentioned Lord Tedd wanting to kill Tedd. Sounds like a classic case of the villain trying to pin crimes on a hero.
* [[NightmareFuel Still, that one picture...]]
* Another possibility- [[ its Grace's]] [[ fault]]

[[WMG: Lord Tedd's glove/gauntlet thingy is his dimension's Damien]]
In the Alpha universe, rather than trying to create a god to fulfill the prophesy, the scientists created a symbiotic device/artifact, much like the Zanaffar Armor from ''{{LightNovel/Slayers}}'', meant to produce the same kind of powers the god was supposed to have. However the Damien Gauntlet project was a failure in that it would slowly drive whoever wore one increasingly monstrous and psychotic. When Nioi goes to the main dimension she isn't referring to General Shade Tail when she thinks "He's corrupting you," but Damien, and she wants to find info on other dimensions' Shade Tails so she can try to figure out a way to destroy the Damien Gauntlet without severely injuring or killing Lord Tedd while General Shade Tail is willing to just kill him should it come to that. As for how Lord Tedd got a Damien Gauntlet, he was able to use his father's connections to either locate one or create his own to fight off somebody else who had already succumbed to their Gauntlet, explaining the dream Tedd has where he sees Lord Tedd blasting a demonic figure.

[[WMG:Lord Tedd=Lady Tess?]]
The Alpha universe is the AF04 universe. Tess is a mad scientist, but studies dimensions rather than transformations. After Elliot died in a lab accident, she started thinking "this is all my fault... if he hadn't been here, this wouldn't have happened!" and Awakened, transforming into the first form she could think of that wouldn't have been with Elliot. The gauntlet is for defense against [[EldritchAbomination Things That Should Not Be]] from between the worlds, and the goo monsters were to warn the other Tedds against messing with dimensions.

[[WMG: Lord Tedd will try to kill/has killed Terra]]
If the theory of Terra being Another AU version of Tedd and Lord Tedd it can be possible.

[[WMG: There's more than one Lord Tedd]]
* Nioi's Lord Tedd is not the same Lord Tedd who's menaced the cast from afar. She's unaware of this, which is why she thinks they're misunderstanding her kindly Lord.
** There could (of course) be more than one Lord Tedd even if the only one we've seen so far has been Nioi's Lord Tedd. Our Tedd had a nightmare about turning into Lord Tedd, so the potential is probably there for every Tedd to turn into a Lord Tedd.

[[WMG: There are TWO Lord Tedds]]
Just [[ compare]] [[ them]] they are TOO different to be only art evolution...or a change of personality.
* Seems plausible to me. The other is less bulky, more androgynous, and the more evil one doesn't appear to be wearing the necklace/pendant the the nicer Lord Tedd is.
** This would also imply that there are two General Shade Tails.
*** But, maybe, just ONE [[MoralityPet Nioi]]...

[[WMG: The alternate Tedd Ellen met in her dreams is Lord Tedd]]
* She says he "started out shorter and grew up taller" than our Tedd, which is in keeping with Tedd's dream with the gravestone- he starts by wondering "why am I so short?" and then turns into Lord Tedd. This, of course, implies that either Lord Tedd is a product of the diamond, or that a copy of him was made at some point, which Nioi "nose beeped" into the dream-world with Ellen and Kaoli.
** Using only confirmed info, Second-Life Tedd can't be Lord Tedd since Lord Tedd is Nioi's master and Second-Life Tedd was part of a universe in which Kaoli existed in place of Nioi. That is not to say that Lord Tedd didn't have a youth that was similar to Second-Life Tedd's, only that they can't be the exact same person. However, If one assumes there are two Lord Tedd's it brings up the possibility that the evil-looking Lord Tedd had Kaoli as his servant while the kind-looking one had Nioi and thus evil-looking Lord Tedd would be the same person as Second-Life Tedd in that case.

[[WMG: Lord Tedd has an entire army...WITH THE [[EvilCounterpart EVIL COUNTERPARTS]]OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS AS HIS ELITE!]]
* Why? well, first of all, we have Grace's [[EvilCounterpart Evil]], [[EvilIsSexy Hot]] and [[ male]] counterpart as his general. Later, we have the alternate Tedd with Ellen as his girlfriend. So, in some points, these universe are pretty similar in some points, in others, they are pretty different, Specially in Tedd's friends, and maybe, Lord Tedd's universe is, except for Ellen's existence and Nioi, pretty similar to the hero's universe. Now, in some point Tedd's started to become evil [[ but not heartless]] so, I don't think that he has killed his friends. I think that maybe, they become part of his army(you can't being called "lord" without one) and they are pretty much powerful(and a little different) that the main characters. If we think that Nioi is Ellen's [[EvilCounterpart Evil]][[NecessarilyEvil Counterpart]] then there will be some other. And i think that they are the opposite, like:
** Alpha universe's Elliot = more wild and less mature.
** Alpha universe's Nanase = Not lesbian and with spell for fights instead of all those "hiding spells" that Nanase hated so much. She never broke with Elliot.
** Alpha universe's Tiffany = she doesn't hate men, the opposite, she loves them. Oh, and she is expert in the use of a lot weapons, with an entire arsenal to choose. She doesn't dye her hair.
** Alpha universe's Justin = heterosexual, and more...aggressive.
** Alpha universe's Sarah = with her, I have a crazy theory (yes, more crazy than the things I wrote before). First of all, she never becomes Elliot's girlfriend, beacuse Elliot never loved her, but Nanase. So, she decided to give up with men forever, started to practice martial arts, with Justin as her personal trainer, harder and harder to be as powerful as Elliot or Nanase, and make an important, ask Tedd...TO MAKE HER A MALE PERMANENTLY! that way, she will never have any hope like with Elliot. In exchange, Sarah's become, after Shade Tail, his first soldier and most powerful soldier, again, except for Shade Tail. So, these "Sarah" is a lot more powerful and useful than the main character's universe.
*** Aaand, yes. Nioi says that maybe Shade Tail's the one corrupting Lord Tedd, but remember when Ellen mentioned that she thinks that Tedd is pretty and she(and Elliot the first, time being woman) would date with him if she has the opportunity. Now, with Nioi, if she is Ellen's evil counterpart, and she and Lord Tedd seem to have some kind of relationship and, [[LoveMakesYouEvil if we combine]] [[LoveMakesYouDumb these things together]][[LoveMakesyouCrazy , Wellll...]]
*** Any particular reason you're switching sexualities and not genders?
*** Well, remember [[ the grave]]; I stand by the theory that Lord Tedd's Elliot is dead. But of course the others are the other "pets" that General Shadetail alluded to! Hmmm... Sarah is male, and named Sam. He's become an expert in Uryuom and other advanced technology to compensate for not having magic like the others. Why yes, I am being influence by [[ his]] [[,r:10,s:40&biw=1400&bih=839 resemblance]] to [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing Quatre]].

[[WMG: Pandora is responsible for the creation of Lord Tedd.]]
Sure, it might be reaching, but compare the empowering necklace [[ here]] and to the necklace worn [[ here]] and factor in ArtEvolution. It is also the only time we see him not wearing a cape with overhang that would cover the necklace. Also, it would tie in to what Pandora is currently doing in the main universe; creating a situation where Raven can fight and interact with society without holding back (in this case, as the hero fighting the evil overlord).

[[WMG: Lord Tedd ''isn't'' trying to eliminate the other Tedds.]]
The real villain is General Shade Tail.

[[WMG: There are more "Lord Tedd"s than there are evil Tedds...]]
...Because they inherited their titles from a hereditary monarchy. Recently, [[ it's been revealed that]] Nanase has RoyalBlood, so there's a possibility she gets it from her mothers side, and therefore Tedd has it too. There isn't a monarchy in the main EGS universe, but other universes in the multiverse might run on a monarchy system. The Tedd(s) who went evil just so happens to have been born into a universe where the monarchy is present, and therefore he inherited his title by birth. It explains why Nioi trusts her Lord Tedd- he hasn't conquered any lands or stolen power from anyone, he's just taken up the job he was born to.

[[folder:Noriko Kitsune Verres]]
[[WMG: Tedd's mother is a lesbian.]]
Not that it's especially likely, but this contributor just had to get the "Tedd's mother" ball rolling. (And if it's true, that kid has ''serious'' issues...)
* Tedd has so many issues, I doubt this one would have any discernible effect. His dad is an MIB !!
* He glows when in love, his inventions work despite many reasons why they should not, Mr. Verres "knows a lot about Immortals" (no explanation), and he keeps turning into a girl. Tedd's mother is obviously some kind of Fairy.
* Let me rephrase that: if Tedd's mother is a lesbian, his yuri fetish betrays ''serious issues''.
** Really? I wonder if much of Tedd's self-declared perversion is really just posturing. Note the way the guy who claims to love 'hot lesbians' panicked when he discovered Ellen and Nanase snuggling on his couch.
*** Nanase is his cousin, remember.
*** His 'ugly cousin'.
** If his mother was straight, him liking porn featuring straight women wouldn't betray serious issues; [[DoubleStandard why would it be so for a lesbian mother and yuri?]]
* Another solution, Tedd's mother is bisexual. After she left Tedd and Mr. Verres in order to better pursue a career she entered a lesbian relationship, Mrs. Kitsune heard about it and said things about about lesbians disgusting her out of anger caused by her sister leaving Tedd.

[[WMG: Tedd's Mother is a StrawFeminist.]]
Think about it. Tedd obviously has some very... odd gender issues. I get the feeling his mother put some very confusing ideas into his head about why men are bad, or maybe even was very verbally or physically abusive, hating Tedd for being born a boy. Or if we're not getting that serious, maybe she just made Tedd wear a dress when he was little so she could pass him off as her daughter and Tedd found that he liked it; Having to wear a dress would explain his problems with being told he looks like a girl. Any one of these things constitutes psychological abuse, which would explain why she's never around- she's given a court order to keep away from him. This puts a new light on his relationship with Susan and explains why it took them so long to warm up to one another.
* Other than, you know, Susan being a StrawFeminist and Tedd being [[AllMenArePerverts proof she's right]].

[[WMG: Tedd's mother abandoned him because she was too distraught over his lack of wizard capacity.]]
In [[ this flashback at the end of "Hair"]] we find out that Tedd's mother was extremely unhappy when Tedd continually failed the magic wrring thing. She was also an apprentice of Raven. Raven claims that [[ he is the reason Noriko abandoned her family]]. Perhaps he feels that him teaching her magic made her value magic so much that she couldn't bear the thought of a child who didn't have similar magical abilities. She treasured magic so much that she couldn't even be around her non-traditionally-magical son. This would also explain why Mrs. Kitsune hates Raven so much--he is the reason that Noriko came to be obsessed with magic to the point of Mrs. Kitsune saying "I HAVE NO SISTER."

[[WMG: Noriko and the rest of the Kitsunes are a royal family from another dimension.]]
According to Tara's AuraVision, Nanase is part of a royal bloodline. Noriko and Nanase's exceptional magic talents and Tedd's ability to see magic could be a result of that. Also, their existence in Moperville could be a cover for their real origins: Noriko and her sister are from the same dimension as Lord Tedd ("Lord" could be his royal title), but fled when he turned evil. They got in touch with Mr. Verres, who has long been established as paranormal expert in the government. Noriko married Mr. Verres and gave birth to the Tedd we know, in an attempt to RaiseHimRightThisTime, or even as a {{Tykebomb}} to help in an inevitable showdown against Lord Tedd. Alternatively, Tedd and Nanase could've been secretly switched at birth, which would explain Nanase's powers and physical resemblance to Noriko. When she found out about her son's abysmal magic potential, Noriko abandoned him. In the meantime, Nanase's mother stayed behind and raised a family on her own, keeping the whole thing a secret alongside Mr. Verres and Raven.

[[WMG: Tedd's unknown sibling is Adrian Raven's child]]
The other child of Noriko that Not-Tengu mentioned is the child of Noriko and Adrian Raven. Raven has no idea - he still believes he is infertile. But he mentioned that he's "definitely the reason" why Noriko and Mr. Verres could not reconcile...obvious implication, they had a brief affair and Mr. Verres found out. Noriko split and the reason she could never visit Tedd was because she was hiding the existence of her second child from everyone else involved.

