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The anime is set 40 years or so after the original cartoon, and the girls are descended from their original incarnations. They all moved to Japan for some reason.
Would at least explain why the PPGZ aren't sisters. The original PPG all married different men. In Japan, for some reason... maybe they developed a strange collective fondness of Japanese guys in their teens or something. The PPGZ didn't directly inherit their ancestors' powers, but the incident with the Chemical Z activated them, explaining where the theme-colours and Super Hero names came from all of the sudden... from their genes, of course.
  • Maybe when they grew up, Townsville wasn't quite so eager to have their city trashed by moody teenage girls every time someone broke a nail/got dumped/got an A-? Or perhaps things got Darker and Edgier as the girls grew, as is often the case. But you know what country is used to rampaging monsters/town-leveling villains and loves color-coded superheroes (especially when they're cute girls)? Japan.
  • Jossed, it was shown to take place in an AU.
    • When?
      • When they go through a portal and meet the originals.
  • Jossed to the max. PPGZ is merely an Anime adaptation standalone and the original Powerpuff Girls trio who appeared are merely Easter Eggs.

There are Bunny and Bullet in PPGZ, just not as the PPGZ and indirectly.
Since this was not stated by the creators of PPGZ, this should be a WMG. Bunny's PPGZ counterpart is Miko, Himeko's big sister, while Bullet's PPGZ counterpart is Kuriko, Momoko's little sister. They sure have a lot in common, with a few twitches though.
  • WMG indeed but jossed. Bunny and Bullet have no counterparts one bit. PPGZ and PPG are both standalone series even though PPGZ is an adaptation.
    • Word of god says this is true they are the counterparts, and Kuriko was partially traced from Bullet in the first place, and based on the wording does the above troper even know what a counterpart is?.
    • And that prevents them from having counterparts how?
Miko Shirogane is one of Bunny's fantasies.
Bunny wanted to be treated with love, so she became Miko, who's all perfect and well-respected. She was later driven to hatred when she saw the PPGZ because they remind her of the PPG who don't give her as much attention as she had now.
  • Jossed. They are standalone characters.

Ken Utonium grew up and got involved in the creation of Brain Burst.
Apparently, Chemical Z accesses the subjects' deepest traumas and desires to give them superpowers. Ken somehow figured a way to emulate Chemical Z's effect into the virtual world. Thus, Brain Burst works the same way, but only in the virtual world.
  • Bubbles' powers are a result of her desire to see again her first love, Takaaki, who made bubbles for her the first time they met as kids.
    • Bubble's powers came from the bubble wand she was playing with when the beam hit her.
  • Sakurako's change into Sedusa is triggered by jealousy towards Miss Bellum because she thinks that the guy he's into is into her, when in fact, the guy is into Sakurako (!).
  • Takaaki's change into a werewolf stemmed from his desire to get out of the hospital which had become his home and prison.
  • Jossed to all of the above. They have nothing to do with each other.

This series takes place in the same world as the original Power Puff Girls.
In episode 51, the Power Puff Girl Z are traveling through time in order to collect the remaining White Z Rays and eventually crash land in the ORIGINAL Townsville where the ORIGINAL Power Puff Girls are flying off to save the day. They immediately pass it off as crash landing in another universe(And who wouldn't when you see chibi versions of you and your friends fighting a giant blow-fish.), but what if it wasn't. Remember, the Power Puff Girls live in America, and the Power Puff Girl Z live in Japan, so it's easy to see how they wouldn't know about each other. Although the jury's still out on whether or not these two take place at the same time.
  • Jossed. Word of god has said that it was a parallel world.

Him could return.
In the last episode, Mojo is seen demand the superpowers Him had promised, and throws the doll that was the demon over his shoulder. Him had regained all his demonic powers from the biggest black Z-Ray, and in the last episode the Professor hypothesized that Z-Rays had self replicating properties that he had over looked, which explains how he was never able to one hundred percent cure anyone infected with it. Him's body is still on Earth, Him's body still has Z-Rays in it.
  • The possibility is there but Him will not return for a very, very long time.

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