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The Doctor will again regenerate sacrificing himself
  • Has happened the last 2 times and seems in character. This time it may be for Clara.
    • Semi-confirmed. It's a very slow sacrifice, but a sacrifice nonetheless.

The Doctor's will regenerate due to the John Hurt Doctor
  • See my WMG in 50th anniversary folder.
    • Jossed.

When the Doctor regenerates, the last thing he sees will be Amy.
  • She'd be the first and last face this face saw.
    • Confirmed.

The Silence will be the villains
  • A fitting end for 11.
    • Seems likely.
    • Confirmed, they were seen in the trailer.
    • Jossed, mostly. They're the closest thing to allies the Doctor has in the episode.

The tile of the Christmas Special will be "Silent Night"

The Eleventh Doctor's regeneration will take place exactly at midnight.
  • Because twelve.
    • Confirmed.

The aliens we see in the preview for the special...
The Silence, Daleks, Mondas Cybermen, and Weeping Angels: Are a new Alliance like in The Pandorica Opens, that have come to slay the Doctor once and for all. And there really is no way he's getting out of it.
  • Jossed. The different species are all out for themselves.
  • Not to mention how would one recruit a weeping angel to their side if it wasn't jossed?

If the Day of the Doctor hadn't played out as it did, The Doctor would have died on Trenzalore.
The trailer tells us that the Christmas special will happen on Trenzalore, the site of a great battle where the Doctor will die. Saving Gallifrey in the Day of the Doctor gave the Doctor hope for the first time since the end of the Time War. If he hadn't and the Moment had been activated, come his death on Trenzalore, he would not have regenerated. The hope of seeing Gallifrey again, gave him the will to move on.
  • Semi-confirmed. Without Gallifrey's existence, nothing of interest would have happened on Trenzalore.

The Doctor will not die or be buried on Trenzalore ever
Just like The Doctors have Tricked Out Time in "The Day of the Doctor", so will he do again at Trenzalore. Everything will look as if the Doctor had fallen, a copy of TARDIS will be made into his tomb and a scar of his time-travel will be put in place. In truth, however, he will merely regenerate and the story will go on.
  • Semi-confirmed. The Doctor regenerated on Trenzalore, but he didn't die and wasn't buried because of the intervention of the only species that could change that- the Time Lords.

Trenzalore is the home planet of the Silent race.
In the trailer for the special, the Doctor asks what planet he was on, suggesting it looked different from the Trenzalore we know. The Great Intelligence said a battle took place on Trenzalore. What did Kavorian say the Doctor? "Hope in this endless bitter war?" The religion of the Silence was created to make sure the Doctor does not reach Trenzalore. What if the Doctor's tomb wasn't what the Silence were alluding to? The Doctor must've participated in the Trenzalorian battle in the past from the Silents point of view, but in the future from the Doctor's point of view. The question still stands because the Silence knew that after the Doctor visited his grave, he would take part in the Battle of Trenzalore and cause Silence to fall. The whole Silence story line therefore is a Stable Time Loop.
  • Jossed.

The species seen in the trailer will fight each other
  • Confirmed.

The creatures will be constructed from the Doctor's mind
  • Apparently Jossed.

The Doctor will really die on Trenzalore. The Peter Capaldi Doctor will come into existence via some other means than a regular regeneration.
It's been established that Time Lords can have only 13 incarnations. In The Day of the Doctor we find out that Matt Smith is actually the 13th incarnation, not the 12th (the extra incarnation in the season 4 finale counts as one, according to Word of God). So he can't regenerate anymore. Now, the grave on Trenzalore definitely seems to be holding the Doctor's "body". But when Clara jumps inside the "body", we only see her helping incarnations of the Doctor up until Smith, we don't see her helping any Doctors after him. Which would mean the "body" is the body of the Smith Doctor, and hence it doesn't contain any information about any possible post-Smith Doctors. So Smith really dies on Trenzalore, and cannot regenerate into a new Doctor, and that's why the "body" stays there. However, due to some timey wimey trickery, a new Doctor will nevertheless emerge, and that Doctor will be Capaldi. He won't be a regeneration of the previous Doctor but a completely new being, and hence will have a whole new regeneration cycle. With this plot twist, the ending of the The Day of the Doctor will not contradict what we saw in The Name of the Doctor. The Doctor will die on Trenzalore, but he will also retire and became a museum curator somewhere in the distant future. It's just that the dead Doctor and the curator Doctor are two different beings.
  • Didn't River give him more regenerations?
    • No, she just used her regeneration energy to bring the Doctor back from death. It's never stated he got any extra regenerations because of that.
  • Honestly every time that '11th Doctor has no more regenerations' thing comes back it all links back to the Mirror. Honestly I wouldn't trust it, the newspapers are always wrong when it comes to information about future Doctor Who episodes and that sort of plot point would be played for drama and Moffat wouldn't just throw it about willy nilly.
    • Original WMG poster here: I wouldn't normally trust such newspaper rumours, but the Mirror article has an actual quote from Moffat that says the 12 regeneration limit is an issue and it will be dealt with in the Christmas special. So unless the Mirror made up that quote or Moffat was lying (both of which are possible, I guess), it seems the regeneration thing will be addressed in some way.
      • Newspapers are notorious for their propensity to misinterpret and outright exaggerate and lie to sell copies. Just look at the way the article is organised, the first thing that explicitly says that the Doctor has used all 12 regenerations is from 'a show source' - not exactly convincing. And then when Moffat is mentioned, it's said that they asked him about it, and if they actually did, then Moffat, trolling creator he is, likely just confirmed it so they'd report misinformation and look stupid come Christmas.
    • Jossed. The Doctor had run out of regenerations, but he obtained more.

The Silence united the Angels, Cybermen and Daleks to kill the Doctor
It was implied they were the ones who united The Alliance to seal him in the Pandorica. So, deciding to throw subtlety to the wind, they unite three of the most deadly of the Doctor's adversaries and send them after him.
  • Jossed.

The Atraxi and/or Prisoner Zero will turn out to be important
The Christmas special is supposed to tie up Eleven's story and explain the causes behind various things, and it would be awesome if it turned out that the answer goes back to the first episode. Besides, I've always wanted to have Prisoner Zero come back so we can find out what it did.
  • Jossed.

The 12th Doctor will criticise the 11th Doctor but show him some respect
  • He might give a jibe at the chin and bow tie, but say it was time for him to change.
    • Jossed.
      • actually Jossed in the show, but confirmed in one of the comics.
Twelfth Doctor: You mean, the me that wore a bow-tie? The me that thought a fez — an item of apparel resembling an upturned-plant-pot was cool? The me that used the word "cool"? Still not to worry, sophistication and timeless sartorial elegance have been restored.

Another Monster will appear to the ones seen in the trailer
  • Sontarans? Rutans? Ice Warriors? Zygons?
    • The Radio Times seems to have said that the Sontarans will feature.
    • Artwork shows a Silurian Ark.
    • The Dalek Time Controller would be awesome, if unlikely.

The Doctor will be mutilated...
Because having no regenerations left will give Moffat the opportunity to make him REALLY suffer.
  • This isn't an audio adventure for the 8th Doctor!
  • Unless you count aging as mutilation, jossed.

Since this is supposed to be the Doctor's "last" incarnation due to him using up his regenerations, what better way to explain why the Doctor knew he would die at Trenzalore than for his first incarnation to witness it or be told directly of it.
  • Jossed.

The Doctor will be greatly aged by these events, explaining the older Doctor
  • I think the next Doctor being older is a result of the character arc in Day of the Doctor, where he realized he was running from his age.

The Doctor will receive a new set of regenerations via a Loom
I remember there was some idea that the Doctor was the reincarnation of an early Time Lord called The Other. Perhaps the Looms will make a comeback, not as something that lets the Time Lords reproduce, but some other capacity. However, this new Doctor will be considered a separate Doctor than the others. He'll still be the Doctor, but some technicality would make him the new First Doctor, rather than a true Fourteenth.

  • one last thing: I bet 12 (13)'s "darkness" comes from actually finding Gallifrey. something like, looking back on 11 and thinking, "You idiot. Saved the world, big happy ending, do you have any idea what you let out?" And, big leap here, maybe he wasn't there to help but there to try to stop them, to re-War Doctor everything up.

The Doctor's Fate post-The Time Of The Doctor

This one's going to be in spoilers as it contains currently unconfirmed rumors from the Christmas Special. And the more we learn, they may just be true.

If current rumors are to be believed, then this Christmas, we'll discover that the Eleventh Doctor is in reality not the Eleventh Doctor. (Yes, I realize we already know this because of The War Doctor, but that's not what I mean.) Current rumors suggest that the creation of the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor counts as a regeneration; this, in turn, would imply that Eleven is officially the Thirteenth Doctor. And if you remember correctly, Time Lords can only regenerate 12 times. Making the Thirteenth Doctor the last. The rumors also suggest that Eleven will die at some point during a hundreds-of-years long war on Trenzalore.

So, if this is true, how does the man WE know as the Twelfth Doctor (you know, Peter Capaldi), figure into this? We clearly see Twelve show up and help the rest of the Doctor's incarnations freeze Gallifrey. So, clearly, The Doctor has to survive, right? Well...think about this.

"The Doctor" is a name that the man we know as such chose. It's a title, a promise he made.

So why can't someone else carry that promise?

This is my theory. Eleven dies. No avoiding that, Trenzalore is where it happens. Silence falls. But in the midst of all that, The Doctor discovers another Time Lord. Somehow this man managed to escape the Time War. How, IDK, Moffat can figure that out. But this man witnesses the man fight in this war (or survive, or however Eleven does things now). He sees this man's legacy and what it can cause. He's in awe. Eleven befriends him. They fight together. Eleven realizes this is it for him, so he gets a crazy idea. What if this kid could be The Doctor? After all, it's just a title, right? No reason another man could take it. But The Doctor wouldn't give anyone the title. This guy has to earn it. And he does. Just as he recieves it, he's attacked and regenerates into Capaldi!Doctor.

This would make The Doctor a true Legacy Character. How else would Clara not have seen future incarnations of The Doctor when she hopped into his time stream? If this does turn out to be true, then technically, Capaldi! Doctor would be the Second First Doctor, as well as the Twelfth.
  • Jossed. Clara didn't see any future Doctors because he had yet to trick out time and save Gallifrey, eventually getting him more regenerations. As of that moment he was the last Doctor.

The Twelfth Doctor will walk past a fez without reacting to it.
...and for Clara, remembering her comment in The Day of the Doctor, this will be the instant she realizes that this is no longer her Doctor, the one she had gotten to know so well in their time together.
  • But at one point, Twelve will put the fez on, reminding Clara that he's still the same guy. Just like when Ten said "Fantastic" to Rose.

In The Time of the Doctor, the Doctor will use all three names given to him by the Great Intelligence.
The first, "Storm", will be a throwaway line, as the Doctor once more uses the title "The Oncoming Storm". The second, "Beast", will be used in a dark moment as the battle takes a turn for the worse, forcing him to sink to darker depths to keep defeat and its likely-terrible consequences away. Someone will remark that he's acting like a beast, and the Doctor will reply along the lines of "If I have to be a beast for the greater good, then I shall be the Beast!". This ends with the Doctor delving too far into his own darkness, and at the battle climax comes the Fall of the Eleventh - not a fall in battle, but a fall from grace as he finally succumbs and becomes the Valeyard.
  • Jossed.

The Doctor will regenerate well before the end of the episode.
Following on from the above WMG. According to screenshots released in advance, the Doctor will have a drastic change of costume, wearing a cloak and wielding a Dalek eyestalk like a weapon. This actually takes place after the regeneration - Peter Capaldi will play the Twelfth Doctor (but 13th incarnation) for the second half of the episode, while Matt Smith will play the Valeyard, finally free from the Doctor's mind. The "corpse" of the Doctor that the Great Intelligence and Clara entered in the Name of the Doctor will be the Valeyard's corpse, created when he made a last ditch effort to escape the Doctor by jumping into his own timestream, leading in turn to the events of Trial of a Time Lord. This explains the Doctor's supposed destiny of dying at Trenzalore while still allowing the show to continue with a new Doctor.
  • This would also explain why Clara didn't see any doctors after Eleven in the Doctor's timestream.
    • Jossed.

The Daleks will be an ally to the Doctor.
Oswin wiped out the memories of the Doctor from the Daleks mind in Asylum. So, perhaps he encounters them in Time and manages to get them to help him fight the Silence, Cybermen and Angels.
  • OR He allies with the Silence, as we see a caned Doctor-looking fellow walking with them around him.
    • Jossed about the Daleks, confirmed about the Silence.

The woman "from the Doctor's past"
She is a young Madame Kovarian, her experiences here shape her to engage the Doctor in Series 6 after this "endless, bitter war".
  • Given this image, I seriously doubt it.

The new Silents will be slightly different from the old ones.
The Silents seen in the trailer are wearing a black turtleneck under their suits, are being led by someone who appears to be the Doctor and appear to be fighting the Daleks. Perhaps the ones in the turtleneck are "heretics" and try to help the Doctor face the Order of The Silence and their white shirt and tie wearing brethren.
  • Partially confirmed. The Silence who had been trying to kill the Doctor are the heretics, the 'new' Silence are the original model.

Someone will be sent back by the Angels and intervene in earlier events of the episode
  • Perhaps Clara will ask them to change the future.
    • Jossed.

The enemies are attacking the Doctor on Trenzalore as they know he will die there
  • Jossed.

The Doctor will split in two again
The pictures of a naked Matt Smith remind me of 10.5, which makes me wonder if the Doctor will somehow become two Doctors, again. If this happens, it's almost certain one of them would become the Valeyard. But honestly, I hope it doesn't because that was stupid enough the first time.
  • Jossed.

The Silence are actually on the Doctor's side
  • Okay so the Silence were behind the TARDIS blowing up (And having plans for a reboot of the universe inside the Pandorica) knowing that the Doctor would have to use it and not be part of the new Big Bang (so, not part of the new universe). They then tried to kill him before he could utter his name on Trenzalore (Which nearly happens in The Name of the Doctor). They are Knight Templar and needed to kill the Doctor before his final battle because otherwise they would lose that battle. Now that they've reached it, they have no choice but to team up with the Doctor against his greatest enemies, the Cybermen, the Weeping Angels and the Daleks.
    • I would like 35 000 internet points for getting this right.
      • Still partially jossed. The silence were split into two factions, one which were always good. (Whom helped the Doctor) and the others were rebels who broke away from the church to kill the Doctor.

Tasha Lem met a previous Doctor
  • Maybe 8 during the Time War as apparently Paul's face is hidden in a promo image. Or the War Doctor.

