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A. K. Yearling is clearly a pen name. The real creator of the series is...

  • Princess Celestia, why else wouldn't the author come forward after the books became a huge hit?
  • Twilight Sparkle. She completed the last volumes while she was still in Canterlot and hid them in the university, since she wanted to move on to simply studying magic and didn't want the popularity of these manuscripts to affect her own life.
    • Seriously? Twilight Sparkle? I know she's a national hero and all, but the timing is just unrealistic. Now what would be more believable if she was the fanfic author MagicSpark.
    • More realistic would be her mother, established Canterlot author Twilight Velvet.
      • Probably hossed by the release of Sultan's Curse.
  • Rainbow Dash from the future. It's a Stable Time Loop, she sent the manuscripts back in time so that her past self would become interested in reading and later writing.
  • A zebra. Look at how amazingly accurate the depiction of zebra society is in Ring of the Marengeti! If a normal pony had written it, this story would be rife with inaccuracies!
  • Multiple ponies. I mean, come on, it's pretty obvious with the changes in styles and details.
  • A normal, secluded writer. Rumor has it that somepony named "Filly Trotman" had his name attached to the stories, but nopony can be sure thanks to the pony in question living a secluded life.
  • Daring Do herself.
    • Or Ahuizotl.
  • A creature known as a "human", whose fanfiction of a show within a show about Equestria ended up in Equestria.
    • Go back to bed, Lyra.
      • Ah yes, "Humans" the mythical race of half-minotaur, half-ape, allegedly watching us from another world. We have dismissed this claim!
      • To all my neigh-sayers who called me crazy about the humans: Ahem... I. BUCKING. CALLED IT!!!
      • You do realize that My Small Human: America Girls is just a movie, don't you? The show's creators don't even consider it canon.
      • The above is left intact as an example of what "trying to start something" looks like.
  • Blackmane, showing his appreciation for Daring Do from beyond the grave.
  • Ditzy Doo a.k.a. Derpy Hooves. Daring Do is her self insert fic. Heck, they even have similar names.
    • With eyes like those? I doubt it.
      • Considering that these books were written decades ago, unless she's somehow a time traveler, I doubt it.
      • Hossed. She's writing under the nom de plume Muffin Parcels, and her style is different from Ropers'/Yearling's.
  • Discord. It's starting to look like a clever plan of his so we'd fight over the identity of author and cause enough strife that we'll break him out of his stone prison.
  • Firefly, creator of My Small Human. Her favorite human, the tomboyish, athletic Lauren, acts EXACTLY like Daring! They even have the same eye color!
    • Despite Word Of Celestia that she isn't, fan speculation is still rampant.
      • Unless Firefly's secretly capable of using age magic, I'm pretty sure that's right out. The books were supposedly written decades ago. If anything, Lauren would be inspired by Daring. Though I have to admit, Laurentia of the Red Mane resembles her pretty well.
  • That strange brown pony with a hourglass for a cutie mark. I mean, he looks to much like Doctor Whooves! Ya know, that pony who time travels?! He can find plenty inspiration from history.
  • An anonymous griffon.
  • Jade Singer. She is a recluse.
  • Nopony. The Daring Do books randomly manifested out of a hole in reality.

Conglomerate of theories on Daring's Mother.
She is....
  • Still alive. When asked about their last mission in Griffin's Goblet, her father merely said that they "found darker things than they set out to." When she specifically asks about their mother, he said, "she's gone", not "she's dead."
    • This may imply that her body is still alive, but whatever's in there isn't her.
  • Lyrish. Whenever we 'see' images of her, she's always described as having green eyes and with a red mane, a common trait to ponies from Lyrland. Also, in flashbacks in which she speaks, the author takes care to give her a slight accent with a Lyrish slant to the dialect.
    • Might go a ways to explaining where Derring and Daring get their respective tempers, as well as Daring's amazing drinking abilities.

The stories are all true.
  • Doubtful, since from what little I know of AK Yearling and the Royal Canterlot University, there doesn't seem to be many who can correspond to her usual sidekicks (Storm, Tabula, Darrin, etc).

Herpy is a Time Pony.

Coco Pie is a Time Pony.
She appears in the past without being younger and looks enough like to straight up be River Song.click here click here too 

Daring Do's hat is Bigger on the Inside.

....How the moon is this not canon?!

