[[WMG:Disturbed will eventually invite Fuzz to rejoin while keeping Moyer]]
* Music/{{Disturbed}} pulling an Music/IronMaiden (Adrian Smith and Janick Gers) because, why not?\\
I've heard that one of Fuzz's reasons for leaving (aside from being kicked out) was to take care of his family. This could be plausible in a few years once his kids have grown up, or if he - like the other band members - chooses to take his family on the road with him (though some of it had to do with his loosing interest in the rockstar lifestyle).\\
I've always thought his style was more in tune with a guitarist than a bassist (he started on guitar and later moved to bass). He could take up rhythm guitar for an alternative (Donegan layers several tracks with rhythm guitar). There was also an old video somewhere on the internet of him playing in a Disturbed cover band in Chicago called Indestructible, so he's at least in practice and still follows the band's work.\\
I'm not sure about bad blood between them; Draiman says that they sometimes keep in touch, but in a recent interview, Wengren when Fuzz was referred to refused to even mention him by name ("Our previous bass player"). There was also a Facebook page of Fuzz "setting things straight" in a short essay, but I've never found out if it's real or not.\\

[[WMG:David will sing guest vocals on a future Music/ArtOfDying release]]
* AOD made a blog post a while back claiming that their new album ''Vices & Virtues'' had at least two guest singers ("Can you guess who they are?") with one of them being [[Music/ThreeDaysGrace Adam Gontier]]. They recorded this album in L.A. roughly around the time when David was on his break, having just finished the Indestructible tour: the final date of that tour was July 3, 2009 while the band entered the studio in February 2010 to begin recording Asylum; AOD got signed to Intoxication records in December 2009 and made the post two months later on Jan 27 of the next year, just before David would head to Chicago to work on Asylum. By that time he'd have been well-rested with nothing better to do, and he owns a house in L.A.\\
David and Dan are really trying to help this band into the mainstream. I wouldn't be surprised if David wanted to give them a push by singing on their record.