Alex Kingston will return, however briefly
  • Maybe her data ghost, making her more knowledgeable for The Name of the Doctor.
    • Jossed.

Trenzalore is Gallifrey
The trailer clearly said the Time War would begin anew then ordered all forces to attack Trenzalore. Gallifrey was target of the Time War so why would Trenzalore become the target unless it's Gallifrey. Needless to say the Planet will survive while both sides(or at least the Time Lords) get wiped out properly!
  • Jossed, but Trenzalore is misidentified as Gallifrey by Handles at first.

Prisoner Zero will appear
He knows that Silence will fall. And taunts 11 with that in his first episode. Also, it seems like Moffat would bring the villain from Matt's first episode into his last.
  • Jossed.

The Time Lords will have to give the Doctor more regenerations, because otherwise 12/Capaldi won't/wouldn't have existed to help save Gallifrey.
From an entry on the Fridge Logic page. Twelve showing up to help is now a fixed point in time, since the Time Lords and the other Doctors saw him there, so if they (or someone else who needs Gallifrey to exist again) want him to save them from the War and avoid a paradox they need to make sure he exists.
  • CONFIRMED! Not quite as described, but very-very close indeed. Well done and Geronimo!

The reason the Church fought against the Doctor was due to Tasha Lem becoming a Dalek Puppet
  • An image from this episode shows her with a Dalek Eyestalk.
    • Jossed, the members of the church that fought the Doctor were a splinter sect.

The Doctor will do something to seal his timestream
  • He could travel to after he previously visited Trenzalore and do more then close the TARDIS doors.

The Doctor will be reconstituted from his timestream
  • Meaning he can still have his TARDIS, as if another Doctor appears, leaving his timestream behind, the TARDIS will be left there as well.

Tasha Lem is a future Clara.

Tasha Lem is Iris Wildthyme
She partied so hard one night and had the mother of all hangovers, so she then decided to give up the booze and become a nun. One thing led to another.

Lorna from "A Good Man Goes to War" came from the town of Christmas.
  • The town is in a forested area which might be the Gamma Forest that Lorna claims to come from.
  • The residents of Christmas would have a good reason to think that the word "Doctor" means "Great Warrior."

The Eleventh Doctor developed kidney stones in the course of the episode
  • Hence the Twelfth Doctor's first words.

Originally, the Doctor really did die on Trenzalore.
As part of its big plan to destroy him once and for all, the Great Intelligence set things up so that, originally, the Doctor really would finally die on Trenzalore. But, again thanks to Clara's intervention, that's been changed so that he doesn't die, but is granted a whole new life cycle. So, now, the future seen in The Name Of The Doctor has been prevented.

Christmas was founded by Kazram.
Having finally shared the holiday with his lost love, old Kazram wanted to create a place where it was always Christmas, so he funded the establishment of a town in a place where strings of lights would be appropriate, and it snows a lot. He also arranged for its semi-Victorian decor and clothing styles, to better fit the holiday theme.

The Doctor will still be buried on Trenzalore.
It's just that now, it'll be because after his second (or later?) cycle of regenerations wears out, the Curator will return to the site so his timestream can be laid to rest alongside all the Christmas folk he'd lived among and protected for so long.

The larger tombstones seen in the graveyard-version of Trenzalore weren't for officers.
They were for Silents who'd fallen in battle: creatures who had always been forgotten in life, so deserved a large memorial stone that could at least preserve their memory in death.

     The Next Doctor 

The next Doctor will be a woman

The next Doctor will be ginger.

The next Doctor will be played by BRIAN BLESSED.
  • and there will be an episode where he can kill Daleks by shouting.
  • Unfortunately jossed.

The next Doctor will be Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Because my 9-year old brother said so.
    • “GO! Get to da TARDIS!”
  • Jossed.

The next Doctor will be very self-aware due to his fear of becoming The Valeyard.
  • But knowing Steven Moffat, if this does happen, his self-awareness will be exactly what causes him to 'become' the Valeyard.
  • Given Peter Capaldi's resume, this is quite likely.

The Doctor will regenerate into The Valeyard.
  • The Valeyard is supposed to be created somewhere between the 12th and final regenerations of The Doctor. Given the John Hurt Doctor, this would appear to make Matt Smith the 12th Doctor, making his next regeneration the one that will create The Valeyard. This is, of course, assuming that the John Hurt Doctor is pre-11, and not from some point in the future.
    • Jossed. Seriously people need to see the Ultimate Foe correctly. The Valeyard is not an actual incarnation of the Doctor, but an artificial life-form created by the Time-Lords that contain all the negative potential and aspects of the twelfth and final incarnation of Doctor, which the Time lords extracted from The Doctor's own Timeline(which they can do because they have advance time Technology). Basically the Valeyard is like a Time-Lord version of Bizarro, only more evil and just as smart as the Doctor.

The Twelfth Doctor will be Zooey Deschanel
Why not? It'd be awesome.

The Twelfth Doctor will be Emma Watson
Just as awesome. And the character will be a girl in a Badass Suit.
  • This one actually makes a fair bit of sense, and would most likely be a pretty good way to break free from being permanently seen as Hermione Granger forever.
  • Unfortunately, this is jossed.

The Twelfth Doctor will be Wil Wheaton
We have an instant people's Doctor. And one that will be extremely Genre Savvy.
  • Despite the awesomeness possible here, this was jossed.

The Twelfth Doctor will be Jennifer Lawrence
Using her natural persona, with a bit of the grittiness of Katniss coming in when the plot requires.
  • This has to happen... Seriously.
  • Jossed.

The Twelfth Doctor will be Benedict Cumberbatch
Rule of Cool.
  • Jossed.

The Twelfth Doctor will be Tilda Swinton
Does no one else want to see this? If they make it a woman, surely she's the obvious choice?
  • Jossed.

The Twelfth Doctor will be John Noble
They've said they wanted to go older, and anyone who's seen Fringe knows he can do quirky and awesome.
  • Jossed.

The Twelfth Doctor will be Jenna-Louise Coleman
What will happen is somehow it will turn out that the John Hurt Doctor is indeed one of the Doctor's early regenerations, so to keep the hardcore Doctor Who fans happy, somehow Matt Smith's Doctor will end up fusing his consciousness with Clara.
  • Jossed, although an interesting idea.

The Twelfth Doctor's personality and character
They've played the "fast-talking, eccentric loon" card twice in a row now. It's been said that they intended for Eleven to be much older, but Matt Smith blew away his audition. The Doctor is (presumably) very near the end of his regeneration stock, or very close to becoming the Valeyard. Taking these factors into consideration, it seems reasonable to theorize that the next Doctor will be very cold, stoic, and grim. We've had Doctors with certain degrees of this (namely Six, Seven, and Nine), but we've never had one that is completely consumed by grief and fear of death. It could even make an interesting character arc of the Doctor coming to terms with these impending problems and accepting his or her fate.
  • Interestingly, from what we see in "Deep Breath" (once he gets over his post-regeneration mood swings). 12 seems to be an unusually bashful Doctor. Acting adorkably awkward when hugged, as if not sure where is safe to put his hands anymore.

The next Doctor is a lie.
Peter Capaldie is not really the Twelfth Doctor, he's just saying that as a cover for a massive twist in the Christmas Special when he regenerates into someone else. My money is on Emma Watson.
  • Does the cover extend to Capaldi's one-second appearance in the 50th?
  • Jossed. It seems like he is the next Doctor.

Capaldi's Doctor is the Twelfth Doctor but is also the fifth incarnation in a new cycle
When the Eighth died in The Night of the Doctor, he was only given four minutes to decide whether to regenerate or not, the potion he drank rebooted the regeneration cycle to 0 once he became the War Doctor. Eccleston was the second incarnation in the new cycle, followed by Tennant as the third, and of course MS as the fourth. Case in point is the War Doctor's exasperation at his future incarnations personalities as well as his being the only Doctor incarnation to regenerate due to old age both of these points reflect the 1st Doctor in The Three Doctors and The Tenth Planet.
  • Thought 12 was the first of the new cycle?

Capaldi's Doctor is the Valeyard.
Matt Smith stated that the Eleventh Doctor is the Doctor's last incarnation and mentions Capaldi's Doctor as something to be afraid of. Put this information and the information stating that Capaldi's Doctor is a darker Doctor and we get the Valeyard who spawned from the Doctor and yet isn't the real Doctor!

Capaldi's Doctor is the first incarnation of the Doctor's In-Universe Successor
Because with the incarnation count revealed to be at 13 this is the only way to continue the show and have a new doctor without some ass pull that happened in a previous episode like River truly giving the Doctor her regenerations. Plus Capaldi is the same age that William Hartnell was when Doctor Who first came on air so it could be a connection to that. Alternatively...

Capaldi's Doctor is the first incarnation of the Doctor and River's child
Because that could be interesting after Demon's Run (the crib)

The next Doctor is Jenny
As we saw at the end of "The Doctor's Daughter", Jenny is still alive and kicking. She's an exact copy of the Doctor, and is unofficially his "daughter", so maybe she'll pop up to give her "dad" a proper send-off for his final death. Seeing that she's more like him that he initially thought, the proper Doctor gives her his title as a form of inheritance. Time Lords (or Ladies) can change gender upon regeneration, so maybe something catastrophic will happen to induce the process.

The next Doctor is the all the Doctors including the Valeyard and the curator
At the Doctor's final battle the Doctor falls and the question is asked, "who are you?"

"We're the Doctor."

The Curator is the Watcher
We've twice seen a manifestation of a half-way point between a Time Lord's current and next incarnation. In both cases, they acted as an assistant or a guide to their current selves in the lead up to a difficult regeneration. In one case the projection looked exactly like the next incarnation, while in the Watcher's case it looked like a vaguely humanoid entity of solidified regeneration energy. It isn't that unlikely therefore that such a manifestation could also look like an existing or past incarnation, albeit older than that incarnation ever actually looked, or even that it could change between several such previous incarnations ("revisiting old faces"?). Perhaps this Watcher, given where in the Doctor's existence it has appeared, is the Valeyard...or maybe it's the opposite of the Valeyard - if the Doctor's inner darkness could manifest between regenerations, maybe his inner light does the same thing?

The reason 12 looks like Caecilius is similar to the way the Curator is revisiting old faces

The Twelfth Doctor will have a facial disfigurement.
There may be a reason that we did not see his entire face in "The Day of the Doctor."

12's costume will have something Gallifreyan
Gallifreyan symbols?

The Daleks will be the main villains of an episode
  • Moffat said he felt a new Doctor should fight the Daleks early on to show he is the Doctor. So it seems likely 12 will meet them and beat them. Anyway I think the contract with Nation's estate means the Daleks have to appear every year.

The Emperor Ludens Nimrod Kendrick Cord Longstaff XLI will appear
  • In that episode we could see what happened to that Cybermite.

The Paternoster Gang will appear
  • They seem popular enough for another appearance. They could fight a Rutan.
    • Seemingly confirmed by Neve McIntosh (Vastra's actress), as well as a Moffat-judged contest on Blue Peter. They'll apparently get their own sonic devices, as well.
    • Truly Confirmed! They were seen in the filming for 12's first episode.
    • And with the release of the first episode, they do indeed appear in it.

Kate Stewart will appear
  • For another present-day Earth-based story.
    • Confirmed, she appears in the anniversary special.

The Cybermen will appear
  • See my WMG above.
    • As said on this page, one of Mark Gatiss' episodes is supposedly called The Robots of Sherwood. Not only that, but on-set images seem to have the Doctor competing to win a golden arrow, a known weakness of the Cybermen. A similar golden-tipped arrow previously appeared in ''The Silver Nemesis'' Since the episode involves Robin Hood, it likely takes place around the 13th/14th century. Nemesis takes place in the 17th century, so perhaps it's meant to be some sort of prequel.
    • Confirmed! Though not for The Robots of Sherwood but for the series finale itself.
There will be the return of another old-series villain
  • More than likely. Any suggestions?
    • The Master could appear. If the 50th anniversary features the Time War, the Master could break out.
    • Davros could return.
    • Perhaps another enemy who hasn't appeared in the New Series. Every Series has one (if you count the Adventure Games The Gunpowder Plot).
    • Omega.
    • Celestial Toymaker.
    • Black Guardian (though there is the Trickster).
    • Unlikely but Rani or Meddling Monk.
    • The Valeyard
    • The Wirrn
    • Sutekh
    • Magnus Greel
    • Sandminder Robots
    • The Yetis
    • Rassilon
    • The Krynoid will appear in "In the Forest of the Night".
      • confirmed - The Master returns in "Dark Water".

JHD will make further appearances here
  • He was a future Doctor who was pulled back to the Time War. Thus he is an ever-present threat and could be trying to make the Doctor regenerate into him.
    • Jossed. He was the Time War Doctor, and the anniversary special ensures he won't be a villain if he appears again.
    • Similar to this the Valeyard could be mentioned more.

The Great Intelligence will appear
  • In a prequel to The Name of the Doctor. The Doctor will name-drop Trenzalore and GI will go there.

The Series will be a Dream
  • A Dream Lord Dream. A hint was dropped in the Name of the Doctor about the Valeyard. Hurt's Doctor brings Matt up to Number Twelve, meaning that at Christmas the Valeyard-making regeneration will occur. The trauma will cause the Doctor to forget about the Valeyard being meant to happen. Psychic pollen will somehow get into the TARDIS, causing the dream. Eventually, in the final episode, the Doctor will become aware of the Dream Lord having been there several times in the series and wake up, only to find that the Dream Lord has manifested itself as the Valeyard.

We can say goodbye to Clara
  • With "Name of the Doctor", Clara's story with the Doctor is officially finished. This means Moffat is free to kill, send away, or pretty much do anything he wants to her. She'll probably stay with the Doctor (after he regenerates) for a few episodes before something happens that will force her to leave.
    • Or, you know, she can just be a regular companion instead of having a myth arc - I mean in Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, Eleven figured out that Clara was just Clara and there was nothing abnormal or non-human or wrong about her, she was just Clara and that was wonderful.
    • She could just crack under pressure much like Martha Jones instead of dying, and perhaps return in an episode or two in a season after that.

Clara will perform a final sacrifice to save the Doctor
  • Perhaps she will stop the Valeyard.

The Draconians will appear
  • There have been rumours about this.

Gallifrey's Location

Gallifrey is the world that contains Narnia.
In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the children reach the world that contains Narnia by entering a painting.

Romana will appear
  • Not just Romana, anyone the Doctor knew on Gallifrey could show up. Romana, Leela, Andred, the Rani, a elderly Commander Maxil...

When the Doctor does find Gallifrey...
  • The Time Lords will vote him Lord President of Gallifrey. He'll delay the inauguration for as long as possible before appointing Romana his deputy and popping back in the TARDIS again.

