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The cartoon the interns saw in Squidward's Suicide is a joke.
Cephalopods have blue blood. Yes, it is supposed to be a cartoon, but considering it is hyperrealistic, whoever made this cartoon shouldn't have forgot that detail, as it wouldn't make the cartoon realistic.
Squidward's Suicide is an Alternate Universe future...
...in which Squidward stood the "Employee of the Month" and won every thing he was competing for with SpongeBob. Angry at him, he convinced him to do an epic concert. He knew Bikini Bottomites are anti-cultural, and the whole "DO IT" thing was his voice. Why Squidward was crying blood? His blood vessel popped.
A malevolent, inter-dimensional being is driving our favorite cartoons insane.
This being is responsible for many "lost episode" Creepypastas; let's start with Squidward's Suicide. The story consists of Squidward comitting suicide after a horrible day. Note Squidward's red eyes on the page image. Next, we have ''Suicide Mouse'', a surreal clip consisting of Mickey Mouse walking down a road (Worse than it sounds). Note the theme of suicide occuring. This image (Nightmare Fuel warning) has been associated with the video. Note the red, bloodshot eyes not unlike Squidward's. So what, right? Bloodshot eyes are used for horror, that doesn't mean that something's killing off cartoons. Red Mist. It's Squidward's Suicide, except with a buisnessman telling Squidward that "the Red Mist is after you", and a lot more emphasis on the red eyes. But that's not enough evidence, right? It's just one story where the Red Mist's presence was explicitly shown. Take a look at Rectified Anonymity, a (gruesome) fanfic (I'd add a link but I can't get it to work). Why did David have red eyes if red isn't a natural eye color? David met the Red Mist, and his sanity didn't survive the encounter. It's not a coincidence. Something is in our beloved cartoon universe, hunting its denizens, and it will not stop ever, until they are dead.
  • On top of that, in "Red Mist" it is stated that Squidward was performing a song called "Red Mist". He summoned it into our world accidentally.
  • Adding to this, whatever it is, it decided to branch out to more adult cartoons, like Axis Powers Hetalia and South Park.
  • "Lost Episodes" provides a less supernatural, yet no less creepy origin for them all.
  • Sonic.exe, along with Squidward's Suicide and Red Mist, show the idea that the Red Mist may or may not bond to , not unlike a symbiotic relationship; seemingly out of despair. It could have it's origins in the Marvel-616 Universe. (If you think Sonic is never despaired, Sonic.exe could take place in an alternate reality based just after Sonic Lost World, he was pushed pretty far into a depressed mood at the time of the game; and we all know Squidward's life stinks as of lately)

The malevolent force from above is from The Fear Mythos.
Specifically, it's the Fear of Betrayal; either by your family, idols, or of innocence. It targets fiction towards children because it's trying to have your childhood innocence betray you. Many creepypastas are based off the Fridge Horror of the series because it's the easiest to convince you that your childhood figures are betraying you by being such Nightmare Fuel. Gary's Raticate? You never see Raticate again. Squidward's Suicide? Given all the pain he's gone through, its not implausible that if Spongebob Squarepants wasn't aimed at kids, Squidward would try to kill himself. It usually steers away from darker material because you expect this kind of thing. It spreads itself on the internet because of a Fear of Betrayal that could affect the whole human race- the fear of technology betraying you. Why else is it on the internet?

The creature from the above WMG is Forenzik.
Back when he was alive, he did the same thing to Happy Appy. Now he is dead. In any lost episode creepypasta before the Happy Appy one, he was doing it the normal way. But now that he is dead, he actually IS going into their universes, controlling them. Thanks, Yakovlev.
  • Also, In The True Vision Forenzik kills himself instead. Maybe he knew he would become The Red Mist when he died, but he used his mental illness as an excuse.

The creature is the Crimson King.
In Stephen King's The Dark Tower, the Crimson King is a kind of lovecraftian entity that turns all it touch in pure chaos and madness. When the main character finally defeat the King in the final book, all that is left of him is a pair of red eyes, much like the ones in these stories. The King always had the ability to travel between the universes, so it would be easy to invade the cartoons.

