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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Dragon Age: Inquisition
aka: Dragon Age III Inquisition
WMG items for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Oghren will be one of the faction leaders.
He will be the only thing keeping the rest of Thedas from succumbing to the schleets.

The protagonist of the game will be called...
  • ...the Grand Inquisitor.
    • The High Inquisitor or Grandmaster Inquisitor.
  • ..."Inquisitor" for short.
    • This one is pretty much confirmed by the Aaryn Flynn here.
  • ...Prince / Princess Stabbity.

Shout Outs to other universes' Inquisitions will be made
Such as:

Shout Outs to Game of Thrones will be made aplenty

Between the sucess of the series and the similarities which already exist between the two universes: we've already seen Varric with a Tyrion style scar in the first trailer, and who wouldn't want him to one-up Varys?
Power is shadow on the wall, few can cast as large a shadow as Bianca and they're already on my side

  • They already did it before it was cool, making Song Of Ice And Fire references in Dragon Age: Origins.

  • Personally hoping for some Stannis & Tywin shout outs regarding the dissident, rebellious factions from the Inquisitor, myself.
They will bend the knee, or I will destroy them.
Those who defy us will be served with steel and fire.

Like the comics, Sten will have been promoted to Arishok
Because holy shit that's awesome.
  • That's pretty much a given, unless you have left Sten to die in Lothering in Origins. The comic book canon does not override the Old Save Bonus but it's otherwise canon.
    • Unless I'm mistaken, it is never explicitly stated that he died if you leave him. If BioWare wanted, they could easily say that he somehow escaped.
    • Confirmed.

And then, they'll turn it into a unavoidable boss fight and force you to kill him
Because True story-based RPGs are angsty

There will be a different starting story and even main for mages than for the other two classes
It'd be a bit weird leading an anti-magic faction when you yourself are a mage.
  • Unless they give you the option to be doing it only so you can later betray and destroy it.
    • Mages could still side with Meredith in "The Last Straw", just saying. Also, the new Inquisition does not have to be exactly like the old one (especially considering what the old one has ultimately become). It is likely that the Inquisition will have to fight both mages and Templars, being simultaneously and anti-magic and an anti-anti-magic faction. EDIT: Also, as Asunder clearly shows, the Divine Justinia favors the mages' independence, and has lost the support of her previous Anti-Magical Faction over that.
  • We have a trope for this. Seriously, am I the only one who played a Loyalist mage in origins?
    • For the record, no you are not. Though I was loyal to the Circle and not so much the Chantry, that meant abiding by the Chantry's laws and even recognizing the point behind most of them. Mages can be incredibly dangerous if left to their own devices, as so many of the Collective and Flemeth show us. It's not that big of a stretch for a mage to decide that policing his own is probably for the best. And there's no shortage of mages who'd be willing to smack the Templars around if given the authority to do so.
  • So, this is apparently a non-issue at this point being that the Inquisition is not, in fact, an anti-magic faction so much as a close-that-big-ass-hole-in-the-sky-with-demons-pouring-out-of-it faction.
    • More accurately, the Inquisition is a find-out-what's-going-on-and-how-to-stop-it faction, which is rather befitting their name, as it concerns mainly inquiry.

They're going to Shepardize the Warden
Those who played through Mass Effect 3 noticed how Shepard's started cracking under the pressure and becoming something else than a mere shell for the player to inhabit. This time, they will reintroduce the Warden as a Suddenly Voiced NPC, wrecked by guilt over how he/she unwittingly pushed toward the Mage-Templar war, such turning what was a Featureless Protagonist into a more rounded character.
  • They'll also use his/her family name, calling him/her "Lord Commander Brosca" (Dwarf Commoner) or "Lady Commander Surana" (Elf Mage), etc...
    • Also, there will be multiple family names that you can be known as, with each origin having a different surname.
  • Alternatively, Hawke will be the one driven by guilt. After all, the Warden's part in the Mage-Templar War was small, whereas Hawke actually discovered the Red Lyrium and (possibly) helped Anders start the war. S/He may also have crossed the Despair Event Horizon, depending on how much of their family is dead and what happened to their Love Interest.

Hawke and/or the Warden might make an appearance
Both or one of them might make cameos in the Inquistor story-line by helping/mentoring the new player about the world and where s/he stands in Thedas.
  • And the Warden will be Suddenly Voiced—by the same actor/actress who did their respective voice set, as imported from Origins.
    • While that would be lovely, this would have to be sadly Jossed unless BioWare pulls The Other Darrin: Robin Sachs (the voice of the Experienced Human) passed away during the DLC cycle of Mass Effect 3.
      • As sad as that is, if they really decide to do this, replacing one actor will probably still be easier than reassembling and recording over 30 versions of the same dialogue.
    • Also they'd have to recast if they're keeping the accent changes with DAII. So say goodbye to your Yuri Lowenthal voiced male Dalish elf.
      • Not necessarily: they haven't exactly been consistent with their established accents in DAII, after all, and several Dalish elves in it still have American or otherwise not Irish nor Welsh accents. I've gotten the impression that they don't really care of applying it properly and consistently anymore, so I can't see them pulling off The Other Darrin for that reason.

Companion Speculation
Assuming we don't go by "Anders in DA2" rules (i.e. screw it, he's alive), let's assume a "Mass Effect" scenario (i.e. if they survived past games, they are companions; if they didn't, tough beans).

  • Leliana
    • Not sure if she'll be a temporary companion, but BioWare has stated that Leliana will serve as the Inquisition's spymaster.
  • Cassandra Pentaghast
    • Confirmed! She and Varric are travelling together.
    • Also a confirmed LI.
  • Connor Guerrin
  • Jowan as your resident Blood Mage and demon expert.
  • Lily, who joins when the Inquisitor visits the mage prison Aeonar to prevent a breakout. Far from the sweet girl in Origins, her Establishing Character Moment will be beheading a blood mage with two daggers. Having spent ten years in prison for Jowan's mistakes, their relationship will be... rocky.
  • Rhys and Evangeline de Brassard (who only join—and leave—the party together, a la Khalid and Jaheira)
  • Cullen (the concept art for one of the warrior characters certainly looks a lot like him)
    • Cullen will definitely be at least making an appearance, as per the most recent info.
    • He's a confirmed LI, but they STILL haven't said whether he's a companion, or just a very prominent NPC.
  • Tallis (Assuming Felicia Day's not busy)
  • Valor (Assuming the Magi Warden let it live; could possibly be possessing the Warden or could be simply met in the Fade)
  • Maraas
  • Varric (I could see him more fully embracing his bard instincts and deciding to travel to where the stories are)
    • Confirmed! He and Cassandra are travelling together.
  • Feynriel (His Fade powers would be interesting. Assuming he still has them.)
    • Would probably be stupidly overpowered, though.
  • The Messenger (Would be cool to have the one decent, good hearted darkspawn on our side)
    • To get around the problem of him being potentially killable, if he is killed he can state he was surprised to find he can body-surf like an Archdemon or Corypheus and ended up in another (unawakened) Hurlock.
  • Nyree, the female reaver from Dragon Age: Redemption.
  • Gleam from the first Dragon Age comic. Also from the comic the Templar named Duty/Sadatt, her father. It would make for an interesting love-hate dynamic (heavy on the hate) and some serious side quest potential, especially if Gleam is romance-able. Gleam could also double as the Ultimate Blacksmith with her ability to magically create unbreakable weapons. Because she was raised outside the Circle Gleam will eschew traditional magic schools and be more of an Arcane Warrior. Duty will be a Templar with a personal skill tree similar to Aveline's where he protects the other characters, with a bonus for protecting Gleam.
  • Finn and Ariane from the Witch Hunt DLC. Their Odd Friendship could be the humorous comic relief of the Inquisition, maybe even taking a Relationship Upgrade with the Inquisitor's help like Aveline and Donnic in DA2.
  • Sketch from the Leliana's Song DLC. He knows Leliana, he's from Orlais and he had small cameo in DA2.
  • Maevaris "Mae" Tilani from Those Who Speak and Until We Sleep. Because why else would Gaider invent an attractive good-natured Tevinter Flipping Magister, if not to finally give us a Sympathetic P.O.V. on the Tevinters, who have been as well as confirmed in the game already? Unless, of course, he decides to off her in the last issue.
    • David Gaider has already jossed the companion Mae theory on his blog, but said that her story is not over yet.
      • The most recent scuttlebutt says that we will be getting a sympathetic Tevinter magister character, however.
  • Flemeth. Seriously.
  • King Maric Theirin
    • Jossed by certain comic events.
  • Empress Celene I of Orlais
  • Charade Amell. Her skill with the bow has already been witnessed and her relationship with Hawke is just close enough to tie the two games together while remaining distant enough for interesting character development.
  • Dagna: Heavily implied to become the first dwarven mage or close to it if you helped her leave Orzammar to study at the Circle.
  • Bodahn and Sandal: Because why not?
    • Orlais is a confirmed location in DA:I, and Bodahn and Sandal were going to go to Empress Celene's court. So, we will probably see them. Maybe they might join the Inquisition, but if there are two NP Cs who might have had their fill of excitement, its them.
  • Hawke or the Warden. Bioware hasn't as of yet revealed the ninth and final companion because the character is a secret character, or the recruiting the character will happen in the mid or late game. Bioware could also be planning to surprise us by having a previous protagonist become non-playable, with their personality, class, and gender based entirely on the player's choices from the previous game.

