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The mages and familiars of Halkeginia were chosen to save the world of Lagendia.
If you think about it, these ZnT characters have similarities with these DN characters:

This troper thought about it when he named his PC after Louise, and after studying the game, it came to his mind that the PC's name does fit her after all, what with the Chaos Mage having greater control over the Power of the Void than the other Sorceress sub-classes. And it gets better when it was revealed in the LNs that Louise CAN Teleport, something the DN Sorceress can do. Then it snowballed from there.

The tink's family
Crazy theory: In the future, Argenta & Velskud settle their differences and end up married, and the tinkerer/academic is their adopted daughter.
  • So far... jossed, but it could still happen if she finds a way to give herself a normal human lifespan.

The Black Knight is eventually going to be a boss.
Considering the player character keeps getting stronger, it's only a matter of time. And when you defeat him the first time he'll transform into his dragon form and fight you a second time.
  • Both jossed and confirmed. While you do fight him as a boss, you never fight him in the Black Dragon form, as he loses the ability to do that later in the story, and he pulls a Heel–Face Turn as well.