At some point 12 will go to "The Day of the Doctor"
  • He will be contacted by his previous self or remember to go there.
    • My thought is, he'll be in the middle of something important and the TARDIS console will go "ding." (Or possibly "bing!") The Doctor will say "half a mo...", pop off for three seconds to say "No sir. All thirteen!", then come back for the rest of the plot of the episode. Either that, or just before he regenerates into Thirteen.
    • Perhaps that was what he was doing between leaving in the TARDIS and returning for Clara with new clothes. Just making sure to get closing the Stable Time Loop out of the way.

The Big Bad of Series 8 will be the Valeyard
And he will be played by Matt Smith, who previously stated involvement in Series 8.
  • Recently released pictures that involve the Eleventh in a cloak and wielding a Dalek eye piece imply a costume change that supports this theory.
    • This bit at least is Jossed; the Eleventh Doctor is just trying to impress the beings who operate the ship he's found himself on, except they turn out to be Daleks.
    • Better yet, Paul McGann comes back as the Valeyard
    • Jossed, Jossed and Jossed. The Big Bad is The Mistress who isn't played by Matt Smith, and the valeyard does not appear.

There are far more serious repercussions from what the Doctor and his past selves changed in The Day of the Doctor than Gallifrey simply being saveable.
It's very important to note that in the original course of events, every Time Lord (except for the Master) and every Dalek (except for the ones it missed) was destroyed by the power of the Moment. Now, as much as the Doctor may have pulled a fast one by disappearing Gallifrey and causing every ship in the Dalek fleet to destroy each other, it is utterly inconceivable to think that even on the day of the Time War's final battle, every single Dalek and every single Time Lord was on or in orbit of Gallifrey. We've seen that Time Lords run the full gamut of personalities from brave heroes to craven cowards, and it's completely unreasonable to assume that every single Time Lord would be able to get to Gallifrey, let alone would choose to travel there. Thusly, if the only way to truly end the Time War was by killing every single Time Lord and every single Dalek, the Moment must have been able to target them indiscriminately regardless of spatial location (and temporal location, for that matter, given that the metaphysics of a war fought at every point in time simultaneously are pretty damn sketchy and the actual date of the Time War's end is never firmly established).

In the original time stream, the Moment killed those absent from the battle as well. However, given the change to history made by the Eleventh Doctor, the Moment was never deployed. The Dalek fleet was destroyed by their own crossfire and Gallifrey was vanished into a stasis cube, but without the Moment, that still leaves every Dalek and every Time Lord who wasn't there at the fall of Gallifrey alive and well - quite possibly alongside the various horrors that were birthed during the Time War.
  • The Moment being activated would not have actively sought out Time Lords and Daleks. The Time Lords had been forced back to Gallifrey and the Daleks were all there to fight them.
  • Wasn't the general implication that Gallifrey being sealed in the painting was always the original course of events, and the Daleks and Time Lords are still sealed, making it look as though they had all been destroyed? The Doctor just didn't know because he had meddled in his own timestream, and the Eleventh Doctor was the first to actually realize that Gallifrey could be found again.

When Gallifrey is restored (maybe in series 8, maybe later), the Doctor will team up with the Master for a two-parter
  • They will team up in order to depose Rassilon. Then, the Doctor will once again be offered presidency, but this time, he will actually remain the president for a few episodes before getting bored and running off once again.

Villains of this Series will try to stop the restoration of Gallifrey
  • The Daleks might take this role. Or others who were involved in the Time War.
    • Confirmed! Though earlier then expected.

Clara will take on a new role in Series 8
Among the first lines spoken by the twelfth Doctor is, "How do you fly this thing?" Now Clara, like River before her, has the unique distinction of being one of the few people who knows the Doctor better than many others. The fact that she got to see the whole course of his history already puts her far beyond many of the others in terms of knowing what the Doctor's done, been through and is capable of. While we don't have much knowledge yet of what the 12th Doctor's personality will be like, it's possible that Clara will act as the Doctor's angel in the new series, reminding him of all the good he's capable of, to counter whatever "edge" that Moffat might create for the twelfth to jump through. Or, alternatively, the Doctor's new regeneration has caused a partial memory wipe, and thus it's up to Clara to teach the Doctor to be the Doctor again, thus bringing her role as a teacher in her day job into her adventuring life.
  • Big idea confirmed, specifics Jossed. Flatline is probably the closest gotten to this WMG
Tasha Lem is River Song, who will have future appearances in the series.
Tasha Lem is a future version of River, possibly an artificial body created by the Library to house River's consciousness, which eventually became the Papal Mainframe.
  • She can fly the TARDIS, something we've only seen the Doctor and River do. She describes it as being easy, and it was for River, since the TARDIS itself taught her.
  • River is referred to as an engineered psychopath, something she's been called before. Only a few minutes later, the Doctor tells her she's been fighting the psychopath inside herself her whole life. That's a pretty big callback.
  • The Doctor is comfortable flirting with her, which is pretty rare.
  • The Doctor is uncomfortable introducing Clara, apparently feeling awkward in front of Tasha at what she should be called.
  • When the Doctor is trying to break her out of her mindcontrol, he galls her by flirting with Clara. At the very least, this definitely establishes that Tasha is supposed to be a previous romantic relation of the Doctor's.
  • He seems to trust Tasha more than he trusts Clara, since he buckles immediately when Tasha wants to speak privately, acknowledging there are things he and Tasha can talk about, that Clara can't. Apparently most things.
  • Tasha Lem is described as being human, but with something else. River Song is born of two human parents, but as Time Lady attributes.

The biggest issue with the theory is that Tasha indicated she's never seen Eleven before. It could be either a part of a ruse, or because Tasha is a combination of the Library and River, and the last time the Library saw the Doctor, he was Ten.

  • Also, there's the somewhat obvious Meaningful Name: Tasha is short for Natasha which means "Born at Christmas" and Lem is Mel spelt backwards, which is short for River's true name of Melody.
    • It's also been pointed out that "Tasha Lem" is an anagram for "Thames La." Thames as in River, La as in the note of a Song.

  • Alternatively...

Tasha Lem was a beta attempt at River, as a back-up plan in case the Papal Mainframe ever needed to go to war against the Doctor
Minus any attempts at making her a Time Lord. Except the Doctor caught this one much earlier in his lives and prevented it ever really being a problem. She's at least disturbingly similar to River in too many respects for it to be simple coincidence.
  • But she was the one who founded the "religion" that led to the rogue splinter cell that made River.

Tasha Lem wasn't supposed to be in the Christmas episode.
The role of Tasha Lem was supposed to be played by River Song, but due to Real Life reasons (e.g. the actor was unavailable, having River would conflict with story elements later etc) a new character was made. The story wasn't rewritten enough to remove the elements of River's character.

The TARDIS will crash to its death on Trenzalore and its mortal wound is the crack leading to the Doctor's Timeline from Trenzalore to Gallifrey.
Explains why it's dying in Name of the Doctor.... The Doctor will need a new TARDIS.
  • Or, you know, the intervention of the Time Lords prevented the future seen in Name of the Doctor (the Doctor even said when Clara demanded he change the future that he used to be able to when the Time Lords were around, not quite figuring out that they're on the other side of the crack and so can influence events from there, though Clara did). This show is the trope namer of Timey Wimey Ball after all. Besides, killing off the TARDIS would be an insult to the show's history, she's the constant companion.

During series 8, the Doctor and Clara will slowly start to forget each other.
It was said that the Time Lords can fix the paradox which comes from the Doctor not dying at Trenzalore, but the Time Lords are not back yet. As the result of the Doctor's survival, there will be no scar for Clara (or Simeon) to enter, which will prevent Clara's copies from existing in the Dalek Asylum and in the Victorian era, so the Doctor will never meet the real Clara. This will make the Doctor's search for Gallifrey more urgent. Near the end of series 8, the Doctor will find Gallifrey and the paradox will be fixed.

The paradox will do far more than just re-writing Clara.
The Doctor only managed to escape the Dalek Asylum alive because of Clara screwing with the timeline. If he died there, he wouldn't be able to reach Trenzalore, save Gallifrey and thus motivate the Silence to mastermind the 11th Doctor's troubles in the first place. The scar for Clara to accomplish all this is gone. Said paradox will do far worse than simply making the Doctor forget about Clara-it will rewrite the 11th Doctor's whole tenure! Not to mention the River Song we know of won't be able to exist. As a result, we will get a possible crossover with the 11th and 12th Doctors, investigating the massive paradox that's being created. Since the 11th Doctor is indirectly responsible for Amy and Rory's death, expect a Sadistic Choice between them and Gallifrey. It could be said choice which leads to the Valeyard in the first place.

The Kovarian Chapter will return as villains
Their purpose was to kill the Doctor to prevent him from bringing the Time Lords back. Since Gallifrey is still out there, and Kovarian and probably a good amount of her Silence and soldiers are still alive due to their major defeat occurring in the crashed timeline of The Wedding of River Song, they will return to try and kill the Doctor again before he can bring the Time Lords back.
  • Or we might just get a mention they have been defeated by the Papal Mainframe.
    • Possibly. But considering that The Silence, like the Weeping Angels, were such popular monsters it seems likely they'd want to keep the possibility of them returning to face The Doctor around.

The Doctor's other doubles will be mentioned.
Moffat said that the fact that the Doctor looks like Caecilius will be mentioned. It's possible that he will also mention his other doubles, such as Maxil and Salamander. Clara could mention seeing Salamader on TV (The Enemy of the World takes place in 2018, so Salamander would be well-known by 2014.)
  • Possible. Twelve mentions "seeing [his own] face before" - though it's unknown whether he'll follow up on this, what with the threat of Missy.

Tasha doesn't act like River, River acts like Tasha.
Tasha created the Order of the Silence to stop the Doctor. It was a rogue faction that went too far and actually tried to kill the Doctor by "creating" River Song. It's possible that Tasha felt some guilt over what this faction had done to this innocent child, so she secretly took River under her wing at some point and tried to take care of her and told her all about the Doctor. Either she never told River who she really was or she told River not to tell the Doctor about her. River looked up to Tasha because she didn't treat her like she was just a weapon.
  • Tasha couldn't save River or tell her anything about her "killing" the Doctor before it happened because it was a fixed point in time. Maybe she explained everything after that.
    • That still doesn't mean River isn't based off her. Madame Kovarian modelled River off Tasha so that she would be an effective assassin, and possible counter-measure to Tasha.

Other things will escape the crack
  • The Master? Rassilon?
    • possibly confirmed by "Dark Water"

Clara will die in Series 8
And her last words will be "Run you clever boy and remember," of course. There has to be a reason why the copies of Clara have a habit of dying while with the Doctor and saying that line. Just having used it as a mnemonic once wouldn't affect her enough for it to be repeated in her different lives. Also, Amy and Rory died of old age, so a companion hasn't died while actually on an adventure with the Doctor since Adric, and maybe it's time it happened again.
  • Or, you know, just maybe, Clara will travel with the Doctor for a series or two and decide to leave on her own instead of being Stuffed In The Fridge.
  • This could be jossed, as Clara was Put on a Bus on "Kill the Moon".
    • As of Flatline, Clara has left the bus.
  • Jossed. Clara makes it through Series 8 alive.

Clara was replaced by a Zygon
A Zygon took her place in "The Day of the Doctor" and is now traveling with him.

They knew Peter Capaldi was going to play The Doctor in the future when he played Caecilius in The Fires of Pompeii
There's a very meaningful moment when Ten takes Caecilius's hand at the end. He could have grabbed the hand of any member of the family, but it was Ten holding Caecilius's hand that the camera paused on and this troper is sure it means something. My guess is that Capaldi couldn't commit to being the Doctor at the time, but as they also (according to some reports) knew that Matt Smith was only going to do it for three years, it's possible they had Capaldi in mind for his replacement all along. It would also explain Torchwood: Children of Earth and Gwen's question about why the Doctor wasn't there and it must have been because he looked away in shame. He was there, but for some reason, he chose to play it out the way he did. Or maybe he was using a chameleon arch at the time and didn't know that he was The Doctor. It could also lead to his regeneration when his tenure is over...
  • Moffat has said that RTD had always intended for Capaldi to be the Doctor at some point, and that his past appearances in the Whoniverse were meant to be a setup to... something. When Capaldi was officially cast, Moffat actually contacted RTD to make sure that his plan would still work. More here.
    • No, what Moffat actually said was that RTD originally had an explanation for why Caecilius and Frobisher looked the same, and that Moffat himself recently asked RTD if the explanation still worked now that Capaldi is the Doctor, and that since it did, he has chosen to implement it. He did not say that RTD always intended for Capaldi to play the Doctor. The original Caecilius = Frobisher explanation has simply been adapted to include Twelve.

There will be a story that includes the Eighth Doctor.
This is series 8 and I am sure that Paul McGann would love to return for another story. It would be similar to "The Two Doctors."
  • Maybe they could do something similar to "Interference", where an enemy attempts to alter the Doctor's past. Like a Wirrn egg that takes a long time to hatch.
  • Alternatively, he doesn't return as the Doctor. He returns as the Valeyard. The Curator showed that you can re-use actors.

The 12th Doctor will regenerate due to Gallifrey being released.
All Revival Doctors besides 9 regenerated in stories dealing with Gallifrey returning, and when it comes back there will inevitably be a clusterf*** to deal with when 12 deals with it. The 12th Doctor's regeneration will occur not because of a Heroic Sacrifice, but rather the crossfires of the aftermath from the remaining Dalek fleets and Lord Rassilon's crazy times.

Twelve will have a clean slate and will not remember Clara or the TARDIS.
  • After all, he doesn't remember how to fly the TARDIS when he regenerates, and seems very confused when he sees Clara. While he can tell the difference between the old and new kidneys, which means that he obviously has some kind of memory continuity with his past regenerations, he sort of is starting with somewhat of a tabula rasa, as this is a whole new set of regenerations distinct from the old set. Perhaps he needs Clara to sort of be his nanny (seems to be her theme in general...) and reacclimate himself to what the Doctor is, what he stands for, etc. It could be an interesting way to vindicate her character- because she's spent all this time in his shadow, as a plot device to be a foil of sorts to him, she has the unique position of being able to tell him how he should really be and rehabilitate him and guide him in this new regeneration.
    • Possibly supported by the latest teaser:
    Twelfth Doctor: Clara, be my pal: tell me, am I a good man?
    Clara: I don't think I know who the Doctor is anymore.
    • Jossed. He does retain his memory, even if he's a bit loopy after his regeneration.

The show will revisit the Clara who guided the Doctor to the TARDIS.
  • Why? Besides it being a cracking good idea, IMO, my friend is writing a fanfic about it so it was just stuck in my head. After all, we've heard that the TARDIS herself guided him to her, that Clara told him which to take... there's an interesting contradiction that definitely has possibilities. I won't give away the plot to my friend's fanfic, but can I just say, definitely VERY intriguing possibilities.