[[WMG: Van is Tedd's half-brother]]
Introduced [[ in this strip]], the very first words out of Van, who is justifiably terrified, is "''My mum's a monster hunter!''" - which would also explain why Noriko hasn't been back to visit at all.
* This seems likely. Not-Tengu referred to Tedd as Noriko's first-born son suggesting that Tedd has a younger half-brother. Being a seer is at least partly genetic so presumably any of Tedd's siblings would also potentially be seers. Combined that with the fact that Van's mother is a monster hunter living in Europe and yeah it seems very likely that Van and Tedd are half brothers (they could in theory be full brothers but I think Mr. Verres would have objected to his ex-wife not letting him see one of his sons).

[[folder:Other Characters]]
[[WMG:George is FtM transgender]]
Wait, is that even a WMG at this point?
* It remains WMG. [[SincerityMode Feel free to elaborate.]]
** His statements [[ here]] (remember, the context is Tedd deciding to own his femininity by cutting his hair and dying it pink, and the further context is this being the storyline where Tedd realizes they're genderfluid) make me think he's talking about a more physical kind of change than simply realizing he's gay. Also, he's being drawn with subtly more androgynous features now than when he first appeared, which could also point towards a transition in the other direction, but the linked page sounds like he's talking about something in his distant past. On the other hand, I might be reading too much into a single short conversation.

[[WMG: Beta Tedd is the same Tedd from Ellen's second life]]
Second life Ted and Beta Tedd are both attracted to Ellen. Nothing is said of Ellen's relationships after Archie, and she easily could have gotten together with Tedd. Both Ellens are sexually active, which is uncommon in EGS.

[[WMG: Catalina isn't merely a theme character, but the subject of an Uryuom breeding project.]]
Her powers will manifest thanks to stress caused by something to do with Susan.
* Or: Catalina is a were-bobcat and has yet to undergo her First Change (or however natural pure-human shifters work in this universe).

[[WMG: Nioi is the same species as [[VideoGame/GoldenSun Saturos and Menardi]]]]
I mean, [[ look]] [[ at]] [[ them]]
* They're ''[[ half-skunks]]''?
* No. Proxians are half-dragon. Nioi and Kaoli might be [[VideoGame/GoldenSunDarkDawn beastfolk]], though...

[[WMG: The new Jerry will be named Zeus.]]

[[WMG: Agent Cranium is a Uryuom.]]
Pretty flimsy, given that the only evidence is [[ this sketchbook entry]] (note the antennae on Cranium). Might-or-might-not indicate that Agent Wolf is also one.

If this is true, it would indicate that Agent Wolf's habit of pointing out how obviously alien Lavender is isn't just him being AgentMulder: it's him telling her to seriously consider getting a better Human form, as there are obviously better ones out there. Or maybe he's just teasing her about how bad she is at morphing.

[[WMG: Greg will start teaching Sarah Anime-Style Martial Arts anyway.]]
Even though Greg's not keeping the dojo open, he's got everyone else's assurance that Sarah would not turn into a psychopathic killer if given, basically, superpowers.
* Or, Elliot might be able to teach her something.
** Or, she'll start taking regular martial arts lessons.
*** At Greg's [[ Real Martial Arts Studio]]

[[WMG: Amanda and Lisa are going to be an item]]
Seven words: [[ her tag has an L on it]].
* More recently, from [[ the latest Q&A]]:
-->'''Chika:''' Amanda, go change into something alluring but appropriate that doesn't make it look like you don't know how to dress yourself. I will answer questions while you do.\\
'''Amanda:''' But I don't know what that ''is!''\\
'''Lisa:''' ''[rushing to their sides]'' I'LL HELP!\\
'''Chika:''' Of ''course'' you will.

[[WMG: Amanda, Lisa, and Chika were in high school during the current storyline]]
They're really answering questions in the future. In fact, the reason they are answering these questions is because they were there when it happened. Dan decided to make a historical fiction off of the strange happenings in Moperville and uses them as council to make sure he gets the details right.
* AND they're the grown up [[ gamer girls]]
* To add to it, Dr. Physics Professor is really Dr. Germahn, just a younger version of him who hasn't figured magic into his equations yet.
* [[ Confirmed?]] They're not the gamer girls though.

[[WMG: The Verreses are related to the Greens in ''Webcomic/CollegeRoomiesFromHell!!!'', while the Kitsunes are related to the Moneymakers in ''Exploitation Now!'']] OK, this hair color theory stuff is getting out of hand...

[[WMG: Mr Tensaided will end up thinking Sarah is Cheerleadra]]
After all, if, as Susan claimed, [[ Elliot was actually the Lois Lane to Cheerleadra's Superman]], that would imply that Elliot's girlfriend ''was Superman''.

[[WMG: Tengu didn't just dose Rhea, her roommates, and her guests -- he dosed the alcohol supply of the entire neighborhood.]]

Given Tengu's size, I can't see it being more difficult for him to enchant the alcoholic beverages of ''one'' apartment than ''all'' the apartments ... and if he did so, that would mean that Our Heroes are ''anything'' but clear of the zone of his command.

[[WMG: Nanase's mother's name is [[ComicBook/UsagiYojimbo Tomoe]]. ]]
Well, her sister ''is'' named Noriko...
* And she hates Noriko because of the events that occurred in ComicBook/UsagiYojimbo Volume 21 ''The Mother of Mountains''.

[[WMG: Ashley's got her own ulterior motives for pursuing Elliot.]]
* Everyone's focusing on how obvious a ManipulativeBastard Tom is. The ''really'' dangerous ones are those who everyone - including the readers - can operate BeneathSuspicion. Remember, we don't know who's using the "Ronin" screen name to spread rumors about Elliot. It could still be her.
** [[ She's not Ronin]].
** [[ Dan drawing her as a Mareep]] might be hinting she's a BitchInSheepsClothing.
** Keep writing these, at this rate Dan's going to make Ashley some sort of embodiment of good in the EGS 'verse.
*** Confirmed
[[WMG: Ashley is going to get [[BalefulPolymorph turned into a (literal) sheep]].]]
[[ Come on, she's asking for it.]] And hanging out with Elliot means she now has a [[MadScientist Tedd]] [[BaconNumber number]] of two...

[[WMG: the Demonic Duck Of Some Sort is a lesser chimera]]
Specifically Lespuko, [[CaptainObvious Duck]], and Cardinal (red).
* The horns are very similar to the ones Grace had when her Lespuko morph surfaced.

[[WMG: The Demonic Duck will have an important role to play in an upcoming plot.]]
We have a master of illusion, with access to an enormous pool of energy, specializing in distraction, in a story that seems to be leading up to a confrontation with an immortal.
* While initially a running gag, the duck's presence and role at Grace's birthday party filled out what would have otherwise been a one-dimensional character.
* He is a [[ master of illusion, to the point where even tactile sensation is available]]; Tedd verified that [[ this would require a lot of energy to manage]].
* He has the ability to [[ know when he is needed]], the clairvoyance to [[ know what's happening there]], and the power to [[ teleport himself there instantly]].
* Perhaps the biggest indication that we haven't seen the last of the duck is that he came back for Hammerchlorians and made it out much better than the hammers.

[[WMG: Nanase's mother has magical abilities of her own]]
In the flashback at the end of "Hair," Noriko heavily implies that everyone in her family inherited magic. This would presumably include her sister.

[[WMG: The cause of the French Immortals improper deaths]]
Magus says [[ here]] that those immortals died improperly, but neglects to mentioned how. So, put forth your ideas!
* Pandora killed them herself when they tried to stop her.
** Or she killed them for what that made Susan and Nanase do in France.
* Guilt from tricking Nanase and Susan in France caused them to kill themselves in an effort to hide from their shame.
* Killed by the former Mrs. Verres for putting Nanase in danger.
* Forced to reset after breaking the Immortal rules.

[[WMG: Tom will get a Magic Mark that enables mind control.]]
Considering that Ashley at least considers him a manipulator, this is the logical conclusion.
* He also considers ''himself'' a great manipulator, and has been severely humiliated by a failure of his manipulations.
** Alternatively, in the same vein, illusions. I think it fits more with the theme of manipulation than mind control, which to me speaks more of straight up domination. He's already shown a preference for hiding himself.

[[WMG: Ashley will get a magical mark.]]
Specifically the [[ Transgender symbol]].
** Marks can only be given to those that have a want for the specific spell, and Ashley is definitly intrested in that.
** [[ Her name is ]][[MeaningfulName meaningful]][[ , but not chosen for it's meaning.]] Ashley is an unisex name.
** She's definitly unaware of the mark, or she'd have mentioned her spell to Elliot when she saw him. She probably doesn't have it because
** the background colour of the mark is grey, and if the backgrounds are related to the colour scheme of their owners, so either she doesn't have it yet and the greyscale is to signify this or

[[WMG: Ashley dyes her hair]]
And has naturally greyed hair.

[[WMG: Vladia was transgender before Ellen zapped her]]
The reason she never mentioned gender dysphoria is that before she was zapped, it didn't bear mentioning next to all the ''other'' pain (she may have not even noticed it at all), and after she was zapped, it wasn't there anymore. [[ This comic]] in particular -- in the fourth panel, she starts off justifying being fine with being a girl as "it's okay if it means I can be human", but her next statements imply that this isn't her real reason. (That said, the probability of this ever being story-relevant, much like the probability of Vladia ever appearing again, is roughly zero.)

[[WMG: Agent Cranium has the same time freeze simulation power as Sarah.]]
"The last person" to have those powers was, according to "Box", that he or she [[ was strongarmed into government work]]. Agent Cranium [[ can observe places without being in them]], and works for the government. It fits.

[[WMG:The Alpha Universe Abraham will go after Kaoli.]]
Kaoli was created with the Dewitchery Diamond, and Abraham goes after the creations of the Dewitchery Diamond


[[WMG: Blue, Purple, and so on are natural hair colors because of distant Euryuom ancestry]]
Mostly since they're the main genetic difference that could have gotten mixed up with baseline humans. Alternately, it's the lingering genetic effects on people whose bodies have been altered by magic.

[[WMG: We are eventually going to see a Tess/Ellen alternate world.]]
We already have a Tedd/Elliot world (The main story line), a Tedd/Ellen world (Ellen's alternate life), and a Tess/Elliot world (the AF04 world, and the magic wand story line), so, it stands to reason the the next world is a Tess/Ellen world. Possibly with other genders reversed.

[[WMG: The [[ nose-beepery and dreamery]] didn't work.]]
Nioi said that having a young soul in an older body can lead to mental instability, didn't she? Take a good look at [[ these]] [[ three]] [[ comics]]. Ellen's clearly got issues with her emotional stability, which may indicate mental instability as well.
** @/RobinZimm: That makes sense, and I see a possible reason, too: the logical way for the nose-beepery to work would be for Ellen to identify with the ''new'' memories rather than the old, thereby effectively becoming a copy of the other person -- and she doesn't and isn't. It's like a failed transplant, only the incompatibility is effectively IncompatibleOrientation.

[[WMG: Dan intends to produce the page image for as many tropes as possible]]
* For starters, we do know that he is quite familiar with this site. He wanted to stand out here as much as possible, and knew that he couldn't possibly compete with [[Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick Rich Burlew]] for most TropeOverdosed webcomic. However, he realized that he already had several page images, and has designed several recent strips with the primary intention of being used as a page image here. Just look at the page image for {{Jossed}}. How could that not be intentional? However, he does occasionally mess up and forget that the "somewhere an x is crying" tropes don't include a [[ physicist]], for example.
** ....which hasn't stopped said physicist from becoming the page image ''and'' a TropeNamer for TheProfessorIsCryingAgain.

[[WMG: Dan Shive posted one or more of these theories in order to either screw with people's expectations or hint at future reveals.]]
Evidence: He's used trope names and linked to the site before, so it's very likely that he's at least AWARE of this page. Yeah, it's all circumstantial and suppositional, but...
* I do NOT! Oops... (Just kidding, I'm not Dan.)
** ...or am I?
*** [[spoiler:No. No, I'm not.]]
* wait. How do we know that THIS theory isn't posted by Dan to throw us off other theories in this page? I'm on to you Dan!
** Well, here's a test to see if he's really been here: What would Elliot's FV 1 form look like? Hmm, Dan?
*** [[ Panel 4]]?
*** Darn. I thought I was on to something. I guess I forgot about that.
** How about Elliot's FV ''2'' form?

