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    The identity of the mole 

Ata just happened to be at several key events and was put in charge of trying to figure out any signs of radio contact regarding the Antarctic mission. Perhaps he is the spy who is secretly providing information to the enemy regarding the team's strategies. The reason he hasn't found anything yet is because he already knows, but is trying to keep things quiet.
  • Confirmed with the revelation in Specs's office.

It is worth noting that Scout is the traitor in Meet the Spy, and this was alluded to when the possibility of a mole was first risen. Given that PeabodySam takes heavy inspiration from Team Fortress 2 when writing about the Second Headquarters Squad, perhaps he's taking this step as well. Does this sound too much like a stretch to you? Well, read Scout's long-distance phone call. He's reporting in about the Second Headquarters Squad's progress and demanding that XERRD does better. Then, when he talks about the mole, he promises that he has it "under control" and will be "safe". All the while, the person on the other end is never revealed, but apparently Scout doesn't want the rest of the squad to know, since he had the conversation alone in a dark alley. Sounds suspicious if you ask me...
  • Jossed with the death of Scout at the hands of the mole

He seemed to have trouble coming up with an explanation for why he didn't do anything behind enemy lines. Also it seems odd that he would think he wouldn't need his sapper.
  • Hmm, you do bring up some good points... Not to mention that, when the possibility a mole first arose, Spy was the first suspect. This might be coincidence, but Spy also appeared in Alpha Team RPG: Ogel's Last Stand, in which it was mentioned that Evil Ogel had a mole planted in the Alpha Team (although the forum update meant that the mole's identity was never revealed)... it's a stretch, but could it be possible that Spy was the mole all along and his loyalties were later bought by XERRD?
  • Did anyone pick up the fact that Spy tried to backstab Sniper? And left, warning Sniper to watch his back? At the very least, Clint Wayne seems suspicious, since he warned his comrades to "watch out for Spy".
    • Of course it was moreso because Clint didn't want Spy to overhear that he was working behind the backs of the Second Headquarters Squad than suspecting him of being a traitor.
  • After Clint and the others secretly infiltrated Fort Legoredo and discovered the identity of the mole, Spy knew everything. A little suspicious, no? Plus, the fact that he used his cigarette lighter at the end suggests that he was the one who burned the paper.
  • If we wanted to make a case that Spy is the mole, we could bring up the fact that he left on his own while the Second Headquarters Squad were celebrating... and just before Engineer was killed.
    • However, there is a fairly rational case against this. Being a spy is probably a very stressful job, given that he spends a lot of his time in a mask and suit, and he just got back from the desert, it would be logical to assume that he is very sweaty, and of course he has speant several days sneaking around. Sure, he's a professional but I'm sure even he needs a bit of time to relax once in a while, even if he prefers to do so in private and takes steps to ensure nobody accidently sees his face. It could just be that he was really tired, and he just went to his room so he could briefly get his mask off, if only for a few minutes (which given his circumstances would probably feel very good), get a shower, and maybe a short nap. Taking this logic into account, there is a reasonable possibility that Spy is in fact little more than, as one Private S. Baldrick would put it, "a dead herring".
  • Ultimately jossed as Spy was shot in the head by Soldier before the real mole came in and killed everyone. Unless, of course, Spy's briefcase of equipment contains a Dead Ringer...

There are multiple moles
Spy and Scout both showed a few signs of suspicion. We have seen that there were multiple spies who infiltrated the team before. How do we know there's only one mole? Maybe there's two, or three, or a hundred.
  • Jossed by Word of God. One mole is quite enough, thank you.

There's only one other member of Second Headquarters Squad who plays with fire, who wears a mask and helmet at all times to conceal his face, and who is just as mysterious as Spy.
  • Which brings me to The person Rex saw was not Specs, but Pyro. Rex saw the infiltrator and said it was Specs, meaning he saw a balaclava. Pyro wears a balaclava underneath his helmet, meaning Rex could have easily mistaken him for Specs. Pyro was also last seen in the cafeteria with a heavily intoxicated Demoman. Pyro could have easily slipped away from Demoman and gone off and killed everybody.
  • Both jossed, as Pyro was burning up a room when XERRD's mole entered Specs's office.

