[[WMG: The Master?]]
Who do you think Sepulchure's Master is?
* [[SarcasmMode Zorbak]] or Twig.
* I am disappointed in the lack of a certain character... The Mysterious Stranger, who out of all characters met (although, we really don't know WHAT the Stranger even is), is the most likely candidate.
* [[spoiler:Mysterious Stranger, proven in the most recent quest of the Friday the 13 War of 2011.]]
[[WMG: Tomix was dared by his brother]]
We know he accepted a challenge to weave with the headmaster's spirit looms. Ans as of book three, quest ''Soulless'' we found out that someone he knows and is related to is in a coma, and he felt guilty for it. As of the Roirr quest Father of Mine, we have learned from a picture Danyel had that Tomix was one of twins. ''The student who dared him to weave with the headmaster's spiritlooms was his twin brother,'' who was harmed severely in the weaving accident! The twin is the one in the coma, and the one who woke up at the end of the Tomix Saga!
** Either that or Tomix ended up in his body, but your theory makes sense.
** or they're both in that body.

[[WMG: Cysero is a TimeLord.]]
He ''does'' have a TARDIS.
* Alternatively, the Doctor could have left a piece behind when visiting him, and Cysero decided to grow his own TARDIS, but couldn't get in without a Key, so he sold it to the Hero. On that note...
* There is no evidence that Cysero actively meddles with time unless there's a need for it.

[[WMG: The PlayerCharacter was really the VideoGame/MechQuest Student]]
* ... then had LaserGuidedAmnesia after [[NoodleIncident the Reset]]; FTW, [[spoiler:Kathool just saw this as an opportunity to MindRape them afterwards.]]

[[WMG: The Player character is ''pretending'' to be dumb.]]
This is so that everyone [[ObfuscatingStupidity underestimates them]] as the Hero of the saga, so that when [[BigBad Selpuchure]] unleashes Fluffy, their own dragon will become the [=UnderDog=] and they 'destroy' Lore as the Prophecy intended -- Either that, or our ''[=DragonFable=]'' character really ''is'' FakingAmnesia.
* It should be noted that our character has shown great wit and intelligence in certain moments. Rather than "playing dumb," this would either be our character growing more experienced, or just a lack of common sense rather than intelligence.

[[WMG: The Player character is ''still'' being {{Mind Rape}}d by the Water Orb saga.]]
* FridgeHorror for the rest of the saga, what if the Boss was still controlling us if the two [[spoiler:Death Knights]] didn't come for our rescue, but was still hallucinating everything from then onwards? Not probable, but still...
* The character's psyche was already in a questionable state before Kathool went to work, and it's fairly possible that permanent damage was caused. That doesn't mean it will ever have such serious effects on us.

[[WMG: The Player Character was a TimeLord.]]
Case in point: Blue Box house item and Trinket. And maybe during the Reset our character regenerated, but the Master (who is Selpuchure's) is still watching over our progress and making sure we don't get too strong or cocky during the whole dragon prophecy. Luckily as our character is an IdiotHero, the dragon prophecy is still broken, Aegis could possibly be our Valeyard.
* '''Further Evidence:'' Valencia says in one quest: [[spoiler: "You really do belong in a museum... for now, though...", she KNOWS.]]
* This is just flat wrong. Our character messed with time at best three times, and we never intended to or have the power to do so at will.
* Jossed. Now it seems like they messed with the timeline more than [[TimeCrash three times]].

[[WMG: TheHero was DeadAllAlong.]]
Go to the Necropolis and look at the tombstones. One of them has ''Your Name'' enscribed in there, and if you hover over it, what does it say? [[FridgeHorror ''Rest In Pieces!'']] MindScrew much?

[[WMG: Jemini will appear in a future saga.]]

[[WMG: The Lady is a [[TimeLord TimeLady]].]]
She carries a "the" name, appeared out of nowhere at night, and can aid the character at a price.
* {{Jossed}} by [[WordOfGod Lady Greydawn and Eric Greydawn]]. She is actually the bride of the Kensai, Eric Greydawns future character.

[[WMG: The Reset just affected technological progress, not people.]]