[[WMG: Panel 5 of [[ Q&A #5, page 7]] is a reference to the cheese shop sketch from ''Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus''.]]
Susan is the best analogue to John Cleese's character in [[ the cheese shop sketch]] among the EGS cast, and "fresh out of" is the first thing the cheese shop owner gives as an excuse.
* Actually it's a reference to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. The plot of the movie involved them going back in time to get some humpback whales to return to the future and Susan's outfit is a match for the one Spock wore in the past (using a bandana to hide his ears).
* Yes, that's the ''main'' reference, as stated in the comments. But the attempt to buy them at a shop and being told they're "fresh out", which isn't from the film, could be an additional ''Creator/MontyPython'' ref. In the previous panel the main reference is to ''Series/DoctorWho'', but the Dalek dressed as Franchise/SherlockHolmes is also a reference to Sherlock Holmes.

[[WMG: Dan Shive is a troper.]]
He occasionally uses terms from TV Tropes and has linked to TV Tropes on multiple occasions.
* '''has linked to TV Tropes on multiple occasions'''. WMG is for guesses, not for '''stupid''', It's blatantly obvious he's been here.
** Having been here =/= being a troper.

[[WMG:The Uryoums on earth are refugees]]
Or at least their ancestors were. It would explain why their participation in the Revolutionary War in (only?) Ellen's alternate universe didn't result in it [[CurbStompBattle not really being a war]]: they didn't have most of their technology at the time. Maybe their ship crashed? In any case they didn't really get caught up with their homeworld until more traditional first contact was made with the MIB (in the 60s, to correspond with the first UFO sightings).

[[WMG: Uryuoms and Chimera have been on Earth for at least 200 years, possibly much longer.]]
First off, the history of the Second Life universe is closely parallel to that of the Main universe - except that Chimera and Uryuoms are in plain sight. This changed enough that Ellen didn't feel comfortable about her historical knowledge of the main universe (she specifically mentions that there were Uryuoms fighting in the American Revolutionary War), but at the same time, the overall course of history (World War II, etc) is more or less the same. If the main differences in the histories is that Uryuoms have kept up a Main/{{Masquerade}} this whole time, then they have been around since at least 1784 (the end of the American Revolution).

Second, and perhaps more tellingly, Dr Sciuridae claimed that the prophecy of the "Master of Fire" is 'very old', which means that Chimera - and hence Uryuoms - have been around in hiding on the main universe's Earth for a long time as well.
** Humans are not a necessary part of the Seyunolu equation; Uryuom/$OTHER_ALIEN Seyunolu (Lespuko?) could have existed long before the two species met. Therefore, the prophecy could predate the Uryuom's presence on Earth.
*** No, the prophesy was specifically mentioned as one being passed down by ''human'' seyunolu.

[[WMG: The series exists in a dimension parallel to that of ''Manga/AzumangaDaioh''.]]
Most of the characters are all there. [[CloudcuckooLander Grace and Osaka]], [[JerkAss Ellen and Tomo]], [[AloofDarkHairedGirl Susan and Sakaki]], Nanase and Yomi, and now Kagura and Catalina. It's only a mystery why Sarah and Chiyo don't link up as well. Also, which character would represent Chiyo-dad?
* Tedd could be a gender-flipped, older but equally cute (though less innocent) Chiyo.
** The loss of innocence is a result of him/her finally understanding the drunken lecture, which Tedd also experienced though under different circumstances. This means that when Chiyo in the Azuverse finally understands what Nyamo was saying she'll start thinking like a Tedd.
** Huh. And when Chiyo loses her innocence, so does Chiyo-Dad, who takes on a slightly more human form. Also, if we consider Justin and Kaorin to be one and the same as well as Raven-Kimura, then that leaves only Elliot and Sarah...Yukari and Nyamo?
** As a small child, Chiyo's dad was a squishy, loveable, cryptic, flying cat-thing. Now that Tedd's grown up more, [[ he's Dumbledore]]. It makes sense. Maybe Yukari and Nyamo are Agent Cranium and Agent Wolf? Or they could be a bygone pair of schoolteachers that helped along Tedd's thing for lesbians. Or Elliot and Sarah, or Lisa and Amanda.
** This NEEDS to be a crossover fic. Exchange program? I'll even contribute a RunningGag: Yukari-sensei turns out to be an excellent driver when transplanted to a place where they drive on the right.
*** But ... but Jeremy LIKES Susan!

[[WMG: The "Paranormal Things That Are Of Little Use To Anyone Storage Facility" is the Wiki/SCPFoundation (or one of its many buildings, anyway).]]
Doesn't ring a bell? It was mentioned in [[ the wall of text]]. Dunno what this connection implies, but it's totally possible.
* Um... 1. The Foundation is not a branch of the government. 2. Letting civilians, even ones connected to an agent, mess with even Safe items is almost certainly at least a Keter-duty (more likely a D-classification) offense. 2a. Said civilians would likely get dosed with amnesiac after being captured, and the leak would get investigated. 2b. As something created by an [=SCP=] item and able to spread [=SCP=] effects, the Foundation ''would'' have locked up Ellen as a Euclid. In short, if the facility is associated with the Foundation, whoever's in charge of that area is really incompetent.
* The Storage Facility is the REAL SCP Foundation.The Website has been corrupted by SCP-732

[[WMG: EVERYONE of the main characters will receive their own spellbook (yeah, Grace too)]]
* We have Elliot, Ellen, Nanase and Susan with their own spellbook. Sarah wants to learn magic. Yeah, Grace's say that Tedd will do some magic-like stuff, but i doubt that Sarah will be satisfy with only that. And i doubt that Tedd will be satisfy only with that. i think he will discover a way to make her awaken. Tedd...there is a theory already. Justin will ask the two immortals watching for Elliot(who, probably, are the ones that awaken Nanase and give Susan her "Tatoo") to awaken his power he had already been building through her martial arts. And grace, we know a lot about her "ability". But i think we still don't know nothing. When she srtarts to train in martial arts, she will start to awaken, and so, obtain her own spellbook.

[[WMG: Soon, we will see a SuperMode for each of the main characters]]
First of all, we have the [[ Dark Omega Grace Form]] which is grace's stronger form. She refuses to use it again, but she knows that there will be a day when she will need it again. Next one, it's [[ Nanase's Angel-Form]], strong enough to temporaly made her unable to use magic. Third one it's the recent [[ Elliot's Cheerleadra-Form]]. It wasn't explained in detail, but it seems to give him the ability to fly and made him stronger. So, with this logic, the next one to obtain a super-mode should be Susan, Ellen or Justin and they can be like this:
* Susan: something [[ related with hammers]] armor, maybe?
** Susan apparently has magical power stored in her hair which she can use to give herself a [[ physical and magical boost]]. It's possible that this is a one-time thing related to her awakening but given EGS-magic it seems likely she can recharge it over time.
* Ellen: an evoluted version of her original [[ FV5-form]] that make her hot ''and'' more stronger...or maybe it is already, but we don't know.
** She can borrow [[ another]] SuperMode
* Justin: ..ehm... [[Anime/DragonBallZ Super Saiyan]]?
** [[ Yes]]
Tedd and Sarah would obtain something similar with [[MadScientist Tedd's]] inventions, but it wouldn't be very soon.
* We haven't really seen what Tedd's gauntlet is capable of in Battle Mode, but it probably fits this trope.
* [[ The Wizard Sara]]

[[WMG: "Magic" is actually [[SufficientlyAdvancedAliens Sufficiently Advanced]] LostTechnology from an ancient Uryuom civilization]] Yes, magic has been explained as a type of energy, but so is electricity, and we still need some sort of technology to [[strike:use it properly]] get any sort of use out of it whatsoever. The devices that make magic work either exist in hyperspace, are nanomachines, or something even weirder, but in any case self-propagate and so couldn't be lost just because people forgot about them.

As for the Uryuoms, let's see: They've been space-faring for at least two centuries and have religions with ''specific rules regarding the use of computers'', but don't seem to think of themselves as particularly more advanced than us (furthermore, Ellen's universe didn't seem any more advanced than ours, as one would think it would be if Uryuoms had introduced rayguns when they decided to fight in the American Revolution) and needed a human child to help them program their TFG.

in short, they could have come to Earth, gave us magic on account of it being cheaper than any form of technology where you actually had to mine ores out of the ground to produce, and then experienced a galactic apocalypse/war with elves/rise in religious fundamentalism, and are now [[ScavengerWorld scavengers of their old tech]]. Either their spaceflight was magical in nature or they've managed to preserve their space ships rather well.
* Strangely inverted. Dan has revealed that Uryuom "technology" is actually powered by magic. So is their, and by extension Grace's, shapeshifting abilities. It looks like all super abilities in the EGS universe are [[AWizardDidIt actually magic.]]
** Way to roll a critical failure on your "Understanding what the hell I'm talking about" check; I compared magical energy to electricity in ''the first freaking sentence'', and whats more wrote this long after Verres' exposition on the subject.
* I think I've failed my "Understanding what the hell you're talking about" check as well. I honestly can't get "magic is caused by hidden machines that no-one knows about" to jibe with anything we've been shown or told in the strip with regards to wizards, dreamers, spellbooks, spellmarks, immortals, magic potential and resistence, or anything except the TF gun and Tedd's extrapolations thereof (in which case the machines aren't hidden).\\
And yes, electricity is a type of energy. So is the chemical potential energy in our bodies, and we don't need machines to utilise that. (Mr Verres also compares "awakening" to building muscles.)

[[WMG: The latest spread of magical marks follows a chain]]
Whoever is secretly handing out the magical marks picks the recipients based on whom they interact with. Assuming that Dex was the first, then Justin was selected from the weekly comic shop interaction, and Rhoda from her interaction with Justin at school after his fight. If true, Catalina could be next.
* Or she just goes around finding random people that can spread chaos.

[[WMG: The entire comic is the second life of a Dewitchery Diamond Duplicate.]]
Dan has mentioned that "someday he's going to get these guys to college". This is a lie. Instead, just as the Goons are going off to college and saying goodbyes etcetera, one character will awaken, preferably Ellen for extra MindScrew. It will be revealed that the entire comic is merely the dream life of one of the characters, who is in fact a Dewitchery Diamond Duplicate.
* If it's Ellen, then for extra ''extra'' MindScrew, she will awaken in the universe of her dream life - the one where Uryuoms and chimeras have been with us since at least the Revolutionary War and she was friends with Kaoli and Tall Tedd and Archie.

[[WMG: The [[Manga/RanmaOneHalf Ranmaverse]] is in the same universe as EGS.]]
Most everything we see in ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf'' fits into the EGS magic system, and the tone of the universes is fairly similar.
* Most of the major cast are either Dreaming or Awakened, much like practitioners of Anime-Style Martial Arts; spiritual energy - and spells, in some cases - are making the SupernaturalMartialArts possible.
** Ryoga is a Wizard, able to learn others' spells as well as develop his own. His sword-belt, shuriken bandannas, and umbrella attacks are his own spells. He also learns Shi Shi Hokodan (someone else's spell) from a scroll, and learns the Bakusai Tenketsu from Cologne (which is presumably one of Cologne's spells).
** Ranma is Awakened, and possibly a Wizard. He learns the Hiryu Shoten Ha, and goes some way towards learning the Shi Shi Hokodan, but can't make it work at the same level as Ryoga. He also creates the Moko Takabisha, and presumably several more abilities.
** Happosai and Cologne are Awakened. Happo Fire Burst, Cologne's [[DoppelgangerSpin Splitting Cat Hairs]], and all their other best moves are actually spells.
** Mousse's Hidden Weapons are a spell, and he either Awakened through training or is Dreaming.
** Kuno's [[WoodenKatanasAreEvenBetter implausible sword]] [[OvershadowedByAwesome 'skills']] are likely a Dreaming spell.
** Kodachi Kuno's ribbon attacks, and possibly some of her other moves, are either a Dreaming spell or Awakened spells.
** Ukyo's Okonomiyaki stuff is either a Dreaming spell or Awakened spells.
** Gosunkugi has probably seen actual magic, but only believes he can access it.
* Hammers can be used in the Ranmaverse because ''it's happening before [[spoiler: Jerry's death]]'', so [[spoiler: his artefact]] is powering them.
* Ranma 1/2 manga (plural?) have been seen in this universe.

[[WMG: Half-Immortals can have children.]]
It's just that nobody's tried using elven DNA in a Uryuom egg to make a part-immortal seyunolu.