Hey, this is for wild mass guessing, isn't it? But PeabodySam seemed amused that Atton Rand thought that the mole was male, suggesting that Atton's assumption might be wrong, but PeabodySam's female cast isn't particularly expansive thanks to the Smurfette Principle. And what better mole to be hired by Dino Attack than one who is always silent, a former bounty hunter who works for whoever pays her the most, and one who is trusted greatly by Dino Attack's leaders?
  • It is however, worth noting that while the mole's identity was left unclear, PeabodySam's description of Engineer's death seemed to refer to the mole in the masculine sense, implying that it's either a man or a woman who's really good at disguising herself.
    • Ever heard of Sheik from Legend of Zelda? Given that PeabodySam has stated that he has been playing some Ocarina of Time 3D since April, it's not entirely impossible that he's still guarding the mole's identity by using male pronouns to throw the reader off.
  • Seemingly jossed, since according to Atton Rand, Amanda was in Specs's office the whole time while Engineer was murdered. Then again, no word from PeabodySam yet, but unless Atton Rand was let in on the mole's identity (it would not be the first time, since PeabodySam let that guy from that show in on the true Maelstrom Temple), it's possible that Atton accidentally interfered with Peabodysam's plans. We'll see how PeabodySam reacts tomorrow, I guess.
  • I just noticed. Amanda was never with Rex when the mole killed someone. When Engineer died, Amanda was wandering the halls by herself (after PeabodySam retconned the situation described in the bullet above mine). When Medic died, Amanda was still wandering the halls, and told Rex via PDA that she had one last errand to run. When Sniper died, Amanda had left Rex to (supposedly) look for Gun. Maybe Trigger is right after all...
    • I was literally just coming here to point that out. Combined with the fact that the "Fair Play Whodunnit?" entry above states you should allow yourself to distrust anyone, it seems more and more likely that Amanda is the mole.
  • Jossed. Dang, that was one heck of a Red Herring Mole, though...

Talia "Shock" Kaahs
Let's continued with this wild massing guessing and throw Shock into the mix. Heck, she might not even realize she's the mole. Maybe Dr. Rex slipped some listening device in her before she was taken away from the Dinosaur Island Laboratory? Maybe Dr. Rex slipped something on her during their encounter in the Goo Caverns? Either way, Shock might accidently be feeding information to the XERRD as we speak. She is in the DAHQ, correct? Right with up with the leaders of the DAT. Alternatively, she could actually be working for XERRD willingly, but I doubt that. I'm not that crazy.
  • This one is less likely, as the mole is now committing acts of murder, so it could not be as simple as a listening device unless she's under some form of mind control.
  • Jossed with the revelation of the mole's identity.

Demoman seemed a little too gleeful after Fort Legoredo was destroyed, along with any documents inside that could hint at the mole's identity... Plus, I had heard from a friend that a common disguise for Spies is a Demoman.
  • Jossed, as Demoman was sitting in a room of explosives when XERRD's mole entered Specs's office.

Bit late in the game, but with the seeming confirmation that the Mole is apart of the Second Headquarters Squad, I'll go ahead and throw in what I was think when Fort Legorado was destroyed. I noticed that Sniper was not apart of the SHS as they destroyed the fort with their bomb cart. Yes, he was supposedly at the Dino Attack Outpost keeping guard, but that is exactly the point. He was at the Dino Attack Outpost. Alone. While the SHS and Clint Wayne's gang were wiping out Hybrids and blowing up forts, Sniper could've easily made the long distance call to Dinosaur Island or something. Likewise, he could have done the same thing earlier at the outpost while most of the SHS went out taking down Hybrids and Engineer was building defenses around the outpost.
  • Jossed, as Sniper just got killed by XERRD's mole.

The mole is using Spy's equipment to disguise himself as Specs
Amanda and Rex met Spy on their way to the HQ lobby where they heard Spy muttering about missing his briefcase. The mole could have stolen the briefcase and used it to disguise himself as Specs so the Dino Attack leader would take blame for his murders. The mole also used a smokescreen cigarette to escape from the Portal Operating Team's secret room, one of Spy's many devices that was probably stolen with the briefcase.
  • Confirmed with Rex, Amanda, and Frozeen's investigation of Ata's belongings.

Ata wasn't really the mole

We think he's the mole and he certainly appears that way, but it's actually all a big setup. What really happened was that while Ata was investigating he actually did figure out the identity of the mole. Unfortunately, the mole found out before he could report it and confronted him about it.