Speculation on completely new party members
For party members that haven't featured in past games.

  • A female kossith (Qunari or not), Bioware's probably gotten the point that we want one of these ladies in the party by now. She may even be romanceable—if they find a way around the fact that the Qunari (and kossith in particular) have no concept of romance without mutilating the canon.
    • An orphan Kossith who was raised by humans, maybe?
      • She could be a recent convert, too, abandoning the Qun but not becoming Tal Vashoth. She could explore emotions Qunari normally repress or interpret differently, embarking on an EDI-esque What Is This Thing You Call Love? sidequest, with hilarious (and suddenly not-so-hilarious if handled badly) results. Or she could be confused by her human/elven/dwarven upbringing, trying to emulate what she sees and not quite getting it right (though that would probably end tragically). It could happen. *shrug*
    • The initial assertion; that qunari don't have a concept of romance, isn't entirely accurate. Qunari have love and romance, they just don't express these feelings sexually.
    • Not to mention it's been confirmed that it's their society that bans them from having sex romantically, not necessarily their biological wants, and if people get caught doing so, they are sent to be 're-educated'. So saying they're not sexual would be like saying that humans aren't usually sexual because the only ones you know of are the puritans.
  • A dwarf love interest. Another first; plenty of people were disappointed about Varric not being a romanceable option.
  • A dalish archer. We've had a couple keepers, but we haven't had the iconic dalish archer on our team yet.
  • An actual honest-to-God abomination. I see either a Desire or a Sloth demon being most likely; the Desire demon could be curious as to what the mortal experience is like and be content with living under the radar. The Sloth demon would just be too lazy to go out an cause a ruckus.
    • Even better: a Pride Demon possessing a Mabari: Mabaris are smart, so no one will be surprised if a mabari hound display a high level of intelligence, Pride demons are smart so it could refrain from trying to possess two-legged people and catching templars attention. mixing demon's magic with a Mabari would make for a funny case of a four legged Arcane Warrior. Also, just like the "virtuous" justice became more and more similar to a violent demon in contact with the physical realm, the demon would become more and more like a "good" spirit: maybe life in the physical realm is so much fun that being a good law abiding hound is a worthy trade off, or maybe it grew fond of its owner.
  • An Ash Warrior- anyone else remember those guys?
  • A chasind or avvar barbarian
  • A Slyvan, albeit one that possessed a short tree and is about the size of Shale. Why, yes, my companion is a talking dogwood, what of it?
  • A werewolf that can control his/her transformation, but still looks incredibly wild and feral even in human form.
  • An ancient rock wraith from the thaig rumored to be under Orlais, who may also be the original prototype for golems.
  • Black Whirlwind. He does take a world tour in the endings of his game.
  • Someone from the Anderfels, or another unvisited region of Thedas.
  • One of the Warden Amell's siblings. David Gaider announced that the PC can't be an Amell, but no word on party members (yet).
  • A romanceable Lady of War for a change. So far all romanceable girls belonged either to the mage or to the rogue camp, and only three warrior ladies (Mhairi, Ariane, Aveline) were recruitable at all—with only one of them actually permanent.
    • Confirmed, although not a new character, Cassandra is romanceable.
  • If we're going by previous games, we can expect variations on: a storytelling archer (Varric, Leliana), a possessed healer (Wynne, Anders), a flirty rogue (Zevran, Isabela), an amnesiac Super Soldier (Shale, Fenris), a Religious Bruiser (Sten, Sebastian)...
    • Alternatively, we will have an Andrastian devotee (Leliana, Sebastian), an apostate who has no idea about human society (Morrigan, Merrill), a lawful character (Alistair, Aveline), a dwarf who had some relative betraying him (Oghren, Varric), and a mabari.
      • And at least one Adorkable romancable companion (Alistair, Merrill).
      • And a Well-Intentioned Extremist Anti-Villain, either recruitable early on or a late-game Heel-Face Turn, who can either be executed for his crimes or spared and brought along on a Redemption Quest at the cost of losing another party member who really wants him dead (Loghain, Anders)
      • And a perv who loves bizarre euphemisms (Oghren, Isabela)
      • And at least one attractive, blond, hazel-to-amber-eyed snarky guy (Alistair, Zevran, Anders, Varric), probably romanceable and probably with some sort of ponytail. (Seriously, somebody at BioWare Has a Type.) Also, a pale-skinned, black-haired female mage love interest (Morrigan, Merrill).
    • A big tough scary warrior who's actually sweet once you get to know him, and only appeared scary because of shyness. Because that would make a cute romance option.
      • Possibly Iron Bull aka Sexyback, the qunari warrior who's shown up in trailers and promo images and is popularly believed to be a companion.
    • Somebody who had a mental breakdown and killed a bunch of people who had been nothing but nice to him. Bonus points if he has dark skin and white hair and/or a heavily negative opinion of mages and magic (Sten, Fenris).
  • A downloadable rogue character. In the beginning, the Inquisition doesn't have a whole lot, so you have to gather people for your party and you encounter this rogue character while doing that and you offer a position him or her and they accept under one condition, you help them rescue a friend of theirs that's been captured. You agree to do so and during the quest, you see that the rogue is decent, but nothing to write home about. When the quest is done, you find out that the friend is an animal, and not just any animal, it's a griffon. The rogue found the griffon when it just hatched and they've been friends ever since. They will also wonder if that griffon is the last one and Varric will mention the Silent Grove, a haven for the dragons and speculate that there may be a similar haven for the griffons. The rogue and griffon will work like the ranger and other animals from DA:O and their companion quest's will involve finding clues to see if there is a griffon haven and finding it.

The Qunari will invade during the Mage-Templar War
Subversive elements of the Qun helped manipulate the start of the Mage-Templar war, specifically wanting the Chantry lands to weaken themselves in an internal struggle and become vulnerable to a Qunari invasion. Ultimately, with the Inquisition's help, they end up an Enemy Mine that helps reunite the Mage and Templar factions.
  • Alternatively, all three factions stay separate, but just before the final battle begins, they pull an Enemy Mine against a sudden Darkspawn invasion (a new Blight?) that threatens them all. They fight valiantly but are almost overwhelmed, but then a fifth army swoops in to save them: Grey Wardens riding griffons.
    • Assuming the Wardens don't Kill 'em All to prevent spread of the Blight. Swooping is bad, after all.

Possible Player Backgrounds
  • Note: With the reintroduction of races, the selectable backgrounds have been replaced, as per Word of Gaider.


  • Orlesian Chevalier: You are from the Orlais' warrior elite, mighty and proud. A skilled combatant unrelated to the Mage-Templar War, you scoffed at the conflict and arrogantly boasted that you could take down both armies by yourself. The next day, the Divine called upon you to accept that offer.
  • Templar Trainee: You once wanted to join the Templars, trained to be part of them... but then the Mage-Templar War began. Recognizing the madness of it all, you abandoned the order before your final initiation. With all the Templar training and none of the associated loyalty, the Divine deemed you the ideal candidate for leading the Inquisition.
  • Loyalist Seeker: A devout Andrastian, you rejected Lord Lambert's annulment of the Nevarran Accord and remained loyal to the Divine, along with Cassandra and a few other Seekers of the Truth.
  • Common Soldier: You were just a regular army (or city guard) captain of common origins, elevated by the Chantry for your honest and dependable reputation and disdain for double-dealing politics.