[[WMG: Ted's Mom will come back into the picture upon learning just how special he really is.]]
Upon doing so she will get a major calling out from all of Tedd's friends on how she has no right to call herself Tedd's Mother, after she abandoned for no OTHER reason that she was disappointed in the fact that he had no magic, and now that she knows he really is special she just comes crawling back only hurts him more as it shows that unlike them she doesn't love him for himself but only what he can do. This will inevitably lead to MAJOR heartwarming moments.

[[WMG:In a future arc, Tedd will become pregnant.]]
After a series of events that I have not determined, Tedd and Grace will end being intimate with each other whilst genderswapped. The next morning, Tedd goes to change back, only to find out that they can't. It will quickly be discovred that this is because Tedd is now pregnant and magic is preventing them from turning back in order to protect the child.

[[WMG: Arthur knows that "people knowing about and wanting magic" would give more people magic, which would eventually cause 'The Will Of Magic' to get grumpy and force a re-set on how magic works, thus getting rid of most people's magic and renewing disbelief in magic.]]
That's why he said it was real on live TV. Ruining magic for (nearly) everyone by exposing and then changing it is the ultimate cover-up.
* Supported [[ here]]: "The next incident could be the last straw, and that would solve the problem for decades."
** And WordOfGod confirmed it [[ in this strip's commentary]]

[[WMG: Magic Users are descended from Immortals]]
* According to [[ this]] comic natural magic users are all descended from something. Immortals seem like a logical answer, especially since Immortals apparently decided to cover it up.
** Confirmed [[ here]].

[[WMG: Half immortals inability to have kids isn't biological]]
It's due to immortal law. Long ago immortals agreed that it would cause problems and so set up a spell binding the ability of the children to reproduce.
* Jossed due to the above WMG.

[[WMG: Magic will reset]]
* It will be a ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra,'' Harmonic Convergence-style event that causes drastic changes to the nature of the setting, brings new characters into the spotlight, and potentially sets the scene for the story's climax.
** Confirmed, as it summoned [[spoiler: Tedd, Arthur, and a British boy named Van to help decide ''how'' it should change]].

[[WMG:Elliot has insecurities with his masculinity]]
kind of a long shot i admit but it is wmg. lets look at his friends
* 4 females
* 2 extremely androgynous males
* a female clone of himself/his sister
* a gay guy who doesn't act very masculine normally
* not that theres anything wrong with any of that of course but it fuels wmg.

* {{Jossed}}: Elliot was pretty nonchalant as a woman, whereas Tedd panicked when male Grace kissed him.
--> "[[ What? I'm wearing a skirt and I have boobs. I'm not going to start worrying about my manly image now!]]"

[[WMG: The reason Elliot's clothes didn't change when he morphed into [[ "Gracelyn]]..."]]
...had nothing to do with inexperience or not having planned to morph, and everything to do with the fact that the clothes he was wearing [[SuddenSchoolUniform weren't of his own choosing in the first place]]. This will become [[ChekhovsGun important at some future date]].
* The only idea that springs to mind where this could come into play is possibly if Elliot is caught by a future BigBad and is forced to wear unbreakable bonds and chains. But numerous times it's explained he has the ability to focus and change aspects of himself along with his typical transform. Even if Uryoum suit tech is used to make them, there has to be an absolute smallest size the clothes can shrink to, which I assume he can go below since the absolute limit of his powers or control over them haven't been shown yet.

* {{Jossed}}:The clothes didn't change because [[ Elliot did not focus on them]].

[[WMG: Elliot is the copy.]]
Ellen isn't (Elliot+ female curse-Elliot+ fake Elliot body), she's (Elliot+ female curse), and Elliot is (Elliot+ female curse-female curse). The second life didn't have anything to do with "soul ages", it was just a way to calm her down so she felt more like a real person, and could make her own past that would help her get used to her future as a female, while distancing herself from Elliot's memories and helping... Niobe, I think, I'm probably wrong, mentally age up (not her soul, but her actual mind). It's not really going to matter much to Elliot, but it will likely give the Watcher a HeroicBSOD (allowing Ellen to escape) when he realizes all the fakes are the ones he let live, and the real ones were just under the influence of the curses. The "always a werewolf" thing was either myth mutation or a coding error in the diamond's powers. You have to admit, even with the always-a-werewolf thing, it makes just as much sense, and without it, it makes ''more'' sense, because why bother making an entirely new host to let the curse run around free in instead of some sort of immobile containment creature/amulet?
* Jossed, because aside of Nioi's explanation of DD Epic Fail, Ellen was repeatedly identified as a magical creature. That, and Abraham, the creator of the diamond, knows the difference.

[[WMG: Elliot's magical ability given to him by the Dewitchery Diamond was not the ability to transform into female forms]]
Everyone assumed that the ability Elliot received was the ability to transform into female forms because he was in female form when he touched the diamond. However, when he used the belt to transform into a cat form, he retained the transformation as a natural ability. He also retained all the strengths and weaknesses of the original transformation (i.e., extreme fatigue for cat form). This reminds me of when Grace was able to acquire several hybrid forms by shooting herself with the transformation gun. The only reason why he can only turn into various female forms is because it's the only transformation (that's relatively painless) he's been through since touching the Dewitchery Diamond. The transformation gun (the true nature of his curse) requires the various forms to be programmed into it before said forms can be used. Perhaps Elliot's ability works the same way: He can only change into the forms that he 'programs' into himself by being transformed via external sources (the belt) or by creating variants with his mind (as opposed to a computer for the TF gun).
* I thought that that was ''explicitly stated'' by Mr. Verres; Elliot's first few spells will involve turning into girls, yes, but he has been awakened to be a shapeshifter in general.
* You're conflating the Dewitchery Diamond and Awakening. The Dewitchery Diamond separates the curse from the cursed, gives the curse a new permanent body and a way to spread itself, and allows the cursed to become a facsimile of the curse at will. Other forms can be added to either the curse or the cursed if added in a few hours of touching the Diamond. This is why Ellen can V5 people with her beam and didn't disappear after a month, and why Elliot can still turn into a girl and gained the ability to turn into a cat when he used the belt. However, Elliot had built up very high levels of magic energy from Anime-Martial Arts, which meant that when he touched the Diamond, both he and Ellen were Awakened. Normally, Awakening gives you spells related to your personality and what you do. However, Elliot and Ellen were awakened improperly, so they will gain abilities related to the curse first, then normal ones later. They are also suffering from energy build-up which forces them to use their spells if they don't cast them often. Elliot may gain cat-related spells, but that will only come after the girl ones are done.

[[WMG: Tedd is a Time Lord.]]
And the TF Gun is his Tardis
* The Gun is too small. Despite Time Lord Technology, the external shell of the TARDIS must still be large enough to have an opening for access.
** Perhaps it contains a collapsible Tardis?
** Jossed by [[ the nonexistence of time travel in the EGS multiverse]].

[[WMG: Tedd is Awakened (at least partially)]]
Warning: Freakin' huge WMG approaching.
Okay, so by now it's pretty well-established that when Tedd experiences extreme emotions he glows to some extent, and it's not just artistic license. As of yet though there's been no explanation for this, so allow me to present y'all with the basis for my theory. We know that the magic one develops is based on one's personal experience and personality when it's developed naturally, but it's based on one's interaction with magic when it's brought about by outside effects. Now, we haven't seen any direct evidence that Tedd's been magically tampered with beyond the TF Gun-induced stuff, but let's go over the moments when Tedd's been really passionate or extreme emotionally: 1) during the Painted Black arc he enters a quiet, awesome rage when he discovers that Damien abused Grace as a child. This is a suitably emotional moment, but there's nothing magical involved and my assumption is that his awakening is artificial to some degree. 2) When he makes any sort of romantic headway with Grace he proves to be immensely emotive, but most of those times he glows already, and again there's no magical influence.

No, in order to find the origins of Tedd's glowy-ness, we have to go waaay back, into the very beginnings of the first Sister arc. As you may remember, Elliot's first real gender-swapping predicament began when he accidentally got on Tedd's nerves, which caused him to erupt in a fit of rage and accidentally blast Elliot with the TF gun. Now, this seems distinctly out-of-character for Tedd, seeing as how both before and after this incident Tedd's androgyny has been played for laughs, and even Tedd himself has admitted he doesn't understand why he got so angry. This suggests that his emotions were invisibly manipulated somehow by an outside force.

Gee, that would mean the culprit would have to be invisible, intangible, and capable of amplifying the emotions of others. Now who does that sound like?

Here's my take on the thing: Magus seems to require for as-yet-unspecified reasons a female Elliot whose body he can possess so he can move on to the next step of his similarly cryptic plan. He's got no idea how on earth he's going to pull this off, when suddenly he's presented with an absolute jackpot of a situation: his target in the same room with a semi-lonely teenager who has the capability to change the genders of people with SCIENCE! and is currently feeling more than a little wangsty about how effeminate he looks. Magus supercharges Tedd's anger at Elliot, gun does its zappy thing, Tedd's already-magically-influenced self awakens at least partially, and now his magic turns him into what is essentially an emotion-powered magic engine: the more extreme his emotional state, the more energy he produces.

He will later use this as a substitute for the generator he tried building after the Painted Black arc, creating the first Ganmen and kicking the ass of the next big villain.

* First of all, a partial Awakening is called Dreaming. Not sure if this is what Tedd is doing, since it doesn't quite fit with pre-awakened Susan's abilities, but possible. However, I can only remember Tedd glowing twice, both times when experiencing intense feelings of love for Grace. However, that didn't happen during Painted Black. This is explained when Tedd and Elliot discuss Tedd's decrease in perverted behavior towards women who are not Grace, instead becoming much more interested in Grace alone. Couple this with Jerry's explanation that strong emotions trigger Awakening and magic's flair for the dramatic and Tedd is most likely just about to Awaken based on his love for Grace.
* {{Jossed}}. Tedd is [[ magically impaired]].
** [[SubvertedTrope Maybe not.]] [[ This page]] hints that Tedd may not be as impaired as he thinks...
*** [[DoubleSubversion Unfortunately]], [[ Tedd is still not a spellcaster]].

* Going away from the evidence-based argument of whether this is jossed or not, if Tedd's Dreaming or Awakened, what would his abilities be? I'd guess a magitek-style technomancer: at a young age he easily mastered how to make the TF gun, alien magitek, work, and can make his "spell-watches". He's WeakButSkilled, to the degree that the magic senor thinks he's in essence a muggle. Alternatively, his powerglove is in essence what his magical abilities are naturally: he passively gathers magical energy, and then can imbue it into artifacts.

[[WMG: Sarah will begin studying Anime Style Martial Arts at Greg's dojo]]
Elliot took her to the dojo early on, so it's not that far fetched. This will also provide an opportunity for a reasonable development of magic and character for her.
* Jossed. The dojo is closing down and Greg seems reluctant to teach new people for fear of creating supervillains.
** Well, fudge. I thought I was on to something.
*** Greg may still be willing to give Sarah private lessons. The others would most certainly vouch for her and Greg probably knows her well enough to believe there's little to no risk of her turning into a supervillain.

[[WMG: Sarah's Magic Mark will let her steal other people's spells]]
The "?" means that although Sarah has a magic mark, the mark itself has no idea what powers it will give to Sarah, its a mystery. This is because the mark will give Sarah a spell that allows her to steal another spell, or even spells, from other people.

In theory, it will either let Sarah copy a spell while still letting it's original caster use the spell, or Sarah will outright steal the spell, making it so the original caster can no longer use that spell, either temporarily or permanently.

This stems from the fact magic marks usually are derived from a person's wants and desires, in this case Sarah is jealous of her friends having magic and wants magic of her own. Therefore her spell will be copying the magic of her friends, or outright stealing the spells as a reflection of how badly she wants her friends' magic.

* Jossed. [[ An EGS:NP arc]] shows Sarah finding out what that spell is. It's not stealing spells.

[[WMG: During the Magic card duel with Tensaided, Justin will lose control of his own magic (that he doesn't know he has, since he was Awakened by Pandora without his knowledge) and bring the creatures to life]]
Of course, this has to happen within the next week or two, given that the battle is still going on at the time of this WMG.
* {{Jossed}}: The card game is over, and nothing come to life.

