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The following movies take place in the same continuity

In chronological order:

The first (chronological) appearance of Earl McGraw takes place in Kill Bill Volume I. He has one son, Edgar, who is a ranger like him, and a gifted daughter, Dakota. After witnessing the events in the flashbacks, he spent a few more years working as a ranger. Meanwhile, the Gecko brothers were escaping jail and ended up on America's Most Wanted.

Then Earl investigates the possible car crash murder we see in Death Proof but fails to solve it.

A few years later, he helps Dakota escape the zombie-infested city in Planet Terror and decides to keep what he saw to himself. Big mistake; the zombie virus was modified by the American government from the blood of the vampire queen Santanico Pandamonium. As Earl leaves the city, he decides to buy a bottle of booze from a liquor store; then he's killed by the Gecko brothers.

As the Gecko brothers escape to Mexico, The Virus spreads quickly. The brothers go inside the Titty Twister bar and kill all the vampires left inside. But the other vampires who show up later after having transformed themselves into bats are modified versions of the zombies from Death Proof.

Thus, the survivors from Death Proof are hiding in the same temple atop which the Tittie Twister was built. And when Beatrix Kiddo is driving her car with her daughter beside her, there are zombies/vampires all around.