  • Last Loyal Mage: You are from the Loyalist fraternity, sincerely believing that Templars and Mages should work together for the greater good. With the war at odds with these beliefs, you abandoned the Colleges and turned to the Divine herself for guidance. She placed you in charge of the Inquisition, hoping that your idealism could put an end to the conflict.
  • Apostate on Parole: You have been an apostate all your life, living a magical existence unrelated to the Circle. Finally, the day came when you were captured by the Chantry... but surprisingly, they did not kill you. Instead, the Divine offered you clemency if you would lead the Inquisitors and put an end to the war. Naturally, you accepted.
  • Tevinter Magister: You are from Tevinter, land of the magisters and free of the Chantry's oppressive glare. This war between Templars and Mages is not the concern of your kind, but you have always been lacking in social stature. As such, you offered your services to the Divine, hoping to gain control of the Inquisitors and all the benefits that come with it...
  • Badass Family: You are the younger sibling of the Hero of Ferelden and the cousin of the Champion of Kirkwall (or just cousin to the Champion if a Warden other than Amell was imported). It seems your family is meant for great things.
    • It seems my theory has been smushed. David Gaider himself announced that the new PC can't be an Amell. Still, that would've been awesome.


  • Kirkwall Gump: You saw it all... the beginning of the conflict. Growing up on the streets of Kirkwall, you watched Hawke's achievements over the years until that fateful day. Knowing this, the Divine hopes your "insider knowledge" will give you the edge to help put an end to the war that stemmed from those events.
  • Fereldan Exile: Your family was a staunch supporter of the corrupt Arl Howe and suffered greatly when his crimes were exposed. Exiled from your homeland and stripped off all status, you make a daring gambit to salvage the family name by volunteering to lead the Inquisition and bring an end to the Mage-Templar War.
  • Orlesian Bard: You are part of Orlais' mysterious culture of troubadour spies, a master of song, deceit, and deadly precision. After a high-profile mission goes awry, you are captured and imprisoned, only to be saved by the most unexpected of sources: an offer to apply your skills to a greater purpose and lead the new Inquisition.
  • Antivan Crow: All your life, you were trained in the art of murder. You came to Orlais for a job only to be betrayed by your comrades. Now you are working for the Divine while trying to escape the wrath of the most feared assassins' guild in all of Thedas.

Any of the Above

  • Grey Warden: With the advent of the Commander of the Grey in Ferelden, the Wardens have become far more active in recent years, becoming more and more involved in world affairs. It's clear that they possess more knowledge and power than they let on, and the Chantry would like to know what they are. They offered to make one of the more skilled Wardens the new High Inquisitor in hopes of gaining the Wardens' trust, and one day becoming privy to their secrets.
  • Tal'Vashoth: You're a human who was raised under the Qun and later abandoned it. The Chantry has chosen to promote you as a symbol of their righteousness and superiority over the Qun.
  • Shipwreck Victim: You have no memory of your life before washing up on a foreign shore, save the instinctive skills that impressed the Chantry guards that tried to capture you. The Divine offers the chance to lead the Inquisition to discover the secrets of your past. The question is, will what you discover be better off forgotten?

Skill Point Reset will once again be available
But it will not reset the Specializations, only the points invested in their respective skills.

People you'll get to kill
Sorted alphabetically:

  • Adrian, the Libertarian Fraternity leader
  • Alistair
  • Anders/Justice, provided he survived part two
  • Cassandra (assuming she's not a party member, and even then, maybe)
  • A Dalish clan, in it's entirity. So far both games have given you the option of slaughtering the dalish. While not mandatory, it's practically tradition now for some players.
  • Empress Celene I of Orlais
  • Fiona
  • Flemeth (again)
  • Hawke
  • Isabela
  • Divine Justinia V
  • Leliana
  • Lord Seeker Lambert (assuming he survived the encounter with Cole)
  • Loghain, providing he survived the first game
  • Morrigan
  • Rhys and Evangeline
  • Sebastian
  • Sten, a.k.a. the new Arishok
  • The Warden-Commander
  • Zevran
    • Jossed, Zevran will not be appearing.

The prologue will feature the Inquisitor saving the Divine's life
This is how you come to her attention, leading her to appoint you as the new Inquisitor.
  • The Inquisition is not part of the Chantry, so that's highly unlikely.
  • Jossed due to the revelation that you're the Sole Survivor at ground zero for the opening of the ginormous hole of doom between the Fade and Thedas. However, you've got the Left Hand of the Divine as one of your advisors and the Right Hand of the Divine as one of your companions, so the Chantry does look to have an interest in the Inquisition at the very least.
    • A bit more than just an interest, the Divine is the one who came up with this whole idea in the first place.

Certain choices from Dragon Age II will have major consequences (even the seemingly minor ones) as a Take That, Audience! in order to ensue that most, if not all of the choices were still meaningfull.
  • For example:
    • Feynriel's fate.
    • The path Hawke's surviving sibling took.
    • Either killing Anders or letting him go free and the effect that has on Sebastian.
    • Giving Varric the shard of the lyrium idol.
    • Batrand's fate.
    • If Aveline married Donnic or not.
    • How The Arishok was dealt with.
    • Who Hawke sided with in Legacy, Larius or Janeka. And what Corypheus is doing after the end.
    • Tallis's relationship to Hawke and The Heart of The Many.
    • Which companions are Friends and which are Rivals.
    • The fate of Merrill's clan.
    • Giving Fenris back to Danarius.

Mabaris will be back
Among the Old Save Bonuses will be an optional quest where Hawke's and the Warden's Mabari will have a Tail to Tail Baddasses moment, just because.
  • The protagonist will have his/her own Mabari hound:
    • It will play as a mix between DA:O and DA2: that is the Hound will not take any spot on the team and will always be summonable by the protagonist, but it will level up and be fully customizable like any other team member.
    • If Hawke and/or the Warden join the party, even as Guest Star Party Members, there will be Party Banter between the Mabaris, and somehow, Hawke, the Warden and the third protagonist will perfectly understand what the dogs are barking
    • The third Mabari will be female. And have its own Romance Sidequest. Why? Two words: Mabari puppies
      • If this is not an official thing, I offer to loan my skills at 3D modeling and texturing to any modder with the coding skills to make this a thing. And you must be able to pet and cuddle the puppies for real, not the silly "dog bounces around while the Warden stands there like a stump" thing we had in Origins.

Fen'harel, the Elven Trickster God, will be the Big Bad
The leaked marketing survey indicated that someone or something is working to prolong the Mage-Templar war. Fen'harel seems to be the type of god that likes to cause chaos for the sake of chaos. Prolonging a massive war sounds like something he would do. While there isn't any evidence that Fen'harel actually exists, people were saying the same about the Magisters who invaded the Black City prior to Legacy.
  • And on that note, Fen'Harel, the Elven Trickster God, is actually the Maker as well, having reshaped theology to his will after his trickery to the other elven gods.

There won't be another Blight, but the Darkspawn will get involved in the Mage-Templar War in some way or another.
Flemeth will somehow gain control of the entire Darkspawn horde (by using her Eldritch Abomination powers or something) and attack both the Mages and the Templars, and it'll be up to the protagonist to stop her.

Rule of Three will be excessively prevalent
Because this is the third game in the series, 3 will be the Arc Number and Take The Third Option will be more readily available. This continues the trend from Dragon Age II, where the concept of dualism (or more accurately, radicalism that divided the world in two camps) was prominent. The whole idea of Inquisition may stem from the need to create a third power in the Mage-Templar conflict, and the best ending will result from sticking to the middle path.

Like Origins and Mass Effect 3, we will choose between factions to aid us in the final battle throughout the game.
It seems that DA2 was the build up to an epic final battle that DA 3 might deliver. What's a big battle without allies? Like Qunari (led by Sten or the Arishok if they're still alive) vs The Tevinter Magisters. Scenarios like this will lead to examples of mutually exclusive party members, like if you choose the Magisters you get Feynriel, but if you side with the Qunari you get Tallis.
  • Another could be Grey Wardens (Lead by Alistair, Loghain, Carver/Bethany and/or Stroud if still alive and in the Wardens) vs The Darkspawn (Lead by The Architect if still alive and/or Corypheus). Warden's you get a skilled Warden recruit while with Darkspawn you get The Messenger.

