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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
There are people living inside the Traveller
People or aliens may operate the Traveller like a spaceship or habitat rather than the Traveller itself being a single entity. This leads into...

The Traveller's residents will appear as a faction in the future

The Traveler is related to Cocoon in Final Fantasy XIII
Could be another similar construct located on a distant world (with more friendly Fal'Cie responsible for the Traveller's powers).

The Traveler is responsible for humanityís fall from grace
This could be one of three ways:
  • Directly: the traveler itself destroyed human civilization.
  • Indirectly: The traveler led those who would destroy human civilization here on purpose.
  • Accidently: The traveler led those who would destroy manís civilization here, but not on purpose.

The Traveler is Durandal after the closing of the universe
He escaped to a parallel timeline, and decided he would protect humanity.
  • Alternatively, it's a parallel Durandal who never left the Marathon. Considering the Marathon is Deimos, and the Traveler is the size of a small moon.
  • Or it's Durandal at the end of Marathon 2, where ten thousand years later, he returns to Earth in a Jjaro dreadnought to say hi.

The Security Officer from Marathon will appear
What was the name Durandal gave him, as the universe closed? Destiny

Destiny is set in the aftermath of the Human-Forerunner war
The Traveler could be a Forerunner Warrior-Servant who has taken a liking to humanity - doesn't that sphere look an awful lot like a Cryptum?
  • But humanity didn't return to the stars until 100,000 years or so after the firing of the Halos, and they knew nothing of their previous empire. Unless perhaps you mean a second Human-Forerunner war that may arise thanks to the events of Halo 4.

A major questline will be to track down and neutralize someone trying to enter the Traveler and deactivate it.
Because that big of object, floating that low above the ground? If it shuts off, it is going to fall unless the Guardians stop it from doing so. It's practically inevitable that someone will try. Of course, that paves the way for major secrets to be revealed about the Traveler, not least of which is locating a suitable door.

The Traveler is sentient, and will be helping you throughout your travels.
The E3 demo revealed an AI ally, named Ghost (voiced by Peter Dinklage) who tries to help you. ("Tries" in that during the demo he turns on the lights, which alerts all the baddies). WMGs have been built on less.

The Traveler came from the Sun
This poem from Alpha Lupi, an ARG website launched by bungie, associates the sun with hope and returning strength, the same themes associated with the Traveler:

The Blaze sits inside a nest of little worlds, still too distant to share its heat but plainly staring out at you. A face emerges, drawn from plasmas and radiation...

There must be meanings in its roar.

You listen hard and carefully, and sometimes a lucid melody seems to rise out of random noise, pulling your mind into moments where it seems possible that answers are about o be revealed. Joy builds, and the first hope in ages transforms you.

It seems important, even critical, to tell every star from here to the black between the galaxies that you are strong again.

There will be an AI called Joyeuse
In The Song of Roland, the inscription on the blade of the sword Cortana read; "My name is Cortana, of the same steel and temper as Joyeuse and Durendal". Bungie's last two sci-fi game series had a Durandal and a Cortana respectively, so they're probably going to complete the set sooner or later and it may as well be in Destiny.

The Location of Joyeuse
In regards to the WMG above about the existence of Joyeuse. Bungie has released information about the location of Charlemagne's Vault on Mars. In the Destiny universe, Charlemagne was (maybe even still is) a warmind, an advanced AI. Joyeuse may in fact be a subroutine or fragment of Charlemagne that is retrieved from Charlemagne's vault.

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