[[WMG: Ellen and Nanase will break up soon.]]
Nanase is trying to get non-sneaky spells by being more open and honest about things. The things that she is admitting to seem very superficial (having short hair, wearing boots to give an illusion of height, etc) as opposed to revealing something of importance (being a closeted lesbian). Notice how in the most recent updates, Ellen looks saddened by Nanase's behavior. Ellen is very honest about who she is as a person. If Nanase continues to make all these unimportant changes as opposed to finally becoming comfortable with being a lesbian in public, it may form an unfixable crack in her relationship with Ellen.
* [[ They kinda addressed this already]]
** Not necessarily. Just because Ellen wants to be with Nanase and is willing to try does not mean that she's actually capable of dealing with the reality of their relationship. If they're going to work out, Ellen and Nanase are both going to have to try a lot harder.
* Looks kind of unlikely now, given Nanase's latest spell and her use of it. A break-up does not look imminent, [[spoiler: given Nanase survives, of course.]]
** [[spoiler: She does. She also says she's tired of hiding, tells Ellen she loves her very much, and begs the Agency to let her tell all to her folks. I think a break-up is pretty well Jossed at this point, but who knows?.]]

[[WMG: [[LukeIAmYourFather Mr. Raven is Susan's father.]]]]
Look at her in panel five of [[ this comic.]] I know that's not her natural hair color, but her general looks, weirdness, and Franchise/AceAttorney-style finger point are so much like Raven's [[ here]] that I couldn't resist pointing it out. Whether it's true or not, an Franchise/AceAttorney game with these two against each other would be ''hilarious.''
* Also as Pandora is blonde (which is a recessive trait and thus homozygous) Raven is heterozygous for blondness.
** For aid of reading... Pandora's hair color means Raven could have blonde kids.
** Is it actually blonde? It's certainly darker than Noah's and about as dark as Melissa's. Melissa's hair used to be shown as blonde, but with ArtEvolution it is now shown as quite a bit darker. Perhaps it's dirty blonde, light brown, or even red? Catalina's hair is about the same shade, after all... Just saying, it's not exactly certain that Pandora is blonde. Unless it's one of the backgrounds...?
* Raven doesn't show romantic interest in any mortal (inside continuity), and is portrayed as a paragon of integrity. Also, his name is not Pompoms, and he looks [[ nothing like this guy]].
* Grace makes this WMG in-universe [[ here]], when Raven disguises Grace as his niece, and she ends up looking like Susan. It is {{Jossed}} both by Raven and by Dan in the commentary, but Dan hints that a deeper twist might yet come from this.

[[WMG: Susan is asexual]]
* Pretty much busted early on by the obvious internal conflict between Susan's StrawFeminist views and her attraction to boys.
** Completely {{Jossed}} by [[ Susan herself]].

[[WMG: Susan lost her ability to manifest Hammers when she used one of those hammers to hit someone who was picking on Tedd.]]
* Pretty much {{Jossed}}. Losing the hammers was because [[spoiler:the immortal who powers them is recalling his power.]]

[[WMG: Susan's hammer-summoning tapped into Nanase's magical power]]
It fits, since Nanase is ''clearly'' the magical one of the pair- and Susan could only ever summon the hammer. If she was tapping into Nanase's abilities when she summoned the hammer, it would not only explain why she never got any other spells despite frequent use, but also why the hammer won't appear after Nanase has been temporarily brought down to normal.
* Sarah was using the hammers before she knew Nanase. It would have been rude for Sarah to be using Nanase's magic without her permission, and it would have been ''extremely'' rude of Susan to share the knowledge of how to tap Nanase's magic.
* The Susan/Sarah conversations about the hammers mention ''just'' hammers, and that they're for use against offensive men. But Susan summoned a sword back during [[ Sister]], for use against the goo.
* During Susan's oh so long ago [[ brief summary of the Trip To France]], she says "''we'' gained access to magic". Her wording would be awkward if it's a case of "I'm bumming magic off Nanase". It suggests that they both got their own magic.
* We haven't seen Nanase summon the hammers (except during the Trip To France exposition in "Hammerchlorians 2")
* Thoroughly Jossed by the Hammerchlorians arc.

[[WMG:Ellen is infertile.]]
We know that it's impossible for a man transformed by the TF gun to [[MisterSeahorse get pregnant]], and she's basically a transformed Elliot. My guess is that transformed individuals don't even menstruate, since I don't think menstruation is among Tedd's fetishes.
** Jossed...'''years''' ago. In grace's party, she...he...''whatever'' explain that it's impossible to a male turned into female to get pregnant...''in the very first night he turned into a she''. several days have to pass to get pregnant...which for some reason, kinda make sense...anyway, the point is that Ellen ''can'' get pregnant.
*** She has periods after all.
*** This suggests an ovarian rhythm that starts at the moment of transformation.

[[WMG: After Ellen's memories of her alternate life come to their endpoint, Alternate Ellen dies.]]
Without an intelligent mind to drive the Alternate!Ellen body, she simply lies comatose in bed on the first day of college, eventually dying. Naturally, this is what drives Alternate!Tedd over the edge.
* Pretty sure it doesn't work that way. Alternate!Ellen seems to be her own person, and was almost certainly ''not'' guided by Main!Ellen in any way. She might have gotten a bit of a weird feeling from suddenly losing her other soul, but that's probably it.

[[WMG: Ellen's favorite T-shirt is a ShoutOut to Ash Upton from Misfile.]]
* Perhaps it's the other way 'round. Which one came first?
* Ellen appearing in EGS pre-dates the start of Misfile by years. Ellen starts wearing that particular shirt about a year before Misfile started. Yes, this troper has way too much time on his hands.
** Ah, but isn't Ash an {{Expy}} of a Building 12 character?

[[WMG: Elliot will be stuck in his superhero alter-ego form and Ellen will have to zap him, thus returning Magus to physical form.]]
It seems plausible. After the situation with "Arthur" (Agent Wolf, perhaps?) blows over (or during it, if it lasts for a while), Elliot will try to morph back to himself, but be unable to. Elliot will think of using the TF gun to make himself able to transform again, but the TF gun will have been borrowed by Sarah or Susan for some nefarious purpose--perhaps to test the effectiveness of her hammers on various species? Anyway, someone will think of having Ellen zap Elliot to make him able to transform again, so they'll interrupt Ellen and Nanase's cuddling time to have her morph him back, but it will lead to Magus coming back instead.
* [[ Completely Jossed]]

[[WMG: Magus is an alternate universe version of the party leader from the MUD]]
The eyes are a bit different, which leads to the 'alternate universe' bit.
* This would mean that Dan Shive himself is inhabiting one of the universes in his comic--it's certainly not our world he lives in.
*** therefore, it is to some degree a webcomic about himself.
* I always though the party leader was Noah. Not much to go besides the hair, but if it made sense it wouldn't be wild mass guessing would it?
** Confirmed in apr27, 2011 strip.
* Original idea Jossed, it was Noah.

[[WMG: Magus is Raven's father.]]
He's a mortal, trapped in the immortal plain. He shows--well, used to show--loyalty to Chaos. It's not a huge logical leap.
* I'm not sure that is possible. Magus comes from an alternate dimension and was blasted into the spirit realm of the main universe due to sabotage. Additionally, he would probably have been more protective of Raven at the end of Sister II if he was Raven's father.
** {{Jossed}}: Raven has been around for centuries, Magus has only been trapped for 2 years (we know because of the flashback to when it happened, there was an explicit "2 years ago", both for Magus's home dimension and the one the main characters are in).

[[WMG: Magus is responsible for the events of New and Old Flames]]
He vowed to end Pandora - this is an attempt to frame her. [[ The pithos]] amulet does this quite well, enough to immediately make Raven suspect her.
It is also implied that immortals have not been able to mark people without their knowledge or consent, however Magus doesn't qualify as an immortal. Magus' key ability is to amplify emotions, and both the marks of Dex and Justin appear to be tied to their emotions - loneliness and rage respectively.
It also fits with Dex being possessed - Sirleck (now allied with Magus) is the only creature known to be able to do so in the EGS verse. He would not want to do so in the presence of Elliot due to fearing the immortals guarding him, and hence why Elliot was removed from the dojo [[ promptly and with timing]] for no immediately obvious reason.
Finally, Raven notes that the course of events was [[ particularly unconvoluted for her]]. Note also that Dex's dialogue appear's to contradict Pandora: [[ saving the world]] rather than [[ destroying it]].
* Not necessarily. Raven thought that the plan was too simple for it to be Pandora's doing, only because he didn't know about Justin's magic mark, and as of Death Sentence probably Rhoda's and other random people. As it stands, the affair with Dex could've been a bait to distract Raven from the real, important pieces of the game.
* Immortals have a lot of powers on the spirit plane. Magus doesn't. He explicitly says that the only things he's currently able to do on the material world is affecting emotions (not sure where, but I know it's there somewhere near his first appearence). And a lot of the things they can do or can't aren't really physical limitations so much as social ones- if an immortal does a wrong step and the others find out, whoopass ensues.
* So far as we know, only Immortals can give powers to people. This would mean that Magus is working with an immortal, or immortal-like character (Sirleck probably doesn't count) to give people spells for his plans.
* Jossed. [[spoiler: It ''was'' Chaos who started it all. Apparently her plan is to give everyone magic, so Raven can fight]].

[[WMG: Diane is Susan's clone]]
Susan's father couldn't stand the idea that his daughter hates him, so he cloned her and aged the clone. He called clone Diane because "Tiffany" would be too suspicious (that or Diane is using her second name, just like Susan).
* The only mention we have ever had of fast-aging was by Grace's grandfather, who said that it would never work and that actually, Grace and her brothers age more slowly than normal. I'm pretty sure Dan hasn't retconned this. Dianne could still be a duplicate via the Dewitchery Diamond or something similar, but a clone would require her to be made at about the same time as Susan, and would require different motivations.
* {{Jossed}}: Susan and Dianne were born 20 minutes from one another, and (before Susan's awakening) were identical. Additionally, Jerry's reincarnation explicitly referred to Diane as "[[ Susan's long-lost sister]]."

[[WMG: Susan and Diane are twins SeparatedAtBirth by adoption.]]
* Occam's razor
* They look identical, Diane's tattoo and Susan's dyed/magically recolored hair notwithstanding, and Grace implies that it's much more than a StrongFamilyResemblance.
* They were born on the same day (New Years... Is that significant?)
* Diane knows she's adopted. Susan either doesn't know or hasn't had cause to say. Given her private nature either is possible.
** [[ Jossed.]]

[[WMG: Diane is Susan's Nobody]]
The immortals mentioned that they messed up by thinking Susan and Nanase were strong enough to fight a monster during their class trip to Paris, so it's possible that her heart was stolen, creating a new person. Diane was taken in by Verres' organization and given a cover story to avoid suspicion. Add to that the fact that Diane is all of the things Susan wishes she could be: attractive, popular, and Diane definitely has a LesYay relationship with Rhoda. it would also explain how Susan never met Diane, as well as why Nanase hates Diane
* Given the origin of the term "nobody," shouldn't this be "Susan is Diane's Nobody" with that reasoning?
* Jossed. Nanase and Justin apparently never noticed Susan and Diane's similarity to each other, and the full info on the trip to France cements it. Vampires don't steal hearts and Susan was saved by Nanase the first time and killed it the second time they fought. The two actually WERE strong enough to fight it, obviously. The reason Jerry was upset at this was that the French immortals picked two high-school freshmen instead of, say, France's version of Mr Verres.

[[WMG: Pandora and "Chesire" are the same person.]]

They are WAY to similar.

* If you mean the immortal who was "guiding" Tara the Griffin, that's pretty unlikely since it's been established that ''So a Date at the Mall'' and the EGS:NP storyline ''Question Mark'' happen on the same day. In the latter, Pandora outright states that she was watching Sarah, at least in the morning, but very likely for the whole day.
** Are you really saying ''[[EldritchAbomination Pandora]]'' is incapable of copying herself or being in two places at once? I mean think about every personality trait Chesire has shown. He's manipulative, he switches between childish playfulness and angered imperiousness at the drop of a hat, and is bending the "guide and empower" rules to breaking point. That has Pandora's footprints all over it.
* Jossed. [[ Pandora just learned of that immortal]]. She is not happy.

[[WMG: Pandora has an army]]
She herself is limited in what she's allowed to do. Having proxies bypasses virtually every restriction imposed on her. She could also deliberately choose incompetent ones to make success uncertain, just how she likes it.
* Jossed Pandora is working alone.