[[WMG: The Reset was an external ''Wheel of Time'' affecting Lore]]
The [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheel_of_time Wheel of Time]] theory stated that whenever the universe is constantly ''reset'' upon reaching the end of time- any time boundary is crossed- like a big wheel returning to its origins. Old Warlic [[spoiler: in the year 3008]] probably overused his mana and began the [[TimeyWimeyBall rewind]] of time towards the [[MedievalStasis ancient]] days, before any aliens could take over Lore, unfortunately everyone ''else'' was affected.

[[WMG: Aisha is a reference to [=GlæGanna.=]]]
I mean, just [[https://www.addbooks.se/product.php?id_product=6379 compare]] [[http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=15030863 them]]. (Click the picture to enlarge it.) That's her on the left, and her Optakel is in the middle.
Glæganna is the villain of the third book in the ''Dream Servants'' series by Dennis Jürgensen.
The Optakel is a magic stone that connected with her, turning her evil.
She looks the same, has a magic stone to help her, and also controls an army.

For extra bonus: She declared War against Dragesvard, and the name's Danish for Dragonblade. Guess where the writer of the book is from...?

[[WMG: The Aria in this game is the daughter of the one in VideoGame/{{AdventureQuest}}.]]
The Aria in DF looks a LOT younger than she does in AQ... so I can only assume that the Aria in DF is in fact the daughter of the one in AQ. Who is the father? Probably don't want to know.
* I doubt it, and here's why: she is about nine in DF, and in AQ she doesn't look too much older. Remember, AQ is five years in the future, so she could easily be the same, just older. As for her saying that the Zardhunter taught her instead of Grams, remember what happened to Grams in DF. She could easily have been schooled under the Zardhunter during Grams' absence.
* Jossed. It's revealed in the quest "Yulgar's First Date" that DF Aria's mother was a young woman named Lark.

[[WMG: The Reset is either a ReincarnationRomance or EternalRecurrence.]]
Warlic mentioned how he reset the ''VideoGame/{{MechQuest}}'' world in ''[[VideoGame/AdventureQuestWorlds AQWorlds]]'', but what if that only happened because something triggered the Gaillin (or Shadowscythe) to return every thousand years and Jaania died in the crossfire, so Warlic had no choice but to reset the universe to restore his lost love. But now the Gailin returns every 5 thousand years to cleanse the world.
* Sorry, but a few facts are just wrong here about The'Galin (which is the God's actual name). He doesn't come every 5 thousand years, he exists outside of time, and he does not "cleanse" the world- he literally un-creates anything in the world that creates chaos and strife for the Goddess of Creation.
* The original poster of this doesn't seem to understand what the Reset actually was. At the end of events in VideoGame/{{MechQuest}}, Warlic was forced to Reset the universe, which reset the universe, but not time. So, this set the stage for ''[=DragonFable=]''. Meaning, Jaania probably didn't even exist when the Reset happened.

[[WMG: Valencia Surehunter is bisexual.]]
She seems ''very'' friendly with the Hero, male or female, and the way she talked to Fae in "Nature's Keeper" looked a bit the same way.
* There is even the Heart on text and yeah she also counts as HideYourLesbians.

[[WMG: [[MyImmortal Xan is Tara Gilesbie and Warlic is Raven]].]]
And now you know the ''real'' reason why "Tara" [[DroppedABridgeOnHim Dropped A Bridge]] on "Raven's" [[AuthorAvatar avatar]], Willow.

[[WMG: Fae is the Aegis, Protector, of the Earth Orb.]]
Her and Aquella were both attracted to their respective Orbs, Nature and Water.
Nature could have bonded with Fae the same way Water did with Aquella.
This could also mean that Drakonnan is the Aegis of the Fire Orb, since he harnessed the most power from it.
* The original poster failed to notice that after touching the Orb, something actively happen. There was a flash of light, and she was out cold. In Fae's case, she picked it up, and NOTHING happened out of the ordinary. She didn't start changing forms until after the Orb had been hit with dark magic, suggesting it had been cursed. That doesn't make her an Aegis. And when Drakonnan touched the Orb, nothing special happened to him.

