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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Don Quixote
The story of Don Quixote was completely messed-up because of awful researching and the lies of a scheming wizard.
In reality, Don Quixote was actually the greatest knight that Spain (and maybe even all of Europe) had ever seen. He really did fight giants and villains, especially the evil sorcerer Friston. However, in a final duel with the wizard, Quixote was defeated and knocked unconscious. Feeling that merely killing his long-time foe would not be as satisfying, Friston then returned Quixote to his home and took the form of his niece. The next morning, the knight errant woke up confused, and his enemy in disguise explained to him that everything he thought he did was all in his head. He was tricked into thinking that the giants he slayed were actually windmills, the fair Lady Dulcinea was just some peasant girl he saw once, and he was simply a crazy old man who read too many adventure stories. He died broken, believing that his life had no worth when he was a hero and role model who touched many lives. This fake version of his history was what Friston, still disguised as Quixote's niece, told the various biographers who wished to write of his deeds, including Miguel Cervantes, whose collection of stories that drew from his own "research" and the accounts of others was the definitive and famous version. If this sounds depressing, there is a bright side: Friston wanted to kill Quixote by ruining the great hero's reputation. However, he actually became immortalized through the fabrication and maybe even became more of a lasting role model than he would have been had people read of his actual deeds.
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