The game will feature a massive Big Bad Ensemble.
Now while the mages and templars are both wildcards you can't ignore that there are a lot of other threatening figures like Flemeth, and Corypheus still lurking around waiting for their moment to capitalize.

You will reunite a companion with his long lost sister.
Because they've already done three times before.
  • Amusingly, they've actually done that FOUR times if you're just counting being reunited with sisters in general. Alistair, Velanna (temporarily), Nathaniel, AND Fenris.

The party will be overrun with mages
The party in Origins was mostly warriors, and DA2 was mostly rogues. Following the pattern, DA 3 will be mostly mages.
  • Objection: Without DLC characters, DA2 only had two rogues, Varric and Isabela.
    • DLC characters are being included for this discussion. Shale for Origins and Sebastian for DA2. Carver and Bethany are not being considered as they're mutually exclusive and leave the party eventually, anyway.
      • In which case the WMG becomes something more along the lines of "There will be a DLC-only mage party member for the first time in the series."

The main character in the promotional material will be portrayed as a rogue
This was first proposed on the DA2 WMG. The Warden was heavily promoted as a warrior and Hawke was heavily promoted as a mage. Likewise, the primary promotional love interest will be a warrior, completing the trio of Morrigan and Isabela from 1&2 respectively.

There's going to be a big reveal about the Dragon Age world.
Hints have been given throughout the last few games that certain beliefs held by Thedas are either inaccurate or out-right wrong, especially in Dragon Age II with the "the Stone is under Orlais" and Sandal's prophecy as two standout examples, plus the history of the elves and dwarves are shown as having gaps and inaccuracies going back to the Dalish Elf Origin and the Witch DLC. The truth (whatever it is) will be uncovered as a side effect of the Inquisition's attempt to stop the Mage-Templar War and tie into the Maker, the Archdemons, the Elven Gods and Flemeth, who's easily the franchise's biggest mystery to date.

The multiplayer will affect the single play by...
  • Unlocking items and weapons by reaching challenges, ex. defeating a thousand opponents or grant passive abilities to characters of specific backgrounds or classes.

The multiplayer will be akin to Mass Effect 3
You will play as rank-and-file inquisitors defending their keeps from waves of fanatical enemies such as the Red Templars or the demons.

Varric will return as a narrator in DLC content.
He'll tell the player of his own adventures after Hawke left Kirkwall, with slight embellishments as he tends to do. The player can actually call him on this via Reaction Commands, which will alter the stories for replay value. Speaking of Reaction Commands...

Reaction Commands will be carried over from Mass Effect.
Following the dialogue wheel as well, only instead of Paragon/Renegade it will use the dialogue symbols from Dragon Age II for more variety of actions. A Snarky reaction can interrupt an opponent by distracting him while an ally sneaks past them, or a Diplomatic action to interrupt two arguing parties to recommend a third action, or slipping a bribe to a guard while in conversation with a knowing wink.
  • This has been confirmed.

You will meet the Maker and/or Andraste inside the Black City while in the fade.
... After a certain point of course, they will either condem or condone your plans and seek to smite you/humanity/life in general.

The Spirit of Faith will turn out to be the Maker Himself
And so Evangeline will become Andraste 2.0 and depending on your actions, Rhys may betray her to the authorities. I mean, Evangeline—evangelium, hello?

The game will have you visit the Anderfels
Both games had you fighting darkspawn. Origins, of course, had darkspawn as the standard foe, and II had them at the prologue and in the Deep Roads. But rather than dispense with them, or send you to the Deep Roads again, Inquisition will send you to the other place darkspawn can be found outside of a Blight - the Anderfels. Most likely, your purpose will be to gain the support of the Grey Wardens, who have their headquarters there.
  • And finding clues on what happened to the Warden and possibly Hawke if Bethany/Carver was put through the Joining.

Near the climax of the game, your headquarters will be attacked

Grey Wardens will be in a very difficult political position when the game begins.
Because of Anders blowing up the Chantry and possibly Bethany/Carver or Nathaniel helping Hawke fight against Meredith, Wardens will be put in a very difficult position by the Chantry and/or the Templar Order. There will be rumors and conspiracy theories running around that Wardens set all of this up to take control. All of this will cause Wardens to lose much of their public support. Additionally apostates who previously joined the Order to hide from the Chantry will desert and join the Mage-Templar war. Since the Anderfels are said to be both very religious and practically run by the Wardens, the country will turn into a battlefield between the Order trying to maintain its independence and influences in the area and Templars believing it's time to get the world rid of dangerous heretics. The situation will be even more dire if the Hero of Ferelden also was pro-mage.

Cassandra will have a fangirl moment in Dragon Age III
If we meet Hawke in Dragon Age III and she is in the party, she will try to get hold of her inner fangirl and show how serious and business-like and fail miserably . Just Rule of Funny.

Glitches from previous games will be lampshaded
For example: the bug where Zevran will still sleep with Hawke/Isabela/both despite being in a loving relationship with the Warden. Perhaps if the Warden meets Hawke, the Warden will say, "Okay, no more sleeping with my boyfriend unless I'm invited from now on." Or if it was just Isabela, the PC can flirt with the Warden in front of Zevran, causing him to protest and the Warden will bring this up.

An orgy will be possible
You would have to fulfill several requirements throughout the three games, of course. The first thing would be to have the Warden romance Zevran in Origins and have a threesome (or the foursome) with Isabela. In Dragon Age II, Hawke will have to romance Isabela and then have a threesome with Zevran (due to the glitch that Zevran will still have sex despite being in a relationship with the Warden). Cue them all meeting in Dragon Age III. With the right dialogue options, the PC can convince them to participate in an orgy with him/her (and possibly their love interest).

As an Old Save Bonus, a sympathetic Hawke will be a Guest Star Partymember
Using the same appearance, class, personality, and background that you used for Dragon Age II. It would be easier to program for Hawke than the Warden, I think. Hawke will still also have their first name, but since that's player-designed they'll still just be known as "Hawke" (possibly also with a Lampshade Hanging; "Just call me Hawke. Everyone else does.") Hawke may not join the Inquisition, but it may turn out that their goals align in a late game mission and they'll join forces temporarily, which means you'll get to use your old character in your party for one adventure. Along the way there will be lots of shout outs and callbacks to Dragon Age II and the situation Hawke helped create which may come with some regret on Hawke's part. Assuming you do it right, however, and Hawke will pledge their further support to the Inquisition with whatever forces they might have (perhaps a group of like-minded Templars or Mages). Of course, that's assuming Hawke and the Inquisition CAN work together. If they're too diametrically opposed it would lead to...

As an Old Save Bonus, an antagonistic Hawke will be a Bonus Boss
If Hawke and the Inquisition AREN'T able to work together, then instead of going on an adventure WITH Hawke, you'll go on an adventure AGAINST them, maybe because they've slipped into Well-Intentioned Extremist mode (which might make them a mirror to Meredith and First Enchanter Orsino, depending on which side they support) which will culminate in a Bonus Boss battle against Hawke, which would be suitably epic as well as difficult, acting as a Climax Boss for the game as well. Afterwards, the player might be faced with a choice of whether or not to arrest Hawke, let them get away/escape...or kill them. And because of the Grey and Gray Morality mentality of the Mage/Templar war, it's entirely possible that a "Nice" Hawke might end up being the Bonus Boss while an "Aggressive" Hawke ends up being an ally depending on where they and the Inquisition fall. And to make the boss fight even more epic, how Hawke fights will be determined by his personality, and class from the second game. To whit;
  • Snarky Mage Hawke attacks from range and makes use of mooks of some kind to keep away from the party while running his mouth off the entire battle, which might act as some sort of party wide debuff to accuracy or something because of how DISTRACTING it is.
  • Aggressive Rogue Hawke employs misdirection and teleports all over the place while laying traps and trying to backstab your party members before teleporting away again.
  • Nice Warrior Hawke will be a Duel Boss much like the Arishok could be, fighting the PC one-on-one while arguing about their different ideologies and the state of the world.