!!Adrian Raven
[[WMG: Mr. Raven is some kind of [[Main/OurVampiresAreDifferent vampire that can survive during the day]].]] I mean, just look at those teeth! And he's f*** ing insane! He's gotta be a vampire!
* I had pegged him for a transformed form of the hunting summon monster.
* Either OurVampiresAreDifferent, or he's wearing SPF Infinity Sunblock.
* And he's apparently been around for quite some time: Nanase mentioned he had already taught her mother.
** That's just plain odd considering Nanase's mother is a Japanese immigrant.
*** Japanese, not necessarily an immigrant. She could be first-generation.
*** Have you ever considered that Raven may be some kind of Watcher? A Giles to Nanase's Buffy?
*** The problem with that, given that Nanase got her magic from the Immortals, would be that it would imply that ''Raven'' worked for the Immortals. Which is... unlikely, given the conflicting personalities involved.
* Jossed...perhaps. Raven is a wizard, at least.
** Huh. Jossed: [[spoiler: he's an elf]].
** Extra specifically jossed [[ here]].

[[WMG: Mr. Raven WAS some kind of vampire.]]
He was "cured" by the Dewitchery Diamond and his magic has duplicated some of his old vampiric abilities and appearance. This would also nicely explain his seeming knowledge of the Bloodgrem, considering Rocky would've tracked down Raven and his Abomination.
* Could this mean that there's a raging, thirsting, mindless super-vampire Raven running around? Makes this troper think of DShive's original plan for Painted Black, before he made Hedge the Grace-hunter.
* Perhaps, perhaps not. He clearly knew about the diamond before meeting its creator, but he insists that it's common knowledge (and a cautionary tale).
* Unlikely, given the [[ latest sketch]]. To quote: "Um, I'm... I'm not a vampire..."
* And very specifically jossed [[ here]]

[[WMG: The Reaper is good, while Mr. Raven is evil.]]
the reason why Mr. Raven is gathering students is so he has his own personal army to battle the Reaper.
* Not too wild there, it looks to me like the Reaper's job is to clear up the mess when the Diamond is used. The whole Vow thing may just nudge him over into WellIntentionedExtremist, but I'd place a fairly significant sum of money on a HeelFaceTurn, quite possibly after discovering that Ellen is the result of a lab accident rather than a true curse.
** Abraham (The Reaper) made a [[ExactWords vow]], is [[HeelRealization conflicted]] when he discovers [[DirtyBusiness Ellen has done no harm]], but [[IGaveMyWord goes through with it anyway]], [[spoiler: until he is provided a [[LoopholeAbuse better interpretation]] by Nanase]]. Raven loses a fight to protect Ellen by showing mercy to Abraham (and being to slow to counter his surprise attack).
** Since Abraham's moral was compromised due to the conflict and his response to it, Mr. Raven was protecting children, so this seems to be pretty much {{Jossed}}, despite Abraham's overall intentions.

[[WMG: Noah is the one who outted Justin.]]
* Melissa is traditionally the one blamed for outting Justin, as she's the only person he told that he was gay. But she and Noah have been shown to be close. If they were close even when the date with Justin failed, she would have told him. And Noah has stated before that [[ he hates keeping secrets.]] He's also [[ really awkward in social situations]] and blurts out random things without realizing how people will feel about them. He seems to me like the kind of person who would have told people about Justin's sexuality without realizing what the consequences would be to Justin and Melissa's friendship would be [[ until it was too late]].
* Nope. Melissa told her [[ gossipy sister.]]

[[WMG: [[ The Child Left Behind]] is the one that summoned the fire-that-isn't-fire thing]]
S/he ''discovered'' that Grace was in Moperville thanks to Abraham's attack. S/he summoned the creature in an attempt to make Grace to appear and fight.
* {{Jossed}}: Noah is the "Child Left Behind." Dex was the unwitting summoner.

[[WMG: Noah and Tedd are half siblings]]
* Terra and Magus were Noah's parents, and once Magus dissappeared, Terra went to Verres's organization to help find him. They fell in love and had Tedd, but ultimately Terra grew restless and ran off to be a model in Europe. Noah's apparent age discrepency is due to being born of two people of strong magical talent, he ages slower. Tedd presumably has some magical power as well, but Mr. Verres helped focus it and his latent raw energy powers the TFGun. Presumably, Lord Tedd is a formidable enemy because he has fully mastered his magical talents and merged them with his own inventions.
** Terra and Magus are from another universe, Noah's parents died, and the TF Gun runs off its own power since other people can use it (not to mention the uryuoms who created it and gave it to Tedd to tinker with). Tedd and Lord Tedd having latent magical power may be valid.

!!Noriko Kitsune Verres
[[WMG: Tedd's Mother is also an Elf]]
EXTREMELY flimsy but that's why this is WMG after all: Ted has something odd and magical about him (his sparkles and mad science) like Noah (Eliot-grade swiftness and agility without anime martial arts) and like Noah is extraordinarily androgynous. Since Noah appears to be Mr Raven's son, these similarities could be explained by similar heritage.
* Go back and re-read the two previous strips. Noah's parents are dead. Mr. Raven must be his guardian. But the possibility that Noah has elf ancestry still stands. The case for Tedd is weaker since Dan has all but outright stated that Tedd's mother and Nanase's mother are sisters.
* Which doesn't rule out elf ancestry, either with half-sisters or simply Nanase's mother not showing it. Also, see [[ this strip]]. Note Jerry's pause in the second panel right before he says father...
* Maybe Tedd and Noah are also related, and Raven is their uncle?
* Noah and Raven being related has been [[ specifically Jossed]] and Raven being his guardian has been [[ specifically confirmed]].
* {{Jossed}}: [[ Half-immortals cannot have children.]]

[[WMG: Tedd's mother taught Susan and Nanase magic]]
* This is a bit of a stretch, but they both apparently learned it while in Paris, and it's mentioned that Tedd's mother is somewhere in Europe. If she's a witch of some sort if might also explain why Tedd glows when emotional.
** Sorry, but it was the two Immortals currently following Elliot around that gave them magic. Now, that doesn't mean the female one can't be his mom, but wrong hair color (last I checked).
** When did we see her hair colour?
*** The female immortal's hair is shown as being pink, as for Tedd's mother I don't think we've ever actually seen her on panel or had her described. There's also Mr. Verres line about there being "[[ a reason]]" he knows so much about immortals.
*** Mr. Verres's hair is blue. What color do you get when you cross pink with blue?
*** Dan has specifically stated that hair colour doesn't work that way.
** Interesting theory, but I think Nanase would have mentioned that her aunt was the one who taught her magic... then again, it's not like she's ever explained it in depth, so I guess it's possible.
*** Who says Tedd's mother couldn't have been in disguise?
* Jossed, we now know the actual backstory.

[[WMG: Terra is Tedd's Mother]]
The reason she wasn't around for Tedd's childhood is because she left to train with Magus.
** Terra and Magus belong to a different universe. Magus was brought from that universe into the spiritual plane of the main universe.

[[WMG: Tedd's mother is Mr. Raven]]
I'll even say this is far-fetched, but Gender swapping technology exists in this universe, and Raven definitely has a deeper connection to Tedd than what we knew before the Death Sentence arc began.
* {{Jossed}}: [[ Tedd's mother and Raven have existed at the same time]]. And oh yeah, that "half-immortals can't have children" thing.

!!Lord Tedd
[[WMG: Nioi has created a StableTimeLoop]]
In seeking out the perfect weapon against Lord Tedd, she has inadvertently caused his creation.
* {{Jossed}}: This WMG is impossible for two reasons: first of all [[ time travel doesn't exist in the EGS multiverse]] and second of all Nioi didn't create or modify the Second Life Universe; she merely pulled the memories from it. Even if all the above theories are true, Nioi's involvement never affected the past.

!!Other Characters
[[WMG: Sirleck is possessing Arthur J. Arthur.]]
* What else could explain his sudden change of heart? Jerry said he was much more concerned with keeping secrets than helping people, so why would he suddenly explain everything now? It must be part of the Dark Alliance's plan.
** {{Jossed}}. Sirleck's host and Arthur are different characters, [[WordOfGod Dan said so himself.]]

[[WMG: [[ Tom]] is Jerry.]]
* Let's see, there's the [[ giving oddly-appropriate advice]], there's the [[ appearing randomly and startling someone]], there's interest in Susan's well-being, and there's the ThemeNaming with WesternAnimation/TomAndJerry. Seems pretty suspicious to me.
** {{Jossed}}. He doesn't look anything like the reincarnated Jerry seen at the end of Family Tree.

[[WMG: Tom is Ronin.]]
After Elliot broke up with Sarah, he became a potential rival for Susan's attention. Tom, having planned everything out in advance, decided to spread rumors about Elliot's sexuality to keep Susan from seeing him as a love interest.
* {{Jossed}}. [[ He's not Ronin]].

[[WMG: Mrs. Kitsune is Mr. Verres' replacement as head of the local MIB]]
Agent Cranium defers to her and Jerry says "His replacement is far more concerned with keeping secrets than helping people."
* Seems unlikely. Cranium defers to her before Mr. Verres is fired, not afterward, and his superior wants to stop incidents like the near murder because of personal connections.
** If Mrs. Kitsune was in line for Mr. Verres' position she likely would have been his deputy and thus Cranium's superior even before he was fired.
* [[ Jossed]]

[[WMG: Dex is a former student of Greg]]
Come on! why would he go to the dojo if it weren't because he knew Greg?
* Jossed. Dex was manipulated into going to the dojo while under the influence of whoever was able to get through the disorientation his pendant caused. Dex has seen Greg before though at an anime convention when Greg was cosplaying as Chun-Li.

[[WMG: Dex has learned Comics-Style Martial Arts.]]
* Sensei Greg obtained his abilities by [[ watching a ton of anime.]] What's to say somebody who reads a similar amount of superhero comics wouldn't gain similar abilities? Especially since at the beginning of the arc, [[ Greg and Justin]] mentioned the [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity Super Mutant Principle]]...
* Jossed. Currently Dex can only summon a fairy under his own power. The other summons and abilities were due to a temporary boost in power via the pendant he wore. Also, he never displays fighting skills at all during the battle let alone Anime-Style Martial Arts. Greg, meanwhile, was already [[ a black belt in three disciplines]] before his epiphany.

[[WMG: Dex - the creepy comic book guy - is Sirleck's new host]]
They have the same speech bubbles, and as of today (4/8/11), it has been revealed that [[spoiler: Dex is the summoner of the fire monster]]
** Jossed. Sirleck is still trying to get a new host. And has one in its sights ...

[[WMG: Dex’s Fairy is Reborn Jerry]]
* (Fairy Jerry, Faerry for short.) On the grounds that Dex got his spellgraving the day Jerry died, and first summoned her the next, at much the same time as Susan was showing her version of the summon-fairy spell to Nanase... This is Jerry's way of staying close to those he’s promised to help, though in unrecognisable form for now. Not a greatly different form from the other recently-reborn immortals as it happens, and suitably styled for Dex’s taste... But has some other power intervened to “entertain”ingly impact the outcome while Faerry is still “out of commission”? Ah... While we’re at it, Dex is Susan’s father, some years on, having been chewed up and spat out by his ex and discovered the important things in life (comics and sparkly things). Jerry may not have grasped the whole of their relationship at short notice – or maybe he did and knows there’s a potential reconciliation on the go (and Dex will make a much better father now than in his erstwhile effort), so she’s in the perfect place. When she grows a bit she can go to school and join the feminist club, thus being a position to help, and also to watch Susan occasionally wield hammers, which may help with memory and anyway, Jerry was into it.
** Dex's fairy is a summon, Jerry is an immortal. Immortals can't be summons since they are fundamentally different. Fairy summons are not baby immortals. Immortals can ''pretend'' to be summons as Pandora pretended to be Nanase's summon briefly but that's about it. Immortals are not supposed to intervene in the lives of mortals other than guide or empower them so even if Jerry wanted to pretend to be Dex's fairy summon he couldn't without breaking the laws of the Immortals.

[[WMG: Immortals are [[Series/DoctorWho Timelords]]]]
Think about it.
** Jossed by [[ the nonexistence of time travel in the EGS multiverse]].

[[WMG: Greg is awake without realizing it.]]
Verres says that one way to awaken without having to deal with overflowing energy buildups is to "study hard" for it. Greg spent 168 hours (one week) watching anime and ended up unlocking his Ki powers. Connection?
* Greg is Dreaming, most likely, the pre-Awake state. Awakening means gaining your own spells and and then using the weird experience system to gain more. Dreaming refers to anyone not awake who can use spells of some kind, like Susan's chest-summoning, Ellen's beam, and Elliot's ability shapeshift into a girl. Greg developed Anime Martial-arts, whose higher techniques use magic energy, as well as building up magic energy. Greg probably could awaken at this point, but he needs other magic beings to do so.

