Everybody in the DCLAU is a O.W.C.A. Agent
Just take a look at this!

The DCLAU merely exists as a smaller part of the Stargate Verse
Via the Suite Life series, namely On Deck. There are many things that go on in that show that can easily be explained by aliens, events and technology that are common in the Stargate 'Verse.
  • Alternatively it exists as a smaller part of the Babylon 5 universe by way of That's So Raven and telepaths.

The DCLAU and the Nick Verse are connected
Not much to support this theory, but Vonnie does say dipthong, a term commonly used in iCarly and Victorious, in Team Mom.
  • Also, a Sunshine Girl appears in the iCarly episode "iOwe You" with a seemingly similar uniform.
  • This theory is now my personal canon.

The Vampire Diaries takes place in this universe.
Or at least the mythology is close, and so Teddy is the descendant of and doppelganger of Juliet.

All Disney live-action shows have the same wardrobe department.
  • Milton Krupnick wears shorts more often than not because he got Cody Martin's "hand-me-downs". Dylan Riley Snyder has consistently been taller for a given waist size than Cole Sprouse and the resulting high-water look was deemed too over the top.
    • Likewise, the clothes rejected by Peyton R. List as being not what Emma would wear were London Tipton's. Guess ultra-fashionable girls' clothes don't age as well as preppy/nerdy guys' ones.
  • They purchase a specimen of every young-men's pleather jacket they can get their hands on, with Austin getting the nicest ones, Jerry the cheesiest and Deuce the in-between ones.