WMG / Conspiracy Theorist

The person who first wrote the description is a sentient android programmed to lure us onto the page and harvest our spleens for a secret alien empire.

Nonsense. The aliens have even less use for our spleens than we do.
But the bit about the android is true. The words are programming our brains to connect to the Google Oversoul, which will then continuously record all our sensory experiences as part of Google's quest to get the whole earth catalogued. Better pluck out your eyes now.
  • And then Google will sell it on Ebay. Ebay will sell it to the characters on Fairly Odd Parents. Timmy will wish it away. This will lead to the rebirth of the great old ones. The only people standing against this plan? Luchadores.
  • Jossed by the Word of God...?
    • God did it!
The "Character X is a Time Lord" meme is being spread by the Master deliberately.
In doing so, he is helping to engender disdain, dislike and even hatred of the Doctor to undermine him for some nefarious future purpose.

MTV WANTED Britney Spears to make a come back
They have become too dependent on pop music. Once Rap and Rock pushed Pop music out of the way (for the second time), they were left with nothing that had MASS appeal. So they tried to get people interested in Britney again by HELPING her manager and her parents get her career back on track. They hoped, not just to restart her career, but also to boost pop music back into the top ten so MTV could benefit. Why do you think they keep trying to manufacture pop groups? It's a symbiotic relationship!!!
  • The Recording Industry Association of America is also in on this.

Candlejack is real
But nobody knows, because anyone who actually sees him is kidnapped, so nobody has proof. Stop playing with his name, pleI'm sorry, you know too much.
Every single conspiracy theory is in fact, a Nemesis Plot.
Including this one.

Dying Dream is being deliberately Entry Pimped on WMG
...by Brainwashed and Crazy tropers who don't realize they are doing it. The brainwashing is done by the Atlanteans to make us dismiss any Dying Dream theory as imagination product, thus preventing us from learning that our lives ARE a Dying Dream, because the Atlateans keep us all in jars (like in The Matrix) only they don't harvest our body heat, which is naturally complete nonsense, but our dream energy, which they learned to harvest. And they also programmed special stimuli to temporary increase our energy outputs — that is actually why we have wars, plane crashes, and terrorism. And the only ones who can wake up from their Dying Dream without dying are the Nietzsche students because they have discovered a secret code in his "core" works that allows them to kill "God", that is, the Atlantean machine that controls their every step! Nietzsche was killed because he discovered that code but he hid it in his books and the Atlanteans were not able to destroy them all, so now they are hunting down his students and erasing their lives from history so that nobody learns their secret!

Every single American president, or candidate, is an alien in disguise.
And, if we see Sarah Palin, some vice-president candidates, too. The Simpsons is just trying to tell us all the truth.
  • Just Sarah Palin? Have you seen Joe Biden? There is no way that man's face is real.

Trope Overdosed entries are pimped by The Man.
The Man doesn't want us tropers to discover and even invent new tropes, so he made it appear as Trope Overdose is something desirable, so we waste our creative energy on pimping the so-called "classics" for him, while new ones stay unmaintained and wither away... Or maybe, just maybe, there is something on the TV Tropes that The Man doesn't want anyone to ever find. Do you know about the Omega Article? Of course, you don't. The admins don't want you to know — they intend to keep to themselves. But let's assume for a moment that The Man already found it? Is that why he keeps us locked in the Trope Overdosed Vicious Cycle?

Government conspiracy theories are being made by the Government.
They're supposed to distract us from the real stuff.