[[WMG: Commander Jaguar (from the end of Painted Black) was the original genetic source for Shade Tail]]
No proof, but they do kind of look similar...
* The original genetic sources for Shade Tail consisted of a naturally strong '''human''' male, in addition to the uryuom, squirrel and lespuko sources. Commander Jaguar on the other hand appears to be a seyunolu of some kind and is almost certainly not human.

[[WMG: Jerry will be called in by Grace to help calm down the Boar in response to [[ Raven's request.]]]] Okay, come on. Raven almost asks OUTRIGHT for the [[MundaneMadeAwesome Serenity-Inducing-Fluffy-Animal-Attack.]] [[ After all the fuss Dan put into it,]] [read the commentary below] I refuse to believe the awesomeness will not be used again. Plus, it's a good way to reintroduce Jerry! ...Who's just carried out his own [[ArcWords Death]] [[TitleDrop Sentence]] [[EurekaMoment OH SHI-!]]
** Jossed -- [[ the boar was dealt with without Jerry's involvement.]]

[[WMG: Reporter Carol Brown is Sarah's mother]]
They have the same last name, and Dan referred to Carol having that name "for EGS-specific reasons".
* {{Jossed}}: Aw, so close! [[ Carol is her sister!]]

[[WMG: The man in [[ panel three of this comic]] is [[Series/DoctorWho "the" Doctor]]. The genuine article, you might say.]]
And the pig-tailed girl is his companion. With two corollaries:
* 1: He's using the fob watch trick to appear human - hence his existential despair at [[TheProfessorIsCryingAgain flagrant violations of physics]] (because his human form doesn't know any better).
* 2: He's accidentally in the EGS universe due to a TARDIS malfunction. It's absolutely true that [[ time travel isn't possible in the EGS universe]]... [[LoopholeAbuse but the Doctor isn't from the EGS universe]], is he?
** {{Jossed}}. In the commentary of the came strip it was stated that it was not the writer's intention, and that "if defying the laws of physics made Doctor Who cry, he'd never get anything done."

[[WMG: The source of the rumors regarding Elliot's sexual orientation post-breakup is probably George from the comic shop.]]
He's believed that Elliot was gay before in the Cheerleadra/Summoner arc, and seems to have a crush on Justin to boot - so perhaps its his warped version of IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy? He's the only character featured in the comic thus far that would post a well-punctuated, thought-out (if inaccurate) post like that on a web-video.
* Perhaps the better theory, [[ judging by this comic]], is that it's the classmate that [[ randomly approached Sarah]] and said "You have a good heart". She was also the only one shown mulling over what Elliot "realized" [[ after watching the review]].
* {{Jossed}}: [[spoiler: It's [[ Tony's friend]].]]

[[WMG: Tedd's new hair will interfere with Grace's attempt to remember her dream.]]
So far, every time Grace has had a sense of deja vu, it's been when looking at the backs of peoples' heads, where their various hairstyles are. This suggests that the Emissary for Magic had Grace focus on images of the backs of her friends' heads while receiving the message. Since Tedd is the largest part of her life, it stands to reason that they would focus mostly on him. The changed hairstyle would render this hypothetical attempt moot.
* Then again, so far, Grace experienced Deja Vu only when looking at the "unaware marked" people (Justin and Rhoda). The magic marks may have some significance... or even be central to the Emissary's message.

[[WMG: The weird cloaked figure that Ellen and Nanase in [[ this comic.]] is the griffin talking to Elliot in panel five of [[ this comic.]]]]
They appear to be roughly the same size and shape. Beyond that, the cloaked figure is described as having a creepy, growl-like, but distinctly female voice, while Elliot clearly describes the griffin as "she." On top of that, the cloaked figure is explicitly talking to young adult men. She is probably trying to find Elliot again, but isn't very good at telling humans apart.
** Close. It's her wife, Tara, trying to find that first griffin.

[[WMG: The blinding aura that Luke saw was not Tedd's, but rather Pandora's]]
Justin's and Grace's auras were pretty soft, and Luke considered them to have considerable power. We later see the blinding light emanating from Tedd's location, but in an earlier strip Pandora is seen in a very protective pose with relation to Tedd. Now, who's more likely to have such a blinding magical aura; the magically impaired Tedd, or the impossibly powerful and ancient immortal Pandora?

* Jossed. Chaos was actually [[ directly behind luke]] and confirms that it was Tedd's aura.

[[WMG: Elliot and Sarah will break up soon]]
This is all but canon already. [[ This strip]] shows that Jerry thinks it very possible that they will break up, and she was pretty weirded out when he morphed into her, but with bigger breasts. [[ On the road trip]], she confirmed that she felt less attracted to Elliot--so that her attraction to him is more like that of Nanase's to him during their relationship. I don't see Sarah becoming a lesbian, but I think that she is far too uncomfortable with Elliot to remain in a relationship with him for much longer. (Perhaps this combined with Elliot's attraction to Justin while in alter-ego form will allow for a Justin/Elliot pairing under normal circumstances?)
* But I LOVE Elliot and Sarah's relationship! DAMN YOU SARAH'S UTERUS!
* Nah, their relationship should be cleared up at the end of the current arc, once Elliot gets a spell that doesn't involve him being a woman.
** ''Note, 2012 December 7:'' Whatever arc was "current" as of the prior bullet is long over -- and Elliot still doesn't have a spell that doesn't involve him being a woman.
* That was my interpretation of Sarah's, well misinterpretation of Mr. Verres's Note in Panel 5 of [[ this comic.]] A lot has been [[RetCon retconned]] since then, though.
* Also relevant to the possibility is [[ their differing reactions to a mindless action movie set in Paris]].
* [[ A new challenger has arrived!]] By which I mean: is Elliot/''Susan'' a possibility? And if so, [[HilarityEnsues how much hilarity would have to ensue in the process]]?
** [[ The sketchbook suggested this as far back as 2003.]]
** As of the end of "Rocks Fall Nobody Is Hired", they're coworkers.
** At the end of "By the Numbers" they agree to watch some movies together. Just the two of them.
** [[ Their feelings about phone calls are similar.]]
** Heck, [[ their feelings about asking people out are similar.]]
* If "There Be Whales Here, Pt. 2" is any indication, things aren't looking too good. Elliot [[ hasn't called her in a while]], and if she finds out Susan told him to call her, it's going to make her [[ irritation about his not taking the initiative]] worse. And she probably won't be happy if it turns out Elliot didn't tell her about the movie-watching with Susan on his day off.
* [[ Confirmed]].
* There is still a chance that Sarah might change her mind, but it's nearly as good as confirmed, yes.
* Confirmed. So ''very'' much confirmed at this point. It's now only a matter of time before Susan and Diane start clashing over who wins Elliot's affection.

[[WMG: Tedd is using Sarah to test the failsafes on the watch.]]
So, [[ Tedd (yes, that's Tedd) just handed Sarah a watch]] ... which, [[ when Sarah pushed the button,]] [[ did nothing.]] Why would he have to test this?

Simple. The watch is supposed to ''only'' work when the intent of the user is somehow ''formatted'' correctly. Sarah needed to be oblivious because oblivious-Sarah will be neither intentionally focusing in the way that the watch requires to work, nor intentionally ''not'' focusing in the way the watch requires to work.
-- @/RobinZimm

* [[ Confirmed]].

[[WMG:Tedd has a sibling]]
Tengu did comment that he could have made his new flock look like Noriko's '''firstborn''' son. This implies he is not the only.
* [[ Confirmed]] by both Tengu and WordOfGod.
* So the question is, who is the father of Tedd's sibling? If it's Mr. Verres, then perhaps Noriko took off before he knew she was pregnant. However, her obsession with having a powerful magical heir leads me to guess that she left Mr. Verres because she didn't think he could father a suitable child after Tedd came out magic-free. She would have sought out another powerful wizard... Agent Wolf? Arthur Arthur? A Uryom using the transformation gun? I would say an immortal, but a half-elf wouldn't be able to continue the bloodline. Most likely it would have been another of Raven's favorite students from school, since they would have known each other and Dan seems to love scenarios with maximum drama potential.
* Considering the time she spent in Europe, it's not unreasonable to assume Noriko has another family there.

[[WMG: Tedd's labeling of Nanase as his "Ugly Cousin" is to hide the fact that at least part of him recognizes her as an attractive female.]]
Note, this WMG doesn't necessarily mean Tedd has a KissingCousins crush on Nanase. It could very well be that part of his teenage straight male mind recognizes that Nanase is a physically attractive girl, even if this recognition does not include sexual attraction. Of course, this recognition makes him extremely uncomfortable since Nanase is his cousin. Teasing her and calling her ugly is his way of denying this recognition to himself.
* Oh, definitely. [[ This strip]] practically spells that out. Not only did Ellen reach a similar conclusion about how his opinion that [[YuriFan "Lesbians are neato"]] was conflicting with one of those lesbians being his cousin, but the ''exact words'' he used in his panicked denial of there being anything attractive about the situation was a cry of "''Ugly cousin! '''Ugly cousin!'''''"
* As of [[ this strip]] he's prepared to concede that she's "''theoretically'' good looking ... (I wouldn't know because she's my cousin)".

!! Mr.Verres

[[WMG: Mr. Verres has taken care of the Lord Tedd situation]]
He probably wouldn't kill an other-dimensional version of his son unless it came down to his having to jump between Lord Tedd and his own Tedd. However, the man's crafty and before his promotion, very powerful - he's probably done something to ''curtail'' Lord Tedd.

Or maybe just talked to him.

*[[ Confirmed]]


[[WMG: As a response to everything in the Susan and Diane folder talking about how they're sisters...]]
[[ Confirmed.]]
* Assuming [[spoiler: Reincarnated Jerry]] is telling the truth.
** But not FULL sisters per [[ Mr Verres's background checks]].

[[WMG: Diane is Susan's Half-Sister]]
Nothing is known of Diane's home life, while Susan's father was a known cheater.
* {{Jossed}} by Reincarnated Jerry; they're sisters.
** And [[ now]] UN-Jossed. (Is that a word?) Susan's father was not particularly discriminate in who he was with.

[[WMG: Noah is The Child Left Behind]]
Okay, so we know Noah hates secrets and lost his parents. Since Damian had killed those involved with Project Lycantrope to get to Grace and her brothers. It's possible that Noah would blame the MIB or the secret project in general if they were involved; then he went to Raven for training so he could avenge them. Just a hunch though.
* Seems pretty damn likely, actually. The Child is seen apologizing to a gravestone for failing to defeat Damien...specifically, by being beaten to the opportunity by Grace. What do we know about Noah? Well, he and the Child have some vague resemblance (the Child is mostly silhouetted, but (s)he has a pretty wiry build). [[ His parents are dead]] (specifically, as a result of some massive secret kept from the public). He's strong and fast enough to give Elliot a run for his money in both store-racing and basketball...with Elliot strongly suspecting that Noah is holding himself back. And we know the poor guy [[ has some rage issues]] (and specifically brings up that some things are unforgivable enough to deserve violent revenge). Yeah...pretty damn likely.
** [[IKnewIt confirmed]]
*** [[ Oh, sweet me]], ''confirmed.''

[[WMG: Noah is bi/pan.]]
Assuming Archie and Noah are counterparts: we know Archie was asexual, but Noah's pretty clearly not. So he probably inherited Uryuom pansexual tendencies and thus could be happy with either a girl or a guy--or any other alternatives--as long as found them attractive on a mental level.
** [[ Confirmed.]] According to Dan Shive, he's pan.

!!Pandora Chaos Raven
[[WMG: The "remaking" of the world by Chaos will result in everyone finding out about magic]]
This is already happening, at a pretty rapid pace, and if magic is no longer a secret, then perhaps Raven will be able to act more openly and freely participate in the world in a bigger way.
* The events of the New And Old Flames storyline definitely seem to be orchestrated by Chaos. More specifically [[ the pendant worn by Dex has a earthen jar on it]] and [[ the myth of Pandora's Box actually refers to a large storage jar]]. [[ "Destroying the world as it is now known"]] seems to be referring to the destruction of the {{Masquerade}}.
** [[ Confirmed.]]