When confronted, the mole understandably threatened to kill Ata, but then decided to get creative. What happened was that he/she had access to Ata's records and specifically some really unpleasant part of his life which they used to blackmail him into submission. Ata then reluctantly agreed to pose as the mole while the actual mole escaped undetected. Their plan was for Ata to simply get arrested and locked up, but things unexpectedly got out of control and he was killed, forcing the mole to cease his sabotage to maintain the illusion they had caught him.

The fact is, whoever the actual mole was, they could very well be still at large assuming they weren't killed in the final battle. As for possible identities:
  • Kate Bishop: Oh boy, I bet you felt so bad for the poor young teenager who just couldn't fit in with the team. All she did was cry and get into trouble, or was it?. Maybe that was all just an elaborate act to keep people from even suspecting she would be capable of the murders she commits over the course of the RPG.
  • Amanda Remous: Trigger was right all along, but Amanda was so dang good at creating the illusion of her reformation that she turned it around on him, putting on an innocent act and making Trigger look like a hotheaded stubborn jerk.
  • Pierce: The nice guy and medic who never got directly involved with the action, or did he?
  • Snake: Well, it would explain him being such a jerk to the rest of the team. The fact that Plastic Serpent was codenamed "Snake" was just a cover; in fact he had figured it all out but Snake kept beating him up at random intervals to scare him into keeping quiet. Snake ditched the team and tried to get away when it started to seem like they would win, and perhaps figure out what he was really doing.
  • Specs: After all, the last person you'd expect to be a mole in your group is the man running the group. It certainly wouldn't be inconceivable that he'd have the means to be able to commit the murders and pin them on a lower agent like Ata.


Rex is a mutant
Even though there were no Mutant Dinos aboard the Voltage, the Voltage's scanners detected a mutant aboard when Rex was held prisoner on the ship. Rex also has displayed the ability to poke out iron bars and rip open nets with ease.
  • Confirmed with Rex's conversation with The Phantom.

The queen T-Rex is Rex's mother
Just calling it in advance.
  • Confirmed with Chompy's recognition of the alpha female T-Rex as his mother.

We knew Septimus in life
This bit of Wild Mass Guessing stems mainly from the fact that Hotwire felt a bit of deja vu when most recently talking to Septimus. Who Septimus is, I'm not sure, but it I had to guess, it would probably be Swerve, since Hotwire was confronted by illusion!Swerve since the last time he saw Septimus (so a recent jog of the memory might stir the feeling of deja vu), and Swerve apparently died sometime between Ogel's Last Stand and Dino Attack RPG. Or I could be just over-analyzing things again, but hey, that's what this section is for.
  • I was thinking this exact same thing when I read that, coincidentally. Seconded.
  • Confirmed with Septimus's conversation with Mort.

Andrew Jackson is actually the real agent Pyro
As it hasn't been confirmed by canon yet, I might as well place this here. When he was talking about fighting in the desert, he was referring to the Wild West, Gold City, and Fort Legoredo. After Pyro had a few drinks with Demoman, word started getting out about the mole's killing spree. Andrea Jackson Orange is actually Pyro's daughter, who survived the Dino Attack because she was moved out and living with Sam Orange, and knowing the potential danger that her father was in, took advantage of his intoxicated state, locked him in his room for his own safety, and took his gear in order to pretend that she was Pyro. That way, if the mole came for Pyro, he would instead find (a very-sober) Andrea, who wished to protect her father from the man who was killing Pyro's teammates. This would account for the very different personalities between the PeabodySam Pyro and the Atton Rand Pyro. If Andrew and Andrea ever meet, and Andrea explains her reasons for taking Andrew's identity, it could potentially lead to a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming as father and daughter realize that they are not so different after all and, despite Andrea's rebellious streak in her teenage years, they still really do love each other and were brought closer by the deaths of their families.
  • Confirmed with the reunion of Andrew Jackson and Andrea Jackson Orange.

The source of the Einstein Device's Imagination
I'm gonna say the imagination for the Einstein Device is gonna be Rex's creative spark.
  • Confirmed by recent story developments.