The creature is Red
Besides the obvious fact that Red corrupted a nostalgic NES game, the simularities between "Red" and "Red Mist" are very notable. Although, due to the introduction of the Transendance Project in Godzilla: Replay, it's possible that the creature is whatever created the Transendance Project.

Jeff the Killer is a victim of HABIT.
Homicidal insanity, seemingly supernatural strength and endurance, self-mutilation? Jeff has just been a vessel for HABIT for a long time now. GO TO SLEEP RABBITS

Jeff the Killer is a Snatcher.
His apparent self-mutilation is just the snatchee's skin fitting incorrectly.

Jeff the Killer is a genetically-engineered being with implanted memories.
His childhood memories? Killing his family? Never happened.

This is all being caused by some form of eldritch horror
And the Creepypastas are all the work of some form of misery-spreading beast that travels the multiverse, that's why some of the stuff in the videos seem nearly impossible to fake, because IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED on another Earth, but as for how they got here...it's possible that their warnings sent by something else, something that wants to stop this evil before it shows up here, of course this is just a theory of mine, but personally I hope and pray it's just the result of a man with a very sick sense of humor, or that they never happened at all...and you all should as well.

The killer in The Smiling Man in Black was the protagonist's father
The demonic entity that kills the abusive grandmother is described as inhuman, and leaves a gory mess all over the room. Yet after the protagonist faints, she wakes up to a spotless room while her unnaturally calm father tells her that her grandmother has passed on and is "in heaven now". He is far too collected to have just walked in on a gory crime scene in his own home. The demon is present at the grandmother’s funeral as well, but looks “more human this time”; the protagonist even gives him a smile in thanks for saving her. He is implied to watch over the protagonist guardian-angel style after this event as well, which certainly gives him a paternalistic spin. The fact that the killer is only described as monstrous one time, and only immediately after the protagonist’s failed suicide attempt and a resulting knock on the head, could indicate that the protagonist was either suffering from some kind of hallucination or psychotic episode, or that she invented the scenario as a coping device. Seeing a demon tearing her grandmother apart, while traumatic, would arguably be less difficult for her to process than walking in on her father killing her grandmother after finding out about the abuse.
The Rake and Slenderman are exes.
This should be canon.

Jane the killer was in love with Liu
The reason she hates Jeff is because she wants revenge for Liu'S death. And in line with one of the above WMG's, her insansity comes from HABIT tempting her on her vengful homocidal rampage.
  • Alternatively, she's in love with Jeff, making this the most extreme and bloody version of Belligerent Sexual Tension in fiction.
  • I think it's Jossed, since I heard on a couple different sites the Jane was orginally written as a lesbian, but this is the internet, so I don't know how reliable those sourses were.

Jeff will have a Morality Chain.
Jeff vs Jane ends with Jane having a baby that is presumebly Jeff's. In that same one, Jeff makes no attempt to kill a baby in fact he pacifies it with a teddy bear. And odds are the baby won't look like Jeff because you can't inheirit scars. It might be a reminder of Jeff's former humanity, hell, he might even name it Liu.

The Ghost is the "Pokemon Black" is really...
  • Blue/Gary/Rival's fallen Raticate that couldn't have it's revenge on Red in the current timeline so it decided to spite him in another one. Basically, "Ghost" shows up as the ultimate pokemon for any trainer. It's the biggest Gamebreaker ever and Red knows it. Of course, "Ghost" still remembers that Blue has the best chance of avenging it but when Red repeatedly defeats Blue without "Ghost's" power, "Ghost" loses it and kills Blue from that timeline out of spite. So many years pass and Red, now a veteran trainer, takes a trip to Lavender Town where he is attacked by Buried Alive. Using his God-Tier pokemon, he manages to defeat the Zombie, but it is at this crucial moment when "Ghost" turns on Red and kills his various God-Tier pokemon. Realising what has happened, Red tries to escape "Ghost" and get help, but no one in Kanto wants to help him because of the horror he unleashed and how many pokemon and trainers he killed. Red somehow outruns "Ghost" and returns home. Only "Ghost" knew Red was heading home and attacked him there. In a painful reversal of roles from the original timeline, Red is now helpless as he futilely struggles against "Ghost", only for "Ghost" to kill him and complete his revenge. But before "Ghost", now Drunk on the Dark Side, goes on a rampage Arceus descends from the Hall of Origin and kills "Ghost".

