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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Due South
Fraser is a direct descendant of Sargeant Jasper Linney
Benton Fraser's personality and physical build are very similar to Sargeant Jasper Linney's (who is also a Mountie), and the latter happens to share a lot in common with Detective Wiliam Murdoch. It turns out that Linney and Murdoch are half-brothers, so if this theory is true, then Fraser and Murdoch are related.

The two Rays are the same person
Yes, this is another Time Lord theory.
  • That would explain why Ray V was even crankier than usual in the final episode- he was worried about crossing his own timeline.
  • Diefenbaker is a Timelord wolf. Between the pilot and the series he obviously regenerated.
  • And the obligatory Rays' TARDIS would be the Cool Car, which changed its disguise from a 1972 Buick Riverra to a Pontiac GTO.

Fraser is also a Time Lord
  • Bob Fraser isn't Benton Fraser's dad, he's his previous regeneration. Can you remember seeing them both alive at the same time? Fraser's TARDIS is his broom closet, obviously.

Ray did see a gun
  • We can safely assume that running off with Victoria would not have ended well for Fraser. At all. So, it's possible that given the Magical Realism present inshow, Ray did see her pointing a symbolic gun at him.
    • Alternately, Fraser was completley deluded due to the stress of the situation, and Victoria was actually pointing a gun at him.

Victoria has a twin sister, Stella Bonasera
  • They were just adopted by different families, and the sister she mentioned was adoptive (she was charred,it might still have worked if they didn't look alike.) And her twin was an NYPD detective for a while, now she's head of the New Orleans crime lab.

Fraser was seriously considered for the position of Middleman
  • He consistently takes the impossible and improbable in stride, which is the most significant requirement of the job. He's also unfailingly honorable, dutiful, and polite, qualities which the Middleman who recruited the current holder of the title clearly considered essential. Fraser declined because his duties to the Queen took precedence.

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