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Monica Gilbey Bieber might still be a troll after all.
The personalities of Monica and Sally are rather similar. Also, if Sally really were that stubborn and would listen to no one and call them all nerds, why would she listen to James of all people and change almost instantly? This theory states, in other words, that James is still trolling under a new name as another stereotypical popular girl. This journal supports this theory further.
  • I'm sorry, but I'm not buying it. James is busy enough with his Real Life work in college and other things like My Metal, Plankton's Eye View, and the One Less Lonely Gurl remake. Even if he did have enough time to play the troll again (and while making and using two new accounts in addition to his own), I don't think he'd make the whole Double Standard "women can't be rapists" statement that Sally made given how seriously he takes the subject of rape. Even as a troll, he had some standards.
    • Good point. However, it's possible that James would say that as Sally so that later on, he could harangue her about it and cause more drama. But then again, this is a WMG and I'm almost certain that I'm wrong. (Oh yeah. I recall that even when James was acting as Monica, there is a part in One Less Lonely Gurl which states that men can be abused too, given the fact that C'ren's father was a Henpecked Husband. At that point in the Troll Fic, he is already hinting at his anti-double standard propaganda.)
Sally is a closet fan of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
Ivy's last name is "Bieber", and Sally's mentioned that she's a fan of Justin Bieber multiple times, so what could that say about one of Ivy's (many) middle names being "Celestia"? Sally has also claimed to be a very popular person many times, and need I even mention how popular MLP:FiM is?