The clockwork droids are committing murders to get organs for repairs
  • Confirmed.

Danny Pink will be a villain or anti-hero

Danny Pink is a time traveler or alien
It has been noticed how significant Coal Hill School is, so someone has been sent there.
  • It does run in his family...

The Master will be in Series 8
Played by Charles Dance or Hugh Laurie.
  • Oh yes please!
    • The Master is revealed the two-part finale, but is played by Michelle Gomez.

Danny Pink will be a descendant - grandson perhaps? - of the original companions, Ian and Barbara
It makes sense. They were named on the school hoarding in The Day of the Doctor, so it could be that the writers will use that connection.

Ian will make an appearance
  • Probably very brief.

Ms Delphox is The Master
We were promised that The Master will be in the new season. Now look at the description of Ms Delphox: "a powerful out-of-this-world character with a dark secret". It is mentioned that Keeley Hawes is a guest star, but so was Richard E. Grant before it was revealed he was actually the Big Bad of Series 7. And it wouldn't be the first time we didn't get accurate information from the promos. Just imagine how cool it would be to have such a badass GINGER woman as The Master, JUST IMAGINE.
  • If not maybe she is one of his agents.
  • Jossed.

Ms Delphox is a Delphox in human form
They have the exact same spelling, and "Braxiatel" from the same episode is VERY close in spelling to "Braixen". While it could still be a reference to the recent Pokemon games, it CANNOT just be coincidental.

Susan will be in Series 8.
There seem to be a lot of parallels: 50 years and one regeneration cycle since the First Doctor, the Doctor is in an older gentleman's body. The original companions were both teachers; Clara is a teacher at the same school and Danny will supposedly be also. Finally, at the very end of An Adventure in Space and Time, One's "I will come back" quote was repeated. While he did come back in Big Finish, perhaps Moffat is setting up for her to appear in the TV series again?

Danny Pink will be Clara's love interest.
Bit obvious maybe. He's gorgeous. She's gorgeous. And the Doctor is no longer age-appropriate for her.
  • Confirmed. They're dating.

Clara will turn out to be the Doctor's granddaughter
Really only going on the significance of Clara's gran in The Time of the Doctor telling the story of how she met Clara's granddad, and the fact he was 'very handsome' and how she wanted 'time' to stand still. So maybe they'll bring back either Ten or Eleven for a flashback. It might seem a bit squicky considering Victorian Clara kissed the Doctor. But this is a different Clara, born into a different family, and not a direct relation of Victorian Clara (as far as we know). It's noticeable that modern Clara, despite saying she fancied the Doctor, hasn't kissed him romantically.

Possible plots of the 15 episodes of Season 8
1: Twelfth's first episode, dealing with regeneration troubles. Possibly the Valeyard gets created here. Possibly Danny Pink's first appearance.
2: Danny Pink joins the TARDIS team. We might meet never-aged-since-the-60s Ian/Barbara, and/or (possibly regenerated) Susan Foreman.
3: Twelfth, Clara, and Danny go to Gallifrey to do stuff and have nostalgy-type feels. We might meet companions like Romana and Leela, and learn a bit more about Time Lord-type stuff. The Doctor might get a new title or knighthood of sorts, or whatever. He might even get a Gallifreyan apprentice. K-9 might join the team again at the end of the episode.
4: Dalek episode, of course. Every Doctor needs at least one of them.
5: Twelfth, Clara, and Danny go on the puzzling planet and meet an Human Alien banker by the name of Ms. Delphox. (No relation to Pokémon XY.)
6: Paternoster Gang-based episode. Helping the Doctor doing something such as experiments or similiar-ish things. Curator and Osgood also appears, revealed to be the (or at least a possible) 24th Doctor and Tom Osgood's daughter that propably just happens to also be Sarah Jane Smith's grandniece/first-cousin-once-removed (or even related to other companions) on her mom's side, respectively.
7: The Master reappears, played by a new actor. (Possibly Sylvester McCoy. If it is, wonder how much it would be weird, by Twelfth's PoW, for the seventh self of the new regeneration cycle of his archrival, to look like an older version of your seventh self in your previous regeneration cycle? It would be creepy-ish, at least.) Master and Doctor battle, possibly Jenny reappearance and reunion with her father. the Rani might appear too.
8: "School Reunion"-type episode, only this time to reappear, it's everyone's favourite Mouth on Legs: Tegan Jovanka. As Janet is 61 and Tegan herself would be around 54-55, maybe she would not become a full-time companion again, but could as easily turn into the main character of a spinoff to replace SJA. "Tegan Jovanka Adventures", anyone? But as a different dynamic, Ms. Jovanka here believes her adventures with Fifth were just her imagination. (Janet tweeted a pic of Capaldi hugging her, saying something like "what are we up to? Only Time knows so...". DW-related, or else?) (P.S. Ok, i know, as Fielding also auditioned for a villain in Seventh's era, it's very well possible that she plays a villain and not a companion, like the Fifth Rani, Kate O'Mara having been the Third.)
9: Probably an episode either about the Weeping Angels, or maybe some mooks from "Doctor Who Part 1". (AKA Classic Who. New Who is Part 2, just because it is not that "new" anymore.) If Danny does not leave in this episode, he would leave in episodes 10 or 11. If Tegan manages to become a full-time companion again, Danny might even leave at the end of episode 8. (Just do not make Danny have the same fate as Adric!)
10: Either a "Deca Reunion\Time Lord Academy"-type episode, or maybe a fight-less, more "relaxing" one, where Team Twelfth Doctor (Twelfth, Clara, Danny at least. Tegan if she stayed, possibly K9 too, and if Tegan is here, Adric, Nyssa, and Turlough would propably be there too. Adric would be revived by Nyssa's kiss in some "special" type thing annexed to Episode 9.)
11: Cyberman episode. Every Doctor also needs at least one of them.
12: Episode where Clara goes away from being Twelfth's companion, and gets replaced with a new girl that becomes Thirteenth's "signature companion".
13: Probably an episode where Twelfth meets Tasha Lem and\or River Song again, and gives River his Sonic Screw Driver. Maybe also a Gallifrey-centered episode.
14: Part 1 of a 2-parter episode explaining stuff like why Twelfth looks the same as John Frobisher and Caecilius.
15: Part 2 of the same 2-parter. At the end of it, Twelfth regenerates into Thirteenth- probably creating the Valeyard in the process, if it had not already been created at the start of the series.

Ace will return as a guest star in Series 8
Sophie Aldred was supposed to have appeared on The Sarah Jane Adventures, after being mentioned in "The Death of the Doctor". According to Sarah, Ace runs the foundation A Charitable Earth. Ten was said to have visited all of the Doctor's previous companions - maybe he went to warn her about something? She still keeps a baseball bat, just in case...

Twelve will be the Valeyard, but there will be some twist a la The Day of the Doctor
It makes sense for the writers to play with the idea of the Valeyard but without actually turning the Doctor evil, just as they made it that he didn't actually blow up Gallifrey. Or maybe he'll just be evil for an episode and it will turn out that he was under some malign influence (like the Dream Lord). Or maybe it was a lie about the Valeyard being one of the Doctor's later incarnations. I doubt the fans would put up with the main protagonist of the series being genuinely evil. We have to root for the Doctor, even when he's behaving in a way that we feel is wrong.
  • An alternative is that Twelve will be genuinely, but it's a future version of him. The present Twelve will stop himself from becoming evil, though unfortunately the aborted Valeyard will have ensured he still exists.

Idea for S8 E1
  • We know it will feature the Paternoster Gang, clockwork droids, and Jack the Ripper. Here is what may happen. The Master escaped through the crack, having gained a new regeneration cycle, and got onto one of the ships round Trenzalore. We know the Doctor was on Trenzalore around the events of The Girl in the Fireplace, set in the 51st century, as The Papal Mainframe was around in the 52nd century as shown in A Good Man Goes to War. The ship the Master got to uses clockwork droids. He transports them to Victorian London, where 12 is recovering from his regeneration, and steal organs, causing them to be thought of as Jack the Ripper. The clockwork droids may have been sent after the Doctor, perhaps the Master is still weak and wants the Doctor's body. Or they are acting on their own and the Master being responsible for their ship being damaged will be The Reveal, possibly in a later story.
    • Seemingly jossed, as Jack the Ripper doesn't appear in the episode, nor does the Master appear to until the finale's reveal.

The Master is working with Rassilon
  • Following on from the one above. Rassilon enabled the Master to regenerate, though into someone easier to control. He then sent him through the crack as his agent to enable his return. Rassilon might even try to escape without the other Time Lords. But he wants the Doctor dead, though doesn't want to reveal himself. Potentially the Master might be plotting against Rassilon but is being controlled in some way, with the offer of a full regeneration cycle, so the Master tries methods to free himself like taking the Doctor's body. Rassilon or the Master might have other agents, like Ms Delphox.

The I.M. Foreman scrapyard will play some part in reminding the 12th Doctor who he is
He must be due a return visit to that old scrapyard and probably still owns it. The use of it in The Day of the Doctor and the mention of Ian as a school governor suggests that they may play with those ideas. So as this troper said above, Danny Pink will be a relation of Ian and Barbara and once again two young teachers from Coal Hill School (Danny and Clara) will join the Doctor on his travels. It may even lead to the return of Susan, if only for one episode, to catch up with what's happened to her since she left the Doctor.

Ben Miller's 'storming' villain will somehow control the weather
... making us all afraid to go out in the rain/sun/snow/wind or whatever weather the creators want us to fear.
  • It turns out he is playing the Sheriff of Nottingham.

The Valeyard will come into being as a result of locating Gallifrey.
The 12th Doctor, to ensure the Time War doesn't start anew, will have to find a method of preventing them from interacting with the vulnerable universe. Once he does, the Time Lords could be at the Doctor's mercy. The Doctor has always railed about how corrupt his people's government is, so what better chance to fix that? A benevolent ruler over Gallifrey, enforcing the Laws of Time for the better. But the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, of which the Time Lords are a gleaming example. You saw how terrifying Time Lord Victorious was? Now imagine that with the whole of Gallifrey. No more Doctor, just the Valeyard as ruler of all. Eventually a resistance pools up, going back in time to stop him. The Valeyard goes back through his own timeline, to ensure that the Doctor will become him.

The Valeyard already exists.
The Valeyard is the Meta-Crisis Doctor. Born in committing Genocide. No regenerations of his own. Knows the Doctor's history quite fully. Once Gallifrey is restored, why couldn't he travel back and be the Valeyard?

Robin Hood will not be the real Robin Hood
  • Instead he will be a simulation, perhaps from something like the Land of Fiction.
  • Or he'll be a deconstruction of Robin Hood; perhaps the real Robin of Loxley, who was more self-serving than legend permits. Perhaps it will be up to the Doctor to make him into the legend we know him to be.
    • The episode is apparently called The Robots of Sherwood. Perhaps 12 will land in an amusement park based on Robin Hood with robots, like the Red Dwarf episode "Waxworld".
    • Perhaps a time traveller fulfilling the legend.
    • Jossed. He is the real Robin Hood.

If Charles Dance ends up playing The Master...
Expect a moment where The Doctor nearly rage quits because the Master is a ginger and he isn't.
  • Nope, the Master isn't ginger or played by Charles Dance. She's been played by Michelle Gomez all along, as "Missy".

In the first story reference will be made to The Talons of Weng-Chiang
  • YMMV on this one; the mention of the clockwork droids being from the 51st century and getting stuck in the 19th does seem rather familiar, but the story isn't explicitly referenced.

The 12th Doctor will return to Pompeii to save Amy Pond
Both actors appeared in that episode. The Angels didn't send Amy to the same time and location as Rory but to ancient Pompeii instead. 12 saves her and gets her as close to Rory's time as he can get, meaning she'll have to wait. The girl who waited.
  • Jossed by the mere presence of "P.S.".

The 12th Doctor will once again lament that he's once again not Ginger
  • Jossed!
    • And subverted. Instead, the 11th Doctor complains he's going to become grey.

Martha and Mickey will reappear
  • With UNIT.

Sutekh will appear in one episode.
He's one of the best-loved villains in the franchise and one of the most utterly evil, topping even Davros and Rassilon in terms of evilness. It would also make a good break from the tenure of Davros and the Master. And I think Moffat can find a way for him to come back somehow, either through another Timey Wimey ball, an Eldritch Abomination possessing him, cloning or another crazy cult resurrecting him.
  • Or maybe the Doctor brings him back? Think about it. Sutekh is one of the most destructive beings in existence, the Daleks are nigh unkillable. Maybe the Doctor gets desperate enough to unleash Sutekh on them, thus kickstarting a new story arc where the Doctor has to stop Sutekh once again.

The Yetis will return.
They haven't been seen for a long, long, time, but were some of the most memorable monsters in the Second Doctor's reign. Given how Moffat likes to reuse old monsters, he could find another way to bring them back somehow. The Himalayas were also featured prominently in the 50 Years Trailer when they showed the 2nd Doctor-hinting of things to come?
  • Perhaps it will turn out that part of GI survived and he will possess a Yeti.

"Stay calm" will be 12's Catch Phrase
  • Judging by the latest teaser trailer, it's going to be 'listen'. This may herald a Doctor who listens to what others say, rather than rides roughshod over them to do what the hell he wants.
The time Lords will do much more damage indirectly.
After that giant 'NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO' to physically returning that the doctor gave them, they will decide it is better to control the universe using the time cracks to communicate with chosen individuals to control the universe. Due to overuse of the time cracks this leads to both universes becoming unstable and leading to the end of the world. The doctor finds it impossible to help because the time lords force him to obey their orders through their ability to both give and take regeneration.

The Time Lords will make brief appearances
  • They can't return but they can communicate with the Doctor, like ghosts. They will warn him of various threats. Perhaps they could warn him of the Master escaping, which would be a nice Call Back to the Master's first appearance.
    • It could also be their way of saying "Thanks for saving our asses" to the Doctor.

The Nethersphere is some sort of Portal Crossroad World
  • Meaning it could be used to find Gallifrey.
    • Jossed; it's evidently a Time Lord-tech repository similar to the Library's.

The Gatekeeper is a being like the Guardians of Time
  • But perhaps on a lower scale. If they are Valar, she is a Maia.
    • Or she is a Time Lady. Romana, Rani, the Master?
    • If she is the "Maia" of a Guardian, the Maia of the Gold Guardian of Life and Death?
    • Jossed; she's the Master, but her "Gatekeeper" role is apparently a ruse to recruit the dead as new cybermen.