Joe Harry is a Take That! to idealists
Really going out on a limb here, but compare Duke to Joe Harry. For as irritating as it was to try to hold an idealists' meeting and nearly getting bombed by a Dino Attack agent who clearly belongs in Napoleon XIV, Duke was at least memorable, and it seemed like Toa Ling had a lot of fun (too much, in fact) playing as him. When his fellow players demanded that he tone down the extreme so-called "realist", Toa Ling responded by making a new character, Joe Harry, who was met with players approval. However, in comparison to the... err, unique Duke, Joe Harry is overly generic and completely forgettable. Even his name, "Joe Harry", is generic. And, to top it all off, shortly after creating Joe Harry, Toa Ling left Dino Attack RPG. It's my Wild Mass Guessing that Joe Harry was intended by Toa Ling to be a Take That! to the idealist agents and the idealist players who dominated Dino Attack RPG at the time by being as generic as possible.

Zed Provhezor created Enox Phorm
In Conker's Bad Fur Day, Ze Professor von Kriplespac, who was the inspiration for Zed Provhezor's character, creates a Xenomorph Captain Ersatz named Heinrich. In Dino Attack RPG, Raptor defected to XERRD and was subsequently turned into a Xenomorph Expy known as Enox Phorm. Given that Zed Provhezor worked for XERRD and was presumably not yet busy with XERRD's operations at Adventurers' Island at the time of Raptor's defection, it's possible that, in yet another link to his inspiration, Zed Provhezor was the scientist who oversaw the creation of Enox Phorm. Provhezor's expertise being bioengineering certainly doesn't hurt this Wild Mass Guessing.
  • Confirmed! Toa Antrakha agreed to canonize this when asked by PeabodySam.


The Drill Sergeant from the Alpha Team RPG is a student of Ronald E. Army
It would explain quite a bit. After all there are some odd similarities between the two characters. Perhaps the Drill Sergeant studied under Soldier, and picked up several of his techniques, such as forcing people to march up and down the square. It would also explain his demeanor, namely the fact that he shouts at everyone regardless of rank (supposedly he would even address Dash himself the same way he would a new recruit) and often insultingly refers to people as "maggots". It's not impossible that it was in fact the other way round, but there is almost certainly a connection of some sort.

The hotel owner is a King of All Cosmos
Quite simple- the mysterious and slightly perverted "owner" was revealed to be the source of the voice that supposedly comes to people in death. For all intents and purposes he seems to be running the afterlife as well. For all intents and purposes this also seems to be the closest thing in the RPG to an actual deity appearing, so maybe this guy is in fact the ruler of the universe. To be fair, the LEGO universe could have had a much worse ruler than a slightly perverted man who doesn't like to wear pants. At least he isn't anywhere near as messed up as the "Blind Idiot God" Azathoth.

The Maelstrom Inspired the Works of H.P. Lovecraft
Granted it is hard to tell how many classical authors actually existed in this universe, but perhaps at some point in this timeline H.P. Lovecraft had a rather unpleasant run-in with the Maelstrom. Whatever happened he refused to tell for the sake of all humanity, but he began to draw inspiration from whatever happened in his stories. Cthulhu was a particularly dangerous Stromling that became so powerful the Maelstrom itself was unable to destroy it and thus sealed it in the sunken city of R'yleh. Yog-Sothoth and Azathoth were Lovecraft's ideas of what the Maelstrom could become. The Deep Ones were based on a now-extinct breed of Stromling that secretly existed in a forgotten town back in the 20th century.
  • Being a force of destruction, the Maelstrom is unable to create. Stromlings can only be copied or corrupted. So what could have the Stromlings that Cthulhu and Deep Ones are based on have possibly been prior to their Maelstrom corruption? There's a bit of Fridge Horror in that consideration. And how could the Maelstrom, which is essentially destruction itself, be unable to destroy one of its own underlings? That kind of defies logic. If this WMG is true, then it's more likely that it was Nexus Force that sealed away Cthulhu, not the Darkitect.
    • The Aquazone line had the group called the "Stingrays" which, unless I'm mistaken, were basically humanoid creatures that lived in the depths of the ocean (if we're to assume their presence is not well-known in this universe, than it doesn't seem too far-fetched that Lovecraft could have at some point heard rumours or caught glimpses of them and got inspired to write his Deep Ones). This alone could have inspired the Deep Ones. Innsmouth could have come from infected Stingrays operating out of a small coastal ghost town.
    • As for Cthulhu, well, nobody said the Maelstrom was based solely on Earth/LEGO Planet/Whatever you want to call it. Perhaps the monster that inspired Cthulhu was some other being, something from the farthest reaches of the universe yet unknown to science. An alternative to the theory that this monster was a threat would be that the Darkitect planned to use it as an ally- he was simply saving him for a certain stage in his grand scheme, and kept him sealed in the underwater prison until that time.