[[WMG: Pandora is responsible for the regional magic peak]]
As of [[ 2013-01-25]], we learn that the entire region (for several miles) is being saturated with magical energy, which is the reason for the characters' strong energy build-ups, and easy use of magical artifacts. (Also implied to be the reason why [[ transformations last so much longer]] when sustained by the will of the subject.) The "whale" suspects it to be caused by the will of a being with great power.

And what powerful being do we know who has an interest in [[ causing magical chaos]]?
** Confirmed by herself in [[ this strip.]]

[[WMG: The "remaking" of the world by Chaos will result in [[EveryoneIsASuper magic for EVERYONE.]]]]
Raven wants a world he can freely participate in, and one situation where he can participate is anything involving magic. If everyone has magic, just about every situation will likely involve it.
* Understandable, since Pandora seems to be (though it's ambiguous whether she's behind it) marking random people, granting them powers (Dex's summons, Justin's battle aura, and Rhoda's size-shifting powers so far).
** [[ During her conversation with the emissary of the magic, she outright states that making magic known and available to everyone is her goal.]]

!!Noriko Kitsune Verres
[[WMG: Tedd's mother is Nanase's Mother's sister]]
* Tedd and Nanase have similar features while their fathers do not.
** Doesn't explain the names though.
*** I think you have a severe misunderstanding of how maiden names work.
*** And I think you have a severely obsolete understanding of how maiden names work. These days anything goes. I even know someone who changed ''all'' of her names (first, last, and middle) when she got married.
*** "Severely Obsolete"? Try PROPER. A woman's maiden name in the traditional sense is also a woman's maiden name in the way it is supposed to be. Just because one person decided to completely change their name when they married does NOT mean that 'anything goes' when it comes to maiden names, it just means that the particular person wanted to deviate away from the tradition of keeping the maiden name as a middle name.
*** They could have followed the Japanese practice where the wife's family adopts the husband in order to preserve the family name in families without male heirs. Or the even more common practice of the wife keeping her maiden name. As for Nanase's name, you get whatever name your parents wrote on the birth certificate application. Using the father's name is not the law, just a tradition.
*** In this troper's country, the man is allowed to change his name to that of his wife's. Wouldn't be much of a stretch if Kitsune is the maiden name of Nanase's mother.
** Makes sense to me. Weren't Ted and Nanase ''explicitly stated'' to be cousins?
*** Yup. Mr. Verres says that Nanase's mother is his "sister-in-law", which means that Tedd's mother is either the sister of Nanase's mother or father (it's not made clear which).
*** Sorry, doesn't work that way. in a strictly legal sense, one is only an in-law to a sibling's spouse. (Your brother's wife is you sister-in-law, your wife's brother is your brother-in-law, but his wife is your wife's sister-in-law, not yours. So Mr. Verres' can only truly be Nanase's uncle and her mother's brother-in-law if Mrs. Kitsune were married to his brother. Since that's probably not the case Dan Shive either doesn't understand this stuff either or likely simply doesn't care. Most people either don't know or don't care because the strict definition only matters when you're determining inheritance.
*** I'm voting for 'doesn't understand this either', as you must have either been involved in a lawsuit or make a hobby of researching obscure legalities to even know that....
*** Wait... so according to that, using: me-brother-brother's wife(BW). BW is MY sister-in-law, but I'm not her brother-in-law? (because I'm not married to her sister)
** Nanase's mother has a shade of purple in her [[ hair]]. The same color as Tedd's hair and probably his mother's hair as well.
** WordOfGod on this subject, [[ back in 2004]]: "It was actually "sister in-law"; the relation is on Tedd's mother's side, and even if she was Mr Verre's blood sister, she would take on the last name of the man she married."
* Given how traditional Nanase's mother is, this [[ Q&A]] leads me to believe that Tedd's mom is Nanase's mom's sister. Considering they have said(or was it just hinted at?) that Tedd's mom essentially abandoned him and his father.

[[WMG: Tedd's Mom has magical abilities and/or immortal connections]]
Jerry seemed very aware of Tedd's identity but hesitated before identifying his father as the reason. Could that mean Tedd's mom is notorious in immortal circles?
* We've seen that Nanase's mom has pull in Mr. Verres' organization, and knows more about Nanase's abilities than she ought to, which suggests that Nanase's mom's sister may have similar knowledge.
** Raven revealed during Death Sentence that he taught both of Tedd's parents and the reason they're no longer together is she put her work with the supernatural ahead of her family, so confirmed.

!!Other Characters
[[WMG: Mr. Verres' secretary is taken with him]]
* Lavender the Uryuom has adopted a rather HelloNurse body-shape and seems both rather ''attentive'' towards him and quickly affected by shifts in his mood. While, by all indications, they aren't physically compatible with human beings, Uryuom attraction is based on personality - and Mr. Verres is a smart, principled, and ultimately kind-hearted man. She could very plausibly have at least a crush on him.
** Considering Mr. Verres' style, things probably haven't gone beyond subtle flirtation - and he may be unwilling to let it go any further for a variety of reasons.
** Dunno. Given the demonstrated Uryuom tendency to be overly-literal about some things she just might jut be under the influence of a lot of old movies.
** Alternately, the feelings are completely reciprocal. Mr. Verres just doesn't feel like telling Tedd or his friends about it just yet.
** If [[ this]] is anything to go by, the theory has just been confirmed.

[[WMG: like Dexter and Justin, Rhoda's unknownigly Dreamimg]]
her spell is making other things bigger ,and she's responsible for accidently making the boar huge
* Interesting, it kinda fits with other stuff. Rhoda is a small person, and always sees everyone else as being huge and intimidating. In one panel, it shows that she sees Justin towering over her, even though he says that he's not really THAT tall. But what if she unconsciously increased Justin's size temporarily?
** Confirmed by [[ this strip]]. Rhoda has a magic mark and unknowingly enlarged the boar as it came toward her with her eyes closed. Whether she ever affected Justin's size is unconfirmed.
[[WMG: The physical differences between Susan and Diane are a result of Susan's Awakening.]]
** Confirmed [[ as of this strip.]]

[[WMG: Jerry has returned, and he's confirming other theories in the process]]
Given that Jerry has canonically been missing in the comic for over half a year since he was about to die and be reborn, that gives him more than enough time to pick up the pieces of what was lost in his memory, and in turn begin looking over the cast. [[ Come New Year's Eve,]] and he's very likely returned as the male shown in this comic. Reasons? First, the Santa Elf costume, much like his Santa Claus outfit from his first appearance. Then there's the cleft jaw, the eyebrow style, the mannerisms, the fact that he's at a party that canonically shouldn't include him and... Last but not least, references owing a character a debt. Specifically, the sister of the character he is talking to. Diane. The only reason this and above [=WMGs=] can't yet be tossed in the confirmed pile is because it hasn't been spelled out plainly, and the tiniest shred of chance that all these theories are false still exists. And yet... It's fairly hard evidence.
* Why yes, yes he is ... [[ Confirmed.]]
[[WMG: Luke has a magical mark.]]
Specifically the [[ magnifying glass]]. This is what let's him sense people's magic auras.
[[WMG: Catalina has a magical mark.]]
Specifically the [[ cat's paw]]. It fits her theme and it'd mean that the background colours of the marks are the character's (general) hair colour.

[[WMG: The story takes place in a parallel universe.]]
The existence of parallel universes is confirmed in the storyline. It would explain the small (and large) differences between the realities, I, for one, have never seen [[strike:aliens]] people wearing shirts saying "Human".
** Haven't you? Or are they ''so well hidden'' that they've been there the whole time, and ''you've never noticed''?
** I think this is more evident in the fact that blue, purple and green are not especially unusual natural hair colors in this [[strike:setting]] time period.
* I pretty sure the whole "this is a webcomic" thing ensures that this is an alternate universe. That's what comics are after all.

[[WMG: There will be a TimeSkip after this arc or the next one finishes]]
It will mentioned that Nanase will have to wait month's before regain her powers and pandora's plan seems to have to be delayed thanks to Magus betray...or maybe Magus, unknowing, is doing EXACTLY what Pandora is searching for: try to oblige Ellen to zap Elliot...
* [[ Six months later...]]

[[WMG: An evil shapeshifter will go against the group.]]
When asked on his Formspring if there would ever be a villain with shapeshifting abilities, someone more proactive than Pandora, Dan responded with "good chance, yes" so I suppose you could say it's partially confirmed. But beyond that, someone with shapeshifting abilities will use them to impersonate Elliot, Sarah, Susan, Tedd and all the rest in order to sow discord or ruin relationships between the characters and make them paranoid about who's who and what's going on. Either this person will be someone with a grudge against the group, someone in league with one of the villains (Magus/Sirleck, Pandora or a villain/villains not yet revealed) or someone manipulated by Pandora with a mark like (presumably) Justin and Rhoda.

* Confirmed. [[spoiler:Not-Tengu was a shapeshifter.]]

[[WMG: Alternatively, it is a Griffin searching for the one Elliot directed to Avalon]]
[[ The figure says that Elliot will tell them where "she" is]], and you can make out the shape of what appears to be an open beak when the figure is speaking. [[ There is also the fact that the two speak in the exact same font.]]
* Apparently confirmed. It ''is'' a different griffin, the griffin is in search of Avalon to find her wife (yes, ''her'' wife) and is under the impression Elliot knows something, so unless there was some confusion with a third griffin involved at some point...

[[WMG: [[ the Shadow thing]] wasn't summoned by Pandora. the dragon's target wasn't noah]]
It's makes no sense. First of all, if the dragon's target were Noah, as Raven suggests. ''why the hell'' did he grab Elliot and go flying with him? it's obvious that he would follow the dragon. Second, once they are at the store, the dragon attack the road, not the store, it's obvious that the dragon wanted elliot to block the attack, instead of acomplish an ''assasin mission''. third, the first thing the dragon do after knock elliot, was to descend near his body. So, Noah's presence was just a coincidence, luckily for elliot. which leads me to the next WMG...
* You do realise that Pandora prefers not knowing the outcome, and thus will make sure her plans make little sense when considering what her objectives are right?
* Worth noting, the dragon didn't attack the road, it attacked ''Melissa,'' likely to draw out Noah (who was specifically manipulated into being in the area).
* [[ Confirmed]]

[[WMG: the dragon's target was Elliot]]
whatever pandora seek, i'm pretty sure that it doesn't include a "comic super-cherleader-hero". it's just isn't related to magic in any way! i mean, it's likely to people to relate [[ this]] with [[ this]] than with [[ this]]. killing Elliot would avoid to people think more about magic than alien.

*[[ Confirmed]] in this and following comics by Tedds father and the Immortal who committed said plans.

[[WMG: Rhoda had an unrequited crush on Diane.]]
This is almost obvious, but not yet confirmed despite them having a relationship with LesYay overtones. During the events of Death Sentence, she met Catalina and and is now all set to be [[ canonically paired]]. However, she isn't out yet and specifically "doesn't want a friend of hers to know for some reason". That friend is Diane, who isn't into girls and wasn't aware Rhoda saw her as more than a friend.

* [[ Confirmed]]!

[[WMG: Magus is an alternate of Elliot]]
He did tell Ellen that her ''father'' commanded it, when trying make her transform Elliot, and though Elliot is considered to be the "mother" to Tedd's "father", the association is still there. His body language is very similar to Elliot's. Terra, who he was fighting when he was disembodied, looks an [[ awful]] [[ lot]] like Tedd, and they wear the same uniform. They were dueling in an empty stadium, and Terra looked awfully surprised and worried when Magus vanished. School of magic, anyone?
* Really? Magus/Elliot seems obvious, (so obvious that there was no need to make it explicit) but I always assumed Terra was that universe's counterpart of ''Nanase'', not Tedd. Their rivalry certainly seems a lot more like Nanase/Elliot than Elliot/Tedd. School of magic is a given.
** Nah, look at Terra's eyes in the second link. Definitely Tedd.
*** And, his name is '''te'''rra, we know how likes Dan to conserve the first letters of the name.
** Either way she's definitely not a Nanase. I thought so too until I realized that in one scene Magus says that Nanase "would ''so'' be a man in my universe."
* He's Ellen's father because in [[ this strip]] and [[ this one]], which triggered the creation of Ellen, Magus was almost certainly manipulating Tedd's emotions. That said, he ''could'' still be an alternate Elliot, just not for that reason..
* [[ Confirmed]] Magus is Elliot and Terra is Tedd.