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After Rome fell, European nations sought to emulate it as the ultimate in civilization. And the more things change...
  • The Holy American Empire Republic?
    • Except it'll be secular, Jamaican, and an empire.
  • The Holy Empire of Canada/Mexico?
  • Canexico? I love that place!
  • What about a "Holy American Empire of the Chinese Nation?" China is most likely as successor after America falls and it will be disrupted a lot by the economic catastrophe caused by said fall.

America's just in a really bad chapter right now.
  • OK, so imagine that every nation is like a book. Like a book, there are good chapters and there are bad chapters. Well, right now America is in a bad chapter and sooner or later, a good chapter will open up again. Here's hoping it's soon!!
    • We've been acting pretty much the same way since the country was founded. I really don't think it's going to change.
    • Yep, we went from a bunch of pissed off colonies to the world's strongest country. Nothing changed at all!. America's history is filled with ups (Like World War 2) and downs (Vietnam War). The same with all other countries. America will pull through. It's been through worse.

Just because America might fall doesn't mean the end of everything for the American citizens.
  • Seriously. Is France the same as it was in 1755? No! Yet is it still there? Of course! America's changing. It may not be as bad as it seems.
    • It could, in fact, be much worse then it is now.

America will stay the World Superpower for hundreds of years, until...
  • Humanity invents long distance space travel. Numerous nations, including the United States, China, India, and Japan found colonies in space. America briefly experiences a huge stream of commerce and unprecedented power, but eventually their far off colonies revolt and declare independence. They then go into a slow period of decline. Eventually, said collection of colonies ends up as the new galactic power. History repeats itself.