Ben Gunn is Frozeen
The original Frozeen, of course. He's about the same age as General and Dr. Rex, and clearly was familiar with both in the past, having pictures of them in his cave. Also in his cave was a scuba suit; Zachary Abody disappeared during Mission Deep Sea.
  • I highly support this. I know very little about the whole RPG continuity, and yet the first person that came to mind when I was reading about Ben Gunn and his possessions in the cave, Zachary Abody came to mind. PeaSam's not gonna confirm or deny this WMG, I already tried.

Baron Typhonus is Nyarlathotep
An unstoppable force of evil embodiment of an Eldritch Abomination taking the form of a human with pitch-black skin, and with a particularly sick and evil interest in torturing humanity. Now does this sound like "The Crawling Chaos" Nyarlathotep or the Darkitecht? That's because they're the same person.

Agent Baldrick is an escaped mental patient
Baldrick used to be a brilliant scientist with several degrees in varying fields from multiple prestigious institutions. Unfortunately a friend introduced him to Blackadder, and he enjoyed it so much that he became obsessed with the show. After some time he started to lose his grip on reality and the difference between his reality and the show started to blur, causing him to start acting insane and to become less concerned about his cleanliness. Finally, after his friend jokingly remarked that he looked like Baldrick, he became convinced that he was an incarnation of the character. He was committed to the Napoleon XIV Institution, but due to Mr. Bonaparte's questionable procedures Baldrick was able to use a "cunning plan" to escape with some other inmates. Mr. Bonaparte figured nobody would notice so he didn't bother reporting the escape.

Heavy thinks "sandwich" is the English word for "safe food"
Although Heavy has been presented as not the brightest of Dino Attack agents, the possibility was raised that he is actually smarter than he appears because English is not his first language. At some point, he must have had to learn English, and did not have the opportunity to do so in a quiet classroom setting. During his military service, his country's army was allied with the LEGOLAND military, which primarily consisted of English-speakers such as Barry Jackson and Teri Dactyl, and that was the setting where he learned most of his English. While the two armies were allied, the soldiers still needed to eat, but since they were fighting a war, they might not have had much good food. At one point, Heavy almost ate food that had gone bad or was poisoned by the enemy army, and one of the LEGOLAND soldiers must have stopped him, explained what was wrong with that food, and offered him a sandwich instead. Since Heavy was not fluent in English, he misunderstood the meaning of "sandwich" and guessed that it was English for "food that is safe to eat". That is why Heavy refuses to eat any food unless told first that it is a "sandwich", regardless of whether or not it actually is a sandwich.
  • To add to this, Heavy's dream about marrying a sandwich could very well have been nothing more than... well... a dream. Weird things happen in dreams and perhaps here it involved Heavy meeting a beautiful girl named "Sandwich".

Spy was equipped with a Dead Ringer
The world's greatest infiltrator and you really think he wouldn't be prepared for some Looney with a shotgun? Obviously, Spy had a dead ringer (or something similar) on hand that faked his death. He may have tried to keep himself hidden afterwards out of fear that turning up alive again would draw suspicion, and of course he probably wouldn't be much use in the Final Battle since that was a full frontal assault and didn't require much, if any, infiltration.

Sarah and Wallace Bishop are half-siblings
Roy Bishop was first married to a woman in the 40s or 50s and had his first child, Wallace. After his first wife died, Roy Bishop remarried a younger woman in the 1970s (or maybe even the 1960s, if Sarah is in her fifties), and together they had Sarah, who would be Wallace's half-sister. This explains the significant age difference between Wallace and Sarah, or Roy and Sarah for that matter.

Sarah Bishop was adopted
An alternative explanation from the previous WMG would be that she was adopted somewhere in the 1970s as a baby by an elderly Roy and raised alongside Wallace as a sister. From a psychological standpoint this could justify her behavior even further, as perhaps on a subconscious level she isn't just trying to protect her daughter, but also her only known biological relative.