Kate Lethbridge-Stewart will be the new Doctor's love interest
  • This is simply going by the way she's looking at him in the photographs from recent film shoots as they take on the Cybermen. It makes sense as they're age appropriate. At the very least, she'll probably fancy him.
    • Or the Doctor won't have a love interest.

The voice in the new trailer is that of Davros.
  • It definitely sounds like him. Another popular WMG amongst fans is that it's the Dalek time controller from Big Finish.
    • I'm one of those fans. And I would prefer that to Davros.
    • Jossed on both counts.

Benedict Cumberbatch will be the Master.
First, IT WILL BE AWESOME. Second, who wouldn't like Moffat's two best characters up against each other?
  • Jossed; the Master is now the Mistress, Michelle Gomez, aka "Missy".

The Vocs and Dums will be this series' returning classic foes.
  • "Robots of Death," "Robots of Sherwood"...similar titles, and that sure looks like an armored Voc robot at 0:43 in the trailer.

The Doctor will return to the dinosaur invasion of London during the Third Doctor's era.
  • Because there are clearly dinosaurs in London, and it would be — improbable — to have some other bunch of people try to pull the same stunt.
    • Seemingly jossed; unless there is another episode with dinosaurs. The dinosaur shows up because it swallowed the TARDIS.

"Deep Breath" will end, for Vastra and Jenny, where "A Good Man Goes to War" begins.
  • When asked, Vastra mentioned that Jack the Ripper was "a bit stringy." We know the villain in "Deep Breath" will be Jack the Ripper. At the very least, some reference will be made.
    • Except Strax seems to be there. And he joined them after "A Good Man Goes to War".
    • Jossed; Jack the Ripper doesn't appear and is not mentioned. The episode mostly takes place after "A Good Man Goes to War" in all of their personal timelines.

The Doctor will return to the planet Sarn.
  • They're filming an episode in the same location as "Planet of Fire," and it's an episode in which the Doctor is said to return to the site of an old adventure to find that sinister changes have occurred since his departure.

The dinosaur in the trailer will have some connection to Vastra
  • Another Silurian pet.
    • Jossed; it time-traveled from eating the TARDIS.

The Doctor's stories will largely involve him revisiting old adventures
  • He could revisit Pompeii, London as the dinosaurs invade and Sarn.
    • We see Clara with someone who looks like one of the Sibylline Sisterhood.
      • Maybe not exactly the same, but they will be very similar. In Deep Breath the Doctor mentions something about how he's seen his face before, and must be sending himself a message. His face is the same as Caecilius' in "The Fires of Pompeii" (because of the same actor playing both) which may just be a small reference or part of a story arc. He also encounters clockwork robots that are using humans for spare parts, which are from the sister ship of the SS Madame de Pompadour (which also had these robots). The trailer for "Into the Dalek" has a captured/chained Dalek that is apparently 'good' and asks for help. This could be similar to the "Dalek" episode (Christopher Eccleston) where the Dalek is in captivity and eventually becomes good, then asks rose for help (sort of), wanting to be ordered to self destruct. It may also be similar to how Dalek Sec eventually became 'good'.

Vastra and Jenny previously helped a post-regenerative Doctor
  • Vastra's "here we go again" line seems to imply that she, at least, has experienced this scenario before. Seeing as how all other post-regenerations have been televised, the only candidates for theory are Nine and War, but, seeing how the Paternoster Gang are oblivious to War's existence, it would seem that Vastra helped out a post-regenerative Ninth Doctor.
    • Alternately, she has already helped one of the Doctor's future incarnations with his post-regeneration trauma.

Jack the Ripper is a time traveler
  • His meetings with Vastra are out of order. He will survive the events of his episode and travel/be sent back in time, only to encounter her again and get eaten by her. When meeting him a second (his first) time, Vastra will say "Didn't I kill you before?", or something to that effect.
    • Or it may be an attempt to perform the Ripper murders but Jack arrives at the wrong time. Vastra eating him means she knows this isn't the real Jack.
    • Jossed. Jack the Ripper has absolutely nothing to do with the episode, although Jenny mentions that Vastra is going to have a child abuser "for dinner".
    • The Victorian-dressed cyborg that many viewers assumed was Jack the Ripper actually is a time-traveler, however.

Jack the Ripper is Jack Harkness
He would have been around at that time, and there is probably some innocent explanation as to why he'd be 'Jack the Ripper' (with the killer being someone else entirely). Or maybe all the victims were gangers/aliens who had already killed off the original prostitutes to take over their bodies and Captain Jack has been killing them in order to stop an alien invasion. Though that means Madam Vastra ate him (or maybe she just said she did to put an end to any questions about him).
  • Jossed. Jack the Ripper is not mentioned or seen.

The Doctor will meet the Silence again
In one of the teaser trailers, the Doctor says 'Listen'. 'Listen' is also an anagram of 'Silent'. If you remember, in The Day of the Moon, the eleventh Doctor put out a kill order on all of the Silence, yet we later learn it was only a faction of the Silence who broke away to try to kill the Doctor. Yet many innocent 'Silence' must also have been killed because of the Doctor's kill order. So again, in an attempt to put right a wrong, he will try to save them, and the way he can do that is by 'listening' to them, rather than 'silencing' them all. Oh it all made sense when this troper thought about it at two o'clock this morning!
  • Possibly confirmed, depending on how you interpret the episode "Listen"

The Master Will Return/Clara will die

Missy is the Master
Not sure how likely this one is, but going from Deep Breath and a bit of established canon it might be possible. First of all, Missy could be short for Mistress, i.e. a female version of the Master. She is in a sort of afterlife, rather alike the Master. She is clearly very familiar with the Doctor, calling him her boyfriend, and the Master and the Doctor seemed to have a very love-hate relationship as of late. Also Steven Moffat has clearly said that Time Lords CAN change gender when they regenerate, but has never put this to use. And I think he'd love a go with one of the classic Who villains in all honesty!
  • How would the Master know that the Doctor calls Clara "Impossible Girl"? Even she didn't know about that until just a few episodes before "Deep Breath", and her duplicates couldn't tell because they don't remember anything except that they need to save the Doctor.
  • Missy could be short for "Mistress", the female version of "Master".
  • When we last saw The Master, he seemed to have redeemed himself. All his insanity over the years was put as being the result of what Rassilon did to him. and he and The Doctor seemed to be on good terms again, as The Master even had The Doctor get out of his way so he could direct all of his hatred, fury, and madness at Rassilon instead. So if Missy is The Master, maybe she considers all that enmity between her and The Doctor to be over with, and instead decided to take the Foe Yay and direct it into utter affection, though still remembering their past battles ("He can be so mean.")
    • Confirmed, even up to "Missy" being short for "Mistress".

The Gatekeeper will gather those that die throughout the series
  • She could be forming a Legion of Doom. Or she could be manipulating the Doctor into stopping a Bigger threat, something which is trying to get into the Nethersphere.
    • I think in each episode she will meet someone who dies.
      • One's confirmed, the other seems to be very plausible

Missy is The Rani
  • Something about her attitude toward the Doctor and the layout of her "Heaven" struck me as the Time Lady in her TARDIS. Plus, Moffat has been teasing another "old foe" while also supposedly dismissing rumors that the Master would be returning.
    • Jossed. Moffat lies, she's the Master.

The dinosaur was one of the Rani's experiments.
  • Scaling from when it upchucks the TARDIS, it is roughly 140 metres (450 feet) long, over 10 times the size of a normal T. rex. Obviously the reason why it was so large is because the Rani was running more experiments with dinosaurs.

Missy is the Tardis.
  • When the Doctor changed his own fate by not winding up buried on Trenzalore, the paradox of not meeting her death there caused Sexy to malfunction and develop a crazy-obsessed new personality. This "Missy" used the connections that Eleven jury-rigged to link her controls (and Handles) with the interior phone line — the same ones that'd made it necessary to make calls via the phone box's handset — to phone out and arrange for the ad in the paper, getting the Doctor back together with Clara so she could help him get his head together. She also scanned the Half-Faced Man's structure and produced a duplicate of the cyborg, complete with identical programming and implanted memories, so she could have a fellow-construct as an ally for future plots. To recruit him to her service, she made him a "Promised Land": either a virtual one, or an actual room inside the Tardis where she's secretly keeping him.
    • As for the humans she's "welcomed to Heaven", we already know the TARDIS is capable of producing duplicates of people, complete with their memories, because House made an aged copy of Rory to mess with Amy's head when he temporarily took control in "The Doctor's Wife".
    • In "The Caretaker", the latest dead character to find themselves in the Promised Land is greeted by an assistant of Missy's, because she's "busy". At the time of this character's death, the TARDIS was actively helping the Doctor to engineer an elaborate temporal-vortex trap for the Alien Robot Of The Week.
    • In "Flatline", Missy's appearance is not the very last scene in the episode for once. What does the shot immediately after they cut away from her face show us? The TARDIS.

Missy is Clara
Or at least a version of her. There are different Claras throughout time and space after all, even a version of her in Gallifrey, the one that showed the First Doctor the TARDIS. Maybe this is one of those alternate versions of her.
  • There's some interesting hints about that possibility. Throughout the episode "Deep Breath", allusions are made to The Doctor being Clara's "boyfriend" by various characters, including The Doctor asserting that he isn't. His phrasing is interesting. It isn't your standard She Is Not My Girlfriend, but "I am not your boyfriend." And how does Missy refer to The Doctor? As her "boyfriend."
  • Perhaps one Clara merged with GI or went through another strange experience.

Missy is River Song
The last time River met the Doctor (chronologically), he left her living inside that computer simulation. Maybe spending an eternity there has made her a bit crazy? Also, the robot guy dies and goes into the "afterlife", and what could be a better afterlife for a robot than a computer-simulated paradise? The garden he wakes up in could easily be inside the simulation. Maybe River has even learned how to control the computer? That would also explain how she's now able to manipulate the Doctor's life while still remaining inside the simulation. The only thing that doesn't fit into this theory is that Missy calls the Doctor her "boyfriend", not "husband"... But maybe the writers thought using the word "husband" would've made it too obvious who she is (since there's only one wife of the Doctor that we've met), so they used "boyfriend" to retain the mystery.
  • On the more obvious side, of course, "Missy" is often short for "Melissa" which is clearly related to "Mel".

Missy is Rose
If we take Missy's claim that the Doctor is her boyfriend at face value, and presumes she's not River Song (because she would call the Doctor her husband, not "boyfriend"), there are only two alternative explanations left:
  • 1) Missy is someone the Doctor has dated in the past or future, but we haven't seen her before. This is possible, but since the series has a habit of bringing back old characters for their seasonal big bads, it seems a bit unlikely.
  • 2) Missy is Rose Tyler. She would call the Doctor her "boyfriend", because she is/was dating a version of the Doctor, the human incarnation, as seen in Journey's End
Now, let's presume the human Doctor Rose was dating in the alternate world dies for some reason. This makes Rose go a bit crazy, which causes her to tap into the Bad Wolf powers that are still dormant within her. Missing the Doctor, she jumps into our universe, but accidentally goes too far into the future, where she discovers a horrible thing: the Doctor's grave on Trenzalore. She isn't gonna have another Doctor die on her, and eventually she comes up with a way of saving her. In Deep Breath it was revealed that it was actually Missy who gave Clara the Doctor's phone number in The Bells of Saint John, thus causing Clara and Doctor to meet. What if Missy has the Doctor's phone number because she's a former companion, i.e. Rose? Somehow she figures out Clara can save the Doctor from death, so he arranges for them to meet, and Clara does indeed save him. Everything Missy's done so far (including setting up the meeting of the Doctor and Clara in Deep Breath, so that they can figure out who the bad guy is) has been to help the Doctor, at least in her mind.

Missy is a future regeneration of Romana
  • Romana is a Time Lady to his Time Lord, they certainly had buckets of subtext indicating they were a couple during her time in his Tardis, and her fate is completely unknown.

Heaven is the library
I think Missy is river song and heaven is the library, see, river had regeneration powers and the half face man could have been designed to be saved to the library and they both existed in the same century.
  • jossed
"The Promised Land" is in the same universe that Gallifrey is now in.
And Missy is a Time Lady.
  • As said above Rani? Romana?
  • semi confirmed
Missy is a former companion the Doctor abandoned
We know that the Doctor has had a lot offscreen adventures, so what if Missy is a former companion that we simply have never heard about before? In "Deep Breath" here's also a clear contrast between the Doctor telling Clara he's not her boyfriend, and Missy telling the cyborg guy the Doctor is his boyfriend. What if Missy was a former companion who, just like Clara and Martha, thought the Doctor was romantically interested in her, only this time the Doctor never bothered to correct her? We also know the Doctor can be rather self-centered and attention-deficited, so it's perfectly possible he had some adventures with Missy, then left her somewhere and totally forgot about her while running off to other adventures with someone else. Being abandoned by the man she thought was in love with her then made Missy go a bit koo-koo, so she created this fantasy where the Doctor is her boyfriend, and she needs to protect him. Missy being an abandoned companion would also tie in with the theme established in "Deep Breath", that the Doctor needs to deal with his past mistakes. Missy is one of those mistakes, the flipside to all those companions the Doctor did care about.
  • Also, it's worth noting that the "Paradise" garden used in "Deep Breath" is the same one Amy Pond stayed in in "The Girl Who Waited". While it probably isn't supposed to be the same exact location (the real garden used for those apparently is located just outside Cardiff, making it convenient for BBC Wales to shoot there, which is why it's also been used in Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures), using the same garden certainly draws parallels between the two episodes. And "The Girl Who Waited" is about a companion who has been abandoned by the Doctor (at least she thinks she is), so the visual parallel might be used to hint Missy has suffered the same fate.

Missy is Iris Wildthyme
  • It'd be just like her to be eccentric, spin around with an umbrella, and call the Doctor her "boyfriend".

The one who sent Clara the number...
  • ...is herself. It could be either this Clara, but in the future, closing a stable time loop.
  • ...is herself, but a version of Clara who entered into the Doctor's timeline, ending up in the Doctor's Future, and either being told to do so or knowing she has to, closing a stable time loop.
    • Clara said the number was given to her by "the woman in the shop". You'd think she would've noticed if the woman looked exactly like her?
      • She could have been in disguise, significantly aged, and hundred other things.

"In the Forest of the Night" will feature the Vashta Nerada
  • Jossed, although it seems perfect, doesn't it.

The Twelfth Doctor chose his face to remind himself that he is "a good man".
  • In the events leading up to Eleven's regeneration he was faced with one of the darkest times of his past that showed just how far he could fall when pushed far enough. Post-regeneration, he seems unsure of himself and makes it a point to ask Clara whether she believes he is a good man or not. When he finally gets a look at himself, he can't figure out why he has this face and wonders if there was a reason. Out of a fear he could be heading down the dark path again, he subconsciously (if not intentionally) chose this face to be a reminder of a time he went against his every instinct and said Screw Destiny to do the right thing, even if he has yet to realize it yet.

