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This page is for Wild Mass Guessing for Diablo and Diablo 2 only.

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A low-flying aircraft was flying over the area with a big load of treasure chests when the rear hatch opened and the plane accidentally dumped them in a wide swath over the land.
This explains all of the Inexplicable Treasure Chests everywhere in Diablo II.
  • It's more likely that they were abandoned when the people that used to live in those locations fled/were killed.
    • So they were still running past Lut Gholien?

Marius was a highly skilled thief or spy before joining the Wanderer
How else could he slip into the third floor of the Durance of Hate unnoticed?
  • The durance of hate was overrun by demons after Mephisto was released. The place was quite empty beforehand.
    • I thought Mephisto was released ages before the events of Diablo?
    • One could easily assume that the wanderer cleared the floors as he made his way to the chamber. Through all the cut-scenes, Marius never showed any real measure of conpetence at anything.

The reason the characters from II have gone Ax-Crazy was due to doing the same boss kill over and over again for year after year
Think about it, how would you feel if you were forced to kill Baal several hundred times for that Pelta Lunata or any other unique equipment?
  • The whole thing was scrapped in the end, the heroes just went off their separate ways, tutored next generation heroes or just pass in peace.

Poison ivy is growing in the wild areas of Act I of Diablo 2
That's why the characters don't hop the wall and cut over to the next zone. The areas behind the walls are just filled with poison ivy and poison oak.

Diablo 3 will have a happy ending
Or at least a bittersweet one. The Worldstone, before it was destroyed, protected Sanctuary from both Heaven and Hell- but it also served to limit Humanity's full potential. Now that it's destroyed, Humanity is (more) vulnerable to attack, but it will also grow more powerful, and humanity will soon be equal to both demons and angels in power. Which brings us to-
  • If the World-stone was holding back humanity's potential, then I want to see D3 subvert Fantasy Gun Control.
    • Let's see Diablo shit a brick when he sees a paladin wielding a "Blessed Grenade Launcher of More Dakka".
    • Or a Sorceress casts her newest spell, "Level 3 Airstrike."
    • Or an Assassin wielding a "Penetrating Sniper Rifle of Headshotting."
      • And the answer is CONFIRMED! The Prime Evils have been perma-killed, Hell has been neutered as a military force, and humanity is regaining its full power.
      • And then it's pulled back, Malthael incidentally re-released Diablo's essence and the heroes have come to believe that angels might be just as bad as demons...