[[WMG: By giving himself a body of flesh and blood, Rhapthorne was HoistByHisOwnPetard.]]
If the logic of VideoGame/WildARMS2 and VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV also applies to the world of Dragon Quest VIII, then by obtaining the body of flesh and blood he so craved, Rhapthorne made himself permanently destroyable. In VideoGame/WildARMS2, the [[EldritchAbomination Kuiper Belt]] was a sort of ephemeral force that consumed worlds wherever it went which not even the powerful Dragons could fight because there wasn't a form to attack. A plan was devised to defeat it by giving it a body of flesh and blood. By having a physical form to strike down, the Kuiper Belt was destroyed forever. The same is true of VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV where [[spoiler:[[BigBad Zeromus]]]] had to be forced into a corporeal form in order to be defeated. Rhapthorne was untouchable while he was still a soul in the staff. By giving himself a physical form, he made it possible for him to be destroyed! Oops!
** Fitting Enough, villains tend to be arrogant. Probably Rhapthorne thought that noone could possibly beat him in his true form.
** It was almost probably worth the risk to him to have a body instead of being stuck in a staff and having to hope someone kept coming along to possess. Especially considering his last host he almost couldn't control.
[[WMG: The Argon Hearts aren't the part of Argon Lizards you think they are.]]
First and foremost, the lizards you beat for them ''get up and run away'' when beaten, clearly indicating they still possess all their vital organs, such as their ''heart.'' Furthermore, it's far too crystalline and rock-solid to function as a blood-pumper.
** Having played ''VideoGame/BreathOfFireIV'' and learned how Faerie Jewels, prismatic gems that regularly get crafted into swords, were made, this troper has a rather disturbing theory that what you're actually collecting is, in fact, the lizard's droppings. [[IncrediblyLamePun Talk about beating the crap out of them.]]
** Or of course, stomach stones that are often a part of reptilian digestive systems. Though given that they must have thrown the things up that has unfortunate implications as well..
[[WMG: Marcello didn't kill the Lord High Priest, Rhapthorne did while Marcello was asleep]]
Though implied to be the culprit, he himself seems to think he died of shock even though his nursemaids said his condition was stabilizing. It's more than likely Rhapthorne took his chance while Marcello was asleep, and thus mentally defenseless to take over and finish the job.
** Jossed in the 3DS version. The Lord HighPriest was stabbed and thrown off the island; they only lately managed to recover his body. Rhapthorne implies that Marcello was personally responsible by saying he was the one who "took care of it".
[[WMG: If Rapthorne's seal hadn't come completely undone...]]
The curse would have weakened over time in twenty or so years Trodain would return to normal. but during that time the kings health would decline whether from the actual curse or just normal illness he dies never seeing his kingdom resotred. having accomplished their goal of stopping Rapthorne the party split's up the equipment and head off to their fates.
** Yangus reunites with Red and the two of them head off as treasure hunters/traders Yangus got Baumrens bell and Captian Crow's treasure charts in addition to all his armor and weapons.
** Jessica returns home and reconciles with her mother she set's up a school teaching magic to the village and gains fame across the land her school becomes world reknowned, Jessica takes the god-bird soul-stone in addition to most of the swords all of her weapons and armor.
** Angelo opens an orphanage giving a home to children who have nowhere else to go, he takes the magic key and the world map in addition to all his weapons and armor.
** The Hero roves the lands seeking out and destroying evil he finds his heritage with the Dragovians and passes the trials with great difficulty. he eventually reveals his heritage to his uncle and displaces Prince Charmles as heir to the throne. The hero takes the Darktree leaf, the ultimate key, and kept the alchemy pot and all the related ingredients in addition to his best sword and the rest of his weapons and armor(except the swords which Jessica took.)
** Medea remains a horse for some time after Rapthorne is resealed. frequent exposure to the mystic spring that removes curses accelerates the end of the curse. she marries The hero and follows along on his journeys learning combat along the way.
[[WMG: The mountain hermit south of Farebury is a Dragovian]]
The second time the hermit gives cheese to the party he mentions that he got so much from his last visit to his hometown that he couldn't carry it all. The only place that even comes close to enjoying cheese as much as he talks about is the Dragovian Sanctuary, especially when Chen Mui feeds the party their first night there as it's explicitly mentioned to be a cheese feast.
* This is confirmed in-game. As Chen Mui will make an appearance and speak to the mountain hermit if certain conditions are fulfilled. Even in the original [=PS2=] version of the game.
[[WMG: [[JustForFun Angelo is a virgin]]]]
* The man may love himself the ladies, but he isn't going to be putting himself in a position where he might accidentally father any illegitimate children.