Silencia Venomosa and Keyser Soze are the same person
Well, they're both incredibly elusive characters, to the point where some people aren't even sure if they're real. Pierce even compared Silencia to Keyser Soze. We don't know much about the latter character, other than the fact that he was a crime boss of some sort who hired Snake and Plastic serpent, but what better way to throw off the authorities than by giving the people working for you entirely false data in case they try to rat you out, such as Silencia making her employees think they were working for a man?

Kotua is a synthfig clone of Cane
Just before unleashing Chaos, Kotua was approached by Cane, who claimed to be the reason for Kotua's existence, then elaborated that he was not Kotua's father but rather viewed Kotua as an experiment from a project that was terminated once the Dino Attack began. This plot thread was left hanging once Chaos entered the picture, and due to the current state of the original RPG, it is difficult to see if Kotua in Space ever actually expanded upon this. However, after Jackson Lake took over writing ShadowTech's role in the RPG, it was revealed that, before the Dino Attack, ShadowTech had created synthfig clones of its founders, Katerina Schattenberg and Canis "Cane" Schattenberg; Kat and Loop are two examples. Like Loop, Kotua is actually a synthfig modeled after Cane, which not only explains his relationship to the ShadowTech agent but also explains why Kotua is listed as 20 years old in both Alpha Team: Mission Deep Freeze RPG and Dino Attack RPG, since synthfigs cannot age.
  • To add extra credence to this theory, the minifigures for Kotua and Loop both have the same face (although Loop's is slightly modified). If they are both clones of the same person, then that means that this goes deeper than merely Only Six Faces.

The Super-Spicy-Tongue-Melting-Jail-Cell-Door-Opening-Hot Pizza is a Shoddy Knockoff Product created by the Brickster
The recipe for the pizza was created by the Brickster to emulate Papa's Famous Jalapeno Red Pepper Anchovy Double Garlic Pizza, though he could never quite nail the delicious taste. The recipe circulated to various pizzerias across the globe, including the one in LEGO City, as a fallback plan so that, no matter the city in which the Brickster was arrested, he could be sure to use a pizza to escape.

How did the Bishop family end up eating one at the Brickolinis' Pizzeria? Because the Brickster was free and, being a trickster, slipped a few of the super-spicy pizzas into the pizzeria for "bricks and giggles". Sarah, Alan, and Kate were the unfortunate few who stumbled upon those pizzas, hence why they were the only ones who reacted with disgust to what they thought was the Brickolinis' pizza.

Lizard-Man is a lizard-man
We know nothing (or, at least, nothing that wasn't included in the downloadable archive) about Lizard-Man, other than the fact that he was the leader of the Raptors, a street gang obsessed with protecting Mutant Raptors for unknown reasons. Perhaps his nickname was actually literal, and he is a Half-Human Hybrid much like the Quasifigus. He might even be a Quasifigus, although only one Quasifigus velosis was confirmed to exist. Either way, due to his Mutant Dino DNA, he feels kinship with the Mutant Raptors, but is still human enough to lead a gang of street thugs to do his bidding.

Dust died for our sins
In the alternate ending December 21, 2010, Dust was shown to be one of the last survivors of the apocalypse. That ending follows an alternate timeline in which Greybeard fell for the Darkitect's Beatrice illusion in the Maelstrom Temple. However, in the actual RPG, that event takes place after Dust's death in the Temple of Hotep III. Therefore, the actual point of divergence between the two continuities must have come at an earlier point.

According to this WMG, Dust did not lead Dino Attack Team into the Temple of Hotep III in the alternate timeline. As a result, Zachary's Stromling army would have been guarding the real Maelstrom Temple, where they would have been even stronger, contributing to Dino Attack Team's failure. However, this also means that Dust never gets shot and killed by Lutsky in the Temple of Hotep III antechamber, so he is able to survive. This means that, in the original timeline, Dust inadvertently saved Dino Attack Team and the entire world by leading the team to the Temple of Hotep III instead, where he died so that everyone else may live.

Anubis possesses some degree of Medium Awareness
Anubis knows that he was supposed to die when he fell off the boat, and he also is the only one who believes that Rev Raptor's ghost saved him. Like Zero, he is somehow able to comprehend the original state of the canon before it was altered by other writers (specifically, his death before Kardas Dragon retconned it, and Rev's ghost before PeabodySam declared its canonicity to be ambiguous). However, his Medium Awareness is not as strong as Zero's, which is why he did not Go Mad from the Revelation.