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A place to put your crazy theories on Don Bluth and his work.

Bluth made A Troll in Central Park to troll his audience
  • It's a thought.

Bluth has got a special tenderness from Fantasia
Well, at least two of his movies are basically extensions of Fantasia segments: "The Land before Time" looks like it takes place somewhere in the middle of "Rite of Spring" and "Thumbelina" has fairies who make Autumn happen in exactly the same way as in "The Nutcracker Suite".

Bluth partially made Thumbelina as Disney-like as possible out of spite
  • Similar to the above, Bluth was so jaded about The Little Mermaid destroying All Dogs Go to Heaven at the box office that he made a much cheesier Hans Christian Anderson-based animated musical with Ariel's voice actress playing an Expy of Ariel as a Take That! towards Disney for knocking him off his pedestal, or as another attempt at showing them up at their own game.
    • Or possibly to show that making a movie follow the Disney formula (as it was understood at the time) doesn't necessarily make it good.

Bluth joined 20th Century Fox because he though it'd earn him an Auteur License
  • He figured than a few demeaning projects that make lots of money then could mean lots of money for him to make his own movie later.

Pixar will hire Bluth to collaborate on a project
And will give him all the creative freedom he needs.

This would be epic because Pixar and Bluth have many trademark characteristics in their films: tear jerking moments, mind screw scenes, strange story premises, pants wetting moments, and most of all, great story telling that appeals to all ages.

Even better, it would have Bluth's style of animation in CGI.

If Pixar does this, then the animation fans of the world will love both parties even more.
  • And after the movie is made, there will be no point in creating animated movies anymore because this would probably be the greatest piece of animated film ever created. After viewing this movie, all countries of the world will live in harmony, and we will all walk hand in hand with our fellow man.

The reason why his films declined after All Dogs Go to Heaven was because he suffered depression after Judith Barsi was murdered.
  • When this troper found out that Judith Barsi died before All Dogs Go To Heaven was released, he began to wonder if this may have affected Don Bluth as well.
    • While not the reason, it couldn't have helped.

Bluth sued both Universal and MGM for making sequels to his 1980s movies.
He's had it with all this. He wanted to get the rights to his movies back from these studios.
  • Actually, these are the studios that released his 1980s movies to theaters. This fact is possibly ignored by his fans.

Bluth will start a Kickstarter campaign to make a new movie
  • He's already mentioned that he'd decided to get with the times and try his hand at creating a CGI film at some point, if for no other reason then to get funding for a traditionally-animated independent film, but in light of the crowd-funding success for Hullabaloo & The Last Days of Coney Island, there's a good chance he'll bypass the CGI film and go right on to this for his long-awaited Dragon's Lair prequel.
    • Confirmed!

  • He's almost 80, hasn't made a movie in over a decade, his efforts to get back into the animation business have been minuscule at best, and none of the feature films he and Gary Goldman have considered making have yet to even get past theory. Even if they did at this point, they'd take years to make the accomplishments they're setting out for.
    • Somewhat jossed as he is actually planning on making a Dragon's Lair movie using Kickstarter to fund ten minutes of the movie and then hopefully get seventy million to for the feature-length. However, he could still die by the time the movie is released and thus it would be dedicated in his memory.

Sony Pictures Animation will hire him.
  • They've already had several hits with some top-notch animation veterans, it only seems logical.

He's never going back to animation because he's perfectly happy doing local theater.
The Dragon's lair movie will never get made
As of 17/11/2015 (Australia) the project has less than 40% of the $550,000 necessary and there are only 8 days to go.

If the Dragon's Lair movie is enough of a hit, he will be able to revive his cancelled projects.
Like East of the Sun and West of the Moon, Satyrday, The Little Blue Whale, and The Velveteen Rabbit. Beauty and the Beast is doubtful, due to the fact that the Disney version is on everyone's minds.

If Bluth never gets his current projects released into theaters, they will be released exclusively for Internet streaming instead
Hey, it worked for Ralph Bakshi!

Netflix will pick up Dragon's Lair
A mixture of the fact that they'll pick up almost any indy movie along with the fact that Dragon's Lair features heavily in season 2 of Stranger Things, Netflix could be the one to release the film if no major studio wants it (likely, due to Hollywood's attitude toward 2D animation in the 21st century).