Alistair will finally meet his biological mom
Given Fiona's role in Asunder, it is pretty certain that she will continue leading the rebellious Circle in Inquisition. On the other hand, the devs have already confirmed at least parts of Ferelden in game three, so it is likely that Alistair (if he survived) will make a cameo like he did in game two. The question is only whether the two of them will ever appear in the same scene.
  • Assuming Fiona actually is Alistair's mother. There are a lot of timeline problems in that theory, not to mention a lot of logistical ones. And personally, as many problems as I have with Alistair, I wouldn't wish being spawned from that foul creature's womb on my worst enemy.
  • Another possibility is that both propositions are true: Alistair is the son of Maric and a maid from Redcliffe Castle, and Fiona did have a child with Maric,.. who's not Alistair, thus introducing another Theirin heir and therefore more political/family drama, because the Dragon Age serie is clearly lacking in these departments
    • The notion that Fiona is not Alistar's mother is indirectly supported by the last issue of Until We Sleep, where King Maric refers to Alistair's mother as being no longer in the material world, along with Cailain (definitely dead) and Loghain (very likely dead in the BW canon), while Fiona is quite definitely alive at Andoral's Reach in the time frame the comic books take place.
    • There being a third Theirin boy solves a serious problem; if Alistair dies- which is a very real possibility- then Maric's story is essentially pointless. Having a third brother gives us someone else to connect Maric to.
    • It's now been confirmed by Mike Laidlaw that Fiona is Alistair's mother.

The Surana and Brosca families will play an important role in Dragon Age 3
In Dragon Age Origins the Cousland family (because of the blood feud initiated by Rendon Howe), House Aeducan (because of Orzammar succession crisis) and the Tabris family (involved in the Alienage arc) all played a role in the story regardless of the Warden's Origin.

In Dragon Age 2, Merrill (from the same clan as a Dalish Warden) and the Hawkes (scions of the Amell family like an Human Mage Warden) played a central role in the story.

Dragon Age 3 will see relatives of the two remainiing potential Wardens playing a role so that every Origin can be linked to some quality family drama.

You get to hook up others as well as yourself
But not your companions. You will have a sub plot about helping two lovelorn dwarves, whose families are both alike in dignity, get together.

An Interior Designer Is You will ensue
They've revealed we get a castle as a personal stronghold. Likely we'll get at least a bit of this trope.
  • Confirmed!

Jowan will appear as an old save bonus
If you let him live. If you send him back to the circle, he'll be tranquil. If you help him escape, he'll be an abomination.

The Gray Warden will receive a What the Hell, Hero? from Wynne's ghost
She did say that if the Gray Warden didn't do their job as they should she would return from death to give them a lecture...and disapearing during the events of Dragon Age 2 and the war is a pretty big thing to call them over
  • And the Warden will promptly put a stop to that with something along the lines of "Was it a Blight? No? Not my fuckin' job.''

Fiona is not Alistair's mother. Fiona had a son by Maric who hasn't been identified yet, but he has been introduced.
My money's on Cullen. He bares some similarity to the Theirin "look", he's one of only a handful of npc's who's played a notable role in both games thus far(and has a steadily increasing fan base), and he keeps the irony of Fiona's child growing up to be a templar that came with Alistair.

It will be possible for your player character to be Morrigan's god-child from DA:O
C'mon, it's about time that plot thread makes a comeback, even if it requires specific old save data to happen. Plus, Morrigan appears to be addressing the player character directly on the reveal trailer. This would require the child to have grown up quite fast, or the game to take place a few decades after Origins, though. Being the god-child will either be an origin option, or it will play into every origin (with the choice only changing how they led their lives until that point, not the conditions of their birth).

Betraying previous followers will come back to bite you
There will be a price for killing party members - or sending them to a Fate Worse than Death ( Fenris, Isabela) - in the first two games. The consequences could be aimed squarely at the Warden / Hawke, or they could go meta and punish your Inquisitor - your character may not be responsible, but you are.

Yuri Lowenthal will be in this game.
Either because he's been in every game of the franchise and most of the DLC or because Yuri Lowenthal is in everything.
  • He voices Sandal, he will be in this game.

The giant tear in the Fade is located over or near Kirkwall.
The Veil is notoriously thin there.
  • It could also be Adamant Fortress. The veil is also thin there, and Pharamanond's experriments released a lot of demons in the book.
  • Or the Soldier's Peak. Seriously, you can't hike a mile without landing in a place where the Veil is thin in Thedas.
    • Jossed. BioWare has stated that a) the Veil tear was deliberate, not accidental, and b) the original tear was opened over the Temple of Andraste's Ashes, where there was a peace summit at the time for the Mage-Templar War, in order to prolong said war. Yeah, conspiracy's a big part of DA:I, apparently.

The tear in the Fade is located over Andoral's Reach
It is caused by the largest number of mages gathering in one place since the height of the Tevinter Imperium. Puts the whole Templar-Mage conflict in a new light...

The final boss fight will occur inside the Black City in the Fade.
Because the locale would be suitably climactic.

Different potential love interests are...
  • Cassandra. It's largely believed confirmed she'll be a companion, and to build off the earlier WMG she'll probably be the promoted love interest.
    • Confirmed as a potential romance.
  • Cullen. He's also strongly believed to be a companion after being a fairly important NPC for two games. He has a large female fan base, so it's likely he'll be a popular LI for the female Inquisitor.
    • Confirmed as a love interest but not definite as a companion.
  • Varric. It will be a torrid love affair, doomed to heartbreak and torment, as he is forced to choose between the Inquisitor and the woman of his dreams.
  • Vivienne. New companion from the extremely liberal Orlais and Circle with a penchant for fashion? Who here thinks she won't be an option?
  • Sera. She will be the Veronica to Cassandra's Betty (or perhaps the reverse?).
  • Dorian. He will continue the tradition of apostate/outcast mage love interests (Anders, Morrigan, Merrill) we have had so far. And judging from the popular association with his name, he might be a Gay Option for male Inquisitors. And he will make for a contrast and similair Betty and Veronica dynamic with our other currently confirmed male romance, Cullen. Alternatively...
  • Solas could also continue that tradition, plus all elf party members so far (outside of DLC campaigns/expansions which have no love interests) have been love interests.
  • There will be a Betty and Veronica romance that will be subverted with the Betty having a Dark Secret or Dark and Troubled Past, and the Veronica becomes nicer similar to Origins and Dragon Age II.

Inquisition will return to BW's classic formula
There will be five geographically distinct main questlines, each of which can be resolved in a multitude of ways but ultimately leads to the same endgame, only with different allies:

  • The Templars' siege of mage-controlled Andoral's Reach (obviously)
  • The Orlesian civil war between Duke Gaspard's forces and Empress Celene's loyalists (from Asunder)
  • The conflict between the Seekers and the Grey Wardens (hinted at in the Fires Above trailer)
  • The elven uprising against humans, possibly centered around the Dales (hinted at by The Masked Empire blurb)
  • Possibly an ongoing conflict between the Qunari and the Tevinters?

After you, as member of the Inquisition, quell these conflicts, you can proceed to the final story area, which will be the giant Fade tear and what lies beyond it.

There will be boss battles against a real high dragon and a fake high dragon
Because so far, every game has had a high dragon and a fake dragon. There were three high dragons, one in each game, and there was a shapeshifted Flemeth in Origins, the Queen of the Blackmarsh in Awakening, and Malvernus from Legacy in 2. Therefore, in Inquisition, there will be a quest to hunt down a high dragon (maybe one of Cassandra's companion quests; the Pentaghasts are renowned dragon hunters, after all) and as for the fake high dragon... I dunno. But there will be one. Of some kind. And you will have to kill it.
  • Okay, so as it turns out, there will be lots of real high dragons in Inquisition. Modification: one real and one fake plot important high dragon.

One of the major antagonists will be a morally complex Well-Intentioned Extremist authority figure who Jumped Off The Slippery Slope and became paranoid.
Between Loghain in Origins and Meredith in II it's pretty much one of the traditions by now. Since they were different kinds of antagonists (Meredith was the final boss but not quite a Big Bad, Loghain was the Big Bad for most of the story until the final act and the Archdemon was the real threat), it's hard to say what exactly the character in question's role will be, but they will be among the most important antagonists at the very least, and in a major authority position. And like with Loghain and Meredith, you'll have the option to either side with them or keep them alive or just form a more positive relationship with them, one way or another, similarly to how you could recruit Loghain and work with Meredith.