[[WMG: Kolanor, from the southern end of Willowshire, is an [[InvoluntaryShapeshifter involuntary shapeshifter]].]]
Look at him, then go away. He will have changed.

[[WMG: Ash Dragonblade is a descendant/Expy of Raki from ''Manga/{{Claymore}}''.]]
They even look and act similar! That would make our character a Claymore by default.

[[WMG: The Guardian by the Potion Shops is gay.]]
He mentions "a cute mage" going by, and the only mage in Falconreach I can think of is Cysero.
I think it's good though, shows that the Guardians don't discriminate when hiring.
* This is probably not true. There are more mages than Cysero, and none of them have to stay in Falconreach. The mage passed through the town, and that's all.

[[WMG: Ash is going to die by the end of the "Final 13th" War]]
I am posting this on behalf of the forum community. They believe that Ash will end up doing something noobish like always and of course get himself killed by either Sepulchure or Drakath(the evil noob). considering that the rules of NeverSayDie and InferredHolocaust are averted and {{Player Punch}}es are abundant, the fact that Ash has always been near by during the war, its not to far off.
* Jossed.

[[WMG: Gravelyn's mother [[DeathByChildbirth died when giving birth]].]]
No real reason, it just doesn't seem far-fetched.
It's probably why he became a [=DmK=] in the first place, to revive her.
* Jossed, kinda. She died, and he did become a villain to bring her back, but what killed her was Sepulchure's armor attacking her against his will.
* Not Jossed, but not confirmed either. It hasn't been explained yet in-game who Gravelyn's mother was and how she died.

[[WMG: Going into the level 999 door in Oaklore sets you back at level one.]]
My friend and I were talking and decided that if you go in the door, there will be a level one sword lying there. You pick it up, and an attached note says something along the lines of "Here's a sword. Thought you might need it. Oh, by the way, you might wanna check your stats." Which are now at level one. We thought it would be awesome in a cruel, evil way. Highly unlikely, but still...
* level cap is currently 50, much like the moat in AQW, we will not know what lies behind it for a long time
* Jossed. The door is now able to be lock-picked, and [[spoiler:three Knights who claim to be of the "Pellet Table" are tied up inside.]]

[[WMG: The Aegis' of the Orbs]]
Each orb has a ''Aegis'' protector, who is able to channel more power through it than a normal Mortal. Each Aegis was selected by touching the orb after the death of the previous Aegis-protector. The Aegis' are as follows:
* The Wind Orb: Could be Kordana but due to her status as a robot... May very well be Drakath or Captain Blackberry/Okuchi-No-Okami.
* The Light Orb: Sek-Duat is the only one who touched the orb in years so it likely is him but as with Kordana he isn't classified as ''living being'' any-more.
* The Dark Orb: Other then Vayle since the Orb was bonded to her soul, but maybe wanted Artix to become its Aegis since it tempted him and ''possibly'' gave him some of its own power.
* The Energy Orb: Balthar managed to make a whole army of useless robots into working, unfortunately intelligent machines.
* The Ice Orb: Aisha began the process of global cooling and took over both the Ice-Dragons and the Ice-Elves easily.
* The Fire Orb: Originally Akriloth, then after some CutsceneIncompetence, Konnan picked up the orb and became the Aegis.
* The Water Orb: Aquella, undisputed as the BigBad of the saga is the first to call a character "the Aegis" of an orb.
* The Earth Orb: This one is complicated matter as the Orb had split into ''two'' separate parts, which have made them separate entities from the Orb itself, able to take on their own Aegis':
** The Nature Orb: Fae, thanks to it she managed to live for a couple hundred extra years, and gained InvoluntaryShapeshifting thanks to her magic sneezes when she holds the Orb.
** The Stone Orb: Valencia was the first person in ''literally'' one thousand years to touch the orb, would also explain the shades of LesYay between her and Fae.
** The Completed Earth Orb: Trey Surehunter, quite literally the second person to hold the Orb and merged it with the Blade of Awe.
** See my above note to understand just what shows a sign of becoming an Aegis. Simply finding and using the Orb doesn't make you its Aegis, nor does gaining special powers from it make you an Aegis. The only Aegis on this list is Aquella. Nothing particularly special happened with any of the other people.