One of the themes for Season 8 will be the Doctor coming to terms with the idea that being a soldier doesn't make someone a bad person/incapable of being a good person.
  • 'Into the Dalek' seems to touch on the moral ambiguity of being a soldier fighting a war, as shown with Journey and Danny Pink. In the case of the latter, the students' and Clara's treatment of him does not appear to be portrayed positively, and the last line of the episode being devoted to the Doctor's problem with soldiers possibly indicates future significance. Perhaps the Doctor will see that he and soldiers are Not So Different, or perhaps he already knows. In that case (and I know I'm probably treading on familiar ground for most of you), he could learn to stop projecting his own feelings of self-loathing onto every soldier he meets. If it was just the obviously corrupt/bloodthirsty/immoral soldiers, that would be one thing, but he's gotten to the point where he treats every soldier he meets, whether or not he knows anything about them, with contempt.
  • Confirmed!

Rusty was the same Dalek that spared Adelaide Brooke's life as a child.
  • In "Waters of Mars", she remembers how a Dalek looked right at her during the events of "The Stolen Earth", but it didn't kill her. The Doctor presumes it had sensed that she constituted a fixed point in time, but if it was Rusty that she's encountered, and the defect that caused Rusty to become capable of remembering its own non-hateful feelings had already occurred, then the Dalek's nascent Heel–Face Turn could have kicked in, just in time to save the girl's life.

The non-combatant that Danny Pink killed was Clara
He is linked somehow with the soldiers from 'Into the Dalek', as shown by his name, Danny Pink. When Clara told Journey Blue that she had met someone called Pink, Journey said suggested that was lucky for him. So the soldiers in that time are perhaps born and raised to be soldiers, and given names corresponding to colours. There's a hint of children being raised as an army when Danny is working with the cadets at the school. So sometime in the future, he has killed Clara and has now gone back in time (perhaps with the help of the Doctor) to try and stop it happening. But the fact he is already training children to be soldiers, suggests that it's cyclical and he won't be able to stop it.
  • It's a little unlikely Danny's from the future now, now that it's been revealed after "Listen" that Danny seems to be born in the present day. However:
    • The show keeps referencing Danny's "bad day" in the past as if it will serve as a plot point in the future.
    • This may be Jenna Coleman's last season, so something (fatal) could happen to Clara in her future to keep her from travelling with the Doctor.
    • This is a show that loves to play around with non-linearity.
  • It may just follow that sometime in Danny's past as a soldier he killed a time-travelling Clara. Now, there's the problem of Danny not recognizing Clara when they meet in the present day, but if Clara was, say, an old woman (or unrecognizable in some other manner) at the time she was encountered and killed by Danny...
  • Jossed; Danny accidentally killed a young boy while his unit was fighting urban insurgents.

Danny is Journey's brother.
They're both soldiers, they're both black, and they both have colors for names. We never saw her brother, and Clara never said his first name in front of her. They never gave any specifics on Danny's soldiering past. And finally, this episode mentioned both duplicates and saving people right before they die, so that's at least two explanations for it.
  • Jossed. Journey's brother's name is Kai, which we hear in the opening scene a couple of times (when the Blues are getting shot at, and later when Journey demands the Doctor bring her back to the Aristotle.)
  • Journey and Kai could be descendants of Danny Pink, so brother Kai, like Orson Pink, could be identical to Danny. The episode Listen has set up that possibility. It remains to be seen why they changed their surname to Blue...

Ramón Salamander will be mentioned in passing.
By this time he's already got the "Research Center" well established.

Danny is the Doctor's Foil
Danny is a former soldier. He doesn't like being asked about his time as a soldier, and it's clear he's made choices that he's not proud of. Despite this, he still runs a cadet program at Coal Hill, and he does his best to keep his past outside of his new life as best as possible. The Doctor is a former soldier, who doesn't like being asked about his time as a soldier, and he's made many choices that he's not proud of. Still, the Doctor runs around the universe protecting lives and inserting himself in diplomatically sensitive situations.
The Twelfth Doctor is a Doctor who dislikes his mistakes, and because of that he's far more hesitant to do anything that might make the situation worse, even if it means sacrificing lives (letting Ross die in the event that confronting the antibodies would harm them all). This makes him come off as crass, and insensitive. Danny, conversely, is awkward and shy around people. When confronted about his past, he becomes hesitant and resigns himself to the assumptions people make about him. Furthermore, Danny wants to stay out of sight; he declines Clara's invitation not because of his awkwardness but because of his shyness. Declining offers to communicate and socialize has become second nature to him, which is why he viciously punishes himself after the fact.
When the two finally meet, however, they will end up teaching each other. Danny will teach the Doctor that it's okay to have been a soldier, and that no matter what mistakes have been made, Clara is right. Trying to be a good man is what counts. The Doctor will teach Danny that he can still live a full, fun life with all of its twists an turns, that he doesn't have to hide away. They will even inspire each other to respond in the opposite manner of their usual behaviours: the Doctor will try to be more sensitive and try harder to make the best out of the situation, even with the risks; Danny will step up and assert himself, stepping out of his shell when it matters.
  • Essentially confirmed.

The Doctor (12th), Rassilon (Timothy Dalton) and The Master (John Simm) will team up and do an epic Power Walk.
Why? Because it would be awesome!

The Sheriff will meet Missy
  • Perhaps not everybody will go to Heaven.

One of the Merry Men will meet Missy

The Sheriff was intentionally designed to look like the old body of The Master
Because come on, is there a BBC cloning program?

The new caretaker will be Jamie with his memories restored and traveling with the Doctor once more

  • No, it's the Doctor. Not to ruin your WMG though.

The Creature following the Doctor all his life is Clara Oswald.
You know that feeling of deja vu sometimes when you see someone that you vaguely recognized but couldn't put your finger on it? Neither do I, but that's irrelevant.

Clara has been scattered throughout the Doctor's life. The Doctor likely would have brushed by her plenty of times. Maybe, everytime he does, he gets a sense of deja vu. Since he can't figure out why he gets that feeling, and having two thousand years to ponder it over, he theorised that a creature is following him. Then finally, he resolves to figure it out and enlists Clara along for the hunt, not realising Clara IS the 'Creature', in a sense.

The Doctor got an interest in what was under the bed as his subconscious memories were triggered by Clara
  • Combined with the Doctor's scrambled memory post-regeneration, it's likely that his childhood fears resurfaced unexpectedly, which would explain his unhealthy interest in trying to prove his fears were rational.

What was outside the airlock were the inhabitants of Utopia
  • Wanting to speak to this sudden arrival but not realising the damage they could cause.

The other two Time Lords/Gallifreyans were Braxiatel and Innocet
Or at least, the girl was Innocet.
  • Irving could be one of the other boys the Doctor doesn't want to hear him. Though one of the Gallifreyans could be called Braxiatel if that is the family name.

The Twelfth Doctor is Darker and Edgier because of fear
Or rather, because he's more susceptible to fear. "Listen" has the Doctor obsessing over the possibility of a species of some sort that adapted to become the perfect hiders, and is hell-bent on proving their existence (to the point that he nearly dies trying to do so). Later it's revealed that his fears (or the basis of the fear of what's under the bed) stemmed from the Doctor's childhood memory of being alone and afraid one night and Clara appearing from under his bed. The highlight of this moment is Clara quoting his Badass Creed, that fear does not make one neither cruel nor cowardly. However, we've seen this Doctor do things that appear as cruel and cowardly, and he does so during moments of high stress... or, as one would say, when one's most susceptible to fear.

The Planet at the End of the Universe in Listen was Midnight
Listen was a combination of previous themes and monsters: the feeling of not being alone when you are is because of the Silents, the planet on which Orson Pink crashed is actually Midnight trillions of years in the future which the Doctor never learns of, and the figure under the sheet is either a child or another Silent.
  • In the background shots of the planets, the 'last planet,' is redish rock, suggesting iron based rock. Midnight, we know, was made of pure diamonds, and therefore, carbon. There is no way a planet can go from a planet made of pure carbon, to an iron based planet. And the diamonds weren't red diamonds either, containing no traces of anything other than carbon. (Oh, and a couple of dead carbon based bodies or a H2O waterfall is not going to make much difference.) The planet has also endured billions of years of radiation so it is evident that the radiation isn't affecting the atomic structure. of the planet. In other words, there is no way the two planets are the same.

When Clara leaves, the Doctor will hug her
He is against hugging, so he says, but when Clara leaves (as is rumoured) the Doctor will hug her, and it will show how much he holds her in esteem.
  • It will be awkward and he might act like Sheldon, but he'll do so.
  • Jossed unless she comes back later in the series; Clara storms out over what she sees as his patronizing attitude in "Kill The Moon", and neither one of them gets a chance to try to reconcile.
  • Now Double jossed. She's no longer going to leave
  • Confirmed as of "Death in Heaven". But the hug is a complete mixed bag.

Orson Pink is not Clara's Great Grandson
Whilst it was set up to be the case, given how Doctor Who has played with our heads before, I think it'll turn out that Orson Pink isn't Clara's Great Grandson, though he could still be Danny's great grandson. He seemed to know Clara, but could that be as the woman his great-grandfather loved and lost?

Danny Pink is the Doctor's son
  • Orson's parentage is completely unknown, but "Rupert" is the sort of ridiculous name the Doctor would come up with. The doctor used "dad skills" on young Rupert in the orphanage, Orson's descendant saying that "Time travel runs in the family" could be a reference to his Time Lord heritage, and one companion becoming the Doctor's daughter-in-law after the previous one became his mother-in-law is the sort of mirroring that Moffat loves.

The person under the cover in "Listen" was either Clara, Danny or the Doctor from the future.
The Doctor did bring up, for the first time in who knows how many seasons, that meeting yourself at a different point of your timeline could be incredibly dangerous. What if this was actually clever Foreshadowing, as the person under the cover went to very importable lengths not to be seen or heard directly; perhaps they didn't want to accidentally cause a rift in time? The Doctor seemed to sense that this person was very anxious, so he made the promise not to look, no matter what.

The Doctor saw who was under the cover in "Listen"
The Doctor had been sitting in that chair for some time, looking for Wally. He saw who came into the room (but they didn't see him) so he knows exactly who they are, which was why he made the promise not to look. If it was himself, he wouldn't have bothered, but if it was Clara or Danny, then he would protect them both as much as he could.

There's an orphaned child Silent hiding in the TARDIS.
It's been hiding away from the massacre of its kind since the TARDIS last visited the year of the Moon landing, and the Doctor briefly saw it in "Listen", kicking off the whole chain of events. Having lost its caregivers to the "You should kill us on sight" command, it's been isolated and unhappy, unable to find anyone - not even the Doctor - who wouldn't forget about it the instant they looked away. The Doctor has seen it many times, and eventually managed to retain just enough traces of awareness that something was there to get him obsessing over "perfect hiders".

When it got curious about what he was writing on the chalkboard, the Doctor got a better look at the stowaway. Realizing it was only a child, he didn't tally-mark himself (which would suggest danger), but started to write "Listen for the child Silent" on the board instead. Seeing what the Doctor was doing, the Silent got scared that its presence would be documented - something its caregivers had warned it must never happen - so it ran away, leaving the Doctor with the chalk out of place and a single inexplicable word on the chalkboard. The Silent, feeling sad and lonely after its narrow "escape", started following Clara around for a while instead; when she and Rupert ducked under the bed, it took the risk of appearing to them while covered in a blanket, desperate for some sort of interaction with somebody who wouldn't immediately attack or forget it.

The first four Twelfth Doctor episodes recapitulate themes from his previous four regenerations, in order.
The correlation isn't flawless, but here's the pattern:
  • In "Deep Breath", it's the War Doctor. He pledges to save a powerful, ancient entity that's been taken out of time, only to see what once seemed invulnerable (the dinosaur, the Time Lords) crashing and burning. He seeks to right this wrong and end the killings, only to be faced with a Not So Different dilemma (Rassilon as bad as the Daleks, himself as patchwork as the Half Face Man). He takes an action that would seem unthinkable for a Doctor (preparing to use the Moment, abandoning a companion in danger), but subverts this apparent betrayal in the clinch. In both stories, the question of whether the Doctor would kill someone (all of Gallifrey, the Half-Face Man) goes unanswered.
  • In "Into The Dalek", it's Nine. The Doctor isn't sure he can be a good man anymore — not after what he's done, not after the mistakes he's made — and seeks absolution from his companion's approval. He faces his hated enemy, a lone Dalek, in human hands. He tries to dig deep for the good side of himself, to re-awaken his joy in exploration and the wonders of the universe, but a part of him is boiling with anger, and facing Daleks still brings it out. Like Nine, he can't feel easy in his own skin, and he has to turn away a potential companion on ethical grounds (as Nine, for threatening to change history out of greed; as Twelve, because she's a soldier and might bring out the worst in him to work with).
  • In "Robot Of Sherwood", it's Ten. Robin is too gallant to be true, an over-the-top medieval superhero whose reputation far outstrips him and who milks and fosters it for all it's worth: the same approach that Ten relied upon for years, only to have others' hero-worship turn around and bite him in stories like "Journey's End". Twelve isn't having any of it, and his non-stop bickering with Robin isn't that unlike how Twelve and Ten would probably interact in a multi-Doctor storyline. Eventually, when Robin does acknowledge that his conduct is a pose, the Doctor has to admit in turn that it serves a purpose, and the possibility that he can still play the hero even if he no longer feels like he is one is broached. Not that close a correspondence, but it's a Lighter and Softer episode, so naturally not as deep.
  • In "Listen", it's Eleven. Matt Smith was by far the most childish Doctor, and in retrospect it's very obvious that he was that way out of denial: the One Who Forgets, hiding from his fear, guilt, and loss. Like his predecessor, Twelve grows dangerously broody when he's without a companion, and he's equally in denial about his fears, that stem from the childhood he barely recalls and Eleven regressed to. The fact that Twelve is also the first Doctor to have accepted the War Doctor as a part of himself from the start, and hence, to process the horrors of fighting in the Time War as something he did, means he can't hide from the trauma behind a facade of raw anger or heroism or childishness or "that wasn't a Doctor, that was someone else". Between that and his shaky relationship with Clara, he's got a lot to be haunted by ("That's a hell of a lot of ghosts..."), and as with Eleven, it's up to Clara to step back into his past and shield him from the lurking shadows.

The equations on the blackboards all over the TARDIS are important
Same with the ones he wrote all over the bedroom at Madam Vastra's. 12 was there when the Doctors froze Gallifrey in Day of the Doctor, so they're probably his final run of the calculations to send the planet into the pocket universe.