Orsino will show up alive if Hawke sided with the mages
Leliana and Anders' potential deaths have already been overwritten (with Leliana maybe having an out due to the Sacred Ashes). Why not do the same to one that no-one seems to like (and was shoehorned into the story for the sake of a boss battle)? Bonus points if Cassandra is in your party when he turns up. "I knew Varric was lying! That part never made any sense to me."

Speculation on the identity of the Big Bad of Inquisition
  • Morrigan. She is after all, a major character in this game after not being seen in 2. And someone has been making sure that elements of Thedas that could potentially resolve the Hell Gate crisis are all destablized, such as the Grey Wardens, Circle of Magi, The Chantry and Orlais itself. Judging from the way she's dressed in Orlesian attire in "The Fires Above" trailer, it's very likely that Morrigan has insinuated herself into Empress Celene's court. She could be behind it all.
    • She does claim that the world needs to change during her last meeting with the Warden (on the other hand, she insists that Flemeth is a bigger threat and is clearly terrified of whatever she has planned).
  • Flemeth. Seriously, the woman has been set up as the most dangerous individual in the two games so far, and the kind of world-shaking that goes on in Inquisition definitely requires someone of her Power Level.
  • Imshael or the Formless One. Come on, we've already fought two of the four Forbidden Ones, so chances are one of them will be in this game. Why not make one of them the Big Bad?
  • Fan'Harel. Or the Maker, if you believe the theory that the two are one and the same.
  • The Inquisitor. It's not like Bioware hasn't done that reveal before, and isn't it rather suspicious that the Inquisitor was the only person to survive the opening of the portal?

Kossith will be playable.
Kossith(that is, the main qunari race; the guys with the horns) will be playable; when the question was raised in the Game Informer article, it wasn't confirmed but neither was it specifically ruled out. Even if they aren't a playable race for the singleplayer game, even money they'll be playable in multiplayer.
  • Confirmed!

Closing the tear in the Veil will mean cutting the world off from the Fade.
Closing the tear in the Veil will require cutting the world off completely from the Fade - removing magic from it. I really don't want this one to be true, because it would wreck the setting pretty badly and probably end the series...I'm hoping it's just my memories of playing Final Fantasy VI and not that I'm on to something.
  • Interesting WMG, although I'm hoping that chances of this happening are unlikely. If Sandal's prophecy in Dragon Age II can be taken at his word, the magic is coming back in some way or another. We'll probably see how that happens in the game itself.
  • If The Magic Goes Away, the Qunari are gonna take over the world. Seriously. They're the most technologically advanced civilization in Thedas by a good ways (gunpowder and basic sanitation), and the only thing keeping them in check is their Forever War with Tevinter. The only reason Tevinter is holding out is because they're The Magocracy and Qunari don't want to get within a mile of a mage, sending their own poorly-trained "attack dog" mages against warrior warlocks; take away their magic and it's a Curb-Stomp Battle (especially since mages tend to be extra squishy). Others may hold out longer (especially Ferelden, being generally cold and unpleasant to kossith without any magical aid), but I foresee a World of Silence if this happens.

Alternatively, dwarves will become capable of being mages. Or EVERYONE will become a mage.
"One day, the magic will come back, all of it. Everyone will be as they once were." It was implied that the Primeval Thaig was created partially through magic, which probably means that at some point far in the past dwarves were capable of being mages. While the former of these would be pretty cool (and Dagna from Origins would squee!) the latter...well, if the latter happened, we'd have a whole world of People of Mass Destruction, and Thedas would be fucked.

Non-qunari knowledge of gunpowder will play some role
The knowledge of gunpowder is no longer a qunari secret. Gunpowder plus magic apparently equals really big boom. How could this fail to affect the world in some way?

Where Are They Now?
Some guesses as to what various characters are up to, if they're still alive:
  • If the above-mentioned WMG implying that there's an elven revolt is true, Merrill is protecting other elves from retaliation or helping them in one way or another - probably city elves, considering that she's an exile at this point.
  • Fenris is allied with one of the anti-magical or anti-Tevinter factions...though possibly not if you convinced him to stick with you for the Mage endgame. (Well, not with an anti-magical faction in that case, necessarily. If there are Tevinter asses to be kicked, though, he's apt to be kicking them.)
  • Anders is either The Atoner, especially now that he's seeing all the disaster he helped to bring about, or a completely Ax-Crazy "grr, arrg" abomination destroying everything in sight.
  • If Anders is dead, Justice/Vengeance may not be...and might well be an Arcane Horror or the like inhabiting his former host's corpse.
  • If Anders is alive, Sebastian will *try* to raise an army to destroy Kirkwall, but that doesn't necessarily mean he'll *succeed*; with everything else that will probably be going on, a whole army of allies interested in Revenge by Proxy might be hard to come by. (And an army that could destroy Kirkwall would have to be pretty impressive. I mean, not only is it fortified, but it's also basically the Sunnydale of Thedas. Maker only knows what an army besieging that demon-infested hellmouth would face.) If Anders is dead, Sebastian may abandon his attempt to retake Starkhaven in favor of fighting on behalf of the beleaguered Chantry.
  • Zevran is a Wild Card with no faction allegiance, still just gradually wiping out the Crows and anybody else who wants him dead.

Flemeth caused the tear in the Veil in order to bring the Black City into Thedas.

The Inquisitor will be saved and pointed at their destiny by Flemeth
It's already happened twice; Flemeth dragged the Warden out of the Tower of Ishal and pointed out the treaties that subsequently saved Thedas, and then she saved Hawke's life and ferried him/her to Kirkwall. Judging by what she says, either she has a plan, or something keeps dragging protagonists into her path. Either way, she and the Inquisitor will have an encounter near the beginning of the game and a little chat. Stabbing optional.

There will be non-companion love interests
  • While not perfectly implemented, it wasn't a bad idea in Mass Effect 3, and might see a return in Inquisition.
    • It looks like Cullen isn't a companion and he's been confirmed to be a love interest.

By hook or by crook David Gaider will get Henry Cavill in this game!
  • Because he's getting a bit fanatic about it and things can only go downhill.

We'll get to visit Kal-Sharok.
  • Popular rumor going around.

If he's alive, Zevran will appear in the final boss fight
  • He's taken part in the final of Origins and the end of II (provided you did his side-quest and had Isabela or Varric with you). If he manages a hat-trick, it'll cement his rep forever.
    • Jossed, he won't be showing up this time around.

The Inquisitor will be saved and pointed towards their destiny by Morrigan
  • Flemeth has done it twice, yes. So, rule of three demands the situation be subverted by having Morrigan assume her mother's traditional role in the story by pulling our asses out of the fire.

We'll visit the Dalish clan Merrill was born in.
  • And it will be filled with the cast of Torchwood. Yes, that includes John Barrowman.
    • Bonus points if he makes reference to "a doctor in his blue box" he knew once.

The Wardens will Worf to the Red Templars
  • For the record, I really, really hope I'm wrong about this. But having the Red Templars attack the Wardens makes sense for a variety of reasons. The Wardens are something of a safe haven for apostate mages and even blood mages, which would make them a target for the fanatical red templars. Having the templars willing to attack such a respected neutral organization as the Wardens, who have such a reputation for badassery shows how off the deep end they've gone. And having them win shows how dangerous the red lyrium makes them, establishing them as a credible threat.

The impending Nevarran succession crisis will factor into the game
  • The king of Nevarra, Markus Pentagast, is extremely old and has no children of his own, neither does his heir-apparent, his younger brother, Firdinand. More distantly related Pentagasts are lining up to replace him while various other Nevarran clans are circling, smelling blood in the water. As it happens, you're going to have a Pentagast- Cassandra- in your party. Even if it doesn't lead to an Alistair situation, you can bet her familial connection will come up.

A host of darkspawn will join you against the demons
Turns out that the demons invading this world is a bad thing for them too, so they'll pull an Enemy Mine and aid the mortals. Three possibilities for their leader: 1. The Architect, or another darkspawn like him. If he isn't in charge, he'll serve the latter as a lieutenant. 2. Morrigan's god-child. Being as he is an archdemon reborn as a human, he may be able to command the darkspawn, but won't want to start another Blight. 3. The Warden. Going around and asking people to supply armies is exactly what you did in Origins. And if the situation with the Templars was dire enough, then the other Grey Wardens may have joined up.