[[WMG: Being the Aegis of an Orb [[DealWithTheDevil helps the Aegis obtain the strongest desire]] they have when they become the Aegis.]]
The Orb does this mostly through having the Aegis either change appearance (Vayle, Fae, and possibly Akriloth) or becoming drunk on power (Sek Duat, Drakonnan, Akriloth, Aisha, and Trey). The list are as follows:
* Sek Duat: Helped him to possibly become [[TheDarkSide Ruler of the Sand-Sea]] and made him wish to rule the land forever.
* Vayle: Very curious about the Orb and wanted to know what it is better then just a [[PoweredByAForsakenChild black sphere that glows]].
* Balthar: Wanted to [[ArtInitiatesLife bring his own robots to life]] which the Orb took [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor way too literally]].
* Aisha: Wanted Ice Dragons to be back in their rightful place, which [[MotiveDecay brought the Ice Dragons and elves back to their "rightful place" in Lore]].
* Akriloth: Always power-hungry, so when he got the Orb, he just [[DrunkOnTheDarkSide began to destroy everything that wasn't part of the Fire Elemental Realm]].
* Drakonnan: Desire for revenge against TheHero for not defeating Akriloth immediately after you first see each other goes from him ''wanting-to-kill'' to a RoaringRampageOfRevenge.
* Fae: Makes her [[NotAllowedToGrowUp age slower]] and allows her to shapeshift for unspecified reasons but it's likely that the Orb responded to her wish of [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor getting away]] from war after being hit by an elemental attack.
* Trey: Wanted to be [[ToBeAMaster the worlds best treasure hunter]] and he was sick of [[YouAreTooLate being late]] every now and then and not getting any treasure.
* Aquella: The Water Orb had her "run away" at a convenient time and saved her from being MindRape by Kathool A'tchoo.
* There's nothing to suggest anyone on this list other than Aquella was ever an Aegis, nor are the Orbs wish-granting [[MacGuffin MacGuffins]].

[[WMG: Wednesday is Thursday's mother.]]
I mean, come on, we've had no mention of Thursday's mother. It seems plausible, because it would equal to one big [[IncrediblyLamePun week pun]]. Her mother would be Wednesday, her name is Thursday, and her 'father' is [[spoiler: Lord Frydae]].
* Jossed: [[spoiler: Her mother is now more or less confirmed to be a light elemental who is sealed in Amityvale's moon named Amaris]]
[[WMG: In the section with the time-travelling police box... The [[OurHeroIsDead Hero]] is actually ''dead''.]]
That's why they had to go back in time to get you- in the future your dragon is still alive, but you ''are'' 'dead' in some way [[spoiler: after being trapped in crystal for many years]]. They told past-you that you were just knocked out so you wouldn't try to change your fate and completely ''mess up'' history.

[[WMG: Warlic is a TimeLord.]]
He's an all knowing character that believes that you shouldn't mess with things.
* His tent is also bigger on the inside.
* Nythera could be his assistant, whom he's protecting and teaching.

[[WMG: Alexander is Xan.]]
It's kinda obvious.
* [[WordOfGod Confirmed by the Staff.]]

[[WMG: Tomix [[spoiler:is still alive.]] ]]
Soulweavers are stated to go to the [[spoiler:Plane of Elemental Spirits after death]]. Aegis looked, but couldn't find Tomix there. Isn't it plausible that he [[spoiler:found a way to survive, or did so by some miraculous stroke of luck, and will appear in a future chapter of DF]]? It's totally plausible in a story where [[spoiler:the sun can really get eaten by a dragon]] among other things is.

[[WMG: Aspar/Envy really did consider Tomix as his friend.]]
...he just didn't like him enough not to try to kill him. Yes, he did deny it when asked. But of all the people he had taken from Hunter's Paradise, why did he [[spoiler:model his human form after Tomix]] as opposed to anyone else? Tomix mentioned having fond memories of their time together, and being his SoulAlly for that long could totally lead to Aspar [[BecomingTheMask developing a real attachment, despite the fact that it was initially an act]]. One that he had to discard in order to get the thing he wanted more than anything.