Missy is the tyrannosaurus rex from Deep Breath.
She has been reincarnated or regenerated into a new form, but at the end of her first episode, she refers to the Doctor as her boyfriend and growls and chomps quite suggestively.
  • Jossed.

The Promised Land and Heaven.
So far, everybody trying to reach the Promised Land have been robots using humans as spare parts. The only three people to reach Heaven so far have been two humans and a robot which had upgraded itself to the point of being human. Robots seem convinced that the Promised Land is a real, physical place that can be reached via space travel, but have twice crash landed on Earth before the 20th century. Heaven, meanwhile, seems accessible regardless of time or space. Earth is not alone in its orbit. Those who seek the Tenth Planet must take care to avoid crashing on the third. The Promised Land is Mondas, home of the Cybermen, and Heaven is the Cyberiad, their intergalactic hivemind.

The Sontarans ARE behind it all

The Doctor's outburst of "Sontarans! Perverting the course of human history!" during "Listen" was not just a random quote. Nothing about the Doctor or the series is random. The thing under the bedspread, in the brief moment we saw its head uncovered, looked suspiciously like a Sontaran. It's possible it was Strax, who was called up by his own people to betray the Doctor and his friends, but found himself unable to do so when the Doctor allowed him to go.

Missy is inside the Doctor's head and is a sub-conscious part of his personality
We've already been introduced to the idea of miniaturised humans in "Into the Dalek". We've also been introduced to the idea of the Shredder in "Time Heist". The Doctor feels guilty about all the people who have died helping him or as collateral damage. So he finds a way for them to live on, miniaturised in his head, and the Shredder is the means of getting them there. The word 'Listen' on the blackboard was in the Doctor's writing, but he said he didn't remember doing it. Well, he wouldn't if it was sub-conscious.
  • Jossed.

Danny is Jenny, the Doctor's daughter, regenerated.
The back flip he did in "The Caretaker" was very reminiscent of Jenny. In "The Doctor's Daughter" the Doctor's Attitude towards soldiers was established especially as it was his daughter. Either Jenny lost her memory, when she regenerated as 'Rupert' or he/she knows the Doctor is his/her dad and wants to prove herself to him. Clara will be cool with this.

Courtney will travel with the Doctor when older
  • Apparently she becomes the President of the United States, but the Doctor may have been joking.

The moon creature is related to the Star Whales
  • For a while I thought it could be the Star Whale from "The Beast Below". The Doctor notes however that it is a new lifeform, while the Star Whale are apparently a known species.

Courtney Woods is a younger version of River Song.
Similar ethnicity, plus the fact that their relationship runs in opposite directions. Just as the Doctor has now grown older, we would meet River Song when she is much younger.

The Doctor who (LOL) returned at the end of "Kill the Moon" had already experienced the events of subsequent episodes.
He decides to travel without Clara for a while and then realizes that he has to return and intervene in the fate of the Moon at the end of series 8. He may have visited Clara prior and had a proper goodbye before returning to her and getting yelled at by her before leaving on new adventures.

The Doctor looks like Peter Capaldi because Clara confirmed to the Eleventh Doctor how he would look.
He asked her if he would have gray hair, and then his thoughts turned to Caecilius before he regenerated.

Perkins will turn out to be the Mummy
  • Or have some connection to the Mummy.

Clara will die.
This will be the result of the choice that she made at the end of "Mummy on the Orient Express."

Perkins is Gus's creator
He was watching the Doctor's reactions with great interest, and he probably refused to travel with the Doctor because he knows they are enemies. Plus he's an engineer who knows a lot more than engineering. He's too good to waste as just a one off companion.

That kid in the barn in Listen wasn't the Doctor...
It was the Master.

I mean, think about it. Moffat loves throwing us for loops, and what better loop than this? Plus, who's more likely to hide in a barn crying himself to sleep; The one who ran away from the Untempered Schism, or the one driven mad by it?
  • Is he crying from the events of Master?
  • So how could this Clara, who's never met the Master, lock onto his personal timeline? Some of her duplicates may have encountered the guy, but this one would only know of him as ex-PM Saxon.
  • But she has met the Master now, albeit as Missy, so he is part of her personal timeline.
  • We know the Doctor had at least one terrible bout of sadness as a child from Three's recollection of his "black day" and encounter with the Hermit. And in the one shadowy glimpse we get of the crying boy in "Listen", his silhouette looks very different than the young Master from his Schism flashback.

Missy was the one who set up the events of "Mummy on the Orient Express"
Gus was established as just being the computer controlling the train, so who programmed him to do it? Missy has an entire Nethersphere full of dead people, we know from behind-the-scenes pictures that Missy has something to do with the Cybermen and whoever was behind putting everyone on the train really wanted that tech keeping the Foretold alive and allowing it to drain the life from people.

Missy could have wanted to use it bring people back to life and/or upgrade them to Cybermen? Even if it's not a big part of the episode, I'm near certain they'll at least reference it when tying up the season.

And also, she enjoys spying on the Doctor and Clara and since she most likely saw Clara giving her What the Hell, Hero? speech to the Doctor in Kill the Moon, she wouldn't have wanted them to separate and would've given the Doctor the tickets to bring them back together again.

There's also other pieces of evidence like:

  • Missy has the TARDIS' phone number as she gave it to Clara in "Bells of St. John". And so that means that Missy was probably the one to call the Doctor and give him those free tickets!

  • Gus knew about the TARDIS, which could also point to Missy because she's the Master.

  • Missy was obviously an influtential person, as shown by 3W, the Nethersphere and her other bodies' exploits. So it's not that far fetched she'd be able to bring a bunch of high classed professors and scientists to the train.

  • Missy has been around for a long time, as shown by the entire concept of the afterlife being based on the Nethersphere and Kate Stewart saying her and UNIT have been studying 3W for "a while now". And as you've pointed out and as it was also said in the episode, the Foretold and Gus have been around for a long time as Eleven also got a phone call for free tickets to the train. And it was noted that the Foretold has been on many different trains before the Orient Express. Missy could've very well set those up as well, as she's the Master and he/she's always been a complicated planner.

The train from "Mummy on the Orient Express" was programmed by someone with a motive to kill Mrs. Pitt.
While learning about the Foretold was Gus's main purpose, the inclusion of Mrs. Pitt among the passengers doesn't make much sense unless the unknown backers of the train's mission intended for her to die. The rest of the people on board were either experts needed to investigate the Foretold, or living staff who were needed to assist the experts and provide cannon fodder for the Foretold to kill; there's no reason why all the non-expert passengers couldn't have been force holograms, and yet Mrs. Pitt (who'd clearly never even heard of the Foretold, else she'd have reacted differently to its appearance) was given the chance to buy tickets for herself and her granddaughter. Gus's programmers had set up similar situations on other vessels and taken note of the order in which people were killed, so presumably they knew that the Foretold would attack the frail old lady first.

It will be left unclear what the afterlife is
  • This area could be a transitionary stage, like the Halls of Mandos. It is not known what happens after that.
    • Turns out it's not the Afterlife at all, but a ruse to convince the dead ("saved" in the manner of the Library) to shut down their own personalities and emotions, becoming new drone minds for Cybermen.

Missy is-
  • The Rani
  • The Master
  • Valeyard
  • Someone from the Doctor's past
  • The Doctor's Niece
  • Romana
  • The Black/White Guardian
  • The Gold Guardian (Life and Death)
  • Time (apart from the TARDIS, who could claim to be the Doctor's girlfriend?)
Other possibilities:
  • The Doctor himself.
  • Clara
  • The TARDIS
  • River Song
  • Related to the Bad Wolf
  • Someone from completely left field.
    • But in a trailer Mary Psychopompins tells the Doctor "You know who I am."
  • Rassilon
  • Rusty
  • Susan's grandmother
  • Tasha Lem (assuming Tasha is not River Song)
  • A Valeyard-like clone of someone
  • Kovarian
  • An Eternal
  • etc
  • Here are some more odd ideas.
    • the master CONFIRMED

Missy is a "good" version of the Doctor.
  • In the latest episode ("Flatline") the Doctor says being good has nothing to with being the Doctor: he is the one who has to make the hard choices, who has the decide whether it's worthy to sacrifice some so that others may live (as we've seen in the previous episodes like "Into the Dalek" and "Mummy on the Orient Express"). But what Missy's being doing so far is saving people the Doctor couldn't, so it's possible Missy is like a version of the Doctor who thinks she can be good and save everyone. In "Flatline" Clara becomes the Doctor for a brief time, in a symbolic sense, but maybe somehow in the future she will literally become the Doctor, and Missy is a reincarnation of her who feels she can be better than the previous Doctor was?
    • Jossed.

Gus will be a villain in Series 9
  • He escapes at the end and Moffat claims he has Series 9 planned.

The Doctor or Clara will be in an apparent Hell
  • The trailer for "Dark Water" showed them in a place of fire.
    • Jossed. It was a Volcano.

Missy is going to forcibly swap bodies with Clara in "Dark Water."
  • Jossed.

The Clara that the eleventh Doctor saved from inside his timeline in "The Name Of The Doctor" was not the Clara who entered.
The 'Impossible girl' is dead, replaced by an imposter put there by Missy. However, she has been with the Doctor for a while and understands the choices he has to make. Plus she has fallen in love with the noble Danny Pink, so she may not betray the Doctor as Missy expects her to.

The Nethersphere is...
  • The Matrix
  • The Cyberiad
    • Semi-Confirmed. The Nethersphere is adapted from Matrix Tech.

The Cybermen will attempt to invade the Nethersphere
  • It may be a gateway across the Multiverse. It could enable them to take the dead.
    • Jossed; it's a Time Lord-tech memory repository that Missy's using like the Library, to store the minds of the deceased and convert them into Cyber-minds while their remains are being "upgraded", thus turning the dead into a whole new population of Cybermen.

Missy is building up an army for a threat in the future
  • Against the Cybermen?
  • With the Cybermen?
  • Missy could be building the army against the Big Bad of next series.
    • Recent footage seems to show Missy is allied with the Cybermen.
      • Not just allied, she's building them from the brainwashed and "upgraded" dead.

Other characters who died will appear in the Nethersphere
  • The Mummy?

Someone close to Clara will die and meet Missy
  • Her grandmother?
  • Danny? He might be hit by a car while talking to her.
    • ...Why a car?
      • He was seen talking on the phone while next to a road.
      • Well, he meets Seb rather than Missy, but otherwise confirmed.

Missy arranged for Danny Pink to die
One, no one would put it past her to do something like that. Two, we never saw who was driving the car - which, by the way, was described as having "come out of nowhere" - that hit Danny. If it was an honest accident we most likely would've been shown. Three, she needed Clara and the Doctor to come to 3W and the only way that would work is if someone close to Clara died. And four, she was waiting for the two of them, as if she were expecting them. And if his death really WAS an honest-to-goodness accident, it would be a HUGE coincidence!

Gus was working with Missy or the Cybermen
  • The Mummy technology will be used.

Seb is the real villain

Other dead characters will appear
  • Letting the Cybermen in.
  • Is Seb the Half-Face Man?
  • Will Davros appear? And escape...
  • Will somebody escape?

The Doctor will be forced to kill Danny
  • By shutting down the Nethersphere to defeat the Cybermen.
Danny is not dead; he has been miniaturised.
We did not actually see Danny's dead body. Only the feet of someone on a stretcher. Danny, and all the others in the Nethersphere, have been miniaturised, pending their transformation into Cybermen. A precedent was set when the Doctor entered the Dalek earlier in the series and it's usual for the writers to re-use a trope that was used in early episodes.

The Doctor will choose not to travel with Clara again
She has shown herself willing to betray him, and despite helping her, he is deeply hurt by that. He knows that he cannot trust her again should a similar situation arise. So whatever happens, whether she stays in the Nethersphere with Danny, or whether Danny does stay dead, or both Clara and Danny survive, the Doctor will tell Clara she is out of the Tardis for good.
  • Confirmed, but only because he thinks that Danny came back for her and doesn't want to interfere with her happiness any longer.
    • Actually Jossed. Jenna Coleman has been confirmed to return for Series 9
The Doctor, once he's recovered from the shock, will ask Missy if finding herself in a female body was a nasty turn after so many centuries being the bad guy.
And Missy will launch yet another worldwide tsunami of Fan Wank, by smugly snarking back that, actually, the Doctor never had the chance to meet her _th body: even the Sontarans never mistook her for male.

Some of the Doctor's deceased companions have been converted into Cybermen.
Some images from the finale show Victorian!Clara, Amy and Rory's gravestones. Presumably they all are now emotionless Cybermen that have to be put down for their own and everyone else's good.

The reason that Missy says that she cannot call herself The Master...
...is that she is NOT The Master. Hopefully, she is a new, original villain.
  • Considering her exact words were 'I couldn't well keep calling myself the Master', which rather explicitly spells out that's what she was calling herself before.
    • Or, she is half of The Master, who has branched off to become someone the same yet very different. Remember how screwed up he was when we last saw him? He regenerated, but something went wrong causing him to split into two different people. The other half is Seb.
      • Oorrr, go the other way....maybe, instead of the Master regenerating and splitting into two, two Time Lords fused to create Missy; she "couldn't well keep calling [her]self the Master", because only part of her used to be the Master...the other part was the Rani!
      • What, so we have a "no more than one evil Time Lady allowed" rule now, so we have to eliminate the old one in order to bring in another?

Clara is pregnant
I mean think about it... If Danny is dead then how could Orson ever have existed unless Clara is pregnant With Danny's baby
  • Wouldn't there be more evidence? She's certainly hiding it well if this is true. There was one theory that the 'three months' notes on her bookshelf had something to do with this, but that seems to just be how long they've been dating. The only other possible clue is "watch out for fluid retention", but that's from before they ever even spoke to each other.
  • For all we know, Danny already had an ex-wife and kid when Clara first met him. We know very little about Mr. Pink's life between the orphanage and the war, or between the war and his arrival at Coal Hill School.
    • There have been a lot of pregnancy mentions/allusions this series. The 'pregnant' moon and the whole 'abortion' angle in "Kill the Moon" for a start, which put Clara in the position of making the decision. It's a decision she may have to make if Danny is really dead. Then at the end "The Forest of the Night" the Doctor mentions that humans have the superpower of forgetting, which is why we still keep going to war and 'having babies', at which point the camera paused on Clara's face. Then he tells Clara she's a mess of chemicals in "Dark Water". Then there was something, also in "Dark Water" on her post-it notes about 'three months'. So there is a pretty good chance she's pregnant. Remember that the Doctor knew that Amy was pregnant, and kept telling her to breathe. Breath has also been mentioned more than once in this series, including the first episode title 'Deep Breath'. So it's not beyond the realms of possibility that Clara is pregnant. This troper has noticed that he keeps moving the scanner out of Clara's view.