Herpy has a crush on Daring.
The real reason why he changed majors to become Daring's grad-student wasn't because he found Economics too easy, it's that helping her again in Temple Of Nightmare Moon made him realize he was in love with her and he wanted to be close to her.

Daring Do and the Bauble of Mystery was programmed by Ahuizotl.
Who else could make such badly animated cutscenes and awkward gameplay?

He was initially only trying to secure these priceless artifacts from the greedy braggart, Daring Do. It was only through countless tussles with the pegasus did he start to become as ruthless as she was. Unfortunately, history is Written By The Victors, and so we have our current interpretation of him.

Daring Do is based on Commander Hurricane.
Come on, you can see the resemblance! Sure, she lacks the historical Commander's full Proud Warrior Tribe Mare philosophy, but honestly, that's just as well. She has the same hooves-first to problem solving, and they're both undeniably, unquestionably unstoppable. In fact, if you look closer, there's a certain resemblance between many of Daring's friends and the founders of Equestria. Coco Pie might as well be a direct copy of Chancellor Puddinghead, for one.

The fate of the missing statues from Children of Primus
They are...
  • Still in Equestria somewhere.
  • Transported to another dimension.
  • Were destroyed off-page by one of the other statues.
  • Beyond the stars.
  • More than one of the above, with some meeting different fates than others.

Thoughts on the Shipping
Specifically, the two that are regularly Ship Teased; though this is just my two bits.
  • Daring Do/Bravado: Originally intended as being the Official Couple (or as close as it was going to get, it seems to vary from book to book) due to how similar the two of them were: Brash, Stubborn and Adventurer Archaeologist.
  • Daring/Herpy: Not intended to be anything except maybe a one shot character, or possibly an easy out if Daring needed someone in the school to help her. But, thanks to both fan reaction and fleshing out of his character, his personality ended up complimenting Daring's much more than intended.

Calypso is a hermaphrodite
Why else would that bird be referred to as both male and female?

Daring Do and Ahuizotl will become playable in the next PonyCalibur game.
The series had a few guest stars before, and who else would be more awesome?
  • Celestia knows that would be better than the cash grab crossovers they've been doing since the third one.

The Wooden Mask and the Smooze are connected.
  • Both turn ponies evil, both have the power of Mind Control, and both are maybe the only things that rival Krastos in evil or scariness. The Mask could have easily been made by an ancient Colt of Smooze for some dark ritual.
    • That makes a disturbing amount of sense. They might have chipped a piece of the Amber and incorporated it into the Mask.
    • The Mask is said to have a sort of purple-ish tint when held in the right lighting; maybe the finish is made of melted-down Smooze Amber.
    • Given recent revelations about the Smooze, this may mean that the mask can be purified.

The reason why Children of Primus was never officially released was...
  • That there was some sort of conspiracy that didn't allow it to get published.
  • Copyright issues. I mean the whole thing does sound vaguely like Transformares.
  • There was concern that it was too violent for young readers

We will eventually find out what happened in Fillydelphia three years ago.
It will involve time travel, and it will be hilarious.

The stories are true, and Rainbow Dash is the reincarnation of Daring Do
Daring wrote of her adventures under a pen name, and died during what was meant to be the last in the series. She is born years later as a pony almost identical to herself, just with a slightly different personality and a totally different colour scheme. She is born Rainbow Dash, with no recollection of her past life, but tends to get scraps of memory, which helps in her sparking interest in reading.
  • The last part has been jossed as Rainbow Dash is shown as a different character on the cover of the upcoming book Daring Do and the Ring of Destiny.

Ahuizotl's Embarrassing Nickname is actually his real name
After all, what kind of parents would name their kid "Ahuizotl"?

Linnet Bird figured out Sweeney was her birth father
on her own. After all, she's got his eyes. Not to mention his sense of humor. And she might've heard about him losing a daughter sixteen years ago...

Arthur isn't insane.
He and his friends are just really dedicated LARPers.

Ghoul has a bad case of lockjaw.
It would certainly explain his inability to talk without clenching his teeth.

Laurentia Of The Red Mane is the alicorn in charge of writing.
When she saw Daring in a fix, she teleported herself into the book world. She's a real alicorn, but she's so reclusive in her library that she's never seen.

Marv is...
  • Mareton's half-brother.
  • Dr. Capacitor's cousin, Lemon Johnson.

