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The wacky looking villains of the Dick Tracy universe aren't even human
They're mutants, aliens, or Half Human Hybrids.

Flattop didn't die
And the name Flattop Jr. was a cover for his immortality.

Dick Tracy is Chester Gould.
His human form was stuck here writing his other form's stories as he encounters them. After his retirement, he was free to gradually merge the two worlds, unfortunately resulting in the loss of his real human body.

Moon Maid's 'clone' is actually Little Orphan Annie.
The last time someone claimed that he'd cloned a person, it turned out to be a scam that Mumbles was running in order to evade prosecution. Since the same guy is helping to 'revive' Moon Maid and is being helped by someone Daddy Warbucks fired for fudging his results, it doesn't take much mental effort to realize that somehow or other, they grabbed onto Annie, brainwashed her and fed her enough Moon Person DNA to screw up her genetics.

More aliens species, other than the Lunarians, will eventually be introduced.

Dr. Zy Ghote really did clone Mumbles.
Zy Ghote was introduced in the 70's, running a scam where he claimed to have resurrected Mumbles by cloning, but it turned out to just be the original Mumbles. Ironically, Ghote pulled the scam to raise money to perform real cloning experiments, and he eventually resurfaced during the Moon Maid saga. Meanwhile, in the 90's, Mike Kilian wrote a "death of Mumbles" story that ignored everything else that had happened to the character in decades; Mike Curtis has simply ignored this story as a Canon Discontinuity. But what if Kilian's Mumbles who died was the real deal, and the younger-looking Mumbles we met with Dr. Ghote really is a clone?