Depending on your choices, Anders might not return...but even if he doesn't, Vengeance will.

The spirit-turned-demon will either be possessing someone else or pulling a Kristoff with Anders' body. Eeeeew.

Before the game starts, Flemeth caught up with her daughter Morrigan... gain possession of her body, as Morrigan had feared in Origins. In game, you'll meet up with "Morrigan," who talks and acts just like we all used to know her, albeit with subtle dialogue tells that foreshadow the obligatory big reveal and gloating betrayal to the player character.

The actual proximate reason for the tear in the Veil is...
The firing of the Crucible!
  • Those demons who come through it are actually the spirits of BSN forum posters angry about the ME3 ending.

The Inquisitor has some kind of specific magical powers
I believe we've been told the Inquisitor is the sole survivor of an attack that came through the Veil, so it wouldn't be too far-fetched to think that they received some kind of power that allows them to close the Veil tears, which would explain why they were put in charge of the Inquisition.
  • This has been confirmed.

Varric's stories about Hawke will have their own fandom...
...which spends far too much time insisting that the Champion couldn't possibly have had four bisexual people in their companions. Because that's so much less realistic than surviving the Blight or killing the Qunari leader in single combat.
  • They will also spend a lot of time complaining about how Varric's original descriptions of the dungeons Hawke had cleared out and street brawls they had survived are repetitive, monotonous, and generally uninspiring.

The original Inquisition's purpose was not hunting mages
We know that the Inquisition split off into the Templars and the Seekers of Truth after the Nevarran accord was signed—and these two are essentially the watchdogs for the Circle of Magi and the watchdogs for the watchdogs, respectively. However, the new Inquisition's main purpose is to inquire, to find out what's behind the consecutive crises that struck Thedas around and after the Fifth Blight. This would suggest that if the original Inquisition was formed (and named) with the same considerations in mind, its true purpose wasn't what it's now being remembered for (hunting mages).

Looking at the facts: the original Inquisition, like the new one, was formed in the aftermath of a Blight (the first one, in their case), when conflicts rocked Thedas on almost daily basis (with Andraste's rebellion being the most notable one). It is possible that the original Inquisition was formed because its founders believed that, like in the Dragon Age, there is a single puppet master pulling the strings behind all of these conflicts. Their hunt for mages might have been an unintended side effect of their search for that villain. Evidently, the old Inquisition must have fulfilled their purpose, as they shifted their focus to babysitting mages full-time by the beginning of the Second Blight.

They must have accomplished something very important to Thedas in the years around the 1:1 Divine (the adoption of modern calender), but that event must have been stricken from every single (Chantry-controlled) history book. Possibly only the senior Seekers and the Divines know the truth of that story.

The Inquisitor must assemble the various factions in the vein of Mass Effect 3, and Flemeth is in on it
There have been so many various pieces of the puzzle running around - Flemeth, Morrigan, the OGB if it was conceived, the Warden-Commander, Hawke, Corypheus, The Architect (if you didn't waste him in Awakening) Anders, Sten and the otehr companions - and it seems like many of them still have parts to play. My bet is we'll see every companion character that hasn't died come back in the style of the War Assets - you can either recruit some past characters like Zevran or Leliana or Merrill, or give them teams of their own and have them work independently. For that matter, other characters like Sebastian, The Architect, and Anders will be leading factions that you'll have to talk into supporting you or destroy along the way.

As far as Flemeth goes, she's been at least partially aware of what's been going on and what was going to happen, but as we've seen in the Witch Hunt DLC, she's not a human, abomination, or demon, and has some huge plan going on. Either she's been playing the long con and has been manipulating the Warden-Commander, Hawke, and (presumably) the Inquisitor into doing her dirty work so she can walk in and gain something from it, or she's actually good, and has been preparing the heroes for the tear in the Veil.
  • The one thing that speaks against Flemeth's central role in the upcoming conflict is Sandal's prophecy, which explicitly says "when he rises...", while Flemeth has been consistently described in feminine terms.
  • Do we even know that Flemeth is female anymore? She's explicitly stated to be "not human", after all, and thus our rules of gender may not apply to her (it?).

The Inquisitor will kill an ogre early in the game.
As per Rule of Three, combined with the theory above about the Inquisitor being rescued and pointed to their destiny by Flemeth again. Both the Warden and Hawke killed an ogre right before their respective incidents from which they were rescued and set on their path, so in the Inquisitor's case it will likely be either sometime before or during the incident with the Veil tear, depending on how exactly it plays out.

It turns out the Architect wasn't to blame for the Fifth Blight
In Awakening, the Architect explained that instead of freeing Urthemiel, he accidentally corrupted him. However, with the revelation that there is a Hidden Villain seemingly pulling the strings behind every disaster in Thedas as of late, it is not implausible that it wasn't an accident—the Architect simply hadn't figured it out. For this reason, it's mostly irrelevant if you kill the Architect or not: the real perpetrator behind the Fifth Blight is still out there. (Also, the fact that you can kill him rules out his candidacy as said Hidden Villain.)

If you spared the Architect, he will lead a new Darkspawn army against Corypheus
He has ample experience of fighting other Darkspawn and his ideals of freedom for his species probably clash strongly with the nature of Corypheus (who seems to be a weaker version of an Archdemon).

Morrigan's dress is actually the result of shopping with Leliana
They are both in Val Royeaux in Inquisition, and Leliana has long wanted to dress Morrigan in something snazzier than her witch of the wilds getup.

The Hidden Villain is the same entity in TME that killed Felassan
The two obviously know each other and Felassan cryptically foreshadows the massive cataclysm to Imshael, so the villain probably had a good reason to kill him.
  • It could actually be Fen'Harel, it's implied that he was comparing Briala to him.

Who's going to die at the opening of the Breach?
The first fade tear, called the Breach, will open over a peace summit and kill everyone there, save for the man or woman who will eventually become the Inquisitor. According to the new trailer, we're not talking about a small event; apparently thousands were in attendance. So, who's going to die here?
  • Multiple Reasonable Authority Figures who were this close to getting a ceasefire between all the warring factions.
    • Potentially Rhys from Asunder, and Fiona among them.
  • Whichever potential Inquisitors the player didn't choose. They'll do that thing from Origins where all of the potential Wardens existed, but only one of them survived to become the protagonist.
  • Divine Justinia. Her goal is to end the Templar-Mage war, so her being at a peace summit would make sense. It would also explain why Cassandra is threatening the Inquisitor in the trailer: because she holds the Inquisitor responsible for Justinia's death.
    • Which would handily explain why Justinia's Right and Left Hand (Cass and Leliana) now work full-time for the Inquisition—with their patron gone and the new Divine not yet elected, they might just as well join her backup plan.
  • Sorta confirmed in that a demo offhandedly mentioned a lot of leadership died in the breach so Reasonable Authority Figures and Divine Justinia are quite possibly dead.

Cullen, Leliana and that Scribe Lady are in charge of managing the Inquisition while you're off playing.
The Inquisition is an international organization. Someone has to run it while the player is off gallivanting in the countryside. Leliana, an unnamed scribe woman and a guy everyone thinks is Cullen appear in the trailer, but don't appear to be party members. They're actually plot-important NP Cs. Cullen, Leliana and the unnamed Scribe all run individual sections of the Inquisition while answering to the player. Cullen handles military matters, Leliana handles espionage and the Scribe handles funding.
  • Mostly confirmed according to this interview. There are different branches of the Inquisition that certain returning characters are in charge of, with Leliana confirmed as being in charge of a network of spies/assassins.

Iron Bull and mustachioed mage won't get along.
Look at them in the table screenshot, both with the "Why do I have to stand next to him" arms crossed and nose upturned.
  • I actually doubt Iron Bull is going to get along with anyone, at least at first. In that shot, he's noticeably standing a few paces back from the table and the rest of the group. In every screen shot he's in, he's on his own. In the first trailer, he was on his own, in concept art, he's on his own. In a lot of ways, I think he's meant to stand apart from the rest of the group.

The Inquisitor is actually a Fade Spirit.
I didn't come up with this, I'm just posting it.

