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The owls don't exist.
They're just obviously fake puppet owls. It puts a whole new twist on the entire film.

Lloyd isn't stupid. He's insane.

Let's go over a list of Lloyd's more questionable moments. He:

  • Mistakes Mary's politeness for affection and falls instantly in crush with her, then takes it way too far, and is utterly oblivious to the fact that he's creeping her out.
  • Is a very poor driver, and flees the scene of an accident in order to do something that probably could have been handled by airport security based solely on the fact that he was so obsessed with a woman he just met.
  • Demonstrates a total lack of financial responsibilty and gets robbed because he thought he could trust somebody he just insulted.
    • Face it: he wasn't even aware that he insulted her...
    • It could also be that he was never robbed and just made that up so he'd have another excuse to convince Harry to go to Aspen.
  • Decides to go on a cross-country road trip to be reunited with a woman he only drove to the airport.
  • Sells a dead parakeet to a blind kid for twenty five dollars.
  • Indulges in a totally unrealistic fantasy in which he is the ultimate hero and Mary can't wait to throw herself at him, thus demonstrating a complete lack of understanding about the way relationships work.
  • Insists on annoying the hitchhiker they picked up (admittedly he was planning on killing them both, but they didn't know that), without considering that he might not want to hear the Most Annoying Sound.
  • Utterly ignores Harry's needs until they are pointed out to him, like wearing two pairs of gloves until Harry says his hands are cold.
  • Kills an owl with a cork and doesn't realize what's so wrong about that.
  • Puts laxatives in Harry's tea instead of confronting him directly about seeing Mary.
  • Still expects Mary to fall into his arms despite the fact that he is a stuttering mess and she's only with him because he has the briefcase.
  • Engages in an Indulgent Fantasy Segue wherein he imagines murdering Mary's husband.

On their own, a few of these actions might be considered merely stupid. But all of them together paint a portrait of a deeply troubled individual who has no sense of the way the world works and only survives because Harry is too legitimately dumb and passive to call him out on his crap for most of the movie.

Lloyd was dating Freda because he thought she was the other twin or thought Harry was seeing the other twin.
He said only "Felcher" when he remembered. He didn't say her full name.

Lloyd and Harry helped write the script for Dumb And Dumberer
Unfortunately, Lloyd can't read and Harry wasn't really paying attention so they ended up getting a lot of things wrong.

In addition to being insane, Lloyd is also a lot smarter than he let on.
He was just a stalker that succeeded in playing "soulmate" to Harry. Eventually he found a new stalking victim in Mary. After getting tired of both Harry, Mary and playing stupid, he wanted new adventures. So he moved to another town and got a job as a cable guy. Hey, he used various aliases to hide his true identity.

The animated series and the prequel were all visions in Lloyd's head during his stay at the Mental institution
And the strange thing was... he wasn't even insane, he was faking insanity for the sake of a joke to pull on Harry!