WMG: Double Duck

The Agency is The Organization in the 20th century.
both are nameless groups, that Donald/PK's had some dealings with.
  • alternately...
    • The Organization in this series, and the PKNA one are one and the same.
Name's The Same, and it would provide Arc Welding for both series. True or not, it's my new Head Canon! though whether the 23rd century traveled back, and became the 20th century version, or the 20th century version eventually becomes the the 23rd century, or both is best left unanswered.
  • If the 20th century version is the ancestor of the 23rd century one, would provide an amusing scene if Donald meets an Organization agent calling himself The Raider...

Double Duck initial mission was one of the triggers of Donald becoming Paperinik
In Paperinik's first story Donald was even easier to anger than usual and rather prone to react harshly to anything smelling of underestimating him (like Scrooge offering him a job as night-time fanner and saying he wouldn't be able to steal a nut from a blind squirrel), with his reaction to finding Fantomius' journal and gadgets being becoming a Phantom Thief to get revenge on anyone who dared laughing at him. And having a sub-conscious knowledge of being actually able at the job of friggin' secret agent while still being treated as practically useless would have been quite the frustrating thing...
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