"Gateway Of The Mind" is completely fabricated!
  • The very first line should be a clue! C'mon, "deeply pious scientists"? That's right up there with "thoroughly honest politicians" or "very tasty nonalcoholic beer" or "fair and balanced Fox news reporters" or "well dressed used car salesmen" or... you get the idea

The author of Squidward's Suicide is a When They Cry fan.
  • The details of the murders, barring the bit about the eyes is extremely similar to the Rika Furude murder scenario in Tatagoroshi-hen.

The player could have saved all of Albert's roommates, but only saved Kaitlin and Albert.
  • In Sim Albert, the ghost of Albert uses The Sims as a second chance at life, but for some reason, brings along all of the sims he did not like in real life. Either the condition was that he is forced to relive his last days over and over again, relying on a player to rescue him from his horrid housemates, or that his second chance also extends to his father and psychotic roommates. The player instead chose to doom Albert's psychotic housemates, but he still had a chance to save his father. Momemtarily, his father broke character and ran to where his son had moved after the fire, since he somehow knew he was alive and out of the house at the fire. But he lapsed back into his old ways, causing the player to send him packing and doom him to relive his fall to a life of crime through inaction. Alternatively, Albert actually helped doom the father as well, causing him to lapse back into the father he remembered during his final days. Albert apparently has some control over the game, being able to tailor the message to the player's name.

Your Friend from a Sims 3 creepypasta is the Video Game Cruelty Punishment version of Laser-Guided Karma.
  • The Narrator of Your Friend is an Unreliable Narrator - s/he did not mention that in the past, they were a serial Sim murderer. The one time they decide to play the game as intended, Karma caught up to them, and Your Friend appeared, giving the player a taste of their own medicine.

An alien came back with them in "Foreign Exchange Program"
  • Twelve people went to the planet with the aliens, and whiel not all of them returned due to death or choosing to stay instead, adding the numbers up... there was a thirteenth person in the group. An alien had infiltrated the group returning.

Jane the Killer is a grown up BEK.
  • Jane has all black eyes like a Black Eyed Kid.

In Chinese Letters, the thing that caused the scratches and swung open the closet was in fact a highly dangerous Chinese Vampire
...and the old man was trying to prevent it from leaving Chinese Hell.
  • Let's face it: If you've read Chinese Mythology, Chinese Hell is a pretty scary place, with punishments straight out from Amnesia. And Chinese Vampires are mentioned once in the story, so it could be the thing the old man was trying to stop from leaving. And finally, Chinese Vampires are actually very dangerous. They can easily wipe out whole villages, and if the one that was going to leave came from Hell, chances are that it will as dangerous as Cthulhu.

Dead Bart will eventually be adapted into a Couch Gag in the real show.

Little Miss Scary tends to visit Creepypasta mainly because she loves fear.

The true mastermind behind the plots of these stories is yourself.

Smile.dog is an Attention Whore

Jeff the Killer will get hit in the eyes with pepper spray
And he will forever regret cutting off his eyelids

Think about it: he kind of looks like a green apple with an eyeball.

The last line in "NoEnd House" simply represents the rest of David's life.
The House has nothing more for him. It's done all it needs to. David is free of it physically, but the horrors he experienced will always be with him. And it doesn't matter whether he actually walks through his front door or not; he's been in Room 10 since the moment he left Room 9. The number on the door is just the House's final taunt.

Lost Silver is actually a nightmare dreamt up by Gold.
The whole creepypasta feels like it could be a bad dream, so it would definitely make sense.

Slender Man is real
But the government hides the truth under the name of "Creepypasta".