[[WMG: C-Class demons [[WeAreAsMayflies Live as Mayflies]] compared to fellow demons]]

It is said humans are automatically C-Class. It is said humans would not last a day in Makai.

[[WMG: Catgirls reproduce asexually]]
As {{Word Of God}} has shown, the catgirls are all-female. [[YouFailBiologyForever Any biologist will tell you that this is absurd]]; all but the simplest of lifeforms reproduce sexually (hermaphrodites capable of [[ScrewYourself literally screwing themselves]] notwithstanding). This leaves two options; 1. They are immortal and committed {{Gendercide}} in the past; and 2. They reproduce asexually and only ''look'' female. [[TakeAThirdOption Of course]], there may be a catgirl generator out there that [[{{ItRunsOnNonsensoleum}} Runs On Nonsenseoleum]] and the {{Rule Of Sexy}}....
* According to Capcom, Felicia's race can mate with any size-compatible male, but the offspring ALWAYS will be a catgirl.
** The WordOfGod I read was that the offspring of a human and a catwoman is a perfectly normal human.
*** Okay, okay. It's still YouFailBiologyForever though. And can we have a link to this WordOfGod?
* Females of all species are capable of reproducing asexually. This includes humans. Females can also breed with other females.
** Is this a guess or a statement of fact? If the latter, you ''really'' need a remedial biology course. Or maybe a lot of trial-and-error testing to show you what is wrong with this statement.
** Yup. YouFailBiologyForever.
** Sounds like a goddamn troll just came through here to spout that little biology lesson for retards.
** Devil's advocate: he's actually kinda right. It is possible to take samples of bone marrow from one woman, convert it into I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Sperm, and knock up a different woman. But, does this sound like something people normally do?
** The New Mexico whiptail reproduces by parthenogenesis triggered by coitus. See the OneGenderRace trope entry, the Real Life section. So it's not at all inconceivable that Catwomen work the same way, only needing male stimulation.
* WordOfGod states catgirls reproduce by mating with males of other species. There you go.
** Following said WordOfGod, a more concrete theory would be [[GenderEqualsBreed all females born are catgirls while all males are the race of whomever the father is]].
*** WordOfGod has also confirmed all they're capable of giving birth to is catgirls.
** So catgirls have the same mating habits as Pokemon?
* Ok, considering the Darkstalkers series is basically a FantasyKitchenSink, I think it's best to just say "AWizardDidIt" for the existence of the catgirl species - as in, [[LiteralMetaphor literally a wizard or other magical being created the catgirl race, and all the wacky biological traits they have]]. Perhaps a revelation in a future game will reveal something to this effect, like, for example, it may have something to do with [[Myth/EgyptianMythology Bast, the Cat Goddess...]].

[[WMG: Harry from the US Darkstalkers cartoon is actually a human version of BB Hood's dog.]]

Harry claims that his mom gets really mad when she finds strange cat women in his room. BB Hood would get mad, meaning that his mother is actually their version of BB Hood, and Harry the dog is her son.
* Nice theory, but if that were true, the other characters introduced in Saviour would be present in some form as well. Plus, Saviour wasn't even made yet, it was 1995 when the show came out.

[[WMG: Morrigan was originally planned to be to Demitri what Akuma is to Ryu.]]
''Street Fighter'''s Ryu loves fighting so much he became a fighting nomad but is also noble enough to be considered tolerable by most people's standards. Akuma is Ryu without what would pass as a moral compass to most people. He's a death seeking nomad who will kill anyone who can't kill him in a fight. Akuma's also far more powerful than Ryu, he has power Ryu will never have since Ryu's to noble to go to his extremes.

Demitri is an evil, over confident megalomaniac from another world that people have to endure because he's stuck on Earth until he gets enough power to the kingdom he keeps failing to conquer. Morrigan is playful rebel more interested in Earth than the kingdom she will inherent and is only a danger to people due to her biology. She willingly comes where Demitri doesn't want to be, and causes much less trouble there. She has and takes for granted kingdom he wants and is too powerful for him to ever overcome. Also, while Demitri has a creepy fetish attack, Morrigan's mostly a tease.

While Akuma is derided as yet another unneeded Ryu-style fighter, considered overpowered and banned from competitive play, Morrigan is well accepted and considered the face of Demitri's series.

[[WMG:An odd idea for the hypothetical Darkstalkers 4]]
A team-up with Anita, Cecil (the kid Huitzil's protecting), Rikuo's son, and Victor's sister. With Felicia and Jon Talbain being in the mentor role.
** Its quite possible something like this was going to happen to the planned Darkstalkers 4 with a new generation of characters replacing most of the old ones. However Capcom probably planned to kill that idea off quietly out of fear that it would get a rather [[BrokenBase divisive]] backlash like what StreetFighterIII got.

[[WMG: Hsien-ko might become a [[LegacyCharacter Legacy Character]].]]
Hsien-ko may end up a [[TheWoobie bigger woobie]] considering she had to become a Jiangshi in DS 3 despite being reincarnated. Alternatevly, she may end up a Jiangshi again by destiny or a different girl sharing her fate or any other event.

[[WMG:The writers of the US Darkstalkers cartoon had a fetish for fish people]]
That´s why in most of the episodes of that series many characters (Sometimes [[EvenTheGuysWantHim male characters]]) keep mentioning how [[MemeticMutation "curiously attractive"]] Rikuo was.

[[WMG: The rather [[BrokenBase divisive]] reception that StreetFighterIII had may've been a potential reason why Capcom never got around to fully making and releasing the 4th Darkstalkers game on the CPS 3 Arcade Hardware.]]
During the late 90's both StreetFighter and VideoGame/FatalFury had new Fighting games where they did a almost completely new roster of characters and only one or few recurring characters are still around. For all we know Capcom may have planned to do a almost new set of characters for Darkstalkers 4 like what they did with StreetFighterIII. Unfortunately due to how a lot of people were bothered by the idea of a mostly new cast for StreetFighterIII at the time (and some people still are) this scared Capcom off for trying that idea again with Darkstalkers. (And significantly changing the game to make it more familiar would take a lot more time to do so.) So Capcom quite possibly quietly shelved the idea of a Darkstalkers 4 with new characters out of fear it would have the same reaction as StreetFighterIII did.

[[WMG: The american ''Darkstalkers'' cartoon will be license-rescued and rereleased by Creator/DiscotekMedia]]
They've not only license-rescued the ''Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge'' OVA, but also the american ''Mega Man'' and ''Street Fighter'' cartoons as well. The ''Darkstalkers'' cartoon at least sounds like a likely candidate the next time they decide to rescue another american cartoon.

[[WMG: Morrigan is not suffering a case of AdaptationalUgliness in the american ''Darkstalkers'' cartoon]]
Most of the time, her face looks completely normal and she probably was intended to be an attractive villain. The instances where she looks ugly and old are actually a result of the OffModel animation and the unappealing art style. There is also the fact that other characters that are supposed to be attractive (Like Felicia or Rikuo) look weird in a couple of scenes of the cartoon.