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Movie Daredevil has a healing factor
It's almost certainly just a case of lax storytelling, but I have heard this hypothesis put forward by two completely independent sources (my dad and another friend of mine), so here it goes: In the movie version, Daredevil not only has superhuman senses and agility, but the power to recover from injuries extremely quickly. It's the only way to explain his wildly fluctuating physical condition over the course of the three successive big fights he gets into. (Maybe that radioactive gunk had some of Wolverine's skin in it?)
  • Unlikely, he's covered in scars and shown taking pain medication. He also had to pop his knee back into place at one point.

Foggy Nelson and Elektra will eventually kill the Kingpin
To try to save Matt from the constant cycle of violence that he and Fisk go through.

Daredevil's secret identity is Clark Kent
Inspired by photographer-superheroes like Peter Parker and Jimmie Olsen, Clark wanted a piece of the action and to help fight injustice. After all, if those twigs could do it what excuse does he have to be left behind? Needless to say if he wore his glasses people would instantly recognize him so he had to give up the power of sight.
  • Nonsense! Everyone knows Clark Kent is secretly Hellboy.
  • Nope, he's really Bruce Wayne.

Vapora from Daredevil vs Vapora #1 was a demon working for Mephisto
Since Vapora is an evil entity that feeds off pain, and Daredevil was fighting Mephisto at the time (and no other origin was given), it just makes sense that Mephisto would send such a being to cause trouble for Daredevil.

Movie Wilson Fisk killed Fallon.
Then took control of his criminal empire, like when he killed his employer Don Rigoletto in the comics.

The sequels we COULD have had
Had there been a sequel despite the financial disaster of Elektra, we could have had a Daredevil film series lasting as long as Spider-Man's original trilogy. These are just ideas that might have worked (especially given the Tom Roth era of Fox)

A sequel where Fisk calls out some old friends to help him take out Daredevil, from The Hand to Mr. Fear. If the Hand was involved, it'd bring Elektra back into Daredevil's life. However, due to her new reputation as an assassin for hire, she's now on the FBI's most wanted and thus their reunion is bittersweet and short lived. She'd probably reveal the real reason she became an assassin is to find out what became of Bullseye, who disappeared from his cell. During this, Matt grows close with his secretary Karen Page.

A sequel to Elektra (that's mildly better) where she finally finds Bullseye, healed by some allies from the Hand. The two have their matches, Bullseye treating her like a blind date who can't stop thinking about him. However, they both have the same target, (for lack of better villains, let's just say Machinesmith) but whereas Elektra is trying to stop him because he's endangering innocent people, Bullseye is in it for money. With no other alternative, the two have to work together. Bullseye decides to play mind games with Elektra, convincing her that she's attracted to him despite their past (which she reluctantly agrees) and that he's the only person who can truly understand her, sharing minor bits of his own backstory that are Not So Different from hers. Elektra has her own arc, probably connected to the villain's, where she realizes obsessing over people who hurt you is unhealthy even if they have it coming. That said, her attraction to Bullseye gets the better of her, resulting in her realizing something caused by one of their many "rematches"... she's pregnant.

A third Daredevil based on Born Again, with elements of Karen Page's death via Bullseye.

A third Elektra film where she encounters the Hand and must face Bullseye in one final rematch. Elektra gets her revenge for her father, but, much to Bullseye's enjoyment, her attraction to him grew and they had a daughter. Instead of frustration, Bullseye laughs at how he made this woman who hates him care for him and have a kid before dying. They named their daughter Rina, after the daughter she had with Wolverine in the MC 2 universe, making her and Bullseye Related in the Adaptation since the X-Men films would have been a separate universe.

One final film based loosely on the End of Days. Matt and Elektra reunite, but she doesn't tell him who the father of Rina is. They finally get together and have a son, Matt Jr. At the end of the film, Matt dies in his final battle with Fisk, he learns who Rina's father is but forgives Elektra before dying. In honor of him, Elektra gives up her assassin life-style to protect Hell's kitchen for him, raising Rina to follow her stepfather's footsteps.