[[WMG:Disturbed will start indulging in career {{filler}}]]
* At five albums deep, they're roughly the same age as Black Album Music/{{Metallica}}, which gives them free reign to start working on side-albums, non-album material and promotions removed from the main discography (after all, every band needs something to promote between record cycles). My guesses are:
** '''Acoustic album/EP''': That performance of ''Remember'' during MAAW IV was just the beginning (Godsmack was able to do this semi-successfully). May or may not involve the MTV Unplugged series. I'm personally rooting for a slower version of ''[[Tearjerker/{{Music}} My Child]]'' or ''Overburdened''. Disturbed was asked about this and they said they felt their songs would lend themselves well to being unplugged.
** '''B-sides & rarities collection''': Fans have been begging for this one (''Hell'' has been out of print for years now).
*** [[http://twitter.com/#!/DAVIDMDRAIMAN/status/97418912718782464 Confirmed]]. No idea if this will include rarities like Film/TheMatrix version of Liberate or the Film/LittleNicky remix of Stupify.
** '''Collaboration''': Disturbed was also asked about this and said that their song-writing is fairly contained between the four of them. I'm thinking with a duet with another singer, most likely one of Disturbed's contemporaries; [[Music/{{Evanescence}} Amy Lee]], [[Music/ThreeDaysGrace Adam Gontier]], [[Music/{{Godsmack}} Sully Erna]], [[Music/{{Slipknot}} Corey Taylor]], [[Music/LinkinPark Chester Bennington]], [[Music/AvengedSevenfold Matt Shadows]], [[Music/KillswitchEngage Howard Jones]] or [[Music/{{Korn}} Jonathan Davis]], most likely. Personally, I'd like to see David sing with [[Music/LambOfGod Randy Blythe]] or [[Music/AllThatRemains Philip Labonte]], for the SopranoAndGravel factor (it'd also be nice to hear someone from outside the hard rock/metal spectrum).
*** If we're talking about an instrumentalist, I'd like to see [[Music/{{Pantera}} Vinnie Paul]], [[Music/{{Mudvayne}} Ryan Martinie]] or [[Music/AlterBridge Mark Tremonti]] play a track with Disturbed.
*** Alternatively, a band member of Disturbed appearing on the album of one of these people's bands would work as well (look at the above WMG for instance).
*** Confirmed, as the debut album for David's side project [[Music/{{Device}}]] has guest vocals from Lzzy Hale, [[Music/{{SystemOfADown}} Serj Tankian]],[[Music/AvengedSevenfold M. Shadows]], and [[Music/{{DeepPurple}} Glenn Hughes]]
** '''[[PopStarComposer Film score/TV licensing/video game OST]]''': When asked about this, they said a movie/game they work on would have to have heavy action and be reasonably dark. I'm imaging Franchise/ResidentEvil ([[Film/ResidentEvil movie]] or game), VideoGame/NinjaGaiden (David is a fan), VideoGame/DevilMayCry or MortalKombat (''Another Way to Die'' appeared in a recent trailer for the new 2011 MK).
*** They could either make one song (Godsmack and ''Film/TheScorpionKing''), an entire album ([[Music/{{ACDC}} AC/DC]] and ''Film/MaximumOverdrive'') or Dan and Mike could score the production. I think they're capable enough song-writers by this point to try other musical forms. Even if it fails, there's still a chance it becoming a BreakawayPopHit. As for the prospect of doing TV, I'm looking at ''Series/SonsOfAnarchy'' (their manager spilled the beans that they're doing ''something'' with the series, but didn't specify what).
*** Confirmed: John has done work for the game ''Scivelation,'' which is sadly in DevelopmentHell.
** '''Tour-spanning 3-disc live album''': They haven't done this yet (''Live and Indestructible'' was just an EP and MAAW II was a live compilation with the other artists involved). Something at the scale of [[Music/{{Metallica}} Live Shit: Binge & Purge]] would be nice.
** '''Cover Album''': In line with Metallica's ''Garage Inc.'', but with fewer repeated artists. Too early to make one? When asked about this, David said "Jeez, I don't even know what we would cover..."
*** If you want to see my personal wishlist for them to cover, open the hot tip
[[note]]Yes, this is the track order:\\
Music/LedZeppelin: Heartbreaker/Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman)\\
Music/BlackSabbath: Symptom of the Universe\\
Testament: More Than Meets The Eye\\
Music/IronMaiden: No More Lies\\
Dokken: Dream Warrior\\
Music/{{Soundgarden}}: Jesus Christ Pose\\
Music/{{Queensryche}}: I Don't Believe In Love\\
Music/{{Tool}}: Vicarious\\
Music/AliceInChains: Them Bones\\
Ratt: You Think You're Tough\\
Music/{{Sevendust}}: Black\\
Music/MotleyCrue: Shout at the Devil\\
Music/{{Dio}}: Rainbow in the Dark\\
Music/{{Slayer}}: Bloodline\\
Music/KoRn: Blind\\
Music/{{Aerosmith}}: Dream On[[/note]]

[[WMG:After retirement David will become either a motivational speaker or politician]]
* Because I don't doubt he would succeed at that.
** Semi-confirmed. He was working on his own politically-themed radio program for a while but dropped it. He says he has a few projects on the burner during the hiatus.

[[WMG: Disturbed will one day get caught up in a Film/DieHard situation]]
* And once they somehow [[GunPorn get their hands on some guns]] ([[GunAccessories with accessories!]]), they'll proceed to kick ass. This will later receive a movie adaptation. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXbkJnM_Vmg Think I'm kidding?]]

[[WMG:Dan will lead a successful producing career on the side]]
* In a few more years he could probably afford his own small studio to help young, talented bands. He does know quite a bit about how to make a strong hook.
** [[http://www.billboard.com/news/disturbed-s-draiman-on-band-s-hiatus-it-1005297902.story#/news/disturbed-s-draiman-on-band-s-hiatus-it-1005297902.story Confirmed]]. He's apparently been wanting to do it for a while.