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This Movie is real... But not in this universe

The movie came from an alternate dimension where Disney was attempting to do Oscar Bait but the project had its budget cut and Disney was made to censor and Bowdlerize what was previously a straight adaptation of the The Diary of Anne Frank (it was around the time they were doing The Black Cauldron and they didn't realize that flopped until they were well into production). Due to the fact that the voice acting was already done when the budget was slashed this led to a cast far more notable than the movie would warrant. The Nostalgia Chick got her copy of the movie from Dr. Linksano in a Secret Santa exchange.
  • It's real in World 12A, or any world in Series 12.

Anne owes her happy ending to Kyubey from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Kyubey used his power to grant Anne's Wish "I wish that no harm will come to my family and I". This fits Disney's wish motif appropriately but it's twisted leading to her real life tragedy. Being worked to death did not qualify as "harm" under her wish so she was worked to death in Auschwitz becoming a witch thus leaving no body in the death camp.

Pocahontas was severely retooled after Anne Frank tanked.

The poster states "From the makers of Pocahontas", which would not be released until 1995, even though Anne Frank was released in 1989. Presumably a Pocahontas movie was to be released at about the same time, or even before Anne Frank premiered, but once the backlash against Anne Frank reached epic proportions, the Pocahontas movie was delayed and reworked to the point that it took over six years before Disney deemed it acceptable enough for theatrical release.

Ludvig and Olga are related somehow.

When one of the camp prisoners cries "I Have a Family," Olga mockingly comments "Oh, I used to have one too...until they got in my way." Given that we know that she also killed Ludvig and his mother, the latter of whom sort of looks like her...

The movie takes place in the same universe as Blue's Clues

While watching the movie for the thirtieth time in a row (being my favorite film of all time), I saw something surprising that has led me to believe this takes in the post-apocalyptic future of Blue's Clues. You see after the great war between the forces of Emperor Steve and Joe the Almighty God of Doucebagery and Lame Sweaters (who obtained superpowers after bathing in radioactive waste - he was dared to be Perrywinkle after the fallout from their failed love affair at the end of season 62), the world was left in a ruined mess with humanity completely wiped out (it all happened on the director's cut of Blue Clues: The Movie - only released in small village deep in the Himalayas). Bare with me here, but after a few billion years the universe finally ended - before - a second big bang! This second big bang resulted in the universe of Disney's Anne Frank! It all makes since ever since I realized Hiter had a similar notebook nearly identical to Steve's right there on his office desk! The only miniscule difference being that's it purple and is in the shape of Marylin Monroe's vagina

This film isn't real, the nostalgia chick made it up

...and everyone whom has ever contributed to this page is trolling. Or alternatively it was a real idea but never made (and Lindsay just found the poster in the trash somewhere).

This movie actually did happen

Disney did make this, a long time ago. But they decided to eradicate all trace of it. They proceeded to Mind Rape everyone into forgetting it. Somehow, someone remembered it long enough to set up this page. But Disney is now already planning to wipe it from OUR minds and make us forget!
  • The existence of the movie is quite probable, as Disney had this problem with the story of Anne Frank not once but twice. To quote Ann Bartow's Copyrights and Creative Copying:

When ABC decided to develop a miniseries on the life of Anne Frank, the company was unable to obtain the rights to her diary and received litigation threats that caused ABC to direct the project’s creative team to draft a script that did not use a single word of Anne Frank’s writing. Lines were changed to avoid even coincidental similarity to words from her diary, and a writer was kept on the set during the entire shoot to police last-minute script changes.Even then, the Anne Frank-Fonds, a foundation that holds the copyrights in the diary, denounced perceived “substantial similarity between the two works” and threatened legal action. The miniseries had to be constructed so that it avoided not only the copyrighted words of the diary, but also all of the copyrighted expressions contained in previous books, films, television movies, plays and documentaries about Anne Frank. One shudders to think of the original distinguishing narrative devices the creative geniuses at ABC or its parent company, Disney, may have contemplated, such as the addition of cartoon characters singing or wisecracking about the Holocaust, perhaps leading inexorably to an Anne Frank Happy Meal at McDonald’s.

"Cartoon characters singing or wisecracking about the Holocaust." Tell me that isn't a perfect description of this movie.

So there you have it. Neither ABC in 1980 nor its parent company Disney in 1989 could get the rights to the diary, so both times they made up something improbable and inaccurate to avoid litigation. And both times, it didn't go over well.

Molly Ringwald's hammy performance was intentional.

No matter how terrible this movie was...
...It's still better than What Robot Chicken had in mind.

Everything that proceeds after Anne getting shot was all a Dying Dream
Because all movies need that "everything is a dream" WMG.
  • It does make sense, considering that the Dying Dream could be a way for the writers/creative team to preserve Anne's original fate without making it too upsetting for kids. The last few minutes also could be interpreted as what Anne wished had happened, hence the Happily Ever After aspect.

Mengele was a Time Lord
Because all movies need that "Time Lord" WMG too.

Anne Frank is a spy!
Anne Frank can not only sneak past guard dogs, zombies, Nazis, witches, and the ever observant eyes of her dad, but she can knock out Nazi guards with karate chops! It's obvious that she snuck into the camp, to stop the plans of Olga!

Anne Frank is Haruhi Suzumiya
You also can't have a WMG page without some character being Haruhi Suzumiya.