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The raincoats are a religious cult.

A la Dead Rising

The raincoat guys are perfectly friendly, normal human beings.

They never actually fired first, after all. Could be that they didn't even know the grocery store was still populated until the employees started killing them.

Alice is either a lesbian or bi.

Look at how friendly she is to Lizzie!
  • I also got this impression.
  • Can... can people not be friends without wanting to bone each other any more? Is... is that how it works? Oh God, I've been sending people the wrong message for so long.
    • When you call the person cutie, and favorite constantly it's hard not to see the subtext.
    • There isn't necessarily horn-dog-sexy-time attraction, but Alice definitely cares deeply for "Lizzer", moreso than she cares for any other currently living character. That seems to be the key: Everyone who she has loved, everyone she cared about, has died. She's either gay for Liz, or she's more of a Heterosexual Life-Partner, or perhaps there is a kind of mother-daughter relationship. Think of how she met Liz: pulled her bloody body down out of her wrecked car, having to cut the cords that protected her life. Alice then swaddled Liz and, later, explained to her the ways of the new world that she'd woken up into.

Sixgun Johnny Rhythm will join Liz's group
...if only because it presents the opportunity for he and Black Monday Blues to team up as "Rhythm & Blues"
  • Or maybe they were partners at one point prior to the start of the story, hence the theme names.

Frank will bust his way into Tombstone
  • He's been absent from the plot for a while, and considering how zombie-proof Tombstone seems to be, the biggest threat to the group this troper can think of is Frank.