Laurentia of the Red Mane and Banizacherla each have their own areas to patrol.

Professor Gray Matter
from Wrath of Zeb is the professor who will disappear in Silver Menace.]]
  • Hossed. Gray Matter had retired.

Blank village special talents
We know Ruby's is finding things, Starlet's is murder, and Roneo is irony appreciation, but let's look at the others:
  • Greyhoof is determination. He got through no matter what. Unfortunately, determination can be fanaticism in the wrong light. So determined he would be, he refused to let his mark manifest.
  • Mitta:
  • Gladstone:
  • Three Leaf: Scratching. The term "leaves of three" generally refers to poison ivy, and we know he can easily reach spots on his back that normal ponies have difficulty with.

Daring Do will become an alicorn
In light of the previously obscure unicorn Twilight Sparkle becoming an alicorn princess, it is now known that such things are possible. Who better to become Equestria's new fictional princess than the archaeologist who has saved it from evil countless times? For older readers, it could serve as a beautiful metaphor for how Daring has fulfilled the expectations of her father and is moving on to become a more mature, self-confident pony. For younger readers, it's a great way to sell alicorn Daring Do plushies.
  • Speaking as one of the older readers, and as one who is trying to avoid angering anypony, I can safely say that- were this to happen- it would be perhaps the most divisive moment in the entire series. While I do enjoy the idea of Daring becoming an alicorn, and the authors of the expanded universe novels have (mostly) been very good about delivering quality work, this might be one idea best left alone.
    • add to that, While Daring does exhibit some leader qualities, she is ultimately unambitious in her goals. She would rather stay in a dusty old college for the rest of her life than live a potentially endless one dealing with delegates of foreign nations with, evidently if we go by how hard it would have been to NOT notice the collapse of an entire mountain populated by a tribe of primitive Eohippi, poor awareness of current events.

Count Vryko's true plans are...
  • To turn Daring Do into an Alicorn, as with the above WMG.

  • The new book is out and as it turns out, Vryko Lakas was gathering all those artifacts in order to stop all the vampires from taking over the world. Too bad he ended it in genocide.

The Golem Siblings and the Greifvögel continuities will meet in a future book
It may be wishful thinking, but the same was said about all the others, and yet we have Tinker's Seal.

The Dark Power Greyhoof made his deal for Sunny Town was with the Pony of Shadows.
Considering that it only appears during the days and nights of the full moon, it's said to be a fragment of Nightmare Moon's power, and it exists in the Everfree Forest, it makes sense.

In Ring of Destiny, Short Stuff we will see.
Her levels in badflank from Headless Horse she will retain, of course.
  • Hossed. Short Stuff is mentioned early on but does not appear.

The other three original Elements of Harmony belonged to...
King Sombra. He could have been the riginal Element of Kindness before succumbing to corruption via evil magic.
  • Finally Hossed with the discovery of Sombra's journal by Princesses Cadance and Twilight Sparkle.

The Mahavir/Mahaviar inconsistency is intentional.
There's really no other reason to keep it up rather than fix it and move forward with a consistent spelling. To say nothing of instances when something like "Mahiavair" allegedly slipped past the proofreaders. Somewhere, somepony is watching the fandom bicker over this, and they're laughing their flank off.

Greyhound Grave will become something of a super-powered evil side for Crystal Clear
And Rail knows, which is why he took Grave's sword at the end of Iron Grinder, so Clear can use it should the need arise.

In the Bag of Tirek preview, Zipzee is talking about the Scorpans
  • Hossed. In the preview published with T. Turner's Sparkler and the Macra, we see she is talking about the two Tireks.

Silvia is Hawkwings' illegitimate child... by his wife.
Hawkwings has claimed he never cheated on his wife, but the fact that he said this after being caught in what is heavily implied to be one of those erotic clubs where females put on clothing in a sexy manner makes this seem unlikely. However, what if he was telling the truth in this case? What if Silvia is his child by his wife before they got married, and they gave her up for adoption, before reuniting later?

Within the next couple Core books, Daring will decide to work alone again.
That's how it happened the last several times she decided she needed help after all.
  • Alternatively, this time will stick somewhat, and while she's still prefer to work alone, she'll be more open to bringing in help when she needs it.

Dr. Endless Dream is still alive
Now bear with me on this. We've been told he's dead, right? Why hasn't he had a funeral, then?

Because it's a hoax!