The supposed Inquisitor actually did die when the Breach opened. You're playing as an amnesiac fade spirit who took their appearance and identity. We know something similar can happen with Cole, and it sounds like a sufficiently Bioware-y twist. It also explains why we aren't getting playable origins stories: because the player character didn't actually live through those events. They just think they did.

Similar to Origins you can marry the leader you support
If you are a male human and support Celene for empress of Orlais you can marry her, Alternatively if you are female and support Gaspard you can marry him at the end.
  • I believe David Gaider jossed this, though damned if I'm about to go digging through the old BSN to find the post in which he did so.

Leliana's vision wasn't about the Blight
In Origins, Leliana joins you because of a dream she had of a colossal darkness consuming the world and then of a single rose growing from a dead bush near the chantry. She then assumed that it was about the Blight and the single Warden who survived the destruction of the order by Loghain and the Darkspawn. But what if it is untrue? There were two Grey Wardens who survived (three, if you count Riordan), but there is only one survivor from the Breach—in other words, the Inquisitor is that rose. Furthermore, the darkness consuming the world may have been the Blight, but maybe an even greater darkness was meant? For instance, the one echoed in Morrigan's words: "Darkness closes in." Let's not forget that Leliana takes a proactive role in combating this darkness, as well...

The Inquisitor is a servant/child/incarnation of the Maker
The trailers like to play up the Inquisitor as a messiah-like archetype, so it would be interesting if it turns out the Inquisitor is a servant or child of the Maker, or even an avatar of the Maker itself, sent down to save Thedas from the demonic forces of the Fade, which might give the idea that despite the questionable things about the Maker and Chantry, the Maker actually gives a damn of protecting the people of Thedas.

There's going to be hilarious banter about the fact that two of the party mages are bald.
I mean that's assuming that Vivienne concept art is right but let's assume for now.

The Inquisitor won't survive the game
Whether they're a Fade spirit or a god-child or a Time Lord, whatever. Doesn't matter. They've already been put into a Last Supper shot in the Inquisition trailer, and Bioware's also done the trilogy of games with a Jesus allegory as the main character and Shepard likely didn't survive that. Maybe this won't be a certainty because the multiple endings are supposed to be very multiple this time around, but trust me, at least one will have the Inquisitor on the chopping block.
  • We're apparently going to continue playing after completing the main storyline, so I don't know how that'll jive.
  • There is the possibility of an Awakening Orlesian Warden type situation, or even a DA:O situation that lets you continue before the point of no return. Given the 40 ending variants, I'd be surprised if all of these left the Inquisitor alive.

We will be properly introduced to Ariane's Dalish clan
In the Witch Hunt, Ariane is after Morrigan because she stole a unique book on the Eluvians from her clan; before Morrigan leaves (through an Eluvian!), she returns the book to Ariane. As of TME, the Eluvian network has been reactivated, so naturally the Inquisition would want to have access to it. Whether tipped off by Morrigan herself or some other source, the Inquisitor will seek out Ariane or her Keeper and obtain the book's secrets for the Inquisition.
  • The Inquisitor may be part of Ariane's Dalish clan.

Someone is going to have to put Black Magician Girl on Vivienne's character sheet.
The pun will be acknowledged and we'll all feel a bit awkward about it.

The seemingly mandatory one brothel per game will be in our keep
And we will be able to choose a few minor npcs we've done quests for to hire. At least one will be a male dwarf.
  • The Inquisitor as owner of the brothel will be able to be a Miss Kitty or cruel pimp regardless of gender.

Blackwall is Secretly Dying
He's a Grey Warden of a certain age. The Calling could be around any time.

Blackwall is loyal to Gaspard de Chalons
Blackwall was stationed in Val Chevin, which is on Gaspard's lands. Gaspard is especially respected by warriors. Perhaps, if rather than stopping the assassination attempt at the Winter Palace, you facilitate it instead, you will alienate Blackwall.

Vivienne will be the team's resident hypocrite.
"A thousand arrows would pierce her breast before Vivienne would don beaten steel for so base an urge as protection." Yet a quote of hers is "For those who value survival, sentimentality is not an option"? For those who view fashion as little more than "sentimental value placed on clothing", her quote sounds pretty hypocritical. It might be Hypocritical Humor based on context, but hypocrisy nonetheless.
  • Sorta building on this Vivienne will become a Base Breaker. One side will like her for being a strong female character and going after what she wants, others will dislike her for being hypocritical and selfish.
    • She already kind of is, though not to the degree that I've felt worth adding the trope to the YMMV page.

Each of the specializations classes will come from a companion.
Basically what the title says. Each companion will have a class skill tree unique to them (a la DA 2) and will, after a certain checkpoint in friendship or personal quest, teach that class to the Inquisitor (a la Origins). Which class goes to which companion is a bit murky, though. My thoughts:

  • Cassandra is Templar, obviously.
  • Blackwall is probably Champion.
  • That leaves Reaver for the Iron Bull. He does have a dark past, and he has extreme issues with demons. Maybe the thing that burned him out of home defense was something that led him to make a Deal with the Devil he regrets?
    • That the Iron Bull is a reaver, at least, has been confirmed via the 2014 E3 demo; whether he will teach the spec to the Inquisitor or not remains to be seen.
  • The mages are harder. I can't see any of them being an Arcane Warrior, especially not Vivienne. Solas, maybe?
    • The description for Knight Enchanter lists it as a circle thing, albeit, rare among the circle; Vivienne's the only circle mage in the party.
  • But Rift Mage sounds more like Solas's thing, Fade expert and all.
  • So, Jazz Hands Mc Mustache (sorry, Dorian) = Necromancer? But he hates blood magic. Maybe he learned a bit before he defected, and restricts himself to using it on corpses only.
    • Dorian as a necromancer has been confirmed. Again, it is unknown at this time whether or not he'll teach the spec.
  • The Rogue specializations are hard to pin down too. Assassin could be Sera, she was a Friend of Red Jenny, but I cannot think of that class being anything but stabby, not shooty. But there's no reason it couldn't be a ranged build.
    • Tempest, being an unknown, could be an archery based spec, which would shift assassin to Cole.
  • So, Varric is Artificer? I could see him trolling his enemies with traps, getting a good laugh out of it.
  • So that leaves Tempest (whatever that is) for Cole, who will be a companion, dammit. Maybe it's a mystic class, the rogues could use one.

"Scribbles" is a mage from the Lucrosian fraternity
I can't take credit for this one: I got it from a poster on the Bioware forums. It has been confirmed that you can specialize Inquisition strongholds into one of three areas: warfare, espionage, and economic. Leliana is the Inquisition's spymaster and most likely represents espionage and it is widely speculated (and possibly confirmed) that Cullen represents warfare. The third advisor, fan nicknamed "Scribbles" likely represents the economy. Scribbles appears to be wearing mage robes and her being a mage would work with Cullen being a warrior and Leliana being a rogue. The Lucrosian fraternity believes that mages should use their powers to acquire material wealth. A Lucrosian might make a good economic advisor.
  • As the person who first proposed this on the BSN, this troper, obviously, supports this.
    • And now it is my sad duty to note that this theory has been Jossed; Josephine is a member of an antivan noble/merchant family.

"Scribbles" will actually be called that in-game as Varric's nickname for her.
Because that would be amusing.

Cole's special gameplay ability
Cole's special combat ability will be to reset all aggro against him the moment he disengages from combat, because people forget about him as soon as he is out of sight.

Murderknife will not be back.
Well by assumption it's all but guaranteed to be in the game. Might as well take an opportunity to be painlessly cynical.

The identity of the corpse Varric was tending to in the first trailer...
Is Merrill. It would be a good reason for him to look THAT heartbroken.

Alexius opened the Breach
He's a Tevinter Magister, so he probably has the pull to gain access to the peace conference. During the Redcliffe Castle part of the E3 demo, the party seems to blame him for dooming the world. Presumably, Alexius was persuaded by the "Elder One" he keeps mentioning to open the Breach. It's possible that he was offered his son's resurrection in exchange.

Following the Jesus analogy from farther up
Judas will be the follower most attached to you, with the followers set up that its impossible to piss them all off at once. They will be in tears as they admit to betraying you to save you. Another possible setup is all of them betraying you if you are that much of a jerk, sacrificing you to close the rift and halt the war. No matter what, you will be hurt, drastically, and their betrayal will take a lot to recover from. Possibly risking the success of the inquisition as a whole.

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