WMG / Dinosaucers

The Dinosaucers and Tyrannos are futuristic alien live-action roleplayers engaged in a long-term deep immersion game on Earth.
This would explain why they always let Genghis Rex get away and why both bases seem able to spy on each other easily: they're planning for the next game session, often in-character. This is also why they seem to have no lethal weaponry. Fossilisation can be reversed easily.

The Dinosaucers let the Secret Scouts in because they help them keep in character. The villains, being natural Large Hams, don't need it so badly.

  • Hmm, a very good explanation. But this could mean that the Secret Scouts have no idea that the "Battle for Earth" is just one huge freakin game played by a bunch of nerds who happen to be hyper evolved dinosaurs from beyond the moon. Perhaps this is why the Dinosorcerer and Dinosorceress don't get involved... because they think the whole damn thing is stupid. Or they're referees or moderators. They did say that if they got involved, they'd never learn anything. It also explains why a bunch of terrorist dinosaurs can go right back to their regular jobs after they come home. Even the Tyranno rebellion is just a huge game. No jail time whatsoever for the evil dissidents trying to overthrow a government? The dino police have to be in on it... meaning the entire planet is made up of larpers! Holy Jesusaurus!