[[WMG: Magus Neron is Galanoth.]]
Galanoth never lets himself be seen without his helmet or some sort of stand-in, while Neron only abandons his hood when it catches fire. Both clearly want to avoid being seen face-to-face if it's at all possible; Galanoth could have easily been hiding burn scars underneath his helmet all along. Neron and Galanoth both grew up in as yet unnamed villages destroyed by Akriloth, the great fire dragon, and lost loved ones and close neighbors, and it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to suggest that it could have been the same village. Galanoth doesn't even realize the player character is a [=DragonLord=] until this gets revealed to him, but Neron seems to be familiar enough with them during the Amityvale town meeting to know they'd be up to the task of helping the Rose make Amityvale safer. Galanoth, by virtue of being a Dragonslayer, would have had plenty of encounters with evil dragons and also lost his adoptive brother during the Great Fire War by Drakkonan's hand, and thus has plenty of reason to conclude that magic is, overall, just not worth the trouble when it can easily be turned to evil ends by irresponsible users.
** Jossed, Galanoth appears in a later quest and fights with you against the Rose.

[[WMG: Aegis and his companions were sent after the Ice Orb when he died.]]
Think about it. When asked about his death, Aegis says that he and his companions were sent to the Northlands to investigate a spherical object. Now think about where we found the Ice Orb during the Orb Saga. It's a possible explanation as to why he is such a powerful ice spirit (and arguably one of the most powerful companions in-game). Not only did he die of combined hypothermia and drowning due to being pushed into ice water, he died near the ''Ice Orb.''

[[WMG: Tomix is dead... but he will be back.]]
Aegis says he is not in the specific piece of the afterlife that Soulweavers are supposed to go, that can mean one of two things: He already left, perhaps becoming the Soul Ally of a young Soulweaver to continue helping the Hero, alternatively, the fact he had a corrupt spirit as his Soul Ally means that he has gone elsewhere, and the Hero will save him, possibly restoring his life in the process.

[[WMG: Dove is a Destiny Weapon bonded to a human's body.]]
Caitiff refers to him as a "Light one" when he throws up the rainbow shield. His origins are completely unknown, but Caitiff seems to know something about what he is. Maybe like how Caitiff is a Doom Weapon in a body, Dove is a Destiny Weapon in a borrowed body. Of course, as a Destiny Weapon, Dove is probably much kinder to his host than Caitiff... Maybe he lives in symbiosis with the human/Destiny Weapon he shares his body with?

[[WMG: Alternatively, Dove is Prismagon, the Great Dragon of Light.]]
Elysia is surprised to see him during the Calamity Saga, when he comes to the Falconreach Guardian Tower, and clearly seems to know something about him, as well. Given that she was formerly Lady Celestia's apprentice before taking over her role, and is thus highly knowledgeable when it comes to dragons, it's safe to assume he is, at the very least, a powerful light dragon in a human disguise, if not Prismagon himself. For further evidence of his true identity: His eye-color consistently shifts between all seven colors in the visible spectrum, he's powerful enough to be immune to Caitiff's mind games, he recognizes our dragon as being one of the two twins from the dragon boxes, and he hushes Elysia to keep her from revealing too much about him when they first meet.

[[WMG: Akanthus is actually]]
A group of moglins in a suit of armor.

[[WMG: Jaania is fully aware that Amadeus is Sepulchure.]]
In the Swordhaven Tournament quest arc, Jaania makes a point of suddenly asking Amadeus how he's feeling. It seems innocent, but she likely wants to know how he's holding up in his (presumably new) undead body. This by itself isn't a lot to go off of, but right after Amadeus purifies your dragon in Calamity, Jaania reveals herself to be standing on the opposite side of the path Amadeus walked off to. Depending on how long she was standing there, it's possible that she saw Amadeus purify your dragon, all those brief frames of him in his old Doom Knight body included. Isn't it odd that she didn't even flinch at one of her most trusted lieutenants using that kind of magic, let alone magic that overpowered Caitiff's transformation?