The Doctor has been experiencing Series 8 out of order, from Clara's point of view
He could have spent any amount of time between his adventures with her, when she is back on Earth in 2014. There may be no reason to assume that he has been meeting up with her in the order we have seen.
  • This troper is inclined to agree and was just about to post something similar, having watched "Deep Breath" again. When the Doctor returned with the Tardis, after they'd defeated the droids, he was watching Clara quite carefully. He also seems to have been trying to teach her a lesson all the way through, particularly in "Kill The Moon", about the choices he has to make and whether it makes him a good or bad man. This is because he has already lived all the stuff with Missy and knows that Clara will also be faced with a very difficult choice.

Seb is...
  • ...Rani?
  • ...Part of the Master's mind?
  • ...the Half Face Man, whom Missy kept adding bits of human to until he had no robot parts left?
    • Turns out just a computer interface.

Clara is The Master.
  • In the preview to the season finale there was a scene where she claims that "Clara Oswald" doesn't exist. And we now know The Master can regenerate as a woman, and that Missy has some connection Clara. So what if Clara is a different incarnation of Missy/Master, but she doesn't know it herself because of some complex Memory Gambit? (It wouldn't be the first time The Master has used a memory gambit to disguise himself as human in order to fool the Doctor.) And the mysterious "woman at the shop" who originally gave Clara the Doctor's number was actually Missy, who needed to ensure that Clara would meet The Doctor, so that whatever she's planning to do to him would come to be.
    • Clara seems to be saying that to a Cyberman specifically, not the Doctor or herself, which means it's probably not a taunt or a statement of self-recognition as somebody else. It's possible she's attempting some kind of Logic Bomb on it, convincing it that she's not its designated target in order to get away.
    • Jossed, Clara was trying to convince the Cybermen that she was the Doctor in order to buy time until she could get away.

The kiss that Missy forced on the Doctor was more than just Foe Yay

Missy will kill Osgood.
Just to spite the Doctor.
  • Seems to be possible and very likely, given that she's all but being set up to be the next companion due to her (somewhat creepy) fascination with the Doctor. And then she'll be disintegrated instantly as a parting shot in a scene not unlike what Darkseid did to Dan Turpin. The end.
  • Which is exactly what happens.

Danny Pink is not Rupert Pink
Rupert Pink is really Danny's identical twin brother. Think about it. To all intents and purposes Rupert Pink was brought up in a children's home, yet in the same episode "Listen", Danny said that he and Clara hadn't had a drink till then because of 'family stuff'. Then in "Dark Water", Seb said they had been trying to get in touch with Danny's family. But if Danny was brought up in a children's home he would not have an immediate family (and the child in the nursing home seemed very lonely). It's possible that Danny and Rupert were brought up separately, with Rupert in a children's home and Danny being brought up elsewhere perhaps without knowing about each other. Rupert called the toy soldier 'Dan the soldier man' as some psychic link to his twin brother (which is said to exist between twins). So the 'family stuff' that Danny had was possibly with his twin brother, whom he only recently found out about. In 'Listen' Danny didn't actually admit to being called Rupert, and he seemed to really over-react to Clara calling him by that name. It might be because he's got some bugbear about his brother. So Orson Pink could be Rupert's descendant, rather than Danny's. Clara would still be linked, because she met Rupert at the children's home.
  • Danny did say that he hadn't gone by that name in years, though. And it's entirely possible that he was adopted during the time between his encounter with the bedsheet-creature and his adulthood, meaning he would, indeed, have a family.
  • Clara's link to Danny wouldn't have guided the TARDIS to Danny's brother, since it's so early in their relationship she probably hasn't met his family yet. Danny having a twin ("family stuff") is still a good idea though, as it'd account for Orson Pink's existence: he's descended from Danny's nephew, not Danny. The other Pink twin inherited the "Dan the Solider Man" figurine after Danny's death, along with a journal of Danny's in which his frustration with Clara's time-travel hobby is described. Not knowing Danny meant it literally, the twin assumed Clara (who teaches English and literature) had been writing science-fiction stories about it; in his grief, he blamed her for neglecting Danny due to her sci-fi preoccupation and, many decades later, groused about time travel being a bad thing where young Orson could hear it.

Psi and Saibra will return and all the technologies we've seen so far will be utilised against Missy
Missy may be using Saibra, or someone like her, in some way to create lookalikes (hence her kissing the Doctor) and Psi has hacking skills as well as being a bank robber, so he'd be handy for getting the Doctor into the Nethersphere. They'll be miniaturised to be able to fit.
  • Jossed

River Song will return
Given that she's in the biggest computer in the galaxy, it's not beyond the realms of possibility that she could help the Doctor. Plus, she and Clara were psychically linked.
  • Jossed, for now


Missy will return again.
  • And she'll do so by having been automatically uploaded to the Nethersphere when the Cyber-Brig shot her, same as anyone else killed on Earth has been for decades. Unknown to Danny, she's got a second bracelet hidden there, which she used to escape.
    • Alternately, she'll turn out to have secretly modified the weaponry of all her "boys" so that if any of them tried to shoot her, the beam would work on her like the shredders from "Time Heist" instead, faking her death while teleporting her to safety. It'd be a sensible (for a psychopath) precaution for her to take, just in case the Doctor turned his "birthday present" against her.
    • She will return in the future but will have regenerated into the form of Osgood.

Osgood is not gone for good.
Theories are either she got uploaded to the Nethersphere or the one who died was her alien impersonator from Day of the Doctor.
  • The Osgoods were the only ones that knew which was the original and which was the Zygon, unlike all the others (which begs the question of how they figured it out and where all the copies went afterwards, but that's for another WMG). The Osgood in this episode showed no signs of being anything but human, so this is extremely unlikely.

Missy/The Master wasn't technically lying about Gallifrey's coordinates.
There's just some twist involved that the Doctor doesn't know about, that she would have explained to him if he had taken her along. Like that those were Gallifrey's coordinates in the other universe or that it really was there but hiding or stuck or something he would have needed to fix first. That lie was way too specific.

"Present time" theory
  • "The Time of the Doctor": In the next episode, Strax's scanning confirms that Clara has aged three years since "The Bells of St. John". Taking into account her breaks from the TARDIS, that puts "present day" scenes on December 25, 2016.
  • "Into the Dalek": A new school year has started at Coal Hill, placing it near September 2017.
  • "Listen": Clara and Danny are on their first date, so still 2017.
  • "Time Heist": Either late 2017 or early 2018.
  • "The Caretaker": Danny was present at a previous Parents' Evening. Since he joined the school in "Into the Daleks", this means a whole year has passed, so 2019.
  • "Kill the Moon": Courtney is still interested in TARDIS travel, so still 2019.
  • "Mummy on the Orient Express": It's been at least a few weeks since "Kill the Moon", but still seems to be the same year, so still 2019.
  • "In the Forest of the Night": Still seems to be 2019.
  • "Dark Water" / "Death in Heaven": Clara has had enough time to decide to tell Danny the whole truth, so still seems to be the same year, 2019.

    • Alternatively, the Doctor seems to imply that "In the Forest of the Night" takes place in 2016, which still works. Clara is 27 in "Deep Breath", but her time on the TARDIS is separate from the present day, so while *she* is three years older, Earth would not be, which would put "The Time of the Doctor" at Christmas 2015. "Into the Dalek" would then be September 2016, and then "The Caretaker" through to "In the Forest of the Night" in that same year. (As for the "previous parent's evening," Courtney's parents could have easily been referring to the school collectively as opposed to Danny in particular - Danny doesn't say that she's "still" a disruptive influence; instead, he's confirming what her parents prompted ("I would say yes, I'm afraid Courtney *is* a disruptive influence.") and would she really have him two years in a row anyway?). And then "Dark Water"/"Death in Heaven" comes in at late 2016-early 2017, probably depending on the Christmas special.

Missy controlled a massive paradox over her/himself

Seeing as she could control who lived and who died for countless eons. She was probably the reason, The Master constantly kept coming back from the dead. She was bringing himself back to life each time.

Cyberman!Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart will make future appearances on the show.
After all, we never saw him blow himself up, and he didn't really have a reason to do so at that point.
  • Maybe even perhaps, a later episode can transplant his brain into a different robotic body that looks exactly human. So in a sense, The Brigadier regenerates. Bonus points if the new body looks almost exactly like he did in his UNIT days. But then again... people will likely scream blasphemy preferring to just let the character die in peace.
  • Alternatively, his body eventually falls apart leaving just a head... as Handles. We don't know at what point in time the Doctor found Handles after all, it could be far into the future.

Missy wasn't lying about the location of Galifrey
But the Doctor and the TARDIS got the time wrong. It's not so much that Missy lied, instead, she simply didn't tell him everything he needed, and knowing the Mistress, it was simply for the evilz.
  • Alternately, she told the truth about where Gallifrey is, but neglected to mention that it's under some kind of concealment. The surviving Time Lords, realizing that the Time War had exhausted their arsenals and left most of the universe as hostile to them as to the Daleks, concluded that maintaining the pretense that Gallifrey had been destroyed was their best chance at avoiding a whole new round of warfare. So, they devised a means of concealing their homeworld from every possible means of detection — even those available to the Doctor — and are keeping their heads down while their civilization rebuilds.
  • Or — The Doctor simply forgot to turn the safeties off

The Doctor is currently hallucinating the Fourth Doctor.

  • At the end of the Anniversary Special, Tom Baker cameoed as "The Caretaker", who many assumed would be a future incarnation of The Doctor. However, we don't see him interact onscreen with any other character, which may indicate that he is just in The Doctor's head.

  • Add to this the fact that the Twelfth Doctor's penchant for talking to himself, and the fact that he was talking to himself in an impersonation of Tom Baker's voice in Mummy On The Orient Express.

    • Possibly Jossed, as Clara says that there was an old man who she thought was the curator (not caretaker) who requested to see the Doctor. Unless the Doctor hallucinated Clara saying that as well...

Missy's lipstick had poison.
She kissed The Doctor so that she could give him a slow-acting poison.
  • Jossed: Two weeks are shown to have passed since. If it was poison, it's really really really slow. Besides, she wanted to use The Doctor to lead the Cybermen army kind of counter-productive if he's dead.
    • On the other hand, she might have used the kiss to get a sample of the Doctor's DNA for some nefarious purpose.
      • Just thought of another guess below.

Missy kissed The Doctor to obtain a DNA sample that would create The Valeyard.
Whether or not the plan was a success has yet to be seen.
  • Why would the Master want the Valeyard to exist? He was massively obsessed with killing the Valeyard.

The Doctor teleported Missy away with her remote before Cyber-Brigadier killed her.
Missy seemed to be using that device to teleport herself, digitize herself back and forth from the Nethersphere, and make her escape- when she isn't using its incineration function on people. She gives the remote to the Doctor and thus the option of killing her. Right before the Brigadier's laser connects with her body, the Doctor can be heard pushing a button on her remote with an audible beep. It seems to send her away. Since Missy (A.K.A. the Master), by Steven's own admission, has a history of weaseling out of death inexplicably, this seems like the reason why she'd survive. The Doctor was merciful to his old lost friend, befitting his "never cruel" part of his promise as the Doctor.

Perkins is a former companion from the Doctor's future
Perkins knew what he is talking when he says that travelling in the TARDIS can change a man. He has already experienced it first-hand.
  • To bring it even further, he was a companion after The Doctor had regenerated into a woman. Making that line all the more meaningful. And perhaps they even had a little romance, which is why Perkins turned down becoming Twelve's companion. It would be way too awkward. Not to mention... if this WMG is the case... regardless of gender, they'd just be retreading the whole "River Song Timeline" thing all over again.

Missy used nanites to hack Clara's optic nerves, and Clara unwittingly passed the same nanites on to the Doctor.
That's why Missy's been able to observe the pair's activities through her tablet, and tag along collecting minds of people who get killed during their recent adventures. She slipped Clara a dose of nanites when she gave her the TARDIS's phone number, and has been viewing events through their eyes just like the Doctor saw through Clara's in "Flatline".

There was a female incarnation between John Simms and Michelle Gomez
Missy is someone you can say "Standing out" is an understatement. Even if she changed her hairstyle and clothing when she gave Clara the phone number in the shop. Instead of Clara recognizing her when she was putting on her robot performance, we had to wait for Missy to admit it herself that she gave Clara the number. Maybe that's because "Missy" was a different regeneration at the time? Or to compliment her insanity, Missy hadn't done it yet, but is planning on it, so when she said "I gave her your number" she meant she will do it when she feels like it later on. (After she regenerates)
  • Or maybe Clara just doesn't instantly recognise the face of someone she met once in a shop after what must have been three or four years in-universe.
  • Or maybe Missy wore a disguise when she gave Clara the phone number, knowing she didn't want Clara to recognize her and spoil her fun when she finally got her chance to confront the Doctor face-to-face again. It's not as if the original Master, Roger Delgado's version, didn't employ Latex Perfection every other story-line...

Missy has had the Nethersphere for a lot longer than we think.
Missy aka the Master has been using the Matrix for transferring spirits for God knows how long, so it would be an easy way to explain her next appearance after the Brigadier shot her-she downloaded her consciousness into the Matrix. But given the Master, who’s to say that he/she hasn’t used this as a method of preserving himself since the Classic series? It would explain the Joker Immunity. So why did the Master use other means of resurrecting himself? While the Matrix keeps the Master’s mind from passing on, getting back a body(especially one that isn’t a Cyberman) isn’t something the Matrix can do for him/her. The Master obtained the Nethersphere sometime during his decayed Beavers/Pratt form

Madame Vastra (and Jenny) had met earlier versions of the Doctor than Eleven
In "Deep Breathe", Madame Vastra seems to be quiet at ease with the idea of regeneration and the Doctor changing faces. When Clara tells her that Twelve is the Doctor she says "Here we go again", a homage to the same line spoken by the Brigadier way back when Three regenerated into Four (the Brigadier being someone already used to the idea of the Doctor having multiple faces). So my guess is that when the Doctor first met Vastra (back when she was hunting people in the London Underground, including Jenny, if I remember correctly), it was an earlier incarnation. And later, Vastra either met Eleven or some other incarnation prior to the events of "A Good Man Goes to War" and the Doctor explained regeneration to her for her to understand why he had a new body. This is why Vastra is used to the idea of the Doctor having different faces and personalities.

Missy isn't the first female Master.
The Master's original body has only two known Masters: the boy we see in flashbacks, and Roger Delgado/Crispy Master. There are eleven Masters between them, so who knows; one of them could have been female. Missy does seem used to the idea of being female, so maybe it's partly due to prior experience?